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Fallen (For An) Angel

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Rock was starting to feel himself drifting away from the current lesson. It was first period, and he hadn't gotten much sleep last night as he had discovered that Rush, his most precious canine companion, had fallen ill.

He tried his best to pay attention to Mr. Layton's explanation of the mystery of Atlantis, but found he could not concentrate, to his dismay. To his side, his twin sister, Roll, seemed to be doing as bad a job at staying focused. That was somewhat reassuring.

 He let his gaze wander, mindlessly twirling his pen as the ever enthusiastic mystery aficionado went on about how the city was most likely real, and that he himself had planned a trip to new possible coordinates. The students called him 'The Gentleman', as he acted like one and happened to wear a top hat constantly. In fact, he wore it so often that it was common to discuss wether or not it hid some kind of dark secret.

Rock's eyes caught on to a lone cowlick, shining in the morning sun. Pit was sitting by the window, and contrary to him, seemed completely engulfed in whatever their teacher was talking about.

At the sight, Rock couldn't help but smile a little. The other boy always looked so cute whenever he was listening or talking about something he was passionate about. And he was passionate about a lot of things.

He suddenly felt a jab at his chest, and turned to glare at his sister, who sported a tired yet satisfied smirk.

“Pay attention, loverboy.” She whispered.

Rock gave her a deadpan look, and reluctantly went back to listening to whatever he was supposed to listen to.


When the bell rang, he stretched out his arms and yawned. He felt a little bit more awake than he had been at the start, but would still rather be in his bed than in school.

The next class was going to be calculus, so he found comfort in knowing he could afford to drift off yet again. After all, this was a class he was sure not to fail. He had even gotten the 'Robot' nickname from his mathematical prowess, though he also figured out it might have come from the fact he usually wore a neutral expression wherever he went, and followed the rules. He wasn't too fond of the name, however, and hoped he one day would have the chance of getting a new one.

Nicknames, everyone in this school had at least one of those. So much so that some people's real names seemed to have been lost to the void, as the teachers were also in on it whenever they did the roll-call.

“Come on, 'Robot', let's go to your favorite class!” His sister said as she tried to stiffle a yawn of her own, heading out of the room.

“Don't patronize me, 'Cinnamon'!” He chuckled, and as he followed behind her, he looked over his shoulder to see Pit animatedly talking to Mr Layton, apparently about a movie of sorts.

 Rock sighed, taking in how bright the boy's eyes looked, and how wide his smile was. While he may still have trouble figuring out the exact origin of his own nickname, there was no doubt why Pit's was 'Angel'.


 Once the rest of the morning was over, the students headed straight over to the cafeteria, and like everyone else Rock was no stranger to the call of food. Along with Roll and Pit, they followed the crowd along and waited in line. Today's menu was mashed potatoes and ketchup, or as it had come to be called, 'The Goop”.

The mashed potatoes seemed particularly flabby today, and quite a few students scrunched up their noses at the sight.

After they picked up their trays, they finally reached the end of the line, and made their way into the cafeteria.

The place was huge, and it had to be, as it was used by both the junior and the senior high school of Smash Brothers Academy. This was in part why most people knew each other well once they were able to set foot onto the senior high school grounds.Though, some students didn't go to school in the same facility, and simply came out of nowhere as freshmen. Pit had been one of those, along with …

There he was. Sitting at a table dressed in black and with a permanent scowl on his face was Pit's identical twin brother, Pittoo, or as anyone who didn't have a death wish called him, 'Dark Pit'.

A fitting name, since the boy had dyed his hair black and favored purple contacts to differentiate himself from his older brother. Not that it was needed, as the sight of his frown would easily tell you he definitely wasn't his ever-so-cheerful twin.


 “Hey Pittoo.” Rock greeted, and was met with a cold glare.

“Aw, come on Too-too, don't be mean.” Pit teased him, effectively ruffling his brother's feathers.

“Call me that in front of everyone again, and you can say goodbye to your precious ice-cream stock.”

Pit gasped. “You wouldn't!”

“Oh, I so would.”

“Well then I guess I'd just have to bleach all your clothes in retaliation.”

It was Pittoo's time to be shocked.

“You'd never do that. You're too much of a wimp.”

“You're right … a-and I don't mean the wimp part!”

 They quickly took their seats, both pair of twins sitting across the table as Pit had sat down next to his brother when he had been bickering with him, much to Rock's chagrin.

 “Hey guys, can I sit with you today?” Came a voice from behind them.

“Oh, hey Coco, sure, you can.” Pit smiled.

“Are the boys getting too rowdy?” Roll winked.

“Ugh, tell me about it. They keep talking about some cryptic things and chuckling about it, they're like little kids.” She shook her head, a small smile playing at her lips. “Anyway, thanks for letting me stay, guys.”

“If you don't mind me asking, is your brother okay?” Roll asked her friend.

“Well, he's been doing better. Not sure he's completely over Tawna yet, but as dumb as his friends can be, they've been a great help in cheering him up.”

“That's good to hear! It was weird seeing him be so … down.” Rock chimed in. He didn't know Crash that well, but he knew Sonic, one of Crash's close friends, and he had learned from him just how much Coco's brother's break up with one of the most beautiful girls the school had ever seen had affected him. And it hadn't been pretty.

“Yeah, it was pretty tough at home, too … so I'm glad things got better.”

“Seriously though, how could he have not seen it coming?” Pittoo quipped. “She looked exactly like the type of chick who'd act like that.”

“Because he was in love, Pittoo.” Roll said, a glint of a warning in her eyes.

“Pff, wow, what an amazing excuse to not call him what he his.”

“Hey ! My bro might be dumb, but only I can say and imply that!” Coco said as she stood up, leaning against the table.

“And what do you know about being in love, uh?” Roll added, as she stared him down.


 As Roll, Coco and Pittoo were arguing, Pit and Rock were having a conversation of their own.

 “So, you and your sis seemed awfully sleepy this morning. Did something happen?”

“Yeah, we didn't get much sleep last night because of Rush ...”


“He kept whining over and over, and when my dad came to check on him, it turned out he had thrown up … we called the vet this morning and they think Rush got a cold, so me and Roll are going to go buy some meds after school is over.”

“Man, that stinks. He's such a good dog, he shouldn't have to go through this ...”

“Heh, it's alright. It could have been worse, and not knowing what it was is exactly why I had such an awful night.”

“Heh, in that case, you're lucky you don't do sports today. I don't think Roll is going to be able to run a single lap in that state.”

Rock chuckled. “Oh, trust me, I think she'll be fine for the most part.”

“Really? Well, if you say so. You're her twin after all!”

Both boys went back to eating, eyes on their plates, but Rock felt the need to carry on the conversation. Hoping to see the smile he had seen earlier this morning, he decided to bring up Mr Layton's lesson.

 “By the way, I think I heard you talk to the Gentleman about a movie this morning. I'm guessing it was about Atlantis?”

 Pit didn't respond, however, so Rock quickly turned his attention away from his meal to figure out what was happening.



There it was.

The dopey smile.

That meant she must have had entered the cafeteria.


Indeed, Zelda had come in with her own tray, talking to Link while he simply nodded, unable to respond so long as his hands were busy.

To be fair, Pit wasn't the only one looking like a mushy doofus : nearly half the school's heart melted at the sight of the one the students called 'Princess'. And even he had to admit, she was a sight for sore eyes. And as pretty on the inside as she was on the outside.

He groaned internally. Of course his crush was interested in someone else. And of course he couldn't find anything wrong about said person to be petty about.

To his surprise, Roll was also gawking at her. Great. It was spreading.


Since most of the cafeteria was currently looking at Zelda, either in awe or in jealousy, few people noticed the student representative, nicknamed 'Mayor', who was trying to grab everyone's attention.

Luckily for him, the three not-officially-student-representatives-yet-they-do-the-job-anyway seniors, namely Sonic, Crash and Rayman, stepped onto a table and shouted for the crowd's attention.


 “Hey everybody listen up!” The blond student started. “The Mayor here has an announcement to make!”

 A few of the students stopped gawking or talking, and others simply paid no mind and carried on to their business.

 “It's about a party!” Sonic added, not without shouting an excited 'whoop'.

 Most students followed his example and cheered loudly before everyone went quiet.

The Mayor cleared his throat, satisfied that everyone was finally paying attention.

 “Thank you, you three.” He then shuffled the paper he had been holding. “ I am here to announce that there is indeed a party planned at school in the next few weeks. Two weeks, to be exact. As you may have guessed, it will be Halloween related.”

 Some students cheered, and the Mayor waited for them to finish.

 “Everyone who comes will have to wear a costume. This year, there will be no particular theme, so you're free to wear what you wish, as long as it stands in the school guidelines.” A few frustrated grunts could be heard. “The party will be held in the gymnasium as usual, and the exact date and time the party will start will be notified on the main board, where you'll find the inscriptions sheets. Friendly reminder that anyone not registered at least three days before the event will not be permitted to enter, and that the junior high schoolers will need permissions from their legal guardians. Any questions?”

 The cafeteria fell into silence yet again, and the Mayor took it as a clear sign.

 “Well, if there are no questions I will leave you to your lunch. See you all at the party!”

 A bunch of students clapped and cheered, and soon the place fell back into its usual hubbub.


“Man, I can't wait until two weeks ! Pittoo and I have already started working on our Halloween costumes!” Pit said excitedly, nudging his twin.

“Uh? Oh, yeah. They're coming along pretty well. I just hoped I'd have won the game and decided on them ...”

Pit pouted cutely at his brother, and both girls at the table laughed at that, while Rock was trying not to melt inside.

“So, what are you going to be then?” Roll asked.

“No telling!” Both Pits said in unison.

“Aw … what about you, Coco?”

“I'm afraid I can't tell you either. You'll just have to wait and see.”

“Man, you guys are just party poopers. Rock, don't you tell them what we'll be going as!”

“ 'Wasn't planning to.”

The conversation came to a halt as the end of the lunch break was coming near, and their mashed potatoes were getting cold. They all ate in relative silence, much like most of the neighboring tables. When suddenly ...




 … a flurry of mashed potato goop came flying about.






Indeed, the Inklings, a popular group of students, had flung the leftovers from their table at their rival group, the Octolings.

In a matter of seconds, half the cafeteria was under the tables, some shielding themselves with their empty trays, while others tried to escape as fast as they could before things took a turn for the worse. The other half simply joined in, and soon most of the students had their clothes stained with mashed potatoes and ketchup.

Rock, Roll, Coco and Pit had taken refuge under their table, while Pittoo had immediately joined in on the fun, despite his twin's protest, and was now running around amongst the chaos. A chorus of screams and laughs echoed around the place, frightening the freshmen junior high schoolers.


“Aw man, I hate it when they do that … it's such a waste of perfectly good food!” Pit whined.

“You call that good?” Coco asked, unimpressed.

“It's still food!”

“What I'm more worried about is all the poor people who are going to have to clean that mess up!” Roll huffed, looking around and sending death glares to anyone involved.

“Oh, don't worry Roll, if they get caught, then my best bet is that the main perpetrators will be the ones doing the cleaning.” Rock said as he internally chuckled at his sister's antics.

As he was saying that, a stray shot of food goop caught his eye, and he used his tray to shield himself and the others from it.


“Thanks for the save, Rock!”

“It was nothing, Pit.”


Coco stood up all of a sudden, almost hitting her head on the table.


“Something the matter?” Rock asked.

“Yeah! I forgot to bring my external battery with me, and my laptop's almost out of juice! I have to go to our next class right now and find an outlet before there's none left!”

“But you'll be covered in food the moment you get out of here!” Roll noted.

“As long as my laptop works, I'll be fine.”


And with that she took her schoolbag, crawled under the table and took a sprint start. She almost made it out of the cafeteria, but a bunch of food made its way to her, and the trio back at the table could only watch as it inched closer to her by the moment.

Her brother appeared just in time to take the hit for her.


“Phew. I thought she wouln't make it.” Roll said, leaning back against one of the table's feet.

“I gotta say, she's got a good sprint going on!”

“Pit, stop being such a jock.” Rock smiled.

“What? It's true.”


While they were talking, the food fight had been decreasing rapidly, as it had caught the attention of two of the school's monitors, 'Snake' and 'Vampire Killer', who forcibly and efficiently put a stop to the whole thing.

“Well, looks like you're in trouble. Wait 'til the Principal hears about your little stunt.” Snake said to one of the Inklings, 'Orange'. She just grinned back at him.


“Looks like the coast is clear!” Rock said, carefully stepping out of their temporary hideout, like many others.

“Great! Let's head to practice right away, Pit! I don't want to be late! Miss Daisy can be scary when she wants to ...” Roll said as she urged said boy to follow after her.

“Meh, Palutena's scarier to me.”

“Ooooh, yeah, she did become the school's superintendent. Is she liking the job so far?” She asked.

“Yeah, she is. She's also really digging her new nickname. I also think it suits her.”


Rock had to agree. The woman had some kind of powerful aura that he couldn't quite describe, and the title of 'Goddess' fit really well with this. Since she was also the Pits' legal guardian, it brought the whole thing together. A goddess and her angels. He smiled at the thought.


“What'chu thinking about brobot?” Roll asked.

“Nothing important. Didn't you say you didn't want to be late for practice?”

“Oh shoot ! Well, meet me after class! Pit, let's go! ” She grabbed onto the taller boy's arm and dragged him along as if he were nothing, and they both disappeared from Rock's sight.