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Famous For Fashion

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23 year old Blaine Anderson never thought his life would end up like this. He was spotted playing songs in bars, and on the streets of Los Angeles. He now had a raging fan base of about 20 000 people that adored him and captured his every move. He was in New York playing at a concert venue downtown tonight at 8 o clock. 


Too say the least Blaine was nervous. His hands we're shaking and he kept messing up his hair due to running his fingers through it multiple times. He kinda felt bad for his hair stylist considering he kept doing it. Unique just glared and fussed with his hair again. But she was getting paid for it so mine as well make use of it. They we're currently in his hotel room having not leaving until his outfits are all ready and his hair and make up was done. 


His personal assistant, Tina Cohen Chang came rushing into the hotel room holding a cup of hot coffee and a cronut handing it off to Blaine who greetily munched on the breakfast. Tina huffed trying to catch her own breath before holding out a magazine cover. Blaine raised his eyebrow looking up at her confused. He was on the cover. This was fucking amazing. 


Tina rolled her eyes and opened it up to page 20. "Blaine Devon Anderson. What the fuck is this interview? Did you go behind my back and do it? There are lies in here." Tina shouted at him pointing to the blurb in the magazine causing Blaine to scrunch his forehead and read it over. 


Breaking News: Is Blaine Anderson sucking cock? Rumors say from an unknown source that Blaine is infact gay. Sorry ladies but this man is apprantly off limits. So hollywood? Who is the lucky guy? 


Blaine sighed frowning to himself. He didn't remember coming out to the world? Surely he would remember coming out. "I honestly didn't do a interview behind your back, I promise." Blaine said looking up at her with his pure big hazel eyes. Tina sighed and nodded shrugging it off herself. "Who the hell did it then?" 


Tina shrugged. "I don't know.. It would have had to be somebody close to you that works here." Tina responded. Blaine glanced around making sure he made eye contact with each one of them. His eyes scanned around the room until he came full force to Chandler Kleins who wouldn't look him in the eye. "You! I think you need to have a word with my agent." 


Chandler shook nervously as he followed Tina out the door. Blaine rolled his eyes. Dweebs. He should have known that boy was bad news always shaking and nervous. He basically stuttered his whole way through conversations. If it was him that leaked the news, he would be fired then what would they do? He had a sold out tour for the next 8 months. He couldn't cancel and let all those people down. He would just have to find himself a new designer then. 


Blaine sighed and slouched himself back into his chair. "How many songs are you doing tonight?" Asked Unique as she rubbed some gel onto her hands and started taming his curls lightly. Blaine chuckled shrugging. "Usually I do about 10 different songs but I think I reduced it down to about 6?" He replied. "And how many people are supposed to be here tonight? For concert and as well as the VIP?" Unique questioned. 


Blaine chuckles and smiles softly looking outside at the bustling streets below them. "Vip there's supposed to be 10 people and then the whole concert they said about 10 000." Blaine looked at himself in the mirror. "So what am I gonna be wearing?" Unique giggled. "I have no idea, something that makes your eyes pop out and her make up look natural." Unique applied some foundation onto his already tanned skin. 


"You should tweet something out?" Unique suggested starting to put her make up products away into the containers specifically made for them. "Like what?" Blaine took a drink of his coffee sighing happily at the blissful taste of it. Unique shrugged. "I don't know? Tease them about the concert or tour maybe?" Blaine hummed taking a big gulp of coffee again. 


"I don't know, Maybe? I could tease them about the tour." He hopped off and hurried towards his phone sitting onto the counter. He smiled and turned it back on heading to the twitter app. He logged on and sat himself comfortably onto the couch as he typed out his tweet. 


BlaineAnderson: Why don't we go somewhere only we know? #concert #tour #newyork #blainers #cantwait 


Blaine smirked when he saw that already people we're responding and going crazier as shit. He responded to a few of them laughing at some of them. His fans we're the greatest people ever, they always we're so loyal and kind to him despite some of the stuff he does and mistakes he makes. 


Blaineforever: i love you so much!! Come to Canada!! #blaineanderson #canada #tour #concert



Bowtielover: Forever live the romance. Gorgeous human being, how can you be so perfect? 



Blaineswife:  and this is how all fangirls die. Please tell me your singing that in Ohio. 


Andersonhearts: Please reunite with a song with Cooper. Two hot brothers singing together is my fantasy.



Blaine laughed rolling his eyes and shaking his head at some of the fans he had on twitter. Blaine loved to go on tour, he loved meeting new people, going new places, and having people he loved, love him back not just for fame but because they like his personality. He looked up at the door when Tina came bursting through the door. "We need to find you an designer asap!!" Tina said hurrying over to her friend and worker. 


"Did you fire him?" Blaine asked with an raised eyebrow. Tina nodded sighing. "I'm gonna hold interviews here in New York starting today okay?" Tina said before she was rushing out of the room. Blaine watched her leave shaking his head fondly. God she was crazy and really good at her job. Unique shook her head going over to sit beside Blaine once she finished up cleaning her things. 


"What time is your concert?" Unique asked turning to face him. "8 o clock." Blaine replied rubbing his eyes. "I need another coffee, Wanna join me in going to the coffee shop downstairs?" Unique nodded standing up and brusing her clothes off causing Blaine to roll his eyes. He quickly changed into some jeans and a shirt in the bathroom before they we're heading to get coffee.