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Farm Adventures

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The autumn had transformed the forest into a beautiful place filled with all possible colours. There were still some green leaves hanging from the trees but most of them had already taken more vibrant colours. The leaves rustled and some of them fell down on the ground. Lucius, Dew's Arcanine, dashed through the leaves. His fur matched the fiery colours. Dew loved the autumn, it was his favourite season. In the weekends he would usually take the car and Lucius and go on long walks. However, unbeknownst to him, this day would be unlike any other.

It was very rare for the trainer and his Pokémon to encounter anyone else. The forest was very large and Dew went far into the woods with his jeep. But then, Dew saw a boy walking through the forest and he instantly knew that the kid was a godsend. The child was about twelve years old and it was stark naked. The kid's hair was brown. Unkept as it was, a Starly might have mistaken it for a nest. The boy was pale, like he hadn't seen a ray of sunshine in his entire life. The milkwhite skin reminded Dew of marble. There were small red cuts on his legs from where twigs and bushes cut him. Dew didn't know what to do at first but then Lucius dashed towards the boy and ran into him.

The unusual behavious of his most trusted Pokémon startled the Trainer and he ran after the Arcanine. Dew kneeled besides the boy. The child felt like ice when Dew grabbed his shoulder, but the cold didn't seem to bother him. Two large eyes looked at Dew like he was some sort of supernatural being. It gave him an eerie feeling. "Hey, what's your name?" He asked the child. But no words came back. The trainer asked a second time. This time he got his answer, the boy's name was Ben. He asked the boy more questions like were he came from, who his parents were and where they were but to no avail. He helped Ben get back on his feet. The kid then hugged Dew and pressed his face into the Pokémon master's crotch. Dew's cock became erect in an instant. Ben didn't seem to mind and rubbed his head further against Dew's dick. Dew's Arcanine sniffed the kid's ass. A funny look was passed between Pokémon and master. Dew knew what time it was. He took the child's small hand in his own and turned back to his jeep.

Dew let the boy sit in the passenger seat, where Lucius normally sat. The Pokémon master put him in the vehicle and let his Pokémon in. He walked around the car and looked around. There was no other living being in sight. He rubbed over his still erect cock and opened the door. The trainer sat behind the wheel. He looked at the kid. Ben was busy playing with his own cock, as if Dew wasn't there in the car with him. It was slowly becoming erect. Dew swallowed. If this were ever discovered, he would face serious consequences. Then, Ben looked up at the Pokémon master. The boy escaped from his seatbelt. Dew tried to put him back in his seat but Ben crawled over to him. The pale child then climbed the hill of Dew's pants and set himself on top of it. The trainer's heart was beating like mad. This entire chest moved up and down by the strong beat. He wanted to put the unruly kid back on the passenger's seat. What if anyone saw them on the way to his house? But Lucius had slipped into his usual spot. Dew didn't have a choice. He put himself and Ben into the safety belt and began to drive.

The ride back home was the worst one of Dew's life. His body was pumping with adrenaline. He was so scared of anyone seeing him with the naked little boy bouncing on his lap. Ben was sitting on top of Dew's hard dick and the trainer wanted to take the kid in his lap right here and now. Lucius was also excited. His not so little friend had come out of his sheath. The red tip was pulsating. The Pokémon stared at Ben. His eyes had hunger and need within them.

The little boy seemed unaware of the inappropriateness. It was as if he knew nothing of social customs. Instead, he decided to make matters worse. His cock had become hard as well and he decided to do something about it. Ben jerked himself off while sitting on Ben's lap. He moaned and panted. Little wet sounds filled the jeep. It drove Lucius into extasy but Dew held him back. It cost him all of his willpower not to slam the brakes and fuck Ben here and now. The boy continued to pleasure himself. With one hand, he rubbed over his erect nipples and with the other he held his cock. Dew loved the slaps of Ben's delicate balls against his smooth skin.

Ben lasted about as long as the trip. He shot his jizz all over the steering wheel but he licked it up like a good little boy. When they arrived at Dew's house, Dew quickly got out of the car. He dragged Ben with him to the front door and Lucius followed them. He hastly opened the door and shut it behind him. Ben walked ahead towards the living room. Behind him, he heard the sound of a coat dropping on the floor, a belt being undone and pants being unzipped.

There was no one to see them now. Dew looked at Ben. His desire was too great. Every part of his body was ready for it. Dew slowly walked towards the boy. His large dick was standing erect and it was exposed to the air. He pressed Ben down to the ground. The boy didn't struggle. Then, Dew got down on his knees. One hand rested on the kid's back and the Pokémon trainer took his member in his other hand. Dew slid his hand between Ben's legs and scratched his scrotum. The first pubic hairs were starting to grow and they covered the boy's balls like soft fur. Dew moved his hand up towards Ben's little dick. The tip was still a little wet. The trainer stroked it and Ben let out a soft moan. The kid pushed his ass up. He was ready for it too. Ben's ass was already a bit opened. Dew moved the walls further apart with his fingers and placed his tip at the entrance.

Finally, his hands were at the boy's sides. The Pokémon master pulled the boy towards him and pushed himself in. His dick was now about one third inside the boy. Ben was panting very loudly. "More, more!" He yelled and Dew obliged. With one powerful move, he slid balls deep into Ben. The kid was shaking from the pleasure. He moaned "Please, fuck me!" Dew did just that. He pulled his dick back a little and slammed it back in. Again and again. Ben moaned like a good bitch and Dew panted like crazy. The kid was just so fucking tight. The Pokémon trainer didn't last that long and he shot his load inside Ben. He hit the boy's prostate and came. A white tsunami filled Ben to the brim and a wave followed Dew's dick when he drew out. Ben came as well and his body convulsed from pleasure. The master patted the kid on his head. "Good boy."