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The smiling hero - Emerald

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Emerald – Sharp as a Diamond

The youngest hero in Japanese history, Emerald, made another page for his history book today. Te 19 year old hero shows he is really just more then his strength and big heart.
The villain only known as Double R, for his MO crimes, was living in up town Tokyo. The younge hero happened to passed the villain when he was out with his ‘girlfriend’, but the hero had a feel about the man and decided to follow at a distance, whilst informing the police of what was occurring. Due to his gut feeling, and quick thinking, The smiling hero-Emerald saved a young women from becoming his victim.
The woman is safe, and under protection of the police, whilst Double R is in jail and waiting sentence. When asked about the case, Emerald said he is just happy he just happened to pass during the time. Being Modest, the hero declined any offer of gifts from the victims of Double R, saying any true hero would do the same without expecting payment. So, we asked him a question many people had been wondering of the All Might successor since All Might had introduced him during his third year of U.A.
“Why did you want to be a hero?” Our reporter questioned Emerald and his retired, injured mentor when they were seen out in the street one day. Emerald just smiled.
“Like everyone, I have always wanted to be a hero, but my quirk was late, ever late, I didn’t get it until a few months before starting U.A. People told me over and over I would never be a hero, not until I meet All Might. And he taught me what I already knew.” He smiled. “Sure, being a hero has a good pay, it can make you famous and all that, but much like my mentor, that was never the reasons. I just wanted to help people. To smile and give people hope in the future. I would continue to be a hero even if I wasn’t paid, because, in the end. The best payment is seeing the people of Japan safe.”
“Young Emerald, we have a meeting in half and hour.” All Might told his successor, and we had to say good bye.
Emerald, despite being at Number One already, gains more support over time. We can’t wait to see what he does next!

“Good afternoon Principle Nezu!” Izuku beamed at the small mouse, All Might right behind him.
“Emerald, All Might, thank you for coming!” Nezu smiled
“Of course! It’s never a problem!” Izuku said, Nezu smirked, the boy had really never changed in the years since he started U.A, he knew why Toshinori was proud of his boy. What is it that you needed to speak to me about?”
“Well, I was wondering if you would like to take up a job here at U.A” Nezu said, The young hero glanced at Toshinori, who looked at Nezu in surprise.
“But... why me?” Izuku asked “I-I’m not sure....”
“That you are qualified?” Nezu smiled. “Believe me young Midoriya, I am positive you are perfect, you see, we need a new Foundational hero studies teacher. There are many pros that have tried to apply for the job, but none have what I am really looking for. You, however, do.”
“And what are you looking for?” Izuku asked
“Someone who can look passed quirks, someone who can work around them. You analyse quirks, I have seen those notebooks of yours.” Nezu told him, Izuku blushed. “That added with your hero experience, and overall ability to inspire people to do their best, you are the perfect hero to take the place. Of course, it is only part time, you will only need to attend the heroics classes of the first years.”
“General ed too.” Izuku said, Nezu looked at him.
“They don’t have foundational hero studies.”
“Maybe not, but do you know how many potential good heroes you lose to a bias exam? I want to teach general ed too, to help those who want to be heroes get training to help them in the sprts festival.” Izuku said, Nezu smirked. The boy really didn’t change at all.
“Very well, you can teach the first year general ed students and heroics students.” Nezu nodded. “Does this mean you will agree?”
“Of course. Though, If I am called in for a job, I will leave. I will make sure All Might knows and has access to my lesson plans, so he can lead the class if I am needed else where.” Izuku said.
“Deal.” Nezu held out his paw, Izuku accepted it. “It is going to be a pleasure working with you, Emerald. The exam for the new year is next week, please feel free and come along to have a first glance at the students.”
“Of course. Then, We’ll leave and get the agency sorted out to function, I will be better staying in Mustafu during the year.” Izuku said.
“Do you need accommodation?” Nezu offered. Izuku chuckled.
“Na, I think my mom will be happy to have me back in the house.” He replied, the two of them taking their leave. Nezu leaned back with a smile. The coming year was going to be interesting.

Two days later, the heroic staff of U.A met up at their usual bar, Nezu saying everyone had to be there so they could meet the new Foundational hero studies teacher. Undergorund hero, Eraserhead did not want to be there, knowing the principle probably got a bone headed, strength based hero to teach it. He sat between his two friends, Midnight and Present Mic, all the other staff were talking happily, all of them trying to work out who the new teacher was... who was already half and hour late. Until a voice caused them all to look up.
“We’re terribly sorry for being late..” They all stared at Emerald with wide eyes, at his side was All Might, as always. The young hero sat down and with a frown.
“Is everything alright?” Nezu asked with a smile.
“Just... damn, why do people find it tight to bully others. They say they want to be heroes and are so easily drawn to acting like a villain when in front of people with weak quirks, so called villain’s quirk, or no quirks at all. It’s stupid!” The emerald ranted angrily.
“They only care about powerful quirks.” Eraser muttered.
“I know! It’s bullshit!” Present Mic chocked on his drink.
“Language!” All Might warned, like a father. Emerald took a deep breath.
“Sorry.. it’s just...” He stopped.
“Not everyone can be as lucky as you kid.” Eraser looked over at him, Emerald looked up and gave a sad smile.
“I actually understand on a personal level. Late bloomer. Latest ever recorded in the world, I was only 15. A month before the U.A entrance exam. Before that... I was treated as someone who was quirkless... it’s why I always speak out about bullies. In my eyes, they are a tamer type of villains.” Emerald explained. “You are one of the heroes I truly admire, and if I hadn’t gotten my quirk, I would have tried to be a hero like you Eraserhead.”
“Aw, Shouta has a fan!” Mic wrapped his arm around the underground hero who stared at the Number one in shock. Emerald beamed.
“ I look forward to working with you, Eraserhead! Actually, on the first day, can I join you for you annual quirk assessment test, I would like to take notes on the quirks you’ll find in your class.” Emerald beamed.
“Um...sure...” He nodded.
“Great!” Emerald said. The underground hero gave a small sigh, unsure whether it was going to be a good thing, or another headache.