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The Pshysic Kid

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10 years ago~
A kid a wander into the forest after a pokemon, Only to find a legendary sight, The pokemon of legends in a fight, Two stood ot to his eyes, As he went to stop the with all his might, But hit with both their attacks at the same time, Gone the boy would be if it wasn't for, All the legendaries saved his soul, Now with his 8 eevees to guide him along the way, This boy of green hair now a legend, Of the Pshysic boy.



The clock ringing 7:30 a.m as Izuku woke up willing tiredness out of his eyes.  He looked at the calendar and smiled with glee.  "Today is the day", he said cheerfully as he sprung out of bed getting dressed.  He was going to become a pokemon trainer and go on a journey across the land hoping to make new friends. As he went down stairs he found his mom making toast. " Goodmoring mom", he said to her still with a smile growing bigger. She jumped a little bit then said,  "Oh it just you",  while looking towards the ground.  " What's wrong", he asked with concern in his voice. "Oh it just",  she started to cry as she looked him dead in the eyes.  " My baby is leaving",  then Izuku realized the tears were now pouring out like rain during a stormy night. As she ran up to give him a hug like she was afraid to let go. "Don't worry mom I'll be fine",  he said with a Incourging smile. As inko looked backed at her son she realized that it was time to let go,  he had grown up and it was his time to go. "Just make sure to call me",  she said as she let go of him.  "I will", he said as he left out the door stick a piece of toast in to eat on the way. 

At the Bakugou residents~

"And don't forget to call us brat" Misuk yelled at Kasuki, "What ever old hag", Kasuki yelled back, " Now now let's all calm down", Masaru said voice calming, but like usual they didn't hear him and kept rainting on each other.  "I'm going now bye", Kasuki yelled slamming the front door behind him, (stupid parents always yelling at me). 

Both Kasuki and Izuku meet up at the fountain and continued on their way to the lab, but Izuku stops for a moment and tells Kasuki to go on ahead as he went to go get something, then when Kasuki was far enough away he went behind the bushes and found what he was looking for. "Mew, Flareon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Vaporieon, Espeon, Umbreon, Sylveon." he yelled in excitement, instantly all 9 of the pokemon came to him rubbing up against him. "Come on guys it time for us to go on an adventure around the world", he said with much happiness in his voice. " Do you mind waiting outside the lab for me", he ask.  All the pokemon sake their head saying no. "Good, but Mew can you get in my hat I don't want anyone seeing you",  he said as he lifted the hat on his head,  mew went onto izuku's head and let the hat go over him, "Alright now follow me", he said as he walked but onto the path he had been on with bakugou earlier running to catch up to him. " Hey kachan", Izuku said smiling at Kasuki. "Hey deku what were you doing took you a while", Kasuki said looking izuku dead in the eyes. " Nothing idiotic", izuku said in a childish way. Kasuki just huffed in response to deku's answer. They spead walked all the way to the lab.  When they went inside the were greeted by Professor Toshinori, "Welcome I suggest you must be young midoriya and young bakugou", he said smiling at the two boys as both izuku and kasuki said yes as they were lead to the pokemon they could choose. " You town can choose between these 2 pokemon",  Toshinori said as he left the room for the boys to decide. Kasuki obviously choose the charmander and izuku the bulbsaur. When  they left the lab all the eeveeloutions came out of the bushes heading towards izuku. "This is our new friend", izuku said putting the bulbsaur on the ground to introduce herself [yes the bulbsaur was a girl] to the other pokemon. After that they all left the town they grew up in for their pokemon journey.