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Call It What You Want

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and is not meant to offend anyone.

Title: Call It What You Want 

Relationship: Karlie Kloss & Taylor Swift

Author: ArshuK

Chapter 1:

You didn’t think this is how hearing Karlie Kloss getting married would make you feel. You had always thought you’d feel like the luckiest person on earth upon hearing the news, you thought you’d feel like all your prayers had been answered, you thought you’d feel like all your hardships have come to an end, you thought you’d feel happy. But this wasn’t what you were feeling right now as your social media was blowing up with congratulation messages to Karlie from what seemed like everyone on the planet. Karlie had announced her engagement to Josh mere hours ago. As soon as you’d seen the post, you had collapsed to the ground and started sobbing uncontrollably. You couldn’t help it. You had always imagined the ring Karlie would be sporting on her ring finger would be from you. You had always pictured that you would be the person Karlie would call her ‘spouse’. You had always thought you were Karlie’s one true love, soulmate, other half because you knew she definitely was yours. But now you know, it was just a daydream of yours. 

After what seemed like hours, you finally relearn how to breathe. With wobbly legs, you get up, walk to your kitchen and pour yourself a cold drink of water. Then you wash your face in the kitchen sink, too absorbed in your own painful thoughts to consider using the washroom facilities or dry to your face. Then you grab an apple from the fruit basket in your vicinity and taking a bite of the red fruit, sit down on the sofa closest to you. You will your mind to think rationally at the events that had led to this disastrous news, that you should’ve seen this coming and that it was bound to happen. You are dying to cling any thought that would somehow ease the pain you feel in your heart. A pain so strong that you feel like clawing your chest, and ripping your heart out. Instead, all you find yourself thinking of what you had lost forever. Happiness.

You had met the blonde goddess a few years back at a friend’s party. You remember the meeting as clear as day. You didn’t enjoy alcohol as much as you do now and hence, you were silently watching your friends drink like there was no tomorrow. You still found the taste of tequila disgusting. Besides you were Taylor Swift, and that meant never losing control over yourself in the presence of strangers and many, if not most of the people were just that.

“Designated driver?”

You hear someone ask. You turn around and that’s when you knew you were a goner. It was no news that you had a thing for green eyes, but you had never ever face to face across such a striking pair of green orbs. The emeralds your eyes had connected with had a softness to them, though. For some reason you weren’t expecting that. And the enchanting eyes’ owner was…gorgeous, in one word. She had a perfect cheekbone structure and a killer jawline but the most disarming thing about the girl’s appearance was her beautiful smile. The smile looked so sweet, so right.

“Oh, you are Taylor Swift! Silly of me to ask that then!” The girl says chuckling, as you stay silent, lost in her beauty. You, a master of words, were lost for words in front of her beauty and losing this ability was making a pretty good impression on the girl, you could tell. You inwardly roll your eyes.

“Umm…I am Karlie. Karlie Kloss.” She continues nervously, slowly, awkwardly swinging her arms, clearly lost as to what to do next.

“I know.” You find yourself immediately blurt and mentally slap yourself a hundred times. Way to play it cool, Swift, you think.

“Really?” Curiosity finds its way in the green eyes you had been lost.

“Of course, you are a pretty big deal. I see your posters everywhere!” You say, composing yourself. She doesn’t need to know that you follow her on Instagram from a private account of yours that no one really know about. She doesn’t need to know that you find the supermodel as one of the most inspirational young personalities in the fashion industry, she doesn’t need to know that you might have a small crush on her.

“Wow. Taylor Swift knows me.” She says unbelievably. Laughing as she says it. You finding yourself liking the sound of the laughter. It was just so happy, so carefree, so pure.  

“Ha-Ha. And sorry for not answering you earlier. I am not used to strangers talking to me like that.”


“Really. Usually it’s a high-pitched scream or someone silently shoving a phone in front of my face and then mumbling a thank you after, or just…staring at me till I introduce myself.” You say in a dry voice, but your eyes shine.

“You are funny.” Karlie says laughing. You just think Karlie is easy to make laugh, and you don’t find the job very unattractive if you were being honest.

“I aim to please.” You say dramatically which elicits a giggle from the younger girl.

“So, who do you know here?” Karlie asks.


“Oh, of course. The media loves your friendship.” Karlie says with a small smile.

“As do I. She’s like the sister I never had.” You reply fondly.

“And you?”


“A lot of people from your world are here.” You say nodding your head in the direction of Cara Delevigne and Stella Maxwell.

“My world? So, the mighty Taylor Swift has a different world from ours?”

“Oh shut up, you know I didn’t mean that.” You say playfully slapping the younger girl’s arm. You realized the involuntary action after it’s done. Horrified, you quickly move your hand back to your body and open your mouth to apologize but Karlie’s laughter beats you to it and you breathe a sigh of relief.

“Jokes aside, how Is it living in the Taylor Swift world?” Mirth still shines in her eyes.

“I bathe in diamonds, is that what you want to hear Karlie Kloss?” You say, laughing yourself.


“So how-“

“Oh my God, stop. I am just Taylor. Your normal American girl.” You say exasperatedly to which she smirks a little making it clear that she was doing what she was doing on purpose.

“Not really.”

“You are so annoying.”

“Not a very nice thing to say to someone you just met. I thought Taylor Swift was the polite one!” Karlie says, chuckling all the while.

“Well, I’d like you to remember by my honesty.”

“Is that so? So, tell me what you think of me, Taylor?” She asks playfully, but her eyes betray her and look down at your lips for a little too long. Or maybe they don’t betray her and this was her intention after all, your subconscious whispers.

“Well, I think it’s weird that you are still pretty sober when all the other models here are probably as drunk as it can get.”

“I have Nike’s shoot tomorrow morning. Otherwise, if you think I wouldn’t be drinking after finally being able to finally drink legally then you are wrong.”

“Drink legally?” You raise your eyebrows.

“Of course. You might have the good girl thing going on, but I don’t.” Karlie says winking as she walks to the open kitchen. You find yourself following the taller girl, not wanting the conversation with the supermodel to end just yet. Truthfully, you were intrigued by the girl. She was a refreshing change. Most people who met you were for some reason, probably because of your big reputation, were intimidated by you and no matter how hard you tried, there always remained uneasiness and guardedness in the conversations that followed. With Karlie, however, there was none. In fact, Karlie had downright made fun of the hype about you.

“So, you’ve started working on your next album then?” Karlie inquires without turning around, pretty sure that you had followed her.

“How did you know that? I just released Red!” You ask, suspicion evident in your voice.

“Relax, Swift. I just assumed that you might’ve.” The younger girl replies defensively, turning around to look into your eyes.

“You really like to assume a lot of things about me.” You mumble, eyes narrowed.

“Who doesn’t. You are ‘Taylor Swift’.” Karlie jokes.

“Will you stop that?” You say laughing.

“But yeah, don’t worry. I just assumed that because all our mutual friends always say that you are a really hard working girl.” The taller girl says sincerely.

“Oh, thank you?”

“Yeah. Sorry to disappoint you but I am not stalking you.” Karlie says as she pours herself a glass of apple juice.

“So just a secret admirer?” You playfully tease. Where the bravado came from, you had no idea.

“Just someone who extracted valuable information about America’s sweetheart’s next album. Will I get paid for giving up this information?” Karlie says, pretending to seriously think over the matter.

“Can I bribe you to keep the information to yourself?” You ask, moving closer to the model and watch the easy smile on the model’s face disappear. Her eyes look sharp now as they search yours.

“Depends on what you have in mind.” The model whispers as she takes a step closer to you and that’s when you realize how inappropriate the whole situation has become. Besides, was Karlie Kloss flirting with her? Was she flirting with her?

“Ice-cream. My treat.” You reply, moving a step back, creating the much needed distance.

“You do know how many calori-“

“Blah, Blah, Blah. I can see it in your eyes. You want it.”


“No buts. Grab your coat now.” You say as you pull the model’s arm. Her laughter echoes in your ears as you march forward.

And that was the night you learnt how much you needed someone like Karlie in your life. That was the night you learned how one person can brighten your day by just being there. That was the night you learned what all the love songs talked about. And today was the night you learned how learned how to lose all that forever.

You find tears burning your eyes yet again and feel like screaming because the pain you are feeling is unlike any you have experienced before. Suddenly your phone starts ringing and after pulling it out from your pocket, you manage to read the caller ID through your blurred vision. You have a quick mental debate whether or not to take the call. Finally you do.