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Namjoon groaned in his sleep when there’s something on his waist, wrapping over his body so tight that he can’t move at all. He tried to yank away the heavy thing over his torso but then his ears caught some murmurs to his ears.

Who’s that?

Namjoon snapped open his eyes in terror and look to his side – to see who’s the stranger been sleeping on his bed. Namjoon gasped when he saw Jungkook was soundly asleep and their face only a few inches apart.

Namjoon exhaled in relief when he remembered that the maknae had a sleepover in his room last night. Namjoon laid on his back, rubbing his sleepy face with both of his hands and curse himself for being dumb.

Namjoon yelped when Jungkook pulled his body into a tight hug as they both lay on their side. Jungkook put his chin on top of Namjoon’s head where his face been squished to Jungkook's firm chest. Namjoon rolled his eyes for their awkward position and nudged over Jungkook's shoulder lightly – wanting the maknae to loosen the grip over his body.

Namjoon let another squeak when Jungkook dragged his body closer, burying his face on Namjoon’s fluffy hair. Namjoon's face turns to crimson red at their close proximity. Their bodies basically been glued together where he can hear the faint sound of Jungkook's heartbeat.

It’s an uncomfortable posture for the two since Namjoon is taller than Jungkook. But it feels so right and Namjoon fits perfectly in the arms of Jungkook. It makes Namjoon feel so small despite the differences in their body proportion. Jungkook makes him feel safe and protected at the same time.

Namjoon snuggled further to Jungkook, giggling when Jungkook's breath fanning over his hair – a little bit ticklish. He can be in this position for the whole day, lying on the bed in the warmth of Jungkook's embrace. It feels so good.

Namjoon slowly slithered his arm around Jungkook's torso effortlessly as his mind slowly begins to regress into a little space. It’s unexpected but Namjoon couldn’t help himself. Like, there’s something stirred in his gut and he just wants to curl himself to make himself look tiny and small.

Namjoon shut his eyelids, relishing the moment with Jungkook while he grinned foolishly. It’s so cozy and homey. But then Jungkook moves slightly and Namjoon whined at the sudden action.

“Joonie?” Jungkook rubbed his sleepy eyes with his paw, and look down at Namjoon who’s still hugging him.

“No… hyungie! Sweep wif Joonie!” he whined when Jungkook tried to get up.

Jungkook chuckles as Namjoon pressed his head further to his chest, tugging his shirt asking him to lay down on the bed. Jungkook let out a small grunt, stretching his sore limbs before he reached over his phone on the nightstand. He squinted his eyes on the phone, peeping for the time. It’s eight in the morning.

Jungkook crashed his head on the pillow in weariness. “Fuck! We have rehearsal at 9.30!” he said in annoyance, more to himself. He then turns his head to see Namjoon, now pouting his lips. “What's wrong baby?” he asked.

Namjoon huffed. “Hyungie, say – say the F word! Appa – appa angwy! No meanie words pwease!”

Jungkook laughs at the complaint and immediately apologizes. “Okay – okay I’m sorry!” He knows Seokjin had alerted everyone not to curse in front of Namjoon when he’s being a little. Namjoon tends to pick up those words and will keep saying it relentlessly.

Yoongi had slipped out his tongue one day. Saying the F word in front of Namjoon. And Namjoon, as innocent as he is, had been uttering the same profanity word for the whole day to everyone – leaving everyone bewildered. Seokjin gives the oldest rapper his famous murderous stare for leading on the little.

So they come up with a new set of rules. No cursing words. And Namjoon has been explained that the F word is a ‘meanie’ word and a good boy will not say it to anyone at any time whatsoever. Being a good boy, Namjoon promise not to say it again; forever and ever.

As much as Jungkook likes to lay down on the bed with Namjoon for the whole day – to make up the times where he had been mean to the little, they need to get up for their final rehearsal at the venue. The MAMA award is tonight and they need to finalize everything and make sure all the preparation is perfected.

“We really need to gets up, baby!” Jungkook said while taps his finger on Namjoon's nose playfully. He laughed when Namjoon makes a funny face, didn’t like it when Jungkook asked him to get up from the bed. “Come on baby. Gets up, we need to go for our final rehearsal and the soundcheck…” he mentioned.

Namjoon pouted. “Joonie tired!” he said while he yawns. Namjoon ignored the fact that they will be late if they didn’t move from the bed as soonest.

Jungkook smiles fondly at the little. He slowly detached his body from Namjoon's arm, making the little to whine in disapproval. He rolled his back to the bed and continue his fussing on the pillow childishly.

Jungkook laughed at the antic but quickly grabbed on Namjoon's hand – yanking him up from the comfy mattress. Namjoon glared at Jungkook, a little bit irritated that the maknae had forced him to get up.

“After the performance tonight, we can sleep as much as we want Joonie. Don’t you excited that we’re going to perform Anpanman? You like the song a lot!” coaxed Jungkook as he ruffled Namjoon's bed hair.

Namjoon puffed his chubby cheek and let out the umpteenth whine for the day. He’s a little bit tired and wanted to stay in the hotel room – resting and playing with his hyungie. But little Namjoon knows that he can’t do that. Big Namjoon has the responsibility to be fulfilled. He can’t be selfish and let big Namjoon face the consequences of his ignorant attitudes.

Namjoon let out a deep sighed, still pouting, and finally gave in as he bobbed his head in defeat. “Hmm, o – otay!”

“Good boy!” praised Jungkook and he quickly pressed his lips on Namjoon's head.

Namjoon smiles faltered and his face beamed joyfully, feeling the pride at the compliment. Little Namjoon always loves the praises. Whenever his caregiver applauds him for doing something, his heart swells with pride that he had pleased them. It’s some sort of accomplishment he gained in little space. A recognition and appreciation.

“Hyungie!!” Namjoon screeched when Jungkook jumped out from the bed, wanted to go back to his room for a shower.

Jungkook turned his body, frowning when he watched how excited Namjoon is rummaging his luggage on the floor. “Joonie?”

Namjoon squeal in joy when he finds the thing he had been looking for. He immediately runs towards Jungkook and flashed the paper to Jungkook. His feet bouncing happily while he shows his drawing to Jungkook.

“Joonie wanna – wanna gif this to hyungie. Joonie dwaw – and – and cowor it. Wook! It’s pwetty!” he said chirpily.

Jungkook stares with his doe eyes at the drawing. An image of Ironman colored beautifully by Namjoon. Jungkook gasped when he saw his name and Namjoon on the paper.


“Aw, Joonie…” Jungkook eyes glistening with tears of happiness and gratification. He feels so touched that Namjoon had drawn it while thinking of him, even though they were not in a good term before.

Jungkook takes the drawing, looking at it for a few seconds, smiling up to his ears. His heart combusts with a mixture of emotion; mostly happiness. “It’s – it’s beautiful, Joonie-ah!” he said with a scratchy voice, trying to conceal his desire to cry. But his tears already cascade down to his cheek unwillingly.

Namjoon cocked his head to the side, peered over Jungkook who is crying. “Why – why hyungie cwy? Hyungie no wike that?” Namjoon asked with a shaken voice. He thought he had done something wrong that Jungkook ends up crying.

Maybe his drawing so ugly that Jungkook hates it!

Jungkook quickly shook his head, denying the allegation. He lifts up his head and facing his face to Namjoon. He then clutched the drawing to his chest, hugging it dearly as if it’s the most precious and valuable thing he ever received from Namjoon.

“No! I – I really like this. Well, like is not the right word to describe my feeling right now. I love it, Joonie. I really – really love this drawing. It’s beautiful and you did a good job doing this. I’m – I’m really thankful that you’d given me this.” Jungkook explained in a choking voice, trying not to shed any tears in front of Namjoon. But it’s a futile attempt since he’s already a crying mess. 

“We – weally?”

Jungkook nods his head in an affirmative way before he staggered forward and hugged Namjoon's lanky body tightly. Namjoon squeaked at the sudden gesture. But later it turns into a giggle fit and he wrapped his long arms around Jungkook's torso.

Jungkook placed a chaste kiss on the side of Namjoon's head a few times. “Hyungie sorry for being so mean before…” he said earnestly.

Even though he had apologized to Namjoon last night, Jungkook believes that he needs to say sorry to little Namjoon too. For acting ruthlessly that day, shouting at him when he’s in the little space. It was a shameful act and Jungkook is regretting it.

Namjoon hummed and nuzzled his face on Jungkook's neck further. He had forgotten about the incident but at the same time, he feels happy that his hyungie didn’t mad at him anymore. It makes him afraid and sad before. But everything is in the past. Now Jungkook is treating him well.  Nothing else matter.

“Hyungie loves Joonie so much. Remember that, okay?” said Jungkook, whispering to Namjoon's ear.

Namjoon giggles cutely. “Otay! Joonie wove hyungie too…”, he replied with his little voice.

Jungkook pushed Namjoon's body slightly as he gleams at the little mischievously. “Hyungie loves Joonie three!” he teases.

Namjoon brows pucker. “No! Joonie wove hyungie more. It – it's four!” he cried.

Jungkook let out a burst of boisterous laughter at the reaction. “Emm that can’t be because hyungie loves you more. Five!”

Namjoon huffed in irritation. “Six! Six! Six!” he continues to rebut, lips jutted in dissatisfaction.

“Seven?” continue Jungkook with a smug face, raising his brows comically.

Namjoon whined and hits Jungkook on the chest, but not too harsh to inflict any pain to the maknae. “Hyungie!”

Jungkook pulled Namjoon's body into another hug and laughed heartily looking at how Namjoon is sulking at his teasing. He cupped the back of Namjoon's head and caressed his back softly.

“Okay – okay! You win. You love hyungie more…” Jungkook said to ease the little. But deep down inside his heart, Jungkook still debating with himself that – he loves Namjoon more than anything. Namjoon is his paragon, his first and last role model. He has a special place in his heart, someone who he always looks for.

My first boy's crush!



Namjoon blinked his eyes rapidly, biting his lips and taps his feet on the floor anxiously. He couldn’t move his eyes from staring at the outfit that he need to wear that night performing Anpanman.

Namjoon tilted his head to Seokjin and Yoongi before darted back to the row of the wardrobe. He tries not to regress into little space, but looking at the situation right now – he’s not sure whether he can refrain himself from doing so. It’s intriguing and tempting.


Namjoon hummed without breaking the eye contact at his outfit hanging in the corner of the room.

“Are you okay?” asked Seokjin when Namjoon basically ignored him. He approached the leader and notes that his attention is somewhere else. Something is bothering him.

“What’re you looking at?” Seokjin asked again as he joined Namjoon on the divan.

Namjoon briefly turned his head to Seokjin before swiftly moving his head back to the corner of the room. Seokjin follows his motions and frowned to see the wardrobe.

“Why are you looking at the clothes?” he asked in curiosity.

Namjoon sighed. “Hy – hyung, do – do I need to wear that?” he asked timidly while pointing at his assigned costume.

“Why? You didn’t like it?” retort Seokjin.

Namjoon shook his head. “No – not like that. But – but –“

Seokjin gasped when something clicked in his mind. “Namjoon-ah? Don’t tell me that – oh my God!” he shrieked, causing everyone in the room to have their attention at him and Namjoon.

Every member of BTS immediately moved towards them, staring at Seokjin and Namjoon in turn with confusion at the earlier commotion.

“What’s wrong Jin-hyung?” asked Jimin.

Seokjin sticks out his lips over Namjoon and the rest were looking at him with raised brows. Namjoon still looking at the costume, didn’t care about his bandmates at all.

“Namjoonie?” Yoongi attempts to draw the male's attention.

“I think he’s on the verge of regressing, ” muttered Seokjin scandalously. His voice is quiet,  afraid that someone else might hear him.

Everyone gasped in horror at the mention, now fully alarmed when they saw how Namjoon's eyes fixated at his spacesuit costume that he needs to wear during the performance. The spacesuit had triggered Namjoon. 

“Oh, God! What now? We can’t let him being a little while performing!” spurted Hoseok worriedly. 

Seokjin sighed. He looks at the watch, realizing that they’re going onto the stage within an hour. His eyes on Namjoon again. He massaged his temple,  feigning for the non-existence headache.

“He’s fully regressed!” whispered Yoongi in horror and everyone tense up when they saw how Namjoon put his thumb between his parted lips – sucking on it carelessly.

“Joonie–” Seokjin is at words lost, staring at the leader. Seokjin grabbed Namjoon's hand, pulling out the thumb from his mouth before someone saw him doing it. Namjoon whined at the lost, now looking at his appa with his glassy eyes.

“Ap – appa!” he called Seokjin, voice turn a sharp blade, indicating that he’s in a little space.

Seokjin smiles wearily. “Darling, are you a little right now?” he asks for something evident.

Namjoon bobbed his head. “Appa, Joonie – Joonie wan – wan,” he’s stuttering, didn’t know the exact word to say it but he pointed at the spacesuit.

“You want to wear it now?” Seokjin asked.

Namjoon nods while smiling widely, revealing his perfect white teeth. “Ye – yes! Joonie wanna be astwo – astwo - not!” he said with excitement. He looks really eager to wear it, keeps flicking his eyes on the suit and Seokjin in turns.

Seokjin cracks up at his words but at the same time, a little bit amazed that Namjoon had used the word ‘astronaut’ instead of ‘spaceman’. Despite being a little, Namjoon's genius brain still working faultlessly.

Seokjin traded looks with the other members as they were swooning over Namjoon cutesy behavior. “Yoongi, we can’t let him perform like this. It won’t do any good for us. It’s too dangerous for him. He might expose himself…” said Seokjin in a wary voice.

Yoongi nods in agreement. “I’ll talk to him, you guys get ready first. Okay?”

Seokjin and the others left Namjoon with Yoongi meanwhile they take their outfit for the day. Namjoon eyes quiver with nervousness when he saw everyone had left him. He fretted but a little bit soothed that his daddy is here with him.

“Daddy!” he squealed when Yoongi squatted down in front of him.

Yoongi shows his gummy smile to the little and slowly takes Namjoon's hand. “Do you like the suit?” he asked carefully.

Namjoon gives a solid ‘emm’ as the answer and shakes his head energetically.

Yoongi takes a deep breath before he proceeds to speak. “Well, you can wear the suit but you need to do one thing for daddy. Is it okay?”

Namjoon scrunched his nose at the sudden deal, cocking his head to the side in confusion.

“Daddy needs big Joonie to sing and dance with us for a while. You know that we have a performance after this, right? Little Joonie cannot do that with us –“

“Why? Joonie can – can dance!” Namjoon abruptly intervenes and looking at Yoongi with a sullen expression.

Yoongi bites his lips. He didn’t want to hurt little Namjoon's feelings right now, but to let him on the stage in that state of mind is not a good decision. He wasn’t prepared to be outed in front of thousands of people. It will make him vulnerable and Yoongi is convinced that little Namjoon will end up crying on the stage.  

“No baby. This is different. This is not like what’re you doing in the room. Here, you will be singing and dancing in front of thousands of people, in a big and humongous stage…” explain Yoongi.

Namjoon huffed. “Joonie scawed! Joonie wanna stay here…”

Yoongi caressed Namjoon's hand softly. “Daddy knows. That’s why daddy wants big Namjoon right now. Can you do that for daddy?” He goes on with convincing the little.

“But – but Joonie wanna be astwo – not!”

Yoongi amusedly laughs at the request. “Of course you’re going to be the astronaut. Well, I’ll ask the stylist to let you have the suit after the performance. You can wear it for one day and play at the hotel. Okay?”

Namjoon lips parted at the idea, gasping like a fish while he thinks that he’s going to wear the spacesuit all day long. His lips slowly twitched into a wide smile and his face beaming in euphoria.  “O – otay!!” he finally conceded. 

Yoongi sighed in relief. It wasn’t so hard to persuade little Namjoon. He gradually slipped out from his little space, but of course, causing a few ruckuses when Yoongi been helping him wearing the spacesuit. 

Namjoon was bouncing and in a giggling mess, examining himself through the mirror while he shows off the suit. Everyone is charmed by his adorable behavior and they can see how much he loves the suit. 

During the performance of Anpanman, Namjoon is trying so hard not to regress, giving his all to sing and rap in front of the fans. He enjoyed himself so much on the stage, delivering his very best alongside his bandmates.

Well, of course, he was ecstatic and towards the end of the song, his mind was hazy as he couldn’t help himself from feeling thrilled, thinking he can keep wearing the suit after the end of the performance.

He didn’t realize that he had slipped into a little space again when the music ended. He can’t control his body and he fell on his butt while doing his last posture. All his caregivers were shocked to see him down on the stage but laughing in fondness at his cuteness. They had used to Namjoon's clumsiness but this time it is so endearing and wonderful. 

Namjoon was flabbergasted at first but he raised his hand higher, ended the song successfully. He gnawed his lower lips when he saw his caregivers were enjoying themselves watching him in that situation. He glared at each of them and they were just laughing at his demeanor.


But a smile crept onto Namjoon's face as he feels proud of everyone. The performance is amazing and perfectly done. They had kick it up a notch and had put extra effort into it. They managed to entertain the crowd and left them to faze watching the grand scale of it.

They hurriedly run towards the backstage to give the way to the next group. They can hear the cheering of the fans from the side of the stage, giving them a small wave for their endless supports.

And among the crowd, Namjoon breathes hitched when he saw a familiar figure, standing close to the stage. Someone he has known for years. His eyes widen in shocked when he saw the smile on the said person's face. A smirk. An evil one.

Last night memory comes back flashing to his mind as his heart beating so fast that he can hear the thumps. It's louder than the music and the fan's chant in the venue.

‘It's me Namjoonie.’



‘Seung – seungwoon?’

‘It’s been a long time. I really miss you Namjoonie.’

‘Seungwoon –’

‘Soon, we shall meet, Namjoonie!’

‘Seung –’


‘ – woon’

The call ended.