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Your Eyes Tell Me

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“Run faster Shouto, keep up with mama.” Rei called running with Shouto at her side. They were running as fast as they could in the dark night, a light bag around her shoulder. An even lighter backpack on Shouto’s shoulder.

    “Mom! Where are we going?” Shouto followed his mother faithfully.

    “Somewhere far away from here Shouto, far away.” They heard a voice yell.

    “Get back here you bitch!” Rei only ran faster, she ran up an apartment building to stairs. She knocked on the door frantic. A small woman opened the door.  

   “Please let us hid here for a moment. I promise we’ll be gone as soon as the danger passes.” Rei begged the woman. She barely even looked at them.

   “Of course! Please come in.” She welcomes both Shouto and Rei in, She quickly closed the door and locked it. “I’m Inko Midoriya, I have a son. He may be asleep as if right now, but he won’t mind company.” Inko said kindly. Shouto was clinging to his mother, almost hiding behind her leg in fear.  

     “There’s no reason to be afraid Shouto.” Rei kneeled down, and hugged her son tightly. She heard hiccups from the young boy. “Shh, shh it’s okay Shouto. We’re safe now, I’ll make sure he doesn’t find us.” Rei reinsured her child.

     After a bit Shouto had settled down and was placed on the couch clinging to a cat stuffed animal. He was almost asleep when he heard his mother and the nice woman, Mrs. Midoriya talk.

     “We’ll leave in the morning, to get out of your hair.” Rei explained to Inko.

     “I would never ask that of you, you can stay as long as you wish. My Izuku won’t mind and I know I sure don’t, whatever you two ran from won’t find you here. I promise you that.” Inko grabbed the other woman’s hands tightly, giving her a comforting smile.

    “You have been so kind to us, why?” Rei asked, she knows she should just be grateful and expect what she has been given. Living with that man has made it harder for her to expect simple kindness.

    “Us mothers have to stick together and I couldn’t let you just be out all on your with a child.” Inko said kindly. “You should get some rest, I have a futon you can sleep in with your son.” She explained getting up from the table they were seated. Quickly she set up the futon and went to her room.

    “Come on Shouto.” She whispered quietly, having her son join her on the futon. He hugged her tightly, she wrapped her arms around her.

     “Good night mama, I love you.” Shouto whispered to her. She choked on held back tears, she was finally free from that monster. They were finally free and Shouto was going to grow up like any other little boy.

    “I love so much Shouto…” She gave the boy a kiss on his head. “So much.” She kissed his head again, and held him tighter.

     Things kicked off easier than most thought it would. Shouto and Izuku easily became friends, and Rei was trying to find a job as soon as possible. She didn’t want to inconvenience Inko, she was such a kind woman.

    “I’m going out with Izuku mama.” Shouto called, while she was job searching on the computer.

    “Alright, just be safe Shouto and you know to hide if you see him.” Rei reminded her son. The boy nodded, then headed out of the room, not hearing the sigh from his mother.

   “Can you?” Izuku asked, the bi colored kid, when he stepped out of the room.

   “She it was okay as long as I was safe.” Shouto explained, and was so dragged by his hand out the door.

   “You can finally meet Kacchan and become friends with him! I mean your quirk is so cool! Everyone will want to see it!” Izuku yelled, as they made their way to the park. There waited a blonde boy and two other kids. Shouto didn’t like the look of them, but stayed quiet. Izuku was happy and that’s all that mattered. “Kacchan!” Izuku called, the blonde turned with a grimace. Shouto topped in his tracks, that looked reminded him too much of someone else.

    “I-Izuku, I-I don’t feel good about this.” Shouto stuttered, Izuku looked back to him. He could feel the fear retaining off him.

    “I won’t let anything happen to you Shouto.” The green haired kid gave a smile, getting a shy one from the other. “Kacchan!” Izuku ran to them with Shouto. The blonde kid looked annoyed.

    “Oh look it’s Deku.” The other kids snicker after the blonde said that.

    “Kacchan! This is Shouto! Shouto this is Kacchan or Katsuki.” The bi-colored kid waved shyly.

    “Is he a quirkless Deku like you?” Katsuki asked, a blush came to Izuku’s face from embarrassment. He hadn’t told Shouto that he was quirkless.

    “I have a quirk, though I don’t want to show it off. I can’t control it well.” Shouto explained, Izuku had always expected this as a explanation. Plus his mother sometimes showed off her quirk for Izuku.

   “Liar!” Katsuki immediately yelled, having an overly confident smile.

“Don’t say that Kacchan!” Izuku immediately defended his friend. “Shouto isn’t a liar, he would never lie!” Izuku fought back.

“Well then he should just use his quirk!” Katsuki pushed Izuku to the ground.

“Don’t hurt him!” Shouto grabbed Katsuki’s arm, accidentally freezing it. A fire starting on his left hand. He quickly moved away as he put out his quirk, everyone seemed shocked by the quiet kids outburst. Katsuki melted the ice with his own quirk.

“You want to fight!?” Katsuki yelled back at Shouto.

“N-no, I-I just- you hurt Izuku.” Shouto tried to explain. A voice suddenly called for the blonde boy.

“Your lucky icy hot! You too Deku!” Katsuki ran off to the female voice. The two other boys following him. Shouto looked sadly to Izuku.

“I’m sorry, I ruined everything.” The two colored boy apologized.

“That was… amazing! Shou-chan your quirk is amazing!” Izuku ran up to the other.

“S-shou-chan?” The other boy asked, shocked by the nickname.

“Yeah!” Shouto couldn’t hear the rest of what Izuku had said, when he saw a police officer with the endeavour symbol on his uniform.

“L-let’s go back Izuku, maybe All Might will be on!” Shouto just wanted to get out of the open. The green haired boy agreed and they headed back to the Midoriya’s apartment. When they returned Rei seemed to be a good mood. “Mama?” Shouto asked as she printed a paper.

“Good news Shouto, I found a place to get a job. We can stop relying on mrs. Midoriya.” Almost on cue, the said woman walked into the house. Having groceries in hand. Rei quickly went to help the other woman.

“Thank you Rei.” Inko said relieved. They spoke while they put the groceries away.

“I found a job offer, i’m going to head to the interview tomorrow. I’ll get an apartment as soon as possible.” The white haired woman explained to the other woman.

“Rei, I told you I don’t mind you guys staying here. I understand that you guys ran from something that endanger you guys. You two can stay as long as you wish.” Inko repeated herself, it was a common conversation between them. She was thankful Shouto and Izuku were distracted by some hero battle on the TV.

A Year Later

It wasn’t hard to find a apartment near the Midoriya’s. Rei had only brought a few months ago, but she and Shouto lived there happily now. Happily isn’t exactly true, Rei is still haunted by the man she had called husband. Shouto’s left side is reminding her too much of him, she’s overworking herself too. She was up early in the morning, when she heard the steps of someone else. Red hair and a bright blue eye peaked around the corner, a look of fear overtook her features. It was him! He had found her! The blue eye looked worried almost concerned, but she had already gone for the boiling water. A scream echoed throughout the building, by the time she had snapped out of it.

     “Shouto!? Oh my god! I’m so sorry baby!” She hugged her son tightly as he cried loudly. “What have I’ve done? What have I’ve done?” Rei repeated to herself again and again, as he held Shouto close to her. Inko came in the door soon after.

     “Are two okay!?” Inko saw the mother holding her son tightly, as she cried. “Oh my!” She gasped.

     “Please, help him...” Inko grabbed the phone off the wall and called 911 as quickly as possible. She explained the most she could, as she had no idea what had happened before.

     Everyone was silent in the hospital, Izuku had a permanent look of worry. Rei has curled in on herself, she hasn’t stopped worrying about Shouto since he was taken to be treated. Inko wasn’t much better than the other two, She just as worried about the small boy.

“Rei?” A nurse came out and called the white haired woman’s name. She shot up, and hurried to the nurse.

“How is he? How is my baby?” Rei immediately asked the woman.

“Shouto, will be fine. Thankfully none of the burning damaged his eye, you can see him now if you wish.” The white haired woman nodded eager to see her son. Inko and Izuku slowly behind her, as she seemed to almost run to Shouto’s room. She opened the room to see Shouto quietly looking out the window in the covers.

“Shouto!” Rei ran up and hugged her son tightly. Feeling small hands wrap around her, she broke down into tears. “Mama is so sorry, Shouto… You’re everything I’m so sorry.” Shouto clung tightly to his mother.

     “Is it something I did? What did I do?” Tears streamed down on of his eyes. Rei felt her heart break after Shouto had asked those questions.

    “No! No, Shouto. This was all Mama’s fault, she hasn’t been feeling well… and she may have to go away for a bit.” Tears stained her cheeks as she spoke. Inko had heard the end of that conversation as she and Izuku entered the room.

   “Shou-Chan!” The green haired boy ran in, and gave the other boy a hug.

   “Izuku!” The two colored boy hugged him back.

   “Inko, we need to speak.” Rei spoke quietly, she took the smaller woman outside the hospital room. “I’m admitting myself to a mental hospital, for a year. I hurt Shouto, and I need to stay away from him and get help.” Rei admitted to the other woman. “Please take care of him.”

    “Of course, Shouto will be safe with me. Just get yourself better, he’ll be waiting for you to come back.” Rei looked over to the two boys.

    “There was this new hero that showed up! His name is Present Mic! See I wrote him down in my journal!!” Izuku showed the page off to Shouto. He began the giving off details about the hero, Rei had a smile on her face.

“I will, and I know he’ll be safe with you. I haven’t seen him this happy in years. Before his quirk manifested, i’m glad he’ll be with you.” Rei explained, she walked up to Shouto. “I’ve gotta go Shouto, you’ll be with Mrs. Midoriya and Izuku for awhile. Just know I love you.” The white haired woman left with a kiss to her son’s forehead. She hugged him tightly, feeling Shouto’s small arms around her.

“I love you mama.” Shouto simply said before his mother left. Inko gave her a quick hug.

    “Get better soon.” The green haired woman said before letting the other go on her way.

      “Can I help you?” A woman at the front desk of the mental hospital asked Rei.

      “I would like to see a doctor.”

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 Izuku has been trying to cheer up Shouto for a week now. He’s been stuck in the hospital and that’s not been helping anything.

     The green haired boy was practically dragging his mother to Shouto’s room.

     “Izuku calm down, Shouto isn’t going anywhere.” Inko chuckled as her son pulled her.

     “Shou-Chan!” The boy seemed shocked to see them both.

      “Izuku? Mrs. Midoriya? I thought you were visiting tomorrow.” The red and white boy brought up.

       “We got a call, they’re changing your bandages and letting you leave today if everything is fine. The nurses gave me bandages for me to change them at home.” Inko explained calmly to the boy.

       “Excuse me.” A knock came to the door. A doctor walked into the room. “Are you Shouto’s guardian?” The short woman nodded. “Well he can leave, change his bandages twice a day to make sure he doesn’t get an infection. When you can apply this cream to it.” The doctor handed a tube of cream to Inko. “Alright Shouto, you can check out as soon as you’re ready.” His voice became lighter, and kinder as he spoke to the boy.

      “Thank you.” Inko said, the doctor gave her a nod. Then waved to the boy before leaving.

      “You ready to leave Shou-Chan?” Izuku asked, grabbing the other’s hand. The boy nodded, getting guided by the other out of the hospital.

       The first couple months were hard for Shouto, he was quiet. Not nearly as talkative with Izuku, he almost seemed in a haze. Somehow Izuku got him talking again and having fun more often, but that was six months in. It took him even longer to use his quirk at all, his ice reminded him of his mother. His fire reminded him too much of his father, to say it took a bit was an unstatment.

       Elementary school was hard too. Shouto had his bandages removed by that point, most other kids stared at his scar. While Izuku was bullied for being quirkless, they stuck together. Both of them being somewhat outcasted by the other kids and katsuki. The blonde seemed to like pushing the narrative that they are freaks, turning the other kids in the class on them. Shouto never really seemed to mind, but Izuku always seemed hurt by their actions. Shouto supported the other boy the most he could in his sadden state. Still upset over his mother, he had been allowed to call her only a few times. It always seemed to cheer him up when talking to her. Izuku tried to cheer him up when he could, most times it worked. Then, there are those times when Shouto is so sad he doesn’t want to leave to go to school. In the end it took two years instead of one in the mental hospital


      Inko drove the two boys to an unknown location, Izuku seemed pretty excited though. He talked non stop with Shouto, that usually meant he was excited for something. The red and white boy had learned to pick up on things like that especially with his best friend. Shouto just kept quiet and talked when he felt the need to or when he was asked a question. That’s when they came to a large building it had a calm present to it. That’s when Shouto saw her.

His mother standing outside of the building, she had a smile on her face as the car drove up. As soon as the car stopped Shouto ran out of the car and wrapped his arms around the woman.

“Mom!” He hugged her tightly, tears pouring from his eyes. Rei chuckled lightly and hugged the boy back happily. “Mama! Please don’t leave again!” Shouto begged to the woman.

“Aww, Shouto, baby. I won’t ever leave again.” Rei explained to her young son. The boy didn’t seem to want to let go of the woman as they made their way to the car. Shouto fell asleep in his mother’s arms as they drove home.

A Few Years Later

“Izuku! Shouto’s here!” Inko called to her son. He grabbed his notebook and shoved it into his backpack. He tossed it on his back, and ran into the living room.

“See you mom! Love you!” Izuku kissed his mother on the cheek and opened the door to see his Shouto.

“Bye Midoriya-San.” Shouto called before they left. Inko waved to them both as they left for school.

“Wait Shou-Chan! There’s a villain battle.” Izuku pulled the other teen to the battle. They watched from afar as the green haired teen wrote down what he could. A man standing them next to them commented on it.

“Ah, a hero fanboy are you?” He asked, as he looked to muttering green haired boy.

“Ah… yeah, I am.” Izuku stuttered out moving a little closer to Shouto. Izuku smiled, watching the battle, his eyes lit up watching it. The taller teen chuckled as the battle ended.

“Come on Izuku, we’ve gotta get to school.” Shouto pulled to the other in the direction of the school.

Izuku and Shouto sat next to each other in class. Most teaches feeling pity on Izuku or just didn’t want to hear him talk, so they had his only friend sit close to him.

“It’s about time we talk about high school, but there’s not really a point since you're all going to the local hero academies!” The students became rowdy and used their quirks. Izuku watched Shouto roll his eyes at all the other kids. Izuku chuckled at his friend, the red and white boy gave him a playful smile. “Also going to try to get into UA!” The teacher brought up. The kids cheered once again.

“Ha! I’m the only one getting into UA!” Katsuki announced to the class overly confident.

“That’s news to me.” Shouto commented quietly, getting a sharp glare in return from the blonde.

“Huh, Midoriya you’re trying out for UA as well.” The teacher said with no excitement.

“What!? Shitty Deku!? You’re never getting in!” Katsuki yelled exploding Izuku’s desk.

“Watch it Katsuki.” Shouto warned getting in between the two of them. They both glared at each other, somehow Shouto won over the blonde.

After class the two were the last to get ready to leave.

“I’m gonna get something real quick Izuku, i’ll be back.” They gave each other a quick wave before Shouto left to go where he needed to. Izuku was about to put his journal into his backpack only for Kacchan to grab it.

“You’re pathetic! You always have that damn icyhot and a journal! Your just a Deku!” Kacchan pushed Izuku. “Your never going to become a hero Deku!” The blonde got into his face, growling. “Maybe you’ll be lucky in the next life. Jump off and hope for the best.”

“HOW DARE YOU!?” Shouto came from nowhere and punched the blond with his fireside. Leaving a large red mark on his face.

“You bitch!” Katsuki hands began to spark with explosions. Ice and fire came from Shouto’s hands as they seemed to threaten each other.

“You insecure asshole! You feel the need to hurt others just because of your inferiority complex!” Shouto yelled at the blonde. Finally Katsuki attacked Shouto, and they destroyed half the classroom with their quirks.

“You really didn’t have to do that Shouto.” Izuku insisted as they walked back home.

     “What he said was completely off, he’s an asshole and needs to be put in his place.” Shouto explained to the other teen. His phone rung and he saw his mother’s face. “Hi… mom.”

      “So is it true you got in a fight?” Rei simply asked.

       “... yes, but it was Katsuki and he said something to Izuku.” They both heard her sigh loudly through the phone.

       “Hurry home, we need to talk about this…” The woman simply said before hanging up.

“I’ve gotta head home, i’ll see you.” Shouto waved and jogged off into the direction of the apartments. His mother didn’t like fighting, Shouto knew exactly why. He knew he shouldn’t have fought Katsuki, but he was just so angry that it overtook him. Rei had commented on how protective they are of each other before, but this is the first time it's really gotten out of hand. He opened the door to see his mother calmly drinking tea, she must’ve gotten home from work early.

“Hi mom.” Shouto took off his shoes and placed them gently by the door. He put his backpack in the closet and sat next to his mother on the couch. “I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have gotten in a fight… it’s just… Izuku is important to me and I want to protect him at all costs.” Shouto admitted to his mother

“It’s okay to want to protect those who you care about. That’s what I did for you, but you can’t be extremely violent. Trust me, I get it, more than anyone.” Rei grabbed his hand squeezing it lightly. She gave him a small smile, Shouto returning it. A knock came to the front door. Rei quickly answered it.

     “Have you seen Izuku? I’m worried, he’s usually home by now.” Inko explained to the two.

     “I can go and find him.” Shouto offered standing from his seat. “I was with him last.” The two women agreed to Shouto’s offer and watched him go out into the town to find his friend.

The two colored boy noticed a hero battle, that would be the best place to find Izuku. He just knew it, as Shouto approached the crowd, he saw green hair shoot into the battlefield. The teen immediately knew who it was and watched in horror before he took off after Izuku, only to be caught by one of the heroes.

“Let go! I have to help him!”  Shouto tried to break free from the hero’s grasp. When something shocked all of them. All Might jumped out from nowhere, grabbed both Katsuki and Izuku and got rid of the goo villain.

Once everything was over Katsuki was praised for his quirk, while Izuku was scolded for running in the battle. Both and the heroes were shocked when a taller teen tackled Izuku into a hug.

“You idiot! You scared the shit out of me! Don’t ever do this again!” Shouto’s hug only became tighter as he spoke, clearly upset.

“S-shou-chan! I-i’m sorry.” He hugged the other back just as tightly. It was a few minutes before they let each other go.

“Let’s go home.” They held each other’s hand tightly as they left the scene.

The sunset had created a beautiful orange as they walked home hand in hand. Shouto leaned his head against Izuku’s shoulder.

“You really did scare me…” Shouto said quietly to the smaller teen.

“I’m sorry… I just don't know… I just felt like I needed to help.” The green haired boy explained to the other.

“Izuku… Just be safe, okay?” The smaller boy looked to the taller deep in his eyes.

“I will.” He nodded. They were both interrupted when Katsuki had appeared.

“Don’t think this mean anything shitty Deku!” Katsuki yelled in both of their faces and then stormed off past them.

“What was that all about?” Izuku asked the other boy. Shouto shrugged and they continued on.

“I am here!” A voice declared and jumped in front of the two of them.

“All might!?” Izuku yelled shocked.

“All might?” Shouto just raised an eyebrow confused by it.

“AH! There is someone else here!” The man declared rather loudly.

“I’ll meet you at home, I’ll tell your mom you’re safe. It was nice to meet you All Might.” Shouto waved to them both before running into the direction of their houses.

When Izuku walked to his the apartment building, Shouto was there. Sitting on the stairs, waiting patiently for him.

“So what was that about?” The red and white teen asked as the other approach.

“J-just about… how I ran into the battle! That’s all!” Izuku’s words were too quick and unsteady then usual. Shouto knew something was up, but he’d find out later.

“Come on, let’s head inside. You scared all of us.” When Izuku walked inside his house.

“Izuku!” Two women called his name happily. Inko hugged her son tightly.

“You scared me so much Izuku!” The woman was already in tears, the green haired boy only hugged her back.

“I’m sorry mom, I really am.” They stayed like that for a few minutes. Shouto was just glad Izuku was back and safe, that’s all he ever really wants.

“I’ve gotta go! See you!” Izuku called, before running out. Shouto wasn’t allowed to go to school for a week. Still, Izuku was leaving pretty early.

“Do you want me to walk with you?” Shouto asked, before Izuku was all the way down the stairs.

“No thanks! Maybe another time Shouto!” The green haired teen took off running. The taller teen sighed loudly watching his friend leave.

It went like this for a few more mornings, when Shouto got curious. He followed his friend quietly, he just wanted to know where he was going so early in the morning. Izuku took a right to a beach that was covered in trash. The green haired boy dropped his bag on the sidewalk, and changed into some clothes for exercise. He was dragging different pieces of trash to areas that they could be easily cleaned. The taller teen didn’t understand why he was doing it. Izuku had yet to tell him about what was going on with All Might, Shouto was a little frustrated being in the dark. They told each other everything… maybe he didn’t want to be friends with Shouto anymore.

“Why would he need you anyways? I bet you hold him back… Your scar is just so ugly!” Shouto chased away those thoughts as fast as possible. They’ve already been over it, he knew Izuku wouldn’t leave him behind. At least…

He hoped so.

The red and white teen sighed and approached the other.

“Shouto! W-what are you doing here!?” Izuku yelled shocked to see the other.

“I got curious, so I followed you… what are you doing here?” The green haired teen bit his lip, as he thought of an answer. “You used to tell me everything Izuku… why are you keeping secrets now?” Shouto’s voice became small, almost meek. They only ever had each other.

“I-i’m… sorry Shouto, it’s just so much is going on. The whole thing with All Might and training to get his quirk-!” Izuku paused in shock, Shouto looked to him with the same shock. Then the taller broke out into a laugh, while the smaller blushed embarrassed.

“I forget how bad you are at keeping secrets.” The two colored teen jokes lightly. This definitely was not what he was expecting from his best friend. That’s when the hero himself showed up.

“Midoriya boy! I see you're not alone!”All Might seemed shocked by Shouto appearance. He definitely wasn’t expecting the other teen there with Izuku.

“He knows…” Izuku admitted to the blonde man. Blood came from the man’s mouth and he turned into a weaken state.

“What!? Midoriya!” He punched the small teen in the head lightly. Shouto just stood watching, shelled shocked.

“I should’ve mentioned I have a hard time keeping secrets, especially from Shouto. We’ve been friends since we were five, we’re kinda close.” Izuku stretched the back of his head. The tall man sighed and turned to Shouto. Who had finally snapped out of his strange haze.

“I’d be extremely grateful if you didn’t mentioned this to anyone. This is not only for me, but for everyone.” The frail man looked Shouto in the eyes, hoping for the best.

“Of course, i’ll keep your secret. Especially if it’s helping Izuku.” Shouto gave a light smile to the smaller teen. The green haired teen flashed his wide smiles, that seemed to hold sunshine.

It became a routine for the two of them. Izuku and Shouto would get up early and head over to the beach. While Shouto did some extra studying, Izuku would train with All Might. Sometimes the red and white teen would help with training. He was also there to make sure Izuku didn’t overwork himself at school or home.

The ten months to the UA exams came faster than they had thought it would. Shouto was asked to look away as All Might gave his quirk to Izuku, he heard a lot of yelling and gagging. Before they knew it, they both were walking to the entrance exam.

“You nervous?” Shouto asked the shorter boy.

“Of course! All Might doesn’t even know if my quirk will kick in by the time the exam starts.” Izuku admitted to the other.

"Hey… don’t stress yourself out.” Shouto gave a stern look to the other. Showing that he seriously meant it. “You’ve worked hard Izuku, I know you can do it.” The teen gave the other a soft smile.

They ran into a another girl as Izuku almost fell. Checking them both off guard, not expecting it. Also immediately as the exam started, Shouto and Izuku had to separate. They waved each goodbye and gave a good luck. Both of them hoping for the best.

Chapter Text


Everything was quiet when walking home from the entrance exams. Shouto despite doing what he thought was pretty well was nervous about it. Izuku knew he didn’t get any points, he knew he wouldn’t get in. Of course the taller was shocked to see his friend’s arm and legs broken.

“Hey Shou-chan… what would you do if I didn’t get in?” Blue and grey eyes turned to the other shocked.

“Don’t talk like that Izuku! You never know, you could get in.” Shouto tried to reassure the other.

“I guess… you wanna go get some lunch?” Izuku offered with a trying smile.  

“Yeah, maybe that’ll cheer you up. Where do you wanna go?” Shouto asked the other.

“Let’s just find somewhere, I don’t care.” Izuku was always like this when he was stressed. That’s when Shouto spotted something out of the corner of his eye.

“Let’s go somewhere else first.” Shouto grabbed Izuku’s hand and dragged into a store.

“Come on Shou-chan let’s just-” The green haired teen stopped mid sentence when he realized where they were. “A pet store? Shou-chan?” He looked to the taller teen.

“I know you like animals and i’ve always heard they’re great stress relievers.” Finally, a real smile came to Izuku’s face after that.

“Let’s look at the rabbits and dogs first!” Izuku insisted, as he dragged Shouto over to the cages with rabbits. The smaller teen pointed to all the different kinds of animals while in the shop. Shouto smiled while listening to him, it was nice to see Izuku smile again. The red and white haired teen never wanted to see his best friend frown or upset. They walked out of the shop happy and chatting. “So i’ve figured out where we should eat.” Izuku brought up happily.

“Oh? Where?”

“That small restaurant you really like. The one that serves soba that you like.” The green haired smiled the other happy.

“Do you remember the way?” Shouto asked, as a small smile graced his own lips.

“Of course! We go there like once a week!” A light blush came to pale cheeks at the joke.

“We don’t go that often…” Shouto mumbled quietly, Izuku chuckled lightly at his friend's embarrassment.

They got to the restaurant and got their usuals. The two of them chatted and laughed like always. Izuku was currently trying to balance his chopsticks on his lips, and Shouto smiled at the other.

“It’s gonna fall.” Shouto said simply, before eating some soba. They were waiting on Izuku’s order.

“Stop it! You’re gonna make it fall!” Izuku scolded the other, while trying to contain his laughs. When Izuku’s order had come, Shouto had to help because of the smaller’s arm being broken. Shouto just thanked god he was able to keep his blush under check.

They finally made their way home after a few hours. Izuku was in a much better mood then when they had finished the entrance exam. They smiled and laughed as the two teens made it home.

“Shouto, Izuku! How was the entrance exam?” Rei welcomed the two home. Izuku thanked god that Shouto had left Rei and Inko know about his injuries ahead of time. The last thing he wanted was a total freak out over his injuries.

“It was interesting.” Shouto responded quietly with an uncomfortable smile.

“Well, I know you both tried your best.” The white haired woman gave them both a kind smile. Izuku and Shouto felt the bit of confidence they had before the exam come back.

“Inko and I are going to make dinner in an hour.” Rei left with a smile, and headed into the Midoriya’s apartment.

“Thanks for making me feel better after the exam.” Izuku gave a nervous smile to his smile.

“Of course Izuku.” Shouto gave him a comforting, small smile.

Rei had checked the mailbox and found a letter with the UA seal. She gained a smile and rushed up to her home.

“Shouto! The letter it’s here!” The white haired woman smiled widely. Her son grabbed the letter quickly and took a deep breath. “You don’t have to open here.” He gave a thankful nod to his mother. Shouto rushed off to his room, hoping for the best. He opened the letter to find a small device, he let placed it on his desk curious. A projection of All Might appeared.

“Hello! Young Todoroki! I am here! To welcome you to UA!” A smile began to spread across Shouto’s lips. “You did well in both the rescue and points category!”

“Rescue?” Shouto asked confused as he looked to All Might.

“Correct! We not only counted your points from the robots, but also your heroism.” All Might explained to Shouto, and video of the red and white haired boy helping another student came to life. Shouto was shocked that the judges had even noticed him helping someone. “Welcome to UA Shouto Todoroki.” The message ended as Shouto had a small smile across his face. He ran out to check Izuku doing the same.

“I got in!” Izuku declared happily to the other teen. The green haired teen hugged the taller tightly with joy. “We’ve got to find All Might! He said he would meet us on the beach!” Izuku grabbed Shouto’s arm and ran down the street with him close behind.

After a bit of running they had finally made it to the beach, where All Might waited for them. He smiled seeing them approach him. They were finally up face to face with him.

“You boys did well. Congrats to you both on making it in.” All Might simply said to them both. Tears began welling in Izuku’s eyes. No surprise to either Toshinori or Shouto. They simply let themselves be pulled into big hugs from the small teen.

A Few Weeks Later

Both Izuku and Shouto had been wandering the halls for quite a bit. When finally they had found the classroom labeled “1-A.” Shouto heard Izuku gulp with fear, he looked understandably nervous. Shouto put his hand on the smaller’s shoulder and gave him a confident smile. He got a smile back from the green haired boy. They opened the door only to regret it. Seeing the chaos of the classroom.

This was sure going to be interesting.

Chapter Text

A detective walked up to a traditional looking house and gave it hard knock. After a few heavy footsteps a tall, red haired man answered.

“You better have some good news, Detective Rin.” The large man crossed his arms, an unhappy expression always seemed to be on his face.

“My apologizes Endeavor, but I did find something that may interest you. A boy named Shouto took the entrance exam for UA. He put in the last name Todoroki, I thought you would like to see a recording of the kid. See if he seems familiar from ten years ago.” The man explained to Enji. He quickly brought out his phone and showed the video from the exam. Red and white hair was easy to spot in the video, the teen was seen doing both fire and ice. That’s when Enji knew that it was his Shouto. After ten years of tireless searching for that bitch and his masterpiece, he had finally found them.

Rei had better be ready for when he finally took what was his. She would regret running and taking the boy. A smile curled onto his face when he finally spoke.  

“That’s him, i’m sure of it.” The large man declared to the detective.

“I’ll investigate more into him before I go get him.” Detective Rin explained to the hero.

“You’d better hurry, my patience has been running thin for ten years now.” Enji replied darkly, before walking away from the other man.

“I can’t believe they’re still holding the sports festival after the U.S.J attack.” Inko huffed as she saw next to Rei on the couch.

“They said something along the lines of showing we’re still strong.” Shouto brought up. He was in the kitchen grabbing a drink for Izuku, having broken his bones yet again.

“This can’t end well, I just get a bad feeling about it…” Rei added quietly, a worried look was firm across her face.

“I think you guys are just a little too worried.” Izuku finally commented. Shouto nodded as he placed the green haired teen’s drink on the table.

“I agree, and mom if you’re worried about him. It’s been ten years, he may have given up on me by this point.” Still, his mother didn’t look convinced. Izuku and Inko looked to each other worried. They never knew the reason the two ran from home, but it wasn’t exactly hard to tell. With so many references to “him”, there wasn’t much harm in assuming. Rei took a deep breath and smiled lightly.

“Maybe you’re right Shouto, I do tend to worry too much about you boys.” The white haired woman then gave them both a soft smile. Though anyone could tell that it seemed forced.

There was high energy in class 1-A, everyone was excited for the sports festival. It was the only thing that anyone seemed to want to talk about.

“Hey Deku…” Uraraka waited for the other teen to turn to him. “What’ll you do if you have to fight Todoroki?” At that question Izuku choked on a bit of rice, while Shouto spit out some the drink in his mouth.

“That is a good point! You two are rather close, what would you do?” Iida asked.

“Haha… i’ll admit I haven’t thought of that.” The small teen muttered.

“I have.” Shouto jumped in. All three of them looked to him, curious. “I’ll fight. I want to see how much Izuku has improved, the idea almost excites me.”  

“I want to gauge your power as well Shou-chan.” The two smiled to each with the challenge.

The sports festival is tomorrow, and Shouto got that uneasy feeling his mother has had. It almost felt like a warning, he has been trying to ignore it, but it just kept coming back. He laid in bed, restless. He really hoped sleeping would help some.

“Your mine!” A loud male voice yelled from the dark. Shouto felt a pain as someone grabbed his wrist with force. The teen looked back to see his mother, Inko, and Izuku running after him.

“No! Stop!” His mother seemed to only be getting farther rather than closer to him.

“Mom! Please! Don’t leave me!” Shouto tried to escape the grasp of the person’s death grip.



“Shouto! My baby!”

“Mama! Please don’t leave me!” Tears streamed down his face. Unable to do anything, just watch his mother fate from view. Finally the man had let go, and left Shouto there in the dark all alone. He sank to his knees, surrounded by the darkness. “Please! Don’t leave me!” Shouto curled up onto himself and just sat there crying… the darkness closing in on him… alone.

“Ahh!” Shouto jumped up, drenched in sweat. His breath heavy after his dream. Immediately his mother came running in.

“Shouto! Is everything okay!?” The white haired woman looked to her son, flipping the lights on. The teen couldn’t seem to form any words, but his mother already knew. She sat on his bed quietly, and simply hugged him as tightly as possible. Shouto only dug his face into her shoulder, while Rei rubbed his back and cooed comforting words. After a bit Shouto managed to fall back asleep. Rei looked down to her son as he slept with worry, the sports festival was only hours away. The feeling she has isn’t going away, despite how hard she has tried. Rei hoped that pushing this feeling away wouldn’t harm them in the end.

“I’m surprised you agreed to see it live mom.” Izuku spoke to his mother as he prepared for everything.

“Yes, Rei wanted to see you two in action. I agreed with her so with both decided to go.” Inko explained packing a small bag. The two heard a knock on the door, Inko opened it to find Shouto and Rei. The two of them looked a little tired.

“Izuku, we should get going.” Shouto brought up.

“Oh right! Bye mom! See you guys at the festival.” Izuku joined up with Shouto. The red and white teen flashed both woman a smile, hoping to not worry them.

The sports festival arena was filled to the brim with heroes and civilians. Izuku was trying his best to not feel nervous, Shouto did what he could to comfort him. Still, the smaller teen could tell something was bothering him.

“Deku… is Todoroki doing okay?” Uraraka asked, the class was in the waiting area. Izuku turned to the tall teen, he has been completely silent for most of the day. It worried him.

“Not really, he’s been acting like this all day. I’ve been trying to talk with him, but Shou-chan has a tenancy to bottle things up.”Izuku explained to the girl. “Shou-chan!” Blue and grey eyes meet green ones. He just gave the other a smile, and surprisingly enough getting one in return. Shouto stood and joined the two.

“Still nervous?” The tall teen asked when he came over.

“Yeah… but! It’s not as bad!” Izuku declared to his best friend.

“Like you’ll do well Deku!” A voice shouted from afar. Shouto rolled his eyes almost seeing his own brain. “You’re still just a loser!” Bakugo yelled loudly.

“Yeah, we’ll see.” Shouto only said, before dragging Izuku away from the blonde.

“Shou-chan?” The smaller teen asked curious.

“You don’t need that, your nervous enough without him.” Izuku just smiled and joined the red and white teen.

Inko and Rei were on the lookout for Shouto and Izuku when the students from the first year began to run out.

“There they are!” Rei shouted, pointing to the boys. Inko soon spotted them and cheered a bit louder. The white haired woman sat back with a smile, happy to see her boy there. Inko was already in tears from how proud she was. Rei chuckled happily as she comforted the short woman. Her grey eyes looked up and she gasped. Red hair and fire had taken over her view.

“No! No! No! He’s here! Oh god! Oh god!” Rei began to hyperventilate from seeing the large man.

“Rei!? Rei!? Is everything okay!?” Inko asked the other woman in a panic. The white haired woman only shook her head, unable to form words. A cruel smile came to his face. That’s when she knew…

Enji had found Shouto.

Chapter Text

Endeavor pushed pass people to get the railing. He immediately spotted the red and white hair among the other students. He finally found his perfect creation. Before he could continue to approach the boy, he felt his feet froze to the ground. He didn’t even need to look back to know.

“So the bitch finally shows herself.” He simply said.

Despite all the fear Rei was feeling her main priority was Shouto’s safety, she had to keep him out the hands of this monster.

“Stay away from him! Stay away from my son!” Rei yelled, she had a confident she didn’t expect.

“He’s half me anyways, he belongs to me!” Enji shouted.

“Shouto doesn’t belong to anyone! He’s his own person!” The woman fought back. The two didn’t notice everyone’s eyes on them.

“Tell that to the police. In the eyes of the law your a kidnapper and Shouto is a missing child.” Enji explained, melting the ice. Turning to look back at the woman.

Shouto watched from afar frozen, the whole world was frozen. A muffled voice spoke, but he was still a in a haze of fear. He then felt a hand grab his, hie blue and grey eyes finally saw him. Izuku. Tears threatened to spill as he saw the other. The whole world seemed in slow motion as Izuku said something to him. He looked up to his mother and Endeavour than to Izuku who was pulling his arm. Signaling him to run, and Shouto did just that. The two boys ran out of the arena, trying to get away from the chaos.

Izuku had no idea why Rei was fighting with Endeavor, but from what he heard it wasn’t good. He first thought was just getting Shouto out of there, but he seemed so out of it. The two had finally made it out when meet with the police. Endeavor must’ve called him.

“Stop! We’ve been called to take Shouto Todoroki!” A police officer stopped them. Grabbed Shouto’s arm and began to pull him away from Izuku. Suddenly. It was like the taller teen had snapped out of his haze.

“No! Let me go! Izuku!” Shouto tried to reach for the smaller teen.

“Shouto! Let him go!” Izuku felt himself be stopped. He looked down to see the wrappings from Aizawa.

“Midoriya! Enough!” The hero shouted through the bandages across his face.

“You don’t understand! If they take Shouto they’ll give him back to Endeavor! His mother took him to escape him!” The green haired teen tried to escape. To run after Shouto to help him, to save him.

“Izuku!” Tears filled his eyes as he heard his name from afar. He’d failed, he wasn’t a hero. He couldn’t even save his best friend.

“Don’t worry Shou-chan! I’ll come for you!” Izuku vowed as he watched the red and white hair disappear. Finally, Aizawa dropped him to the ground. Izuku’s knees felt weak as he fell to them. He then saw Rei being taken away in cuffs with Endeavor smiling satisfied with his work.

“I’m sorry to say that the sports festival for the first years is being canceled after this incident.” Principal Nezu’s voice came through the speakers. People left the seats of the arena quietly, shocked by what they just witnessed.

“Izuku! Baby!” His mother shouted, running to him. She got to her knees and hugged him tightly.

“I’m sorry mom! I couldn’t… I couldn’t… protect him.” The tears finally came from Izuku. Inko only tighten her hold on him. Footsteps could be heard heading towards them. The mother and son looked up to the see the principal himself.

“You seem to know more about this whole event than we ever will, could you be kind and tell us?” Izuku wiped his cheeks, and nodded to the creature.

Shouto has stopped fighting the police after a little bit. He was sitting quietly in detective Rin’s office.

The fear and panic he felt was unimaginable, it quietly built up inside himself. That’s when the detective himself walked in.

“Shouto, it’s nice to meet you. You know I’ve been searching for you for ten years.” The red and white teen just stayed quiet, his head held down. “Your mother did a good job of staying under the radar.” Still, silence filled the room. “That scar you got it when you were five, was it an accident or did she-“

“It was an accident!” Shouto snapped at the man. His mother had never meant to hurt him, it was all his father’s fault. You just don’t forget the trauma she had. “I-it was an accident, Mom would never do it on purpose.” The day was always a blur when he tried to remember it, in his opinion it was for the better that way. The detective noticed his uncomfortable demeanor.

“Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable?” The man asked, he honestly felt bad for him. Detective Rin didn’t think Shouto knew he was shaking lightly.

“I want to go home… I want to be with my mother.” Shouto insisted. Detective Rin sighed loudly.

“Look kid, things are… complicated.” The man simply said. The red and white teen only looked down to his feet. That’s when they heard thundering footsteps outside of the office. Shouto seemed to shrink in the chair as the man approached.

“I’m here for the boy.”

Chapter Text

Rei waited quietly in an integration room. All she seemed to be thinking about was Shouto.

“I hope he’s okay. Maybe Enji won’t get to him, maybe Inko will find him first.” Rei hoped slienently. That’s when the heavy metal door opened.

“Rei Todoroki, you took your own son. Making it kidnapping, you managed to stay hidden for ten years. Yet, there’s still one question… why?” Detective Rin asked. The white haired woman sighed and looked down to her hands.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” She admitted to him.

“Oh you may be surprised, tell me what happened?” The woman let out a tired sigh.

“It all started two months after Enji and I got married. He wanted kids already, b-but I didn’t want to. That’s when the verbal abuse started…”

Izuku sat in a large conference with all the teachers. His mother was waiting outside the room, probably worried to no end.

“Please young Midoriya, we’re just asking for what you know about all this.” All Might’s weak voice spoke up.

“I don’t remember much when Shouto and his mother first came. I was only five, I just know that they came from a bad place. It must’ve been Endeavour they always talk about some him. You can’t let him have Shouto… please.” Izuku’s voice was quiet when he begged.

“Midoriya you know it’s not that easy.” Aizawa spoke up.

“I know… it’s just… it’s just… I have to help him.” Tears filled Izuku’s eyes as he spoke. His teacher let out a sigh.

“We’ll look into it, but Todoroki will most likely still be going to school here. We’ll talk to him then.” Nezu explained to the small teen. Izuku only nodded, then left the room joining his mother. The mother and son didn’t say anything and only embraced each other tightly. The tears began to overflow again from Izuku, while Inko just held him. She ran her hands through his hair, hoping that it would calm him. While comforting Izuku, she just hoped that Shouto would be okay.

The red and white teen sat quietly in the back of the car. He was too afraid to say anything, his father was quiet and didn’t say a word to him this whole time. Shouto just wanted to go home, to be with the people he cared about and who cared about him. Izuku, his mother and Inko kept entering his mind.

Suddenly, the car came to a stop. The large man unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car. Shouto hesitated, but ended up doing the same. Afraid of what would have happened if he didn’t leave the car. That’s when he saw the house from his nightmares. It looked the exactly same from years prior, it made Shouto freeze right where he stood.

“Hurry it up boy.” Enji forcibly grabbed Shouto’s wrist and dragged him into the house. He slammed the door loudly behind the tall teen. Causing said teen to jump slightly at the sudden loud noise. He pushed Shouto lightly. “Get to your room and get changed. Now.” He spoke sternly with no room for argument. The red and white teen began to walk down the hall to his old room.

As he walked old memories seemed to emerge. It was worse when he walked past the training room, the fear he felt from that room alone was suffocating. The memories of being dragged in there for “training” and mother coming to protect him. Only to get hurt herself.

Finally, the teen made it to his room. When he opened the door, he was shocked to see it the same as he remembered it. Atop every surface was some form of dust, his blanket remanded thrown off his bed in panic. Shouto let out a sigh and took a seat on the small bed. On his pillow laid a change of clothes for him, from who? That was definitely the question. His father didn’t seem like the type.

Then like that, something hit Shouto. He quickly stood and looked into the nightstand next to his bed. Inside was a small All Might action figure, his mother had bought it for him on the condition he kept it hidden from his father. A small, sorrowful, smile came to Shouto’s lips as he held the figure in his hands. It reminded him of Izuku, he fought the urge he felt to cry when he thought of the short and bright teen. There was a sudden loud pounding on the door, scaring Shouto. He quickly put the figure in the nightstand, where it would safe from the man. He threw on the plain grey t-shirt and jeans as quickly as possible.

“What the hell is taking so damn long!?” Shouto opened his door to see the tall man standing there. “Finally, come with me boy.” He then forcibly grabbed Shouto again and dragged him down the hall. That’s when it hit the teen where they were heading.

“No! Let go!” Shouto tried to fight his heavy grip, but it seemed to be in vein. As they approached the room. Panic and fear filled Shouto eyes as they had finally made it to the room.

The training room.

Chapter Text

Shouto physically could not stand up any longer. He was too sore, too hurt. His father only looked at him with disgust as the urge to vomit was no longer something he could fight.

“Look at what that woman has done to you! She’s made you soft! You’re a disappointment!” Tears formed in Shouto’s eyes, he couldn’t stand it. He didn’t even have the power in him to look up at the man talking. “I’ll fix you soon enough.” He left with that threat and left the room with thundering footsteps. Shouto finally collapsed on the ground, just missing his own vomit as he fell on the floor. The tears came as he the pain over took his whole body, he’s trained before. This… this was something completely different. It was more like torture.

“Oh my god! Shouto!” A female voice called, he heard hurried footsteps. “I have to get you to the bathroom, you’ll have to work with me Shouto.” The woman told him, as she wrapped her arms around Shouto’s waist. She hoisted him up, the teen tried to stand. Struggling to his feet in pain. She began to guide him out of the room. It was much more of a dragging him out to the bathroom. She sat him down on the toilet and let him lean back against the wall. “Can I undress you for a bath?” The red and white teen nodded in a haze. The woman managed to undress him and get him into the bathtub. She ran some warm water and left for a few moments, she returned with a large white box. That’s when Shouto saw her hair, it was white with some red highlights.

“F-fuyumi…?” The woman turned and smiled at him.

“Hey Shouto, it’s been a while huh.” She sounded a little awkward as she spoke to her brother. Still, she had that kind aura that Rei had. It was nice to be around her. “I got your uniform from school and your phone. I came her to drop it off, but I couldn’t find you. Then I saw Father walk out of…” Fuyumi decided not to finish her sentence.

“I-i… thank you.” Shouto looked to his sister. She gave him a smile.

“Of course Shouto, your my brother. When you’re dressed again, i’ll bandge you up.” Fuyumi explained, leaving the bathroom. Shouto was a little shocked that Fuyumi even wanted to be friendly.

A few minutes later Shouto got dressed again, he winced as he moved to the door. Fuyumi had been waiting outside the door, she had him sit down again to help him.

“Thank you… got all of this.” Shouto said once again.

“ I already told you, you’re my little brother, of course I’ll be here for you.” The woman reminded him with a smile. She helped him to his room, on his bed for some rest. “I’m coming back tomorrow to take you out, you can’t just stay here.” Fuyumi explained to him. “Then you can meet Touya and Natsuo, we’ll have lunch together. I’ll try to get you some clothes.” She smiles as she tucks Shouto in.

“Goodnight.” Shouto calls before she can leave the room.

“Goodnight, Shouto.” She shuts the door with a smile that soons leave. Her Father glaring her down from afar.

“Your just hurting him by making him soft.” Enji’s voice boomed to the woman.

“Mom may not be here to protect him, doesn’t mean he won’t be protected. Now excuse me, I need to go meet someone.” Fuyumi grabbed her bag, throwing it over her shoulder. She then marched out of the house.

Detective Rin had almost a full notebook from this integration alone, they haven’t even gotten to when Shouto had been born. Rei had just talked about her second birth, her daughter Fuyumi. The look in her eyes was familiar, something he saw in a quite a few cases.

“Rei?” The white haired woman looks to the man. “Do you feel guilty about leaving your other children?”

“I-I was going to take them too… but Enji had caught me with Shouto… and- and.” She let out a sigh struggling. “I had to leave them. I wish I haven’t.” Rei had explained.

That’s when an officer had walked into the room.

“Rei Todoroki has a visitor, she was adamant about speaking with her.” Both looked to the officer confused.

“Do you know her name.” The detective took over.

“No, but she has white hair with red highlights.”

“Fuyumi!” Rei stood in shock, and eagerness to see her daughter. “Please… let me speak to her, even for a bit.” The woman begged. The detective lets out a sigh and nods. Rei has cuffs locked around her wrist and she is taken to the visitor center. There Fuyumi waited behind the glass, she looked excited to see Rei. The woman sat down and began to talk with her daughter.

“Mom!” Fuyumi was the first to speak surprisingly happy to see her.

“Fuyumi! I’m sorry for leaving you behind! I’m so sorry! I shouldn't have left you or…”


“Touya or Natsuo, i’m such a terrible mother…”


“I’m so sorry…”

“Mom! I forgive you. I forgave a long time ago, I understand why you left. Shouto was in the most danger, Father didn’t hurt us like he hurt Shouto. Though for a long time I was angry and upset… I even hated Shouto for taking you away.” Rei looked to her daughter sadly as she spoke. “After a few years I decided I needed help, I went to a therapist with Touya and Natsuo about everything. Things got better from that point, and I forgave you and Shouto. The three of us stuck together no matter what.” Fuyumi looked up and smiled at her mother.

“I’m so glad you three are okay, I wanted to take you three with me. Enji saw me just as I was about to enter your room. I’m so sorry, even if you do forgive me, I still feel guilty about leaving you.” Rei explained, but she felt a little better about everything.

“Ma’am your time is up.” Rei looked to the officer and nodded.

“Goodbye Fuyumi, take care of yourself. Please... watch over Shouto.” Fuyumi nodded and watched her mother leave.

Rei took a seat once again in front of detective Rinonce again.

“Would you like to continue?” Rei nodded and began to share her story once again.

Chapter Text

Shouto woke, sore from the beating from the night before. He looked to his phone surprised to see that it was so late, Enji must be out on hero work.

“Good morning Shouto.” The red and white teen looked to see his sister in the doorway.

“W-where is he?” The teen’s voice was small when he asked.  

“He’s off doing hero work, he won’t bother you at all, don’t worry. Besides you get to see our brothers today, so go on and get dressed.” Fuyumi left with a smile. Shouto got up and found some clothes his sister had left him. He quickly put on the jeans and the blue shirt, and a flannel jacket on top. Underneath his clothes was his phone, he quickly opened it to see five messages from Izuku.


Shouto i’m really worried about you


I know you’re probably busy, just answer me when you can


Mom is really worried about you too


Everyone one is


I would say even Kacchan, but we both know that’s not true

Shouto let out a light sad chuckle after he read the last message, he missed Izuku so much.


I’m okay, I don’t know when i’m heading back to school or home. My sister is here, she’s keeping me safe.

He sighed and slid his phone in his pocket, leaving his room, shutting his door behind him. He smelled the cooking of food from the kitchen, the floors creaked as he walked through the house. The large empty house and long corridors, it intimidated him.

“Fuyumi?” Shouto asked as he entered the kitchen.

         “Hey! It shouldn’t be much longer.” Fuyumi looked away for a second before they heard a loud pop from the grease. Causing both of them to jump lightly at it. A smell of burning immediately came afterwards. “Or… maybe we should go out and get breakfast.” The two chuckled afterwards.

Everyone in class 1-A noticed how differently Izuku was now that Shouto was gone. He didn’t talk much, and the constant passion he always had seemed to vanish. Iida and Uraraka had been trying their best to cheer him up for the past two days. Even Inko could not cheer him up, despite her attempts.

Izuku took notice when his phone gave a light vibrate in his pocket. When he looked he almost fainted when he saw the name, that still didn’t stop the tears that welled.

“Shouto… you’re okay!” Tears dripped onto his phone screen as he cried quietly. This is all he needed, all he wanted from the other teen. To know that he is safe.

Fuyumi was taking Shouto to a quiet coffee shop to meet their other siblings. Shouto wasn’t going to lie, he was extremely nervous. That’s when he saw them a red haired man and a man with white hair sitting across from him. The man with red hair pointed to them and waved.

“Hey guys.” Fuyumi smiled and called. She took a seat, putting her bag on the back of the chair. Shouto took a seat between Fuyumi and the white haired man. It was quiet for a moment before his sister spoke up. “Well, come on guys introduce yourselves.”

“Oh! You probably barely remember us, i’m Touya. Good to see you Shouto.” He flashed a quick smile before taking a sip of coffee.

“Natsuo, hopefully the old man isn’t bothering you too much.” He gave a small wave.

“Yeah, nice to see you all again.” Shouto gave a light nod to the two.

         The four siblings talk for two hours about the past years and things they like.

        “I still don’t know what you guys do.” Shouto brought up to the three.

       “Oh right! I’m a teacher at an elementary school.” Fuyumi explained, smiling lightly thinking of her class.

      “I’m in school right now, no, not a hero. Dad didn’t have that idea for me.” Natsuo added the last part darkly, but then smiled. “Though I do love what I study.” With that Shouto gained a light smile.

      “That leaves you Touya.” The youngest turned to the oldest.

      “I have an extremely important job, it helps lots of different people I-“ Natsuo than interrupted his brother.

      “He owns a small bookstore.”

      “Nats! What the hell!? I wanted to tell him!” The two began to argue when they heard a laugh. Both stopped and turned to look at Shouto laughing lightly.

       Fuyumi at first shocked, smiled, she was glad he could, even with everything that’s been going wrong.

        Detective Rin was exhausted from a full night of interviewing Rei. He let her get some rest for the night. He rubbed his eyes sitting at his computer, when someone had approached.

        “Daichi.” He looked to see Detective Tsukauchi, he was the few to call him by his first name.

        “Oh! Hey, how’s that USJ case going?” Daichi asked the other man.

        “It’s fine, but it’s nothing compared to what you’re dealing with. This is a big deal, Endeavor’s son found finally.” The other man let out a loud sigh.

        “That’s just it… this is huge and could change everything. There's so many twists and turns with this case, I’m starting to wish I have your quirk.” Detective Rin joked lightly.

         “Your quirk is just as good as mine.”

        “Seeing small details helps more during a case I’m outside, yours is far more helpful here.” Daichi let out a light sigh. “But I do what I can.” He smiled to the other, getting one in return. “Now I’ve got to question Rei some more.” The man excused himself and left with that.

       Shouto was following his brothers and sister from store to store. As much as he was enjoying their company he missed Izuku. It’s only been two days, but it felt like years since he’s seen him. He just wanted to see and be with his best friend.

       “What’s up? You’re more quiet than usual.” Touya had questioned Shouto.

        “It’s… nothing, I’m fine.” A forced smile found its way onto pale lips.

        “Ahh, you’re lying.”

        “Am not, I’m just tired.”

        “Has anyone told you? you’re extremely bad at lying.” Touya repeated.

        “Fine! I miss my best friend… Izuku.” Shouto attempted to his older brother.

        “There it is! Look Shouto, you’ll see him at school if that counts for anything… but I see your point.” Touya’s words comforted him, if only a little.

        “It’s just Izuku and I spent everyday together, and I honestly don’t know what to do without him sometimes.” His older brother’s eyes looked saddened by the little speech. Both were distracted by the light ring of Shouto’s phone, he took out and saw a silly picture of Izuku. He quickly answered it and said hello.

       “Shou-Chan! Oh thank god! Are you okay!? I’ve been worried sick!” Izuku yelled through the phone.

       “Hi Izuku, I missed you too.” He let out a light chuckle, but continued. “I’m okay for the most part. I’m with my brothers and sister.”

       “I’m sorry, I was just so worried. I really, really miss you Shou-can.” Izuku explained his actions.

       “I get it, you didn’t know what was going on. I barely do myself, I’m gonna try to get to you soon Midoriya. Don’t worry too much, I know you’ll worry just not too much.”

       “Alright… just… just be safe, please.” Izuku ended the call with that.

       “Who was that Shouto?” The red and white teen looked up to his sister.

       “A close friend.” He simply replied, it seemed enough for his sister as they just continued on their way.

       It was a few hours after dark when Shouto returned home, the rest of his siblings were there, making it a little easier to do.

      “Where the hell were you!?” A voice boomed right when they entered the house.

      “It’s my fault, I thought it was a good idea for him to get out of the house.” Fuyumi stepped up, standing in front of her little brother.

     “Shut it! There’s no excuse! Come on!” Enji grabbed Shouto and began to pull him to the training room. Another hand grabbed Shouto.

     “Let go of him.” Touya’s voice was low and he glared at the large man.

     “Fine. He’s mine anyways, and there’s nothing you all can do about it.” Enji stormed off into the depths of the wooden house.

     Fear was stuck in Shouto’s eyes. He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t have anywhere to escape to. He’ll always find him.

     So he ran.

     Shouto pushed past Fuyumi, Touya and Natsuo and through the heavy wood door. He ignored all the calls for him and kept going. He didn’t know where he was running, he just was.

      When he finally stopped and looked around, he knew this place. A small playground where memories from his childhood came. He knew where he was, and he knew where to go.

      Shouto ran to an apartment building and ran up the stairs. Knocking on the first door, he heard a quiet whisper be on the door.

      “Who could possibly be visiting at this hour?” A female voice asked, confused. The door opened and a gasp came from Inko. “Shouto? What are you doing here!?”

     “I-I…” Shouto looked to the woman’s eyes and couldn’t speak.

     “You know what that’s not important dear, come in. I’ll get Izuku.” Inko guided the teen in and had him take a seat on the couch.

     Only a few moments later Izuku dashed out of his room. He slowed once he saw Shouto, he almost didn’t believe it. Blue and grey eyes looked to him, unblinking, numb, so much different to how they usually are. No words were said as Izuku embraced the other tightly. As Shouto placed his head on the other’s shoulder, he began to sob uncontrollably. The smaller just tighten his hold.

     The two wanted to stay like this, just the two of them… forever.

Chapter Text

Shouto was exhausted by the time he moved away from Izuku. Inko was sitting on the couch as well, rubbing his back lightly.

“I’ll get some tea, okay?” Inko offered, the red and white teen nodded and rubbed his eyes. Izuku held held Shouto’s hand tightly, refusing to let go.

“I’m sorry… I-I didn’t know where to go.” The taller admitted.

“Hey, there's no reason to be sorry. You haven’t done anything wrong.” The green haired teen reassured the other. Inko agrees and sets down the tea tray down on the small table next to the couch. She poured a cup and handed it to him, hoping it would help calm his nerves. “Whatever you ran from, it won’t get you here, I promise.” Izuku brought the other back into a hug.

Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Touya have spent a better part of an hour trying to find Shouto.

“Do you have any idea where he could’ve gone? You’ve spent the most time with him.” Touya brought up to his sister.

“I have no idea. I don’t know where he would have gone.” Fuyumi admitted to them. “Wait, does anyone know where mom lived with Shouto?”

“I think it’s those apartments not too far away, i’ll take the car and check. You two keep checking around here.” Touya yelled before running off to his car.

“Come on Fuyumi, let’s check that neighbor over there.” Natsuo pointed to and guided his sister there.

Touya disregarded the speed limit when heading to the apartments. He had to find Shouto, he had to make sure he was okay. A blue flame formed under his hand, a common thing that happened when he was stressed. He winces and quickly put out the flame in his hand, and let out a loud sigh. He got out of the car and ran to the front desk when he had reached his destination.

“Excuse me did a Rei Todoroki live here?” He asked, trying to hide the panic in his voice.

“Are you with the press?” A clearly tired woman asked.

“No, i’m Shouto Todoroki’s older brother.”

“Oh you must be here for his stuff, it’s a shame he was such a nice boy and his mother the sweetest.” The woman explained as she opened a cabinet of keys. She took one of the hook labeled 121 and handed it to him.

“Do you know an Izuku?” He asked, trying to cover all his bases. If he’s not at the apartment, he’s probably with his best friend.

“Izuku Midoriya? His mother and him live right next door, is something going on? Is Shouto okay?” The woman had a look of genuine concern when she had asked. Touya let out a sigh and shook his head.

“He ran off this afternoon and I don’t know where he went, my sister, brother and I are looking for him.”

“What about his father, or he is busy with hero work?”

“Sure.” He simply said and headed to apartment 121.

Touya opened up an apartment that seemed to scream his mother or what he remembers of her. He looked around the whole apartment when he finally walked into Shouto’s room. What immediately stood out to him was two picture frames, One with him and their mother, both smiling widely. Touya smiled slightly at the picture, seeing the two in each others arms. The other picture was of Shouto and what he assumed to be Izuku, they looked fairly young. They were posing in front of an All Might snowman they both seemed to have built. He put down the picture and sighed, the only place he knows to check is next door.

While all three sat there, Shouto’s hand still in Izuku’s a knock had come to the door. Inko got up while the red and white teen sunk into the couch slightly. She placed a hand on his shoulder and gave him a small smile, hoping to comfort him. She opened the door to a tall red haired young man.

“Can I help you?” The small woman asked.

“Yeah, i’m sorry to be here so late… it’s just Shouto ran away and i’m looking for him. I’m his older brother Touya by the way.” He explained to the woman. Inko’s eyes hardened for a moment and she let out a sigh.

“Come in, just be quiet. He’s still quite riled from whatever happened.” The short woman added as she shut the door behind him. The red haired man brought his phone and sent both Fuyumi and Natsuo a text to let them know he found Shouto.

Touya slowly walked over to Shouto, his little brother was wrapped around another teen he assumed to be Izuku. The green haired teen just wrapped his arms tighter around the paler.

“Shouto… it’s me, Touya, i’m not taking you back I promise. Fuyumi, Natsuo and I were just worried not knowing where you were.” Touya explained softly. Finally, grey and blue eyes meet with his own blue eyes. The red and white teen had sat up with his hand still in the others.

“I-i’m sorry Touya… I shouldn’t have run away… I-I.” Shouto’s speech was interrupted immediately.

“What are you doing apologizing? You were overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. Plus, we’ve all ran away at some point, guess you're just taking your own turn.” The older Todoroki joked lightly. The firm line on Shouto’s face had eased slightly after that.

“Were you lying…?” Touya looked at him confused. “When you said you wouldn’t take me back.”

“I was telling the truth, we can always tell that bastard that you slept at my apartment. Stay here and i’ll pick you up after school tomorrow.” The older smiled at the other, getting a slight one in return. “Goodnight Shouto, see you tomorrow. I’ll drop off your uniform in the morning.” With that Touya left his brother in what he saw as good hands.

Izuku and Inko were grateful that Shouto’s brother had left him with them.

“You two should get ready for bed, especially you Shouto. You must be exhausted.” The short woman suggested to the boys.

“Yeah, I should still have some sleep clothes for you Shou-chan. Come on.” The smaller teen guided the other to his room. Sharing Izuku’s bed they brought each other into a tight embrace, holding onto each other afraid that if they let go the other would disappear.

When they woke in the morning, the red and white teen was shocked to see he was still in Izuku’s bedroom. Everything that had happened wasn’t a dream, he didn’t know whether to be thankful or fearful. He looked to the other side of the small bed to see it empty. Shouto walked out of the room to see both Inko and Izuku already eating breakfast with another place set for him.

“Sorry for being up so late.” Shouto said as he took a seat.

“Oh dear, you need to stop apologizing for being human.” Inko simply said. “You remind me of your…” The woman stopped in her tracks, not wanting to upset the boy.

“Do you think she’s okay?” Shouto asked, he looked down a sadly.

“Your mother is a very strong woman, she’ll be able to take care of herself.” Inko took the teen’s hands into her own, and gave him a reassuring smile.

“Hurry up Shou-chan, you don’t want to be late your first day back.” Izuku brought up as he stood up and began to put dishes in the sink. Shouto nodded and began to eat a little faster.

“Goodbye Midoriya-san.” The taller teen called as they left.  

          “Iida and Uraraka will be so excited to see you.” Izuku brought up as they began their walk.

          “Is anyone upset?” Shouto asked. The smaller looked to him confused. “The sports festival I mean.”

“Of course not, no one would blame you for that.”

“... Y-yeah you’re right…” Izuku wasn’t convinced, but said nothing more.

When Shouto had walked into the classroom everyone seemed to turn and look to him.

“Todoroki!” Both Iida and Uraraka jumped up.

“Uh… hey Iida, Uraraka.” Shouto waved awkwardly at the two.

“We’re so glad you to have you back! Deku’s been down the days you were gone.” The girl explained to him. The tall teen turned to his friend to find him bright red.

“I-I was j-just sad y-you were gone ya know!” Izuku explained nervously, still completely red.

         “Yes, we were all sad while you were gone.” Iida gestured with his hands.

“Todoroki.” A deep voice spoke up, the four turned to their teacher. “I need you to come with me.” Shouto nodded, but had unsure look on his face. He felt a hand squeeze his for a second.

“You’ve got this Shou.” Izuku whispered, before turning into the classroom. The taller teen swallowed hard and followed Aizawa to a large conference room. Inside were all the teachers, Shouto felt insecure but stepped in.

“Don’t worry Young Todoroki, we just wish to speak with you.” All Might reassured the teen, noticing how nervous he was.

“Yes, please take a seat.” Nezu added with a gentle voice. Shouto nodded and took the only seat available at the end of the table.

“Now…” Aizawa spoke up. “Tell us about your father.”

Chapter Text

Shouto felt his heart sink into his stomach. He didn’t know what to do or say, did he tell the truth or did he lie? It had only been two days, but those two days alone were unbearable. He couldn’t live with that terrible man the rest of his life.
“It’s alright young Todoroki, take your time. We know this can be difficult.” All Might reassured him gently. With that the pale teen took a breath.
“I don’t remember a lot before my mom and I left. Of what I remember I tried to repress. There was always a room and he was always there too, and an unbelievable pain. Mom was there too, but she was protecting me. The night we ran away, I remember feeling nervous and scared. That’s all I have from before we ran away, and my time with Izuku only made it easier to forget it all.” Shouto explained, a slight nervousness was noticeable in his voice.
“What about now Todoroki, you’ve lived with him for three days. Has he hurt you in anyway?” Midnight asked, speaking for the rest of their curiosity.
“I can’t say it’s gotten better, he did… pull me for training one night…” The teen was quiet and clearly nervous.
“What to do you mean by training?” Aizawa immediately asked afterwards.
“Definitely not the normal kind.” All Might’s eyes narrowed with concern for the teen.
“Do you have any injuries from this so called training?” His teacher spoke up, he could hear the slight anger in his voice while he spoke. Shouto only nodded, afraid what would come if he said more. “Show me.” The red and white teen rolled up his sleeves, showing each arm bandaged and wrapped tightly. More anger came to the tired teacher’s eyes after that. At this point Nezu stepped in.
“Thank you for telling us this Todoroki, you can return to your class now.” The mouse like creature gave him a smile, and uneasily Shouto left the room. Once the teachers were sure he was gone, Aizawa exploded.
“I knew it! I knew Midoriya wouldn’t lie about something about this! We need to get this bastard!”
“Calm down Shouta, we can’t do anything yet.” Hizashi spoke up.
“We can’t let this stand.” A quiet anger filled the room. Toshinori’s rage had made the room tense and uncomfortable. “I need to go to the police station and speak with someone.” The small man stood and left with a dark expression on his face.
Touya was standing behind the register, reading an article on the sports festival. He only felt the need to yell at his phone a few times.
He heard the loud door open and a bell ring. He got to his feet to greet the customer, only to stop once he saw his face.
“Detective Rin… why are you here?” Anger could be easily told from Touya’s voice.
“I’m here to take you to the station to ask you a few questions about your father, it won’t take too long. I need you and your siblings to talk if I want to help your mother.” The young man looked to him, shocked.
“You’re… you’re helping her…?” The man only nodded.
“I want to help her and your brother be reunited.”
“I’ll tell you all I know, just let me close to shop for a bit.” Touya explained before leaving with the detective.
Shouto was a little self conscious sitting in class, but got over it half way through the day.
Sitting at lunch with Iida, Uraraka and Izuku had been one of the things he’d had missed most.
“Come on! How do you not remember that fight!?” Izuku asked, Uraraka and him were arguing over the best All Might fight. Iida and Shouto were just listening and commented here and there.
After a bit Shouto yawned loudly and laid his head against Izuku’s shoulder. The smaller teen just kept talking while Iida and Uraraka froze in shock, after a bit he noticed their shock.
“What?” He asked confused.
“T-todoroki is laying a-against you..!” The girl pointed and stuttered.
“Yeah, and?”
“Is this something you and Todoroki commonly do?” Iida asked, trying to hold back the shock in his voice.
“Yes, and besides he’s exhausted emotionally and physically. It’s the least I can do.” Izuku looked down to the teen on his shoulder. A gentle smile came to his face, and he leaned his head against Shouto’s. A content smile was placed on both faces as they just sat there, both seeming extremely happy with the other’s presence.

Chapter Text

     Izuku and Shouto have been planning this day for a month. This day was going to be luxury for Inko and Rei, the two boys’ just wanted to treat their mothers.

      “ Please tell me you didn’t throw away the directions.” Shouto begged Izuku, his voice perfectly conveying his fear.

“Well…” The teller teen hasn’t every facepalm so hard, hurting his own face. “I didn’t want mom to find out!” The green haired teen argued.

“Okay! Just look it up on your phone and read it to me.”

Making bread was honestly too much work, more than what they expected. To the point they accidently scared their mother’s awake.

“Shouto! Is everything okay!?” Rei came running into the Midoriya’s apartment.

“Izuku!” The two boys’ mothers came running in at the exact same time. They both looked shocked to see the two cooking in the kitchen.

“... Uh… Happy mother’s day…” Shouto declared in the awkward silence. With that, both Rei and Inko burst out laughing.

“Aww Shou, you’re so sweet.” The white haired woman embraced her son tightly. The shorter woman doing the same.

“It sweet of you two wanting to do something for us, but how about we just go out for lunch, okay?” Inko offered to the two, they both nodded blushing from embarrassment.

The four were sitting at a restaurant enjoying themselves as they laughed and joked.

“How long have you boys been planning this?” Inko asked the two curious. The two teens seemed to have almost the whole day planned out. As they had spent most the day doing things their mother’s enjoyed.

“Maybe, possibly a...month.” Izuku hesitated to tell the two women. Both their mother’s jaws dropped.

“Boys this don’t have do stuff like this for us, we just love you.” Rei explained to them.

“We know that mom, we just wanted to show our love for you.” Shouto argued with his mom. “Especially everything you’ve risked for me…” He mumbled the last part.

“Shouto we do this because we love you. I would risk everything for you again and a thousand times over again.” Rei pulled Shouto into a hug and stayed like that for a bit of time.

“The same absolute goes the same for you Izuku, if needed I would do anything for you.” Inko brought up, pulling her own son into a tight embrace.

At the end of the day the mothers and sons spent some time together. The two boys silently wishing they could spend everyday just like this one.

Chapter Text

“So you can’t do anything?” Touya asked the detective. Daichi sighed loudly and looked into his blue eyes.

“We need proof, if we want to say that Enji is abusive we need pictures. The scars that Rei has can be claimed to come from anywhere.” He explained to the other man.

“I see…” There was a moment of silence before Touya spoke again. “ What if I said I could get you proof of him abusing Shouto?” This shocked the detective. “My old man is still trying to ‘train’ him. I hasn’t been pretty, Fuyumi already had to patch him up once.”

“The next time this happens make sure to get pictures.” Detective simply said. Touya nodded and looked down to his phone.

“I’ve got to go, I promised to pick Shouto up from school.” The man explained. Just as Touya got up to leave, All Might entered the room.

“A-All might? What are you doing here?” The older man asked confused.

“I wish to speak to you in private about young Todoroki.” The detective nodded, as the younger man became suspicious.

“Why do you want to talk about my little brother?” Both seemed shocked the man had spoken up to the number one hero.

“You must be one of Todorki’s siblings. He’s a kind boy, I've known him for almost a year now.”

“Great, now why do you need to talk about him in secret?” Touya demanded to know. With that the muscular man let out a sigh, he wasn’t surprised that his siblings were protective.

“I want to help him and his mother.” The blonde admitted. A small smile found its way on the redheaded man’s lips.

“That’s what I was hoping.” With that, he left the detective and the hero to speak among themselves.

Shouto sat quietly just outside the gates of U.A. There were stone benches connected to the large wall, he sat quietly trying not to look to his phone in worry.

“Has Touya shown up yet?” A voice asked the red and white teen. He looked to Izuku and shook his head. “You worried?”

“I’m trying not to, but I’m afraid…” He admitted to his best friend.

“Here i’ll wait here with you.” The smaller teen offered, the other looked to him with small shock.

“But your mother will be worried and upset.”

“She’ll understand if I explain it was for you!” Izuku flashed one of his classic smiles. Shouto’s cheeks began to tint to a pinkish color at that. The smaller boy’s hand went to embrace a paler one, when they’re hands connect both teen’s faces became a bright red. While the taller tried to hide his blush, the smaller just kept that same smile.

Touya car pulled up and the man had a smug smile on. The blush on his little brother’s face only got brighter and his left side began to light from embarrassment. He quickly stood up and got into the car.

“See you tomorrow Izuku.” He whispered quickly and then shut the door. Leaving the other a little confused and embarrassed.

At first it was quiet in the car, than Touya brought up the elephant in the room.

“So you like him don’t you?” Blue eyes narrowed with a knowing smile.

“I-I DONT!” The younger shouted, only causing the man to laugh.

“Oh sure you don’t, all I’m saying is your blush gives you away.” Touya teased.

“LOOK, Izuku and I are just friends. We’ve always just been there for each other.” Shouto explained hoping to deter him.

“Yeah sure, I didn’t get that vibe. Look if you like him I say go for it, you never know what could happen.”

“But what if I ruin our relationship, what if we can’t be friends again afterwards. I’m just worried is all.” The teen admitted.

“Well that’s part of the risk Shou, you’ve got to trust he feels the same.” The man explained gently. “Also you just admitted to liking him.” Almost immediately the teen was completely red again.

“S-shut up!” The redhead just laughed and smiled as he continued to drive down the road.

“I… I went to the police station today…” Silence filled the space that had once been full of laughter.

“Did… did you see mom?” There was desperation in Shouto’s voice when he spoke.

“No… but you’ve got a lot of support Shouto, you’re gonna get out of this and away from him. I promise that bastard will fall, and I don’t care if I have to do it myself.” Touya’s voice became deep and his eyes had a dark presence to them. One of his hands were engulfed with a blue flame.


“Ah shit!” The man quickly puts out the flames he had started. “Let’s just you home okay?” An exhausted laugh and sigh came from the man.