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Supreme Chancellor Obi-Wan Kenobi

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The Senate building is bustling with activity; the Senators are taking their places and talking amongst themselves already. Masters of the Jedi Council Obi-Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu have been called to represent the Jedi Order.

Honestly. Obi-Wan isn’t quite sure why their presence was demanded. It’s not as if they can cast any votes. To have Jedi in the Senate on occasion certainly isn’t a bad idea, but to demand their presence for a specific Session is rare, if not unprecedented.

Obi-Wan is tired; the war has dragged on for far longer than he would have ever dreamed or hoped. The Jedi hardly take missions outside of leading troops into battles these days, and the fighting and distance from their ideals is taking their toll on the Order and all the Jedi in it. Several Jedi have already left the frontlines, unable to cope, unable to keep going. Many of them have died. Their already small numbers ever diminishing.

“Welcome Senators, the emergency session called by Senator Ach’ki Mandai of the planet Haa’ndu as per Galactic Senate regulation FK23-5 will now commence.” Chancellor Palpatine’s voice rings out across the hall, which slowly falls silent. Many Senators casts more-or-less covert glances toward the Jedi Council repulsorpod.

Obi-Wan and Mace share a look, the tension in the room could be cut with a knife. Perhaps the Jedi are the only people here who don’t know what the Emergency Session is about.

“Senator Mandai, we will now hear you. The floor is yours.”

Obi-Wan could swear that the Chancellor cast an almost… cruelly smug look in their direction. He’s never liked the man much—for all that Anakin considers him a friend—but this seems out of character, even for him.

The Haa’ndu pod detaches and moves toward the center of room.

“My fellow Senators!” Senator Mandai straightens, her long scaled body glittering in the light, the feathers on her jaw and crown swaying as she turns around to address them all. “The war has been going far longer than any of us could have imagined. It has dragged on, caused more damage and cost more lives than any of us could have ever dreamed.” Her voice is strong, even without the voice-amplifiers.

Murmurs can be heard all around the Senate chamber. Obi-Wan watches the almost iridescent shine of the Senator’s black scales for a brief second before returning his attention to the matter at hand.

“The Republic is funding an army of clones. Sentient beings created and raised simply for the sake of dying in our war. I ask you, is this Just?!”

The room erupts with shouting. Obi-Wan shares another look with Mace. Most of the senators would benefit from some instruction in patience and serenity.

“In the midst of it all are the Jedi. Acting as Generals and Commanders of the Republic Army. An army made up of clones who are little more than slaves!”

Obi-Wan flinches slightly. He’s not certain where Senator Mandai is taking this, but so far the direction seems to be rather unfavourable to the Jedi. The glances in their direction and the demand that they take part in the Order’s own pod suddenly makes a lot more sense.

“This might be taking a rather unpleasant direction,” Mace mutters under his breath. Obi-Wan doesn’t say anything, but nods slightly in agreement.

The room turns silent again and Senator Mandai raises her arms in the air, the light glints off the long, sharp claws on her four-fingered hands.

“The peacekeepers of our Galaxy have been turned into army leaders. Forced to go against the very core of their own teachings, for the sake of this Republic. My fellow Senators, this cannot continue! Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has been incompetent since he was voted into office after the Vote of No-Confidence against former Chancellor Valorum! He’s been inefficient, slow to act, and allowed his own term to be dragged out without a new vote for far longer than any competent politician should have allowed! The war has dragged on because our Chancellor has done nothing to stop the powers that drive it, and it is the Jedi and the Clones that shoulder the weight of his incompetence!”

The sound in the chamber is almost deafening. Obi-Wan and Mace share a wide-eyed look of astonishment. The Senate usually have little concern with what the Jedi suffer in the line of their duty to the Republic. They usually only care when things haven’t gone quite the way the Senate would like.

Obi-Wan looks toward Chancellor Palpatine. The man looks like someone just slugged him in the face, his shock almost radiates off him.

“By Republic law B-45-SK-9, the Jedi Masters of the High Council are our fellow Senators. The Master of the Order, Master Mace Windu and his fellow councillor Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi—High General of the Republic Army and renowned as The Negotiator—are both in session today. With the direct backing of 134 other Senators, I call for a Vote of No-Confidence against Chancellor Palpatine.”

The noise becomes deafening again, voices shouting both for and against the vote. As it’s been called, it will be carried out, though the outcome is not certain.

Obi-Wan turns Senator Mandai’s words over in his head. Members of the High Council are Senators in the Galactic Senate by Republic law? He’s never heard about that before. More pressingly, for what reason did Senator Mandai bring it up now?

“My fellow Senators!” Senator Mandai’s voice cuts through the ruckus like a hot knife through butter.

Silence falls again, if begrudgingly.

“Yes. I call for a Vote of No-Confidence. However, that is not all.” She straightens up further, and Obi-Wan almost feels the Force swirl around her. There’s a niggling in the back of his head, telling him that this, whatever Senator Mandai will say next, is of utter importance to the future of the galaxy itself.

“I believe that we need to elect a neutral Chancellor. One who stands nothing to gain from war, one who has served our Republic to the utmost of his ability. I call for the Vote of No-Confidence to also be a vote to instate High Councillor of the Jedi Order, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.”



Obi-Wan stands in his own little kitchen, staring blindly at the cupboard in front of him and stirs his tea. The Senate had agreed to Senator Mandai’s proposal. A Vote of No-Confidence in combination with instating him, him, as Supreme Chancellor would be held in two days, to allow as many Senators as possible to attend.

He shut his comm off two hours ago and has been locked in his rooms since five hours ago. He doesn’t want to see or talk to anyone right now. Escaping the Senate building was a nightmare, reporters and senators everywhere. At least he had Mace to help him bulldoze his way through the crowd.

He sits down in the small arm-chair in the lounge part of his apartment and looks around. He’s been so busy with the war, has barely spent any time in the temple at all, that he can still see the two boxes of his meagre belongings by the door, unpacked.

Obi-Wan has never been very skilled with the Living Force, but right now he longs for the peace and tranquillity that he found in the rooms he’d shared with Qui-Gon during the last years of his apprenticeship, and those rooms had been stuffed with plant life.

Ignoring the possibility of the vote going through, Obi-Wan sits in his armchair, sips his tea, and wonders what sort of plants would be good to fill a Jedi apartment with.

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Padmé Amidala moves through the Senate, Bail Organa at her side, heading toward the emergency session. The information she received about it is scarce, which troubles her, but she knows it’s been called by Senator Mandai of Haa’ndu. The only other information she possesses is that the session is about the war, the clones and the Jedi.

“Bail, do you know anything about Senator Mandai? Her political leanings, why she might have called this session, what exactly she’s planning to address? Anything?”

Bail hums and strokes his chin, easily keeping up with Padmé’s stride even when slightly distracted by his own thought process.

“Haa’ndu is a planet located in the mid rim. The sentient population are called Naangni, they’ve very large and serpentine. Well, you’ll see soon enough when Senator Mandai takes the floor of course.” He pauses briefly, as if gathering his thoughts. “Haa’ndu has been opposing the war since the start and I believe Senator Mandai’s predecessor often spoke of corruption in the Senate. As for Senator Mandai herself, I can’t say I know much. Based on Haa’ndu’s general positions, she’s most likely anti-war. As for her specific feelings on the clones and the Jedi, I have no idea.” Bail gave a minute shrug.

“I had never heard of her before now. I tried to gather information once the session was called, but there’s only so much one can do in such a limited amount of time.”

Padmé keeps her head high, even as she worries. She has friends among the Jedi, she has Ani among the Jedi, and she knows the war has been taking its toll on them all.

An anti-war senator calling an emergency session regarding not just the war, but the Jedi and the clones as well, that has the potential to cause a lot of trouble for the Jedi.

She’s worked hard since she was elected to try and root out the corruption she knows exists. She’s tried to ensure a speedier but fairer process in the Senate. However, as a single senator there’s only so much she can do. She has her allies, but it takes time and the longer the war rages on, the longer the same person sits as Chancellor, the worse the Jedi’s and the clones’ situation grows. She’s seen public opinion start to sway, more and more people grumble about the “war mongering space wizards”—despite how the war information usually centres on the clone troopers—and it sets her teeth on edge.

Breathe, Padmé. They’re still a minority. There’s still time.


As used as Padmé has become to the senators shouting at each other and the person who currently holds the floor, she will probably never get used to the sheer volume of it all. She tries to focus on how loud it is rather than her complete and utter shock, shock she knows that Bail shares.

She’s glad they chose to share a pod today. His presence at her side is grounding.

Her eyes aren’t sharp enough to see Chancellor Palpatine’s expression from here, but she wishes she could.

One thing is for sure:, Senator Mandai isn’t afraid of stepping into controversy. Never before has Padmé seen a senator straight up tell the whole Senate, without mincing any words at all, that Chancellor Palpatine is incompetent. She’s watched as the Chancellor has been given more and more freedom and power and even though a new election should have taken place years ago, he’s allowed others to push for the prolonging of his mandate. She had believed him as he’s said that the powers weigh heavy on him and that he allows it only because it is the wish of the Senate, but as time has passed she’s grown less and less sure.

Padmé only wishes that she and Bail had been among the 134 at Senator Mandai’s side. She would be, if she was asked. After all, she and Bail has already spoken with many of their allies about drafting legislation for Palpatine to give back the emergency powers he was given, to return to a true republic. As it is, she will support Senator Mandai’s proposal.

A Vote of No-Confidence and a new election will be better than the stagnation currently plaguing them.

“She’s brave,” Bail says.

“She’ll receive my support,” Padmé says in answer. Bail just smiles and inclines his head toward her. She knows he will give his support to the No-Confidence too.

“My fellow Senators!” Senator Mandai calls out again, voice ringing clearly through the cacophony with the help of voice-enhancers.

Silence is slow to return, many senators seem unwilling to stop arguing. Senator Mandai is patient, though, and Padmé wonders what more she will say.

“Yes. I call for a Vote of No-Confidence. However, that is not all.”

Padmé feels hear heartbeat picking up and her palms start to sweat. She won’t allow herself to show her nerves on her face, but something tells her that what comes next will be important. Very important.

“I believe that we need to elect a neutral Chancellor. One who stands nothing to gain from war, one who has served our Republic to the utmost of his ability. I call for the Vote of No-Confidence to also be a vote to instate High Councillor of the Jedi Order, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.”



Bail Organa clutches his cup of caff as he and Padmé take their seats in his office. The emergency session is over… and what a session it was. He feels a bit as if everything is spinning. Part of him wants to laugh hysterically. Obi-Wan Kenobi as Supreme Chancellor? No doubt would the man do a fine job, but he would hate every second of it.

“Perhaps that’s why he’s the best choice…” he murmurs, more to himself than to anyone else.

“What was that, Bail?” Padmé looks up from the paper she was reading on moments before.

“Just considering Obi-Wan in the role of Supreme Chancellor.”

“He would hate it. He can’t stand politicians or politics,” she says with a small smirk on her face. They both know what their friend is like.

“He would, and perhaps that is why he should be made Chancellor. At least during the war.” Bail shrugs minutely. “Senator Mandai is right that he stands nothing to gain from it, quite the opposite. He’s one of the best tacticians and generals the Republic has and he doesn’t want power. I can see why Mandai chose him.”

Padmé nods, even as she stares at nothing.

“Yes, I see what you mean. He would do an excellent job because it is his duty, but he would never want to prolong it for longer than absolutely necessary.”

They share another look of wry amusement.

“He hasn’t answered any of the times I’ve commed him, nor has he replied to any text-based messages either. Have you had more luck than I?” Bail takes a sip of his caff.

“No, nothing from Obi-Wan.” Padmé shakes her head. “Anakin said he’s locked himself in his room and won’t answer any summons. Not even from the Council.” She huffs. “I’m uncertain whether or not I want to vote in favour. Obi-Wan is my friend, and he truly would hate it, I’d hate to do it to him, but…” she trails off and won’t meet Bail’s eyes.

“I know how you feel, Padmé.” He sighs. “However, I do believe that we might be forced to put the Republic—the galaxy—over Obi-Wan right now. If he gets voted in, we can offer support.”

The silence that descends between them is heavy. Choosing between the Republic and a dear friend isn’t easy, but at the end of the day, they have to look toward the greater good.

Bail’s comm beeps suddenly, breaking the silence. He brings up the message and reads it over.

“Senator Mandai has accepted my proposal for a meeting. She and Senator Krit-chick of Barmen II will be here in an hour.”

He looks at Padmé and can see her steel herself.

“When they arrive, I will offer her my support.”

“As will I, Padmé. As will I.”

May Obi-Wan forgive them.

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Anakin Skywalker isn’t certain what he’s feeling. On one hand, he’s upset that a senator had the gall to call Chancellor Palpatine incompetent. The man has done his best for the Republic for years. How could she say something like that?!

He’s seen the reports on the holonews, of course. He doesn’t think anyone in the Republic has missed the pictures of Senator Mandai with her arms stretched in the air, possibly former-Chancellor Palpatine gaping, and Jedi master Obi-Wan with a look of horrified confusion on his face. Anakin hasn’t seen Obi-Wan look like that before—he’s usually too good at remaining calm and straight-faced. If the situation wasn’t what it is, Anakin probably would’ve framed that picture.

As it is, Obi-Wan has locked himself in his apartment—the new one, the one where Anakin’s prints aren’t in the lock so he can’t get in—and won’t answer the door or any messages.

It’s so frustrating!

Especially since now people have started comming him instead of Obi-Wan. Even Padmé did!

Anakin isn’t sulking. He isn’t. Just because his wife commed him because she wanted to talk to Obi-Wan rather than him doesn’t mean he’s sulking or anything.

He’s not.

Okay, so he’s a bit put out. Who wouldn’t be?!

Commander Cody and the 212th have been discussion security rotations, they’re probably roping the 501st into too, Anakin would bet on it. Well, he wishes them luck. As if Obi-Wan would ever stand for having a security detail.

Anakin huffs and crosses his arms, tapping his foot on the floor.

Maybe he should go visit the Chancellor? Though… How much longer can Anakin even think of him like that? If the vote goes through, Chancellor Palpatine will just be… Mister Palpatine. That’s weird, really weird. Anakin doesn’t want to think about that.

Then again, the Chancellor is probably really busy, the whole Senate is probably really busy what with the upcoming vote. And if the Senate’s busy then Padmé’s probably really busy too. Though not too busy to try and comm Obi-Wan, apparently.

He’s not sulking!

He’s been by Obi-Wan’s apartment three times already and Obi-Wan refused to open the door, or even answer when Anakin calls his name through the door every single time. If he’s honest with himself, Anakin isn’t even sure Obi-Wan’s in there. For all he knows, Obi-Wan has jumped out his window and escaped into the bowels of the Temple, never to be seen again.

Okay, maybe that isn’t fair. Anakin knows that Obi-Wan is all about duty. There’s no way he would do that. Anakin even resents his utter dedication to duty sometimes. Maybe not even just sometimes. A lot, actually.

Anakin sighs and sits down on his bed. He picks up his comm and send another message to Obi-Wan. Can’t the stubborn man just answer already?!

Then his comm starts beeping with an in-coming call and Anakin nearly drops it in surprise. he fumbles with it for a few seconds before he finally manages to answer.

Unfortunately, the person calling isn’t the one he’d hoped for.

“Master Windu.” Anakin has gotten pretty good at keeping his voice level when talking to Master Windu… at least for a while.

“Knight Skywalker. I’m calling on the behalf of the Council.”

Oh boy.

“I see, what does the Council want with me?” Anakin hasn’t even done anything worthy of Council attention recently! Why in the core worlds would they be calling him now? Unless…

“Have you spoken to Master Kenobi in the last few hours?”

If he didn’t have to keep a straight face for the holo, Anakin’s sure his face would be split in a wide grin right now. Obi-Wan isn’t even answering calls for the Council. This might just be the best day in months!

“No, he’s not returning any calls. He refuses to open his door as well.”

There’s a pregnant pause. Anakin only barely refrains from fidgeting, he hates talking to Council members.

“I see. Thank you for the information, Knight Skywalker. Do call us if you manage to get in touch with your former master. We would very much like to speak with him.”

They say their goodbyes and then end the call. Anakin allows the smile spread on his face.

Obi-Wan is hiding from the Council! If he’d just talk to Anakin, this would be one of the best days of Anakin’s life.

All thoughts of Chancellor Palpatine are quickly forgotten, he needs to tell Padmé immediately.

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There’s a part of Obi-Wan that’s screaming at him that he’s shirking his duty by hiding away like this. It screams and wails and almost hurts. The larger part of Obi-Wan, however, is tired.

Tired, confused… and scared.

He hasn’t been this scared since just after Qui-Gon died and he was suddenly a Knight with a Padawan. Oh, he’d demanded as much—anything to keep the promise he’d made to his dying Master—but he had still been scared witless. Everything had been turned on its head and he hadn’t known where to even begin.

It’s just like that, now.

The war has dragged on, longer and longer. His nerves are fraying, he sleeps far less than is recommended because there’s just so much he has to do and so little time in which to do it. Perhaps he should go talk to a mind healer, but he really doesn’t have the time for that right now.

He made Master before Anakin was even Knighted and he has always felt it was too early. Before he knew it, the war had started and there was little time to consider his change in status. Becoming a part of the Jedi Council had been another shock to his system.

The fact that someone even suggested that he should be made Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic makes him want to run screaming into the night, never to be seen again. How in all the core worlds has he managed to make people think he’d be the right person to hold that much power?

Isn’t it enough that he’s a Jedi Master, on the Jedi High Council, and a High General in the Grand Army of the Republic? Especially since he can’t shirk his duty and quit any of them! Unless, of course, the rest of the Council decides to oust him should he get elected.

Force. What if he gets elected as Supreme Chancellor?

Obi-Wan takes a deep breath and releases it slowly.

He repeats the action.

In. Out.

In. Out.

He slowly gets a grip on his anxiety and touches on the Force as he breathes out.

Plants. He was considering getting some plants for his apartment.

Obi-Wan sips his tea in contemplation. He planted most of Qui-Gon’s in the Room of a Thousand Fountains. They have grown well over the years and surely Obi-Wan could bring some cuttings back to his rooms?

Of course, that would mean leaving his quarters in the first place. Which means seeing other people. Which gives Anakin a chance to catch up to him. Cody is probably prowling around with the 212th somewhere too.

Obi-Wan sighs and finishes his cup of tea, immediately heading to his small kitchen to refill the cup.

He’d like to go to the training halls and do a few katas to burn off some of the jittery nervous energy in his system, but, again, that means leaving his room and probably talking to people.

He stops and casts a critical eye on his small sitting room. He could probably just rearrange his furniture a bit and do some of the calmer and more contained katas right here in his apartment.

He lets himself smile at the thought before he sets his still steaming cup of tea on the counter and goes to set things up.

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“Amlarion! What’re you doing? We don’t have any extra coursework, do we?” Initiate Im Darin says to her friend.

Said Mon Calamari Initiate turns from the terminal to look at her.

“Oh! Im!” he says and flaps a webbed hand at her. “Come here! I’m looking up Master Kenobi’s records. The Senate will be voting about whether or not to have him replace Chancellor Palpatine tomorrow, so I wanted to know more about him.”

“Ohh! Good idea. Scoot over,” she says and squishes herself into the seat with him.

They’re silent for a while, while Amlarion continues to bring up relevant information. Soon they gape at the screen.

“He never took the Trials?!” Im hisses, scandalised.

“B-but! If he never took the Trials to become a Knight… How did he become a Knight? Is he even allowed to be on the Council?”

“Who else would be on the Council in his stead then? It’s Master Kenobi! The Sith Killer! Of course he’s on the Council!”

Jocasta Nu makes her way over to the excited initiates being far too loud for the Library. Respect should be shown to the other patrons. Even if Master Kenobi is a rather… interesting subject.


“I am so glad, that we’re all back on Coruscant for this,” Garen Muln says with a wide grin.

Bant Eerin smacks him on the upper arm with a disapproving look. “This isn’t funny! Poor Obi-Wan! Doesn’t he have enough on his plate already?” She crosses her arms over her chest and stares her friends down, as if daring them to say something.

“How does he do it?” Reeft asks, sounding lost, looking at the others. “Not only does he become the first to encounter and then kill a Sith in a millennium, he then gets made a Master really young and only a short time after that he joins the kriffin High Council! And! And, now the Senate is voting about making him the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic! I mean… How does that even happen?”

He’s met with shrugs all around.

“I don’t envy him, I can tell you that much,” Bant says with a sigh. “He’s a High General in the Army too. We all feel spread thin being Generals and such, I can’t even imagine how tired Obi-Wan must be.”

“I… I can’t decide if I envy him or not. I mean, being a Master already would be neat, and everyone respects Council members a lot… But at the same time…” Reeft looks at the floor and rubs his chin.

“It has to be a lot of responsibility and a pretty heavy burden, don’t you think?” Bant says.

“At least he has us to occasionally drag him out for a round of ill-advised adventures, right?” Garen says with a grin.

They laugh.

Reeft shakes his head and wipes some tears of laughter from his eyes. “Well, true enough. Perhaps we should see if we can manage to drag him out of that apartment of his. I heard a rumour he’s locked himself inside and refuses to come out.” He looks meaningfully at his friends.

“Good idea, he hasn’t answered a single message I’ve sent him since the news broke, so perhaps the only way to get a hold of him is to go there and bother him from outside his door.” Bant laughs again.

They get to their feet and straighten their robes. Time to go to see if they can save their Crèche mate from himself.

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Obi-Wan has been locked in his room since yesterday, hiding away from everything and everyone ever since the small disaster of an emergency senate session.

Enough is enough. He cannot spend the rest of his life hiding away—even if you ignore the fact that he’ll need to restock his shelves sooner rather than later. His friends have been by, Cody has been by, Anakin has been by, the council has commed him several times. He’s grateful the council has elected to respect his privacy enough to not force his door open. That would have been embarrassing for everyone involved, he thinks.

Obi-Wan goes about his morning routine with intermittent sighing. He trims his beard, brushes his hair and his teeth, eats a small breakfast and gets dressed carefully in his robes.

Even though he goes about his morning much slower than usual, taking long breaks where he stands still and simply breates, he’s still finished much faster than he would have liked.

He sits down in his armchair and starts up his comm again. It beeps and beeps and beeps with innumerable messages and missed comms. He scrolls through them quickly.

Anakin, Anakin, Anakin, Council, Bant, Anakin, Padmé, Reeft, Anakin, Bail, Garen, Anakin, Anakin, Bant, Padmé, Council, Council, Bail, Bant, Anakin, Anakin, Anakin, Anakin… The list goes on and on.

Obi-Wan sighs and puts his comm away. There’s no point in answering the old messages anyway. Better to wait for new ones to show up. If they show up.

He gets to his feet and looks at the door. First objective of the day: get some cuttings from Qui-Gon’s old plants to bring into his rooms.

With a resolute nod he moves forward.


“Obi-Wan!” Anakin’s voice rings out, disturbing the peace and calm of the Room of a Thousand Fountains. He sounds to be both relieved and angry and Obi-Wan finds he can’t blame him. It’s hardly surprising that Anakin would be upset after Obi-Wan’s refusal to see him or answer his numerous messages.

“Good morning, Anakin. What brings you to the Room of a Thousand Fountains?” Obi-Wan looks up from where he was currently working on getting a cutting from Qui-Gon’s favourite Murgröna rose. The thing has absolutely flourished since Obi-Wan planted it, which makes him very happy indeed.

“Well, uh… I was hoping to find you, obviously! You’ve been locked in your room since yester—what are you doing?”

Anakin crouches down next to where Obi-Wan is sitting on his knees, heedless of the grass stains he’ll no doubt get on his pale beige robes.

“I decided my rooms need some greenery, so I’m taking a few cuttings from Qui-Gon’s plants. I planted them here after…” He trails of and stares at the plant, gently running his fingers over the dark green leaves.

“Oh. Uh.” Anakin seems unsure of what to say. Obi-Wan decides to take pity on him.

“I apologise for hiding away like that. I needed some time alone to think. Why don’t you join me for some tea, hmm?”

Chapter Text

The time has come. If Obi-Wan feels like being dramatic, he would say that the fate of the Galaxy will be decided in a few short hours. It’s not exactly true, whether or not Chancellor Palpatine remains in office surely won’t decide the ultimate fate of the Galaxy, nor will Obi-Wan being voted in or not do it either.

So no, tt’s not the fate of the Galaxy that’s being decided, more the fate of Obi-Wan’s sanity.


Perhaps he is feeling a bit melodramatic.

Moving on, surely the Senate can’t be so stupid as to vote him in, can they? That would make him a High Councillor, High General, and Supreme Chancellor at the same time. Giving all those roles to the same person would be outrageous! No one wants that kind of concentration of power!

Deep breaths. Don’t centre on your anxieties, Obi-Wan, release them and focus on the Force. The comfortable feeling of his negative emotions falling away, and the Force moving in time with his breathing and brings a sense of inner peace and serenity. It almost makes Obi-Wan smile.

He’s certainly taken more to meditation since he got older. What was once frustrating and time-consuming is now like a comfortable blanket, helping him keep the chill—of fear, the war, grief, the Dark—at bay. That is likely why they start so early, so they learn and get better at it. Meditation is not an innate skill, it is something you learn.

Hmm… Anakin could do with some refresher courses, now that Obi-Wan thinks about it.

“The vote will begin soon, we must enter the Senate Chamber.” Mace is a steady presence at Obi-Wan’s side. Obi-Wan truly is grateful his friend decided to come along for this, though he may say it’s his duty as a Master of the Council Obi-Wan is on to him.

“Go we shall,” Yoda says and taps his walking stick against the floor. Obi-Wan has no idea why the Grandmaster wanted to come, he usually does his absolute best to avoid the Senate. Still, his presence too is a comfort.


The vote is actually two votes taking place at the same time. The first: Confidence or No-Confidence for Chancellor Palpatine; the second: should No-Confidence win, instate Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi as Supreme Chancellor yes or no.

A simple setup, and efficient. Though Obi-Wan has to admit he’s curious how they got the idea approved. Usually the senate loves to take as much time as it can for every small thing. Not that deliberation on difficult topics is a bad thing, mind you.

If the first vote ends with a majority having Confidence in Chancellor Palpatine, then the second vote does not matter. However, should the vote be No-Confidence, then the second will see whether the majority agrees to make Obi-Wan into Chancellor Kenobi. If not, then a regular senatorial election will be held, as when the vote was cast and ended in No-Confidence in Chancellor Valorum.

The three Jedi sit in their repulsor pod. Technically, they all count as Senators because of Republic law B-45-SK-9—as Senator Mandai so kindly informed the Senate—and could cast votes in this election, however, the Jedi, as they so often do, have chosen the neutral path. It would hardly look good for them to cast votes anyway.

“Get involved in the vote, we will not,” Master Yoda said in the very beginning of the session. The proclamation seems to have helped calm some of the dissenters, Senators who possibly feared a power-grab.

That thought makes Obi-Wan pause. Naangni are known to be immune to Force suggestions, is that why the 135 Senators chose her as the representative? So that no one could claim foul? Interesting possibility if nothing else. Obi-Wan isn’t quite certain how well known the actual capabilities of Jedi are.

One by one senators start pressing in their votes, there’s a delay in the system to ensure that no one will know just who has votes for what, unless they themselves say so.

When the first numbers show up on the projection…

Total votes cast: 1000

Vote of No-confidence
Confidence: 54%
No-Confidence: 46%

Instate Master Kenobi
Yes: 75%
No: 25%

Obi-Wan stares. Blinks. Stares some more.

He wasn’t expecting it to be that close and he certainly wasn’t expecting such a clear majority to wish to have him has chancellor, even though many of them still have confidence in Chancellor Palpatine.

The votes keep coming in, one by one, and the numbers start shifting. The vote for instating him never drops below 70% and there’s a detached sort of dread that fills him at the thought. But, as long as the No-confidence doesn’t go through, that doesn’t really matter. He can just… consider it a compliment.

But then the No-Confidence vote starts shifting, back and forth between the two. Obi-Wan stares at the numbers, blinking slowly.

Vote of No-confidence
Confidence: 49%
No-Confidence: 51%

He shakes his head slightly, not quite able to believe his eyes. Should it really be so close?

Vote of No-confidence
Confidence: 51%
No-Confidence: 49%

He doesn’t dare to breathe out a sigh of relief. He doesn’t actually trust Palpatine, and perhaps he should hope for the vote to go through, however…

Instate Master Kenobi
Yes: 76%
No: 24%

If only the risk of Obi-Wan himself being voted into office didn’t exist. He doesn’t want to become the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. He’s no politician, he dislikes most of them, and beyond that he holds some distaste for politics in general. It’s bad enough what little exists within the Temple!

And then the No-Confidence starts gaining ground. It starts moving away from being just around the 50% line.

Vote of No-confidence
Confidence: 42%
No-Confidence: 58%

Obi-Wan closes his eyes and breathes out a sigh. So this is truly happening, then? Another task he never asked nor hoped for being lain on his shoulder by someone else?

Vote of No-confidence
Confidence: 39%
No-Confidence: 61%

Obi-Wan closes his eyes and shuts out all of the noise. The murmurs and beginning of shouting among the Senators, Mace’s deep breathing to his right, the sound of barely choked down cackling from Yoda on his left.

He withdraws inside himself and enters a state of deep meditation. Don’t centre on your anxieties, Obi-Wan. His master’s words echo in his mind.

Breathe in the Force and out the negativity. Shut out the noise and centre yourself around the peace and tranquillity you carry within. Not that Obi-Wan actually carries much of that with him these days, not with the war as it is. It’s been a long time since he truly felt completely at peace, not since before his Master died—the last time he felt truly safe.

Even so… Centre in the stability of your self. In your knowledge of your own body. Stay in the now, and discard all distractions.

“The vote has finished, Obi-Wan.” Mace’s voice and the feeling of his hand on Obi-Wan’s shoulder reaches him even deep in meditation as he is.

Obi-Wan opens his eyes.

Vote of No-confidence
Confidence: 41%
No-Confidence: 59%

Instate Master Kenobi
Yes: 74%
No: 26%

Of course.

Obi-Wan clenches his hands briefly to suppress the urge to bury his face in his hands, and allows the Senate and the Journalists to see nothing but a calm and serene expression on his face.

He can’t wait to get back to his Murgröna rose cutting. Maybe things will make more sense then.

Chapter Text

“No. Absolutely not.” Obi-Wan refuses to even look at the dreadful robes the aides are holding out to him.

Gaudy monstrosities and horribly unsuitable for a Jedi to wear.

“But Chancellor, please. It’s traditional for the Chancellor to wear robes like these. They should be in your size—”

“No,” Obi-Wan interrupts the aide before he can finish. “I am a Jedi, not a politician. I was voted in because I am a Jedi and not a politician. I absolutely and adamantly refuse to look like a politician.”

Anakin, the asshole, is in the background trying to choke down giggles. Figures that he finds this funny. Obi-Wan sends him a sour look, before he notices that both Padmé and Bail have the expressions of people well versed in the art of looking neutral while laughing on the inside.

All his friends are assholes.

“I am a Jedi and as such, I will wear Jedi robes. These… robes you’re holding are absolutely unsuitable. I am still a General and a Jedi, I cannot be hampered by my own clothing.”

If he hadn’t had years of practice in staying stoic and projecting serenity, he probably would have seemed more that just slightly annoyed. As it is, Obi-Wan just barely keeps it together.

He understands that they think the inauguration ceremony is important, but Obi-Wan cannot actually care less right now. They voted him in as a Jedi Master, and he will do his duty as a Jedi Master.


Obi-Wan looks at the clothes left out for him for his inauguration. He’s been betrayed.

They are Jedi robes, just as he demanded. But somehow, somehow, the aides and Senate workers has managed to convince the Jedi to allow a tailor to alter some Jedi robes.

Gold trims on the cloak. A blue that looks uncomfortably like his own eye colour hemming the cream coloured overtunic. That same blue for the obi. Black boots shined to perfection. Gold on the utility belt. Gold trimming the edges of his high collared undertunic.

Gold. On Jedi robes.

Has the rest of the Council lost their minds? Is this pay-back because he refused to answer when they commed him during his… time of peace and solitude?

He’s horrified. It’s ridiculous. He cannot be seen wearing this. Of course, it’s not like he has a choice when one of the aides must have snuck in and stolen his old set of clothing while he was in the fresher.

As much as he absolutely does not want to wear them, he’s verging on being late and he certainly cannot go through the inauguration naked.

With a despairing sigh, Obi-Wan begins dressing.


He stands in the middle of the Senate chamber, head held high, dressed in Jedi robes with gold and a shining sort of blue on them during his inauguration. There are holocameras everywhere. He knows a video of his inauguration is being projected throughout the Republic.

If this is the image that he’ll leave behind in history books—because there is little chance that him becoming the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic from this sort of upset will be left out of the history books of the Republic—then Obi-Wan will feel ashamed long after he passes into the Force. He’s sure of it.

But he will do his duty with a calm face and an air of serenity.

He will.

… If Yoda cackles one more time, Obi-Wan will Force push him off that hover chair of his.

Chapter Text

“Newly-elected Chancellor Kenobi leaving the Jedi Order?”

“What does the gold and sapphire on the Jedi robes mean?”

“A complete analysis of Chancellor Kenobi’s inauguration clothing.”

Obi-Wan can’t believe what he’s seeing. He stares at the many headlines on the holonet with horror.

The journalists of the holonet have truly gone out of their way to make the most elaborate conclusions based on what Obi-Wan was wearing during his inauguration. He didn’t even want to wear those clothes!

He closes his eyes and breathes deeply as he counts to ten. What is this? Is this his life now? Will the people of the holonet do their absolute best to drive him insane with made up theories and pointless gossip based on the flimsiest of evidence?

Is someone going to start conspiracy theories about this? “The Jedi are planning a power grab! Look at what Kenobi was wearing when he was sworn in! Gold on Jedi robes. Clearly this is a sign!”

Are they going to go back though any and all recording from his time before and during the war and try to start some rumour that he’s actually a Sith in disguise?

If Obi-Wan had known this is what would happen, he might have chosen to go naked after all… Well, no. But he would have gone back to his rooms in the Temple, gotten some of his own spare clothes and been late.

A media circus… over his clothing. What is the galaxy coming to? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Ignore Yoda’s cackling.

Don’t look Mace in the eyes.

Ignore Anakin’s snickers.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Everything is fine. This is fine. You can do this, Kenobi. You’ve put up with the holonet and its ridiculous tendencies before. If the memes about “Master Kenobi’s sculpted abs” didn’t get you, this certainly won’t.

You’ve made it through worse, Obi-Wan. You can do this.

Besides, Obi-Wan isn’t even sure that “sapphire” is the right name for the blue colour on the trims of his beige inauguration overtunic…

Chapter Text

Anakin likes to think that he’s good at letting his Padawan has privacy. That he’s not snooping or anything. But he’s really starting to wonder what she’s laughing about. What is it on her datapad that makes her choke down giggles time and time again?

He shouldn’t ask. If she wants to tell him, she will. He just needs to be patient.



Fuck it.

“What are you laughing about, Snips?” Screw patience. That’s Obi-Wan’s forte anyway.

Ahsoka looks up at him and for a short moment tries to look serious—the glint in her eyes betrays her—before she grins widely.

“Master Obi-Wan is blowing up social media again.”

Anakin groans. He remembers last time, the whole “Master Kenobi’s sculpted abs” thing and the appreciation posts for it going around. It was funny at first, watching Obi-Wan deliberately and carefully not flail but still go red in the face if you so much hinted towards it. However, the amount of flirting the locals started up with soon got annoying.

At least it finally died down months ago.

“What is it this time?” He moves over to sit down next to her on the couch.

“Read this!” Ahsoka hands over her datapad.

It’s one of those forums she hangs out on when she has the spare time. The more he reads, the bigger his eyes becomes and he has to start choking down his own giggles. Oh Force.


omg have u guys seen our new chancellor?!


heard he was some old jedi master!!!


another crusty old dude???


omg! i just looked it up! remember Master Kenobi?!


with the abs???


yes! Master Kenobi of the sculpted abs is now Chancellor Kenobi of the sculpted abs!




Well, I, for one, accept our new sexy overlord.


he can rule my body any time


Time to get more involved with politics!


Guys! Look what he wore to the inauguration!


Anakin has to stop reading. He’ll start crying from keeping the laughter in if he doesn’t.

“The holonet never forgets,” he manages to choke out.

Ahsoka’s only answer is another round of giggling.

Chapter Text

Anakin makes his way to Padmé’s office. It’s been a while since he last saw her. Everything with the Senate just… yeah, he’s mostly tried to help Cody keep Obi-Wan from going completely without sleep lately. It’s lucky that he hasn’t needed to leave the Temple for missions recently, though he’s not exactly sure what has caused the lull.

Besides, it’s ridiculous that Obi-Wan is in this mess in the first place. As if his Master doesn’t have enough to do even without this whole Chancellor nonsense.

“Senator Amidala, are you free?” It’s hard to remember to use formal address when speaking in the Senate building, but it is important so he does his best. One single slip could be enough to expose them, and he can’t allow that to happen. He can’t.

“Ah, Knight Skywalker, do come in.”

Wait a minute, that’s not Padmé.

He steps into Padmé’s office and finds himself face to face with Senator Mandai. Padmé’s there too of course, but... he’s kind of distracted.

The senator looked very large on all the holovids that went around, but in person she’s even larger than Anakin thought she’d be. Thank god Naangni are pacifists… Or maybe not, they could probably be really useful on a battlefield…

“Knight Skywalker, it is a pleasure to see you. Senator Mandai and I were just going over some legislation that passed recently—before Chancellor Kenobi took office,” Padmé says. She flashes a small sympathetic smile, she knows Anakin doesn’t care much for legislation and Senate talk, before her face returns to the neutral state it was in before.

“I see. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Senator Mandai,” he says to the other senator with a small bow.

“You were Chancellor Kenobi’s padawan, yes?”

“Uh, yeah, I was. He, uh, he taught me a lot.” He wants to smile, because that’s generally what you do when you’re being polite, but he distinctly remembers Obi-Wan telling him never to smile to a Naangni because they find it rude. He can’t help the twitching in the sides of his mouth.

There’s a clicking noise that seems to emanate from Senator Mandai. It takes him a second to realise that it’s the Naangni’s version of a laugh.

Anakin isn’t sure if he should be insulted or not. Why is she laughing at him?

“You do not quite have your former master’s way with words, I see.” Her tone is warm as she speaks, and Anakin can feel no mocking or ill-intent in her words.

“That’s more Obi-Wan’s area. Padawans don’t always take up their Master’s vocation, though Master Jinn did teach Obi-Wan to negotiate, I never really had the head for it…” Anakin shrugs slightly. It isn’t something he’s ever been very worried about.

“He was not always so skilled himself. He was still a youngling when he visited my planet, headstrong and brave, but a mere fledgling negotiator. He’s learned well.” She sounds nostalgic, as if she’s remembering good times past, but in the Force Anakin can also feel… pain. As if the memories bring her both joy and pain, are both good and bad.

Anakin doesn’t often hear stories about Obi-Wan’s youth. His master never liked talking about it much… like with a lot of things, really. Definitely one of Obi-Wan’s worst traits.

“I first met Mas—Chancellor Kenobi when he was already twenty year sold and an experienced Padawan, just as he was Knighted, in fact. I would be delighted to hear more about this mission he had to your planet, Senator Mandai, if you would indulge me,” Padmé says from behind Senator Mandai.

Thank the Force for Padmé.

“I would be delighted. It is a wonderful story, though it is also painful,” Senator Mandai says, turning and making her way over to Padmé’s office sofas.

Anakin takes a seat and waits for the story that quite possibly is one of the reasons, if not the reason, Obi-Wan got voted in as Supreme Chancellor.

Chapter Text

The Senate tried to argue that Obi-Wan should stay in some special apartment close to the senate building. More of the whole “traditional” things that the Senate apparently thrives on.

Obi-Wan is having none of it. He is a Jedi, he will stay in his rooms in the Temple as long as he is on Coruscant—where he seems to be stranded for some time until this whole Supreme Chancellor appointment is over… Unless he can somehow convince the Council, and Cody, and the 212th, and Anakin, and the Senate… Okay, he’s most likely not leaving Coruscant in a long while. He’s mostly stuck as a General working from afar. It galls a bit, but it is his duty now.

He’s staying in his own Jedi apartments, it’s most likely the safest place on Coruscant, maybe the whole Galaxy, anyway. That was the argument that convinced the Senate, in the end. You’re a lot more likely to succeed in negotiations if you know how your opponent thinks and if you can twist what they want into what you want.

One benefit to staying in his own rooms is the fact that he’s managed to dump his “ceremonial” Jedi robes. He really is much more comfortable in unaltered robes.

Obi-Wan swears that Yoda still laughs at him behind his back. The side of Mace’s mouth twitched upward once. Obi-Wan saw it, even if Mace claims he imagined it.

He’s sure many of the Senators are less than pleased when he shows up for his first senate session dressed in regular robes—the feeling of petulance and annoyance in the Force suggests as much. However, if they ever believed he’d wear something even marginally expensive looking on a regular basis, they’re deluded. He’s a Jedi, he has no interest nor need for riches and splendour.

The session itself is… interesting.

Seven pieces of legislation are brought up and discussed, six of them devolve into arguments consisting of screaming-matches across the chamber.

The longer the session goes on, the closer to his hairline Obi-Wan’s eyebrows rise. It’s like they’re deliberately being ineffective and useless. They’re supposed to be rational adults, but are acting worse than the Temple younglings; the five year-olds.

He looks at Senator Ha'han-ash, temporarily acting as Vice Chancellor while Obi-Wan makes a preliminary investigation regarding whether or not there’s any reason to start an corruption investigation against Mas Amedda and Palpatine. She looks back at him with an expression that’s perfectly calm, but he can see the annoyance in her eyes. What wouldn’t Obi-Wan give to be back at his office, preparing for the session about the corruption investigation instead of this circus. Senator Ha’han-ash looks like she wishes the same.

Deep breaths. Serenity. Obi-Wan’s face becomes a placid mask again.

“Calm yourselves, Senators. We will shelve this discussion for the time being.” If Obi-Wan has to listen to more arguing about legislation about inner-Coruscant parking he might actually lose his temper in a very un-Jedi like fashion.

Both Senators who has been shouting at each other through translation devices pause, but both also look like they want to argue with Obi-Wan’s decision to end their “debate”.

Obi-Wan raises an eyebrow and tilts his head to the side just slightly, waiting.

Seconds tick by.

Finally both Senators back down, grumbling to themselves and straightening their robes with great dignity. As if there’s any dignity left when you’ve been screaming at someone for over ten minutes over parking spaces.

Absolutely ridiculous. No wonder the war has dragged on as long as it has, when the Senate is this inefficient.

No, there is some cleaning up to do. Obi-Wan has to look over the Senate protocols again. Something must be done.

Chapter Text

Sheev Palpatine allows the rage to flood through his body and spark in the Force. Here on Naboo there’s no risk some blasted Jedi will feel it and come investigate. Not that they haven’t been blinded even on Coruscant, near their own blasted Temple, but better safe than sorry.

The Sith haven’t endured for generations due to being sloppy and careless.

He’s better than that, smarter than that! He’s more competent a politician, better a negotiator, and smarter a manipulator than any other could ever hope to be.

How dares Senator Mandai interrupt his plans? While she certainly can’t have known anything about them, it’s still exactly what she’s doing. And to dare call him incompetent? Turn the majority of the Senate against him? Ensure that that blasted scum-sucking always-in-the-way of an absolute horror of a Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi elected in his stead?

Palpatine would rip her head clean off her shoulders if it wasn’t for the fact that her murder would most likely make all eyes turn on him with scrutiny.

He cannot touch Senator Mandai. Not that it would be useful for anything beyond revenge, anyway. She’s only one among 135. Kill her and there are 134, and probably more, willing to take her place. She was smart, there, bringing it up as a group, a movement, not as an individual senator. By making herself the face and head of a group—one that will likely grow in numbers—she gives herself more power, more sway, at the same time as she creates herself a shield.

He grinds his teeth together. Ousted from his seat as Chancellor. Humiliating. He has tried to legislate to make it nary-impossible. Unfortunately, the Vote of No-Confidence is part of the very foundation of the Republic and as such, there was no way for him to just remove it. Not yet. He had had most Senators either convinced he was the only thing standing between the Republic and utter desolation, or made them believe he was malleable to their interests.

He thought he’d achieved the perfect blend.

Unfortunately, it seems that was not the case.

Haa’ndu has always been a pain to deal with. Staunchly anti-war, the whole planet has disapproved of him since the creation of the GAR. It has been annoying, but ultimately unavoidable. Besides, Haa’ndu has limited sway in the Senate.


They had limited sway in the Senate. Clearly Mandai is far more skilled than her predecessor.

That a predator species of the Naangni’s level would be such staunch pacifists is laughable. Like some snake species on Naboo they can easily crush their prey by wrapping their long body around them and squeezing. Of course, Naangni, considering their size and relative strength, could possibly even crush a Krayt dragon. Very much unlike Naboo snakes.

Mandai is untouchable. Even if he’d known what she would do, he couldn’t have swayed her. Naangni are one of the highly infuriating races completely immune to Force suggestions.

Honestly, Palpatine wants to blow the entire planet up in retaliation.

But no. Mandai and Haa’ndu are forgettable. He needs to focus on the real threat.

Obi-Wan Kenobi.

His mere name sets Palpatine’s teeth on edge.

Ludicrously stable in the Light and somehow manages to inspire loyalty despite his extensive list of flaws. Palpatine has spent years molding Skywalker, and still the boy is loyal to his former Master. He will Fall, Palpatine will make sure of it. But as long as Kenobi is alive and around, he’ll be an obstacle simply by existing.

Die. He must die.

Palpatine would most of all like to strangle him until his lips turns blue and his eyes pops out of their sockets, wants to watch the man’s life slowly fade from his eyes. A quick death is too good for such ridiculous rot.

Palpatine would love to be the one to kill Kenobi, to give in to the rage and end his life. However, if he wants to reclaim his throne, he’ll need to be subtle and hire someone.


Obi-Wan Kenobi is far from pleased. Several senatorial aides and Senators and even his own men have said it’s important he bring guards with him wherever he goes. Apparently, since he’s the Supreme Chancellor, he simply must have guards.

He may be the Supreme Chancellor, but he is also a kriffing Jedi Master. He knows how to protect himself! He’s survived in catastrophic zones when he was 13 years old. Sure, he was mostly there by accident, but he sure had to survive them once he was there! If he didn’t need a protective guard then, he certainly doesn’t now. Then again, that does depend on if you count his Master as a protective guard or not, because he always were with Qui-Gon when something went awry and missions that should have been calm and fine blew up in their faces—sometimes literally.

Regardless, he can very well take care of himself!

But no, Cody had insisted. Which, frankly, all things considered was a bit of a relief. If he has to have someone following him around, then he wants it to be men he trusts with his back already.

“Chancellor Kenobi! It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” Senator Mandai coils her lower body several times to be closer to Obi-Wan’s own eye-level. Her face isn’t capable of smiling, but if it was, such an expression would only showcase her many many sharp fangs.

Really, it’s such a good thing the Naangni are pacifists unless actively forced into battle. Willing to defend themselves and others, but unwilling to strike the first blow or seek out battle.

“Likewise, Senator Mandai.” Obi-Wan doesn’t smile either, the Naangni consider it rude and he is ever a trained diplomat. “I must say I was surprised by your rather impassioned speech to the Senate.”

“The Naangni have long memories, Chancellor. We remember the help you and Master Jinn—may his essence ever spread across the universe—gave us some 20 years ago.” Her large clawed hand makes a sweeping motion over and across her face as she mentions Qui-Gon, a Naangni’s way of expressing grief and respect.

“I see.” There will always be an ache in his chest when memories of his Master surfaces. The mission to Haa’ndu had be challenging, but rewarding. He hadn’t expected something like this to come from it, however.

“Of course, we’ve also seen all your efforts during the war.” She straightens slightly, temporarily towering over Obi-Wan, before she relaxes again. “You will work toward ending this war. We of the Naangni have no powers with the Force, but the legislation enacted under Palpatine has worried us. You’d do well to look it over.”

She refused to say more, stating her wish to have him look it over with unclouded eyes. Perhaps the Naangni see things that aren’t there.

“Well then, Senator, I believe it’s time for me to make my departure.” Obi-Wan bows and receives a bow in return.

He doesn’t get far before more Senators try to swarm him. Their distance had clearly only been out of respect for Senator Mandai. That or fear, she is a rather awe inspiring presence.

It’s a sudden bright flash in the Force, as if it were shouting “WARNING!” at him, that has him dropping to the floor and with some assistance from the Force get out from between the Senators and reach a wall.

There’s screaming and shouting all around as Senator Biiiz of Hirunth is only barely missed by the blaster shot when Obi-Wan avoids it.

If he hadn’t… Obi-Wan tracks the likely trajectory. It most likely would have gone through the back of his head. He looks towards the higher floors, but in the midst of the chaos, whoever attacked has likely disappeared already.

Cody is at his side, barking orders at the other troopers coming closer and spreading out to both give him cover and search for the attacker.

Five days on the job and there’s already been an assassination attempt.


Chapter Text

“Obi-Wan, are you free?” Padmé steps into the Chancellor’s offices with Bail, both of them having been carefully vetted by the clone troopers outside—she idly wonders where Dar Wac is, but presumes that the clones have taken over as a security measure and puts it out of her mind—and looks around the room.

The official desk is empty, not a trace of Obi-Wan. In fact, the terminal and everything on it has been moved. She blinks in surprise.

That’s odd.

“Obi-Wan? Are you in here?“ She looks around again before she shares a confused look with Bail.

“Ah, Padmé, Bail. How nice of you to join me.”

They both startle slightly when Obi-Wan’s voice rings out from the corner of the room. Turning toward the sound, Padme finds him at a much smaller desk in a secluded corner of the room.

“Obi-Wan? Why aren’t you at the Chancellor’s desk?” Bail sounds about as confused as Padmé feels.

Obi-Wan lets out a rather loud huff and turns an intense gaze at them.

“I’m not about to sit with my back to a very large window. I wasn’t planning on doing so even before the attempt at assassination the other day.” He chuckles.

Padmé stares at him in horror. How can he chuckle about an attempt at his life? The war and all his responsibilities must be weighing heavy on him indeed if he manages to find humour in an attempt at his life.

“To be quite honest with you,” he continues as if he hasn’t done anything odd at all, “I wanted a different office entirely. These offices are absolutely ridiculous. Far too large and elaborately decorated for my taste.” He looks toward one of the other rooms. “Palpatine certainly has interesting taste in decorations.”

“What? You still have Palpatine’s belongings here?” Bail is just barely managing to avoid gaping, Padmé can tell.

“Of course. He was relieved of his duties with claims of incompetence, and since there has been discussion of corruption… As you know, Mas Amedda has been temporarily relieved of his role as Vice Chancellor and both of their terminals and belonging have been temporarily confiscated.” He pauses and gives them an inscrutable look. “I have some people looking everything over to ensure that nothing has been erased. If my duty is to rule the Republic and ensure the end of the war, then I will do it to the utmost of my ability. And as a High General, I know I need as much information as possible, anything less can lead to heavy losses on the battlefield, losses that could have been prevented.”

“How… efficient.” Padmé can’t help the way her heart picks up speed just a bit. Perhaps Senator Mandai is right. Perhaps having Obi-Wan Kenobi as Supreme Chancellor is exactly what the Republic, the Galaxy, needs.

“The more I look through recently passed legislation, the more I look over the legislation Palpatine has passed using the emergency powers he was given…” Obi-Wan trails off and stares at the door.

“What is it, Obi-Wan?” Padmé moves ever closer to him.

“It’s like I’ve been playing Corellian chess on Hoth with half the board covered in snow, and only now has the snow been cleared from it.” He strokes his beard in contemplation. “Count Dooku once told me that the Senate was under the sway of a Sith Lord and I should join him to help burn away the rot, so to speak. We—the Jedi—thought it likely to only have been an attempt at making the Jedi lose faith in the Senate. However…”

The hairs on the back of Padmé’s neck stands on end. Obi-Wan can’t be implying what he is, can he? Has he found something in the legislation and Palpatine’s computers and belongings that point to Count Dooku having told the truth?

She doesn’t want to believe it, but she knows that she has worried at times if the Republic she’s wanted to serve had already died.

“Enough about that, for now.” He motions for them to sit down.

Padmé presses her lips together. She wants to press him on the issue, but he most likely has a reason for staying his tongue. Bail seems to be battling with the same urge but he too remains silent.

They take their seats in unison.

“I must say it’s not very nice to vote a friend into a political office they do not want.” Obi-Wan’s voice is deceptively mild, but his eyes are sharp and he’s doing that terrible thing where he raises one of his eyebrows and looks just so unimpressed with you. Padmé hates that expression.

“Well, my friend, if you had been less of an excellent choice for the job, perhaps we wouldn’t have,” Bail says smugly, a smirk clearly visible on his face.

Padmé puts a hand over her mouth, trying to hide her smile and the giggles that want to escape her. She’s made peace with her choice and it seems Obi-Wan has already forgiven them for it.

Obi-Wan gives the The Look again, before he asks them what they came for. Time to get to work.


Obi-Wan stares out the ridiculously large panorama windows in his new office. The whole thing still leaves a bad taste in his mouth, but if what he’s just found out is true…

He closes his eyes and walks deeper into the rooms instead, away from the windows and the door to the outside. Palpatine’s belongings are spread around the rooms and for the first time in a long while, Obi-Wan really looks at them.

There are things he believes might be hiding terrible secrets, secrets he’ll have to wait a bit with unveiling. He’s certain he’s close to finding information about Palpatine’s corruption and that must take precedence. There are records of meetings with Senators very closely before a new piece of troubling legislation is brought before the Senate.

He’s doubting the entire narrative of extra power and extra time as Chancellor being pushed onto Palpatine. Obi-Wan hasn’t slept much since he took office, which is… perhaps not very good, so he’ll have to go over his notes after he’s rested enough to think straight. But for now, he has the niggling suspicion that Palpatine has manipulated events to keep himself in power while making it look like he’s shouldering a burden others wish for him to carry.

Most troubling of all… the chips. The inhibitor chips inside all of the clones. There has been no information so far in any of Palpatine’s systems about what, exactly, the chips are for. But their mere presence is disquieting and the fact that Palpatine—and seemingly no one else—knows about them is even more so.

He shouldn’t have said anything to Padmé or Bail yet. Unfortunately, he’s tired and overworked. He should know better than bring up speculation and theories. He wasn’t even really talking to them, more… thinking out loud.

What has been, has been. He cannot change it now. At least Padmé and Bail are among the truly few trustworthy politicians out there. It could have been worse.

He closes his eyes and sits down on the floor to prepare for meditation. Sleep will have to wait, but he needs some rest, he needs to regain his center and gather his thoughts. Time is of the essence right now.

Palpatine is already pushing for Obi-Wan to return his belongings to him. There’s only so long Obi-Wan can stall for time. Unless he finds proof quickly, he could fast end up in trouble with the part of the Senate who are still in Palpatine’s pocket.

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.

He repeats the meditation mantra to himself as he breathes in and out slowly, releasing the tension and worry he’s carrying.

He will find what he need, he will have the time to test the objects he’s worried about. He will find the truth.

Even so, he has a Council meeting tomorrow—oh how he loathes having to be there by holo, sitting in these gaudy rooms instead—and then he needs to work with Cody and some of the other Generals to formulate their next plan of attack.

His duties are many, and they are heavy. However, Obi-Wan has carried heavy burdens since childhood, he will not falter. He will find a way to end this war and return peace and stability to the Galaxy and the Republic.

It is his duty as a Jedi.

Chapter Text

Obi-Wan closes his eyes and takes long, deep breaths. Breathe out negativity, breathe in the Force. Out negativity, in the Force.

The information he’s gathered so far should be enough to convince the Senate to start an investigation into Palpatine and Amedda’s dealings. Obi-Wan isn’t especially worried about that. No, what worries him, what causes emotions he needs to deal with and acknowledge, is Anakin.

Obi-Wan knows Anakin won’t take this well. Not at all. He’ll most likely see it as Obi-Wan launching an unjustified attack on Palpatine simply because he doesn’t trust politicians.

Part of Obi-Wan wonders if Anakin would be correct in that assessment. It’s just… Obi-Wan has always felt uncomfortable in Palpatine’s presence. There’s always been something niggling in the back of his mind. Nothing substantial, nothing he could point at and go “See, this is why I do not trust this man.” Just a bad feeling.

If this causes a rift between him and Anakin… So be it. Obi-Wan has his duty, to the Republic and the Galaxy, and he cannot put himself and his relationship with the people closest to him before that—even though he wants to.


“Members of the Senate, I understand and appreciate your patience. Today I will present the information I have gathered so far from the computers, datapads and offices belonging to Vice-Chancellor Mas Amedda and former Chancellor Palpatine.”

Mumbles rises from the many repulsorpods. The Senators are impatient. Obi-Wan keeps his head high and his back straight; a posture of strength and confidence.

“Once I’ve presented the information, we’ll have a short intermission for everyone to gather their thoughts, and after that we’ll have a vote on whether or not a formal corruption investigation will take place.”

More mumbles rumble across the floor, but Obi-Wan keeps his face placid. It’s for the best if he’s a neutral presenter of facts, and nothing more. His own feelings and bias must not affect the rest of the Senate.

“A question, Chancellor Kenobi!”

Obi-Wan blinks, and looks at the data screen in front of him to see what Senator activated their voice amplifier.

“Yes, Senator Baran?”

“Regarding this… investigation, of yours. I assume it would be placed in the hands of the Jedi,” Senator Baran nearly spits out the last word, his disdain obvious.

Murmurs, and some shouting, breaks out in the Chamber. Many Senators appear displeased with the thought of the Jedi being in charge of such an investigation. Considering the ever increasing anti-Jedi sentiment, Obi-Wan is unsurprised, if understandably displeased.

He presses his lips together briefly before his face smoothes out again.

“It would be a joint investigation between the Senate, the Jedi, and the Coruscant Security Forces, Senator Baran, to avoid any risk of someone tampering with the results of the investigation.” Besides, Obi-Wan thinks, a more diverse group of investigators is more likely to be able to view the facts and evidence from all different angles than a homogenous group is.

The unrest settles down again, and Obi-Wan prepares himself to present the information he’s gathered. The point of no return has arrived.


“… Twenty of the opposing Senators met with former Chancellor Palpatine during the three weeks before the vote, and once the vote finally took place, fifteen of them changed their position to follow the former Chancellor’s.”

“… Met with Vice-Chancellor Amedda to discuss policy—according to the official meeting log—and a week later presented new legislation RB-566-C supporting the 34-KTB-9 bill, which was voted down, that Vice-Chancellor Amedda introduced a month earlier. After the RB-566-C passed, 34-KTB-9 was brought up to the Senate again, and this time it passed into Republic law.”

“… bill 56-KCL-8 was rejected by the Senate. Two months later, with the use of his emergency powers, former Chancellor Palpatine signed 56-KCL-8 into Republic law anyway.”

“… met with fifty of the undecided. Later, during the vote, forty-two of them followed his line.”

“… accepted numerous gifts from Senator Habenathe, and later supported his proposal to enact bill 34-KLT-3, which restricted the use of Bacta treatment for non-Republic citizens.”


The intermission is over and Obi-Wan takes his place, ready for the start the second half of the Senate session.

“All members of the Senate, vote yay, nay—or you may abstain from voting entirely—on whether we should open a corruption investigation for Vice-Chancellor Mas Amedda and former Chancellor Palpatine or not,” Senator Ha’han-ash’s voice rings out clearly across the chamber.

Obi-Wan pauses slightly and strokes his beard once. There is something he should say, before the vote takes place. He makes a small hand gesture toward Ha’han-ash who nods her head in understanding.

“Senators, I will not be participating in the vote, and will instead remain a neutral party.” He glances around the chamber briefly. “Senators, I hereby declare the vote open.”

Mas Amedda shifts nervously where he stands on Obi-Wan’s left side. He may have been temporarily relieved of his duties, but his presence during this particular session is important. Obi-Wan finds it rather unsurprising to see him squirm. The Chagrian most likely never believed anyone would find anything on him, and had Palpatine remained in office, it’s very likely no one would have gone looking.

Obi-Wan returns his attention to the numbers as they start appearing on the holoscreens around the chamber.

In the end it is, just as Obi-Wan had hoped, a victory for the side of looking into the corruption.

Yay: 58% Nay: 37% Abstain: 5%

“Well then, Senators of the Galactic Republic, the vote has been cast and the result is in. As the investigation will begin immediately, Vice-Chancellor Mas Amedda will stay removed from his post until the investigation has finished. As such, Senator Ha’han-Ash will remain as temporary Vice-Chancellor until then.”

Obi-Wan looks to his left and sees defeat in every line of Mas Amedda’s body, though he tries to hide it.

Senator Ha’han-ash, on the other hand, straightens and raises her chin slightly. Proud and strong. “With this, I declare this session meeting ended,” she says, casting a brief glance toward Obi-Wan.

The session has ended, but this is only the beginning. Obi-Wan is sure of it.

Chapter Text

Obi-Wan moves around the Chancellor’s offices, looking at the various artefacts, paintings, and statues Palpatine has decorated them with. The rooms are so ostentatious it makes Obi-Wan feel on edge. He sees no point in this kind of revelry in wealth, the Temple has always provided him with what he’s needed to live and thrive, but without owning for the sake of owning. This sort of… wasteful spending of money makes Obi-Wan deeply uncomfortable in a way he cannot properly articulate.

He pushes the thoughts of the wasteful use of money aside and continues with his small investigation. He moves from room to room at a sedate pace without any fear or interruptions—Cody and his chosen troopers are still stationed right outside as well as in the working office for the Chancellor’s guards and have taken upon themselves to provide him with some solitude.

Really, Obi-Wan is very grateful for it. He’s had more than enough of Senators “swinging by” to “offer their congratulations” on his election—he knows they’re really there to gain his favour. Of course, he’s a Jedi Master elected into office to be a neutral party, so they are—as Anakin would put it—shit out of luck. Especially since many of them also seem to be gleaning for ideas for “gifts” in further hopes of gaining favour—he wonders how many of them realise that as a Jedi, Obi-Wan has very little need for material belongings.

As he pauses and looks closer at some of the pieces, he feels a sense of unease wash over him.

These artefacts and art pieces… He’s looked at most of them before—of course he has, it’s hardly the first time he’s in the Chancellor’s offices—but he feels as if he’s never really seen them before.

The Great Hyperspace War Bas-Relief. It portrays an ancient battle between the Jedi and the Sith, both sides falling. It’s a grotesque scene, in Obi-Wan’s opinion, though he does understand the necessity of capturing historic events in art. It is, after all one of the best ways of leaving behind history.

It’s placement here, in these offices... It could be a sign of Palpatine’s respect for the Jedi Order. He knows many of his fellow Jedi and quite a few Senators perceive it as such. However, Obi-Wan thinks with a wry smile, it could also be a sign of his disrespect. After all, not only Jedi are depicted in the scene…

Useless speculation.

Obi-Wan turns his eyes away and moves on. He stops in front of a metal chalice of some sort, quite prominently on display despite the fact that there seems to be little special about it besides its apparent age. It doesn’t appear to be especially valuable and Obi-Wan doesn’t recognise it as any artefact of historical worth, the metal certainly isn’t especially precious, and if it’s something that has an actual use, he cannot tell what it is for.

To have it placed the way it does denotes some form of significance. Perhaps it’s a precious family heirloom?

Obi-Wan reaches out and strokes the rounded body with his fingertips. It feels… cold. Not just the metal against his skin, something about its very essence seems cold. He pauses and places his whole hand against it as he stretches his senses toward it through the Force.


Something about this chalice makes it feel cold, even in the Force. However, the feeling is elusive and slips through his fingers like grains of fine sand—impossible to hold on to—before he can truly grasp what it means.

Obi-Wan’s eyebrows knit together and his lips turn down. There’s certainly something about this chalice… Perhaps he should try to open it.

Later, he decides, and moves on again.

He looks at the bronzium statue in the small antechamber—Sistros of the Four Sages of Dwartii. Every time he looks at this statue the Force whispers to him. Take heed, it seems to say. He’s had it checked by multiple security scans, but they’ve all come up empty. Still, the niggling feeling won’t leave. There is something about this statue, just like there is something about the chalice.

He moves back into the public office and heads to one of the bronzium statues by the side of the large panorama window behind the “official” desk.

Just as large and ugly as the one in the antechamber, however, this one depicts Braata of the Four Sages of Dwartii. Obi-Wan knows his history, knows that Braata is known to have encouraged studies of the Dark Side of the Force.

All the Sages would be considered controversial figures these days, but Braata in particular is perhaps not someone who’s statue a Jedi would enjoy having in his office. Not to mention, her statue looks rather top heavy. Obi-Wan wonders what would happen if he tipped it over on top of someone. How heavy is it?

Even though one might think the statue of someone who encouraged Dark Side studies should be more concerning for a Jedi than that of someone mostly known for being selfish… There’s nothing in the Force when he looks at Braata’s statue, not like there is when he looks at the one of Sistros just outside the door to the private offices. In fact, the other Sistros statue doesn’t set off that reaction either. Meaning that it isn’t even about the person depicted, but something about the very statue itself.

He sighs and drags a hand over his eyes. Perhaps he should ask another for another Jedi to come and look at the objects. Perhaps he’s already spent too much time around them and has been desensitised to them.

He sighs again and sweeps his gaze over the rooms. He has his work cut out for him even if he doesn’t spend time looking at Palpatine’s interior decoration choices. And yet, something tells him that looking at it is still very much important.

How very peculiar.

Chapter Text

Senator Mandai is pleased, very pleased. Not so much for the numerous congratulations she’s received so far for her “ingenious” move to install Chancellor Kenobi. No, she is not pleased for her own sake.

Ten separatist worlds asking to rejoin the Republic.

It is a victory far beyond what she could have dreamt, especially so close in time to the election. They even said it was precisely because of Chancellor Kenobi that they wished to return. As long as the negotiations go well—and how can they not when someone as skilled at negotiations as Master Kenobi at the helm—then a small victory has finally happened in this dreadful war.

It seems the Naangni are not the only people with long memories of help given.


Anakin is straight up baffled. Actually, he feels a bit sick, if he’s being honest. Ten separatist worlds rejoining the Republic because they “know Chancellor Kenobi will root out the corruption and return the Republic to its former glory”.

He was angry, furious, when Obi-Wan accused both Chan—Former Chancellor Palpatine and Mas Amedda of corruption. It felt like a betrayal at the time. He knows that the Council never trusted Palpatine and he knows Obi-Wan has always disliked politicians, but to go that far…

And then he presented enough proof to spark a Jedi-Senate-Security Forces joint investigation. A clear majority of the Senate voted in favour of it.

It was like having the rug pulled out from under his feet and Anakin felt himself floundering in the wake of it. He trusted—trusts—Palpatine. The man has always treated him with respect and…

Anakin feels so confused. Part of him wants to go visit his friend, talk to him, but there’s also another part of him that seems to scream in horror at the very thought. Until Anakin can figure out what exactly that part of him is worried about, it’s best if he keeps his distance.

Instead, he takes missions with his Padawan in tow, visits his wife, visits Obi-Wan, and tries not to think too much about anything.

It hurts, somewhere deep inside.


Padmé is baffled. How in all the core worlds has Obi-Wan managed to bring back worlds that have left the Republic simply by existing?

How is that even possible?

But… Perhaps…

It’s true that he made clear immediately upon his election that he was opening up for peace talks. There were mutters and Senators complaining, but Obi-Wan had simply given the whole senatorial chamber The Look.

“We want to end this war, and that means peace talks. I was explicitly elected to end this war, so that is what I’ll be doing. Until you can give me a good reason, based on logic, facts and is a sound political and military strategy for why we should not allow peace talks with any part of the Separatist confederation that so wishes, this plan will continue.”

No one had anything to say to that, she remembers.

Besides, Obi-Wan could negotiate the hide off a Krayt dragon. She’s certain she’s not the only Senator who had that exact thought.


Cody is staring at the news feed. He’s not actually sure what he’s feeling right now.

How? What?

“Commander… How did—”

“I have no idea.” Cody can’t even look at anyone right now.

He knows his general is good at what he does, but this time he hasn’t actually done anything yet. Except survive an assassination attempt. He slaps a hand across his eyes and breathes in deeply through his nose.

Oh no.

There are going to be a lot more and a lot more fervent assassination attempts now, aren’t there.

Cody let’s out a string of Mando'a curses before he heads back toward General Kenobi’s office. He needs to discuss his general’s new 24-hour protection squad.


Mace Windu is having a pretty good day. Likely one of the best ever since this blasted war started.

If he had known how many worlds would remember the… adventures of the Jinn-Kenobi team fondly, he might have felt a lot better when Kenobi was elected as Chancellor.

It’s still ridiculous. Not without precedence, but still ridiculous. Elect a man who hates politics and politicians to the highest political office in the Galaxy? Absolutely ridiculous.

Master Yoda hasn’t stopped cackling since the news of ten worlds rejoining came in. In these grim times, they need all the amusement they can get.

Idly, Mace wonders what Dooku’s face looked like when he found out.


Dooku is, in fact, having a very bad day. He’s lost ten worlds to the Republic, simply because Kenobi had been voted into office, ousting Darth Sidious from his seat as Supreme Chancellor.

This certainly wasn’t part of the plan. The corruption accusations even less so.

The way of the Sith is the path of betrayal. As Darth Sidious is no longer useful to him, Count Dooku turns his back to him in turn. He lost his seat in the Senate by his own hands, he’ll have to regain it himself.

Dooku has other things to worry about. Like keeping more of the worlds of his confederation from simply leaving because they like Obi-Wan Kenobi a whole lot.