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Band Name: Armed Agency
Nationality: Japanese band
Status: Active
Genre: Poprock and rock in general
Based off of: Queen, Two Door Cinema Club, Imagine Dragons and 5 Seconds of Summer
Members: Atsushi Nakajima (lead singer/dancer), Osamu Dazai (guitarist), Kyouka Izumi (pianist/keyboardist), Ranpo Edogawa (drummer), Doppo Kunikida (bassist) and Akiko Yosano (backup singer/dancer, also the band's personal nurse)
Manager: Yukichi Fukuzawa
Band Backstory: The band was formed thanks to Ranpo and Fukuzawa, with Ranpo being Fukuzawa's student as he knew how to play the drums. Fukuzawa was in a previous band called Tou to Katana that disbanded do to creative differences and decreasing popularity. When Ranpo found out, he hounded his teacher about starting a band with him and after deciding to give the music industry he still loved another shot, he agreed. He was teaching another person named Akiko Yosano who would soon become the lead singer and dancer of the Armed Agency before Atsushi came along, but Yosano retires as the main singer after an accident where she can't sing all the time without putting a lot of strain on her throat. Fukuzawa eventually took a man named Doppo Kunikida under his wing as well after Ranpo discovered he wrote music for some TV shows. Atsushi joined when Fukuzawa personally scouted him out when he attending several musical contests where Atsushi happened to be the top singer. Atsushi then personally got Dazai to join after he helped the young boy escape paparazzi. Kyouka joined later on after leaving Porters as their pianist/keyboardist because of personal reasons. With an experienced manager, Fukuzawa helped his band climb the ranks while just enjoying what they did.


Band Name: Porters
Nationality: Japanese band
Status: Active
Genre: Rock and metal
Based off of: Mindless Self Indulgence, Jack Off Jill, Ghost and My Chemical Romance
Members: Chuuya Nakahara (lead singer/dancer), Ryuunosuke Akutagawa (guitarist), Kouyou Ozaki (pianist/keyboardist), Ichiyou Higuchi (drummer) and Gin Akutagawa (bassist)
Manager: Mori Ougai
Band Backstory: After disbanding Tou to Katana, where he worked alongside Fukuzawa, Mori decided to make his own band as he hadn't come down from his high in the music industry. He began to personally scout out the best of the best all over Japan, getting the Twin Dark known as Osamu Dazai and Chuuya Nakahara to join as Chuuya had performed songs for various movies in Japan and Dazai was the best guitarist in the country and was apart of the infamous disbanded band known as Triple Trouble after a certain event had happened. Dazai and Chuuya became Twin Dark in Porters as they had many singles and solos together on stage and in many of their songs. He invited Kouyou and Higuchi who were apart of a disbanded girl band known as Cherry Demons. Kyouka, Gin and Akutagawa were personally scouted by Kouyou and Dazai. Due to wanting to have the best band of all time, Mori put his band through harsh conditions which resulted Dazai to imploding on himself after he lost most of his passion for music after the events with Triple Trouble and the amount of practice he had to stay behind for to get better with Mori coaching him. Thanks to the harsh coaching and the events of Triple Trouble, he ended costing the band the final round of Battle of the Bands which landed himself and the band in a huge scandal, a breakup between him and Chuuya and his departure from Porters. Dazai's apprentice, Akutagawa, took his place no problem and the band was back together, climbing the ranks rapidly.


Band Name: Guilty Pleasure
Nationality: American/Japanese band
Status: Active
Genre: Poprock and rock
Based off of: Panic! At The Disco, The Killers, Fall Out Boy and Bastille
Members: Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (lead singer/dancer and violinist), Edgar Allan Poe (guitarist), Lucy Maud Montgomery (pianist/keyboardist), Mark Twain (drummer) and Howard Phillips Lovecraft (bassist)
Manager: Herman Melville
Band Backstory: The American/Japanese band was started by Francis, whose father was apart of a previous infamous American band known Dopplegangers. He was in a music university in Japan when he got the idea and thus began to scout, starting with Herman who was his father's manager of Dopplegangers. He met up with his soon to be bandmates in college, where they all agreed to start a band together. Lucy was like Atsushi as she won many concerts thanks to her amazing piano and keyboard skills, Edgar and Lovecraft were high school best friends who were in their school's music club and performed many times in America and no one knows how or why Mark joined, but he did. Together, they were determined to mix what they grew up with in America and mix it with what they learned in Japan and become the top band.


Band Name: Triple Trouble
Nationality: Japanese band
Status: Disbanded
Genre: Rock and indie
Based off of: Coldplay, Chase Atlantic, Marina and the Diamonds and Gorillaz
Members: Sakunosuke Oda (leader singer/dancer and pianist/keyboardist), Osamu Dazai (guitarist) and Ango Sakaguchi (drummer)
Manager: N/A
Band Backstory: A band of three with no manager may seem hopeless, but not for Triple Trouble who got pass that. The three were college friends who started Triple Trouble in college (Dazai graduated high school early) after discovering their musical talents. For the short few years the band thrived, they were the top band due to how unique their small band was, but it didn't last. It ended in blood and tears. The band would’ve lasted several more years if it weren’t for a gang. Odasaku was a recovering drug addict who was trying to pay off what he owed the gang known as Mimic, but they got impatient and gunned down Odasaku one night. When news reached Dazai and Ango, they broke and started to argue over what happened, what they should do now and it escalated into the two breaking off their friendship and ending the band. Ango quit the music industry all together and got a job with the Japanese government while Dazai joined Porters as their lead guitarist before he left due to a scandal he caused and was taken in by Armed Agency as their lead guitarist.