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I Think I Have To Go

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Derek knew he should have felt the excitement of Halloween. But right now, that thrill was not there. Instead, he was irritated and uncomfortable. The fireman costume he wore was stiff and foreign to his skin, even though it was only comprised of a navy-blue shirt and red straps that held up a pair of heavy black pants. Damn Isaac for forcing him to come to the party.

It was beginning to get loud in Isaac and Scott’s townhouse. Mermaids, vampires, and doctors mingled happily with werewolves, witches, and mummies, dispersed throughout the main living area. Derek stood unhappily by the punch bowl table, not really listening as Scott’s friend, Stiles, continued to talk to him about the origin of Halloween.

He looked at the kitchen and saw Scott, dressed as a werewolf, with his arm around Isaac’s waist, who heavily resembled Dracula, powdered skin and a silky black cape complete. Their entire home was festively decorated for Halloween, with orange and black streamers hanging from the ceiling, cobwebs positioned carefully, light-up skulls and pumpkins on the counters.

Derek switched his attention back to Stiles. The man had come as a police officer. His costume was deep black and snug on his body, not leaving much to the imagination. Derek had to admit that the guy was good-looking, if a bit of a dork. He only knew Stiles because they were both friends with Isaac and Scott, but otherwise they had not developed much of a friendship.

“But seriously, dude, I love Halloween, and for some reason people don’t really give a shit when I start rambling about it,” Stiles said.

“Uh huh,” Derek replied.

Derek did not exactly mean to be distant or uninterested. He was heavily irritated because, before the party, a potential hook-up had bailed, effectively taking away his chance of getting some much-needed dick. And now he was spending the night on edge surrounded by people in costumes, only able to focus on what he had not gotten.

“And don’t even get me started on what the best horror films to watch are,” Stiles said, before diving into a new topic.

Derek felt his own urge growing stronger. He needed a good fuck, and it needed to happen soon. He thought about his options, though none of them seemed to pan out to his liking. After all, he wasn’t the settling type. But if something did not happen soon, he would be going to bed alone and miserable for the night, and who knows how long that would continue.

“Hey, Stiles,” someone said coming up and passing them, “I’m shocked you’re not talking about your lack of a sex life for once!”

“It’s still a tragedy that deserves to be heard,” Stiles shot back jovially.

And that had done it for Derek. He then examined Stiles, taking a different look. The man was high-octane for sure, full of lively energy that seemed always replenishable. As he spoke his arms went up, highlighting a specific point he was making.

Maybe all that energy will come in handy, Derek thought. Plus, he is cute, now that I’m looking again.

Yes, Stiles would do, and wasting any more time seemed pointless.

“Meet me outside,” Derek suddenly said.

Stiles looked at him quizzically, but Derek was already heading for the front door. No one noticed as he left, and no one paid attention either as Stiles went forward, confused.

“Is something up?” Stiles asked him when they were outside, a cold air blowing past them.

Derek waited a moment before speaking. Then he asked, “Feel like breaking your dry spell?”

Stiles’ mouth dropped. “With you?”

Derek nodded his head. “If you’re interested.” Without trying to show it, Derek hoped that Stiles would say yes, though from desperation or because he was interested, he did not know.

“Wait, where’s this coming from?”

“I need to get fucked, and I kinda want your little buddy to do the job,” Derek said.

“…I prefer the term happily average, thank you very much.”

Derek feigned quiet annoyance at him. Then Stiles muttered, more to himself, “Shit, why am wasting time? Don’t be an idiot, Stiles.”

“So, you in?” Derek asked. He was too far gone to stop now. He figured since Stiles was not a stranger, and because he was attractive, there would be no harm.

Stiles nodded his head quite agreeably, seemingly both shocked and excited by Derek’s proposal. He had certainly not expected this outcome tonight.

“Let me just tell Scott that I’m heading out,” Stiles said.

Derek stopped him before he went in.

“His best friend is about to get laid, I think he’ll understand,” Derek said. Then he turned and headed for his car, feeling himself impatient.

“Dude, you’re killing me,” Stiles said, already feeling half-hard in his pants as he walked quickly behind Derek.

After getting in the car, they seemed to zip along the road until arriving at Derek’s place. Because of Stiles’ nature, he had talked the whole time, at first to Derek’s disliking, and then he absolved any annoyance at the man.

His apartment was located at the third floor of his building, the highest level. Once taking the elevator they went down the hallway, turning a few times before arriving at his corner unit, privacy and seclusion included automatically.

They entered, passing the kitchen on their left and heading further into the dining and living area. As Stiles was about to ask how long he had lived here, Derek swiveled around and kissed him. It immediately turned deeper and Stiles felt happily flustered.

“I gotta admit,” Stiles expressed, after Derek broke off for a breath, “I really like this side of you.”

“Just shut up and fuck me,” Derek said, brutishly blunt, though his voice revealed the carnal nature of his desiring state. Somehow, Stiles was not put off by his tone; instead he became more enthralled.

They started disrobing, though there was more clothing for Stiles to climb out of. He tugged at his tie, eventually getting it off while Derek tore off his own red straps, letting them hang at his hips. As Stiles unbuttoned his shirt Derek easily pulled his off, dropping it to the floor. Stiles felt an inner shudder from seeing Derek’s muscular upper-half, ensconced with absolute power.

After getting his shirt off, Stiles reached for Derek and kissed him, pushing their bare chests together. Then they hurriedly shimmied out of their pants, the soft material brushing the floor. Derek pulled out one of the dining table chairs and pushed Stiles on to it. Before Stiles knew it, Derek had roughly yanked his underwear off and swallowed his cock down in a matter of seconds.

Stiles stretched and groaned from how good Derek’s mouth was. After a while Derek pulled off and latched his hand around Stiles’ cock. Derek’s fist shook back and forth rapidly, then let go and he went down again, sucking him with lustful ferociousness. Stiles squirmed as Derek’s tongue licked his cock repeatedly, then his balls, then his cock again. He soon wanted to return the favor.

“Get up here,” Stiles said.

Derek stood up and Stiles leaned forward, grabbing his dick and swallowing him down. He groaned as Stiles sucked him off, holding his cock with a pleasant firm grip. His mouth knew how to do a good job with his dick.

Then Derek said to Stiles, “I need you in me.”

Derek went and retrieved lubrication and a condom from his bedroom. Then he slicked up his right index finger, standing in front of Stiles. Stiles watched with utter delight as Derek moved his hand and fingered himself, gazing at his flexed arm while his wrist worked behind. Then, when he was ready, he moved to the nearby kitchen island and Stiles followed. Derek bent over, holding the edge of the counter. Stiles moved behind him.

Stiles opened the condom and rolled it down his waiting dick, slicking it up generously. He bubbled with excitement as he was about to fuck Derek, a guy he had had a crush on for a while. Then, he held his cock and pointed it straight forward, pushing between Derek’s curved butt cheeks. He breached through his hole, then slowly pushed in, spurred on by Derek himself. Then suddenly he was all the way in, a breathtaking tightness surrounding his cock.

“Fuck yeah, fuck me,” Derek groaned. Gently thrusting his hips, Stiles complied, his mouth open as he worked his cock in and out of Derek.

Then, after getting into a good rhythm, Stiles thrusted with wild enthusiasm, his hips slamming with the power and eagerness of a jackhammer, moving blindingly fast against Derek’s ass cheeks. All he wanted to do was burrow inside Derek and never leave. Then he rolled his hips, brushing against Derek’s skin, slowing down. Derek patted his side and Stiles slipped out.

Derek moved to the dining table. Stiles sat back down on the cushioned dining chair. Swinging a strong leg over, Derek settled into Stiles’ lap, reaching back and sinking onto his cock. Like nothing, Derek started bouncing his butt, making Stiles groan from the tight heat sliding up and down his dick.

Derek ran his hand in a soothing, sexual manner across Stiles’ chest as he rode, finding himself quite comfy in Stiles’ lap.

“You like me sitting on your dick?” Derek asked, his voice rough with pleasure.

“Fuck, I don’t want you anywhere else,” Stiles said.

Derek’s bulging biceps captivated Stiles. He could look almost nowhere else. After Derek had reached maximum speed with his riding, he stopped his rhythm. Then Stiles pounded up into Derek, a rough sound of skin hitting skin.

“Shit, don’t stop!” Derek exclaimed loudly, his deep commanding voice musical to Stiles’ ears.

When the time was ready, Derek jerked himself off, his release coming in the most unexpected and beautiful way. He saw white stars in front of his eyes, his mouth hanging open. This had done it for Stiles, who could not hold it in any longer.

Stiles threw his head back. His body shuttered repeatedly through his orgasm. Derek lightly touched Stiles’ chest, caressing a nipple. “You’re a stud,” he muttered, then moved his hand up and caressed his neck.

They stood up, leaving their stuff behind where it was. Stiles willfully followed Derek to the bedroom, in a state of pure pleasure. After a quick clean-up, they both fell into the bed, slipping underneath the covers.

Derek’s hole ached blissfully and there was a naked guy in his bed.

It was still Halloween night. He had gotten his thrill, after all.