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A Tiger's Colourwonders

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"Heros! We have an emergency situation on the west side of Sternbild City's Gold Silver Stage! Someone's attempting to rob Kell's Jewelry Refinery. 5 people are being held hostage at gunpoint. Get on the scene as quick as possible!"

Kotetsu nearly falls off his bed at Agnes's loud voice coming from his wristband communicator, his head early hitting the nightstand but his foot landing on something slick.

Regaining his balance and rubbing the blurry streaks of sleep out of his eyes he looks down to see that it was just some spilled beer, the amber puddle stirring memories.

That's right, Barnaby had stayed the night after he and Antonio got a bit too tipsy to get home alone. He wasn't sure he trusted Nathan to bring him home and not wake up to a redecorated room, so Barnaby was his next best option.

Besides, he wasn't going to intrude on whatever his two friends had going on if anything...he wasn't quite sure.

"Hey, Kotetsu, get up we've got to go!" Barnaby hollers from the hall and Kotetsu clutches his head as shocks of pain from the dreaded hangover hit him in little waves.

"Alright, I'm coming! Stop yelling at me...jerk." Kotetsu mumbles, rubbing his eyes a little more before starting his rush to get ready to leave.

~Time Skip~

The sun is unbelievably hot and bright for the beginning of October as they arrive at the junction where the held up jewellery store was, helicopters and reporter vans everywhere to capture footage of the screaming man and crying people inside.

"Crap! How are we gonna get in there? It might get someone shot if we just barge in!" Kotetsu mutters when a warning shot is fired.

He didn't know who was getting points for being first on the scene, and he didn't really care, but with his limited use of his power, he would have to time his actions just right.

"With tension rising and lives at stake, our First League heroes are hesitant to burst and get those capture and civilian points. It's the beginning of the season and these points might make or break someone's record." announces the usual commentator, Stealth Soldier.

"I can't believe we're still doing this for another season. Those people mean more than thi--"

"We do what we need to. This world needs heroes regardless of how we show up. We can talk about this later, right now you need to become a decoy and get in there. I have a plan." Barnaby interrupts, running off towards the side of the building as the person inside continues to scream his demands.

Time seems to freeze for a second as a figure whizzes right past Kotetsu and straight for the glass doors of the shop.

"Hey! Are you crazy?! Stop!" Kotetsu shouts after them but they continue to dash into the small crowd of protective bodies, cameras focusing on the dark figure.

"Who's this arriving? Could it be the new Hero taken under the media giant Apollon's wing?!" Mario, the announcer, exclaims, excitement obvious in his voice as it comes through the speakers.

"Apollon?" Barnaby asks through the headset of Kotetsu's helmet. "Did we get someone new? Some Second League?" the brunet asks in response.

"I don't think so. We'll talk about this later too, with Lloyds. We'll save the other stuff for later. Get in there and help out I'm dropping through the roof." the blond says quickly before there is a crash.

Kotetsu looks back to see the stranger and possible hero bust through the doors, this time getting a better look at them.

They were VERY tall and wrapped in a tight black body suit that looked like latex, bright blue rings circling the arms and legs from fingers and toes to their shoulders and thighs, a thicker set of rings circling around their chest and waist giving them a rather curved shape. Their face was covered with a half-face black visor, but the most interesting thing was the luminous giant white crab pincers floating in a detached space behind them.

Oddly, there was a large, clear oculus embedded in their sternum where a cut out of the suit allowed it to peek through without revealing any skin. 6 medium sized link black chains protruded from symmetrical parts of the oculus and wrapped around their body to rejoin at a circular metal panel attached to the middle of their back, 2 chains looping over their shoulders, 2 hanging around their ribs, and the final two crossed ones wrapping under their pelvis where thighs met presumably genital flesh.

They crash right through the glass doors and Kotetsu watches as one of the crab claws snaps out, directed by the person's arm and encircles the robber, the gun going off above his head as he flails in fear and insanity, shattered glass of the chandelier overhead raining down like sparkling drops of dew in the odd heat of the day.

"Get down!" the person hollers and the hostages obey, hitting the ground as the other claw rises above them to partially shield them from the glass while the other claw swings back and tosses the robber through the doors.

The thief hits the pavement and skids, the side of his face getting scraped up from how he'd landed basically head first on the ground.

"Who the hell do you think you are shooting up this nice place, huh?!" the person hollers as the robber stands up staggeringly, scrambling for the gun and getting it back in his hand before anyone can react, pointing it at the newcomer who was emerging from the building.

Immediately Barnaby dashes by to assist Keith in getting the hostages out of the building as something happens on the floor above that causes more glass to rain down.

"Don't come near me you monster!" the thief exclaims, pointing his gun to the person in the black body suit. Strangely they ignored the thief and continued to walk forward, allowing Kotetsu to see exactly how massive the person was, towering over the crowd at possibly 7 feet tall.

"You're the real monster, holding up a place like that, putting people in real danger just because you want something shiny you won't even be able to spend! Where do you think you're going to be pawning off something you obviously stole, huh?!" the person exclaims, marching right up to the trembling thief.

"It looks like our newest First League Hero, Sugar Zodiac is taking the brave role and confronting our criminal today, racking up his first 515 points of the season! What will he do with this approach?" Mario announces and Stealth Commander chimes in over the speaker, "I don't know Mario but that is a dangerous looking weapon our criminal has there, a modified pistol from how it went off just earlier. What is he expecting to do by getting up so close to a loaded barrel?"

Kotetsu watches as the person, Sugar Zodiac, gets close enough to where the barrel of the gun the thief was holding was pressed up against their chest.

"If you're going to shoot someone, pop one in someone who can take it, not in someone who's actually got something to--"


Kotetsu chokes back a shout and the chattering crowd goes silent as the gun goes off and red visibly starts to spread across the black suit of the Hero and drips off them from between the wide stance of their legs.

The panicked screaming starts, but initially from the thief himself as the Hero does not move, and instead, something else happens.

The oculus embedded in the Hero's chest begins to glow white like the crab pincers that floated behind them, the light bubbling out of it like water before taking place around their hands. Slowly, the glowing substance takes form into two large, sharp-edged looking disks, one for each hand and held to Sugar Zodiac by chains, heavily resembling the plates of the scales of justice.

"What--" the thief stutters out, his body starting to shake so hard he loses grip of the gun and it hits the ground, going off a second time and directed right at a knee that doesn't even slightly buckle when it's hit.

"What am I? I'm a Hero, bitch." the person spits out.

They quickly lift the scale plates up and slam them together against the thief's body, a sickening crunching sound exploding through the area as they pull them away and slam them back together again twice more before letting the body crumple down to the ground, leaving the tall Hero towering above them.

Immediately the crowd of reporters and praising citizens surround the tall Hero but they're silent to all the questions, brushing off people with little dismissive ways and barely-there smiles, but they don't make any move to get away.

"Sugar Zodiac! Hey! Sugar Zodiac! Please, tell us, will that criminal survive? Are you really okay after taking two bullets?! What do you have to say as your first time on the scene this season?" one of the cameramen shouts and the person merely shrugs.

"I don't know what you want me to say, I'm just here to kick bitches around."

"YOU CAN'T SAY THAT ON TELEVISION ARE YOU CRAZY?!" Agnes screeches through the various earpieces.

"I'll kick your ass too bitch I don't like you yelling at me."