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The Ten Commandments

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“(Y/N) wake up.”

“Don’t wanna.” Said the girl sleepily, she turned her back to the one trying to wake her and pulled her blanket over her head.

“(Y/N).. you can’t stay in bed all day.”

“Go away, Elizabeth.” Mumbled the girl.

The girl let out a loud shriek when her blanket was pulled off her.

“Rise and shine.” Said the one who had pulled her blanket off. “We’re going to a fighting festival to have some fun.” In the next second Meliodas was kicked in the shin.

“Don’t be so rough with her!” Scolded Hawk. “She’s a princess!”


They got separated from each other..

“Hawk, where are you?” Yelled (Y/N).

“Hey you’ve lost your memories, right?” The two princesses could hear Hawk’s voice, Elizabeth took her younger sisters hand and ran to where they could hear Hawk.

“Mr. Pig, please let me eat you! Just a bite! Just a bite and I’ll be happy!”

“Stop it!” Yelled Elizabeth.

“Huh?” Diane turned her head to looks at the two.

“Two human girls?” Hawk managed to get out of Diane’s hand. “Wh-Who are you?” Asked the giant, Hawk ran behind the two girls.

“Diane! I’m so glad you’re safe!” Said Elizabeth. “Everybody’s been so worried about you! I’m Elizabeth, and this is my younger sister (Y/N). We’re princesses from Liones who are travelling with you and the Seven Deadly Sins.”

“Elizabeth? (Y/N)? Princesses from Liones? Seven Deadly Sins?”

“You lost your memories and then disappeared.” Explained (Y/N). “Sir King ran off to search for you by himself.”

“You and I know each other?”

“That’s right. The three of us are friends!” Said Elizabeth.

Diane stood up. “Sorry, but I can’t trust humans. That’s exactly how those Liones Holy Knights deceived us, and killed Matrona.”



(Y/N) was starting to get annoyed and her older sister could feel it.

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)?” Asked Elizabeth worried.

The fourth princess turned to her older sister with a deadpan expression.

“Hmm... let me see.. what could be wrong?..” ‘pondered’ the girl. “It’s not like we fell to our dead or that we had to save Diane from those blood sucking things, and then we almost got killed by Hide-and-Seeks. And then there were the Sand Crawler followed by an Earth Crawler that almost killed us.” Said the girl calmly. “I would have stayed in bed if I knew that this was going to happen.” Elizabeth patted her sister on her shoulder gently. Something got Elizabeth’s attention and she went over to one of the stone walls.

“Sir Meliodas.”

“Meliodas?” Echoed Hawk and Diane.

“Elizabeth, is that true?” Asked Gil.

“Yes. I can sense him.” She laid her hand on the wall. “Sense him... strongly. Sir Meliodas, I’ll be waiting for you.”

A few minutes later the earth started to shake. “Get back!” Yelled Elizabeth.

A giant hole appeared in the thick stone wall.

“Here they come!” Said Howzer.

“You have Ban and the King with you?” Asked Hawk.

“Little Gil! Howzer! Pig punk! (Y/N)!” Greeted Meliodas. “So you’re safe and sound.”

Elizabeth ran over to him. “Sir Meliodas!” “Elizabeth.”

“U-Unbelievable! Even Matrona couldn’t destroy that wall.” Said Diane excitedly.

“Yo, Diane!”

“Meliodas! Is it really you.” Asked the Giant.

“Of course it is!”

“All right! With this many of us, reaching the goal isn’t a dream!” Said Gilthunder.

“Well, looks like that dream might’ve just come true!” Meliodas pointed behind them.

Ban laughed. “Did we go a little overboard and annihilate an extra wall? There’s the goal.”

“Looks like all the main players are here now.” Said a man wrapped in thick vines.

The group walked through the opening.

“Matrona! Yoo-hoo!” Greeted Diane while crawling through the opening.

“So you made it!”

(Y/N) was glaring at Meliodas’s back.

“Why are you staring at me?” Asked the blonde innocently.

“You said that this would be fun.” Pouted the princess.

“This is fun.” Said Meliodas.

“No it isn’t!”

“Calm down now.” Ban patted (Y/N) on her head.

“Sir Meliodas!” Greeted Hendrickson with a child Griamore on his back.

“Yo! Looks like we kept you waiting.”

“Elaine!” Yelled Ban when he saw his lover, though said liver was frozen in fear.

“Elaine! King! Ban’s reaches the goal, too!” Said Jericho.

“R-Right.” Stammered Elaine. Her and King’s gazes was fixated on the two standing in front of them on a platform of stone.

(Y/N) looked at the two men and felt her body pulse. “Wh-Who are they?” Stammered the girl though it wasn’t in fear.

“Now’s your only chance to back out.” Warned Meliodas. “They’re from the Ten Commandments.”