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Baby Blue

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Jimin bounces nervously on the balls of his feet as he caresses his flat belly. He furrows his eyebrows as he stares himself down in the mirror. His eyes drag over his mid-section which is now neatly tucked under an expensive white suit. The more he looks at it, the more intimidated he is of the fact that it is likely to swell up in a month or two.

Today is his big day.

But then why is a feeling of uncertainty clawing at the back of his mind?

He is supposed to be over the moon but something tells him that there is something awfully wrong, even though everything seems all right.

‘’Jiminie!’’, says a familiar voice, bringing Jimin out of his thoughts.

‘’Hoseokie!’’, the young omega exclaims as he spins around to greet the elder, eyes now drawing away from the full length mirror.

‘’You came! But where is Tae?’’, Jimin says with fake excitement as he pulls the other omega into a bone crushing hug.

‘’Of course I came! Uh.. Tae is on that case and some emergency came up. But he promised he’ll be there for the reception.’’

Jimin pouts on hearing the news.

‘’Are you excited though?’’,Hoseok says, a grin plastered to his face as he pulls away.

‘’I…’’, Jimin trails off.

He really doesn’t know if he is excited.

Every fibre in his violated body is telling him to run away and seek refuge elsewhere.

Jimin swallows thickly before answering with a weak,

‘’I guess I am.’’

‘’Then why do I hear hesitance in that voice of yours?’’, Hoseok questions, one eyebrow raised.

Jimin averts his gaze when the elder tries to make eye contact.

‘’It’s just…I don’t know…I mean don’t you think everything is happening too fast?’’

‘’What do you mean Jimin-ah? You know you can tell me and Taehyung anything right? We’ve known each other since ages.’’

It was true. The three of them had become best friends since the first day of kindergarten. But that was until he became a third wheel somewhere along high school. For obvious reasons he gave the other two their privacy but nothing in the world would be able to take their status of his best friends.

‘’Yeah I know…-‘’, but Jimin is interrupted,

‘’Do you not like him? Does he not treat you right? Jimin if it’s anything along those lines-‘’

‘’No, no it’s not that way… I mean I am obviously attracted to him because..’’, Jimin pauses with an instant blush blooming across his face and that’s when Hoseok continues,

‘’For obvious reasons that he is your fated pair. But then what’s the problem Chim? I mean….If he is treating you right and everything seems okay, why do you look like you’re going to run away?’’

‘Because for some weird reason I just want to!’, the younger omega thinks but he can’t verbalise that as it will raise a new string of unwanted questions, which he doesn’t want to answer.

He finally looks at Hoseok with an impassive expression before saying,

‘’ I honestly-‘’, but he stops when the elder lightly places his hands on his shoulder and spins him around so that he too is facing the mirror.

Hoseok definitely doesn’t buy his impassivity. After all, he has been eye witness to all that Jimin has gone through and is well aware that all that impassiveness is just a layer to cover the underlying emotions.

‘’Look at your self Jimminie, you’ve really come a long way. Look how much you’ve grown.’’

‘’HEY! Is that a jab at my height?’’, Jimin says giving the elder’s reflection a not so intimidating glare, before reluctantly looking at his own. He knows what the elder is trying to imply but he wants to keep the conversation as light as possible without dragging his shady past to the present.

‘’’Well we can just say that you’re an adult trapped in the body of a child. I mean, I can’t say it the other way round because you have a lot of growing to do. And anyways I meant mental growth not physical because I’ve lost all hope of you growing any taller.’’, Hoseok lightly chuckles as he ruffles the omega’s bubble-gum pink hair.

‘’Hey!’’, the younger exclaims, poking the elder in the ribs playfully.

‘’Ow ow!’’, Hoseok feigns an expression of utter agony.

‘’Don’t under-estimate the power of a short omega! I have a lot of stamina!’’, Jimin says, a goofy grin plastered to his face, all doubt long forgotten.

‘’I guess you can save all that stamina for a certain alpha tonight.’’, Hoseok shamelessly sniggers as he watches the pink haired man turn crimson. The expression which Jimin is sporting has the taller man double over.

‘’Jimminie..look..look at your face…. It matches your hair colour.’, Hoseok hollers out obnoxiously.

‘’Yah! Such a brat!’’,Jimin smacks the back of Hoseok’s head.

‘’Ahem..’’, a new voice says.

The two omegas had been so engrossed in their bickering that they hadn’t noticed a third person enter the changing room.

Hoseok straightens up while Jimin whips his head around to find Namjoon in a crisp black suit, standing by the door.

‘’Oh! Hi Namjoon hyung.’’, Jimin says all too cheerfully.

‘’Hey! This isn’t fair. You call him hyung but I get no such respect even though we both are one year elder to you. In fact I’m elder to him!’’, Hoseok whines in annoyance.

‘’Shut up Hoseok.’’, Jimin says as he rolls his eyes at the elder.

‘’How come you’re here hyung?’’, Jimin asks, his lips curling upward in a smile, while he ignores his best friend’s whining.

‘’ Nothing much really….Just checking on you guys, making sure you don’t run away. ’’, Namjoon laughs dryly.

‘’Dont worry Namjoon, I won’t let this brat go anywhere.’’, Hoseok reassures the beta as he once again ruffles Jimin’s hair.

‘’In all these years I have never seen my best friend so eager before. I guess you really are something Jimin.’’, Namjoon says, a small smile tugging at his lips.

‘’Jimminie usually has that effect on people you know.’’, Hoseok states matter of factly.


‘’What? I’m just telling the truth Minnie-‘’, but before Hoseok can continue and the two omegas can indulge in round two of their bickering, Namjoon intercepts,

‘’If you guys are ready then I think it’s time.’’

Namjoon feels dread pool in his stomach when he says this but he tries his best to keep a poker face.

‘’You go ahead , I’ll bring him along.’’, Hoseok says as he now tries to fix the younger omega’s tousled hair.

Namjoon just nods his head and opens his mouth but then closes it back again.

‘’ Is there something you want to tell us?’’, Jimin pipes up.

‘’Uh…nothing really. I’ll take my leave.’’, Namjoon gives the other two men a tight lipped smile before finally leaving.

As the beta walks down the corridor, he admonishes himself and rages against the internal battle taking over his conscience.

He hates his cowardice.

He should have opened his mouth when he had the chance but for some fuck all reason his tongue would just not cooperate. In all honesty he doesn’t even know what sort of feelings he should be harbouring for his best friend at this point. Everything just seems so sick.


On the other hand…..

‘’Here now, you’re all fixed.’’, Hoseok says as he finally hands Jimin the bouquet of white roses.

‘’Come lets go.’’, the elder grabs the pink haired man’s free wrist and drags Jimin along with him.

‘’Hyung?’’, Jimin says softly with a tone of hesitance as he comes to an abrupt halt, preventing the elder from moving forward.

Hoseok turns around to notice the serious expression that has taken form on Jimin’s face.

‘’Don’t worry Jimin-ah’’, Hoseok tries to convince the younger with a soothing voice.

‘’But what if he ends up being like…like…’’, Jimin trails off.

He is too scared to even take the other person’s name.

‘’No I’m sure he wouldn’t be like your ex. Besides, that bastard left you when you needed him the most.’’, Hoseok’s gaze trails over to Jimin’s mid-section which the younger now seems to be massaging sub-conciously as an act of reassurance.

‘’ Also I know you happened to share a bond with that bastard because of you know..the…’’, Hoseok pauses to look at the other’s face. The elder just can’t bring himself to complete the statement as he watches Jimin’s face contort into an expression filled with pain brought about by agonizing memories.

He goes on, nevertheless, as he has to bring this out in the open.

‘’But that bond is nothing compared to what you will be sharing with your fated pair. In fact your other half is so kind to have accepted you and….’’, Hoseok stops before placing his hand over Jimin’s ,which is still over his tummy, before continuing with a more reassuring tone , ‘’And the little bundle of joy growing inside of you. You know that not many alphas are progressive in such areas right? You know how territorial alphas can be…’’, Jimin just nods in response. Hoseok gives an encouraging smile as he continues,

‘’I’m telling you Minnie, he is the one for you. I’m not saying this because you are fated but I really have a good feeling about this guy. Also you know how rare fated pairs have become right?’’

Jimin nods once again. He is well aware of the fact that fated pairs have indeed dwindled in numbers. Scientists say it’s mostly due to genetic mutation and evolution but there could be other factors too.

So at this point, he should just be thankful that he is one of those lucky people to have met their fated pair, not like it would matter if he didn’t, but at this time and hour he needs all the support he can get.

Besides, he could just enjoy the fact that he had a certain edge over others.

But most importantly, his betrothed was so accommodating.

Jimin moves closer to the elder to envelope him in a tight hug.

‘’I guess you are right hyung.. I am just over-analysing things’’, Jimin’s muffled voice comes out as he nuzzles his head into the taller man’s shoulder.

‘’Oh my god! Am I in heaven?, Hoseok says dramatically as he hugs the younger back.

‘’What?’’, Jimin questions confusedly as he pulls back.

‘’Did I hear you give me respect? You called me hyung!’’, Hoseok exclaims.

‘’Pffft I did not!’’, Jimin argues.

‘’Yes you did!’’

‘’Nope, I did not!’’, Jimin denies the elder’s claim before proceeding,

‘’ Besides, I’d rather die than give you any respect Hoseok or should I say….hmm..what is that.. Ah! SUGABOO!..’’, Jimin smirks cheekily.

The taller man chokes on his saliva and Jimin’s shit eating grin just grows wider.

‘’How do you-‘’, but Hoseok is rudely interrupted, ‘’ Isn’t that what Tae calls you?’’

‘’My pretty sugaboo.’’, Jimin imitates Taehyung’s voice as he teases his best friend.

‘’ Well, l don’t think it’s very hard to miss with your constant PDA. But you know I have my sources…’’

‘’ I really don’t want to know about your sources but-‘’, Hoseok doesn’t get to complete as Jimin speaks up once again,

‘’Oh really? What about that once I heard you scream ‘CHOKE ME DA-‘’

‘’Don’t we have to be at a wedding?’’, Hoseok says as he turns around, trying to hide his blushing face.

‘’Well then lead the way SUGABOO’’, Jimin slips his hand into the older man’s and gives it a light squeeze, prodding the man to start walking.

‘’Brat!’’, Hoseok mutters in annoyance which brings a smile on the younger omega’s lips.


When they reach the hall, one look towards the alter, has him swooning.

It’s not the beautiful music or the way the crowd applauses at his appearance, but the way a certain someone is looking at him with such tender love in their eyes.

His heart beats faster against his sternum as his eyes lock with the handsome man standing just a few feet away from him.

The way the man’s lips curl upward into a breath taking gummy smile has him weak at his knees.


Maybe Hoseok is right.

Maybe everything is happening for the better.

Maybe Yoongi is the one.


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There is a loud knock on the door, followed by another and another.
But the string of knocks just gets louder and louder.

He knows who is at the other end but he dare not take a peek.

He cannot risk his safety, which at the moment is teetering on the lines of non-existent.

Jimin’s eyes briefly flicker towards the noise as he haphazardly shoves in as many supplies possible into his duffel bag, his scent suppressors and pregnancy pills being the first to make it in.

There is sweat trickling down his forehead.
He feels sick in his stomach and his legs feel wobbly, but he is not sure if it’s because of the pregnancy or the gruesome scene he has just witnessed.

He should have known…
He should have escaped when he could…
But it isn’t late, not yet.

Or maybe it is..

There is shouting on the other end and more banging on the door.

‘’Open the door Jimminie..please…please unlock it.. I swear…I ’’, says the voice.

His hands shake violently as he zips the bag shut.
No, he can’t fall for the voice which is laced with innocence. It’s just a deceiving façade for the pure evil which hides within.

‘’ I.. I can’t..’’, he replies, his voice trembling as the reality finally sets in.

The harsh reality, which makes tears pool in his eyes as all his emotions come rushing in.

His gaze goes towards the French windows which open onto the balcony.
Jimin’s shoulders his bag as he walks towards the balcony which overlooks the beautiful rose garden.

His grip tightens on the straps and his throat constricts as he looks at the beauty the blooming flowers exuberate.

It feels so wrong at this point.
All the symbolism of the flowers seems to have gone down the drain, now that he thinks of it.
It means nothing.
Love, friendship, acceptance, all these being far-fetched words, holding no meaning in the omega’s currently endangered life.
He hunts his options down. 

The omega looks back in the direction of the pounding door.
Nope, that option was far gone.

Jimin inhales sharply as he analyzes the distance between the ground and his current position. Its just a two feet jump, nothing much actually.
But that would be applicable only if his belly wasn’t so swollen.

In reality he has one and only one option.
He has to somehow manage to touch ground and thereafter try scaling the back wall before fleeing into the woods.

At this point Jimin is glad that he resides on the outskirts of Seoul, where most of the elite tend to find their sanctuary, away from the hub-bub and limelight.

The possibility of him not being noticed while running away could score a brownie point as a positive outcome.

But there are more negative than positive consequences of such residency.

Like for this instance, when all he wants is as much attention to be drawn towards the possible evil which might take place, he is well aware that there is no-one to help him within a ten mile radius.

The only probable help he can receive is from the voice coming from the other end.

And yes, the only thing keeping Jimin from an imminent death at this moment is the locked door but that is, provided that the omega manages to escape just in time before the door is broken or…..

A deafening bang is heard.

He knows that the door has come undone at the hinges but he can’t waste time by looking back to investigate.

The omega needs to act fast.
His human form is too weak to withstand the impact with the ground or scale the high walls.
Jimin needs to shape-shift into his wolf-form, and do so before he turns to minced meat.

Ideally, it’s not advised for a pregnant omega to shape-shift as it can cause complications but more over for an omega who is beyond the seventh month.
Right now Jimin is in his sixth month and by no means is he in an ideal situation at this hour, so the rules can go fuck themselves.

On a normal basis, shape-shifting can be physically taxing more so because there has been a reduction in the dependency of the phenomena for survival due to evolution.
But in a state of pregnancy, the effects could be way worse.

He has to do this nevertheless, for survival.

Jimin grits his teeth as he balls his hands into fists.
Rearranging his bones is going to hurt like a bitch.

The only satisfaction that he will have is the fact that he is an omega.
Omegas are way faster in wolf form compared to their alpha or beta counterparts.

However weak Mother Nature may have made omegas, she blessed them with something better than strength and that is agility, even though this means that omegas are experts at running away from situations rather than confrontation.

Then again one wouldn’t call it the survival of the fittest for no reason.

He channelizes all his energy to coax his wolf into coming out, but before his bones and ligaments can rearrange, a loud voice fills the air, drawing him into an inexplicable daze.
He finds himself incapable of movement or speech.
Jimin struggles to fight against the power which seems to make his conscious mind slip away, bit by bit.

He needs to snap out of it and do so fast…………



4 months prior….

‘’Hey, how are you keeping up?’’, Yoongi asks, placing a hand on the tired omega’s cheek.

The omega is seated on the edge of the large bed, one hand supporting his aching back while the other rubbing over his tummy.
It has been a tiring day.

Jimin closes his eyes as he melts into the gentle touch. He just hums in return, savouring every moment of being in close proximity with the alpha.

His wolf has been restless lately and even the slightest of touch from the elder is enough to calm his nerves.

It has to do something with them being fated, otherwise he wouldn’t have, in the slightest been comfortable with any other alpha other than the one who had impregnated him or the one whom he was willingly mated to.

‘’I’m so sorry Jimin.’’, Yoongi apologizes as he caresses the younger’s cheek.

‘’What for?’’, the pink haired man questions, eyes still shut.

‘’ I mean I’m sorry you have to endure this trip at such a time. You know I would have –‘’

‘’If there is someone here who needs to apologize, it’s me. Hoseok forced this trip on us and at this point I am the one who is being the burden. I mean who would want an abandoned omega and their child? I guess, the only reason you are taking me in, is because we are a fated pair. So I should be the one apologising Yoongi. In fact I should be the thankful one here, thankful for your graciousness.’’, Jimin pauses but before he can continue to say anything further, he feels a warm finger on his lips.

The touch is electrifying.
The warmth is present at one moment and then gone in the next.
Jimin frowns a little as he opens his eyes slowly, only to find Yoongi kneeling down before him.

‘’You by no means are a burden Jimin. You have nothing to apologise for.’’, Yoongi says as he takes the younger’s free hand into his own.

‘’ I will keep repeating it until it percolates into that impermeable brain of yours.’’, Yoongi says firmly in a fit to reassure the doubtful omega.

‘’Would you have accepted me even if I wasn’t your fated partner?’’, Jimin asks, staring intently into Yoongi’s eyes.

The alpha is startled by the question but he answers in a heartbeat,

‘’ I would have, fated or not. Once I take a liking to someone I will never let go.’’, Yoongi replies with a reassuring smile.

And for that instant Jimin really wants to believe the alpha.

‘’Then I guess this trip wouldn’t be called a honeymoon if it weren’t for the two of us right?’’, Jimin sighs as he moves to join Yoongi on the floor.

‘’I guess not’’, Yoongi smiles at the omega, his love-struck eyes imbibing the beauty in front of him.

‘’I’m so glad I met you Yoongi, I really am.’’, the younger shifts to hug the elder, Yoongi’s calming scent now enveloping him like a blanket.

‘’Me too.’’, the alpha says as he wraps his arms around the shorter man’s small waist.

There is a low sound being emitted from the younger, his chest rumbling against Yoongi’s.
Jimin is purring which means that he is content or rather happy with the contact they are currently sharing, which in turn again makes the taller man’s hold on his omega tighter as a protective gesture.

It’s all primal instincts working their way at this point.

Jimin finally pulls away a little when he feels like his knees are going to give way.
He opens his mouth to say something as he continues to hold onto the alpha, their faces so close that their foreheads touch and they share the same breath between them.
It is really endearing.

But before coherent exchange of words can be taken, he feels the alpha’s lips on his own.
He neither freezes nor is startled, after all this isn’t the first time he is actually kissing Yoongi.

Maybe it is.

Maybe it’s the first time the alpha has actually crashed their lips together without permission. Honestly, Jimin doesn’t care right now. He doesn’t give a damn about his aching knees either.

The younger just closes his eyes as he melts into the heart- warming and gentle kiss like butter.
The omega runs his hands up the alpha’s arms as he moves his lips along with Yoongi’s in perfect synchrony. Yoongi cups Jimin’s cheeks gently as he shifts closer, their chests bumping against each other. Jimin’s hands slip down and get firmly placed on the elder’s waist.
Yoongi gently nips at the omega’s bottom lip, silently asking for permission.
Jimin tilts his head, giving the alpha better access as he obliges.
Yoongi slips his tongue into the younger’s mouth, tracing the omega's wet cavern with the hot muscle.
Jimin can feel a surreal warmth bloom in his chest as he tastes his alpha. It feels so much like home and security.
The alpha moves one of his hands to the back of the younger’s neck to anchor him in place.
Yoongi gently sucks on Jimin’s lower lip, earning a low moan from the omega.
The beautiful noise that the younger makes has sparks igniting somewhere south.
As if this isn’t enough, the omega slips both his hands under the alpha’s shirt, running them over the elder’s bare back, sending shivers down Yoongi’s spine. Thus worsening the situation.

But Yoongi has to exercise control over his mind. He can’t get ahead of himself.
Yoongi breaks away from their make out session, only to earn a whine in return.

‘’I’m sorry…. I didn’t mean to do that without your permission.’’,Yoongi apologises as he gives the younger a sheepish look.

‘’You have it.’’, Jimin says before placing a gentle kiss on the alpha’s cheek.

‘’Also I want more than a kiss.’’, Jimin looks Yoongi in the eye as the words leave him.

‘’You what?’’, Yoongi asks, startled. Yoongi waits for an answer, a confirmation, which never comes. Instead, the omega pulls him into another kiss which is rougher than the first.

Jimin clutches on the hem of the alpha’s shirt, pulling it upward to remove the offensive clothing.

But before he can pull it completely off, Yoongi stops the hands on his chest as he speaks,

‘’Are you sure Jimin? Are you sure you are doing this for you and I and not because you feel like you need to pay me back? If it’s for some sort of payment… I think you should think about it once more.’’, Yoongi says with a wavering tone.

He doesn’t want his first time with Jimin to be because the omega felt some sort of an obligation towards the alpha for his kindness and acceptance.

Jimin had voiced his gratitude many times and now it was kind of unnerving to think about it.
Yoongi wouldn’t be surprised if the omega let everything happen as a token of appreciation, so he had to make sure that if anything was going to transpire between them, it would happen only for the right reasons and nothing else.
This was not some sort of compromise whatsoever.

‘’No’’, Jimin inhales before continuing, ‘’I think it’s time I move on from my past and my ex. I know my last relationship ended in a huge puddle of mess and I’m still recovering from the aftermath. I’m extra cautious right now and I know it’s still very hard, owing to the fact it has barely even been two months. But I feel like I deserve this…a better life…..and I think the only one who can give me that social security and stability is you Yoongi. So if I am willing to take a step forward, it means that I am truly ready and I’m doing this for us.’’

‘’But Jimin…’’, Yoongi trails off.

‘’Also the only reason I’ve had my shit together for so long and have been able to cope with the abandonment is because you’ve been here to pick my broken pieces and build me back again…. I really feel like its time Yoongs.’’, Jimin smiles softly as Yoongi lifts his arms up to let the cloth slip over his head.

As soon as Yoong’s attention is back on him, Jimin pushes the elder onto the ground.
Once the taller man’s back hits the floor, the omega finds himself clambering onto Yoongi and straddling the alpha between his thighs.
Jimin leans down to plant a few kisses on the alpha’s cheeks and nose before swiping a few stripes down the elder’s jawline with his tongue.
Yoongi groans at the feeling as his scent spikes up, a strong waft of mint assaulting the omega’s nose.

‘’ I want you to knot me alpha.’’, Jimin drawls against the shell of Yoongi’s ear before taking the earlobe between his teeth, stimulating one of the older man’s sensitive spots and receiving a lewd moan in reply.
Yoongi’s grip on the omega’s hip just tightens as Jimin continues to move downward, pressing soft open mouthed kisses along the alpha’s neck before sucking a few purple bruises along the elder’s clavicle.
Yoongi’s hands move to grip at the hem of the omega’s shirt.

Taking the hint, Jimin rips it off his body and disposes it somewhere behind as he grinds down against the elder’s crotch.
Yoongi’s eyebrows scrunch together as waves of pleasure hit him hard in his gut.

‘’Gosh babe….’’, Yoongi moans.

Jimin sits up, balancing his weight on his knees, only to reach down and help the alpha shimmy his pants off.

The omega reaches down to pull his pajamas down too but a hand stops him from doing so.

‘’I don’t think the floor would be the best place for our first time together right?’’, Yoongi voices his concern as a blush creeps up his neck.
Jimin also stutters in agreement, with pink dusting his own cheeks as he moves off the alpha.

Once they both are off the floor, Jimin questions, ‘’ How do you want me?’’

Yoongi stares back at Jimin before his gaze goes towards the omega’s bare abdomen.
The abs which the younger claimed to have as a result of being a dancer was long gone, now replaced by soft skin and flab. Jimin really hadn’t started showing but if one was a keen observer or rather had a freaking microscope in their hands, they’d be able to tell the difference.

But that obviously didn’t mean that Jimin wasn’t more rounded compared to his previous self because as a matter of fact he was.

‘’I’d rather you ride me…you can set your own pace... I don’t want anything to happen to the child. I don’t want to take any risks.’’, Yoongi says matter of factly.

Even though they had been given a list of dos and don’ts by the doctor regarding sex, Yoongi didn’t want to take any chances whatsoever.

The alpha seats himself on the edge of the bed before beckoning the omega to come sit on his lap.
Once Jimin's legs are  comfortably locked around the alpha's waist, Yoongi leans forward to kiss the omega, taking control this time.
The elder manages to slip his hand down the younger’s pants to cup the omega’s ass, being on the receiving end of Jimin’s obnoxiously loud moans.

Yoongi pulls the pink haired man into a passionate kiss, all teeth and tongue, as he continues to knead the other’s ass cheek harder and harder.
Jimin locks his arms around Yoongi’s nape as he pulls his body flush against the alpha.

Just when the elder is about to get rid of both their remaining clothes, Jimin’s hands slip onto to Yoongi’s shoulders and grip them tightly.

All of a sudden Jimin starts squirming in his lap clearly uncomfortable, and it’s cruel, because even though he can sense the sudden distress, the alpha is barely able to contain a moan with the way the omega grinds his ass against his now half hard length.

Yoongi looks at the omega, confused. He can see discomfort and he is unable to understand why. 

The elder tries to lean in to give a small peck on the younger’s lips as a small gesture of reassurance, even though he doesn’t really know what’s happened, but he finds Jimin put one hand against his chest and push him back.

‘What happened’, gets stuck in his throat as the omega’s expression contorts to that of utter displeasure.

All the arousal is long gone as the younger quietly cups his own mouth, continuing to squirm.

Before the elder can say anything, Jimin is off his lap and dashes towards the bathroom.

As the pink haired man runs, he almost trips and falls onto his stomach, but instincts kick in and Yoongi sprints towards him, just in time.

The elder has a firm hand around the omega’s waist as they make their way towards their destination.

Once inside, Jimin almost instantly doubles over the toilet, vomiting the contents of his stomach into the drain.
It is sick because with every bought of vomit the omega spews out, the more his face twists into an expression of agony.
It’s hard for Yoongi to watch as he rubs soothing circles into Jimin’s back while releasing a few of his alpha pheromones to soothe the uncomfortable omega.
Jimin only stops when he has literally nothing more than bile to vomit out into the loo.

The omega looks so exhausted, like all the life has been suck out of him with a vacuum cleaner.

Jimin tries to hoist himself up with the help of his own hands by jamming them on either sides of the toilet, only to collapse and hit his head hard against the seat.

Yoongi just watches, shocked as he fails to prevent the omega from hurting himself this time round even though they are right next to each other.

The alpha is pulled out of his reverie when he sees Jimin rest his head against the seat, unmoving. He reaches out to touch the side of the younger’s head as gently as possible to feel for some sort of injury. His heart drops on hearing a groan from the omega when he touches the bump forming on Jimin’s head.

Yoongi gently picks the younger, bridal style and moves to walk out of the bathroom.

Jimin cracks his eyes open when finds his feet off the ground and stares at Yoongi in a daze as he wraps his arms around the other’s neck.

‘’Why are you staring at me like that?’’, Yoongi asks inquisitively.

‘’What would I have done without you Yoongs?’’

‘’Aww…babe I’m always there for you and always will be’’, Yoongi says as he bends a little to place a loving kiss on his husband’s already glistening and slightly swollen lips.

‘’I taste like vomit!’’, Jimin pouts after Yoongi pulls back.

‘’You taste sweet sugar.”, Yoongi smirks as he sees Jimin blush.

He gently places the omega on the bed, tucking the younger under the covers and turns around to retrieve the clothes that are lying on the ground when Jimin grabs his hand, thus impeding him.

‘’What?’’, Yoongi asks.

‘’What what..’’, Jimin says.

‘’Where are you going?’’, the omega whines.

‘’I’ll tidy the room after which-‘’, but Yoongi is interrupted by Jimin,

‘’Look at yourself…you need me to take care of that.’’, Jimin eyes the elder’s raging boner.

The raven haired man shakes his head,

‘’No.. right now the only thing you need to really take care of is yourself. You can take care of me later. You look so tired, rest is all you need babe. I will not let you exhaust yourself unnecessarily .’’, Yoongi really feels guilty for not preventing the omega from hitting his head, as a result of which the younger is now sporting a bump in addition to his baby bump, but on his head.

‘’Let me help you!’’, Jimin pouts cutely. What in the world Yoongi wouldn’t give to have those pretty lips around his-

But he shakes the thought away as applies all his self-restraint to deny the omega.

‘’No babe.’’

‘’But….’’, Jimin protests.

‘’We have the rest of the week to ourselves. We can do whatever we want till then. You know what? Let’s have a deal. I think I should take care of this myself and then we should cuddle up before going down for dinner or we’ll just order room service. What do you say?’’

The omega hums in reply.

‘’That’s actually not bad. Besides I’d really like to cuddle up with you, especially right now.’’, the omega replies.

‘’I’ll be back in a jiffy.’’, Yoongi smiles as he retreats into the bathroom, leaving the omega to his own thoughts.

Jimin sits up before reaching over to the night-stand to grab the TV remote.

Its been a while since he has watched the news.

He flips through the channels lazily as his mind wanders to his alpha.

He indeed was lucky to have met the man at a time when he needed constant emotional support.
Their meeting was a complete co-incidence.
It is a wonder how at one moment they were complete strangers and in the next they meant the world to each other.
Jimin is so glad he was working an extra shift at the coffee shop that day to cover up for Hoseok.
Both of them were dance tutors at their joint studio but they liked working at the coffee shop right opposite the police department, for extra cash.

The two omegas always had a sense of security even though they were unmated, because they had good officers always visiting their shop.

So one such day when the omega was covering for his best friend, he happened to stumble upon the grumpy producer/rapper in dire need of caffeine and the rest is history.

It took a while for Jimin to digest the fact that he was the other man’s fated partner, but things clicked right into place right when they met.

Call it a scene straight out of a cliché K-drama, but the truth is what it was.

They obviously didn’t make the announcement until things became official, for obvious reasons that their privacy would surely have been encroached upon by the nosy press.

Jimin frowns as he stumbles upon one particular news channel.

The man seems to be talking about a psychopath who has happened to resurface.

The said psychopath had a unique way of killing, but because the police department failed to connect the dots and as fast as the man had made his appearance, he had also disappeared, the case was considered closed. That was, until the killings seemed to resume just a few months back. 

Why do people have to murder?

Jimin’s frown only deepens as clippings of the victims are shown. It is just awful and Jimin subconsciously releases distress pheromones.

Yoongi senses this and rushes to the omega’s aid, eyes wide.

‘’What happened?’’, Yoongi says in a panic-stricken voice.

Jimin tears his eyes away from the screen and just looks at the alpha, expression blank.

The elder’s eyes wander to the lit screen and understanding dawns upon him. Yoongi quickly moves towards the bed, ripping the remote out of the younger’s grasp before switching the blaring screen off.

There is a dip in the mattress next to Jimin and the alpha settles himself comfortably as he wraps one hand around the younger, pulling the omega against his chest.

‘’Why are people so cruel?’’,Jimin questions as he nuzzles his head into the alpha’s neck.

‘’There is no answer to that. But sometimes circumstances make people who they really are. Sometimes people really don’t choose who they want to be, their circumstances choose for them.’’

Jimin just hums as he lounges against the comfort of their room with his alpha holding to him tight.

‘’Besides, babe you really shouldn’t be dwelling on such stuff at this point. It could be harmful for both you and the baby.’’, Yoongi whispers, to which Jimin just nods in agreement.

Maybe it is true.
Circumstances make or break people, but obviously it does depend on the person and their reaction to a certain circumstance too.

It goes both ways.


For now Jimin has been able to make it to his present despite having a trying past.
For now Jimin is with Yoongi and that’s all that really matters.

The couple drifts off into deep slumber as they hold onto each other like a life-line, unaware of the turbulent future that is to come.

Chapter Text

Taehyung glares daggers at the ceiling as he refrains from swivelling around in his computer chair for the nth time. It’s been hours since he has been cooped up in his study, trying to find coherent words to frame the report he has to submit soon.

It doesn’t make sense, nothing does.

His eyes lazily drift towards the photos strewn across the table in a hazy mess. The pictures are nothing short of just plain gruesome.

The killer must have a heart made of stone to go through with such merciless homicides, or maybe they were pre-planned?

But then again Taehyung is unable to find connections between any of the victims.

Could the mastermind behind all this just be a crazy serial killer?

If so, then the person has to be caught soon.

‘’ Ack! I don’t get it’’, the alpha groans as he finally gives into his temptation, swirling around in the wheeled chair.

‘’It doesn’t make sense! It just doesn’t! ‘’, the auburn haired male grunts in utter frustration.

At that moment the door creaks open, but the alpha is too preoccupied to notice.

It’s not until his chair has been stopped from spinning that he takes note of the intruder.

‘’Hey babe.’’, Taehyung greets Hoseok, but he frowns when he notices the clear discomfort evident in the omega’s face.

‘’Are you okay?’’, the younger asks, concern marring his features.

‘’I don’t know Tae.. I’ve been feeling queasy lately. I guess I shouldn’t have eaten that pack of ramen. It was tasting weird…I think it had expired.’’, the elder replies with a pout.

‘’Aw come here hyungie!…’’, Taehyung motions with open arms for the elder to come sit on his lap.

Hoseok obliges and as soon as the omega is perched, Taehyung engulfs the elder man in a koala hug and buries his head in the other’s shoulder.

Hoseok’s scent is all too suddenly a bit too enticing and Taehyung can’t help but groan with pleasure as he nuzzles his head deeper into the crook of the omega’s neck.

‘’Hmmm’’, the younger sighs in contentment as he unknowingly scents the other.

‘’I’m not disrupting anything. Am I?”, Hoseok asks only to have the younger grunt a muffled reply, grip tightening around the omega.

‘’Aish! I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been having this weird feeling in my bones and all I want to do is cuddle with you.’’, the elder confesses to the younger, who is still clinging onto him.

Hoseok’s gaze travels to the pictures on the table. The photos are a testament to how much he hates the alpha’s job.

‘’I think I should leave you to your job’’, Hoseok pouts wistfully as he tries to get off the alpha.

In reality he doesn’t want to move an inch away, but the pictures are just unbearable to watch.

‘’Nooooo!’’, the alpha whines as he clutches onto the squirming omega.

A sudden wave of protectiveness overcomes his senses as he refuses to let the elder go.

Along with the surge of possessiveness comes a certain realisation too.

He conveniently pushes Hoseok’s legs over the armrest, splaying him over his lap.

Before the other can even remotely react, the alpha wraps his arms around the other’s frame as he moves his head towards the omega’s face for a kiss.

‘’Why are you so clingy all of a sudden?’’, Hoseok questions as he throws his arms around the alpha’s neck while also making sure to deny the other the well wanted lip-lock.

But instead of answering the omega, Taehyung just gets up from the chair, with the elder in his arms.

‘’What are you doing?’’, Hoseok furrows his eyebrows as he kicks his legs in protest.

‘’Stop wiggling so much.’’, Taehyung grins with excitement but his face soon turns impassive before gaining its previous charm once again, as he makes his way out of the suffocating room with the omega in tow.

‘’Taehyung-ah! What are you up-to? Don’t you have work to do? Besides-‘’, but the elder’s complains are drowned out by the chaste kiss that the two of them share.

‘’Shut up my sugaboo…’’, Taehyung smirks.

 The sudden seductiveness catches the elder off-guard.

Normally when the younger uses the nick-name, Hoseok is rest assured that his legs will fail him for the rest of the week.

But this time when he hears the younger, he wonders if he’ll ever be able to walk again. Going by the unsettling glint in the alpha’s eyes, the omega isn’t really sure of what to expect.


As soon as they reach the room, Taehyung gently places the omega on the bed. Such gentleness is a virtue which the younger normally lacks, so the omega is surprised by the auburn haired male’s different behaviour.

There is a piece of the puzzle which he definitely seems to be missing.

And though he wants to comment something, really badly, he pulls the reigns of his mouth tight, keeping himself from doing just that.

The alpha is seated at the edge of the bed and the way he stares at the elder with those dreamy eyes makes the omega feel like on the verge of combustion.

Those sharp eyes always convey a certain sense of love and passion but this time round it just looks like a rainbow of different emotions, rendering them unreadable.

Taehyung gently reaches over to wrap the elder’s relatively smaller hands in his own before slowly bringing them towards his lips for a quick kiss.

‘’Will you please tell me what’s going on?’’, Hoseok asks worriedly, not knowing how to react to the alpha’s change in demeanour.

‘’You know how much I love you right?’’, Taehyung scoots closer as his lips trail over Hoseok’s right arm.

‘’Yes babe I know but –‘’, Hoseok can’t really concentrate with the alpha leaving butter-fly kisses up his arm.

He shouldn’t be feeling this way, but all of a sudden even the gentlest touch from the younger seems to make his body light up like fire-works.

‘’Taehyung-ah!’’, the elder groans out as the auburn male reaches his shoulder.

With every feather kiss, the younger whispers out an ‘I love you’.

Hoseok fails to understand the other man’s thought process but plays along by a reciprocation of ‘I love you too’.

He likes this a lot.

As Taehyung reaches the elder’s neck, he breaks away from the contact they’ve been sharing, only to receive a low groan from the omega.

‘’You were enjoying that weren’t you?’’, Taehyung smirks as he loses himself in the swirling dark pools of the elder’s eyes.

‘Such a brat’, Hoseok thinks but instead he huffs out, ‘’As a matter of fact I did, until you ruined it.’’

Taehyung chuckles out against the other’s lips, but soon enough his voice becomes serious,

‘’I love you no matter what…No matter what happens, I love you hyung..’’, with that the alpha claims the omega’s lips with a passion that either of them have never felt before.

It doesn’t take much time for things to get heated and soon enough the alpha leans over to retrieve something from the drawer.

The omega just assumes that the items to be retrieved are the tiny bottle and a few packets of protection.

The alpha has been really stressed lately while he himself has been yearning for the younger’s touch. He waits for Taehyung to turn his attention towards his hungry self.

But Hoseok’s eyes widen considerably when he sees a certain object nestled between the alpha’s fingers.

‘’I…I…don’t -‘’, the elder’s face immediately drops as he tries to stutter some words out.

But he is immediately silenced by Taehyung’s lips on his.

As soon as they pull away, foreheads still resting against each other, the elder speaks up,

‘’Tae? What if… what if it’s a false alarm? What if it’s some food poisoning?’’

The hurt in the omega’s voice cuts through the other male’s heart like a double edged sword slicing through its victim.

The elder’s reasoning is not frivolous.

In fact, it had been all of the above, the last few times that this same situation had risen.

‘’I still love you. I always will. Remember that okay?’’, the younger plants a small kiss on the brown haired male’s forehead before sitting up straight.

‘’Besides, it won’t hurt if we stay positive right babe?’’, Taehyung smiles sadly, hoping that his instincts have guided him right this time round and it’s not all just a faux.

As the elder makes his way to the bathroom, the alpha prays that the positivity in his own heart prevents the negativity portrayed on the item from ruining his cheerful omega.

His hopes aren’t too high, after all he has lost count of the number of times they’ve embraced failure. But if there is one thing he truly wants is for him to believe his primal instincts one last time.

 He closes his eyes, waiting for the elder to return. Every passing second seems to be stretching out and it feels like a millennium has passed before he hears footsteps directed towards him.

He prays for the answer to be anything but the one he fears the most.


He waits quietly for an answer, eyes tightly shut for fear of what is to come.

There is a pregnant pause and it takes a few seconds of silence for the alpha to realise that the answer may not be coming.

His eyes shoot open and he finds himself staring at a blank canvas.

The elder has no expression whatsoever.

This is an indication to anything and everything unpleasant.

What has he done?

He shouldn’t in the least have given false hope. He himself had been sceptical, but instead of expressing scepticism he did the opposite.

‘’I am sorry…. I am so so….’’, the younger buries his head in hands as he trails off.

‘’Please hyung I didn’t mean to….I’m so sorry….’’Taehyung apologises repeatedly.

‘’Hey …it’s okay Tae.’’, Hoseok replies as he kneels in front of the other.

‘’I just…I shouldn’t have…I am so so sorry…hyung ..I’’, with that the auburn haired male completely breaks down, guilt eating away at his conscience.

‘’Hey…it’s okay…Tae look at me.’’, but Taehyung refuses to do as Hoseok says.

 The elder peels the alpha’s fingers off his face.

His heart-beaks on witnessing the small rivulets of tears snaking down the younger’s face.

Hoseok shifts closer and plants a loving kiss on the younger’s cheek.

Before the elder can convey some comfort through words, their private moment is rudely interrupted by his ringing phone.

‘’One sec okay. It’s Jimin’s call. It could be an emergency.’’

The alpha just nods as the omega moves over to take the call.

Taehyung feels worse all of a sudden.

He finds himself admonishing his weak self.

It should be the other way round.

He should be the one comforting the equally sad omega.

Why did it have to be this way?

He is so engrossed in self-accusation that it takes the elder’s hug to break him out of his reverie.

‘’Anything serious?’’, Taehyung’s voice has an edge of worry blended in. He is no foreigner to Jimin’s past struggles. He just hopes that the other omega’s share of pains have ended.

‘’Nah..He was just making sure that we don’t bail out on him.’’, Hoseok chuckles fondly.

‘’Aish! that kid doesn’t trust his best friends.’’, Taehyung comments.

‘’Look who is talking! You are the baby amongst the three of us.’’, Hoseok scoffs lightly.

It looks like they’ve forgotten all the previously felt sorrow, before the elder speaks up again,

‘’But seriously Tae…if you don’t feel like it, I’ll call in sick.’’

‘’And then have you dig out my corpse? No thanks..’’

 Taehyung smiles ruefully. His husband is such a sweetheart, always keeping everyone else’s pains and hurt above his own.

‘’By the way that’s a thing I should be telling you.’’, Taehyung pauses, contemplating whether he should ask a pressing question.

After a few seconds of conflict, however he goes ahead,

But how are you feeling though?’’

‘’I think I can get through with the disappointment with you by my side.’’, the elder’s lips are drawn in a thin line.

It doesn’t look like he will ever be able to get over the despair of not being able to conceive.

‘’Don’t lose heart hyung. Even though the chances are slim as stated by the doctors, we still have them.’’, Taehyung smiles, trying to be optimistic even though the pessimism has chewed out all the hope.

‘’I love you hyung..We are in this together.’’

‘’Love you too….in this together.’’








Jimin can feel hands snake around his waist as a warm chest brushes his back. He tries to ignore the hot breath fanning against his neck as he continues to whip the contents present in the bowl in front of him.

‘’Why are you ignoring me?’’, the familiar voice gushes out for the hundredth time as one hand comes to rub the omega’s slightly swollen tummy.

‘’Because…’’, the younger says before turning around to face the other, ‘’I’m pissed.’’

‘’But why?’’, the alpha whines out as he repositions his hands to rest on the omega’s waist.

‘’I’m sick of your apologies hyung!’’, the younger replies as he tries to wiggle out of the alpha’s grasp.


‘’I told you that I don’t mind preparing the food! After all, you signed an important deal and this calls for a celebration-‘’


‘’I’m not done yet! If you stop apologising, I will stop ignoring.’’, Jimin fixes his gaze somewhere beyond the alpha’s shoulder, making sure to avoid eye contact.

‘’But you just answered my question.’’, Yoongi looks smug as the words slip out.

‘’Yah! That’s because you’ve been following me all over the house like a puppy.’’, Jimin glares sternly at the elder.

‘’So much for respect huh?’’, Jimin rolls his eyes at the elder’s comment.

‘’We could have had the caterers deal with the headache of food. You know you shouldn’t stress yourself.’’

‘’But I have Songwon-ssi and the other helpers helping me, don’t I?’’, Jimin points out to the people milling about the kitchen, conveniently ignoring their masters’ constant displays of affection.

‘’Sir the roast is ready…’’, Songwon pokes a long rod at the meat, when he senses Yoongi’s presence.

‘’Hello there master.’’

‘’Good evening Songwon.’’, Yoongi greets the other man like a friend.

‘’Can you please handle the rest of the delicacies? It’s time for Jimin to rest.’’, Yoongi attempts at dragging the younger male out of the stuffy kitchen.

‘’Yah! No! There is a lot of work left.’’, Jimin protests.

‘’Songwon tell him to listen to me….’’, Yoongi grunts as he fights against an unruly Jimin.

‘’Dont worry sir, I will have the food set just as you have instructed.’’, the cook smiles, reassuring his master.

Jimin relaxes a bit on being reassured and gives up on fighting against the alpha.

But before he follows Yoongi out of the kitchen, the alpha speaks up,

‘’Please do send two cups of tea. We’ll be in the dining area.’’

‘’Yes sir.’’, the cook bows before ordering one of the staff prepare what their master desires.




‘’So what’s the deal with this guy?’’, Jimin asks as he sips his cup.

‘’Well.. nothing much really.’’, Yoongi smacks his lips as he answers the omega.

‘’But like….Gloss? Is that his real name?’’, Jimin raises a brow at the thought of having such a weird name.

‘’As a matter of fact it’s not odd to have a pseud or what one would call, a stage name, in the music industry.’’, Yoongi says nonchalantly.

Jimin was new to the music world, so it was but natural for him to be weirded out by the unconventional names he had come by, through Yoongi.

‘’Aren’t pseuds something for authors?’’

‘’Not necessarily. Mainly in our world it’s a persona. But what is odd is-‘’, Yoongi pauses to have another sip.

‘’What’s odd?’’, Jimin quickly questions.

It not like he gets the opportunity to learn about his husband’s work on a daily basis.

As much as possible the elder keeps family and work poles apart.

But it’s an irony that most often than not he brings major chunks of his work home.

This obviously doesn’t mean that Jimin is filled in with every detail.

‘’Well stage names are majorly used by rappers, not that singers don’t use them. But despite having a stage name, most of them reveal their real names. This guy on the other hand, is solely known by his pseud. It’s funny how his manager is also blissfully oblivious to his boss’s real name.’’, Yoongi says, clearly amused.

‘’So is that a bad thing?’’, Jimin tenses. He doesn’t want his alpha to fall into trouble dealing with any random weirdo.

‘’Not really..’’, the response is enough for the omega to lay back and ease out his tension.

‘’’But he has an interesting personality. Haven’t you heard of him? He apparently is very famous…’’

‘’ Hoseok hyung keeps gushing about him. Honestly I am not really always updated about the trending artists, though I may have heard their songs. For me music is something that fashions the pathway to bodily expressions.’’

‘’That’s why you didn’t recognise me at the coffee shop.’’, Yoongi snorts in mock offence.

‘’Aww you’re still offended?’’, Jimin teases.

‘’Yah! You made me wait for a good half an hour in the line when I was running late already.’’, the elder pouts.

‘’And you were on a caffeine low weren’t you?’’, the younger says fondly, remembering that fateful day when they had met for the first time.

‘’Aish! Such suffering ….’’, Yoongi’s eyes drift towards the clock as he takes another sip.


‘’Hmm?’’, the elder hums, encouraging the omega to go on.

‘’Will Namjoon hyung be there?’’, Jimin asks, out of the blue.

Yoongi’s body immediately goes rigid. This sudden change in the elder’s countenance doesn’t go unnoticed by the omega, for once.

‘’Promise me that you know what you are doing. I don’t want you to regret this decision. I don’t want to regret it in any-way possible.’’, the blond had whispered, lower lip quivering as he held onto Yoongi’s hands.

‘’Truly moving on, is the only option Joon-ah. It is for the best.’’, the raven man had replied.

The words shared between them precisely a week before, in the changing room, still ring in his ears.

He shudders at the very deep meaning those words hold.

On one hand, Namjoon had promised to cope in the best way possible and stop worrying. On the other, Yoongi himself had sworn to abide by his words even though he was well aware of his tendencies to go back on his promises, especially to the beta, if not everyone.

‘’Hyung??’’, Jimin reaches forward to gently shake Yoongi, but ends up spilling tea over the alpha.

‘’Aish kid!’’, Yoongi stares at the brown spot on his shirt, thankfully the tea had gone cold so he hadn’t ended up burning himself altogether.

‘’I’m so sorry hyung… I’ve been calling out to you…but you seemed to be in a trans.’’

‘’It’s fine babe’’, Yoongi smiles wryly.

It’s so not fine.

I can’t get caught, we can’t get caught.

‘’So answer my question, but this time don’t fall into a coma..”, the younger giggles but then asks seriously all to suddenly,

‘’Namjoon Hyung? Is he coming over for the house party?’’

The alpha responds with a mere yes.

But there is a sudden tension which either of them can feel and it is tangible enough to be sliced with a knife.

Yoongi internally curses.

After all it’s his own doing, or rather undoing.

He needs to diffuse this pressure before he personally chokes.

‘’ It’s seven already.’’, the alpha grunts out, eyes still glued to the clock, in a bid to avoid any questions which might arise due to his awkwardness.

The omega’s eyes widen at the revelation.

‘’Gosh! I think we should start getting ready, the guests should be here in an hour or so..’’, the younger exclaims as he grabs the alpha’s hand to lead him to the bedroom.

He looks to have forgotten about their awkward encounter, but he subconsciously knows that things aren’t exactly as they seem to be.

There is something amiss and he has to investigate, until he can put a finger on it.



Precisely two hours later…..

He looks at his own reflection from the rear-view mirror.

It has just been a few months, two months, to be extremely accurate.

The mobile which is resting between his thighs, seems to be flashing a picture of someone his eyes have been hungry for.

His gaze travels to the person’s face. Those beautifully plush lips stretched into an enticing smile.

A grin makes an appearance on his own face as he refreshes his memory on how those very lips used to taste.

Those dazzling eyes which would scrunch into cute crescents, whenever the person was extremely joyous.

His eyes soak in the moment the two of them had captured and he looks at their hands linked together.

The tiny hands which always held onto his own whenever they watched horror films together.

‘’Sir? We have reached our destination.’’, a voice speaks up as the man seated in the passenger seat continues to relive past memories.

‘’Sir?-‘’, but the other man interrupts the driver.

‘’I know…Just give me a moment.’’, the other man only nods in response.

He stares at the picture for a few more seconds before looking at himself once again.

It’s been sixty days, yet changes are evident.

His own eyes, which are lightly lined with coal, look sharper than ever, the gentleness and innocence evidently abstaining. They are no longer doe-like, instead, they hold a certain aura of pomp and fierceness.

He has missed out on a lot in the past few weeks, but is adamant to recover what was once lost.

He takes a deep inhale before nudging the car door open and stepping out.

He also makes sure to push the black mask back on his face, covering his mouth and nose.

‘’I’ll call you once I’m done.’’, and  with that he is ready to leave but a voice prevents him from doing so.

‘’Sir?’’, the driver speaks up.

‘’Hmm?”, the man turns around to face the other man.

‘’You forgot this.’’, the driver says as he hands the man his bracelet.


‘’Yes sir?”

‘’Won’t you wish me luck?’’, the man smirks.

‘’Best of luck sir!’’, the other man, called Mark, sticks his thumb out the car window.

The man then steps onto the porch.

His eyes settle on the name plate nailed on the door.

‘’This is not home, it will never be. Home is where I am.’’

The person in the picture is his, and he will do anything and everything to have them back.

He will have his special someone back, by hook or crook.

And nothing can or will stop him, whatsoever.




Chapter Text

‘’Mr Kim?’’

Taehyung looks up, his body shaking violently with worry.

‘’Is everything ...okay? How is he? Is it anything…’’, his lips tremble as he stammers the words out.

Taehyung looks like he is on the verge of a bad mental breakdown.

‘’Calm down Mr Kim. Take a few deep breaths.’’, the doctor steps forward to rub the convulsing man’s shoulders, trying to calm the alpha’s nerves down.

‘’But…is he alright?’’, Taehyung chokes out, the tears which he had previously held in, rolling down his cheeks.

He tried to be strong, boy, he did try hard.

But the fear of anything bad happening to his omega was so immense that it ended up breaking him.

‘’For now he is fine, and so is…’’, the doctor stops and redirects, ‘’But first, there are a few things that need to be cleared up.’’

‘’Cleared up? What do you mean?’’, Taehyung asks, feeling puzzled. 

‘’ Follow me. ’’, the doctor motions the alpha to walk along with him.


‘’Not here Mr.Kim.’’, the doctor interjects.

The alpha nods and does as instructed. As soon as they are comfortably seated in the confinements of the consultation room, the younger speaks up,

‘’What is this about now doctor?’’

Taehyung wants to know what’s going on.

Why was Hoseok so sick all of a sudden?

Was there bad news?

The man seated opposite him is hesitant to talk.

As a consequence of which, an awkward silence ensues, agitating the alpha further.

‘’Doctor..’’, Taehyung’s voice is stern as he glares at the beta, clearly annoyed by the doctor’s quietness.

‘’Are you his husband?’’, the doctor asks as he pushes back his already slicked black hair, ignoring the menacing look on the other man’s face.

Security is always within reach.

‘’Yes’’, the alpha replies.

The doctor looks unconvinced.

‘’ I am his husband. And I have proof of that too.’’, Taehyung pulls out a slip of paper which was neatly folded and placed in his wallet.

It is their marriage certificate.

Hoseok had insisted on keeping his own surname, as a result which, both of them found convincing the authorities a herculean task in the beginning of their marriage.

After a few annoying episodes, each of them made sure carry a copy of the certificate wherever they went.

The doctor takes one glance and nods in understanding.

He then clears his throat before finally opening his mouth to speak. 

‘’So…’’, the man crosses his arms against his chest as he regards the alpha.

‘’So?’’, Taehyung asks eagerly. The suspense is killing him.

‘’I need a few answers.’’

‘’Go on.’’, Taehyung says wringing his hands out of anxious habit.

‘’Your husband, Mr. Jung has taken a high dosage of low grade abortion tablets...Were you aware of this?’’

‘’What?’’, he looks at the doctor like as though the man is crazy, or rather just cracked a very bad joke.

The look of seriousness on the doctor’s face conveys otherwise.

‘’Abortion tablets? Are you serious? Is this some kind of cruel joke?”, the alpha’s voice just gets louder by a few decibels with every passing question.

The doctor hums in confirmation of the fact that he is by no means joking.

‘’Guessing by your reaction, you are oblivious.’’, the doctor sighs, his composure exuberating calmness.

‘’Why would he take abortion tablets? He isn’t even pregnant.’’, the auburn haired male says, clearly unable to connect the dots.

‘Even if he was, why would he take those horrendous pills anyway?’, he thought to himself

‘’ As a matter of fact, he is.’’, the doctor now reaches out to one of the shelves and draws out a baby blue coloured file.

‘’WHAT?’’, the alpha screeches out.

What was he hearing?

Was this true?

‘’How is this possible?’’, Taehyung questions, his mind trying to wrap around the new information he’s been endowed with.

‘’Why do you say that?’’, the doctor narrows his eyes as he leans forward, suddenly interested in hearing the alpha’s answer as he opens the file.

But instead of answering the doctor, his eyes briefly linger on the name plate neatly pinned to the man’s white coat.

‘’Look here Dr.Woo , I need to see Dr.Kwon immediately. He is our specialist and I need to have a word with him now since he is well aware of our history.’’, the alpha says indignantly.

‘’The senior doctor is-‘’, a loud knock on the door interrupts the junior doctor from completing his sentence.

‘’Come in.’’, Dr.Woo says, his eyes now fixed at the door.

In a matter of seconds, a tall man with hazel eyes and dark brown hair presents himself before them.

‘’Jihyun!’’, Taehyung exclaims, drawing the other man named Jihyun, to look at him.

‘’ Hello Taehyung.’’, the man says, regarding the alpha with a kind smile.

‘’Oh! Dr.Kwon…  Sir is there something I can assist you with? ‘’, the junior doctor bows politely as he asks the elder doctor whether he could be of any help.

‘’I think I will take it from here. You can go back to your rounds.’’, Dr.Kwon replies as he walks towards the desk.

The junior doctor’s face visibly drops on receiving the order.

He reluctantly retreats towards the door while the senior doctor takes his place.

Just about when Woo is ready to take his leave though, Dr.Kwon speaks up,

‘’Are you trying for obstetrics?’’

‘’Yes sir.’’

‘’Then I think you should stay back for experience. You can go for rounds later. Besides, you might have to handle some cases in the future if I’m not available’’, the senior doctor beckons the other to come stand by his side.

The junior doctor’s eyes widen, he makes his way towards the other doctor, nonetheless.

‘’So where were we now?’’, Dr.Kwon glances at Taehyung before flipping through the open file.

‘’About that-‘’, Taehyung speaks up for the first time since greeting the senior doctor.

But Dr.Woo beats him to it.

‘’Mr.Kim’s husband, Mr.Jung, has ingested a high dosage of low grade abortion pills. And Mr.Kim over here denies the fact  that his omega is even pregnant.’’

There is slight accusation in the beta’s voice.

‘’Ah! I see.’’, the omega doctor nods in understanding.

‘’But Jihyun… this is impossible! First off, as you said, it is not easy for us to conceive. And secondly, he took a pregnancy test which showed negative…Thirdly if he was pregnant, why would he take abortion pills? This is what he has wanted...This is what we have wanted for so long… And you know it...We’ve been trying for five years…five!. I don’t get it!’’, Taehyung exclaims, frustration taking over his senses.

He buries his head in his hands as he waits for the doctor’s response.

‘’I understand your confusion, but as printed on the report, Hoseok is pregnant. And as a matter of fact, huge traces of the drug has been found in his blood-stream. That’s the main reason why he has been hospitalised, as stated here. Check it for yourself if you don’t believe me. ’’, Jihyun passes the light blue file to the alpha, who then reads it with wide eyes.

‘’Anyways.... Did you check twice? Because there are faulty pregnancy tests too.’’, the alpha looks at the doctor with  those big eyes, the question taking a while to register in his dull brain.

‘’No…we didn’t think it would be know.’’, Taehyung looks away sheepishly.

A moment of silence follows thereafter as Taehyung reads the report again and again, the information still trying to be processed by his numb brain.

‘’So does this….does this mean I’m going to be…a..a father?’’, the alpha stutters, a boxy grin making its appearance on his face .

‘’Yes Taehyung-ah’’, the doctor confirms, but then hesitates a bit before letting the next few words fall out,

‘’But that is only if Hoseok wants the child at all.’’,

The doctor sighs, rubbing his hands together.

‘’What do you mean?’’, Taehyung aks, the boxy grin fading away to be replaced by a frown.

‘’Going by the way he swallowed half a bottle of abortion pills which were also low grade ones, it doesn’t look like he is ready to be a father.’’, the omega tries to caution the alpha of the probable situation at hand.

‘’Speaking of the baby, are both going to be fine?’’, the auburn haired male bites his lips from anticipation.

‘’Thankfully you brought him to the hospital just in time, before the poisonous meds could even take effect. Obviously, even if they had started working, they wouldn’t have affected him as much but your baby could have been in for an early grave.’’, the senior doctor pauses for a second to let Taehyung absorb the chunk of information.

‘’Since they were also low grade and taken in a great amount, it could have had lasting effects on your omega’s natural heat cycle and over all fertility, which as you are aware is already not in a good shape. The only upside would be that these pills aren’t life threatening even if taken in high dosage.’’

‘’But he doesn’t even know... So how could he have deliberately done this?’’, Taehyung says, his frown deepening even more.

‘Or could he have known?’, his mind reasons, making him suspicious of his faithful omega.

‘’ Ah…That we will know once he is conscious. Till then, I reckon you stay by his side.’’, the omega gives Taehyung a small smile before turning to the junior doctor who was still standing quietly by the other’s side.

‘’Would you please show Taehyung the room where Hoseok is?’’

‘’Yes sir.’’

And with that Taehyung finds himself following Dr.Woo, all along chiding his inner-self for doubting his omega.

Hoseok couldn’t have known…HE COULD’NT HAVE!




A few hours prior….

‘’Hey…you don’t need to pretend like you are too happy if you’re not..’’, Taehyung whispers into Hoseok’s ears as he pulls the omega flush against his body.

‘’Don’t worry babe..I am totally fine..’’, Hoseok smiles as he leans into the warmth of his alpha, wrapping a hand around the other’s waist as they stand on Jimin’s porch.

The younger leans in to give the brown haired male a chaste kiss on his lips

‘’Let’s do this! What do you say?’’

‘’Let’s do this.’’, the omega agrees as he shuffles forward to knock on the door.

The door opens in a heart-beat, revealing a grumpy looking Min Yoongi.

His eyes were focussed somewhere else behind him as he had opened the door.

‘’Aish! When will my husband listen to me?’’, he mutters to himself as he finally looks at the newcomers.

‘’Our little Jimminie is already a handful huh?’’, Hoseok asks, a shit eating grin splayed across his face with no signs of previously felt disappointment.

 Yoongi rolls his eyes as he says, ‘’Tell me about it -‘’, but is interrupted by Jimin who comes bouncing in , engulfing both his best friends in a bone crushing hug as he exclaims,’

‘’Yah! I’m not little Hoseok!’’

Once he decides that he has had enough of skin-ship, he pulls away, scrunching his nose a bit.

‘’Are you going to go into heat? Or could it be pre…’’, but the omega trails off, the last part being a mere whisper.

‘’Why do say that?’’, Hoseok counter-questions, raising a brow.

‘’I don’t know….’’, Jimin trails off as he meets Taehyung’s intense gaze.

The youngest gives the elder a small glare, warning him not to say anything that he might later on regret.

Jimin was well aware of their situation and so doesn’t question the alpha.

‘’Well I just thought you know…I guess my pregnancy is just playing tricks on me.’’, the younger omega says nonchalantly.

Jimin was only partly lying.

During normal conditions, an omega’s sense of smell is way weaker than an alpha’s. But during pregnancy, due to hormonal imbalance and need for protection and self-defence, an omega’s senses heightens so much so that they can predict  if a fellow omega might go into heat, a few weeks before they actually do, or they can point out if another omega has just had theirs. 

‘’Oh well…I guess I had my heat just last week when you were on your honeymoon.’’, the older omega blushes as he continues to hold on to the alpha, reliving the memories of their time together when he begged Taehyung to breed him.

‘’Eww’’, Jimin squeals as he recoils in fake disgust.

‘’I can literally see you drooling over your heat sexcapades with him. I don’t even remotely want to know what transpired between you guys last week.’’, the younger omega juts a thumb in Taehyung’s direction.

‘’Yah!’’, Hoseok exclaims, he and Taehyung, both blushing furiously, before his face contorts into a cheeky grin as he proceeds with,

‘’Oh but baby I do want to know about your sexy adventures with Yoongi hyung. I want to know about everything!’’.

Hoseok is thankfully decent enough to whisper so that he doesn’t draw the attention of the other guests towards their little group.

But now it looks like all four of them seem to be sporting pink cheeks.

‘’Come on, give me all the juicy details babe.’’, Hoseok sings out as he slings one arm over the younger omega’s shoulder and locks their elbows together, ready to whisk him away.

‘’Whatever you say SUGABOO!’’, Jimin teases, the last bit coming out a little too loud, drawing a few raised eyebrows.

‘’Yah! JI-‘’, but the elder is interrupted by Taehyung,

‘’HYUNG! You didn’t tell him..Did you?’’, the young alpha whines.

‘’He didn’t tell me anything…I found out!’’, Jimin sticks his tongue out at both of them.

Hoseok is remembers that their arms are linked together and he harshly tugs at Jimin’s arm but before Jimin lets himself get pulled away, he gives a stern look to Taehyung, imploring him to explain everything later.

The two omegas vanish, leaving two embarrassed alphas behind.

‘’So….’’, Taehyung says awkwardly as he finally meets Yoongi’s gaze.

‘’Congratulations?’’, Yoongi blurts out before he can stop himself.’

‘’You can smell it on him too?’’, Taehyung stares at the other alpha in disbelief.

Yoongi nods in response.

He thought he was wrong, but now since Jimin and Yoongi have confirmed, he isn’t so sure anymore.

‘’But I guess not… No congratulations yet..’’, Taehyung says, repressing the hope which is trying to bloom in his chest.

‘’What do you mean?’’, Yoongi asks genuine concern bleeding through.

‘’Long story..’’

‘’I guess we have time for one… I presume.’’, Yoongi offers a small smile.

‘’I guess we do.’’, Taehyung replies as he follows the elder.



‘’Oh! Hi Namjoon !’’, Hoseok screeches as he skids to a halt with the other omega by his side.

Jimin visibly tenses before going back to his former self. And it happens so quick that Hoseok fails to register.

The beta acknowledges them both as he slips out of the kitchen with a bottle of beer in hand.

There are servants to help the guests out  but it looks like Namjoon is all too familiar and comfortable with the place to care for help.

‘’So…..’’, Hoseok says excitedly.

‘’So…. what?’’, Jimin feigns innocence as he moves towards the fridge.

‘’What would you like to have hyung?’’, Jimin aks as he brings out a bottle of orange juice for himself.

‘’I would like to have some juicy details!’’

Jimin rolls his eyes as he places the bottle on the counter.

He clears his throat before he whispers,

‘’Okay! We fucked and I almost vomited all over him. That’s all.’’

‘’Ew! Maybe talking about your sex life isn’t a good idea.’’, Hoseok pretend gags.

‘’Like I asked you to. Anyways…’’

‘’Alcohol?’’, but before Jimin can go grab some bottles full of the different kinds of intoxicating drinks, Hoseok stops him,

‘’Nah! I’ll have what you’re having. I’m not feeling too good anyways so I guess staying away from alcohol is the best option.’’

‘’Orange juice? I’m impressed.’’, Jimin pours out the orange liquid from the canister into another glass.

‘’Yah! I make good choices okay..’’, the elder omega narrows his eyes at the younger.

‘’Says the person who loves getting wasted.’’

Hoseok gives the other a glare which, in Jimin’s opinion, wouldn’t be able to hurt even a tiny mosquito.

Jimin almost cracks up but just to not come off as completely shameless (though he totally was just that) , he zips his mouth tight.

‘’I’m just saying.’’, the younger lifts both his hands in surrender.

‘’Oh by the way you wanted to know some juicy details right? I have something that you will absolutely love.’’, Jimin smirks.

He has the elder’s rapt attention, which means he might live to see the light of another day.

‘’What is it?’’

‘’Well, you know that guy that you keep ranting about?’’, Jimin says, extremely casual.

‘’Which guy?’’, Hoseok knits his brows in deep thought.

‘’Oh! That guy whom you drool over…You say you would choose him over Taehyung.’’

‘’What guy? And when did I ever say I’d choose some guy over Tae?’’

‘’Oooo! Hyung but you did! What’s his name….uh…’’, Jimin places a finger over his chin, trying to show that he is thinking.

‘’Ah yes! Gloss right?’’

‘’What about him?’’, Hoseok asks warily, not sure of what do get out of all this.

What was Jimin getting at?

‘’Well…’’, Jimin pauses to build the anticipation, ‘’He is coming over for our little house party! This party was kept because of the deal that Yoongs signed with him in the first place!.’’

‘’WHAT?’’, Hoseok’s eyes look like they might pop out of their sockets.

‘’Yup…Now that’s some juicy detail, isn’t it? BABE..’’, the pink haired man looks extremely smug as the last bit comes out as a high-pitched screech to taunt the other omega.

‘’What? No way! I’m sure my ears are full of wax to hear anything right.’’, the elder literally lets go of his glass which is half-full, to dig his pinky finger in one ear, trying to decipher the authenticity of his hearing capabilities.

(Not that digging out any of the lingering wax from his ear would help by any means. But Hoseok is well…Hoseok)

‘’Fuck! Why are you so gross? Looks like hygiene isn’t a thing for you huh?’’, Jimin scrunches his nose in disgust but then ends up doubling with laughter, watching Hoseok’s mind boggled expressions.

‘’Oh but hyuuuuuung,’’, Jimin sings out before Yoongi interrupts their little conversation.

 ‘’Babe I want you to meet someone.’’, the alpha says drawing both the omegas’ attention towards him.

‘’Heyo!’’, Jimin greets Yoongi with a cheery smile, as though he hadn’t just given Hoseok the biggest heart-attack of the century.

‘’Are you too busy? I can-‘’, but Jimin doesn’t let the other continue,

‘’Oh no…absolutely not. Hoseok hyung over here, needs some time to mull things over, so I’ll leave him alone for some-time.’’, he has the nerve to give the brown haired man a small wink.

Hoseok opens his mouth to protest but before he can even say a word, Jimin talks,

‘’Hyung I know you have a sudden problem in hearing but if it helps…’’, the omega moves closer to whisper in the elder’s ears,

‘’Tsk tsk!’’, he clicks his tongue, ‘’I am sure your ears will heal once Tae knows about how much you looove Gloss.’’

The reaction is immediate. The older omega chokes on his spit and coughs profusely, holding onto the kitchen counter for dear life. And Jimin’s immediate response is to holler. But being the nice bastard that he is, he also helps the other recover.


Before the elder can completely recover though, the pink haired male hops over and into Yoongi’s arms.

The couple turns around to take their leave when Hoseok seems to have come to his senses.

‘’You wouldn’t!’’, the elder wheezes out, looking some-what offended.

‘’Oh! But I could!’’, Jimin sings out as he pulls the alpha away from the kitchen.

He knows he wouldn’t but he says it nonetheless. After all, he loves riling up the fellow omega.

‘’Is Hoseok okay? And what happened to his hearing?’’ Yoongi questions as he is being whisked away.

‘’He will be. Don’t worry hyung’’, Jimin gives a reassuring smile.

‘’Now, who is that lucky human who gets to meet me?’’, the younger says with an air of attitude.

‘’Oh yes! Who wouldn’t want to see your great highness?’’, comes the alpha’s sarcastic reply.

‘’Yah! Is that sarcasm I hear now? Off with your head Min Yoongi! Thou hast no right to belittle my greatness!’’, Jimin feigns a commanding voice.

‘’Alice in wonderland meets Shakespeare?’’, the alpha chuckles out…

‘’You’ve read books?’’, the omega gasps in surprise.

The elder rolls his eyes.

‘’Of course I have! Books inspire musicians and helps build creativity.’’

‘’But this is a different kind of creativity…. You wouldn’t understand’’, Jimin shake his head.

‘’Is that so?’’, the raven haired man asks teasingly.

‘’ Anyways, I thought I already met all your producer friends, didn’t I?’’

‘’Oh but honey…he isn’t a producer.’’, Yoongi replies as he takes control and directs his omega towards the living room.

Jimin draws his body closer to the raven haired male as he walks along, admiring his own handy work at the same time. He had taken the onus of arranging and preparing everything, right from taking care of the ambience and music to the food. He did have help of-course.

He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t proud of himself.

As soon as he approaches the living room he can feel an intense gaze boring holes into his very existence.

He scans the crowd till his eyes latch onto a familiar body. His own gaze meets the other person’s, who seems to be lounging on the couch.

As if on cue the all too familiar fragrance of cinnamon permeates through the blend of different scents, confirming the omega’s hidden fear.

Jimin’s blood runs cold.

Their eyes are locked on each other as the man makes a move to stand up.

Though the man’s mouth and nose are covered in black, he knows the face behind the mask by the back of his palm. He remembers every inch of that handsome face and muscular body.

How could he forget the person who had opened his eyes to things he had almost given up on and stopped believing in?

How could he forget the lips that had kissed away his fears and at the same time spewed out pretty white lies, which he found himself falling for?

How could he forget those gentle eyes which conveyed all the fake love he chose to believe and be swayed by?

How could he forget the crooked little nose that nuzzled into the crook of his neck, giving him a sense of security which would later on be snatched away?

But most importantly, how could he forget the man who impregnated him with his seed and left him all alone to fend for himself?

Now the bastard is back.

Jimin stares, mouth hanging open as his hands ball up into fists.

‘How dare he!’, he thinks to himself.

But even then Jimin can’t help but notice the subtle changes.

Those gentle doe eyes have been now sharpened with fierceness and determination. But however hard-core the other looks, that certain charisma which had drawn himself to the other is still there. The charm hasn’t seemed to have gone anywhere.

It’s when the man starts walking, that Jimin’s poor heart starts beating fast enough to jump out of his rib-cage.

‘’Oh! No……no…NO! He can’t be making his way towards me’, his mind screams in desperation while his legs turn to jelly. Jimin wants the ground to swallow him.

He can’t even concentrate on what Yoongi is saying while his eyes are glued on the approaching alien. His brain feels like cotton balls, neither can he comprehend nor speak.

It’s not until his past is right in front of his present and his future is squirming in his womb that he realises that he is truly done for.

‘’Hello’’, the man greets with that oh so silky voice that Jimin has always had a die-hard crush on.

‘’Uh…’’, the omega fumbles and jumbles.

Yoongi thankfully doesn’t notice and proceeds with introductions.

‘’This over here, is Gloss, the artist with whom I signed that very important deal I told you of.’’,Yoongi greets the alien with a genuine smile. The other reciprocates in a jiffy.

‘Wait a second there, let’s back-track…This..this man is Gloss? Hoseok’s man crush?’, Jimin tries to process his own thinking while Yoongi introduces his ex to him,

‘’And this here, is Jimin, my beloved omega.’’, Yoongi looks at Jimin with love-struck eyes while the omega glares at the alpha in front of him.

Jimin notices a flash of something flicker in the alien’s eyes on hearing the introduction, but it’s gone as soon as it makes its appearance. Possessiveness? Anger? Jimin really can’t place a finger on the emotion.

‘’Hello Jimin-ssi!’’, the alien’s tone is light, almost taunting.

The alpha presents his hand and Jimin takes it as an act of politeness, even though he’d rather strangle the man standing in front of him.

He feels an electric spark shoot up his arm as his skin chaffs against the pink of the other man’s palm.

‘The pregnancy is playing tricks on your mind Jimin’’, he repeats the sentence over and over in his mind.

But the smirk that the alpha sports is proof to the fact that he is coming undone at the hinges.

‘’Yoongs?’’, Jimin croaks out, his voice harsh from staying silent too long. (Also the after effects of meeting someone he was so not ready to meet)

‘’Yes babe?’’, Yoongi asks eagerly.

‘’Could you get me a glass of water please.’’, Jimin gives the other a small smile. He doesn’t want to smile, let alone talk, but he nevertheless puts up a façade to prevent his husband from gauging on the situation at hand.

‘’Sure .’’, with that the alpha removes his hand from Jimin’s waist to make his way to the kitchen.

He realises that asking Yoongi to leave his side was probably the worst decision, ever.

 He had been leaning most of his weight on his alpha and now with him no longer beside, he found it difficult to balance himself on his own two wobbly legs.

What was it with his stomach doing somersaults?

‘’Nice to see you hyung. I really did miss you so bad.’’, the alpha speaks up after an awkward silence which had been lingering since the other alpha had left.

The omega really can’t really seem to comprehend with his gut churning and his vision going double all of a sudden. But he does manange to grab a few words, mainly the former part of the man’s monologue.

‘’Not nice see you.’’, Jimin says as he sways from side to side, his vision alternating between blurred and clear.

He wants to say something more, he really does. Maybe a cuss word here or there would be good but before he can do that, his vision tunnels and he falls forward, only to be caught by steady hands.

The familiar scent of cinnamon wraps itself around him as his head collide with a sturdy chest.

All of a sudden his gut stops twisting and he finds his restlessness subside though he is still being pulled into darkness, bit by bit.

He registers a soft whisper as the security and warmth he has been secretly craving for is finally here.

‘’I am back hyung, only for you.’’

He is back.

His past is back.

Jeon Jungkook is fucking back…..




Jimin feels a nagging pain at the back of his eyes, and a sudden wave of nausea washes over him.

He really needs to throw up.

His eyes immediately shoot open and he turns to his side, only to collide with another body.

His sight hasn’t yet adjusted to the bright light, so in the blind state that he is in, the omega calls out, his hands waving about in the air, ‘’Yoongi? Can you get me a bucket…..need to throw up.’’

He tries to squint so that he can absorb his surroundings, but the headache and nausea get to him. He’s better off with his eyes tightly shut.

‘’Yoongs… please…fast.’’, he stutters out, a bit more desperate this time. The pain is just mounting and it feels like his stomach might just decide to flip over. The nausea and dizziness render all his senses incapable of working.

Just when he thinks that he should let go and make a huge mess of the bed, there is a dip in the mattress next to him. A hand comes forth to guide his head over to the edge of the bed and towards the direction of the bucket.

A warm palm comes to rest on his back and starts rubbing small circles. He takes this as an indication and tips his stomach into the empty bucket.

It’s just purely gross how all the food and acid make their way out. It has never been this bad before.

But with the passage of time, as the doctors had said, the sickness would only get worse. And as predicted, it was getting really bad.

The blinding pain intensifies as he continues to throw up and he doesn’t even realise when he reaches out for Yoongi’s hand while he grips the edge of the bed tightly.

The hand which was previously rubbing circles on the omega’s back is now holding onto his own little one, and Jimin finds solace in their interlaced fingers. He finds new grounding while he throws up till there is merely some water left in his belly.

Once Jimin feels like the episode has passed, he speaks up softly, his voice hoarse from all the vomiting, ‘’Yoongs….pass me the bottle of water from the night-stand.’’

Though he can't see, he knows that he is in his bedroom. 

Jimin’s eyes are still screwed shut as he hears the alpha fulfil his requests.

Soon enough, there is a small creak and an unscrewed bottle comes to rest in the pink haired man’s palm.

He makes sure to take a few tiny sips to prevent the nausea from returning.

‘’Yoongs I-‘’, but he stops mid-sentence when his eyes come to rest on the person who is seated at the edge of the bed.

‘’You!’’, Jimin exclaims, voice laced with accusation. His eyes widen when his gaze travels to their joined hands and the omega recoils as if he’s been electrocuted. He backs away and sits up against the headboard.

‘’Yes it’s me.’’, the person whom he assumed to be Yoongi speaks up, as the man pulls his mask down.

‘’ Jungkook…’’, Jimin, eyes the younger.

‘’Hyung…I..I think I can explain.’’, the alpha says quickly, before the omega can say anything further.

‘’Explain? Really?’’, Jimin laughs out wryly.

‘’Hyung..please.’’, Jungkook pleads, making puppy eyes.

Jimin would be lying if he said that the alpha had no effect on him. As a matter of fact, the alpha had all the possible effects owing to the pregnancy.

‘’No..there is no explanation.’’, the elder shakes his head, trying to null his senses to the alpha’s alluring scent.

‘’Hyung….I-‘’, but the alpha is cut off with, ‘’Jungkook… seriously? You abandoned me when I needed you. In fact you even lied to me about your profession… college student my foot! And now you want to explain?’’, Jimin huffs out in anger, trying his best to control the building rage.

‘’Hyung I was scared….I’’, Jungkook trails off before starting again, ‘’I was scared of how you was would react if you knew the truth, I was scared of dragging you into my mess. I was scared for the future of my career.’’

‘’Is your name even Jeon Jungkook?’’, the hurt is evident in the omega’s eyes and Jungkook can feel his heart ache from having look at the disappointment painted across the omega’s face

‘’Hyung I didn’t-‘’

‘’No! Answer me..’’, he interjects a little louder than usual ‘’Is your name Jungkook?’’, Jimin can feel the stinging sensation in his eyes.

He feels like he’s not only been betrayed but also hopelessly used.

‘’Yes it is.’’, Jungkook bows his head in shame.

‘’ your name the only real thing that was..was in our relationship? What we had between us…was that even real or just one sided.’’, the omega’s voice trembles with underlying emotions.

He hates everything at this point, the fact that he is having this conversation or the reality that maybe, just maybe he hasn’t been able to truly move on.

‘’Everything was real, every single moment spent together was real. And trust me when I say I learnt its value when I lost you. That’s exactly what I am here to talk about.’’, the last bit is a mere whisper from the alpha’s side.

‘’If you say that you valued me, then why did you let go?’’, Jimin questions as the tears pool in his eyes and a multitude of emotions overwhelm him. His intense gaze rests upon the alpha, eagerly waiting for an answer.

Jungkook looks away, unable to stare into those dark brown orbs any longer as he replies sheepishly,

‘’ As I said….I was scared for my career as an artist. I was mortified at the prospects of being a beginner who is already a mated alpha. The day you requested us to mate, I completely freaked out and…’’

‘’That’s why you left, even though you could have talked to me.’’, Jimin completes the sentence for the younger.

The omega remembers that day vividly. After all, it was the same day he had found out that he was pregnant. He had wanted to play around and understand Jungkook’s views on mating and family before finally confiding in the younger with the news. Unfortunately, his little plan never came to pass, with the alpha’s sudden and permanent disappearance from his life.

‘’I…’’, Jungkook tries to scramble for an explanation but fails.

He is well aware of the fact that he had wronged Jimin and that he, by no means, deserved forgiveness for his wrongdoing.

‘’No..I get it. You didn’t want to expose yourself, your identity and our relationship to the world…right? So you did what was easy and left..’’, Jimin’s voice comes out small as he stares blankly at the sheets.

He hates the fact that he understands.

He hates the fact that his repressed feelings are trying their best to make their way to the surface.

‘’Hyung it’s not...’’, the younger reaches out for the other’s hand, only to be swatted away.

‘’No don’t touch me.’’, Jimin retreats further away from the edge of the bed.

‘’Hyung..’’, Jungkook tries but is again interrupted by Jimin, who speaks up only because he is scared of what the younger might say. He is terrified of the fact that he might end up forgiving the other too soon and all hell might break loose.

‘’Listen….I understand that your career might have depended on it and that’s why you hid everything from me. Jungkook…the world doesn’t even know your name, nobody knows who you are. I know you might have your reasons and I understand that you were scared. But what’s done can’t be undone. And the fact that you left me all of a sudden, with no rhyme or reason, no letter, no explanation, completely broke me.’’.

The omega quickly wipes the tears which threaten to trickle down his cheeks. He doesn’t want Jungkoook to see how much he affects him. He can’t take it anymore.

Jimin rolls off to the other side of the bed and makes an attempt to get off, only to stumble back and sit on the edge.

‘’Hyung will you at least listen to what I want to say? please.’’, Jimin can hear Jungkook’s footsteps approach him.

He looks up to meet Jungkook’s pleading gaze.

‘’Go on.’’, Jimin says as he looks away.

Pregnancy or no pregnancy, the reality is that Jimin still has lingering feelings for the younger alpha and yes, he does feel guilty. He feels like he is betraying Yoongi, but feelings are what they are- something that are hard to control.

Jungkook kneels down so he is almost at the eye level of the shorter male and attempts to take Jimin’s hand in his own. The omega is hesitant but relents nevertheless.

This feels so familiar yet foreign to Jimin.

‘’After I left…’’, Jungkook pauses as he strokes the other’s palm, ‘’I realised how foolish I was. I was very stupid for leaving you…I was stupid, selfish and naïve. I am really sorry.’’

‘’You are selfish.’’, the omega agrees, and it hurts the alpha to be hearing these words coming from the one person he sincerely loved and still does.

‘’I’m so sorry.. I.. I really resent the way I treated you I..’’, Jungkook swallows thickly as his own emotions start pouring out in the form of tears.

‘’Hey…I said I understand…Its fine..’’, Jimin finally looks at the other who is on the verge of completely breaking down.

Jimin feels bad for the younger and decides to lean forward to engulf the man in a tight hug. Jungkook collapses into the elder’s touch and gingerly rests his head on the omega’s shoulder as he sniffles quietly.

‘’I completely understand Kook, it’s okay.’’, Jimin soothes the alpha, but it more over looks like he is soothing his own urges of being closer to the younger.

He inhales deeply only to be enveloped in the one fragrance his body has been craving for. Even Yoongi, who is his fated alpha, hasn’t been able to make him feel this level of contentment as Jungkook is making him feel.

Maybe scientists are right. Fated pairs have lost their touch.

He feels like he is the snake who is being charmed by Jungkook’s extremely comforting and luring scent as he almost falls into a trance. Because even after they pull away, his hands still resting on the taller man’s shoulder, he can’t seem to let go.

He can’t seem to understand it either.

The control which Jungkook could possibly have over him is petrifying, but as proved by biology, it doesn’t go one way.

For that moment, as he basks in the alpha’s presence, he wonders if the other is entranced by his sweetened scent. But judging from the other’s un-wavered expressions, the case might not be so or even if it was, Jungkook was great at acting.

Their faces are just inches apart and lips just a few centimetres away from each other. His eyes are caught by the soft lips which Jungkook swipes to moisten, but unbeknownst to him, the younger’s gaze is also fixated on Jimin’s own plush lips.

Instead of inching away, they both seem to draw closer and closer till they finally taste each other. Jungkook’s grip on the older’s waist tightens as pulls himself even further into the other. The lip lock that they share is nothing short of pure desperation.

There is a small warning bell which rings in his mind but the feeling of security that he feels with the alpha is far too paramount for him to listen to the tiny voice in his head.

It feels so wrong, yet so damn right.

And Jimin would be shameless enough to admit the fact that he has missed every bit of this.

He doesn’t know if it’s his own inner being or his pregnancy and imbalanced hormones which are speaking but every nerve in the fibre of his body tells him to forget everything and go with the flow.

And so, he just closes his eyes and obeys.

He hooks one hand into those familiar black locks while the younger nips at his upper lip asking for permission. He silently obliges without thinking of the consequences which might follow or the regret that might pool in his gut later on.

The alpha quietly slips his tongue into the familiar zone of the elder’s velvety mouth, tasting the remnants of vomit, but he doesn’t mind it one bit. He has missed tracing the omega’s plump lips in the past two months and he’d give anything to have it again.

They break away for a moment to catch their breaths before the alpha again swoops in to capture the other’s lips. This time Jungkook slips his hands underneath the elder’s shirt, tracing the stomach he has missed so badly. He chuckles a bit as he feels the flab which has replaced the abs. He wants to comment but he is afraid to let go of those beautiful lips.

They stay that way, feeling their lips on each other and enjoying the warmth of their bodies pressed flush against one another.

They pull away once again for a brief moment before Jungkook is ready to claim those plush lips again. But this time, the omega brings his left hand to caress the younger’s cheek when his eyes catch the sight of the gold band on his ring finger and his eyes widen in horror as certain realisation dawns upon him.

What has he done?

He quickly pushes Jungkook away from him with such unintentional force that the alpha lands on the ground with a loud thud.

‘’I am sorry Jungkook….I..this..this –‘’, Jimin stammers as tears start trickling down.

How could he have done this?


‘’NO! What I have done is wrong…This is a mistake..I..’’, Jimin trails off as he shakes in utter fear of the wrong he has committed against his husband.

He grips onto his knees tightly as he tries to calm himself down. He takes a few deep breaths before he speaks up again,

‘’Kook I’m sorry I shouldn’t have..-‘’

‘’But hyung… what about a second chance?’’, there is a small glint of hope in the younger’s eyes and Jimin looks offended on hearing the words, a frown making its way onto his face.

First off all, doesn’t Jungkook know that he is married?

And secondly, hasn’t he come a little too late to ask for a second chance?

But Jimin shouldn’t entirely blame Jungkook. After all, he shouldn’t have let the alpha on through a kiss in the first place.

‘’Jungkook… I’m married…Don’t you see?’’, Jimin says clearly affronted by the raven haired man’s request.

‘’But-‘’, Jungkook tries to protest but is interjected by Jimin who sighs in exasperation,

‘’If it helps…Kook, I AM MARRIED TO MIN YOONGI…‘’, the elder wiggles his ring finger at the alpha.

‘’I can’t leave him. He has been so supportive and…’’, Jimin trails off as his hand subconsciously comes to rest on the necklace around his neck.

Yoongi had gifted him a delicate pendant on their second date. It was made of black diamond and consisted of an intricately detailed Y in cursive, whose tail gave rise to an equally beautiful J.

Yoongi had given the gift in hopes of reassuring the younger that he would always be there for the omega at all times.

And now Jimin was the one who had been unfaithful.

‘’Jungkook please try to understand…I-‘’, but a knock on the door makes his head turn towards the noise.

Jungkook scrambles up from his previous position on the ground and moves to the side, away from the sight of the door.

‘’Come in.’’

‘’Hey…You are up?’’, a familiar voice speaks up as a tuft of blond comes into view.

Namjoon was balancing a tray with some food and a glass of juice as he stepped into the room, concentration fully on the task at hand, trying his best not to knock anything around. (He was notorious for his destructive tendencies)

‘’Hi hyung!’’, Jimin exclaims as he walks towards the beta.

‘’How are you feeling?’’, the beta questions as his eyes land on the younger, still very much oblivious to the person who is now standing in the corner.

‘’Oh I’m feeling so much better. Hyung you really shouldn’t have bothered. You could have just sent the food with one of the helpers.’’, Jimin takes the tray and places it on the bed before walking back to where Namjoon is standing just a little beyond the threshold and in the confines of their shared bedroom.

‘’Nah...Yoongi wanted to make sure that you eat and drink well. He would have been here, but he got caught up with the guests. So I took it upon myself to make sure that my donsaeng is well.’’, Namjoon smiles warmly.

Even though Jimin and the beta aren’t that close, the omega is well aware that the other always means well.

The younger reciprocates the smile, ‘’Yoongi hyung would kill me if I didn’t care of myself.’’

‘’I agree with you. He would be really upset if you don’t take care of yourself, especially now since you are pregnant. I’ve been subjected to Yoongi’s whines on how you refuse to take care of your die-‘’, but Namjoon trails off when he hears a sudden gasp resound from somewhere behind Jimin.

Jungkook who was standing in the corner, near the balcony, finally comes into view.

‘’Hyung you are-‘’, but lets out another surprised sound on seeing the person who Jimin is talking to.

‘’Kook?”, Namjoon says, uncertainty bleeding through his voice and his eyes narrowed in confusion.

‘’Namjoon hyung? Oh my god!’’, Jungkook says with utter excitement as he practically jumps to embrace the other.

‘’How have you been Jungkook. It’s been a while hasn’t it?’’, Namjoon asks as he nuzzles his head into the crook of the shorter one’s neck.

‘’Oh! Hyung I missed you and-‘’

‘’Wait a minute! You guys know each other? Joon hyung…You know Jungkook?’’, and with that the embracing duo’s gaze falls onto the startled omega.

‘’Of course I know Koo…’’, Namjoon answers promptly as he breaks away from the hug, but somewhere his answer gets lost as certain realisation dawns upon him.

‘’Kook? He knows your secret?’’, the blond’s gaze flits from the raven haired male to the younger omega.

‘’As a matter of fact he does.’’, Jungkook sighs, which in turn receives a questioning look from the older beta.

‘’There is a lot that we need to talk about hyung but first I have some unfinished business.’’, the alpha replies as he briefly glances at the pink haired male who looks very uncomfortable all of a sudden.

Namjoon hasn’t really caught on the situation but he understands someone’s need for privacy. And judging by the small looks he was giving Jimin, the beta was rest assured that the alpha indeed meant some sort of business.

Namjoon nods in acknowledgement before turning around to leave.

But before he steps out, he remembers that he has forgotten a minor detail.

He swivels around to address the omega,

‘’Also, just a small tip…Mix in the powdered medicine with your juice, it will help you bear the bitter taste. And take the medicine as fast as you can as it will help relieve the dizziness.’’, with that the beta gives a small smile to both men present in the room before finally disappearing.

Once Jungkook deems it safe enough to open his trap, he exclaims a little too harsher than he means to, ‘’Hyung! YOU ARE PREGNANT?’’

The omega’s eyebrows knit together in confusion.

Why was the alpha so surprised?

‘’I thought you’d already gauged on the situation….Why are you so shocked?’’, Jimin asks as he tilts his head to one side, expectant of a quick reply.

‘’BECAUSE YOU ARE PREGNANT!’’, Jungkook whisper shouts.

‘’Yeah I am aware of the fact that I’m pregnant. But you on the other hand can’t seem to grasp the situation. What? Are your olfactory cells fucking dead? I reek of pregnancy!’’, Jimin says, a little irritated at the alpha’s blissful ignorance, his pregnancy mood-swings coming into play.

‘’Uhh…My nose is blocked, so yeah, technically my sense of smell is fucking dead to the world.’’, Jungkook snorts as he brings forth a handkerchief to blow his nose into.

‘’Whatever.’’, Jimin rolls his eyes.

Jungkook opens his mouth but then closes it. He wants to say so many things but he is hesitant.

After raging a small battle with his conscience, he musters enough courage to ask an important question.

He wants to, he needs to know if there is a possibility that he might be the father. Because as far as the alpha’s mind can travel into the past, they had spent the whole week of Jimin’s heat together before he had bailed out.

And now after observing the omega closely, he could make out a small protrubence of the elder’s tummy. There undoubtedly was a slim chance that Jimin was just a couple of weeks into the pregnancy.

‘’Hyung is there a chance that-‘’

The omega senses the question that the alpha is bound to ask and in a sudden state of panic shakes his head to convey a no.

‘’How far along the pregnancy are you?’’, Jungkook asks with curiosity, mind still disbelieving the pink haired man’s reply.

Jimin knows if he opens his mouth he will be ousted. He isn’t ready to tell Jungkook the truth, not yet at least. And he knows he is bad at lying.

So instead, he conveniently steers the younger away from the topic with a counter-question,

‘’How do you know Namjoon hyung?’’

‘’Hyung why don’t you eat the food Namjoon hyung brought for you?’’, Jungkook points to the abandoned tray of food which was yearning for Jimin’s attention.

‘’I will… but I need an answer.’’, Jimin walks to the bed to where his food is.

There is a chicken sandwich atop the plate, accompanied by a tall glass full of organic orange juice. And by the looks of it, Yoongi definitely prepared the meal specifically for him, going by the uneven-ness of the bread and a few other details.

‘’Namjoon hyung and I are childhood friends. We both grew up in Busan before his family shifted. Even after the separation we have always been inseparable. He is my best friend.’’

‘’Hmm’’, the omega hums as he takes a sip of the juice.

‘’Oh gosh! This juice tastes horrible. Yoongi hyung should have added some sugar but as usual, he forgot.’’

‘’Care to have some of this?’’, Jungkook waves a small packet of something which he happened to remove from the back pocket of his pants.

‘’You remember?’’, Jimin gasps.

‘’Of-course I do.’’

Jungkook had gone into an unconscious habit of always carrying sugar packets with him, thanks to Jimin who was and still is a sugar fanatic. (God forbid how he manages to keep his dancer body fit with his unhealthy cravings)

‘’If you are adding the sugar then add the medicine too, please.’’, Jimin requests between mouth fulls of sandwich.

But unbeknownst to the omega, who is too preoccupied by the food, a small vial of something is also poured into the glass along with the other additions.

He had also gotten into a habit of carrying something else with him,  something he had acquired through his connections with a certain beta. 

Jungkook has only one opportunity and a promise made to himself is one that he refuses to break.

He will have what is his by hook or crook.

‘’The liquid will take a short while so I need to question him as fast as possible.’’, Jungkook thinks to himself.

Unfortunately though, before the alpha can even remotely make sure that the elder drinks every last bit of the juice, the door opens with a loud bang and a brown haired man comes rushing in.

‘’Jimminie! How are you? I was worried sick-‘’, the man squeaks but stops dead in his tracks on noticing Jungkook.

‘’Oh my god!’’

Jungkook turns his business mode back on as he bows and greets the intruder before turning to Jimin with a polite smile, ‘’I sincerely hope you feel better, Jimin-ssi.’’

With that, he leaves before bowing to the brown haired male once more.

Jungkook knows that Jimin is hiding something. He will go to any lengths to find what it is and also make sure that Jimin is his.

‘’Was that?’’, Hoseok asks wide eyed.

‘’Yes that was Gloss.’’, Jimin smirks,  looking at his best friend’s shell shocked face.

‘’What was he doing here?’’,Hoseok sits on the edge of the bed near Jimin as the question spills out.

‘’Oh nothing, he.. I mean like he just happened to stumble into this room and saw me so just out of curiosity asked if I was okay since you know he saw me faint and all.’’, Jimin’s tone is wavering and Hoseok knows that something is not okay.


‘’Later hyung, I’ll tell everything but later..’’, Jimin swallows thickly.

‘’Whenever you are ready Chim. No pressure.’’, the older omega says soothingly.

‘’For now..’’, Jimin pauses as he brings the sandwich towards the elder’s mouth, ‘’Try this.’’

‘’One of Yoongi’s delicacies?”, Hoseok asks, one eyebrow raised.

Jimin nods.

‘’Then I’d rather not. I don’t want to catch some disease.’’, Hoseok chuckles and ends up laughing on seeing Jimin’s pouty bitch face.

‘’Hey it’s not that bad okay.’’

‘’Oh his cooking is awful.’’, Hoseok pinches his nose in disgust.

‘’’Hyung!’’, Jimin whines, ‘’Please? For my sake? Pwease SUGABOO’’, the omega sing songs his way through.

‘’Okay okay, ‘’, the other omega huffs out as he opens to take a big mouthful of the food being offered.

Hoseok stares at Jimin with a blank face as he chews before his expression contorts into one of utter agony.

‘’Shit shit.’’, Hoseok screeches out as he fans himself.

The sandwich was extremely spicy.

‘’Jimin! NEED WATER!’’, the brown haired male bounces on the bed with his tongue wagging about.

But before Jimin can grab a bottle of water, Hoseok’s gaze comes to rest on the lone glass of orange juice. In no time is the man guzzling the liquid down in utter hurry.

‘’Fucking hell Minnie…’’, Hoseok pants as he tries to regain control of his mind, ‘’ You have great capacity for spice. I fucking can’t even…..’’

Jimin can't help but stifle a rude laugh. 

‘’I still need water though.’’, the taller omega grabs the bottle from the younger and swallows all the contents.

‘’Shit…Hyung are you fine?’’, Jimin asks, worry lines marring his previously calm demeanour.

‘’Yeah and would have been better if I didn’t feel like my taste receptors are all burnt for good measure’’,

‘’Don’t be too dramatic, it wasn’t that spicy.’’, Jimin’s gives the elder a look.

‘’So much for bland food huh? Not spicy my ass. "

They both sit for a while in silence till Hoseok settles down completely.

But before either of them can speak up, Taehyung intrudes their quiet moment by poking his extra- large head into the room.

‘’Hey Chim-chim how are you keeping up?’’

‘’Fine Tae….I guess just fine.’’

‘’Hyung I was actually wondering if we could leave?’’, Tae bites his bottom lip as he looks at the two omegas.

‘’Taetae? Is everything fine?’’, Jimin asks, tone laced with concern.

‘’Actually…a new angle has come up in the case or that’s what Seokjin says so. By the way Seokjin was here too you know? He’s Namjoon hyung’s boyfriend. And so you know…..’’, Taehyung stops all of a sudden, his eyebrows furrowing and his lips turning downwards in a frown.

‘’Hyung? Are you even…Oh my god HYUNG!!!’’, he cries out as he surges forward.

Jimin’s head turns toward Hoseok and his stomach does a sudden somersault.

The older omega’s body is limp against the sheets.

Jimin and Taehyung, both try to bring the elder into consciousness but their efforts are in vain.

Taehyung in particular, looks like he is so close to having a panic attack but its Jimin who calms the younger just in time.

‘’I think we will have to rush him to the hospital’’, Jimin says as he dials the emergency helpline number.

And that is all that Taehyung would be able to recollect as the journey to the hospital is a huge blurry mess in his head.




‘’Did you take abortion tablets?’’, Dr.Kwon asks as he examines the reports.

‘’Oh my god Tae! I am pregnant! I can’t believe it!’’, Hoseok exclaims for the thousandth time, completely dazed by the euphoria of actually and finally being pregnant.

The omega completely ignores the doctor’s question as he stares at the ultrasound image, completely awestruck.

His and Tae’s baby was finally in his womb.

When he had gained consciousness and was bombarded with the information, he refused to believe it, accusing everyone for lying.

But now staring at the black and white picture of the little dot that was soon to grow into an entity in itself, spreads warmth in his heart.

‘’Hoseokie…Dr Kwon is asking something really important, please answer him.’’, Taehyung says bringing the elder out of his reverie.


‘’Hoseok, did you take abortion tablets?”, the doctor repeats himself.

On finally paying attention to the doctor, his eyes go big.

‘’Abortion tablets?’’

‘’Yes, abortion tablets.’’, the omega doctor confirms.

‘’But why would I take abortion tablets? I didn’t even know that I was pregnant, in fact, the pregnancy test had shown negative results too. So why would I have taken them.’’, Hoseok asks as he lets a hand to rest protectively against his belly.

The doctor’s expression turns extremely grave as he looks at the alpha,

‘’Tae.. if he hasn’t taken them deliberately, then he has been drugged. And this means that this issue becomes a police case.’’

‘’Don’t worry hyung, I am a part of the police force. I will handle the case.’’, Taehyung replies resolutely.

‘’I know Tae. For now though, I recommend that he gets as much of rest possible, the medicines that I have prescribed will nurture him back to health so you need not worry. The baby is thankfully fine and Hoseok should be discharged in a day or two after we run a few more tests on him to make sure he is perfectly fit.’’, with that the doctor leaves the room.

Hoseok had been drugged.

‘’Hyung? Do you recall all the events that occurred before you were admitted?’’, Taehyung questions.

‘’I am sorry Taehyung-ah but everything is so hazy and like everything happened so fast and-‘’

‘’ It’s okay…. Don’t stress yourself out trying to remember and recollect. DrKwon had mentioned that you might have a short memory loss of all that occurred just before your admission to the hospital because the drugs have altered the chemicals in your brain. But don’t worry he said that it wouldn’t last too long.’’

‘’Okay then…’’, Hoseok yawns, ‘’My head is kind of feeling heavy so I…I ‘’, but the omega doesn’t finish before sleep pulls him into the realm of unconsciousness.

That night Taehyung makes sure to stay by his omega’s side and remind the sleeping man how much he loves him and what he would do protect his beloved husband and his growing baby.