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Chances are he feels the same

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Looking for the team Captain Good was relieved to have finally found him in the storage shed packing away the training equipment after the tiring practice session “Um P’ No” Good said nervously as he approached his senior who was facing away seemingly lost in thought as he was standing frozen facing away from Good “did you need some help?”

Techno jumped slightly as Good’s voice finally invaded the haze he was in, turning around Techno looked at the nervous junior “it’s okay N’ Good I’m almost done. You should go have a shower and head home” taking a step forward Techno’s foot caught on a discarded football practice bib causing him to slip and fall backwards. Shooting out his hand Good caught Techno’s arm but momentum had already taken over pulling Good down as well.

Good had landed with his whole body covering Techno as the older boy let out a groan, letting his legs fall either side of his Captain’s body Good sat up “are you alright P’ No” Good’s voice was soft with concern as he looked down from his seat on top of Techno’s hips.

“Yeah I think so” Techno mumbled as he shifted to make sure all his limbs worked causing himself to grind up into Good, both boys stilling at the sensation that ran through them. Techno watched as Good turned a brilliant shade of red and when he started fidgeting as panic set in Techno reached out squeezing his hips “you need to..” Techno felt his grip get tighter as his body urged him forward. “I want to..” Techno tried to say but his mouth went dry as Good shifted back slightly his ass brushing over Techno’s swelling cock.

“I’m sorry” he got out as he pushed Good’s hips down and he thrust up as both boys let out a moan, their football shorts doing very little to hide their interest.

Techno’s eyes widened slightly with surprise when he looked down Good's body and saw a small wet patch forming at the tenting of Good’s shorts. Seeing the change in Techno’s expression and unsure what it meant Good’s panic over rode his hormones while his embarrassment kept his mouth glued shut.

Fight or flight instincts kick in and Good picked flight, jumping off Techno Good hightailed it out of there not stopping until he was hidden under the stands waiting for his erection to go down.



Walking home Good had been stuck in his own head replaying what happened over and over only getting snapped from his thoughts when he was in his lounge room comfortably sitting on his couch while Can sat next to him watching him "Ai Can what are you doing in my house?

"Ai Good, this is my house" Can watched as Good looked around to confirm that Can was in fact telling the truth.

"Can I stay?" the weary look on Good's face made Can want to fight whoever or whatever did this to his brother.

Nodding Can pulled out his phone to let him mum know they will be one extra for dinner "help me collect all the extra blankets and pillows"

Good looked up at Can the worry easing from his face "does this mean?"

"Yeah Good, pillow fort" Can said relaxing at the shift in Good's mood.

"Awesome" Good cheered wrapping Can in a brief tight hug before taking off around the house remembering every spot in the house the blankets and pillows are.

Two hours later Lemon barged into Can's room phone out filming what she expected to be her brother and his best friend doing something weird or playing computer games but what she found was Can's bed frame propped against the wall to make room for a fort made of sheets, pillows and Can's mattress. A sign attached to what she assumed was the door that they had been using since they were ten proclaiming 'No girls allowed'. Ignoring it she lifted the sheet with the sigh to find Can and Good laying on clumped blankets curled in towards each other their foreheads almost touching. Lemon stopped filming as she changed over to the camera to take a couple of photos "P' Can it's dinner time" she said kicking his foot then Good's to wake them up. Up on seeing them stir she turned to leave calling over her shoulder "aren't you to a bit old for this nonsense?"

"Aren't you old enough to fucking read" Can snapped in his post wake up grumpy stupor "No girls allowed"

Good crawled out of their nest of warmth and comfort "come on Ai Can, we will eat, shower then spent the rest of the night in the fort"

Nodding as they headed for the bedroom door Can looked back longingly at the pile of blankets perfectly calved out for his body "that sounds great"

As Good and Can sat at the table they heard Lemon complain to their mum "they even pulled Can's bed apart"

"I don't think pulling the mattress off the bed counts as pulling the bed apart" Can said with a yawn as he piled food onto his plate.

"As long as everything goes back to where it belongs" Apple said smiling at her son as he started piling food on to Good's plate "how have you been N' Good"

"Fine thank you P' Apple. How have you been?"

"I would be better if you told me what's bothering you" Apple said pressing the furrow in Good's brow "something is obviously on your mind as you just tried to eat the second empty spoon full"

Taking a deep breath Good kept his eye's on his plate pushing the food around but not attempting to eat it "I had a run in with one of the seniors" Good's normally slow paced speech was even more paced out as he seemed to select each word carefully.

"Is it something you want to talk about?" Apple offered while Can watched him waiting for a signal to move.

Good knew that Can could tell something big was bothering him, that's why there was now a fort up in Can's room waiting their return. During the construction phase of their hide out Can had given him plenty of opportunity to talk but Can didn't push him and good knew Can wouldn't. His best friend would wait; offering support, understanding and if needed a distraction until Good was ready to open up. Good had done the same when Can was having trouble understanding his feeling about Tin, that was what they had always done for each other and always would. Good finally looked at Apple "it's okay, I have to think it through myself before I complicate it with someone else opinion"

Apple smiled as Good finally started eating.


Freshly showered and in a fresh set of borrowed pajamas Good sat in the fort waiting for Can to have his shower and join him. Burying himself in a pile of blankets and pillows Good felt safe enough to finally examine what had happened between him and Techno and how he felt about it all. He knew that if he had been asked before today how he felt about Techno he would have said that he respected and admired his senior. How could he not when he had been helping Good with extra training session so that he could get onto first string on the team and had also helped him maintain his school work as the extra training had cut into his study time. He hadn't really noticed that the massive increase in time together had built a natural closeness that neither of them seemed to have with others and that he had started looking forward to the time he spent in the seniors presence. Thinking about how seeing Techno smile and hearing his laugh made him feel warm Good had missed Can rolling into a ball in the spot he had made earlier a bottle of ice Tea held out for Good to take.

"You ready to tell me?" Can inquired when Good finally woke to the fact that he was there.

Taking the bottle Good gave Can a small nod "I think I like P' No"

"I like P' No too, he's a good guy. He buys us food and doesn't hold a grudge for very long" Can said with a smile

Shaking his head Good shrunk back into his blankets a bit more leaving from his nose up visible "No Ai Can, I like P' No the same way you like Ai Tin"

"Oh!" Can said before Good's words sunk in and his brain processed them "OH! is he the one you were talking about at dinner?"

"Yeah, something kind of happened today and I think I might of messed things up" Good looked about ready to cry as his voice began to shake. Can started pulling all the blankets away so that he could reach the increasingly upset boy "it's not fair Ai Can, I didn't even know how I felt and now I've ruined it" once the first tear broke free the rest came out easy as Good curled up in Can's arms grateful that his feet had instinctively brought him here.

When Good had finally cried it out he pulled in a deep steadying breath "I don't think I can face him now Ai Can"

"It can't be that bad, why don't you tell me what happened" Can rubbed Good's back as the still emotionally turbulent boy seemed to agonized over if he should tell his friend about what happened. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to"

"It's not that Ai Can, I want to tell you" Good paused huffing out a shaky breath "it's just embarrassing" Can could see the tops of Good's ears turn red as the nervous boy fiddled with the hem of Can's tear covers pajama shirt.

"What if I told you something embarrassing I did with Tin first?" Can offered trying to even the playing field.

"Really?" Good seemed to relax at the idea that he wouldn't be the only stupid feeling one in the room.

Can let out a puff of air "yeah, I'll tell you. But if you laugh so help me Ai Good I don't care that you are practically my brother, I will beat the shit out of you" Good shifted so that his back was pressed against Can’s front, Can rested his chin on the top of Good’s head as he laid his arms over Good’s shoulders.

“I promise not to laugh” Good started playing with Can’s hands as he felt the other boy take a deep breath getting ready to tell him what happened.

“A couple of weeks ago Tin and I were fooling around, he went down to give me head and I would like it noted that this was all a first for me and we had been pretty handsy leading up to it” Can stopped and groaned into the top of Good’s head “I came before he even got his mouth on me”

“That’s not so bad Ai Can” Good said reassuringly squeezing Can’s hand.

“Yeah if that was all of it” Can groaned “what made it more embarrassing is that when I came I got it in his eye” Can buried his face in the back of Good neck even as he felt his friend shaking with silent laughter. “What did I tell you?”

“I’m sorry but at least you didn’t accidentally mount your senior and grind on his dick while you leaked precum into your shorts” Good rushed out to distract Can from following through with his threat.

“Okay, that one is going to need a bit of explaining” Can said pushing Good forward so that he could crawl out of the fort “I’m going to get snacks, is there anything you want?”

“Ice cream” Good said a little hopeful, a smile pulling at his lips when Can gave a nod and ran down to the kitchen.

Not even ten minutes pass and Can was back in the room carrying a bag of snacks and two bowls of ice cream. Settling back in Can sat opposite Good both digging into their ice cream “so how do you accidentally mount someone?”

Good’s eyes lifted from his bowl to look at Can “P’ No slipped and I tried to stop him from falling but went down instead and I landed on top of him” Good shoved another spoon of ice cream in his mouth before continuing “I wasn’t thinking and I sat up but I was still on top of him and I don’t know how it happened but next thing P’ No was holding onto my hips and I was so hard”

“What happened next?” Can asked completely distracted that his ice cream lay melting and forgotten in his lap.

“I freaked and ran for it” Good buried his face in his hands feeling like an idiot.

Can put both his and Good’s bowls aside “are you upset about running because you wanted it to go further?”

“No, god no. Even if I had know how I felt about him and if P’ No liked me back I am not ready for anything like that” Good said looking into Can’s eyes “but now I don’t even know how to face him. Ai Can, He has been helping me with school and extra training. I can’t just not face him, Ai Can what do I do?” Good had lent forward burying his face in Can’s shoulder.

“Maybe looking at one of the twenty something messages he sent you or listen to one of the seven voice mails he has left. If that seems unappealing you could look at one of the ten messages he has sent me oh! And only two calls” Good pushed Can onto his back and cuddled up to his side as they looked at the phones.

“Ai Can you have missed calls from Ai Tin is that going to be okay?”

“Yeah, I will call him later and tell him I was busy with important best friend duties” Can said digging lollipops out of the snacks bag.

“Or you could tell me now” their attention snapped to the sheet that acted as the door to their fort to see Tin crouched down watching them “Lemon said I would find something weird up here but this is just cute”

“Nothing happened” Good said sitting up and moving away from Can.

Tin chuckle and shook his head slightly “I know”

“What do you mean you ‘know’. Something could have happened!” Can said annoyed that Tin didn’t seem to care that he found his boyfriend cuddled up with another guy.

“Can you and I have barely gotten past first base, besides Ai Good is your best friend. I may as well have caught you cuddling a teddy bear" pausing Tin looked between the two pouting boys "I should have taken a photo it was very cute” Good relaxed at Tin’s words but Can still seemed a touch annoyed. Raising an eye brow Tin crawled in towards Can “Cantaloupe did you want me to get jealous?”

“No!” Can yelped as he pushed at Tin shoulders to stop him advancing “we are here to help Ai Good with his problem not so you can mess around”

Tin stopped and looked at Good “I’m sorry, I can leave if you want to talk in private”

“Actually, having thoughts of someone who isn’t friends with myself or P’ No might be insightful” Good said now fiddling with the corner of a pillow.

“I’m always happy to help Ai Good, I do honestly hope that we can become friends” Tin’s statement shocked the other two but Good was keen to get some help from someone who could be objective without over thinking their friends feelings.

Good lunched into his explanation of the situation in full, explaining the extra time they spent together, the closeness he felt toward the senior, the activity in the storage shed and finishing off with his acknowledgement of his feelings. Tin listened intently never interrupting and nodding his understanding every time he seemed to mentally catalogue a point of interest. When Good was done Tin gave a small smile “before I give you my thoughts on the matter can I just ask one thing?”

Good nodded as his nerves once again started kicking in “have you got bruises?”


“From where P’ Techno grabbed you”

Good raised his shirt and pushed the top of his pants down to find faint bruising from Techno’s grip.

“That say a lot in and of its self” Tin said taking a look at the makes on Good’s skin.

“How so?” Can asked leaning on Tin’s back to get a look himself.

“If a guy isn't interested he would have pushed the person off. But his desire was great enough that he gripped tightly holding Good in place so that he couldn’t get away, it was most likely subconsciously done” Tin looked at Good to make sure he understood what Tin was getting at.

“How could you possibly know that Ai Tin” Can asked poking Tin’s face.

“Because it’s what you use to do to me. The marks on my wrists use to take days to fade and would frustrate me because it made it near impossible to get you out of my mind. It’s probably one of the reasons I was so drawn to you, in a weird way I kind of miss it” Tin’s honesty threw Can and he pull away from Tin afraid he couldn’t hold back and Good’s problem was more important than his own hormones right now.

“Plus” Tin turned his attention back to Good now that Can was sitting away from him “if he has called and messaged as much as Ai Can said then he cares for you. Otherwise he would just ignore you and pretend it didn’t happen” Tin watched as a smile spread across Good’s face “did you want me to drive you over to P’ Techno’s place?”

“No it’s okay, I think I will wait till tomorrow. Give myself some time to think about what I want to say to him” Good laid down making himself comfortable now that he wasn’t feeling so tightly wound. Good quietly watched as Tin arranged himself not even checking if it was okay to stay before settling in for the night “you’re a good guy Ai Tin”

When Tin woke the next morning he was more comfortable then he had ever been in his stupidly expensive bed and warmer than usual despite never pulling a blanket over himself. Opening his eyes he found that somehow during the night the three had clumped together and for some unknown reason he had been sandwiched between the other two who were hugging tightly to his sides. If he decided to continue to lay there till the other two were read to wake up no one else needed to know.

“N’ Ae, good thing I found you. I need you to come early to this afternoon practice. Oh! And if you are talking to your friend N’ Pete you might want to tell him to keep that friend of his away” Champ sat down at Ae’s lunch table.

“My friend?” the soft voice behind him had Champ turning around to find Pete standing there with two cups of drinks and a friend next to him.

“Not this one” Champ said taking in the guy with a slight build and handsomely beautiful face, his eyes kept drawing to the mole on the guys right cheek “the IC kid with the intimidating stare”

“You mean Ai Tin, what happened? What has he done?” Pete voice came out a little panicked.

“Haven’t you seen the school message board? Someone anonymously posted a picture of him with N’ Can and N’ Good. Ai No is furious that he is massing with his players” Champ said eyes flicking between Pete and his friend who was going through his phone.

Pete put the drinks down and pulled his phone out, seeing that it was off he remembered the stream of notification that had been bothering him with their persistence as the seemed to flow in almost never ending. Sighing Pete switched it back on and waited for it to boot up as he thought about how maybe he should have looked at a couple of them instead of ignoring them completely.

“Damn!” the guy next to Pete breathed looking at his phone “do you mean this picture?” the guy handed his phone to Champ, on the screen was the photo of Tin blissfully asleep Can curled on one side with his head tucked under Tin's and Good curled on the other side with his head on Tin chest.

“Yeah it is, sorry I didn’t catch your name” Champ smiled as he took the phone.

“It’s Ping” he offered with a soft smile.

“Hey N’ Ping, I’m Champ” he said passing the phone to Pete so he could have a look.

While Champ and Ping had introduced themselves Ae had moved to their side of the table. Looking at the picture on Ping’s phone Ae quickly moved to anger while Pete was shocked into silence. “What the fuck, how did this even happen” Ae asked handing Ping back his phone.

"People are just drawn to my charms" Tin said from behind them causing them all to jump "have any of you considered that the photo is taken out of context. I mean Ai Can has barely agreed to date me, like I could or would convince him to have a threesome with his best friend. I get that you all have a low opinion of me but I would have hoped that you had a better opinion of your friends Ai Can and Ai Good" Tin shook his head looking very much like a disappointed parent. "I actually came to see if I could borrow your notes Ai Pete. I was up late helping Ai Good with an issue and didn't get a chance to do the required reading"

"You were helping Ai Good?" Pete looking shocked but still moved towards his bag to get his notes.

"Yeah, turns out that my boyfriend has me wrapped so tight around his little finger that the privilege extends to his best friend" Tin said with a smile as he took the notebook from Pete "thanks for this I'll give it back in class" turning to leave Tin let out a small laugh at the look of utter shock on Ae and Champ's faces.



It had taken half of his lunch break but Good had finally found Techno in one of the senior classrooms glaring down at an open textbook. Good quietly entered the room not making a sound until he was crouching down in front of Techno his chin resting on the desk "hey P' No"

Techno jumped back at the sudden sound almost causing his chair to tip over "N' Good, what are you doing here?" Techno's eyes kept darting over what could been seen of Good around the desk like he was looking for something.

"I need to talk to you, sorry I didn't answer your calls yesterday I was..."

"I know" Techno cut Good off "I've seen the photo" even Techno could hear the bitterness in his voice.

"Photo?" the innocence in his face and tilt of his head melted Techno's anger as the urge to hug the younger boy overwhelmed him. Techno's increasingly confused feeling about the boy in front of him weren't getting any clearer as he pick his phone up from it's spot next to the open textbook.

"This photo" Techno placed his phone back down and slid it across the table toward Good.

With a soft smile Good looked up a Techno "are you jealous P' No?"

Techno pushed his chair back until it hit the desk behind him "wait, wait, wait why would I be jealous? just because after what happened yesterday you end up in a photo cuddled up with two guys, why would I be jealous"

"Can's like a brother to me" Good stood moving around to join Techno's side of the desk "I would never touch someone that belonged to him" Good stood between Techno's knees looking down at the slightly shaking senior, dropping his voice to a whisper "what did happen yesterday?"

Swallowing thickly Techno looked up into Good's curious face, watching as Good's little pink tongue darted out to wet his lips "we ..." Techno reached out snatching Good's wrist into his grip as his body rolled forward, the top of his head pressing to Good's stomach "I'm not crazy am I?" Looking up into Good's eyes he felt Good's free had come up to cup his cheek "there is something between us isn't there?"