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Classical power rewrite

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Lily was shocked when she heard the news. Her mother wanted to sell their house. She had known that her mother had a new job and that it was miles away from her current house, but she was still surprised when she told her.
Little did her mother know that down in the basement of the house there was a magical artifact, known as the Ocean Pearl, that gave the user the control of the five elements, protected though layers and layers of magical doors and traps.
Lily knew it all because her father told her, and she also knew that it couldn’t fall in bad hands or the results wouldn’t be pretty. She had no way to get the Pearl herself, so she shut herself in her room trying to find a way to get the things she needed to have to get though all the magical doors and traps and get the pearl out. Here is the list she made:
1.Any kind of magic weapon (try to ask Grandpa Liu, his store has everything and I swear that I saw a freaking living dragon inside)
2.A magic book (Grandpa Liu again).
3.Magic fruit and/or tea (Granny Li, I swear I saw some really mystical looking tea there).
4.Magic clothing? IDK
5.Screw this I’ll never manage to do it without magical help.
As she was sighing about the impossibility of all the things she planned to do, an envelope suddenly appeared midair with a flash and landed in her hands.
“From The Gold Star of Venus, Heaven”, it said.