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Take It All

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8:45 AM

BTS Dorms

"Namjoon-hyung!"A voice called from the living room that he regconized as Jungkook.He'd been jumping around all morning upon finding out that they'd been among those that were invited to a ball in Osaka that was a week from now.

Namjoon had immediately decided to start getting ready to go,even though they didn't have to leave until four.And judging by all that noise coming from the living room the so had the others.

Or at least they were trying to get ready.

Namjoon walked into the living only to be greeting by a screaming Taehyung."Joon-hyung save me!"

He was about to ask what it was about until he saw a furious Yoongi glaring at the second youngest and Jungkook and Hoesok trying they're best to hold him back while Seokjin filmed and Jimin was on the floor in a fit a laughter.

Namjoon meanwhile was trying his best to keep a straight face as the scene played out in front of him.

"Do I want to what happened?"He asked,trying his hardest to hold back laughter.It was Hoesok who answered."Yoongi-hyung was packing a lot of hair wash and Taehyung said he didn't need that much hair wash for that little amount of hair."

Okay now Namjoon was really trying his best not to burst into laughter."And let me guess,Suga-hyung thought Tae was saying his was little?"Now Namjoon could tell Hoesok was trying to hold back his own laughter as he nodded in response.