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Family and forgiveness and everything in between

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He looks nothing like Wei Wuxian, but he is everything like Wei Wuxian.

The way he fills the air with chatter, light and teasing, the way he bounces with every step, as though there are springs on his feet. The way he tilts his head to one side before a smile blossoms, glowing brighter, more brilliant, than the ten suns that once scorched this mortal earth.

Sometimes, Lan Wanji lies awake at night, gazing at his beloved, cataloguing every inch of that new body inside his head. Wei Wuxian’s eyes are wider now, his cheeks and hips more rounded, and his hair far coarser and almost untamable—too many times have Lan Wanji’s fingers caught in the tangles, causing yelps that he had to muffle with his mouth and tongue.

He’s also inches shorter, but Lan Wangji thinks it is the perfect height for him to bury his nose into dark strands and weave his arms around the slim waist. Breathe in the unique scent that is still, somehow, Wei Wuxian. He likes it even more that this Wei Wuxian has to lift his chin up for a kiss, slipping his fingers into Lan Wangji’s collar as his eyelashes flutter shut in anticipation.

And there are moments when Lan Wangji sees the pain, the anguish, that plagued his beloved before death—a flicker in those grey eyes that vanish as quickly as they appear, replaced by a silly, boyish grin. That’s why he wants the Ghost General gone, why he wants Jiang Wanyin to curb his sharp tongue and unrelenting cruelty. Why his kisses are soft and sweet and full of heart, because the language of action has always come easier to him than words, and he wants Wei Wuxian to know he’s loved, that he deserves all that Lan Wangji can offer.

“Why are you staring at me?” Wei Wuxian asks, cheeks bulging with a large bite of loquat. He dips his eyelashes, leans in close. “Am I that handsome to you, my Hanguang-Jun?”

Lan Wangji holds back a laugh. Reaches out to brush off juice from the corner of pink lips with his thumb, before bringing it back to his own lips for a taste.

“Mm,” he says, mouth tipping upwards at Wei Wuxian’s flush.

He looks nothing like Wei Wuxian, but he is everything like Wei Wuxian.

And that smile—the smile that holds the world—finally belongs to Lan Wangji.