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Off To War

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Blaine's family was a long line of military soldiers. His grandpa fought in WW2, his dad fought in Afghanistan, his brother following in his footstep's years later. His grandma and mother were both spies. So, the possibility of Blaine being able to get away with not following in their footstep's was pretty much zero. So as Blaine's sixteenth birthday approached, Blaine was getting anxious to what would be revealed to him soon, in that letter.
The twentieth of March. Five days until my birthday. It's also the day that I planned on telling Kurt what I will be getting through the post. I know I should have told him by now, but I can't bring myself to do it. Saying that I'm nervous about how Kurt will react, is an understatement. I'm terrified. I won't be able to get through all of this without him. I wouldn't be able to get through anything without him. So, I must tell him the truth.

The lunchtime bell rang way too soon for my liking, but I reluctantly packed away my belongings anyway. I slowly made my way to the canteen where all the glee club meets to have lunch together. As I entered the large hall, I scanned the room and spotted Kurt sitting with some other glee members, laughing at something ridiculous Brittany had said. I sighed and made my way over. I perched down on the seat next to Kurt and lent in to quietly talk to him.

"Hey Kurt, do you think we could go somewhere a little more private to talk?" Kurt gave me a surprised, questioning look but got up and followed me anyway. I chose a small table for two near the back, giving us some privacy. We settled into our seats and I got my sandwich out of my satchel. I knew I had to get on with it when Kurt looked up to me with a questioning face. I sighed, building up the courage to tell him.

"Alright, so, you know how my family is so into everyone joining the army and so eventually I will have to join as well." I looked up to see Kurt nodding in understanding, so I carried on. "Well, it seems that the army wants me earlier than I had thought and well, erm, I'll get my recruitment letter on my sixteenth birthday." I stopped talking, picking at the callouses on my hands, not daring to look up to Kurt. After a far too long silence, I looked up. The look on Kurt's face, he was looking for any hint that what I was saying was a joke. I sighed deeply once again, reaching across the table to Kurt's smooth hand, looking into his eyes as I said, "I'm so sorry Kurt, you know I don't want to go – to leave you – but I have no choice." Kurt nodded, taking a shaky breath.

"I know, I'm sorry, but I was so ready for me to go into my senior year with you by my side and then go to New York with an apartment where you'll join me a year later and now … and now you're leaving to a place I'll never be able to talk to you." There was a moment of silence, both of us looking at each other, almost having a silent conversation. After a long-winded conversation, I had promised Kurt that even though I'm leaving to go to the army, we'll be able to survive it. We also agreed to tell the rest of the new directions later that day at the end of rehearsal. Neither Kurt or I could decide what their reaction would be.

As History ended, I packed up my belongings, smiling as I saw Kurt waiting for me just outside the classroom. We walked to the choir room in a comfortable silence, enjoying the company. As I approached the classroom, I could feel my nerves surface, I reached for Kurt's hand squeezing it. We locked eyes, Kurt smiling in the way that caused dimples to form and my heart to flutter. As we entered the room, I noticed that we were the last to arrive, so I tugged Kurt's hand and led him to the back row where our chairs were. Mr. Schue entered the room, starting the rehearsal with a motivational speech, causing a long rant from Rachel about solos and leaders. I'm not sure what she was arguing about or with, I blocked her out when my thoughts started to flood with the news I was going to deliver.

The rehearsal ended up being quite productive and successful but that meant that I had to tell them now or I might just make things worse. Mr. Schue spoke first.
"Okay guys, well done today, remember to keep practicing at home."

"Er, actually, I have something to say before you all leave." Mr. Schue nodded to me, everyone gathering around me and Kurt.

"Right, okay, so, as a few of you may know, my family is quite into the military, and as a part of that family, I have to follow that tradition. So, on my sixteenth birthday, I will get my recruitment letter and I will have to go to wherever they've chosen to send me, and from the experience of the members of my family, I will probably join the US Major Infantry." I looked around the surrounding group, noticing their stunned faces. Rachel was the first to speak,

"Wait – you're joining the army? You're going off to die?!"

"RACHEL!!" Kurt shouted in exasperation.

"Hey, no, Kurt it's alright. I know what I'm going to do holds a lot of risks, but the tradition in my family is very important and I don't want to be the one to ruin that." There was a murmur through the group. Finally, Mr. Schue spoke,

"Blaine, as this is quite a tricky and important subject, maybe it would be best if we discuss what lies ahead. Do you want to do it now or later?" I sighed, running a hand up the back of my neck.

"Now. Get it over with." Everyone nodded in agreement, shuffling around, gathering chairs into a circle. Eventually, we were all seated, everyone staring at me intensely.

"Well, I guess I should tell you all I know." I paused, looking to Kurt. "If I do get chosen to join the same rank as my brother and father than I know what I'm in for. I'll move to Georgia for a five-month intense training, then if I pass, I will then be placed on the front line in Afghanistan, unfortunately, with the rank I'll be placed in, I'll be faced with the hardest, most difficult parts. Due to this, I'll only be over there for a year then I'm back, unlikely to be deployed again." Everyone was shocked by the information I had given them, so I gave them a reassuring smile. Just like with Kurt, we ended up having a deep conversation about how everything will be. And in the end, everyone was a lot more comfortable with the situation all ready to help me and Kurt through it.