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The Numbers Keep Increasing

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"You sure this is going to work?" A tall woman with raven black hair, ocean blue eyes in a costume resembling a swimsuit and a gold lasso at her side said. 
"Honestly, I'm not sure." A man in blue, a red cape and a letter 'S' responded. 
"How do we even know if this guy real?" A man with brown hair, green mask and glowing green ring questioned. 
"This is why we're doing this, Hal." A man in full red with a lightning bolt answered. 
"As I'm aware there's only been rumoured sightings of this 'Batman'." A martian of green and a costume or black, blue and red said. 
"Well, I've heard he drinks blood." The man with the green ring exclaimed. 
"No ones blood's been drained, Hal. Also, this guy is supposedly the 'Worlds Greatest Detective'. Solved more crimes then GCPD." A blond man with a Robin Hood-style costume added.

There continued to be passing on notes between the group before being called to stage. 
"Good evening everyone. I, Superman on behalf of the rest of the League have a message we wish to broadcast. As some may know there are rumours of this 'Batman' that protects the city of Gotham and if these rumours are proven to be true then we wish to invite this 'Batman' to be a member of the Justice League and help to protect the world. That is all." The man of steel ended before walking away and into the Hall of Justice.

As the invitation was broadcasted within a cavern under the Wayne's manner was the rumoured Batman. The Dark Knight of Gotham by night and playboy, billionaire Bruce Wayne by day watch from his computer.

"What do you wish to do Master, Bruce." An aged butler with an old English accent asked towards the man in a black and grey protective armour. 
"I don't know Alfred. Should I accept?" The man asked the wiser one. 
"I believe the young Master's and Miss's would be very pleased to find out that you are beginning to socialise." The butler stated. 
"Alfred, I do socialise." The man in the bat suit responded. 
"Of course you do Master Bruce, with the richest and most intelligent the world have to offer whose only desire is to nip at your money." The butler pointed voiced laced in sarcasm. The black-haired, blue-eyed male sighed, placing his head in his hand. 
"Fine Alfred, I'll go tomorrow." The man whines before finally turning off his computer and heading up to his home.

A home that years ago felt empty but now was full.