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You watched in abject horror, as Shingen and Yukimura got up to sing another one of ‘Journey’s’ songs. You were so not drunk enough for this sort of outing, but you were more than happy you had been invited along. It wasn’t often you got to see your boyfriend and his friends this relaxed. You honestly weren’t sure why the five of you didn’t get out more, especially since everyone seemed to live about a train ride from the karaoke place. It was easy enough to get drunk and jump on the subway home. Though, assuming Kenshin or Shingen could get drunk was a bold thought. Which left Yukimura, Sasuke, and yourself to amble home before the last train at midnight.

Your attention was soon captured by the shrill screech of the microphone feedback as Shigen and Yuki got too close to one another for the umpteenth time, and you felt another piece of your soul leave your body as your friends missed the cord and fell flat. Yikes. He had to have seen the look on your face because not long after was Sasuke typing your drink order into the tablet provided to the room.

“They would fare a little better if they stood at least three inches apart,” Sasuke whispered low in your ear as he casually rested his arm behind you on top of the booth.

You shot him a look to let him know you knew what he was doing, but before you could comment your drinks descended from the ceiling. Your mouth was occupied as your brain fought desperately to wipe the noise that had just come out of Shingen’s mouth from your memories.


They weren’t good, honesty you and Kenshin were the only one who could sing in public like this. I tried my best to keep them from getting the mic, but it was never successful. Every so often Kenshin would step in and offer to sing, but my favorite was when you were just tipsy enough to get up and steal the microphone like you just had.

I loved your voice, it was bright and colorful, and the world swirled to life every time I heard you sing. You hadn’t picked the song, Shingen had, and I was nervous for you as he sat and snickered to himself as he watched for my reaction. Though maybe I should have been a little more worried about myself.

As you sang through the chorus your hips swayed perfectly to the beat, hair falling over your shoulder as you leaned forward. I watched entranced as your lips formed the words in English perfectly, swallowing harder than I had meant to, trying to avert my gaze and pounding back my drink as a temporary distraction.


Sasuke was flushed a deep red, and you couldn’t tell if it was all of the alcohol he’d been drinking or if it had something to do with that last song Shingen had picked out for you. Oh well, you were on your way home already, and the steady rock of the train was lulling you into a light sleep.

With your head propped up on Sasuke’s shoulder, you scooted closer to him, not caring that you were in public and potentially gathering attention from onlookers. As his fingers twined with yours, he pressed a sweet kiss to your forehead and ran his unoccupied thumb over your knuckles. “Hey Sasuke?” you asked him quietly.

“How come you never sing when we go to karaoke? You couldn’t possibly be worse than Yuki, and if you don’t like it, we don’t have to go.”

“Mhhh, a good question. How about I show you when there’s less of a crowd?” His voice dropped to a whisper as he answered your question. “Get some rest, I’ll wake you when we get there.”

Wake you he did not. Your eye cracked open and immediately recognized the soft green paint of your shared bedroom. Shifting in the futon to search for the warmth that was usually there only to be met with an empty space and a cold sheet. Where was Sasuke? A mild sense of panic settled in as you sat upright in bed. Frantically searching the room with your eyes for any sign of your boyfriend. Nothing. That was when you noticed the light on in the bathroom and the whisper of a song you recognized all too well.

The door was cracked open, and while you knew better than to snoop, curiosity and alcohol got the better of you. You decided you would press yourself flat against the wall to listen in.

It was soft, and it washed over you like a wave kissing the shore. It soothed your soul and before you realized what was happening that beautiful blue sound matched the tears streaming down your face.


You had passed out on the subway, and try as I might no sort of gentle jostle seemed to be able to raise you from your state of slumber. Giving in, I hooked my arms under your back and knees and hoisted you up against my chest as I walked you home. I would have to make a note somewhere later that tonight’s beverage quantity was too much, it was never good to get you this drunk in one sitting. No matter how horrendous Shingen and Yukimura’s duet got.

After a mild argument with our deadbolt, I managed to swing the door open just far enough to squeeze us in without smacking your feet on the frame. Thank goodness. In nearly ten minutes I had you stripped of your day clothes and wrapped up in one of my many sweatshirts and the blankets covering our futon.

Once you were settled, I stepped into the bathroom, brushing my teeth quickly and filling glasses of water to try and re-hydrate after the night we had just had. I sang to myself while I changed and was nearly ready to go back to bed and join you when I heard the sniffles at the door.

“(YN)!” I rushed out of the bathroom wheeling around to see you propped up against the wall, a steady stream of tears running down your face. “Hey, (YN), what’s wrong, do you feel sick? Does something hurt?” I asked trying to remain calm.

New note. That was one-hundred percent too much alcohol.

“I, Sasuke, I, that was,” you stopped as you choked on a sob reaching forward to curl inward against my chest. “That was beautiful Sasuke.” Your hand had moved to grip at my t-shirt as you rubbed your face hard against it.

“What was beautiful love?” I asked gently, not quite sure what you had seen to elicit this sort of reaction, as I gently pet at your hair and rubbed down your back.

“Your voice, you’ve got such a, a nice voice.” You said through another sniffle as your arms snaked around my waist and pulled me tight against you. “How come ya n’ver sing fer me.” You hiccuped as you peeled your face off of my shirt to look up at me.

“Ah princess, I try not to, I was told it affects people a certain way.” I felt my lips quirk up ever so slightly, just enough to show you my embarrassment. “Though I never imagined you would weep,” I said as I swept you up off your feet to place you back onto the futon.

Quietly I crawled in behind you and waited for you to curl up against me like you always did. “To be honest when Kenshin told me I just assumed he meant I was worst than Yukimura.”

You laughed as your body melted against mine “Ah, no, quite the opposite actually.” You said as you brought my hand to your mouth and kissed each knuckle. “I sort of wish my ears would bleed when Yuki sings.”

“I agree, but thank you, princess.” I nuzzled against your neck and relaxed into your familiar scent drifting off into sleep.