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New Rule

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New Rule

Scott gripped his arms, shaking him, hard. "What are you doing? Do you even know how dangerous this is? You could die, Stiles! You could actually die!"

Did he think Stiles didn't know that? Didn't realize that?

Stiles frowned, pulling out of Scott's hold and taking two steps back away from the alpha. From his friend. "Derek spent days looking for me. I'm not leaving him to die somewhere in Mexico, man. I can't."

"I'll go with you," Lydia offered, getting up from her place on the loft's stairwell to come and stand beside him. "I'm sure you're going to need my help anyway."

Stiles nodded and glanced at Scott, waiting for him to decide himself what to do.

"Fine," the alpha werewolf answered after a full minute of staring at him. "You win, Stiles. We'll go after Derek, but we'll do it as a team. We'll do it as a pack."

Stiles grinned at that, squeezing the hand Lydia held out to him. "Thank you," he said, exhaling a relieved breath as he nodded in acknowledgement. "It would've sucked if I had to go without you."

"Yeah, well, that's never gonna happen. Where you go, we all go. It's a new rule."

Stiles liked that rule. He liked that rule a lot.