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“He’s ready for you boss… When do you want to see them...?”

After the question left the messengers mouth and reached the ears of the dark figure seated in front of him, an uncomfortable silence diffused across the room. Despite it, there was nothing else to do but await an answer, and hope that no anger rise from it.

“See who?” The dark figure suddenly questioned. “That one fucker?”

The messenger backed up a step, unprepared for the boss to have sounded like he was caught off guard, and sort of angry. He straightened out his back and continued speaking carefully. “Yes, that one. We’ve prepared the test already for you to do it when you’d like, completely up to your discretion,” he informed.

Silence once again followed his information, but in the mind that was sitting across from him, silence was far from what was in it.





All good guesses of course, easy guesses you could also say. Whenever one feels strange feelings, feelings that not only mentally altercate one’s thoughts but also physically change simple bodily processes such as heartbeats and sweat production, they could be categorized into either happy feelings or sad ones. For normal people, it’s easy to distinguish which emotion from another, being able to recognize whether they’re experiencing happiness or sadness. Right now though, that wasn’t the case.

Perhaps that’s why Bakugo Katsuki currently sat there in the silent room, his heartbeat steadily increasing and hair rising on his arms due to the chills running down his body, while he grew more and more frustrated with the thoughts that he let parade in his head for five minutes. Of course, to the other person in the room, these were some the longest five minutes ever.

For the emotionally inept Bakugo, the ultimate question that he would end up with after useless self-interrogation was, What am I feeling?

What kind of person would the fucker turn out to be? Is that Excitement.

Will I actually like how they are? Anticipation.

Is this finally the person that’ll keep me company until I die? Joy.

… Will being close to this person make it easier to backstab me? Make it easier for enemies to find out my weaknesses? Fear.

What if they turn out to be a good-for-nothing, useless fucker? Anger.

Such similar, trivial feelings were out in the open now, but Bakugo had no idea how to grasp onto them, not even one.

In hindsight, it’s not entirely his fault.

For one, it’s not his fault that he was born as the only child to a wealthy family that ran an entire empire. It’s not his fault that his family’s empire was built upon underground black market exchanges and deals. It’s also not his fault that most of the people he grew up with and learned from were the heirs of high time convicts and underground mafia members.

Normal people typically would live to the end of their days without ever having worried about sudden law enforcement raids in their homes or having to keep a sharp eye out for hitmen while shopping for apples at the market. That’s why they have so much time to focus on pitiful things like emotions and personal relationships, meanwhile Bakugo didn’t.

A long sigh suddenly erupted from the back of Bakugo’s throat. He was through with thinking.

“Fuck it,” he said. “Let’s get this shit over with right now,” he commanded next, closing the tabs on his computer and putting it to sleep.

“Yes sir,” the messenger responded. He turned to leave and complete the request to start things up, but Bakugo called him before he had the chance to leave.

“Where’s Kirishima?” Bakugo asked, pulling out his smartphone. To his surprise, there were no messages apart from the coordinates sent to him revealing the house of a thief that’s been targeting some of their shipments.

“I believe he’s awaiting the orders to meet you with the sorcerer in the banquet room, sir.” the messenger responded.

Bakugo grunted. “Bullshit. That loser would’ve already come in to bug me if he wasn’t already busy,” he mumbled. After his sentence, he began to drag his hand along the smooth top of his dark-tinted Bocote wood desk, capturing the messengers gaze. Within the fraction of a second, a dull flash began to glow from the palm of his hand and a shrieking loud cracking noise grew with it. “Where is he.” Bakugo demanded again.

The messenger flinched with the sudden explosion and gulped. “I-I told you what I know, Bakugo sir. I have not yet been informed of his current whereabouts yet since I have been here with you,” he stammered out. Was that whole hand-explosion thing really necessary?

Bakugo continued to stare at him with a deadly gaze, and finally released his body enough to let out another sigh. “That makes two of us then,” he breathed, returning his attention to the desk. He seemed to have been wiping off some excess nitroglycerin that had fallen from his hand when he noticed the messenger was still watching him with caution. “The fuck are you still watching me for? Go tell the asswipes to get ready,” he commanded. The messenger didn’t hesitate to leave immediately.

Well, whatever Bakugo was feeling at the moment, he figured that it’d be best not to care. That’s how he got most of his business done, so this encounter shouldn’t be any more different.

Still, something echoed in his mind and made him scowl as he locked the door to his office and began to walk to walk down the hallway. There was always two emotions he could always rely on to make him feel like himself again, and that was pride mixed with anger.

Pride when he’d discover the locations of rival black market warehouses, pride when he’d parade through the halls in the homes of corrupted government workers, pride when he was about to strike a deal with new sellers of luxurious and rare products.

Anger when his workers don’t complete their tasks, anger with sellers don’t meet their quota, anger when he is greeted by rivals with attacks.

Without a doubt, pride would bring much satisfaction meanwhile anger would restore his reassurance almost instantly. Would they be enough to overcome his anxiety right now though?

After all, it’s not everyday you get to meet your soulmate.

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“This room, Katsuki.”

Bakugo followed the voice and walked into the door of one of their most marvelous looking conference rooms. He growled when he realized his first name had been called though.

“How many fucking times do I have to remind you to not say my first name with your lowly mouth?” He asked in anger. His eyes rose to meet the one who had done it and it was no surprise that his anger was met by calm and peaceful eyes, staring back at him with no trace of fear in them.

“It doesn’t work that way for me, Katsuki. Calling you Bakugo would imply that I’m speaking to either your grandfather, your mother, or your father. The other world doesn’t make mistakes like that. I’m helping only you and your soul right now,” she answered next. It didn’t take long for Bakugo to calm down and sit at the table as well. For reasons he could not understand, he shook off the uneasy vibes she was giving off as plain weirdness.

“Other world?” He asked now, in a lower tone.

She nodded her head slowly. “I won’t care to explain, since I doubt you wouldn’t even be able to retain a tenth of what I say.”

Bakugo’s expression revealed his irritation. “You’re pushing it, stupid hag,” he responded, pushing the chair away from the table so he could recline a bit.

What was happening right now was rare, and a very scarce phenomenon. Bakugo answered to almost no one, not even his parents entirely. He would answer more to his mother Mitsuki, who had more reins on him than his father Masaru, and that was about it. Most of the time, it was only to acquire something that he wanted from them to benefit himself. Well, apart from them, there are also two other small exceptions.

One of the exceptions currently sitting in front of him is Ochaco Uraraka, a sorcerer as many like to call her, though everyone knew she was more than just that.

Contrary to his hag comment, she was also about the same age as him, 19. She made a name for herself helping both rich and poor alike with a variety of problems. Most admit that they contacted her for financial advice, such as when to invest in certain companies or when to start organization. Others went to her to get a glimpse of their future, and claimed that what she would tell them always came true, though for a price. These are only small insights to what her true power is, which is a quirk that lets her see into another world.

It’s no doubt that most people believe in a world separate than their own, but fail to see how it coincides with them. Uraraka serves as a testimony that proves whatever this other ‘world’ might be, is at the very least, real.

How she sees it, no one knows. How she manages to fetch what she wants from it for the benefit of others, no one also knows. Some speculate that the quirk has to do with the manipulation of gravitational pull, which is what keeps our world from collapsing into itself. How she uses that to see thing further than we can reach, no one has come up with a hypothesis for it yet. Maybe one day she might feel pity for how lost human civilization might get and reveal her secrets, but only time would tell.

Now Bakugo wasn’t there to ask for financial advice, since he thinks he more than perfect at dealing with finances, or to ask for a glimpse into his future, since he claims he already knows exactly what he going to do and how. Instead he was there for a reason that others rarely go to Uraraka for.

In addition to her many services, Uraraka can also help those in the area of romance.

In this world, everyone would eventually meet what they call their ‘soulmate’. There are many definitions for what a soulmate is. Every person you might ask would have a different explanation every time.

One of the sweetest is that a soulmate is a partner, a lifelong friend who helps you and sticks together with you until the end of time, through all the good and bad situations. Eventually, two soulmates would eventually produce a child, which bears about half of the qualities from each parent. A mix of the two that serves as evidence of their love and union.

Another is that a soulmate is what completes you in your earthly life, some claiming that everyone has a half of a heart that isn’t whole until the soulmate is found. Complete self-understanding, fulfillment, love for oneself and others, and knowledge is also said to be acquired from becoming whole with a soulmate.

Then there's several other explanations that don’t sound nearly as beautiful. To some that are ridden with addictions and foul thoughts, a soulmate is something that helps them complete selfish desires, not even being acknowledged as a true person of themselves. This type of thinking usually applies to businessmen, government officials, and gang or mafia members. Many other definitions derive from this one as well, some remaining equally as foul or just a bit less. You could try to guess which one of these Bakugo believes in the most, if he even believes in soulmates at all.

“I can see that you’ve been quite busy this morning, haven’t you?” Uraraka asked, leaning forward and placing her elbows on the table. She hummed quietly while she observed him even more. “Even if you try to hide them, they’ll catch up eventually, you know,” she breathed in and out heavily, “and explode out of you in the worst way possible.”

Not even sparing a look at her while he spoke, “Look, I didn’t bring you here to be threatened,” Bakugo responded semi-calmly. He was really trying his best. “You’re here to do one job as you’ve always done, so keep to yourself until then.”

Uraraka looked surprised. “Wow, that was quite good. I almost couldn’t see the huge aura of anxiousness that clings to your back.”

Instead of answering, Bakugo dismissed her immediately with a ‘tch’ and continued looking at a spot on the wall to his left.

Despite how fun it was to tease Bakugo when he was anxious and vulnerable like this, Uraraka did have some pity for him. It was obvious to see how the pressures of being rushed to grow up quickly and handling as much business as him was taking a toll on him mentally.

Off the bat she could say that his inability to correctly analyze his emotions was one of his worst traits. To cope with such a poor emotional instability, he overrides everything with some variation of anger or fury. It’s helped him in terms of business and antagonizing enemies, but has also been hurting him beyond what any other problem would do. His personal relationships, if any, are a mess, usually only being present because of some symbiotic relationship where both parties gain something from each other.

His pride also serves as a double-edged sword for him. Because of it, he refuses to learn from others, and instead treats everything as some rivalry or invitation to fight. That’s why most of Uraraka’s helpful advice are met with scoffs or arguing, which she’s used to now.

Despite some of his major character flaws though, Uraraka enjoys being with him. Unlike most people she’s met, Bakugo undoubtedly has something more to him, something that makes this shine unlike the rest of his peers and family. His fearlessness ways and ingenuity to become the, as he says it, ‘best ever’, has been motivating his empire more than ever, and even seems to motivate Uraraka herself in ways that she has never thought of before. The crazy strength he always displays and dependence on himself is also something that can’t be overlooked. What’s most impressive is the way he stays true to himself despite bribes, offerings, and threats.

There’s also his amazing quirk, which perhaps might be the reason why he isolates himself so much from his peers, but nonetheless is capable of doing unparalleled damage. Though it’s mostly kept to himself and those extremely close to the empire, he still finds time to cultivate his power.

What Uraraka didn’t know was what he planned to do with such a quirk. There was many possibilities, many that even made her feel scared, but she so far trusted the young heir. He hasn’t done anything completely bad, and if it was, it was for the sake of the company. She understood that much at least. So far she had never tried using her quirk to look into his future because he hadn’t asked. Sometimes she gets tempted, knowing the task would be over and done within a few seconds time, but to be truthful, the way he seemed to be shaping his own destiny was far more satisfying than seeing the end result. That’s why she was here now, complying with the strange and sudden request that Bakugo had asked her for.

“I got a soft spot for you,” she said quietly, fiddling with her thumbs.

“Huh?” he asked loudly, lazily turning his head to face her.

She giggled a little. “Nothing.”

He stared at her dumbfoundedly until a knock was heard at the door. One of the aids in the rooms rushed over to open it, and a person promptly walked into the room.

“Geez, you could seriously cut all the tension in the air with a knife,” the person said, walking over to one of the chairs. “I could try it right now. Wanna see?” he asked, holding his arm out. In the blink of an eye, his entire arm had suddenly changed its form. Instead of soft and warm flesh, hard and ragged edges adorned the person's arm. He was the other small exception.

“Where the fuck have you been?” Bakugo asked angrily, standing up from his chair.

“Woah there Bakugo, no need to stand up, I’m not important or anything,” the man said, ignoring Bakugo and sitting in the seat to his right. “I was doing stuff, like... meeting with one of the new sellers for us. You did a good job choosing him, dude was a good dude.”

Bakugo sighed and sat down as well. “Doesn’t seem like you were doing some boring crap like that. The messengers didn’t even know where you were at, so you better not be spewing bullshit Kirishima.”

“It’s true, I swear,” Kirishima defended himself. “Look,” he began to declare, “I only left cause’ I saw you were just doing little things on your laptop. You seemed busy enough so I just went out and… talked to that dealer,” he explained. “Why are you so pressed about it?”

“I’m not pressed. I can give less than two shits about where you’re at,” Bakugo growled back. He paused for a second once he saw Uraraka’s glare on him, and composed himself once again. “I just had... stuff for you to do.” He reclined back into his chair and folded his hands to let them rest just below his chest.

Kirishima could obviously tell what was up, and he wouldn’t let Bakugo off the hook for snapping at him. “Like what?”

Bakugo sighed. “Forget it.”

“Nah... Why’d you need me, Bakugo?” Kirishima asked again, seeing Bakugo get bothered.

“For Nothing.” Bakugo responded. He was relapsing back into a cruel tone.Truth of the matter was that he was mad at Kirishima before for disappearing on him, but with enough emotions already running through him, he preferred to just ignore the whole situation at once.

The thing is, Kirishima, once again, is an exception to the ‘bakugo-listens-to-no-one’ rule.

“Just say that you’re nervous, man,” he said, extending his arm to place a hand on Bakugo’s shoulder. Before he was able to, Bakugo had slapped his hand away and stared down at the ground, and Kirishima frowned. “You don’t have to be like that.”

Bakugo remained silent.

Uraraka winced once she had heard Kirishima’s hand being slapped away. It was obvious that Bakugo was angry at Kirishima for leaving him alone when he had something so important happening that day. Truthfully, it was strange that Kirishima had done so knowing how Bakugo would get. The two were pretty much always together, although it was still sort of strange to call Kirishima his friend since the two hadn’t known each other for long.

Still, Kirishima’s outstanding patience and admiration towards Bakugo had him befriending Bakugo before the latter could even realize it. Now, Kirishima was able to ease just a bit of what Bakugo’s burdens, coaching him and being there for him during trivial situations.

In return, Bakugo realized that he doesn't really mind considering Kirishima as a friend, although he’d never say this aloud. Not yet, at least.

Despite his closed attitude right now, Kirishima knew Bakugo would listen to what he’d be saying right now. With only them, Uraraka, and anxiety in the air, Bakugo couldn’t do anything but listen to his two ‘friends’ in the room. Truthfully, maybe he even wanted them to talk to him.

“It’s okay to feel nervous right now man,” Kirishima continued, “Especially for something like this. It’s not anything to be angry about.”

Bakugo continued scowling, and Kirishima sighed. “Maybe you’re not all nervous, but like, excited or something. Uraraka doesn’t come out and help with things like this you know.”

“That’s true,” Uraraka said quietly from her seat.

The room continued being silent for a few seconds, but eventually a few noises began to come from Bakugo. It almost sounded like he was… laughing. Kirishima and Uraraka looked at each other in confusion before focusing on him again.

“Excited…?” Bakugo said between his growing laughs. “As if I’d be excited over some stupid fucking shit like this. This whole ‘soulmate’ thing is probably a hoax anyways. It’s just a way for desperate sexually frustrated losers to feel good for once in their pathetic lives,” he said, leaning forward and putting his hands on the table. “...I’m only playing along to distract my old hag.” He looked at his hands for a moment before suddenly clenching them into fists. “I’m not nervous, not exited, not nothing. I just wanna get this over with, alright!?” he finished with a shout. He shot sharp looks at both Uraraka and Kirishima, but scowled at Kirishima for even longer before sitting back in his chair again, closing his eyes this time. “So both of your asses stop worrying before I actually get angry.”

Well, that one last sentence definitely redeemed him, despite the shitty attitude he was displaying.

Ultimately, what both Kirishima and Uraraka were hoping for was for this soulmate to help them change the way Bakugo was. He was a righteous and, somewhat, good man, but he obviously had deep problems. They figured that maybe finding his soulmate would drastically change things. Their definition of a soulmate followed one of the nicer and beautiful explanations, so they had put their hope into that. If he didn’t listen to them, then maybe there was still hope with the soulmate.

“Guess we’ll… just wait and see, huh?” Kirishima spoke first.

“Wait and see what?” Bakugo snapped quickly.

Kirishima began scratch at his arm. “Whether it’s a hoax or not. I haven’t found my soulmate either, you know. Even if it’s not exciting to you, it is to me. You’re my… friend,” he stammered out. He looked over to Bakugo and saw that he was staring at him with an unimpressed expression, which was good because it meant that he was listening. So Kirishima continued, “I just wanna see something good come from this and not be a waste of time, so you know, I’m rooting for you and whoever is in that room right now.”

“I, too, feel the same way.” Uraraka added.

Now Bakugo turned to her. “Haah? You can’t confirm if your own power is a hoax or not?” He mocked.

Uraraka straightened herself out before responding. “Not whether my power is a hoax, but whether this might be the right person or not, and how they might help you on your ‘all-powerful’ conquest. I can’t use my own quirk on myself after all, so I can’t rely on it to find out who my soulmate is that way I’m doing it for you,” she explained.

“See? Even Uraraka is mad jealous,” Kirishima joked.

“Mad jealous?” Bakugo repeated. “The fuck does that mean? Who taught you that?”

“Uhh… it’s slang that I picked up from that new seller, Kaminari. Well let’s see… putting ‘mad’ in front of a word is like…” Kirishima began to explain to a very invested Bakugo, but was interrupted by another knock on the door.

Bakugo didn’t say anything, but the door was opened anyways. A man with sleek black hair walked through, requiring no order to go and stand next to Bakugo, who was still waiting for Kirishima to continue talking.

“They’re ready for you, Bakugo,” the black-haired man simply said, not sparing a look at anyone.

“I’m busy,” Bakugo responded.

The man studied the room, taking note of how terribly quiet it was. “Talking with the voices in your head? What are they saying?” the man deadpanned. Bakugo ‘hmph’ed, meanwhile Kirishima gave him a nervous smile. The man then turned to Uraraka, who had begun to stand. “Are you ready?” he asked her.

Uraraka nodded. “I am,” she said while she began to walk towards the door. She was the first to walk into the hallway, choosing to wait outside until they were finally able to get Bakugo out.

Kirishima was the next to stand, and nudged Bakugo’s shoulder as he did. “I’m gonna go too… how are you feeling? I can stay with you if you want-” he offered, but Bakugo remained as still as stone, making it seem like none of Kirishima’s words had reached him. “Well, we’ll be there alright? This will be fun, I promise.”

Kirishima then joined Uraraka into the hallway. They gave a nod to the messenger who was standing a few feet from them, signaling that they were ready to go meet Bakugo’s potential soulmate/partner/love-interest/the-one-who-might-change-his-life-for-the-better. The messenger understood, and began to lead them through the maze of hallways and unnecessarily big rooms that made up the Bakugo mansion.

“I don’t know why but… I’m feeling kind of nervous too,” Kirishima said, breaking the silence between them.

Uraraka breathed in and let out a slow and careful exhale. “Yeah… I feel something too, actually. But it’s not pleasant… it’s actually quite…” she began to explain, but began to feel a shiver go down her spine.

Just not right, was what she wanted to say, but she realize that her quirk was subconsciously being used. Crap, what was that right now? Had she actually seen glimpse into the future? Even after she swore not to when it came to Bakugo? She tried to distract herself quickly, straying away from whatever it was that just happened, but instead quite the opposite happened.







All these new emotions were suddenly flooding into her, and why? She didn’t know. All she could do was feel them and let them pummel into all of her thoughts, so much to the point that she had to stop walking. Eventually she crouched over, suddenly feeling light-headed from the sudden chaos going on in her mind.

“What’s wrong?” Kirishima asked, worried about her sudden silence. He crouched next to her and put a hand on her back, which somehow helped bringing her back to normal senses. He looked up get the attention of the messenger but then he realized that the messenger had gone ahead without them. But before he could call out to him, the messenger appeared from the end of the hallway.

“My apologies, it seems that I went towards the wrong room,” he said, apologizing and walked towards them. “Ah, you’re actually standing at the right door,” he told them as he stood in front of them. “How’d you know?”

Kirishima stared at him first with confusion, but then put his attention back on Uraraka when she began to clear her throat.

“I’m… I’m sorry,” she said excusing herself. “I don’t know why…” she began to say while looking at her hand. Her mind was quiet once again, the terrifying jumble of negative emotions passing over her as they had already done their damage. She looked at the door to their right, the door that the messenger had mentioned was the right room. The room where the soulmate was being kept. With hesitance, she put her fingers togethers, activating her quirk, and felt another oncoming wave of pure terror.


“Sitting here isn’t going to do anything. You yourself told the messenger to get everything prepared, so everything is. If you weren’t ready, you shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Tch. I am ready.”

“Doesn’t seem like it.”

Bakugo angrily rose from the table. “Well think whatever the fuck you want Aizawa! All of you yapping over and over about whether I’m ready or not is pissing me off!” he shouted through his teeth. “This isn’t anything special… this isn’t something I had to prepare for… much less get ‘ready’ for, alright?” He was facing Aizawa now, who for still looked as calm as over. Bakugo didn’t understand if that bothered him or not, so he looked away and let his words continue echoing in the room.

So instead of reacting to Bakugo’s angry outburst, Aizawa simply began to pat away some dirt that had landed on his jacket, presumably from the kick that was delivered to his chest from a chase earlier that day. “Do you really have to scream everything that comes out of your mouth? I didn’t come to fight with you, Bakugo. I could really really care less… but your parents essentially assigned me to look over you while this whole thing unfolds... so here I am.”

“Well, what the hell was that remark if you don’t give a shit about this either?” Bakugo questioned.

Aizawa scratched at the back of his head with an absent minded expression. “I’m sure the others have mentioned this but… this isn’t a regular thing, having your potential soulmate fetched for you. I thought you’d be acting different, but I can see you can't handle anything that goes beyond your small comprehension of rage and anger.”

Insulted, Bakugo opened his mouth to protest, but Aizawa spoke before he could respond.

“Get over it, and let’s go.”

Bakugo scoffed. “I am over it.”

Aizawa then left the room, leaving Bakugo to cool down by himself. Which actually didn’t take very long.

He resorted to his trusted prideful and vengeful emotional shield and finally walked out of the room, no longer having to deal with neither Kirishima’s or Uraraka’s confrontations. As he walked behind Aizawa, his mind began to fill with the thoughts that usually got him through hard situations.

He began to think about what he could gain from this soulmate. Hopefully they were beautiful, because that was about the least they could be to gain a fraction of his interest. If they were, then he could parade around pridefully during public events with other empires and powerful families. No doubt would he force his soulmate to drape themselves over him wherever they went, to show that he was someone wanted and lusted over. This could make some of his rivals grow envious of him, and maybe even try to steal his soulmate from him.

That was a popular thing in their world, after all. Stealing a soulmate from someone was apparently one of the worse offences anyone could commit, and it was done quite often since paired soulmates are a sort of rarity and come off as extra appealing to non-paired people. So Bakugo figured that if his soulmate captured someone’s eyes, he would order his soulmate to play along with them, playing them like a cat does with a string toy. The rival would be lured and lured, until they’d fall into a trap and into Bakugo’s hands. Bakugo did search for the barest of all reasons to fight with different clans and empires, since he knows he always wins.

This all was the very least his soulmate could do for him. Well really, other than sexual reasons, was there any other point to a soulmate?


“Eh? Where are the other two?” Bakugo asked the messenger once they reached the room.

“They’ve already gone on inside, Bakugo sir,” the messenger responded.

Bakugo remained silent.

“What, do you want them out here with you instead?” Aizawa prompted.

Bakugo mocked a laugh. “As if I cared. Lets go.”

Aizawa, who was already dying to fall asleep at any given moment, decided to follow Bakugo’s order and gave a nod to the messenger.

The messenger then knocked on the door, “Uraraka, we’re ready to come in,” he told them.

Some shuffling was heard on the other side of the room, followed by small hints of conversation. At one point, the word ‘Kacchan’ was muttered by someone, and Bakugo had heard it.

He suddenly felt… nostalgic. “Kacchan…?” he repeated to himself, the word starting to dig up far memories hidden deep in his mind.

On the other side of the door, Uraraka was finishing explaining the situation to the potential soulmate. “There’s nothing to be afraid of,” she said, wincing once she realized that was probably a lie. Those burst of strong emotions that she had held earlier were coming from this person inside the room. When she and Kirishima chose to walk in, she found that they were nearly holding his hostage, having him tied to a chair with his mouth taped shut.

Initially she felt extreme anger, but it subsided once she remembered what type of people the Bakugo empire workers were like, and dismissed their shitty way of treating guests. It was no wonder that the poor soulmate was scared to his wits end, imagining the worst to happen to him. At least, she comforts herself by thinking that was the cause of the emotional turmoil she felt. She refused to believe it was her quirk letting her see their future.

Once she calmed the soulmate, and herself, she told the workers to leave the room, and after a few minutes of introductions and careful explanation, the soulmate had began to trust in both Uraraka and Kirishima. The sad thing was that there wasn’t time to explain… well… a whole lot, and truth of the matter be that the soulmate has some understanding of what he’s here for, but has absolutely no idea what he’s in for. Maybe it was for the best, maybe it wasn’t.

“We’re really counting on you,” she said last, walking up to the door and knocking on it to announce that they were ready too.

“Well this is gonna be interesting…” Kirishima said last, bracing himself for whatever might happen next.

Uraraka didn’t say anything, but she had thought the same thing. She prepared herself as well, clearing her head to ensure that her quirk would be accurate and free from distraction.

The person in the chair too, despite trying to follow Uraraka’s advice in staying calm, couldn’t help but clench his fists. ‘Just what did I allow myself to get into?’ They thought.

And so then, the doorknob began to turn, and the door opened slowly.

First the messenger waltzed into the room, quickly stepping out of the way for the other two men to come in, one of which was a tired-looking black-haired man. Behind him, a blonde began to enter the room and… well.

The two potential soulmates took a look at each other with wide eyes, not even gazing at each other for more than half a second before their brains started firing ‘Oh God’ over and over and over again.

Chapter Text

“H...Hi, Kacchan,” the green-haired boy said sheepishly first, breaking the outstanding silence in the room. No one replied to him, though.

‘Kacchan’ right now was still standing in front of him in, what looked like, shock. What was going through his head? Not even he knew.

Kirishima and Uraraka were so dumbfounded by Bakugo’s reaction that they just glanced at each other.

“So… you two know each other?” Kirishima asked, attempting to break the silence again. He still couldn’t tell if Bakugo’s reaction was a good thing or bad thing. If they knew each other, then there was a better probability of them getting along as soulmates, right?

“Deku…” Bakugo suddenly breathed, earning all eyes on him.

Deku… the green-haired boy repeated to himself. He hesitated to speak, but figured that nothing was worse than the silence that was stuffing the air. For better or worse, he also couldn’t tell if he was in a good situation or a bad one. “I-I haven’t been called that in so long…” he admitted, shyling scratching his cheek. The silence held onto the air for a little bit longer, but soon enough, Bakugo had composed himself enough to speak again.

“Seriously…” Bakugo spoke again, showing his face to no one but the floor. One of his hands seemingly went up to his mouth, and soon muffled laughter was being heard by everyone in the room.

It’s safe to say that everyone in the room, even Deku, were completely dumbfounded by Bakugo’s weird display of his reaction, and were patiently waiting to see what else would happen. Though Uraraka didn’t like the growing tension in her gut.

“Seriously!?” Bakugo suddenly exclaimed, removing the hand from his face and walking towards Deku. The sudden exclamation startled everyone, and Deku didn’t know what to do as Bakugo kept walking towards him with his expression getting angrier and angrier with each step.

When the distance between them was finally closed, and Daku’s palms were sweating profusely, Bakugo extended his arm out and harshly pushed Deku’s right shoulder, making Deku nearly fall back.

Now the others were alarmed, understanding that this was the complete opposite of what they wanted to happen. They were still a bit hesitant to step in, since the two still hadn’t really talked yet, and remained silent as they hoped that they were just reading into the situation wrong.

Bakugo would prove them right though, when he pushed Deku again even harder. Deku, of course being small as he was, lost his footing and fell, yelping a little once his bottom made impact with the marble floor. Now Kirishima was ready to step in, but Uraraka held him back with eyes wide herself.

“K-Kacchan, why-” Deku began to speak, but Bakugo cut him off once he got ahold of Deku’s shirt collar.

Don’t speak,” Bakugo commanded, standing over him.

Once this order was pretty much barked at him, Deku complied, only being able to stay silent as two furious red eyes almost glared holes in his.

The growing tension in the room was thick enough again to cut with a knife, except this time Kirishima was too frightened to make that terrible joke again. Again it was Bakugo who spoke up first since, well, he essentially told Deku to shut up and stay quiet. He looked away from Deku’s eyes and started to laugh quietly, which grew louder and louder by the second.

He was completely hysterical, and this would’ve been a great sign. The laugh could’ve signified that he was just messing around by pushing Deku to the ground. Maybe he’d help Deku up, and even give him a hug or something. He could even say, ‘I’ve been looking for you my whole life.” That was an ideal situation, but in the Bakugo household, almost nothing was ideal.

His laughter was mocking now, erupting into the room and filling everyone’s ears, meanwhile confirming their fears. Now things really didn’t seem like they’d be okay.

Bakugo finally let go of Deku’s collar with anything but grace. It was more of a hard shove, which made Deku’s head hit the ground.

Deku’s hands rushed to the back of his head to comfort himself, completely unprepared for whatever was going to happen next. He was as scared now as he was before Uraraka had found him.

Small, almost insignificant memories from deep within his mind began to reveal themselves in his mind after he had bonked his head, most coming from what seemed to be his childhood. As they all replayed themselves for seconds at a time, he noticed that one thing that all of these memories had in common was feeling dread. With what he was experiencing right now with ‘Kacchan’, he could make a few connections as to why those memories were suddenly being brought up. Instinctively, his brought his hands from the back of his head to the front of his body, prepared for whatever might come next.

Contrary to where Deku thought things were going, Bakugo just stood on top of him and made no movements with his next words.

“Seriously…” he said for a third time. He stared at Deku now, making sure his words would be heard and understood as he intends them to be. His head tilted a bit as a malevolent expression draped over his face, squinting his eyes a bit and staring right into Deku’s eyes. It was then that the corners of his mouth slightly turned upwards, completing what could be described as none other but a haunting look.

You’re my soulmate?”

His tone was mocking, and now Uraraka thought the time to interrupt them was getting closer.

“You think you’re my soulmate?” Bakugo taunted. He began to chuckle again. “This has to be a joke…” he said, turning to Uraraka. “This is a joke right, hag?”

Uraraka almost felt too afraid to answer, but she knew she had to try and change the situation around.

Undeniably, they had failed. The one they had brought to the mansion, the one they retrieved from Japan, the one that was brought into the room along with expectations and hope, was not Bakugo’s soul mate. The one who was thought to have the power to change Bakugo for the better and turn his life around wouldn’t be able to do any of that at all. Deku had failed. They failed.

Bakugo was obviously feeling doubtful because whatever relationship these two had in the past, it was anything but good. Uraraka’s hopes were completely shattered. She couldn’t just let this be a complete fail though, she had to do something now that it seemed a life was on the line.

She closed her eyes and quickly put her finger tips together, concentrating and clearing her mind before she’d finally open them again.

Bakugo grew impatient with her lack of answer. “Well?”

“...I see it…” she said quietly, staring at the space between Bakugo and Deku.

Deku, still holding his hands in front of him in defense, looked confused. He didn’t dare say anything though, because Bakugo was staring at her and radiated intense irritation.

“See what?” Bakugo asked, though it sounded more like a growl.

A tiny bead of sweat started to form on the right side of Uraraka’s forehead. Was it actually there, or was she just imagining it?

“The…” she hesitated for a second. “The red string of fate… the soul bond,” she continued to explain.

If everyone thought Bakugo was furious before, he was now he was now displaying an expression of rage that no one, not even his closest guard Aizawa or closest friend Kirishima, had ever seen before. Not even in battle.

“String of fate?” Bakugo responded. He briefly glanced at Deku with what seemed like disgust, and then shuffled to face Uraraka. “Don’t lie now, hag.”

“Dude,” Kirishima spoke up, scooting closer to Uraraka.

Don’t,” Bakugo told Kirishima, almost like a warning.

Uraraka cleared her throat. “It’s there,” she repeated. “The red string of fate… it’s very faded but… it’s what shows me the bond between two soulmates in the form of a red string… tied from one of you to the other.”

She began to, seemingly, trace an invisible line that led from Deku’s left wrist and ended up tied around Bakugo’s left hand. To further prove her explanation, she touched her fingertips together once again, steadily staring ahead, and nodded with a determined expression.

Nobody doubted her now, not even Bakugo. He knew that she was speaking the truth, as she has been for his family and clients for years. Even Kirishima was shocked, almost already accepting that they had failed to locate Bakugo’s actual soulmate. It seemed that Deku really was the one.

What everyone didn’t know, though, was that Uraraka just slightly held apart her thumbs when she activated her quirk, and to activate her quirk, she needs to have all fingertips touching. Nobody noticed since her thumbs were facing herself. Had she even realized what she’s done?

It’s for the best, she thought. Well, time would tell.

Chapter Text

A few days earlier, Deku was walking along the busy streets of Tokyo, looking for the perfect arrangement of fruit to take to his mother when he’d see her later on the day. The sun was shining brightly, making it warm enough to see a bead of sweat on almost everyone who was walking from one shop to another. A gentle breeze would run every now and then, cooling Deku enough for him to step off to the side and enjoy it as it passes through the crowds of people.

The perfect emotion to describe his mood was contempt. Well, these past few days have been some of the most peaceful in his life. After a year or so of following dead ends and connection evidence to each other, Deku, formally known as Midoriya, was able to raid an infamous illegal black market hideout with the help of some colleagues and the Tokyo police force. It had taken a while because the organizer of the whole gig, a man dubbed by the officials as ‘Sludge Villain’, was extremely precautious, having spies nearly everywhere in the city that let him know every little detail about the police & investigator where abouts. He almost never slipped up, and always seemed to get escape like water running through hands.

It wasn’t until Midoriya found out that his main motive behind kidnapping civilians was to use them as ‘energy sources’, so what did Midoriya do after that revelation?

He let himself get captured. It wasn’t hard to mistake Midoriya for some normal, weak civilian after all. Outside of his costume, that he wears for identity purposes, his figure was incredibly muscular and lean but could easily look slim and dainty under some thick clothing. After he revealed his final plan to Tokyo’s police force, he was kidnapped by the ‘sludge villain’ himself the day after.

Two days passed by, and it was all Midoriya needed to gather all the information he needed and planned a counterattack for his and the other victim’s rescue. After that, it was simply going after the villains hideouts and black markets one by one, until there was no where else for the villains to run. The only con to the whole situation is that the sludge villain had found out Deku’s secret identity. It was a consequence he was willing to accept though, since the villain would never see the light of day as he serves his lengthy sentence behind tightly guarded bars.

‘Yet another great triumph’ was announced on the news for a couple days after, both the police and public rejoicing after cracking down on a large-scale villain. Credit was always given where it was owed, and so Midoriya, under the alias ‘Deku’, was credited for a majority of the work. In the past he had preferred to stay underground, serving as an underdog for the Tokyo police, but years later he’s even more popular than the police force itself. His alias, Deku, was starting to have a lot of influence, so much to the point where people refer to him now as ‘the hero Deku’.

Deku was, of course, greatly congratulated and generously awarded by the city. He did his usual act of staying humble and politely declined most of the awards. Everyone knew he didn’t like to be the center of attention. He enjoyed to have a relatively low profile when it came down to it, even though his presence was more acknowledged than the presence of the sun.

Even on the days where he wasn’t patrolling or working and instead relaxing while taking a look at the city’s advancements, the people would gather and celebrate his existence, hanging banners with his alias written on him, and drawings of him everywhere with ‘symbol of peace’ written on there.

He was reminiscing on all that, specifically remembering the speech made by the mayor of Tokyo since it was the most genuine gift, but got distracted by a bright bouquet of flowers that were on a shop to his left. ‘Ah, those are pretty’, he thought to himself as he neared them. To his luck, they were being advertised by a food arrangement shop, exactly what he was looking for. It seemed that some baskets were adorned with natural flowers, making them all the more irresistible to take to his mother.

He continued looking for a basket that had a majority of fruit that were her favorite. He found it, tipped his hat as the cashier who wished him a good day, and made his way home.


At the end of the day when lots of food was made and all of the assorted fruit was eaten, the ever satisfying feeling of contempt and joy was still present in Midoriya’s being. Though he did feel a twinge if sadness when he left his mother's house, regretting every movement of his arms that let them release from their hug.

When he had finally made his way back to his own home, a large upscale condo hidden in midst of large skyscrapers and such that was also gifted to him by the city, the contempt feeling would soon be replaced when confusion. Before he had stepped into his house, he had already noticed that he was being watched, his senses feeling sharp as ever.

“There’s no need to hide,” he said aloud, hoping they’d hear the sincerity in his voice.

The encounter with his stalkers started out calm and peaceful. He was suddenly invited to a country that he hadn’t visited for years, and eventually he was hauled into a private jet that traveled far away from his home.

Although this wasn’t close to what he had in mind when he had promised himself a small vacation, he realized that he still felt excitement to be doing something new and eventually find out what the hell was going on. He’d hear the men mumble ‘soulmate’ a few times here and there, but the room he was being kept it had walls to thick for his trained ears to listen over.

Well whatever this whole thing would be about, he just hoped his host would keep him entertained for a while.


Right now, everybody in the room was speechless.

“Uraraka…” Kirishima whispered, putting a hand on her shoulder. “Are you 100% serious?” even he asked.

Truthfully no, she wasn’t. She was about 0% serious actually. There was no bond, there was no red string of fate, and they weren’t soulmates.

Not to confuse you, the red string of fate is a real thing, she’s seen and witnessed it before. Just recently a young millionaire asked her to confirm his fiancés true intentions with him, and it turned out that they had that same string tied around each other’s wrists. It was a happy ending for them, and Uraraka desperately wished that this situation would’ve gone the same way.

But she had no other choice, tricking Bakugo into thinking that Deku was really his soulmate might end up sparing Deku’s life. He looked too weak to defend himself in the slightest, especially not against the raging ball of fury that was Bakugo. There was no telling what Bakugo might do if Uraraka admitted that the two really had nothing to do with each other.

“...I am,” she said strongly. “Do you doubt me?”

Kirishima continued to look into her eyes. He thought about it for a second, and then turned back to the scene in front of them. “No…” he said quietly, removing his hand.

Aizawa just barely shook his head, disapproving everything about the situation that was currently unfolding in the room. Deku and Bakugo seemed as compatible as a rabbit and a mountain lion, respectfully.

The real stars of the show had about about one to three thoughts going through their heads every couple of seconds. Bakugo just blinked blankly while he stared at Deku’s stomach, seemingly trying to process the reality of it all. The latter meanwhile was in shock about the revelation.

Now it made sense to Midoriya why the men that kidnapped him had kept saying ‘soulmate’. Out of all the situations and scenarios he envisioned on his way here, the last thing on his mind was seeing this as some romantic adventure. Especially not with the person he ended up with, the person he hadn’t seen since his childhood.

Instead, he was eager to start an investigation after overstaying his welcome since he knew he was bound to end up in the midst of some illegal activity. After all, he was entrusted by his master to fight all roots of evil, no matter where he was.

Except now he was being held captive in a foreign country after finding out that he has a soulmate.

A soulmate... huh.

Midoriya had never given thought to something like that. The things he dedicated his life to just wouldn't allow it. There was never time to wonder about looking into a partners eyes everyday, eager to get a peak of their soul to become that much closer. He never imagined the touch of a passionate lover, that people say could have the power to heal one from almost anything. He never dreamed about sharing kisses with another while sharing daring moments and adventures with each other, or holding someone at night when it seemed that the bed would feel emptier by the moment. Perhaps it was a good thing that he never knew about these things because he knew they'd be impossible to experience.

With as much work as does, and as many enemies as he has, having a significant other was distracting and dangerous. They could easily turn out to betray him, or worse, be used against him. He figured that the best way to avoid either of these scenarios happening was to avoid all thoughts about a significant other in general. After years of denying himself such thoughts, he got used to it more or less. Everyone he met was always seen as a platonic friend, and nothing more.

Still though, there was no way to completely prevent him from seeing other partners together in public. Sometimes, just for a second or two, he'd stay looking at the way others clutch onto each other when they see him rescuing them, or when they congratulate each other while holding each others hands with what seems like an inseparable grip.

'Whats the point of it all?' He'd ask himself when he couldn't fight against his feelings anymore. He was 19, not quite into adulthood yet, but old enough to ignore such childish thoughts. Nobody needed him as anything but a hero, and he sure as hell didn't anything more than a friend. He was dedicated to fighting evil, protecting everyone around him and in his country to fulfill his masters wishes, which were also his own.

In a twisted turn of events, it seems that he’ll just be fighting his childhood friend-or-something from long, long ago, who would now be known as his ‘soulmate’, which was the one word he never gave thought to.

“Bakugo,” Aizawa suddenly said, capturing everyone’s attention. “Pull yourself together, you’re making a horrible impression on everyone.”

Bakugo sort of heard, beginning to turn his body to face Aizawa. After a few more blinks, he breathed in and out heavily. “I don’t want an audience,” was all he said.

Aizawa looked puzzled. “Eh?”

“I don’t want an audience,” he repeated, a little louder this time.

Kirishima then stepped in. “Bakugo… what’s going on-“

I said I don’t want a damn audience!!” Bakugo exclaimed, making everyone in the room suddenly jerk. His arms were bent at his waist, holding his hands out. Tiny sparks began to appear on the palms of his hands, and they knew it was certainly not time to be leaving Deku alone to the clutches of Bakugo.

“We’re not going anywhere,” Uraraka spoke up. She glanced at Deku and saw, what she thought was, fear.

Midoriya was actually sort of excited to see where this would go. He quickly got over the teeming sadness he had been harboring since he had no idea what a soulmate was. Maybe this was all... something good after all. He was still a bit uncertain about the situation, but now intrigued.

“It’s fine Uraraka,” he said. He scooted back a bit away from the spot where Bakugo had thrown him and began to stand up, patting some dirt off of his pants as he did. “Go, do what he says,” he repeated, staring at her.

He seemed confident to be alone with Bakugo, but Uraraka was still reluctant to go.

“Don’t make him repeat himself,” Deku then warned. With Uraraka’s eyes still glued on him, he gave her a tiny hint of a smile to reassure herself.

The terrifying emotions from earlier, the ones she was certain had come from him due to how desperate he looked while he was all tied up, were suddenly being questioned by herself once again. It looked like Deku was feeling anything but fear.

“What the hell are you looking so smug for?” Bakugo growled. He had noticed Deku’s small smile. “Hurry the fuck up,” he barked at them next.

This time everyone obeyed, following Uraraka as she began to leave the room first. Kirishima spared one more look at Deku, who again nodded to assure Kirishima that he’d be alright, and then stepped outside with the rest.

When the messenger closed the door after him, he grabbed Uraraka by the arm. “Are you sure about this?” he asked. “That definitely didn’t go as planned… so-”

“They’re gonna be fine,” Uraraka answered. “I trust Deku.”

Kirishima looked skeptical. “Trust? You trust him already? We don’t know a single thing about him… much less about his ability to deal with someone as fierce as Bakugo… besides, he didn’t give off an ounce of manliness! Honestly, I don’t think he should be in there alone…”

“Is this about you? Or Bakugo?” Urakaka snapped. She hadn’t meant to sound so harsh, but hearing his doubts while her mind was filled with her own was overwhelming. “If you want to go back in there, be my guest. But I won’t interfere with…” she trailed off. She can’t say it, she shouldn’t say something without meaning it, because they’re not…


That was the last word she said before she joined the others in walking off to do their own tasks. Kirishima took one last look at the door before following behind them, hoping that the soulmate bond Uraraka had faith in would be enough to protect Deku.


Chapter Text

Now only Bakugo and Midoriya were left in the room. Despite having been the one to demand the others to leave, Bakugo had no idea what to do next. He still couldn’t get past believing that the person who was standing in front of him, that scum, was really his soulmate. Obviously he still had many questions left for Uraraka, but she wasn’t in the room for him to ask her anymore.

It has to be a joke, there was no other explanation for this. How dare they-

“It's… good to see you, Kacchan,” Midoriya spoke first, breaking the silence.

Bakugo rose his head and saw that Deku was smiling at him. How dare he smile?

“Don’t say another word, Deku” Bakugo snarled.

Deku stopped smiling. There was something nostalgic about the way Bakugo had said his name, and judging by the way he said it, that nostalgia must not be associated with good memories. Still, Midoriya wanted to talk more in order to keep remembering their past, and figure out why Bakugo seemed so unwilling to accept that they were soulmates.

“But Kacchan I-”

In the flash of a second, Bakugo had lanced towards Midoriya and grabbed his collar again.

Shit, Midoriya thought. He predicted that Bakugo might’ve attacked him, but despite anticipating it, Midoriya wasn’t fast enough to react to Bakugo’s attack. It was a bit alarming, but a tiny corner in his head was saying the opposite of what the rest of his mind was saying, thinking ‘amazing’ instead of ‘oh shit’.

Listen here you worthless piece of shit,” Bakugo growled next. His eyes looked ten times as more intense as before. The look almost frightened Midoriya.

Actually, who is he kidding, Midoriya really was frightened now. Just the look made him more self-conscious than any other villain or delinquent that he had dealt with in the past.

“That hag is lying. There’s nothing between us, and you’re nothing more than some worthless trash waiting to get stepped on by the lowest members of society.”

Yikes, had Bakugo even breathed as he said all that?

“Kacchan y-you…” Midoriya tried to speak back, but a hard yank on his collar scared the rest of his words away.

“I said to not speak. Are you fucking deaf now too?”

Midoriya remained silent, realizing that any attempt to say anything to Bakugo would be in vain. Plus, it seems that the amounts of air that were able to sneak into his lungs from his breathes were getting smaller and smaller with all the pressure Bakugo was holding onto his collar with.

Bakugo seemed to have noticed Midoriya’s breathing rate steadily rising because he let go.

Midoriya began to catch his breath, wondering if he should be preparing for another attack again. To his surprise, Bakugo just stood there like before without sparing a look at him.

“I’m gonna let you go,” Bakugo said, clenching his fists. “Not because I pity you, you can forget about that. I just want you to get the fuck out of my sight and never show your face around here ever again.” He turned around and began to walk to the door. “Just crawl back to your shitty home and continue living, scum.”

Before he was able to leave, he heard some shuffling behind him.

“I… I can’t,” Midoriya said.

Bakugo stopped before he let himself out. Was the pipsqueak really talking back to him?

“Huh?” he asked, turning back around. Guess he wasn’t harsh enough the first time around.

“I said… I can’t,” Midoriya repeated, looking down at the ground. “Kacchan we’re… we’re soulmates. I… I didn’t believe it when they told me when I was brought here but… your friend… =Uraraka confirmed it. Are you really just going to throw that away-”

“I can do whatever the hell I please,” Bakugo cut him off. “Besides, I’m sure this is all one big set up on behalf of that hag. All of them can go fuck themselves, and you can too.”

Midoriya winced. The reality of it all began to crash down on him. The irritable attitude, the stubbornness, the name calling, the intimidation, the anger. It was all coming back to him. This was the Kacchan from his childhood.


“Hey Kacchan, my mom is making katsudon tonight. Do you want to come over?”

“Eh? Katsudon?”


“Mmm… yeah I’ll go.”

Midoriya beamed a smile at him. “We can watch All Might on TV too! Mom recorded all of the new clips from last night so we can see them together.”

“Booo-ring. I already saw them. You’re late like always, Deku.”

Midoriya looked dissatisfied. “Mm Kacchan, I told you not to call me that. Mom says it isn’t nice…”

Bakugo stopped reeling in his fishing pole for a moment. “But that’s what you are, a Deku!”

Midoriya started to pout. “If im a Deku... are you a deku too since we’re always together?”

“Haah? As if, I’m not weak like you.”


Bakugo laughed. “It’s okay Deku. Even though you can’t do anything, I’ll do everything for you.”

“Huh? But I don’t want you to do anything for me-”


Bakugo began to furiously turn the knob of his fishing pole, reeling something in like his life depended on it. Whatever was on the hook was giving plenty of a fight back though, escaping far enough to not get caught when Bakugo would reel slower to take a breath. “THE NET DEKU!!” he exclaimed, overpowering the fish once again.

Midoriya quickly got ahold of the net and ran over to Kacchan, waiting for the next set of orders. “Go Kacchan!!” he chanted, throwing an arm into the air.

Taking a few steps back, Bakugo thought the fish had given up once it got closer to land, and was getting ready to catch it with the net.

“W-when do you want the net Kacchan?!” Midoriya asked loudly, feeling excitement once he realized Bakugo had really caught a fish.

“Agh-!” Bakugo exclaimed, struggling with the fish once again. As much as he protested and fought with himself, he noticed his arms were beginning to give out. Looks like he had no other option but to…

“Deku!” he yelled.

“W-What Kacchan?” Midoriya responded immediately.

“You get it!”

“Eh??? Me??”

“Who else!?”

“But I-I…!”

“Just... do it Deku!

Clenching the net in both hands, Midoriya hesitated to walk to the shore, but began to inch closer and closer to the lake while Bakugo kept grunting and fighting to reel in the fish.

Suddenly the splashing became so surreal, the fish being strong enough to throw water to where even Bakugo was standing. Midoriya felt, to no one’s surprise, scared.

Meanwhile, Bakugo was started to lose grip of the fishing rod. “Come on Deku!! If you… If you get the fish, I’ll watch the All Might news with you, stupid nerd!”

In the midst of his fear, Midoriya had heard this. He turned back to look at Bakugo for a second. “Really?” he asked shyly, clutching the net even harder.

Bakugo, feeling as if the rod was going to get yanked from his hands any second, gave a desperate head nod.

Now Midoriya faced the lake again, this time with an expression of pure determination. “For… For Kacchan!!” he exclaimed, running towards the source of all the splashing.

The next series of events unfolded like so:

Determined, Midoriya ran to the fish, dropped the net into the water, and swayed it furiously, trying to catch the fish.

He was so focused on catching the dang thing, for Kacchan, that he lost his footing at one point and fell into the water alongside the fish.

Bakugo, who had let go of the reel once Midoriya attempted to capture the fish, ran over and got ahold of the net before it completely submerged into the water.

In a quick swoop, he swooped the net out of the water along with the fish, and flung it on land.

Meanwhile, Midoriya had been panicking and nearly drowned in the water, but Bakugo grabbed the back of his shirt and threw him on the shore of the lake as hard as he could, which for a 5 year old, was actually pretty impressive...

Midoriya was now crouched over on the grass, coughing out the water he had swallowed, meanwhile Bakugo walked over to the fish.

“Look Deku,” he said.

Midoriya stopped his coughing fit and looked at the fish that was being held out to him.

It was huge, no wonder even Bakugo had trouble trying to reel it. It was definitely bigger than the length of his arm, and it’s red scale shines brilliantly in the sun.


“I got it,” Bakugo said proudly.

“But I… I fell in and let go of the net!”

“Yeah,” said Kacchan, studying his fresh catch. “See? You couldn’t get it because you’re Deku, but because of me we still got it.”

Midoriya’s eyes lit up. “You’re right,” he said wiping away some stray tears. “Like always, Kacchan is amazing!” he exclaimed, throwing himself onto Bakugo to hug him.

“O-Oi! Cut that out!” Bakugo exclaimed, struggling to get free from from Midoriya’s grip. Eventually he sighed and gave up, his energy having already been spent on fighting the fish. “Let's go home.”

Midoriya separated himself enough from Bakug to say, “Mm!” in agreement, and finally let go. Bakugo went and threw the fish back into the lake while Midoriya watched, and then held out a hand for him.

Later that night, after the boys had explained their adventures that day to Inko, Midoriya’s mom, and filled themselves to the brim with her pork cutlet bowls, they were sitting in Midoriya’s room watching the news clips. Even though Midoriya had failed on his end of the promise, Bakugo had still kept his.

“...Don’t be scared, civilians! ...Why?”

Midoriya’s eyes began to beam.

“Because… I am here!”

“A-Amazing…” Midoriya mumbled, clutching his All Might figure tightly.

“I am here…” Kacchan also repeated after All Might.

Midoriya turned to him. “Kacchan, you like that part too?” he asked.

“Haah? As if, my favorite part was when he hit the villains like this!” he exclaimed, throwing a punch to his left, “and like this this!” he punched to his right. This time he hadn’t noticed that the two had been sitting so close, and ended up punching Midoriya in the face.

Midoriya probably knew that it was an accident, but the tears in his eyes still began to well up quite fast.

“...oops…” Kacchan said, afraid that Midoriya would burst out crying any moment and get his mom’s attention. This was bad news, since she had already scolded Bakugo earlier for calling Midoriya ‘Deku’ during dinner.

Instead though, Midoriya rubbed his cheek and whined, “That was really hard, Kacchan...” he looked up to meet with Bakugo’s stare, “’re so strong, you’ll probably be like All Might when you’re big.” He sniffled a little.

In midst of the fresh and dried tears smeared on his face and the bit of gleaming that was going on in his eyes, he began to smile while rubbing his cheek. “One day, I want to be like you too. Even if I’m a Deku, my Deku will mean ‘you can’, and then I can help Kacchan catch more fish.”

Even as a naive five year old, Bakugo would never forget the sight that was in front of him at this moment. With the tears that symbolized pain yet adorning a smile that negated that, Bakugo began to feel his cheeks get warm.

“Oi… I told you to cut it out with that stuff,” Bakugo grumbled, quickly looking away. “ don’t have to become anything. Just stay as Deku, and I’ll always help you… stupid nerd.” He propped an arm against the edge of the couch and leaned his head into his hand, continuing to watch the TV.

Midoriya watched him quietly, not quite understanding what Bakugo had just told him, but nonetheless feeling happy about it anyways. “Ok,” was all he said, scooting over to lean on Bakugo.

This time Bakugo didn’t say anything, letting his little useless green-haired… friend...? Fall asleep on his shoulder.


“Bakugo! Are you alright?!”

“Haha! That was a huge fall!”

Bakugo wiped some water off of his face. “Yeah! I’m fine!” he yelled back, looking at his soaked clothes. “I just tripped.”

“Looks like it hurt!” his friend exclaimed, still laughing a little.

Bakugo began to giggle too. “Nah, I’m fine-”

“Kacchan!!” a tiny voice called.

Midoriya was running towards him, and soon enough was standing in front of him with an arm extended out to him. “Are you okay?” he asked immediately. “That was scary…”

Bakugo stared at him, his hand, and then back at the friends who has stayed on top of the makeshift bridge. It almost looked like… they had smiles on their face… Why?

“Deku… I told you, I don’t need your help,” he said, beginning to get up.

“Kacchan… even if you don’t...” Midoriya trailed off, getting closer to Bakugo with his arm.

Slightly annoyed, Bakugo figured that he’d feel worse if he kept refusing, and accepted the help to get back up. He wouldn’t say thank you though.

Once they climbed back up to the bridge, their other friends circled Bakugo. “Couldn’t get up by yourself huh?” they taunted, beginning to walk ahead.

“Eh? Did you guys forget? I’m the one that leads-”

“If you can’t even pick yourself back up after saying that you’re O.K… you don't get to walk in front of us,” one of them explained, ignoring his attempt to get ahead of them.

“What? Who said that I couldn’t?” Bakugo questioned. “You extras are just making stuff up,” he said angrily, attempting to walk ahead once again. He was stopped once again, this time by their friend who had body-sized wings.

He flapped them hard, creating a draft that was strong enough to knock Bakugo down to the ground, and Midoriya too even though he was behind them. “You’re weak Bakugo. You don’t get to go in front anymore, that’s it.”

What were they… saying? Weak… Him??

Then it began to make sense. They were calling him weak because he had let Midoriya help him, who was seen as the weakest member in their little posse. Because of that, they also lumped him as weak along with him.

Still, Bakugo was more upset that they had the nerve to turn against him like that, so he got up and called after them. “If I’m so weak, then how come I can beat you all in a fight!” he hollered, angry.

Midoriya saw the situation that was unfolding and began to plead, “Kacchan… don’t…!”

“Shut it, Deku,” Bakugo commanded. Midoriya immediately got quiet, pleading only with his eyes now which Bakugo ignored.

The boy with the wing came back first, flying over. “What’d ya say?” he asked. “You wanna fight?”

Bakugo began to hold his fists up. “Yeah. You don’t get to decide who’s weak here.”

The boy laughed as his other companions also joined him “Ok.”


For the life of him, Midoriya couldn’t remember what came next after that. The series of memories relayed quickly in his head, fast enough for him to get the idea that no, Kacchan maybe really wasn’t the ideal soulmate, and he was potentially in danger. Whoever he knew as a kid was not who stood in front of him right now.

Reality set in, and Midoriya began to get off of the ‘soulmate’ high that urged him to accept the situation as it kept unfolding. The truth of the matter was that he was in the United States in an unknown location, in an unknown house, or mansion as they kept speaking so highly of it, with a childhood… something that despised him for some reason, and was also supposedly his soulmate. He also didn’t exactly know what Bakugo dedicated himself to, but judging by the way he was kidnapped and forced to com here, guessed that it wasn’t anything similar to what he did back in Japan. For all he knows, Bakugo might actually be one of the villains he swore to defeat.

Chapter Text

“... Alright,” Midoriya said quietly. He figured he should really just leave while he can...

“Glad you came to your fucking senses,” Bakugo grumbled.

Midoriya’s clenched his hands into fists. “I’m not leaving because you told me too… I can just see that you’re not ready for… this.”

Bakugo’s ears perked up. “Haah? What are you saying, shitstain?”

‘Shitstain…’ Midoriya repeated in his thoughts. Despite all the insults he’s already endured, and as far as second-first impressions go, Midoriya had already begun to re-grow some admiration for Bakugo. His intimidation was the first thing that really stuck out, reminding him of the days they’d spend together during their youth when Bakugo would a few fights here and there. After that was his crazy fast agility, always outdoing everyone from their shared friend group. Now that he was older, he’s probably capable of giving a real good fight, and so could Midoriya.

“I… I said you’re not ready,” Midoriya repeated, louder. If this really was going to be their last encounter, he wanted to experience some of Bakugo’s wrath one last time, just to analyze his fighting style in case he’ll need it for the future…

So far there was already one thing that Midoriya had noticed, and it was that he always initiated things with a big right swing.

Across from him, Bakugo’s eyes seemed to be twitching, giving a not-so-admirable expression. “The hell did you say?!” he exclaimed as he began to lunge forward.

Midoriya braced himself, crouching and holding his fists up to retaliate the first punch. Remembering why Bakugo seemed to hate him so much despite having been friends when they were younger was no longer an interest to Midoriya. Now, he just wanted to show that he wasn’t the same old ‘Deku’ that he was before.

Seeing Midoriya’s willingness to fight threw Bakugo to an edge. ‘Now I’ll really make him regret that’ he thought, raising his own fists as well.

The atmosphere was tense, with bloodlust leaking, mainly from Bakugo, so thick that it made Uraraka gag. Before they made contact though, the door swung open, and immediately Kirishima began to say, “You have to come see this, Bakugo.”

Bakugo froze in place, surprised that Kirishima had dared interrupt them even though he made it clear that he wanted to be alone. Kirishima was undoubtedly his closest and most loyal companion, obeying Bakugo’s commands even when he didn’t feel like they were appropriate actions. For him to go against his command and suddenly barge into the room….

Bakugo groaned. “Eh? What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Just… come,” Kirishima responded. He’d spare the details for later because this really was urgent.

Bakugo scowled at him, realizing how urgent the matter was. He was about to bark an order at Midoriya, trying to decide between telling him to either fuck off or stay in the room to have another opportunity to lash out at him since it felt kinda good. But before he could make a decision…

“He should come too.”

The blonde furrowed his eyebrows. “What?

“Dude, just hurry up and get your ass over to your office!” Kirishima said, his patience having run out already. “He needs to come. Trust me.”

Bakugo sighed, not sparing a look at Midoriya before exiting the room and making way to his office. Kirishima looked at Midoriya, gesturing his head a little to get him out of the room as well.

Midoriya was confused now, and a little disappointed. He was expecting fists and explosions, not drama and suspense. He did as he was prompted though, and began to follow Kirishima through the vast corridors of the mansion he appeared to be in. He looked at all the careful detailings on the wall, all the doors that must be bearing secrets, and all the marbled floor that must’ve explained why it was so easy for his kidnappers to drag him along.

Well, whatever was going on, it could probably help in a future investigation, right? Midoriya was good at seeing potential opportunities no matter what his situation be.


“Explain this in one fucking minute or I’ll blow your fucking face off,” Bakugo barked in the room.

Across from him, Aizawa simple blinked as he finished cleaning his ear out. “Glad you came. Look at this,” was all he said as he extended an arm out to Bakugo’s laptop.

Bakugo was surprised to see that it was open, which was definitely not how he left it earlier. He was about to ask ‘What?’ again, but then his eyes had finally seen the screen.

Not a lot was on it, just the fiery background he had set as a default when he first got the laptop, and a window that read, ‘EXTRACTION AND DOWNLOAD: COMPLETE’

“...The fuck does that mean?” he asked, walking over to his desk and observing the message closely.

“You didn’t do this?” Aizawa asked.

“Would I look this fucking confused if I had?” Bakugo questioned. He went back to observing the laptop. It was the only window open, and the program it was coming from was one he had never seen before, much less was there a shortcut for it on his desktop.

Aizawa sighed. “Kirishima, did you check the surveillance cameras?”

“I did,” responded Kirishima. “Well, I saw everything around this room since the boss didn’t want cameras in here, but I didn’t see anyone come in, out, or even walk by, This room has been empty since Bakugo left to go see his soulmate.”

Bakugo growled when he heard the last statement. Midoriya definitely noticed.

Aizawa sighed again. “Alright so… somebody must’ve-”

“It was fucking you, wasn’t it?” Bakugo suddenly questioned. Of course, everyone already knew who he was asking.

“M-Me?” Midoriya stuttered with a dumbfounded face. “How could I if I was-”

Hey.” Bakugo said suddenly, his tone falling down a few octaves. He was doing that whole intense stare thing again. “Don’t. Speak.” he commanded next, making Midoriya stop before he could deny the allegation any further.

“Dude, how is he supposed to explain himself without speaking?” Kirishima butted in.

“He’s right,” Uraraka added, nodding her head.

“I don’t need shitty clown opinions,” Bakugo said, beginning to walk up to Midoriya.

Midoriya remained obedient, not saying another word unless he was prompted to. It was too dangerous to fight with so many people around, he might accidentally hurt one of them.

In all seriousness though, it wasn’t Midoriya who had done… whatever it was that was on the laptop. He was just as clueless as everyone else.

“Stop, Bakugo.” Aizawa spoke. “He was with us the whole time, and he was being closely watched by your goons even before his arrival. I doubt it was him.”

Bakugo turned back to look at him. “Oh yeah? Then care to explain some other damn way that this shit might’ve happened?”

Aizawa looked back at the screen. “...Hackers.”

Within a second, Bakugo responded, “That damn half and half.”

Kirishima sighed. “Why do you always have to blame that guy?” he whispered, his head sagging.

“Because he’s always fucking up to something!” Bakugo exclaimed, defending his accusation. “If it wasn’t him, then it was definitely this dipshit right here!” he yelled as he pointed at Midoriya.

“E-Eh?” Midoriya couldn’t help but blurt out. He immediately regretted it though when he had earned another one of Bakugo’s stares.

Don’t. Speak,” the blonde repeated himself once again. Midoriya shivered.

“Look,” AIzawa said quietly. “We’ll figure out who it was later. For now, we need to figure out what was taken from your files.”

Bakugo stopped focusing on Midoriya and gave his attention back to the laptop. “What, you think we can’t work on two things at a time? I’ll find out what they took, and find out who the fuck it was.”

No one heard, but Aizawa mumbled, “Finally,” under his breath.

“Get the stupid tech guy to run a background check on all the programs on this laptop. Kirishima, look at all the surveillance from around, front and back, and inside the mansion. If anything looks even the slightest bit out of the ordinary, write down the timestamp and observe all other cameras at that time.”

Kirishima bowed, responding “Right away, sir”, before quickly exiting the room.

“Aizawa, instruct the guards to not let anyone or anything come in or out of the mansion, including our warehouses. If anyone protests, tell them to be fucking professional and raincheck everything until we find out whats going on.” Bakugo folded his arms. “Actually, you’re good at picking up lies, aren’t you? When you’re done with the guards, start asking everyone about their business, and if you round up any suspicious people, bring them to Uraraka to be questioned further.”

Aizawa slightly bent his head, and left swiftly in silence. Now only Uraraka and Midoriya remained. Bakugo sighed at the sight of them.

He was planning to have Uraraka toss Midoriya into some room and lock him there until the

problem was solved, but sensed that Uraraka had something to say.

“What,” he asked.

Uraraka cleared her throat and walked closer to him, attempting to whisper. In her mind, a clear intention remained. “I think it’d be best to keep him with you… we don’t know if we can trust him being alone… or if he has some quirk that could make the situation escalate-”

“Haah? Deku? With a quirk? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Can’t your stupid senses see that he has no quirk?” Bakugo questioned, laughing a bit.

Well, no, Uraraka couldn’t, but she persisted again. “When high alert procedures are in place, it’d be best to not leave any loose ends… nor the possibility of creating any,” she said seriously. “Besides… if he really is innocent, then maybe he could help since he’s, you know, your soulma-”

“Don’t start with that fucking bullcrap anymore,” Bakugo muttered. His reaction would’ve been more explosive, but he was reflecting on what Uraraka had told him. She was probably right. As hard as it was for Bakugo to admit that Uraraka had better ‘gut-feelings’, he would eventually agree with her suggestion. “Alright, I’ll keep the little asshole around. Go question that butler from before and send him to me along with the tech. When you’re done, stay with Aizawa.”

“Right away,” Uraraka responded, leaving just as swiftly as Aizawl. Before she was completely out the door, she glanced at Midoriya. It was odd, but the complete terror that she once felt coming off of him was completely gone. She wondered why, and silently wished him good luck as she went to fulfill her duty.

As for Midoriya, well, you could say he was both excited and a bit dreadful. For the dreadful part, well, it sucked that he’d be here for a bit longer, already having made the decision to leave. He was also now stuck with Bakugo, who was a total wildcard and impossible to understand. Apart from that, now he was involved in whatever mess was currently going on, delaying his escape even more.

Viewing matters from a different perspective, it was smart to keep him, a possible culprit in the boss’s view, making it impossible to pull a fast one. If Midoriya was in charge of a situation like this, he’d probably do the same thing.

So apart from feeling dread, he was also feeling excitement. For one, Bakugo didn’t know that he had a quirk yet, which will be interesting for any future altercations. Second, yeah he was stuck in some situation that has nothing to do with him, but now he’ll get to see just exactly what kind of organization Bakugo runs, and how it could possibly relate to crimes that go on in Japan. Third, he had more time to spend with Bakugo to analyze the way he is, talks, and thinks, information that might be useful in case his investigations in the future bring him back to this place.

And well, fourth is that…


“Kacchan… you like holding my hand huh?” Midoriya asked innocently, looking at their fingers that were intertwined with each other.

“Don’t ask stupid questions, stupid. I just know you’ll get lost if I don’t drag you along like this” Kacchan muttered. Their hands didn’t unlock.

They were walking around the neighborhood, particularly on a mission to buy some new drinks from a local grocery store that gave out limited edition Hero Trading Cards with the purchase. Along the 5 new cards that are released every week, an extra limited All Might card is featured, and the two boys had already succeeded in collecting every week so far, usually Kacchan was the one to get it. Midoriya yearned to get it himself, but he was fine with Kacchan getting it.

“If I don’t get All Might, Best Jeanist’s card would be pretty cool too,” Midoriya mentioned as they got closer to the store.

“Huh? There’s no point in keeping anyone but All Might. The others are as good as trash-”

“Well, well. Look at who’s hanging out together now.” A voice from behind interrupted them.

“Kacchan is hanging out with trash Deku, does that make him trash too?” Another voice added.

The two turned around, and saw a group of three boys they used to hang out with. Back before that incident.

“Shut up,” Kacchan responded, turning around and continuing to walk, pulling Deku behind him.

“What? That’s all you can say? I guess it makes sense, since you’re as weak as Deku now!” The boys laughed.

Kacchan’s eyebrows furrowed, but he continued to ignore them. Midoriya looked at him worrying, but followed Kacchans lead and also ignored them.

“Kacchan can’t even fight now, how funny is that!?” One of the boys exclaimed loudly.

The internal ‘How mad is Kacchan’ meter suddenly reached it’s tip, ‘Very mad.’ His grip on Midoriya’s hand got stronger, and then let it go. He turned around, and hollered back “You extras couldn’t get a scratch on me, even if you wanted!”

This was as good as an invitation to fight as it was gonna get, so the three boys charged on forward while Kacchan got in his fighting stance.

3 against 1… harsh. But he had something to give him more strength than usual, because he had to protect Midoriya right?

A short but intense scuffle happened next, with hands, legs, and heads being thrown in every direction. Of course, one would think that the group would win the little fight because they had 3 people amongst then, but Bakugo never thought that. He just knew he had to beat them anyway, anyhow.

Midoriya stayed behind and watch in fear as his blonde-headed friend redirected every punch aimed at him, and retaliation to hits by quickly getting in his own before the others could react. He was fast, but was that enough to go against three people?

Before long, the group of boys were running away, one crying and the other two just focused on getting the hell out of there before any other boys saw them.

Kacchan had been victorious, as always. He had beat them before, back when they questioned his leadership, and he beat them now, after having chosen Deku over them.

“Kacchan!” Midoriya exclaimed, running over to him. “I knew you could do it! I… I wanted to help but I was so scared,” he began to explain with watery eyes.

Kacchan just rubbed them away with his sleeve. “Deku, you know you can’t fight. But it’s okay, cuz’ I’ll always protect you.”

“Kacchan…” Midoriya said quietly. Now that his tears were wiped, he noticed Kacchan had a bloody nose. “Kacchan!” he exclaimed, trying to wipe it with his sleeves. “I should be comforting you…”

Kacchan pushed his hand away gently and stood up. “What did I just say?” Kacchan said, slightly annoyed. He didn’t continue walking off again until Midoriya was holding his hand again though.


Midoriya’s head hung, slightly happy because that actually seemed to be a good memory, and also slightly ashamed because he knew what the circumstances of the fourth reason would bring. He knew well that when they were kids, he had obvious feelings for Kacchan. Of course, this is pretty insignificant because he remembers there being a reason as to why Kacchan began to feel hostile towards him, or else their reunion would’ve gone way more different than it did.

Anyhow, in other words, he was kinda glad to still be here. The whole ‘fine I’ll leave’ thing was just a farce, Midoriya would’ve planned to come back eventually, maybe he might’ve even revealed how he has One for All now. But fate had other plans in store, and now they stood around in silence as they waited for the tech and butler to join them in the room.

Not once did Bakugo spare a look at Midoriya, but Midoriya would glance at him every so often. Bakugo did notice, and it got annoying.

“Stop looking at me,” he muttered. He looked around the room to see would he would spot anything out of the ordinary, but saw nothing. Just the addition of a huge lump of uselessness standing there in the room with him. Seriously, was there nothing else he could do that would secure Deku and also get him out of his face?

He saw Deku glance once more, and got up in his face. “What the fuck did I say?” he asked menacingly. Two big round stupid eyes stared back at him, and now Bakugo was taken back along memory lane.


“Kacchan! Kacchan! Are you okay?”

Kacchan didn’t respond, prompting Midoriya to check on him once again.


“Stop talking,” Kacchan finally responded.

Midoriya wanted to ask again, but decided to obey Kacchan since it always seemed the best thing to do. It was painful though, because Midoriya wanted to comfort Kacchan more than ever. For the first time in forever, Kacchan looked sad.

They walked along silently, following a seemingly abstract path that led them further and further away from their neighborhoods. Midoriya slightly hesitated when he realized they were heading into a patch of forest.

“Kacchan…” he began to protest, folding his own hands together to comfort himself.

Kacchan had heard the slight tremble in Deku’s voice, and turned around. “Just keep following me,” he said as he extended a hand out. “You know I’ll keep you safe.”

Deku didn’t even bother to hesitate before he reached out to grab that hand tightly. He nodded, and thus their journey continued.

A few more minutes passed by, now less agonizing since Midoriya was happily gripping onto Kacchan’s hand. Kacchan still felt pretty serious though, and never stopped looking ahead.

A few meters in front of them revealed a clearing, free of trees and shrubs. As they got closer, Midoriya saw that an array of different colors were spread out on the ground, and he realized they were flowers. His face lit up.

“Wooww! It’s so pretty here Kacchan!” he exclaimed, excitedly looking in all directions but never once lessening his grip on Kacchan’s hand.

“It is, huh,” Kacchan agreed. “I found it the other day when I was walking around.”

Midoriya looked at him. “Walking around, alone? Without me?” Midoriya questioned, looking hurt.

Bakugo laughed. “You were out with your mom, stupid.”

Midoriya pouted. “You still could’ve waited for me.”

Bakugo now turned to face him. Midoriya’s pout was… something. He studied Midoriya’s face, and then noticed a leaf that had been caught up in his curly hair. Bakugo reached over to remove it, gently moving the strands away to pull the leaf out.

To Midoriya, this right here, was heaven.

“You know your mom doesn’t let you out at night,” Bakugo responded calmly, having successfully removed the leaf and taking his hand back. “You guys got home really late.”

“Eh? Kacchan, you saw when we got back?” Midoriya asked, stepping closer. For some reason, he really wanted to close up the distance between them, and much to his surprise, Kacchan didn’t seem to mind. He stood there attentively, seemingly studying Midoriya for some reason. It made Midoriya blush.

“The piece of crap car that you guys have makes too much noise,” Kacchan responded.

“Ah, I see,” Midoriya admitted. Their car probably made enough noise to wake up the whole neighborhood.

Midoriya took his sight off of Kacchan for once, and studied their environment again. “So pretty… I wonder how all of these different flowers got here…” he trailed off, observing some stems that adorned little green bulbs. The same arrangement of stems also had orange bulbs, meaning that it was a hybrid. This fascinated Midoriya.

Bakugo watched as Midoriya studied the flowers. “Flowers let off spores, which travel along with wind and eventually settle in clearings. The wind was probably hit against the trees and traveled upwards, eventually falling once the trees were gone here,” he explained, looking at the same hybrid flower that had both green and orange bulbs.

Midoriya was no longer looking at the flowers, but rather beaming at Kacchan. “Kacchan, you’re so cool. You always have the answer to everything!” he exclaimed, smiling.

“Tch,” Kacchan responded, turning away. What was the stupid nerd looking so giddy for?

Anyways, he hadn’t brought Midoriya out here for nothing. There was something on his chest, something heavy. The pretty flowers were a distraction, if anything.

“Listen, I gotta tell you something,” he began to explain.

Midoriya continued to look at him. “Okay,” he responded.

Kacchan’s demeanor suddenly changed. He didn’t look as carefree now, and was probably nervous too since he dug his hands into his pockets. As the words began to form in his mind, he couldn’t bear to look at Midoriya now, and hung his head.

“I’m moving.”

Silence, between the both of them. Kacchan had his head hung, so he couldn’t see whatever type of reaction Midoriya was coming up with. He expected to hear crying, but he didn’t.

“What?” was all Midoriya asked.

Kacchan gulped. “I’m leaving here, leaving Japan.” Now that his message was more clear, he expected to hear crying, but didn’t. So curious, he finally looked up.

Midoriya didn’t look so bad, much to his surprise. It kinda made Kacchan mad.

“When are you coming back?” Midoriya asked.

Ah, so this is why the loser wasn’t crying. He didn’t really get the message.

“Probably never.”

Now the painful look came on. Midoriya suddenly looked like a deer caught in the headlights. He wasn’t moving, barely breathing, and staring ahead with big stupid wide eyes.

No… no way,” Midoriya croaked, the realization setting in. Kacchan was… leaving? For good? “But… but why…”

“Family business,” Kacchan responded. He looked to the side, because now he had to tell Midoriya something else, something that was harder to say. “That’s why you need to stop being my friend, too.”

He had said it rather harshly, but only because he wanted to get it over with quick. No retaliation, no denial, no beating around the bush. The more quickly he said it, the more time he had to console his stupid loser friend, but technically if they aren’t friends, he didn’t have to anyways.

“We can’t be… friends anymore?” Midoriya questioned, standing up.

“There’s no point. I’m not gonna be here anymore,” Kacchan responded. What a stupid question. It made sense when you thought about it. There was no need to think of themselves as friends, since they would never see each other again. Breaking of their friendship would help them move on, to pretend as if they were never anything to each other. Like this, they could start new friendships without anytime to compare them too. It would be easier. It made sense.

“No,” Midoriya responded.

Kacchan’s head quickly turned back to Midoriya. What had the dude just muttered?

“We don’t have to stop being friends Kacchan… I don’t know why you said that…” Midoriya sniffled, wiping his eyes with his left arm sleeve. “You’re leaving, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop being friends.”

Out of all the reactions Midoriya would’ve had in response to Kacchan’s news, Kacchan never envisioned it going like this. Was it just him, or did Midoriya not seem sad at all? It made him a little more mad.

“What kind of crap are you coming up with? You heard me, I’m leaving and we can’t be friends anymore,” Kacchan said a bit more loudly. He said added something else too, but not out loud. Don’t you care?

Midoriya kept staring at him intently. He had resolve in his eyes, but resolve for what? He still didn’t get the situation? He wasn’t even crying! He wasn’t the slightest bit sad, was he?

“Just because you’re gone doesn’t mean we can’t be friends… it doesn’t mean we can’t think of each other… it doesn’t mean I can’t keep wishing for you to be well everyday, to wonder how you’re doing and what you’re up to!” Midoriya exclaimed. “You’re… you’re my friend Kacchan. You can’t stop that.”

What… what the hell is going on? Kacchan questioned internally.

What the hell was Midoriya saying… he sounded mad. Was he… defying Kacchan? Ignoring his request, and going by his own agenda? The stupid, cowardly, little nerd?

Kacchan dropped his head. He couldn’t make sense of it all… whatever he was feeling. How could he redirect his feelings to make the conversation flow in the right direction again?

“You… you don’t care, do you,” he said in a low voice. “You don’t care that I’m leaving… you only care about losing a friend… like me… because then you’ll be all alone,” Kacchan resolved, his eyes getting wider as he continued to look at the ground. “You only care about yourself don’t you?”

Oh… it was starting to make sense. That was exactly it. Midoriya didn’t care about him leaving. Midoriya was only interested in continuing to be ‘friends’ because he had nothing else, no other friends. Instead of honoring Kacchan’s request to forget the things between them to make things easier, he wanted to make Kacchan feel bad for leaving a weakling like him behind.

“Thats… that not it!” Midoriya exclaimed. “It’s not because I care about myself… I care about you! Kacchan!”

Now… now Kacchan was mad. Completely mad, angry.

“Stop with that fake self-righteous attitude! You’re always going on and on about helping me… . Haven’t you realized that you can't because you’re weak? You’re nothing like me, you’re nothing compared to me... so how could you help me! You’re only helping yourself, and it’s pissing me off. You don’t care about how I feel?!”

Midoriya began to cry, and it brought Kacchan down a little. Maybe now he finally realized how badly he was analyzing the situation.

“You’re wrong Kacchan… I don’t have to be strong like you to help you. Even though I’m far less than you, that doesn’t mean I’m nothing…”

“There you go talking about yourself again. It doesn’t stop does it? I can’t… I can’t believe you thought you were my equal. That’s… that’s pretty funny actually,” Kacchan said with a grin, beginning to laugh. The madness turned into… humor? That didn’t seem right, can two drastic feelings connect so abruptly like that? It didn’t make sense, but it did.

Kacchan continued to laugh. “This… this whole time you thought you were my equal… always thinking you were like me, no way, maybe you even thought you were even better than me. A 7 year old little, good for nothing, cowardly, and useless scrub like you. Oh man, I feel bad. I really do. But now, I think I’m mad.”

Midoriya looked at him, confused. Kacchan looked… scary. And the things he was saying… they hurt so bad. “W...why are you mad-”

White stars heavily rained on Midoriya’s vision. Suddenly, he realized he was looking up at the sky. Where’d Kacchan go?

“I’m annoyed because... “

Midoriya heard Kacchan’s voice, and realized he was standing in front of him.

Kacchan crouched to meet Midoriya and began to wind up his fist again.

Perhaps in a small, tiny corner of Kacchan’s mind was his rationality, telling him that what he was doing was bad, and that his thinking was incorrect, but that was limited to the small corner.

He didn’t want to think anymore.

“You just piss me off.”


Bakugo’s right hand had formed into a fist as the memories sprung alive. He looked at it for a moment, the waves of those emotions flowing into him once again, except now one particularly stood out.

“You don’t remember… do you,” he said quietly, unfolding his fist.

Midoriya hesitated to respond. He was being asked about something, so he should respond, right?

“Remember what,” he said slowly, keeping his distance. His eyes might be tricking him, but he swore he saw Kacchan with a gloomy expression.

Midoriya’s voice brought Kacchan back to the present. Perhaps he was expecting to hear the small, fragile voice that had been haunting him from his youth, but when he didn’t hear it, the memories began to subside. Instead of answering, Bakugo just stared at his computer, deciding to reminisce no further and instead focus on the breach that has just occurred.

Still, he felt sad.

Chapter Text

“If you would’ve taken any longer I would’ve sent my best assassins after you,” Bakugo grumbled, letting the tech begin to take a look at his laptop.

“B-Boss you can’t just say stuff like that to me,” the Tech whined. He pulled something out of his bag, a flashlight looking gadget, and pointed it to the keyboard of the laptop as he turned it on. A very light purplish light suddenly illuminated the keyboard, and the Tech looked over it carefully. “Looks like whoever did this really was some type of hacker, since there's no prints anywhere on the laptop,” he announced.

Bakugo looked displeased. “How would that explain why the laptop was moved? I left it closed before I left,” he explained.

Midoriya examined the scene from where he was standing. “Unless… whoever did it was wearing anti-smear gloves,” he added.

The Tech and Bakugo both turned to look at him, and Midoriya realized he spoke when he probably shouldn’t have.

“S-sorry,” he said quietly, and hung his head back down.

“No, you’re right,” the Tech responded. “That’s usually the case when something like this happens. It’s just…”

“How the fuck could someone be able to sneak in here, with all the security we have implemented?” Bakugo questioned.

“Chill out, Bakugo. We said it might be a possibility.”

Bakugo suddenly grabbed the Tech’s collar and pulled him close, a move that Midoriya had experience himself not so long ago. Yeah, it was scary.

“I don’t need possibilities, Mineta. I need answers,” he said grimly, a tone that made Midoriya shiver.

“W-woah, boss, you haven’t said my name in ages,” Mineta responded with a nervous yet giddy smile.

Bakugo looked at him in disgust, and then threw him down. “So we are looking at an intruder,” he announced. “One of the cameras must’ve definitely gotten a look at whoever it was.”

“Yes,” Mineta affirmed. “And whoever it was didn’t just take what he wanted, he also gave something back. ‘EXTRACTION AND DOWNLOAD: COMPLETE’” he read, “For all we know he might even be monitoring us with something that he put on the system…”

“THEN GET IT THE HELL OFF!” Bakugo yelled, his patience having ran out.

Mineta scrambled and began typing furiously on the laptop, something he should have done in the beginning instead of idling around. In a matter of seconds, the laptop made a noise and Mineta began to look for something in his pockets. He pulled out a USB and quickly put it into the computer, and continued with his ferocious typing.

Another few moments passed by before Mineta took the USB out. Now he reached into his, as Bakugo likes to call it, ‘man-purse’ and pulled out a very thin, sleek looking laptop. He inserted the USB into it once again and back.

“So?” Bakugo asked, the silence having gotten on his nerves.

“A program I have is analyzing your laptops’ system, identifying the downloads, looking at what’s been extracted, and searching for any other anomalies. I want to let you know that this will let me see everything that's been going on in your laptop, basically it’s entire history. App or program usage, internet history, everything. Are you okay with that?”

“Haah! As if I care, I’ve got nothing to hide,” Bakugo scoffed, folding his arms once again.

“Oo-kay,” Mineta responded. The laptop scan will probably take a few more minutes, so he thought of ways to entertain himself until then. The other man in the room was obviously raising some curiosity, so he decided to talk to him.

“What were you captured for?” He asked first, nodding in Midoriya’s direction.

Midoriya had raised his head, but Bakugo answered first. “The scrub can’t talk,” he said plainly.

“Oh, he’s mute?” Mineta asked.

“No, because I don’t fucking want him to!” Bakugo yelled back.

For some reason. Midoriya thought this was kind of funny. Yeah, his dignity was being completely humiliated by being forced to remain silent by Bakugo, but the man’s defensiveness whenever someone questioned it was entertaining. Anything made him yell, or rather, Bakugo probably perceives everything as a threat and therefore yells in an attempt to establish some sort of dominance. Is that a result of his training, or was he always like that?


“Kacchan, you like to yell a lot huh?” Midoriya asked the boy one afternoon. They were pretending to be on some rescue mission in the local playground, and Kacchan had been yelling orders at Midoriya ever since they started.

“Is it annoying? Cuz’ I don’t care,” Kacchan responded, climbing across some monkey bars.

“It’s not. I just wonder how your voice doesn’t hurt after every day… It’s amazing,” Midoriya explained, climbing on the bars behind Bakugo. “When I yell even a little bit, it starts to hurt my- aah, AAH!”

A thud was quickly heard after Midoriya’s complaint. Once Bakugo had gotten down from the bars, he turned around. Midoriya had fallen off, and was huddled into a ball on the ground.

Bakugo sighed. “That’s what you get for not being focused,” he said, huddling next to Midoriya. “You’re always talking and muttering to yourself too much… I’m surprised your voice doesn’t hurt at the end of the day too,” he continued, taking a look at the frail boy next to him. “What did you hurt?”

Midoriya stopped holding on to himself once he heard Bakugo next to him, and attempted to identify where he was feeling pain. “My-my foot, I think…” he explained, extending his left leg out. He tried to wiggle his foot around, but his ankle quickly seized up in pain, causing him to wince.

Bakugo guessed that Midoriya probably had a sprained ankle, so that meant that their play time was over. He felt kind of bad.

“Can you stand on your other leg? When you get up I’ll carry you back to your house,” Bakugo offered.

Midoriya thought the offer was too good. “But Kacchan, what if I’m too heavy?” he asked, tucking his right leg behind him so he could push himself up.

“Deku,” Bakugo sighed once more, “Just stop talking and get up so I can pick you up,” he ordered not so harshly.

Midoriya smiled a bit and got himself up, with a little helping hand from Bakugo, and was getting ready to jump on Bakugo’s back when he was suddenly swept off his feet into a pair of arms. ‘Mom?’ he thought at first, but realized he was still pretty close to the ground.

Bakugo had decided to carry him bridal style. Why? Midoriya didn’t know, but Bakugo had been forced to watch his parent’s old wedding video with them a few nights ago and saw his mom do this with his dad, the two laughing and smiling so brightly. ‘I wonder if I could carry Deku like that,’ he asked himself.

“H-Hey, Kacchan, isn’t it harder to carry someone like this?” Midoriya asked, hitching an arm around Bakugo’s next to stabilize himself.

Bakugo began to laugh. “As if, you weigh as much as a peanut,” he said through his laughter, walking back to Midoriya’s house in a fast pace.

Midoriya pouted. “Kacchan! I weigh more than a peanut...” he trailed off, “but since you’re so strong it probably seems like nothing to you!” he finished saying with a gleam.

Bakugo didn’t respond, but Midoriya knew he liked the praise. He deserved it after all, like he deserved a lot of things from Midoriya for always protecting and helping him.


‘Another good memory… but that still didn’t explain why he yelled at the time,’ Midoriya thought. ‘Guess he really just liked to.’


“So what?” Bakugo snapped.

“What’s he doing here?” Mineta dared to ask, studying Midoriya. He noticed that the man looked unharmed, so whatever he’s here for probably isn’t that bad.

“None of your business,” Bakugo responded, staring at Mineta’s laptop. “How long is this damn thing going to take?”

“Is he a new recruit?” Mineta had ignored him, a bold move for sure.

Bakugo laughed, a kind of laugh that would make someone worry, and snorted. “Him? A recruit?” he continued to laugh. “That’s a good one Mineta, now shut the fuck up and make this thing go faster,” he said grimly.

Mineta shivered, but he wasn’t done having his fun yet. “It can’t go faster. And why not? He’s been following your orders of just… standing there. He’s a little too skinny, sure, but that comes in handy during missions doesn’t it? He also sorta just gives… a good vibe…”

In a flash, an actual flash, the room had brightened up for a fraction of a second, and Midoriya could see that Bakugo’s hand was resting on the back of Mineta’s neck.

“I think you’ll shut up now,” Bakugo warned.

Midoriya realized that Bakugo had used his quirk again. It seemed to have something to do with explosions, as he saw him use it back when they first re-met. ‘ Interesting,’ he thought to himself.

Mineta began to sweat, and just nodded a bit as he gulped down the about-to-die vomit that had quickly gathered up in his throat.

‘It’s what you get for being annoying,’ Midoriya thought to himself once again. Even he understood that Bakugo had an insane amount of authority in whatever it was he was involved in, enough authority to probably dispose of people here and there for the simplest of reasons. So far, the only ones who are an exception to this is the red-haired guy, Kirishima, Uraraka, and the dull-looking one who was in the room before… Aizawa. They seemed to speak to him with more ease, like Mineta had tried, except Bakugo had more patience with them. Midoriya wondered what they must’ve done to earn that bit of respect. That meant they were also dangerous, too. Kirishima and Uraraka didn’t seem to have that aura though, they were probably trained enough to hide it. Bakugo wore it proudly on his sleeve, though.

Alright, now even Midoriya was starting to lose his patience with the computer. He had been forced to stand ever since his body was uncrumpled from the containers they kidnapped him in, so the sudden transition from pretzel-body to straight-body was uncomfortable. Hopefully the faster they finish with the laptop, they’ll lock him in a room with some guard where he could finally stretch and sit down.

Luckily for him, the computer beeped soon after his mood was starting to drop.

“Done?” Bakugo asked impatiently.

Mineta looked at his laptop and pressed a couple of keys. “Looks like it. First I’ll check your internet history to see if it was a petty virus attached to a large website. It’s unlikely because I’ve backed up your laptop with the finest of anti-malware and detailed VPN’s to prevent something like t--”

Bakugo would’ve told him to shut up once again, but Mineta saw his face reflected on his screen and decided to prevent his own death before Bakugo had the chance to.

Mineta remained quiet as he checked Bakugo’s recently visited sites. He skimmed through them, not really interested on finding ‘dirt’ per say, but…

‘Black market link… another black market link… black market link extension… current black market hitlist… What is a soulmate… How to find your soulmate… Missing people page....’


Wait, what,’ Mineta asked himself. He looked back and hovered the mouse above the ‘How to find your soulmate’. Before he had a chance to come up with some of his own superstitions, Bakugo slammed his hand on the desk.

“Entertaining yourself?” Bakugo asked through a frightening grin.

Mineta quickly continued scrolling. “No sir, not at all,” he responded. Ohhh but this was entertaining, finally finding something that was interesting about the boss.

After a few short minutes, Mineta concluded that nothing was picked up from the web. “Now I’m gonna check what the heck was put on here before I’ll check for what’s missing…” he told the group.

He didn’t have the chance to do so, though, because the keyboard began to feel extremely hot under his fingers, and the screen glitched once. Obviously something wasn’t right.

He yelled out to Bakugo to take cover, and dashed away, aware that the laptop was probably going to explode.

Midoriya had heard this too, but didn’t move.

He thought to himself that Mineta probably wanted to convey that the laptop was going to explode, but figured that despite how powerful the blast would be, One For All would keep the damage done to him to a minimum. Because of this, he could run over and shield Bakugo from the explosion.

His body urged him too. But he resisted.

He didn’t even know why he would even consider rescuing Bakugo, but anyhow, remained still. Also if he acted injured after the explosion, they might take him away to the infirmary and he’d get a chance to lay down. Or they might throw him into a room to ‘die’. Either was fine.

Bakugo didn’t run though, he probably never even thought about it. He quickly swiped Mineta’s laptop and threw into into one of his cabinets, and quickly closed it, his eyes looking as sharp as ever.

Not even a second later after Bakugo had done that, a loud terrifying sound came from the cabinet, along with some small crevices of the desk lighting up. The damn thing really had exploded.

Midoriya was still where he was, Bakugo was staring at the desk angrily, and Mineta was crouched by the door, cowering.

“Get the fuck up,” Bakugo ordered, reaching for the cabinet.

Mineta slowly stood up and began to study the room, confused for the most part. “I… I heard something loud but… I don’t see anything… What is this? I’m… I’m sure that my laptop exploded but…” he turned to Midoriya, and then to Bakugo. “Boss, since you’re here, did I go to Hell…?”

Oh, Midoriya had never tried so hard to suppress a laugh before. Bakugo didn’t look as amused.

“Go find Aizawa and tell him what just happened,” Bakugo barked. He opened the cabinet, and sure enough, there were no pieces of laptop there anymore. Just a bunch of black dust. “Unbelievable... “ he told himself, closing the laptop. His hand reached up to pinch the skin between his eyes.

Midoriya admired how calm he was acting right now, despite the attempt on his life.

“R-right away,” Mineta suddenly answered, leaving.

Bakugo moved to place his laptop in a cabinet as well, in case the same thing were to occur with it. When he closed the cabinet, he checked himself for any splinters that might’ve blasted off from the desk and onto him, but he found none. He observed the room again, and remembered that Midoriya was still there. He had actually forgotten that he was there.

“Did you enjoy that little show?” Bakugo asked, walking up to Midoriya.

Midoriya became alert, his body instinctively preparing to protect itself once Bakugo was a few feet away. The man was undoubtedly mad, and probably wanted to let off some steam now.

When Bakugo saw this, he scoffed. “As if I’d touch you, scum,” he said, getting in front of Midoriya. He looked at Midoriya for a second, seeing those two stupid big eyes again, stupid big emerald green eyes… that were stupid…

His fist flew up and crashed the wall behind Midoriya, making the room tremble and the ground vibrate. Midoriya felt nervous again.

“I’m pretty mad right now, but I wouldn’t dare waste a punch on your ass. It’s not worth it,” he sighed, still staring into Midoriya’s eyes. He pulled his arm away and stepped back. “It’s a good thing you didn’t move during all that. It looks like your stupid pea brain finally started to work and understand my orders. If you would’ve taken even the slightest step to the right, to the left, or even to me… you’d be heading back home in a box by the afternoon,” Bakugo warned, flashing a taunting smile. “Maybe if you keep playing dumb, Uraraka will give up and let me send your stupid ass back home, or to the grave since you’ve been hearing about some of my organization’s affairs. Then I’d have one less thorn in my side,” Bakugo explained.

He turned around and headed to a table that was against the corner of the left wall in the room. It had several bottles, all with different colored liquids. Bakugo looked at a few and then picked up a round glass bottle with a dark auburn liquid in it. After he put some ice in a glass, he filled it halfway with the liquid. After a few swirls, he chugged the whole thing down.

‘That’s probably not too healthy,’ Midoriya thought. He himself could barely stand the tiniest amount of alcohol, let alone half a glass-worth of it. He gagged just thinking about it. Bakugo was probably used to it though. If Midoriya’s suspicions are correct, the type of organization that Bakugo runs probably stresses him out enough to make him drink an entire bottle within a few hours.

For some reason, when Midoriya pictured this, he felt sad. Who knew his childhood cru-, his childhood friend would end up like this. The way he reacted to the attempt on his life was cruel too. The way he didn’t react at all probably meant that those attempts happened far too often, and in more elaborate ways. That was sad, to Midoriya. Not even the most vicious villains in Japan tried to kill him in cheap ways like that.

“What the fuck even was that…” Bakugo said quietly, putting the glass down.

Midoriya was taken out of his thoughts, and listened.

“All our perimeters better be secured by now, or I’m really going to take someone out,” he muttered to himself.

Midoriya knew better than to answer or try to console him, so he remained quiet.

“Say…” Bakugo said as he turned around back to Midoriya. “Do you think all this could’ve been done by someones quirk?” He asked seriously.

Bakugo was… asking him something? Surely this meant he had to respond, right? If Midoriya would’ve responded, he would’ve said yes, that if nothing was found on the surveillance cameras, then most likely someone had some sort of quirk that allows them to travel through computers… pretty far-fetched but not impossible, and shown now.

But he didn’t say anything, he remained quiet, like he was told.

Bakugo smiled in a sort of care-free way. He walked closer to Midoriya again, the pungent smell of alcohol still lingering on Bakugo’s breath. “Still obeying your orders, huh. I thought it’d be harder for you since I remember you always being a yapper, going on and on about god knows what. You still are because back in the other room you wouldn’t shut up, but you realized the situation you’re in, and look at you now. Your silence probably represents the absentmindedness you always suffered from. Stupid thoughts don’t have a form in words, do they?”

Midoriya looked down at the ground. He had been wanting to say something this whole time. He would’ve too, but… Bakugo did tell him to shut up a handful of times. It was getting annoying, Midoriya couldn’t help it. Yeah, that’s why Midoriya was staying quiet.

Before Bakugo could question anymore, Uraraka came back into the room, panting heavily. Bakugo and Midoriya turned to her, alarmed.

“Boss, we have more urgent matters to report,” she said between breaths. It seems like she had ran here as fast as her legs could carry her.

“What,” Bakugo grumbled.

“The butler… what… what was his na-”

Bakugo rolled his eyes. “Who cares. What? Is he dead?” Bakugo asked harshly.

Uraraka gulped, slowly catching her breath, and nodded.

Bakugo cursed, looking more concerned now that his guess was correct. Someone had been killed... in his mansion?

“The news has already been spread to the Table. We’re waiting for their orders, so please follow me into the shelter until we can get a grasp on the situation,” Uraraka spilled next.

“What? You guys tryna’ hide me?” Bakugo asked, offended.

“We just need to figure out what the hell is going on-”

“I’ll tell you what the hell is going on,” Bakugo said. “We’re gonna look for the little punk-head motherfucker and catch him red-handed,” Bakugo said in a chilling tone. His hands began to emit small sparks, “And after that we’re going to infiltrate one of Icy Hot’s little bases.”

Uraraka shook her head. “Bakugo, have you forgotten the rules? We’re not allowed to kill inside of the mansion…”

“The hell with that. Someone else did it, and at this point it could’ve been one of our own staff. I don’t care about no damn rules-”

But before Bakugo could further establish what a little rebel he was, a figure appeared behind Uraraka.

“I’m afraid you can’t do that, Bakugo,” it said.

Uraraka recognized the voice immediately, and bowed down. Bakugo also knew who it was. Before bowing down himself, he quickly aimed and punched Midoriya in his stomach so hard that Midoriya howled in pain and instantly fell over. It was done so quickly that Midoriya didn’t even register that he was being punched before the pain had settled in. So much for not touching me, the scum Midoriya joked to himself.

The figure that had earned bows from both Uraraka and Bakugo was very hazily seen through a cloud of agony that was settled in front of Midoriya’s eyes.

The voice was feminine, but didn’t sound too young. In amidst the pain that was radiating all through his body now thanks to Bakugo’s unnecessary crazy strength, he began to recognize who it was.

“Katsuki, my child,” she spoke again. “Have I been gone so long that you forget who really rules around here?”