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Worthless Pride

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Part II









Chapter 1



Day 1






Iwaizumi heard the music and it felt like a jolt, firing his veins. 


I would like to show, cut open my skull, look into my head. I don’t know why–


He groaned and then turned it off by pressing the button on the phone. It quieted down and just when he wanted hug his pillow, to continue his sleep–


The door burst wide open. 


“It’s Friday, Iwaizumi, not Saturday, so get up. I don’t have all day.” 


Iwaizumi’s eyes popped open the minute he heard Hanamaki’s voice. Iwaizumi sat up and almost jumped out of bed, looking at Makki who looked as fresh as one could be. 


Goddamn it.


Iwaizumi looked at the taller boy’s uniform and then looked back at himself, still wearing his pajamas.


Fuck, he’s going to be late–


There was a loud crash outside of Iwaizumi’s room.


Makki turned, surprised and then opened the door – another crash, what the hell – Iwaizumi’s mother flew into the room, his father following her – both of them wide eyed, with the biggest smile on their faces – Makki tripped over his father’s leg – his father shouted, trying to catch him – then fell down, tripping over Makki’s leg – both of them ended up being on the floor while Iwaizumi’s mother was looking down at them, shocked to her core.


And then Iwaizumi’s phone started to ring, so loud, it hurt his ears.


“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Iwaizumi shouted looking all around his room, not knowing where to even start. “WHAT THE HELL–”


“HAJIME, LANGUAGE!” His mother shouted, turning back to look at him.


“HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN?” Iwaizumi heard his father and then looked down, only to see Hanamaki looking like as if he was done with everything that has happened in his life.


Iwaizumi picked up the phone and went, “WHAT?” shouting, just like that.


“Iwa–chan, why are you yelling at me so early in the morning?”






“Okay, I – wait a minu – THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU YELLING AT ME?!”


“HAJIME, LANGUAGE,” shouted his father.




“Iwaizumi, we’re late – the teacher is going to be mad, and please, Mr. Iwaizumi, move your legs, I can’t get up–”


“WHAT IS HAPPENING OVER THERE?” Now Oikawa was shouting too. “IS THAT MAKKI?”




“WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS HOUSE?” His father shouted, getting up, helping up Hanamaki. 


“HOW SHOULD I KNOW?” Iwaizumi shouted back. 














“I’m pretty sure we’re late–”


“Takahiro, my darling, is your leg fine?”


“It is Mrs. Iwaizumi, thank you for your concern–”






“HA, YOU WISH!” Now, Makki began to shout as well.






“JESUS CHRIST, FINE! I NEED TO GO!” Iwaizumi ended the call and then took a deep breath, looking at his parents. He started to massage his forehead, noticing that his parents were still smiling, as if that earlier scene hadn’t happened at all.


His mom was shining with joy and Iwaizumi couldn’t take it anymore. “What? What was this big rush about?” He asked, curious. Makki, next to him, looked curious as well. 


His mother smiled and then stepped closer to him. She was so shorter than him, Iwaizumi felt a gentle smile touch his mouth. 


His mom slipped her hands into his. “Your brother is coming back. His flight will arrive at night.”


Iwaizumi felt it like a sigh. It felt like a breath of fresh air – the smell of flowers and the sight of the northern lights they saw on that day, a long time ago.


“Sora?” He whispered his brother name, asking his mother. Because he still didn’t believe it, because he still didn’t comprehend what it meant.


He caught his father’s grin – too similar to a child’s, youthful, full of wonder.


“It’s true,” he said. “He’s coming home.”






“Both of you, be careful!” Iwaizumi heard his mother say and then both of them broke into a run. 


“Wanna bet I’ll reach the gate earlier than you?” Makki shouted over him, making Iwaizumi smirk and laugh. He fastened his steps, the sidewalk turned blurry, he only focused what was in front of him – only focused on his breathing, to keep it even until he reaches the school. 


“Wanna bet I’ll stomp you to the ground?” He countered.


“Your dad already did that this morning.”


And Iwaizumi choked on his own saliva, fell down to the ground and began to laugh so hard his eyes teared up. And then, to his surprise, Makki sat down next to him, not giving a single fuck about the other people on the sidewalk, staring at them and said, with a face of an old, wide man,


“Fuck it, the hell with this shit, there’s no way we’d make it to third period.”


And Iwaizumi only stared for a couple of seconds, and then laughed and wheezed and then heard
















“I’m not even mad, I’m just disappointed,” Matsukawa’s cold stare was burning its way into Makki’s. He had caught them the moment the stepped into the classroom. “I’m not even surprised because it’s dangerous to let you two be at the same place for a longer period of time,” Iwaizumi bit his bottom lip to prevent himself from laughing out loud. Matsukawa turned to gaze down at Iwaizumi. 


Damn him and his height.


“I mean, you two remember what happened at Katashi’s party last year, right?” Iwaizumi noticed a vein pop out close to Matsukawa’s neck.


Makki tried to look innocent. Iwaizumi felt a quiet laughter building up inside of his chest.


“I don’t recall anything weird that happened on that day,” Makki said with a cold face. Iwaizumi had to look away, he couldn’t laugh–


“Oh,” Matsukawa said, his patience wearing thin. “So you don’t remember calling Iwaizumi out for arm wrestling?”


Makki pressed his lips into a thin line, the corner of his mouth starting to curl up. “I don’t remember doing anything like that.”


Matsukawa hummed. “So that means you don’t remember that you lost either.”


Makki took a deep breath and shook his head. Iwaizumi couldn’t contain his laughter. He felt how it built–


“And the time when you both had got so angry that it almost ended up in a scuffle?” Matsukawa raised an eyebrow. 


Makki looked confused, lost his smile for a minute. “That happened during the same party.”


Matsukawa smirked, looking down at Makki. “Well, well. Seems like someone got his memory back all of a sudden.”


“Mattsun, don’t be so hard on them.”


Iwaizumi turned around to find himself facing Oikawa. He wore a bright smile, came close to Iwaizumi’s desk and leaned on it. 


“Oikawa, these idiots can’t do anything right,” Matsukawa pointed at Makki who looked more than hundred percent done. “They had one job. They can’t even get here in time.”


Oikawa snorted, his gaze slid towards Iwaizumi. “I’m sure they had a very good reason to be late, right, Iwa–chan?”


Iwaizumi always found Oikawa’s eyes weird. Brown eyes, too bright. And this was the thing. 


Too bright.


Sometimes, Iwaizumi felt unease. Keeping his gaze, not trying to avert his gaze because it was too bright. 


Too fake.


It pissed him off so much. 


“Sora is coming home,” Iwaizumi answered.


Both Oikawa and Matsukawa’s eyes widened. Matsukawa even leaned closer and whispered,


“But I thought he said–”


Iwaizumi nodded. “That he won’t ever come back,” he sighed and then laid down his head on his desk, shutting his eyes. “Yeah, me too.”


“Are you scared?” Iwaizumi heard Oikawa’s voice. He didn’t open his eyes. 


“No,” he didn’t lie.


I am terrified.


After a couple of seconds, Makki, Oikawa and Matsukawa began to talk about something else that Iwaizumi didn’t hear.


The only thing that echoed in his mind were the last words he had heard from his brother before he left;


“...We are not the same and we never will be, Hajime...”







Iwaizumi was walking home with Oikawa after volleyball practice. The night made the city glow, everything felt like an endless corridor, bathing in light water filled with stars. Oikawa was constantly talking about his day and Iwaizumi had to listen, even if he was tired.


“And you know, that day was the weirdest day of my entire life–”


Iwaizumi was nodding along with every sentence.


“– Then, you have no idea who I met with, it was insane–”


Iwaizumi had no idea when – but suddenly he noticed that he was there in front of his house. Oikawa stopped in front of him and gave out a little smile. 


A real one.


“I assume this is the end, Iwa–chan,” Oikawa said quietly, staring into his eyes. Iwaizumi has never seen him look this serious before.


He could only nod. “Yeah,” he said, furrowing his brows, looking confused.


 Oikawa is too dramatic.


 He patted Oikawa’s shoulder. “See you tomorrow.”


Oikawa’s eyes changed. He didn’t move or say anything. He only stared and then smiled gently, stepping forward to hug him.


Iwaizumi was too bewildered to move.


“See you tomorrow,” he heard Oikawa whisper, close to his ears. Then, before he could’ve even said anything, Oikawa let go of him and turned around to walk away. 


And Iwaizumi watched him 









When he arrived, no one was at home. His parents probably went to the airport, waiting for Sora. He dropped down his stuff, had dinner and then took a bath. 


“...We are not the same and we never will be, Hajime...”


He sat down on his bed, burying his head into his hands. He also remembered the thing he had said back.


“...Get out of my life...”


And he realized he can’t face him. He won’t talk to him tonight – he’ll talk to him tomorrow morning.


He froze.


Oikawa’s words came to life inside him.


“Are you scared?”


I am terrified.






Iwaizumi heard the music and it felt like a jolt, firing his veins. 


I would like to show, cut open my skull, look into my head. I don’t know why–


Did he leave the alarm on? 


He groaned and then turned it off by pressing the button on the phone. It quieted down and just when he wanted hug his pillow, to continue his sleep–


The door burst wide open. 


“It’s Friday, Iwaizumi, not Saturday, so get up. I don’t have all day.” 


And Iwaizumi