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Electric Sisters

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Elly gripped her own hand tightly as her older sister, Ana, rolled her wheelchair into the reception area of the facility.  The room was designed to make it feel like the reception area for a hotel or resort, and in a way it was those things, but that is not why people come to this place.  


That reason was partially why Elly was so nervous, a detail her sister picked up on.


”Hey, sis.  Don’t worry!  You’ll be fine!  If I came out of here ok, then you will too!” Ana said in an attempt to calm her sibling down.


”I know,” Elly replied, “It’s just... a really big change is all.”


She continued to squeeze her own hand tightly.  It had gone numb several minutes ago, but that didn’t stop her.


The two rolled up to the reception desk.


“Hello and welcome to Major Robotics!” The receptionist said with a smile before taking a look at Elly in her wheelchair.  “I take it you’re here for Transfer?”


Ana gave a slight chuckle before answering, “You would be right.”


“Well then, according to the schedule you should be Eleanor C. Tric, correct?” The receptionist asked Elly.


”Yes.” The wheelchair bound girl nervously answered.


”Ok.  Please take a seat in the waiting area over there until we call you.”


Elly and Ana made their way over to said waiting area.  During the wait, Ana kept trying to ease Elly’s nerves with little success.  The other people in the area were in a similar state.  In both body and mind.  


After several minutes, a voice came over the intercom.


”Eleanore Tric, your room is ready.”


Upon hearing the signal, Ana and Elly made their way towards double doors leading to the inner halls of the building.  The hallways leading to their destination resembled those of a hospital, but any carts that would hold medicine were instead filled with various pieces computer parts and technology.  


After a few short minutes of walking, the two reached their destination.  Inside the room, there were several doctors, only some of which were medical doctors, were moving around making final preparations.  One doctor in particular was working at a computer that took up the entire back wall of the room, and there were several cables that led to two tables at the center of the room.


On one table, the cables led to a strange helmet with a bulky visor to go over the eyes of the wearer.  


On the the other table, the cables led to the reason for Elly being here.  Lying on the table was what appeared to be a completely nude girl.  However, the cables from the computer led to a hole in the girl’s stomach which revealed circuitry and wiring within her inert body.  


It was an android.


It would be Elly’s new body.


Upon seeing everything, Elly’s nervousness was beginning to be mixed with a strange sense of excitement.


“Please come over here.”  A doctor by the first table said the the sisters.  They did as the doctor asked.


”Everything is good to go,” he said, “Is there anything else we should know about before starting the Transfer?”


Elly looked down at her hands and noticed how mangled and frail they really were before looking at the android body once more.  Ana put her hand on her sister’s shoulder and gave a warm smile.  


“No,” Elly answered, the nervousness in her voice gone and replaced with excitement and certainty.  “I’m ready.”


With that, Ana effortlessly lifted Elly onto he table while the other doctors got into position.  Elly lied down and let the doctor put the helmet on her.


”Once I flip this visor down, just wait until you see a green light, then look straight into it.” The doctor instructed.  


Elly gave a slight nod of affirmation while her sister looked on from the corner of the room.  The doctor flipped the visor down as he said he would, obscuring Elly’s vision completely, and another doctor presses a button on the computer.  A few seconds later, Elly saw a small green light and looked straight into it.  


As she stared into the light, countless thoughts raced through her mind.  What would this new android body be like?  Would she miss her old body?  Is this worth it?


Elly dashed any thoughts of doubt from her mind and looked on to her future with confidence.  


The green light began to grow bigger and bigger until it completely enveloped her vision.  Then everything was black. 

Chapter Text

Boot sequence initiated...

Loading MSelf_OS...

Fetching Identification info...

Unit: X1071042

Designation: Tric, Eleanor Claire

Legal age: 19

Unit First Run date: 22-1-2067

Current date: 22-1-2067

Verifying Credentials...



Beginning Conciousness_Stream...



Elly slowly opened her new eyes as the green text faded from her vision.  She spent several seconds simply lying motionless on the table.  Simply taking in the feeling and weight of what happened moments earlier while doctors and technicians removed cables from her stomach and closed it up.  The newly activated droid tilted her head towards the other table as one of the doctors removed the helmet from the now soulless body revealing a sickly face that Elly was only used to seeing in the mirror.  

Once the doctors were finished with the cables, Elly began to sit up and look around the room as doctors began to clean up and prepare for the next Transfer.  She noticed her sister moving towards her, but was suprised by the sudden message she saw.


Other Unit Detected...

Fetching Other Unit Data...

Unit: X1070023

Designation: Tric, Annabelle Carol

Legal Age: 22

Unit First Run: 18 - 3 - 2064


Ana caught the sudden surprises look on her sister’s new face and gave a small chuckle.  “Don’t worry.  You’ll get used to that.  Among other things.” She said.  “Let’s get you off this table.”

”Will I be able to?  It’s been years since-“

”That was in your old body.” Ana said, cutting her sister off, “Your new one is more than able to walk, and you won’t even have to think about it.  There are several background process used just to keep you balanced.”

With this new knowledge, Elly slowly began to lower her legs down onto the floor.  When her feet touched the floor, a wide grin came upon Elly’s face, and it only got wider as she walked about the room.  This feeling of liberation brought forth new confidence from within Elly. She felt like could do anything, and with the right software and upgrades to her new body, she probably could.  

“This is wonderful!” Elly exclaimed.  “I still can’t believe it!”

”Oh believe it sister!” Ana replied with just as much joy.  “Now let’s go get you into some clothes.  You can’t walk around everywhere like that!”

It was at this moment Elly remembered she had no clothes on.  Ana chuckled at the embarrassed blush that came across her little sister’s face before gesturing to a door behind her.

”There’s a dressing room over there.  I had one of docs throw some clothes in there for you during your Transfer.”

”Thanks sis.”  Elly said meekly while making her way to the dressing room.

Inside, there was a small table that had a full set of clothing on it.  A simple white T-shirt, a pair of jean shorts, a pair of brown sandles, and matching white bra and panties.  Next to the table, there was a full body mirror, allowing Elly to take a good look at the new mechanical body that was now her’s.  She looked up and down her body in the mirror.  She wasn’t short, but she wasn’t the tallest either, being a couple inches shorter than her sister as the first example to come to mind.  Her breasts were also a fairly modest size as well.  As she observed her head, she figured she made a good choice with blonde hair like her sister did, but Elly did have it cut off below the ear while her older sister’s went partway down the back.  

After a minute or so of admiring herself, Elly got dressed and met her sister back in the operation room.

”Where to now?” Elly asked her sister.

”Now,” Ana answered, “We go and make use of everything they have here to let you get used to you new body.”

What Ana meant by that was going to resort next door reserved for those who had just gone through the Transfer to new robotic bodies.

The two spent the rest of the day exploring the resort as Elly got used to being an android.  This was helped by the numerous signs and staff giving advice on how to use various robotic functions from interfacing with special tools and terminals to conecting to the wifi.  

At the end of the day, Elly and Ana went to their resort room, which already had the luggage they brought with them for the trip.  

“Today has been amazing!” Elly said.

”Oh yes it has been,” Ana responded while grabbing a duffle bag of hers, “but it is about to get even better.”  A mixture of excitement and mischief was in her voice.

”Ooooh!  What do you mean by that?” Elly asked, “Today has already been fantastic!  I don’t see how it could get any better!”  

A mischievous grin creeped onto Ana’s face.

”This little surprise I have should help remedy that...”

Elly began to get a bit curious.  “And what is this surprise of yours??” 

“You’ll see,” Ana answered, “Now turn around and open your head up.”


”There is an access panel on the back of your head.  Remember?  I need you to open it up.” Ana ordered.

”Oh yeah,” Elly said with a little embarrassment before sitting down on one of the beds in the room. “I’ll do that.”

After a moment to remember how to open the panel, Elly’s face became momentarily blank as she focused on doing as her big sister requested.  


Rear Cranial Access opening...


With that message, a seam appeared beneath Elly’s hair as the back of scalp lifted itself from her head before sliding out of the way to reveal several open ports among circuits and wires.  

“Very nice.” Ana said as a slight bit of arousal was added to her voice as she moved behind Elly.  “Just give me a second and we’ll be good to go.”

”Okay.  If you say so.”  Elly said as she began to get a bit nervous at whatever her sister was planning.  

Elly began to see status messages as Ana began plugging cords into the open head.


New Drive detected...

Beginning to copy data...


Copy complete...


Elly looked over the files as they were copied to her system.  Many were drivers for hardware and gadgets she didn’t recognize the names of, but there were some programs she understood the purpose of because of their names.

They were sex programs.

”That should be good.”  Ana said before disconnecting the device.  

“What all did you put on me?” Elly asked.

”Oh, I’m sure you’ve figured out what some of it is.” Ana said, her voice now dripping with arousal as she began to crawl over to the other droid.

“Yes.” Elly replied with a mix of nervousness and sudden arousal.  “But what is the rest of it for?”

”I’ll show you in time.  Until then, use what you know.”

Then, Ana, her body on top of Elly’s, captured the others lips in a passionate kiss.  Elly was momentarily surprised before melting into the kiss.


Loading sexual programs...


Their kiss grew more and more passionate as the two androids embraced.  As the kiss continued, the two girls began to slowly remove each other’s clothing and throwing it on the floor.  Soon they were both in nothing bras and panties.

“Now that all that is out of the way, we can make this really special.”  Ana said.

She crawled back over to her duffel bag before pulling out two small computer chips.  

“Here.” She said, handing one to Elly. “Put this in the port on the back of your neck like this.”

Ana tilted her head to show Elly what she meant.  A small slit opened on the side of Ana’s neck, just big enough for the chip to slide into.  Elly followed her sister’s example.


New hardware detected...

Establishing wireless connection...

Connection established with Unit X1070023...


”What kind of connection is this?” Elly asked.

Ana responded not with words, but by placing a hand over one of her own breasts and grabbing it.

Almost instantly, Elly moaned in surprise as she felt the pleasure from Ana groping herself.

”Do you understand what this is?” Ana said with a sly grin.  “Any pleasure one of us feels is felt by the other.  This is the kind of experience only androids like us can have.”

Elly understood and decided to take advantage of it.  She pushed Ana back down onto the bed and took her older sister’s bra off.  After taking a moment to admire the mounds before her, Elly took one into her mouth and moaned as she felt as if a mouth was over her own breast.  

Despite her best efforts, Elly had trouble pleasuring Ana’s chest as she felt the pleasure.  Chuckling, the older sister rolled them so that she was on top of the younger one.

”You seem to be having some trouble.  Let me show you how to use this.” Ana said.

She then removed Elly’s remaining garments leaving her naked before moving to the other end of the bed and removing her own panties.

Ana then began to finger her own pussy.  The pleasure was sent to Elly, who began to squirm and moan on the bed despite no hands being on her.  Ana watched with glee as her sister’s slit began to leak arousal onto the bed.  This continued for a minute or so before Ana decided to continue.

She crawled back over to her younger sister. Specifically, she was between the other’s legs.

“What are you doing down there?” Elly asked despite knowing exactly what was going to happen.

”Oh.  You know what is going to happen.”  Ana said with sultry grin before licking her lips.

She then brought her head down to the young bot’s pussy before giving it a nice long lick.  Elly moaned in pleasure once more as her sister ate her out with precision only an android could muster.  Ana brought one hand up to apply pressure to Elly’s clit while the other hand drifted down to her own sex.  Both android girls felt the combined pleasure of Ana’s actions for several intoxication minutes. Eventually, the older droid’s efforts brought the two to a powerful climax.  First Elly due to her experience, then Ana, with the younger one’s scream of pleasure being enough to send her over the edge.

As the two androids basked in the artificial afterglow, any doubts Elly had about all this disappeared into nothingness.


Chapter Text

Boot sequence initiated...

Loading MSelf_OS...

Fetching Identification info...

Unit: X1071042

Designation: Tric, Eleanor Claire

Legal age: 19

Unit First Run date: 22-1-2067

Current date: 23-1-2067

Current Charge: 100%

Verifying Credentials...



Beginning Conciousness_Stream...



Elly woke up and, after taking a moment to get her bearings, was surprised to find that she actually woke up.  Didn’t robots not need to sleep?  When she attempted to get off the bed, she was unexpectedly jerked back due to a cord plugged into her neck that she didn’t realize was there.  Elly followed the cord to find that it was plugged into a weird box that was subsequently plugged into the wall.  

The noise that resulted from getting jerked back managed to get the attention of Ana, who was finishing up some personal maintenance in the bathroom of the resort room.

”Ah!  The sleepy bot is finally awake!” she said, lightly mocking her younger sister.

”Why was I asleep?  I thought robots didn’t need to sleep.”  Elly asked genuinely confused.  

“Well,” Ana began, “You weren’t technically sleeping.  You shut down.”  

“What?  Why?”

Ana chuckled.  “It’s pretty obvious!  We’re robots!  Androids!  We don’t have infinite power and need to charge.  Some things drain our batteries faster, and last night was one of those things.  That’s why I plugged you into that small box after you shut down.  Oh!  And I also took that little chip I gave you out.”

Elly looked back at the box once more and noticed a small screen that had a silhouette of her while also displaying some information such as designation info, system version, and battery charge.  

“So this thing is just for charging??”  Elly asked.  

“Of course not.”  Ana replied.  “It also gives you software updates and does some diagnostic stuff when needed.  You should already know that though.  Why are you asking?”

”Well...” Elly said as her cheecks grew red from embarrassment.  “I may have been lost in my own thoughts when they were explaining some stuff yesterday.”

“Ugh!”  Ana groaned. “How much did you miss?”

The following silence was a good enough answer.

“Okay.  I see.”  Ana said before grabbing a manual out of one of her bags and throwing it toward Elly.

”There!  You can read that on the drive back home.  It should have everything you missed and then some.”

“Hehe.  I’ll do that,” Elly muttered nervously with how large the manual actually was.  

“Good.  Now get ready to go.  They won’t let us stay in here all day!”  Ana ordered.


After an hour or so of packing up and getting ready, the sisters started the long drive back home to the city.  The drive was overall uneventful since Elly was reading the manual which, even with the extra speed from her processors, was a long and slow read.  

Despite this, Elly was glad Ana made her read the manual.  Not only did it give some essential information, such as how to charge herself, but it also mentioned some more unexpected functions she had, such as being able to detach limbs or installing new hardware.  Both things she was willing to bet Ana had made use of before and would be willing to try with her.

The manual and the ideas it sparked provided Elly with more than enough to distract her during the several hour long drive.  When they did finally arrive at their apartment, it was well past dark, and Elly was more than ready to make use of her ideas.  As the two entered, Elly asked her sister about this.

”So Ana, as I was looking through the manual like you told me to, I saw a couple things that gave me some ideas.” Elly said as Ana went straight to her bedroom to put her bags down.    As a result, Elle was unable to see the grin creeping onto her sister’s face.

”Oh really?” Ana slyly asked.  “And what did you come up with?”

Elly, not suspecting a thing, was more than happy to answer.  

“Well I thought the part about how we could disconnect our limbs for maintenance could be used for something!”

Elly continued to talk as Ana made it into her room and started rummaging through her closet for something.

“You’ve probably tried something like that before, but I thought I might bring it up just in case!”

”Well you’re right,” Ana said, still looking, “I have made use of that little trick before, but I’ve never tried it with you.”  

“Well, do you want to?” Elly asked.

”At some point, but I have my own idea I want to try first.”  Ana said as she found the target of her search.

Elly perked up, “Oh!  And what’s your idea?”


Ana turned around, revealing a small device that resembled a flashlight with a screen on it.  She clicked a button on it causing the device to momentarily flash a bright light into Elly’s eyes.


Uknown optical sensor input detected...

Unknown connection established...

Incoming command from external device...

Enter Maitenence Mode? [Y/N]...


Continue Conciousness_Stream during Maitenence Mode? [Y/N]...



“ENTERING MAITENEMCE MODE,” Elly said, but not of her own will.  What was it that Ana flashed her with?

”Nice!” Ana said with a mischievous grin.  “I was worried this wouldn’t work!  Now, remove clothing.”

”COMMAND RECEIVED.  EXECUTING.” Elly said in a monotone fashion, but it was not her who said it.  At least, not willingly.  While that happened, Ana began to remove her own clothing and explain what was happening.

”Now, you’re probably wondering what I hit you with.  That little gadget is one I made with a couple friends.  It sends a special signal through your optical sensors that forces your system into maintenance mode while keeping the consciousness stream active.  It may not seem too practical, but it does have it’s uses,” Ana said, punctuating the last word with a lick of her lips. 

By now, both androids were free of all their clothing.  Elly was standing motionless with her arms at her sides as Ana walked over and began to slowly stroke the younger droid’s lower lips.

Ana began to explain some more, “As you can tell by now, the consciousness stream still keeps some systems functioning normally.”  

Elly could very much tell as her sister’s fingers elicited loads of pleasure and arousal, which was punctuated and increased as Ana brought her hand back into Elly’s vision to show it dripping with artificial fluids.  Ana slowly and seductively licked the fluids off her hands to tease the frozen bot.  

“Now, lie down on the bed and detach both arms and legs,” Ana ordered.

”COMMANDS RECEIVED.  EXECUTING”  Elly said, powerless to resist her sister’s will.  Elly had no problems with this, however, as it seemed both of their ideas would be used tonight.

”Wonderful!” Ana said, “Now exit maitenence mode,”




Elly regained control of her body, or at least, what was left of it, seeing as her arms and legs were no longer connected and metal connection ports were in their place.

”I know I kind of asked for this, but what are you planning on doing?” Elly asked as she tried to move her head to see Ana.  

“Nothing too elaborate now.” Ana answered.

Elly finally managed to get a good view of Ana and noticed a patch of skin just above her pussy was sliding away to reveal an extra port.  Before Elly could ask what it was for, Ana pulled out another device from her closet and showed it to the limbless droid.

”This fancy add on, to put it simply,” Ana explained, “is a robotic futa cock attachment that looks just like the real thing.  Although, after tonight, you won’t want the ‘real’ thing.”

She then proceeded to attach said phallus to the port, completely covering it.  Almost immediately, the robot futa dick hardened.  Ana moved to where Elly’s head was and held the cock in front of her face.

”Now, be a good little bot and suck it, or else-Oooooh” 

Before Ana could bring up the flash gadget again, Elly used what little movement she had to move her mouth up and down her sister’s new attachment.  After the surprise wore off, Ana grabbed Elly’s hair and moved in rythem with the head bobbing.  Ana moaned uncontrollably as the sex programs she had given Elly were put to use.

After several minutes of head, Ana was about ready to burst but stopped Elly before that could happen.  As Ana pulled away, a thin strand of artificial pre cum led from the tip to Elly’s lips.

”What are you gonna do now?” Elly asked.

Instead of giving her sister a verbal answer, Ana simply moved over to what would be between Elly’s legs if her legs were still there. Upon reaching her destination, Ana looked straight into Elly’s eyes with a lustful stare before plunging her dick into the limbless bot’s vagina.  Ana pumped in and out of Elly at a smooth pace, causing both of the sisterly androids to moan as pleasure data surged through their circuits.  Since Ana was already built up, it didn’t take long for her to reach climax, filling her little sister’s robotic quim with artificial futa cum.  Realizing Elly has yet to cum herself, Ana removed her cock and fingered Elly until she reached a digital climax.  

Ana later down on the bed next to her sister.

”That was something.” Elly said, still reeling from the experience.

”Yep.” Ana replied, “If you don’t mind, I’m gonna go ahead and enter sleep mode.  I’ll see you in the morning.”

”Hey!  Wait!  You need to put my limbs back on!”  Elly said to no avail as Ana had already entered sleep mode and could not hear her.  Since Elly couldn’t exactly do anything without Ana at the moment, she decided to follow her sister’s lead and enter sleep mode until the morning.

Chapter Text

Exiting Sleep Mode...



When morning came around, Elly exited sleep mode to find that her sister was not next to her and must have gotten up earlier.  The second thing she found was the fact that Ana had not put Elly’s limbs back where they belong.

”Hey!”  Elly shouted, “Can I get some help here!?  You didn’t put my limbs back on!”

Ana slowly sauntered into the doorway before leaning on the frame. 

“Well look who’s awake!  Although, you seem to be missing something.” Ana said, mocking her younger sister.  

“I’m missing my arms and legs!” Elly said with little care for Ana’s joke. “Can you please put them back on!?”

”But what if I want to leave you like this?  You’re pretty cute squirming around.”

”Just put me back together!”

Ana finally yielded, ”Fine!  Fine!”

She went over to the bed and collected the scattered limbs which had fallen to the ground from the previous night’s activities.  With a few clicks, a couple whirrs, and the hiss of seams closing up, Elly once again had two arms and two legs.

”There!  Better?”  Ana asked.

”Yes,” Elly replied, “But next time we do that, can you put my limbs back on before shutting down or sleep modeing or whatever!?”

”No guarantees!” Ana said with a smile, which elicited a defeated groan from Elly.  Ana chuckled from her sister’s response.

”Okay.  Enough funny stuff.  Get yourself presentable!  We have company coming over!” 

“Really?  Who?” Elly asked since she was out of the loop.

”Stacy!” Ana said as her face lit up, “She wants to see how my little sis has been doing after her Transfer!”  

“Ah. Ok.” Was all Elly could muster.

Stacy was Ana’s girlfriend.  From what Ana had said before, the two had met just after Ana had gone through her own transfer.  Despite Ana and Stacy getting along wonderfully over the years, Elly never could do more than begrudgingly tolerate her sister’s girlfriend.  That, however, was before Elly became an android.  Maybe now that she was, Elly might see a little bit of what made Ana fall for this girl.  

Once Elly was in more modest attire than what she woke up in, she helped her sister do a little bit of tidying up before Stacy would arrive.  Soon enough, the two heard a knock at the door.  They walked over to the apartment entrance and Ana opened it only for a light-blue haired girl with equally eccentric clothing to hop in and catch her in a bear hug.

”Heeeeey!  I’m so happy to see you again!  It’s been too long!  Have you been doing well?  Is your sister doing fine after her Transfer?  Where is she?  Oh!  There she is!”

While this girl was rattling off words at a mile a minute, Elly got a notification reminding her exactly who this was.  


Other Unit Detected...

Fetching Other Unit Data...

Unit: X1070021

Designation: Card, Stacy Daniel

Legal Age: 23

Unit First Run: 18 - 3 - 2064


”Hey, Stacy.” Elly said, barely able to hide her overflowing “enthusiasm” at the current situation.

“OHMYGOSH You look so good!  I can tell you took some inspiration from Ana!  Good choice!  She is definitely someone worth looking up too!  Oh I bet you two have been doing a bunch of fun things now that you’re like us!  Maybe we can all do something together!  That would be fun!  Hey, do you- “

”Woah woah!  Slow down Stace!  We get it!  You’re excited!” Ana said to try and calm her girlfriend down, which worked after Stacy took a moment to compose herself.

”Hehe sorry about that.” Stacy said with a slightly embarrassed grin, “kinda got ahead of myself.”

”You think?” Elly said, drenching the words in sarcasm.

”I do!”  Stacy replied, “I’m just glad to see that you’ve taken the Transfer so well.  Although, I’m willing to bet you’ve had some help with that.”  The blue haired girl gave Ana a playful nudge with her elbow to emphasize the point.

”Oh!  You flatter me too much!” Ana exclaimed.

”I can do more than that too, ya know.” Stacy whispered playfully.

”Are you done?” Elly asked before either of the other two could really start anything to be done with.

”Sure sure,” Stacy said as she pulled away slightly from Ana.  “Now, while I’m excited to see you’re both doing well, it’s not the only reason I’m here.”

”Well then what is the other reason?”  Elly asked.

”Well, as I’m sure Ana has told you, I do repair work and maintenance and whatnot for all kinds of places in order to pay those bills.  So the other day, I was doing some on call maitenence for a certain fine establishment, and they were so happy with my work (and really wanted a discount) that they gave me not one, not two, but four free passes for a night there!”

”Oh my!  What kind of establishment would give you such an offer?” Ana pressed, enthralled by her girlfriend’s words.

”I am glad you asked!  These passes are from the one and only Other View Lounge!”

As Stacy said this, she produced four black tickets adorned with glowing pink decoration.  

“You got passes for that place!?  I’ve wanted to go there forever but haven’t been able too!“ Ana said with excitement.  Elly, however, was slightly confused.

“What’s the Other View Lounge?” She asked.

Stacy was more than happy to answer.

”The Other View Lounge is one of the nice little android hotels in the city.  What makes them special is their use of Shells to give their clients a unique experience!”

”What’s a shell?” Elly asked, only more confused by the answer.  

Ana was the one who answered this question.

”Shells,” she said, “are androids without any AI or personality data in them.  Instead, humans with an expensive rig or androids such as ourselves can connect to them and use them as if they were our own bodies without anything happening to our actual bodies.”

“Oh!” Elly exclaimed.  She was intrigued by the possibilities of what that kind of toy could bring, and Stacy gained a couple points in her mind for the introduction.  

“That does sound like fun!” Elly said, much to Stacy’s pleasure.

”I’m glad you think so!” She said, “I was hoping we could go tonight, but-“ 

“That’s fine!” Both sisters said at the same time.  

“Well then that’s that!  Away we go to the Other View Lounge!”

Chapter Text

Throughout the world, there are many clubs and bars which cater primarily to androids for one reason or another.  Some do it because android patrons tend to be willing to spend more, and some do it simply because the owners think the androids are more pleasing to the eye.  However, the main reason for such places existing, and for androids to go to such places, is that they offer experiences that a normal organic club is simply unable to give.  The Other View Lounge is one such establishment.

And so, Elly, Ana, and Stacy were on a train heading to just outside the city to where the Lounge was located.  The car was surprisingly lacking as far as passengers as the only other riders besides the three were a girl in a black hoodie sitting across from them and a middle aged man in a suit in the corner who doing his best to ignore Ana and Stacy being a bit too close in public.

Elly, meanwhile, was doing her best to ignore them and decided to turn her attention to the girl sitting across from her.

”So, umm, where are you heading tonight?” Elly asked, trying to spark a conversation.

The hooded girl barely moved her head to acknowledge the question.  

“If those two are anything to go by, we’re probably heading to the same place.” She said nervously.  

“Oh!  You’re heading to the Other View?” 


”That’s great!  You can tag along with us if you want, unless you’re meeting someone there.  I don’t want to pull you away from any of your friends.”  Elly offered.

The hooded girl shuffled nervously in her seat.

”That sounds fine.  I’m not meeting anyone there.”  She said.

Elly was excited to hear her offer being accepted.  

“Wonderful!  Hey, quick question, have you paid yet?” 

“Why do you ask?” The hooded girl inquired.  She was worried that these three might be trying to get her to pay for them.

”Well, we have some free passes for tonight and have an extra one.  So if you want, we can give it to you if you want.”  Elly answered with a warm smile on her face.

“Really?  You would do that?” The other girl said.

”Yep!  Are you two fine with that?” Elly said to Ana and Stacy.

”I’m fine with that!” Stacy replied.

”As long as you have a good time with us!” Ana added.

The two promptly got back to their moment.

”Thanks.  I hope I can make it up to you.” Hooded girl said with more energy.

Elly chuckled.

”Just do what my sister said and enjoy the night with us.”

The hooded girl chuckled in response.

”Will do.”

”Great!  Oh!  I don’t think we’ve exchanged names yet!  I’m Elly, and those two are my sister Ana and her girlfriend Stacy.”

The other girl removed her hood to make a greeting, revealing jet black hair about as long as Elly’s.

”I’m Sonia.  Nice to meet you.”

As Sonia’s face came into view, her data appeared in Elly’s vision.


Other Unit Detected...

Fetching Other Unit Data...

Unit: X1070996

Designation: Drive, Sonia Samantha

Legal Age: 19

Unit First Run: 14-11-2066


”It’s nice to meet you too, Sonia.”

It was about this time that the train stopped at it’s destination.  After it pulled into the station, the four androids got off and the middle aged man made a beeline for a nearby restroom.  

As the four exited the station, they saw the lights of the Other View illuminate the other end of the street.  They approached the front door and, with a flash of the four passes from Stacy, entered the Other View Lounge.  

 Inside, the lounge was surprisingly small.  The front desk was only a short ways in, and after that was a long hallway lined on both sides with confined one person booths illuminated with neon pink lights and little else.  Elly noticed that some of the booths had people in them who looked to be sleeping.

As they approached the front desk, a thin man with slicked back hair, glasses, and a rather nice looking vest greeted them.

”Ah!  Stacy!  Welcome back to our lounge!”  He said with a bit of an accent that Elly couldn’t quite pin down.  “I wasn’t told another one of our shells had been broken!”

”No Paul!  I’m not here for work!  My friends and I are here for pleasure!”  Stacy said, drawing out that last word.

“That is good to hear!” Paul said, “I shall give you the catalogues so you may browse our options and choose what you like.”

He then produced some electronic tablets from under the table and handed one to each of the girls who began to browse through the offerings.  Elly was amazed by all the options available.  Not only were their choices she expected, such as different body types and hair colors, but there were shells based off celebrities, fictional characters, and anthropomorphic animals.

”Ooooh!” Ana exclaimed, “This anthro category looks fun!  Do any of you want to be cat girls?”

“I’m not sure.  I kinda want something a bit more exotic,” Stacy answered.

”Oooh!  That’s a good idea!” Ana replied, “What do you two think you’ll do?”

“I think the cat girl idea sounds like fun,” Elly said before turning to Sonia.

”I’m with her on that,” she said.

”Sounds good.” Ana said before another category caught her eye. “Hey Stacy, how about succubi?”

”That does sound like fun!  Let’s do it!” Stacy answered.

The four then spent a couple more minutes deciding which of the Lounge’s shells they would use.  Ana settled on a tall succubus with crimson skin, long black hair, little bat wings, and, of course, it was a futa.  Stacy picked a succubus with a dark pink complexion, long hair that was a dark grey, and little bat wings.  Meanwhile, Elly decided to use a shell that was a red haired cat girl and chose to make it a futa since she had yet to be the one giving it.  Sonia chose a simple white haired cat girl.

“Ok!  I think we’re done choosing.” Stacy said.

”Excellent!” Paul responded. “I hope you’ll enjoy what you picked.  Follow me and I shall escort you to your seats.”

He moved from behind the front desk and beckoned for the girls to follow him.  They came to four empty adjacent booths, and Elly was able to get a better look at what was inside.  Each booth contained a rather comfortable looking arm chair.  Behind the chair, there was a small metallic arm with what looked like a small metal pin sticking out of it.

”Now ladies, all you have to do now is sit down, open the ports on the backs of your necks, let the system plug you in, and close your eyes.” Paul instructed.

”Thanks for the help!” Stacy said.

”Anything for our darling mechanic!” Paul responded. “Enjoy your evening!”

”We will!” The four girls said in unison before Paul went back to the front desk.

They each proceeded to sit down in their own booth and do as instructed.  Elly was caught slightly off guard with how forcefully the plug went in.


Connection detected...

Connecting to Shell S190814...

Connection established...

Transfering control...


And with that, Elly closed her eyes.  When she opened them again, she found herself sitting in a similar booth, but it was in a room instead of a hallway.  The walls of the room were lined with the booths like in the hallway, but sitting in them were various cat girl androids in minimal or no dress.  Elly brought her hands to the top of her head to feel two cat ears at the top before looking down at her own body to see red hair framing her vision and a futa cock in between her legs.

She stood up from the booth and looked around just in time to see another cat girl in a similar state of undress getting up from a booth as her white tail swung behind her.

”Sonia?  Is that you?” Elly asked.

”Yep!  It’s me.  That you Elly?” Sonia replied.

”Yep!  We should probably go look for the other two.”


They exited the room to see a hallway similar to that of a fancy hotel but with pink neon lights coming from the floor. A door only a slight ways down the hallway opened up and two succubi stepped out of it.  These were obviously Ana and Stacy. The two couples moved to meet.

”Looking good you two!” Ana said.

”Thanks!  You too!” Elly replied. “Now what?”

Stacy began to explain, “Well, now that we are controlling the shells, we simply find a good spot, then get to fucking!”

”Okay then, where to?” Sonia asked.

“Let’s just go this way until we see a good room.” Ana said before walking down the hallway in a random direction.

The other three followed her.  Along the way, they all peeked into rooms to use, but most were either too small for all four of them or had people in them already.  Eventually, a room was found that would suit their needs.

”Over here!  This room should work!” Ana called out.

The room they found was rather spacious.  The walls were covered in a dark purple wallpaper, and the floor was similarly colored carpet.  In the middle of the room was a larger round bed with dark red sheets, and two rather large padded chairs were in the corners opposite the door.  This would do nicely.

”Wondeful!” Stacy said, “Now we can get down to business.  How should we do this?”

”Well,” Ana said with something in mind, “As we were looking around, our new friend’s ass started looking pretty appealing.”

”I’m not quite sure if I’m ready that,” Sonia said nervously as she stared at Ana’s rather large throbbing dick.

Ana took a quick glance at the one on Elly’s shell and noticed that it was a bit smaller.

”Well then, have Elly do you and then maybe you’ll change your mind about this,” Ana said while gesturing to each respective phallus.

Elly put her hand on Sonia’s shoulder.

”Don’t worry,” the red haired cat girl said, “I’ll be gentle.  This is a first for me too.”

”Well, while you do that, I think I’ll spend some much needed time with this sexy succubus,” Stacy said as she guided Ana to one of the chairs.

Meanwhile, Elly guided Sonia to the bed.  The red head lowered the white cat onto the cushions and admired the sight before her.

”That shell does look really sexy.” Elly said.

”You think so?” Sonia asked

“I do.” Elly replied before climbing on top of Sonia and whispering in her ear, “I hope your actual body is just as sexy.”

”Maybe you can find out later.”

”I look forward to it.”

Elly then began to nibble and lick Sonia’s ear while massaging her chest.  She then began to  kiss down the other’s head until they locked lips and battled with tongues as Sonia took Elly’s rear into one hand and grabbed her tail with the other.  The attention they were giving each other made them both moan into the french kiss.  This, of course, made Elly’s cock erect and it began to poke at Sonia’s waist.  The two looked down as it began to leak small amounts of pre cum.

”Are you ready for this?” Elly asked.

Sonia moved one of her hands to her crotch and brought it back up to show it covered in fluids.

”I think so,” she said with a hint of sarcasm, “It’s what we’re here for anyway.”  She then spread her legs to reveal her glistening pussy to Elly.

”Ok then!  Here we go!” Elly said with a smile on her face as she plunged her futa cock into the slit before her.

 The two feline fembots filled the room with their moans as Elly moved in and out of the girl beneath her.  After a few short minutes of thrusting, the futa reached climax and unloaded into the other girl, who then reached her own climax.  Elly then layed down on her back next to Sonia.

”That was something,” Sonia said as she basked in the afterglow.

”I’ll say!” Stacy said from across the room.

Ana and Stacy had finished before the other two and had been watching.  They then walked towards the bed.  

“Well Sis, how about we switch partners now?” Ana asked Elly.

The younger sister looked at Sonia, who gave a slight nod.

”Sounds fine to me.” Elly replied.

”Great!  Now I can see how this ass really is!” Ana said before plunging her own futa cock into Sonia’s ass.  

As that happened, Stacy crawled between Elly’s legs until they were face to crotch, where the succubus noticed that the cat girl was not as stiff as she wanted.

”You want a little something to get back up?” Stacy asked before opening her mouth and sticking her tongue out to show that is was rather long and serpentine.  

Elly simply nodded, and so Stacy went to work, both on the dick in front of her and her own nether regions.  She wrapped her tounge around the shaft in front of her before taking it into her mouth.  Despite the fact that it was just a blow job, the fact that it was coming from a succubus made it almost feel as good as Sonia’s vagina did just a couple minutes earlier.  Elly moaned loundly, much to Stacy’s satisfaction.  It was not long before Elly was getting close.  Before that could happen, Stacy stopped and climbed up on the bed.

”You’ll have to do a little oral action yourself before I let you cum,” she said as she positioned her pussy in front of the cat girl’s face.

Elly easily understood what was meant and proceeded to pleasure the pink slit in front of her.  She licked up and down the already soaking outer lips before sticking her tongue in.  Once her tongue was exploring the inside, she brought a hand up to tease the succubus’ now exposed clit.  Stacy let out a soft, sensual moan as she was pleasured.  Once she was thoroughly satisfied with Elly’s work, she lowered her head back onto the shaft and finished Elly off causing artificial cum to explode into her mouth.  The yell of ecstasy from Elly was also just enough to send Stacy over the edge as she sent juices squirting onto Elly’s face.  

As the two came down from their lust fueled high, they looked over to see Ana and Sonia laying next each other and watching them while both were covered in Ana’s cum. 

“Well that was a sexy sight to end the night with!” Ana said.

”I’m glad you enjoyed the show.” Stacy replied.

”What now?” Elly asked as she genuinely had no idea what to do next.

”Now we leave,” Stacy explained, “Now that we’ve all finished, we should be seeing a little command prompt in our vision any minute now.  Once you see it, just say you want to end the connection and that’s that.”

As she finished her explanation, the command propmpt apeared.


Session end conditions met...

Would you like to extend your session? (Additional charges will be added) [Y/N]...


Session ended...

Severing connection...

Tranfering control back to main unit...

Chapter Text

Connection ended.

Main unit control restored.


Elly opened her eyes to find herself back in the hallway with the booths.  She stood up and noticed that the other three were doing the same.

”So, what did you think?” Stacy asked everyone.

”I liked it!” Ana answered.

”Same!” Elly added

”Agreed.”  Sonia said.

”Good!  I’ll be sure to tell you if I get passes here again.” The blue haired girl said with a smile on her face.

”I’ve been wondering,” Elly asked, “How expensive is this place usually?”

”One thousand a night.” Sonia said without skipping a beat.

”How much!?!?” The younger blonde exclaimed.

”This place usually charges one thousand dollars per night to customers.” Sonia said again. “I pretty much owe you one thousand bucks now, so that’s fun.”

”Hey!  Don’t worry about it!” Stacy said. “I get stuff like that all the time from my job!  This lounge isn’t the only business that charges a lot if you catch my drift.”

This reminder of the pass they gave Sonia made Elly realize just how generous that offer really was, and Stacy’s response made her look a bit better in Elly’s eyes.  Ana did catch a good one.

”Anyway,” Ana said, catching everyone’s attention, “We should probably get going before they start charging us for breathing their air.”

With that, the four girls left the Other View Lounge and made their way back to the train station.  Since it was now pretty late at night, the train station was nearly empty and they managed to get a car to themselves again.  Once they sat down, the doors closed and the train began its journey.

“Hey, Sonia,” Ana asked, “Where do you live?  I bet it’s pretty high class since you were heading to the Other View without one of those free passes.”

Sonia shuffled in her seat slightly.  

“I live with my mom in an apartment uptown.”

”Nice.  Nothing wrong with that.” Ana replied with a nod. “Elly and I live together in our own apartment a bit of a ways from there.”

”And my place is just a couple blocks from their’s.” Stacy added.

 Sonia relaxed a bit after hearing Ana’s reply.  

“It’s nice to hear that,” she said, as the others smiled warmly at their shy friend.

The train eventually came to the stop they were waiting for.  The girls stepped out of the station and began walking down the city streets, which were sparsely populated at this time of night.  The four made idle chat about the various odd characters or neon signs that they saw until they reached an intersection.

“Turn here.” Ana said guiding them all.

”Actually,” Sonia piped up, “my place is the other way.”

The other three were a little disappointed to hear this.

“I hate to see you go, Sonia, but I’m glad we met tonight!” Elly told her.

Sonia gave a small smile.

”I can say the same.  I hope we can see each other again sometime.” 

“I would love that.” Elly answered with a smile.

”I’m glad to hear that.” Sonia said.

She then looked straight into Elly’s eyes, which was followed by a notification appearing in the young blonde’s vision.


Contact information received for Sonia Drive...

Would you like to save it? [Y/N]


Sonia Drive added to contacts...


“I guess I’ll be going now.  I’ll see you around.”  Sonia said followed by the other three giving their own goodbyes.  She then turned around and walked down the street towards her home.  

“Well she was nice.”  Stacy said.

”Yeah.” Ana agreed, “I hope we run into her again soon.”

”Well she gave me her contact info, so-,”

Before Elly could finish that sentence, Ana put her arm around her little sister’s neck and pulled her close.

”Are you saying my little sis got a girl’s number!?  Damn good job, Elly!” Ana exclaimed.

”Thanks.” Elly said despite being strangled by her sister’s pride.

”I know you’re proud of her, but you’re going to break some of her hardware if you keep squeezing her that hard!” Stacy said with a fraction of the urgency that Elly wanted.

”I know,” Ana said, “I can’t help it though!  My little droid is doing so well!”

Ana eventually let go of Elly, who was relived to be able to move again.

”Let’s head home before you choke me out despite my lack of lungs.” she said. 

With that, the three continued on down the street until Stacy had to head in a different direction to get to her apartment.  When Ana and Elly made it back to there place, they both went to there own rooms to charge and enter sleep mode for the night.  However, before entering sleep mode, Elly decided to try Sonia’s info.  With a bit of concentration, she brought up a window in her vision to start a text chat.


Creating text chat with Sonia Drive...

Elly: Hey Sonia!  I had fun with you at the lounge today!  I hope we can spend more time together soon!


It was only a minute or so before a response came back, but Elly found that minute to be unbearably long.


Sonia: I can say the same.  You’re really nice.

Elly: Thanks!  You are too!  When would you want to meet up?  

Sonia: I am going to be busy for most of tomorrow, but I will be free in the evening.  If that doesn’t work for you we can do something else.

Elly: That sounds great!  Should I meet you at your place?

Sonia: No.  I’ll come to yours.

Elly: Ok.  I’ll see you tomorrow night then!

Sonia: See you tomorrow.


As the final message appeared in her vision, Elly became excited for what the next day would bring.  They hadn’t talked about what they would do, but just the thought of seeing Sonia again made her circuits spark in a way that was different to anything she had felt in either her robot or organic bodies.  Elly did not ponder this feeling for long.  It felt good, and that was all she needed for now.


Entering sleep mode...


Chapter Text

Exiting Sleep Mode...


Elly opened her eyes to let the morning sunlight of a new day greet her optical sensors.  As she got up and began to get dressed, the young fembot realized that she only had one clean set of clothes from the company left, and they were black sweatpants and a white tank top.  Not exactly apparel for a date.  

Nevertheless, Elly put on what she had and left her room to greet her sister, who was waiting for her to in the living room of the apartment.

”Ah!  Sleepy head is finally up!” Ana said to greet her sister.

”Good morning!” Elly replied, “I kinda need your help for something.”

”Of course!  What is it?”

”Well, before bed last night I was talking with Sonia and we made plans for tonight, so-“

Before Elly could finish, Ana grabbed her sister in a tight hug in a repeat of the previous night.

”Getting a number and already having a date planned!?  You’re gonna start outdoing me at this rate!” The older droid exclaimed.

“I’m glad that I make you proud, but could you please let go?” Elly pleases as she struggled to not have her head squeezed off.

”Ok ok!”  Ana said as she let go, “That outfit won’t work for tonight though.”

”I know, and I have nothing else for tonight.  That’s what I need your help for.”

“Well you have come to the right bot, my dear sister!  We shall make our way to the mall and buy you some clothes!  To the car!”

And with that, the two went outside to where Ana’s car was parked and drove to the Motherboard Mall.  There were multiple malls in the city, but the Motherboard Mall was special as it had more stores that catered to androids than any other mall.  While it has the usual clothing and appliance stores, it also had stores that sold software, hardware upgrades, special attachments and tools, and there was even a store that sold custom shells.  As a result, the mall’s clientele was almost exclusively androids, and many would go there after their own Transfer in order to do just as Ana and Elly were doing.  

As the two entered the building, Elly looked around in amazement.  One area would appear to be a completely normal storefront and the next would have multiple people with access panels open for technicians to insert hardware or data drives.  Elly was almost lost in the sights around her but was brought back to reality as Ana grabbed her hand and dragged her along.

”This way!  There is one place we need to go to before anywhere else!” Ana said

”Where?  Did you have a certain clothing store in mind?” Elly asked.

”Nope!  We need to get you some updates for tonight!  You want to be your best, don’t you?”

”I do!  I just wasn’t expecting to get any new stuff today other than clothes.”

”Well don’t you worry!  I know exactly what you need!”

”Ok.  I trust you.”  Elly said as the two began to come up to a store called D Drive Systems

Elly looked around at the assortment of robot parts and software ads on the walls of the store and wondered why exactly Ana chose this store in particular.  This question would be answered rather quickly as a rather simple yet attractive looking male employee called out to Ana.

”Hey, Ana!  Sorry, but Stacy is out on a house call right now.” He said.

Of course this was where Stacy worked.

Ana did not notice Elly’s slight annoyance.

“While that is disappointing, I’m not here for Stacy.  I’m here to get my sis some upgrades! Has my order come in?” Ana said.

The employee’s face became blank for a split second as he remotely searched the store computer remotely.

”I believe it has.  Want me to run it by you just to make sure?”

”That would be great!”

”Okay.  We have a G-97 processor, an OR-66 wireless adapter, a multi-layered memory drive, a detachable futanari add on, a H411UCN8 stick, and some driver software for all of that.  Does that sound right?”


”Wait a sec!” Elly interrupted. “What is some of that stuff?  I understand what the processor and memory thing are, but what is a H411UCN8 stick?”

”Oh my pristinely programmed innocent sibling!” Ana said, “It’s a little device that overrides your sensory inputs and warps what you see while giving you a sense of euphoria.”

”That sounds like getting high.” Elly said with an unamused look on her face.

”Kinda.” Ana answered, “but it’s not quite the same since the effects of drugs aren’t exactly something that can be programmed perfectly. Also, it’s not addictive since we’re robots.”

”Ok, but did you expect Sonia and I to want to get high tonight?”

”I just wanted to give you two the option of you wanted!”

”Um.  Hello?” The employee interrupted, “The order says you already paid.  Would you like to get them installed now?”

Ana looked at Elly.  

“Do you?”

”Might as well.”  Elly said, “No better time anyway.”

“Okay then.  Just follow me to the back.” The employee instructed before leading the two to the back of the shop.  They stopped by the supply room to grab a bag with the components Ana ordered before proceeding to a back room that somewhat resembled an operating room.  The employee placed the parts on a metal table by the wall.

“Now that we’re here, I’m going to need you to take off your clothes and-“

”Wait!  What?” Elly said interrupting the employee. “Why do I need to do that?”

”Well we can’t stick the stuff through your clothes.” Ana said before turning to the employee.  “I can take it from here.”

”If you say so.  I’ll be in the front if you need me.” The employee said before leaving the room.

”Now will you do what he said?” Ana asked.

Elly nodded in response, “Sure.  Thanks for that by the way.”

A grin spread across Ana’s face.

”No problem!  You’re big sis is always looking out for ya!”

Within a few moments, Elly’s clothing was on the table and she with some focuse uttered the words, “ENTERING MAITENENCE MODE,”

”Nice.  Open access panels BFC-2 and HR-1.” Ana commanded.


Once the command was executed, a seam between Elly’s breasts appeared.  Her chest slowly moved away before each half slid to the side to travels various vital wires and components.  After that, a seam appeared on the back of Elly’s scalp and showed more of her electronic insides.

Ana took a look inside Elly’s chest.

”Okay.  It looks like you do have open spots to put this stuff in.  Really simplifies this whole process.”

She then grabbed two of the parts from the table and placed them inside open spots in her sister’s open chest.


”I know!  I know!  You’ll get them in a minute!”

Ana walked over to the table once more and grabbed one more part and a small data drive.  With goods in hand, the older one walked behind her sister and began placing the parts in the open fembot.


”Install the drivers from the data drive.”


”Great!  Close panels and exit maitenence mode.”


”How do you feel?” Ana asked.

After taking a second to get used to her new power, Elly answered, “Good.  I think.  All my thoughts feel like they’re going by a bit faster now.”

”You’ll get used to it.”

A sly grin suddenly came acros Ana’s face as she reached into the bag and grabbed the futanari attachment.

”You know,” Ana devilishly said, “We do need to test your drivers for this thing.”

”Not right now.” Elly said, “I don’t want to do that here of all places and I have a date tonight, so we don’t have all the time in the world here.” 

“If you say so!”  Ana said, disappointed but not surprised by her sister’s response. “In that case, throw your clothes back on so we can go get you more and get you ready for that date.”

Elly proceeded to do just that before the two left the store to find some new outfits for the young upgraded droid.

Chapter Text

Ana and Elly stumbled into their apartment, arms filled with bags from their much needed shopping trip at the mall.  Once both had passed the threshold of the apartment, Ana managed to close the door with her foot before the two girls dropped about a dozen bags of clothes onto the ground.  

“Now that you have some outfits, which one will you wear for tonight?” Ana asked while turning towards her sister.

”Um.  I’m not sure.  We don’t even know what we’re doing tonight yet.” Elly answered.

”Well, you probably need to figure that out.”

”You’re probably right, but I do have a couple ideas.  Hehe.  I’ll send Sonia a quick message.”

“While you’re doing that, ask what time she’s coming over since I feel like you don’t know that either.”

“You are right again.  I’ll do that.” Elly said with some embarrassment.

Opening text chat with Sonia Drive...

Elly: Hey!  I have a couple of quick questions about tonight.  When are you coming over and what do you want to do?

Sonia: My plan was to come over at 6:00 pm. Does that work?


Elly took a quick glance at the time on her HUD.  



Elly: That works for me!

Sonia: Good.  I don’t know what to do when I get there though.

Elly: There is a city park a couple of blocks from my apartment.  We could go there.


Several minutes passed.  With each second that ticked by without a response, Elly became more unsure about her suggestion.  What was taking so long?  Did Sonia not like parks?  Thankfully, such thoughts we dashed away as Sonia’s response came through.


Sonia: That sounds pleasant.


It was short, but it was good enough for Elly.


Elly: Great!  I’ll see you at 6!

Sonia: See you then.



As Elly’s focus moved away from the text chat, she realized both Ana and the clothes were no longer in the room.

”Ana!  Where’d you go?” Elly yelled through the apartment.

”I’m putting your new clothes away!” Ana yelled from her sister’s room.

Elly walked to her room to find Ana doing just as she said.  Putting outfits into the closet.

”Okay,” Elly said, “She will get here at six and we are going to the park a few blocks away.”

”Lovelace Park?” Ana asked.


”Good choice!  Stacy and I have gone there a few times ourselves for dates.  Do you know what you’re going to wear?”

“I think so!” Elly said before she began looking through the bags and in the closet.  “Here they are!  This should do it.”

The clothes Elly pulled out consisted of a simple pair of navy jeans and red plaid button down shirt.  Ana slowly nodded as Elly showed the outfit. 

“That should work fine, sis” Ana said, “What shoes are you going to wear?”

”I was thinking I was gonna wear one of the nicer pairs of sneakers.”  

“Not a bad choice!”  Ana said, “Now hurry up and get changed and ready!  You don’t have much time left!”

”Okay!  Okay!”

”But whatever time you do have left, use it to put the rest of your clothes up.  I did most of it for you.”

”I will, and thanks for that, sis.”

”No problem!  It’s what I’m here for!”

And so, Ana left the room to let Elly get ready only to stick her head back in.

”A couple more things!” The older one said, “I’ll be staying at Stacy’s tonight so you two can have this place all to yourselves.  Also, I’ll leave some of my toys on my bed for if you want to use them.”

”Thanks, Ana.  Can I get dressed now?”  Elly requested.

”Oh!  Sure!  I’ll let you do that.” Ana added before leaving Elly to get ready once more.

By the time she was dressed and ready to go with all the clothes put away, it was 5:45.  The better processor Elly had gotten earlier that day did little to make the time feel shorter.  If anything, it did the opposite.  Elly sat in the living room watching the clock tick ever so closer to six o’clock.  Despite keeping her eye on the clock, Elly was surprised when the hour finally came along, although, this was partially due to the fact that the doorbell rang the moment 5:59 became 6:00.  

Elly ran over to the door and swung it open to see Sonia standing there.  Her short black hair framed her face.  She was wearing a black jacket with a hood that was open to show a black shirt with a white circuitry pattern near the edge and a pair of black jeans.

The two stared at each other for several seconds, simply taking in the sight of the person before them.

”Hey.” Elly said, breaking the silence.

”Hey.” Sonia replied.

”You look really good.”

”So do you.”

There was another pause.

”So, are you ready to go?” Sonia asked.

”Oh!  Yeah.  Let’s go.”  Elly answered.

With that, the two made their way out of the apartment building and started walking towards the park.

”So,” Elly started, “How have you been?”

”Good.” Sonia answered, “How about you?”

”I’ve been anxious all day!  I couldn’t wait to see you again.” 

“Me neither,” Sonia said with a slight chuckle, “The other time we met was enjoyable, so this should be too.”

”I can’t argue with that!” Elly said with a smile, “So what were you up to today?”

Sonia became a bit nervous upon hearing this question, a fact that Elly picked up on.

”You ok?” Elly asked with concern, “You don’t have to say if you don’t want to.”

”It’s ok,” Sonia said, “I was helping my mom with her work.”

”Well I don’t see anything wrong with that,” Elly said.

This put Sonia a bit at ease again, but Elly could tell that the other girl was still slightly upset.  She decided to not continue this line of questioning.

”So, Ana and I went clothes shopping earlier today,” Elly said trying to change the topic.


”Yeah.  I hadn’t gone since my Transfer, so I didn’t have many outfits.”

”Did none of your clothes from before fit?”

”Nope!  I was in a wheelchair and pencil thin before!  Also, their was a height difference.  And also,” Elly gestured to her chest, “these were a lot smaller on my organic body.”

This made Sonia audibly giggle, which put a smile on Elly’s face before she began to giggle herself.  It was about here that the two finally arrived at the park.

”Here we are!” Elly exclaimed, “Lovelace Park!”

The two took in the sight of the park.  It was about the size of a city block and consisted of large patches of grass, a few paths, and was dotted with a few small trees.  On the opposite end of the park was a small food stand selling snacks and drinks to pedestrians, and a musician was playing his guitar nearby with his case open.

”This is pretty nice.” Sonia said as she took in the view. “I haven’t been to a park like this before.”

Elly gave a big smile upon hearing this.

”I’m glad you like it!”

And so the two passed the time hanging out at Lovelace Park.  They did some people watching, listened to the musician and gave him a few dollars, and just enjoyed each other’s company.

”It’s getting pretty dark,” Sonia pointed out.

”Oh dang!  It is!  That time went by pretty fast.” Elly exclaimed.

“I wonder if it has anything to do with that saying about time flying when you’re having fun.”

”Probably!” The blonde agreed with a chuckle,” I’m glad we decided to have this date.”

“Wait.  This is a date?” Sonia asked, taking the other girl completely by surprise.

”Oh my!  Um!  I was thinking it was.  Did I misread something???  Oh crap.  This is awkward.  I acted like this was a date but you didn’t want it to be a date and-”

Sonia put her hand on Elly’s shoulder to calm her.

”I just asked if this was a date.  I never said I didn’t want it to be.”

They stared into each other’s eyes.  Elly brought a hand up to caress the other girl’s cheek and noticed the barely visible signs of circuitry within the eyes before her, and before either could realize that those eyes were getting closer, the two found their lips colliding.  A brief moment of shock, both emotionally and electronically, was felt between them before Elly brought her girlfriend into a tight hug.  After what felt like a blissful eternity, they ended their kiss.

 “You know,” Elly said, “My sister is staying the night at Stacy’s place,”

”So we have your apartment all to ourselves?”


”Then let’s get over there.”

The two began to rush back to the apartment.

“So,” Elly asked, “Is there anything you want to try when we get there?  I know I have a few ideas.”

“I’m not sure, but I’m willing to try whatever you have in mind.” Sonia answered nervously.

Elly couldn’t help but give an aroused smile as she heard her girlfriend’s response.

It wasn’t very long before they were back at the apartment.  Once they were inside, Elly led the other girl to her room and sat her down on the bed before moving back towards the door.

”I’m gonna go grab a couple things from my sistser’s room real quick.”

”Will she be okay with that?”

”Of course!  She left some stuff out just for this!”

”So you expected tonight to go this way?” Sonia said with a slight but seductive grin.

”I was hoping for it.”  Elly replied with a similar expression before heading to Ana’s room.

As she looked over the mass of odd sex toys and strange gadgets, the blonde noticed a shopping bag with a note on it that said, “your stuff!  p.s.  I took the H411UCN8 sticks to Stacy’s.  I didn’t think you would want them.”

”You’re right about that.”  Elly muttered to herself.

The only things inside the bag were the futa attachment Ana had gotten for her and instructions for that and the OR-66 wireless adapter.  With a slight sense of disappointment, Elly looked over the items on the bed again.  Nothing caught her eye until she noticed the hacking gun that Ana had used on her before.  With a smile on her face and ideas in her head, Elly threw the hacking gun into the bag and went back to her room to find that Sonia had already stripped down to her underwear, which was all black.

”Wow.” was all Elly could say as she stared at the girl sitting on her bed.  “You’re even sexier than that shell.”

Sonia couldn’t help but smile at that.

”I’m glad you think so.” She said. “What’s in the bag?”

”A futa attachment, some manuals, and a hacking gun.”

”A hacking gun?” Sonia asked 

“Yep!  It basically forces you into maitence mode but keeps your conciousness stream running so that you’re aware of every single thing done by and to your body.”  Elly explained.  “Ana used it on me once.”

”Use it on me.”  Sonia requested. “I’m still nervous about this and I don’t want to ruin it for you.”

”I doubt you could do that!” the blonde said with a warm smile, “I’ll use the hacking gun.  Just stand up.”

The raven-haired girl did as ordered while Elly grabbed the hacker from the bag.  She pointed it at he other girl and pushed the button.  It flashed right into Sonia’s eyes, and after a brief moment she said, “ENTERING MAITENENCE MODE.”

”Great!  Now what to do next?” Elly wondered out loud before realizing that she still had clothes on.

”Well since you can’t do anything right now and I’m still clothed, how about we start with a little strip tease for the hacked bot.”

Elly then began to slowly unbutton her red shirt and she moved right in front of Sonia.  As she slowly revealed her chest, Elly made sure to stay in the hacked bot’s field of vision but close enough that they would be able to touch each other if the gadget wasn’t used.  She then took her bra off and showed her bare breasts to tease the frozen girl more.  The noticeable moist at Sonia’s crotch was more than enough to tell Elly that her torture was working.  

“I’m glad you’re enjoying this, sexy.” Elly said as she turned around and began to take her pants off.  As she slid them off, she made sure to bend over so that her immobilized girlfriend could get a nice view of her shapely butt.  While still bent over, she decided to take panties off as well so that Sonia could get a nice peek at her pussy as well.

Now that she was in the proper lack of atire for the evening, Elly went back to the bag to get out the futa mod when she noticed the manual for the OR-66 wireless adapter.  She had gotten an idea from a manual before, might as well see if there is an idea here as well, and skimming the first couple pages did just that.

”Okay.  I have a new idea.” Elly said said as she walked over to the currently immobile Sonia. “Now, put your hands on the side of my head.”


”Wait.  Instead of saying that every time, say ‘Yes mistress.’  Can you do that?”


”Nice!  Now it’s my turn.”

Elly’s face became blank for a moment before there was a slight hissing sound and a seam appeared around her neck.

 “Now lift my head up.”

And with that, Sonia said, ”YES MISTRESS.” as she lifted Elly’s head right off of her body, and metal connectors protruded from the now headless neck while a poet could be seen on the bottom of the neck less head.  Despite the beheading, Elly could still feel and control her body.

”Oh yes!  This is so cool!” Elly exclaimed, “Now set my head up by the pillows on the bed so that I can see everything going on.”


“Now I just need to lay my body down.  Probably should have done that before removing my head.”

Being disconnected made it surprisingly difficult, but Elly eventually got her body to lie down on the bed.

”Okay, Sonia.  I think you can figure out what to do next.”


”Right.  Commands.  Sonia, get on your knees and eat me out.”


The last bit of Sonia’s confirmation was cut off as she began to eat her currently headless girlfriend out.

”Oh damn!” Elly moaned as her folds were tended to orally, “You’re good at this!”

The hacked bot continued to lap at the folds in front of her until Elly began to get close to her climax.

”Ohhh oh okay okay!  Stop!  I’m getting close!”

Sonia immediately did so.

”Stand up and strip all the way for me.”


Sonia did as ordered.  She stood up and took her bra off, but before she could remove her panties, Elly added another command.

”When you take your panties off, put them by my face so I can see just how much you’re getting off on this.”

Sonia did just that, and it was pretty obvious that she was enjoying this.  

After a thorough panty inspection, Elly looked up to see Sonia standing in all her nude glory. To Elly, everything about Sonia’s body was just about perfect.  Her legs were just the right length, her thighs the right thickness to hold Elly’s head between them, her pussy drenched from everything happening, her stomach pristinely toned, her tits big enough for Elly to grab but not too big, and her face perfectly framed by her short black hair.  

“You’re beautiful.” was all Elly could muster as she took in the sight before her.  After a minute of just staring, Elly regained her composure.

“Put my head back on my body.  I want to kiss you.”  Elly ordered.


“Now exit maintenance mode.” Elly said once her head was back on with a click, “I want all of you.”

Sonia blinked several times as she regained control of her body before looking her girlfriend in the eye.

”Wow.” was all Sonia could say, “You’re amazing.”

Elly smiled at that.

”So are you.  Now get on this bed and kiss me.”

Sonia climbed on top of Elly as the two locked their lips in the most passionate kiss either of them could dream of.  As their tongues battled, their hands explored each other’s bodies, grabbing every spot that might elicite pleasurable moans from the other.  They each had a thigh between the other’s legs, grinding against their aching pussy.  After several minutes of this, they broke the kiss so that they could rub their crotches together in ecstasy.  Their moans and sounds of intercouse filled the apartment as the two very much on androids began to approach climax.

“S-Sonia!  I-I think I’m getting close!”

”Mmme too!”

With just a few more short minutes of tribadism, the two came to their climax.



Once the post orgasm high wore off, Elly crawled over so that she was laying right next to her girlfriend.

”Did I do good for you?” Sonia asked.

A warm smile spread across Elly’s face.

”I think you already know that.” was all she said before planting one last kiss on Sonia’s lips, laying her head on Sonia’s shoulder, and going into sleep mode.

Sonia simply looked up at the ceiling, smiled, and went into sleep mode with the girl she just fell in love with after one date.

Chapter Text

“Oh!  Yeah.  Let’s go.” Elly said as she left the apartment for her date.  

Ana had watched Elly and Sonia’s awkward greeting from afar.  She found it cute and slightly nostalgic of when her and Stacy first started dating, but now that her little sister was out on a date, she was in a slightly sour mood and wasn’t quite sure why.  Elly was happy, right?  Isn’t that what she wanted?  Ana dismissed those questions from her mind as she finished getting ready for her own date, which didn’t take long since all that was left for her to do was grab a few things, the H411UCN8 sticks, and a change of clothes for just in case.  She did so but was uneasy the whole time and wasn’t quite sure why.

Once everything was packed up and ready to go, Ana made her way out of the building and towards Stacy’s.  The walk took time, of course, which allowed the questions from earlier to creep back into her mind.  Ana tried to think of something else, but failed, despite her best efforts.  She had to at least check up on Elly.  She brought up a map of the city into her view and noticed that it would only take a slight change of course to pass by Lovelace Park without going too far out of the way to Stacy’s.  And so, she changed course.

When the Park came into view, Ana decided to stay on the other side of the street and view from afar.  A brief moment of searching was all that was need for Elly to be found with Sonia right next to her.  They were both laughing.  The were enjoying being together.  A small smile crept onto Ana’s face for a moment, but it quickly faded away as a strange sense of unease came over her.  

“I just need to get to Stacy’s,” Ana said to herself, and so she did.

With three knocks, Stacy was summoned to open the door.

”Ana!” Stacy said as she pulled her girlfriend inside for a hug.

”Hey, Stacy.” Ana said with a fraction of her usual enthusiasm.

”What’s wrong?” Stacy asked as the hug ended.

Ana walked over and flopped down onto the couch in the warmly lit living room.

”I don’t know,” the blonde sighed. “I’ve been feeling off since Elly left for her date.”

Stacy sat down on the couch next to Ana.

”Elly has a date?  With who?” The blue haired vixen asked.


”Oh really?”


”Huh.  Well, Sonia seemed like a pretty nice girl when we met her yesterday.”

”She is,” Ana said, “but something’s off about her and I can’t put my finger on it.”

”Maybe you just need to meet more shy people.” Stacy joked.

Ana didn’t laugh.

”No.  That’s not it.”

The two sat in silence for a moment while thinking.

”Maybe you just don’t like someone taking your sister away.” Stacy suggested.

”What?  Why would you say that?” Ana said with some surprise.

”Because I’m pretty sure it’s how Elly saw me for awhile.”

”What do you mean?” Ana inquired, “Elly likes you!”

”She tolerates me, and for two and half years of us dating, she did less than that.”

”She never told me any of this.” Ana mumbled.

”Really?  She used to give me the most disgusted looks.”

”I never noticed.”

”Well, she did.  And it wasn’t until I talked with her alone and convinced her that I wouldn’t take you away from her that her hatred of me loosened up.”

”She honestly thought I would abandon her?  I would never do that!”

“Of course, but how would you feel when the one person who you depend on more than anyone else is stolen away every other night by some blue haired bot to do god knows what?”



The two sat in silence as Ana processed this revelation.

”So,” Stacy began, “I think you’re feeling something similar with Elly going on her date tonight.”

”What do you mean by that?” Ana asked.

”Well, think about it.  When have you been the one watching Elly walk out of the apartment?”

Ana didn’t need to think long for that question.

”Tonight was the first time.”

”Exactly.  She has grown up and...” Stacy said prompting Ana to finish the sentence.

”She doesn’t need me anymore.” Ana said, completing the sentence.

”Don’t worry,” the blue haired girl said as she pulled her girlfriend into a close hug, “Just like you didn’t leave her when we met, she won’t leave you because of Sonia.”

”You’re right,” the blonde said as a smile grew on her face, “but I’m still going to worry about her!  I am her big sis after all!”

Stacy let out a giggle at this statement and Ana’s smile.

”Fair enough!  No amount of armchair therapy will get rid of that!” Stacy joked, causing both girls to laugh.

”Well I’m glad that you could play therapist tonight.  Thanks, Stace.”

”Don’t worry about it.  I’m just doing what a girlfriend should.”  Stacy said with a smile.

”I love you so much.” Ana said before giving the other girl a quick peck on the cheek.

”I love you too.” Stacy replied as she did the same in return, “Now how about we lift your spirits a bit.”

“Well it’s a good thing I brought something to do just that.” Ana said while grabbing a couple H411UCN8 sticks from her bag.  

“Ooooh!  You want to be a bit experimental tonight?”

”Only if you want to.”

”Well I do.”

“Then let’s get started!”

Ana gave Stacy one of the digital drugs before looking at the one in her hand.  It resembled a rather large USB stick but with a psychedelic design.  There was a small button on the side, and upon pressing it, a small thin metal jack popped out of the side.  

“Only one thing to do with this.” Ana said.

”You’re right about that!” Stacy replied, “Now which port do we stick this in?”

”The one on the back of the neck I think.”

”Got it.”

Both girls then momentarily had blank expressions as the ports on the back of each of their necks opened up.

”Ready?” Stacy asked.

”On the count of three.” Ana answered. “One.”


”Three!” They shouted in unison as they both shoved the sticks into their neck ports.


New hardware detected: ”H411UCN8 STICK”...

Executing program “get_high.exe...


Almost immediately after plugging the drug in, all of Ana’s senses began to go haywire.  Her touch sensors were feeling multiple different textures at the same spots at the same time.  Her vision became distorted as everything twisted, glitched, and changed colors.  For a moment, Ana could still comprehend everything happening.  Then the euphoria hit. Suddenly, that comprehension disappeared as a bear incalculable amount of pleasure data was sent throughout her system.  It felt like her entire body was as sensitive as her pussy and just as enjoyable.  The data was so much that her system began to start having trouble processing everything.  One moment, both girls were on the couch, then Ana’s vision glitched and they were suddenly and sloppily making out. Another glitch, and they were on the ground gripping each other.  Another glitch, they were fingering each other.  Another glitch, then another, then another.  Then Ana woke up and it was morning.

She looked around and noticed that both her and Stacy were on the floor and rather naked. The tattered pieces of their clothes were scattered all throughout the room, and just about everything was slightly sticky and smelled of sex.  

“Oh god.” Ana groaned as she sat up.

”What was in those things?” Stacy moaned from the ground.

”I have no idea.” The blonde replied as she reached behind her neck and pulled the H411UCN8 stick out of its port.  

The stick was sparking and hot with a small wisp of smoke coming out one end.  All the color that was part of its psychedelic design was now faded.

”I think these things are a one time use.” Ana said.

”Good!  I don’t want to do that again!” Stacy exclaimed as she finally got up.

“If those are anything like what actual drugs are like to organic people, then I’m glad these things aren’t addictive to us.” 

“Yeah.  That would be horrible.” Stacy said, “I think I’m gonna run a full systems diagnostic after that.”

”That makes two of us.” Ana agreed.

And so the two sat down on the couch, threw a blanket over themselves to cover up, and saw a message scroll across their vision.


Beggining Full System Diagnostic...

Halting Conciousness Stream...

Estimated Time Remaining: 5 hr, 43 min, 20 sec...