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His phone rang just as Jungkook slurped up the last of his ramyeon.

It was his cousin Hoseok calling. He picked up.

“Hobi! When did you get back in town? How did it go?”

“Tuesday night. Everything went fine. I think we’re going to move forward with the resort on Jeju.”

“So what’s up?”

“Well, while I was on the island, one of our business partners gave me an insanely expensive gift - a very rare cat hybrid. I guess he really wants to keep doing business with our family. It was clear I couldn’t refuse the gift without insulting the man. And I thought...anyone who would just give away his hybrid as a gift probably isn’t capable of caring for him properly. I had to take him, Jungkook. His name is Jimin. He’s still a kitten really. He lived with me at my hotel for a week and now he’s here with us. He’s adorable. I’d keep him, but, you know, I already have Yoongi. It would be difficult enough for anyone to have two cat hybrids, but with Yoongi being the way he is, it would be impossible. He’s actually been less grumpy about Jimin staying with us than I expected - that’s how cute this little guy is. So, I was thinking you could-”

“I’m really busy with work, Hobi. I don’t think I have time to-”

“You work too much. A guy your age should be having more fun.”

“But...a hybrid?”

“Listen, you hate clubbing, you hate parties, you hate blind dates. You haven’t dated anyone in ages. Cat hybrids are great company and so much fun. And the sex is amazing. Yes, caring for one does take time and effort, but it’s worth it. I’ve never been happier than I am with Yoongi. 

 “Jimin is gorgeous, Jungkook. He’s an incredibly rare breed. I had to look it up, I’d never heard of it. They’re prized not just for their beauty, but also their sweet disposition, personality and intelligence. The guy at the licensing office did a double-take when he looked at my paperwork. He couldn’t believe it when I told him Jimin was a gift - said they cost a fortune and he’s never seen anyone come in to register one in his 35 years working there. Everyone at the hybrid clinic swooned over him when I took him in for a checkup. Even the doctor kept going on about how rare and perfect he is. Jungkook, he’s absolutely the sweetest thing. I think he’d be good for you.”

“I don’t know.”

“Just come and meet him. Come over for coffee Saturday.”

“I’ll think about it.”





“Jungkook! Hello! Tae, what a nice surprise! Haven’t seen you in a little while!”

“Sorry, I forgot to text you that I invited Tae. I was talking it over with him yesterday and thought maybe he should come meet Jimin, too,” explained Jungkook.

“Of course! Good thinking! Come in!” Hoseok waved them in and then turned to call out, “Minnie! Come on out! Look who’s here!”

Jimin had been getting ready in the guest bedroom where he was staying. Standing in front of his open closet, his tawny kitty ears twitched as his eyes flitted fondly over his fluffiest blue sweater. It was so comfy and he loved it, but maybe it wasn’t nice enough for today. Today is a special day, he thought. He chose a white silk shirt and fitted black trousers. He dressed himself with care while rehearsing over and over what he would say (“Good afternoon,” and “Pleased to meet you,” and “Won’t you come in and have a seat?”) He checked in the mirror that his shirt was all tucked in, his belt buckled and that his silver, dangly earrings and his golden blonde hair were just so. Then he decided he should brush his tail again, even though he’d already done it about twenty times.

When he heard Hoseok call him, he was so eager he dropped his brush right away, grabbed the flowers he had picked that morning, and rushed blindly out into the living room. But then he skidded to a halt, frozen in confusion. Hoseok had said that Jungkook was nice and tall and handsome and he would come today to meet him, maybe agree to take him home. But there were two men standing by the door, both of them were tall and both very handsome.

One was perhaps a little taller - a sandy blonde in a creamy white linen shirt, casually unbuttoned at the collar, with an intricate pattern of colorful flowers and leaves all over it. He had an open, friendly expression on his beautiful face - he felt familiar, comfortable, safe. The other was perhaps more handsome - more muscular, dark-haired, dressed all in black, and not at all familiar. He was certainly harder to read. The way he stared made Jimin feel hot under his skin in a way he’d never felt before.

The friendly one must be my new daddy, thought Jimin. He is so happy to meet me!  Jimin got excited again, his tail swished faster from side to side. “Daddy!” he cried as he sprang forward with his arms wide and threw them around Taehyung’s waist, burying his face into his chest. Taehyung’s shirt was very soft and his scent made him think of sun-warmed sand when you wiggle your toes down into it and don’t have a care in the world.

Taehyung grinned, quite amused to have an armful of adorable fluffy kitten hybrid, and was not in too much of a hurry to correct Jimin’s mistake.

“No, Minnie. That’s Taehyung, a friend,” said Hoseok. “Jungkook is the one I thought could take care of you. This is Jungkook.” He placed his hand on Jungkook’s shoulder. Jungkook gave a stiff bow without ever breaking his stare. “And remember? We talked about how you could get to know each other first, before making any decisions?”

“Oh! Yes. Oh.” Jimin blushed furiously as he peeled himself away from Taehyung. “G-good afternoon! My name is Jimin. So pleased to meet you both.” He bowed politely to Taehyung and then to Jungkook. He was so embarrassed, he could barely look Jungkook in the face now. His furry ears flopped forward and even his tail drooped a little in shame.

“Well, hello, cutie. I’m so pleased to meet you, too,” said Taehyung with a warm smile and a bow.

For his part, Jungkook was just as flustered as Jimin. He had already been struck dumb as soon as Jimin entered the room. Jimin was the most exquisite creature he’d ever seen. His fine features, porcelain skin, fluffy golden hair, and delightful little body were sheer perfection. His wide-eyed expression had been adorable when he stood there stock-still in the middle of the living room like a deer caught in the headlights. And now he was looking even lovelier, cuter and sexier with the flush on his cheeks. All Jungkook could do was stare. In the future he would enjoy saying that seeing Jimin for the first time was like being struck by lightning, but at the present it was mortifying.

“I, um, I picked these for you on our walk this morning,” said Jimin. He held out a slightly crushed bouquet of wildflowers. Jungkook took them - his fingers brushed against Jimin’s soft and adorable little hands, causing his throat to seize up and his ‘thank you’ to come out more brusquely than he would have liked. He wanted to add, “They’re very pretty.” But nothing more would come out of his mouth. “Won’t you- won’t you come in a-and have a seat?” stuttered Jimin, tears threatening to well up in his eyes.

“Yes, come in. Come sit down. Make yourselves comfortable. Yoongi’s making some coffee now,” said Hoseok, rubbing the small of Jimin’s back gently to comfort him. “Minnie, why don’t you go get that special snack you made for Jungkook?”

At the mention of the treats, Jimin’s furry ears and tail perked up again. He nodded and smiled as he bounced off towards the kitchen. Cute! thought Jungkook. And that ass! The way it-  His thoughts were cut off by Taehyung, who kicked his foot and muttered under his breath: “Stop staring like that! You’re scaring him! Try to act normal!” 

They all sat down on some couches in Hoseok’s bright and spacious living room. Jungkook struggled to pull himself together. He took a deep breath and forced himself to relax. They heard rummaging noises, the sound of spritzing and the clinking of glass in the kitchen.

A beaming Jimin reappeared shortly with a tray of stemmed, glass ice cream dishes. The dishes had what looked like enormous swirling towers of whipped cream rising up out of them. Yoongi followed, carrying a tray with cups of steaming hot coffee and some warm milk for Jimin. They set the trays down on the coffee table.

“Whoa! That’s a lot of whipped cream!” laughed Jungkook.

“That’s the best part!” said Jimin, licking his lips at the thought of tasting it (and innocently drawing Jungkook’s attention to his little pink tongue and glossy plump lips). “There’s sugared strawberries in there, too. You can’t really see them right now, but they’re in there. I cut them up myself! Most of them...some of them... Yoongi helped me!”

“I love strawberries! This looks amazing, Jimin!” said Taehyung, grabbing a dish and a spoon.

“We can work on the cooking. Yoongi says he wants to teach him,” said Hoseok.

“He’s just a kitten. Hasn’t got much experience in the kitchen yet, but he can learn. He’s a bright little one,” Yoongi said fondly.

Pleased with the compliments and delighted by the sight of all the pretty treats, Jimin felt less nervous in Jungkook’s presence this time. He moved calmly and elegantly as he offered a dish and spoon to Jungkook. “I hope you like it,” he said softly with a shy smile.

“I’m sure I will.” Jungkook took a spoonful of whipped cream in his mouth (he knew he wouldn’t be able to reach any of the strawberries for a while yet). “It’s delicious, little one.”

Jimin almost froze again. Jungkook’s voice! Even when he was saying something simple and sweet, it was so....what? How could he describe it? Part of him wanted to get down on his knees for him right away, though he hadn’t uttered any such command. Another part just wanted to curl up in his lap and purr. Luckily, he knew that it wouldn’t be good manners to do that right now. Instead, he gave a little tinkling giggle that melted the hearts of everyone in the room.

Jimin settled into his place on the sofa next to Jungkook. He sat primly with his tail across his lap, carefully eating his dessert. He knew sometimes he got messy when he got excited and he wanted to be on his best behavior today. Best behavior, best behavior. For daddy. Not yet! Hobi says not yet! Best behavior.

By now Jungkook had fully recovered and was able to enjoy admiring Jimin from up close. In his eyes, Jimin could not have been more beautiful, adorable, or charming, but what attracted him most was the warmth he radiated into the whole room. He thought about how nice it might be to have that feeling in his own home.

Meanwhile, Jimin was taking every chance he could to peek over at Jungkook. He had long forgotten his initial hesitation about him. Now that Jungkook was talking, laughing, and eating whipped cream, Jimin found him more handsome and attractive than ever. 

Taehyung asked about their journey home to Seoul and they talked about Jimin’s first time on an airplane. His owner had given them first-class tickets as a parting gift to Jimin, to pamper him one last time. Jimin found the plane too noisy (he wore his noise-canceling headphones the entire time), but he loved the little tv screens, the reclining seats, his meal presented on a cute little tray. And he was thrilled to see the sparkling blue sea from so high up in the air. He only had to hold on to Hoseok’s hand one time, and that was only when it was so bumpy that the captain turned on the seatbelt sign.

Hoseok got out his phone to show them the photo he took of a smiling Jimin, his cheeks cutely squished by the giant headphones, giving a thumbs up on the plane.

Jungkook smiled at the photo and asked Jimin if he had to cover up his cat ears, too, because of the noise. Jimin just brought his little hands up to his kitty ears as if trying it out and then fell over laughing at the idea of it.

Hoseok explained: “Hybrids use their human ears for hearing. It seems that the cat ears evolved to be decorative, though I would say they’re so expressive they could be considered part of how they communicate. When Yoongi’s are flattened - you know you’d better watch out! And I guess they’re for pleasure, too. That’s important to know - scratching behind the ears is a sure way to make your hybrid happy.”

“Really? You like this, kitten?” asked Taehyung reaching out a hand to scratch behind Jimins’s furry ear. Jimin wiggled in pleasure. “Aw, how cute is that?”

Jungkook glared at Taehyung. “I always thought of you as more of a dog person.”

“I like anything that’s cute,” said Taehyung while looking directly at Jimin. Jimin adored praise and couldn’t help but laugh and smile prettily in response.

“Minnie, could you take this tray back into the kitchen?” asked Hoseok. “And Yoongi, could you help him with loading the dishwasher? Thanks, sweetie.”

When they’d gone, Taehyung felt Jungkook kick his foot under the table. “Stop flirting with him so much, Tae!”

“What? Me? Was I?”

“Well, Jungkook, what do you think?” whispered Hoseok excitedly. He knew Jungkook was quite smitten with Jimin, and Jimin in turn was responding well to Jungkook. He had eyes.

“I think it’s a lot of responsibility...” started Jungkook.

“Maybe I should take him,” said Taehyung.

“You’re not even gay!” cried Jungkook, a little louder than anyone expected.

“But this little kitty has me seriously questioning my sexuality! He’s so pretty. And tiny. And cute. If you don’t want him-”

“I didn’t say that! I do!”

“You do? That’s so great!” cut in Hoseok. “I knew it. I just knew it was a good match! And I’m glad you’re taking it seriously. It is a lot of responsibility. You do have to set boundaries and think about how to create a healthy and happy home for him. But I know you. I know you can do this. And we’ll be right here if you or Jimin need anything - I mean, we live in the same building. This is so great!

“Let’s see, a couple things I should tell you about Jimin: He’s still young and does need a lot of attention at this point. And a lot of affection. Some cat hybrids are aloof (like Yoongi), but Jimin’s the type to need lots of pets and cuddles. I really think he did not get enough of that from his previous owner - from what I could gather, Jimin was given every luxury money could buy, but not what he really needed.

“Also, Yoongi and I have talked to him, and his doctor corroborated this: he hasn’t had sex yet. His owner was pretty old and just was not that interested in him. Even if he had been, Jimin would still have been too young. But his doctor did say that he is showing signs of reaching sexual maturity soon. So you can be expecting that in the near future, maybe even in a few months time.

“Jimin could stay here with us a little longer if you want some time to get your apartment ready for him. You know, set up a room for him, make sure he has a few cozy corners around the apartment to curl up in, that sort of thing. I can help you.”

Yoongi and Jimin returned from the kitchen. Jungkook noticed Yoongi giving Hoseok a smile and a thumbs up before heading back to the kitchen. Perhaps while they were cleaning up he had checked in with Jimin about how he felt and he thought things were going well.

Hoseok jumped up from his seat. “Maybe we should give you two a little time alone,” he said to Jimin and Jungkook. “Actually, it’s a good thing you came, Tae. I just got a new DSLR camera and there’s a couple functions I’m not sure about. Can I show you? It’s in my study.” 

“Sure, let’s go.” They headed down the hallway.

“Jimin, would you like to sit with me?” Jungkook patted the space on the couch next to him. Jimin sat down. “Such a pretty kitty.” Jimin smiled.

Jungkook thought about what Hoseok had said about petting Jimin and wondered if he should do it now. He’d never petted a hybrid before. The only hybrid he knew was Yoongi, who probably would have kicked him in the balls if he’d tried it with him.

He reached out slowly so as not to startle him. Unsure where to begin, he put his fingers in Jimin’s hair near his temple and just sort of held onto a lock of his golden hair, feeling it gently between his thumb and forefingers. He marveled at its softness, it was much silkier than human hair.

Jimin melted into his touch. Jungkook’s fingers sank deeper into his hair and grazed his scalp. Jimin lowered his head and nuzzled his hand. It felt amazing. And though Jungkook’s scent was like nothing he had ever smelled before, it was delicious and he wanted more.

Jungkook wanted to coo at Jimin’s response to his touch. He ran his fingers through the silky hair one more time and asked, “Do you like me, kitten?”

“Yes, da-” Jimin started to say - and they both widened their eyes a little in surprise. Jungkook nodded for him to finish, “-ddy.”

“You seem to like that word. Is that what you want to call me?”

“Yes,...” Jimin hesitated and Jungkook nodded again for him to go on, “...daddy,” Jimin whispered. He looked away with a shy smile.

“Can I tell you something?”

Jimin looked back at him and nodded.

“I like it when you call me daddy.”

They took no notice when the others returned, they were too much in their own world. They sat facing each other, elbows propped on the back of the couch. Jungkook’s hand was skimming Jimin’s cheek. If Jimin had been any closer he would have been in Jungkook’s lap.

Their three friends stood awkwardly in front of them for a moment. Then Yoongi clapped his hands together with a big bang, startling them, and said loudly: “Well, it’s getting late. I have to start making dinner. And Jimin was going to help me. So.... uh... leave.”



“That’s no way to talk to a guest.”

“No, it’s okay, he’s right, we have probably invaded your home for long enough,” said Jungkook.

“Yeah, and I actually need to head out now myself. I’m having dinner with my parents tonight,” said Taehyung. “I’ll let you know when I get home, Jungkook, in case you want to talk.  Goodbye, little kitty, I hope I see you again soon. Yoongi, Hoseok thanks for the hospitality - wonderful as always.  No, no, stay - I’ll let myself out. Have a good evening.”

Jungkook turned to Jimin. “I have to go now, kitten. I can come back to see you... tomorrow?” He looked at Hoseok, who nodded. “Tomorrow, then.”

Jimin looked reluctant to let Jungkook leave, so Yoongi said, “C’mon, Jimin, I’ll show you how to fry a fish. See ya, Jungkook.” Jimin trotted obediently after Yoongi, though his eyes stayed on Jungkook till he was almost out of sight. He paused to give a sad little wave to Jungkook and then disappeared around the corner. 

Hoseok walked Jungkook to the door.

“Thank you, Hobi.”

“You’re welcome! It was great having you!”

“No, I mean it - thank you.”

“Oh, of course! This is going to be so great! You’ll see. You have a nurturing side to you, Jungkook. I’ve seen it. And now you’ll get to fully enjoy that part of yourself. I’m so happy for you! So happy for you both!”










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Jungkook’s apartment occupied the entire top floor of his building and had many more rooms than he needed just for himself. This particular building and the two other towers that made up the rest of the complex were part of the first major project he had worked on start to finish alongside his father. It was by all accounts a great success and his father had insisted that he take the penthouse. He was touched. And he did love the place. He had put his heart and soul into its creation, how could he not? Now he loved it even more, because it could easily accommodate Jimin, which, as he found out, was no small matter.

Jungkook was surprised by the number of large containers that had arrived for Jimin from Jeju. Jimin had already traveled to Seoul with quite a bit of luggage for such a small kitten. His previous owner had the rest of his belongings packed up and shipped to Hoseok’s address (which, conveniently, also happened to be Jungkook’s). Jungkook was glad he had enough extra space for it all. Everything arrived in good condition and was waiting down in the building’s storage area. He thought they should only bring up a few boxes at a time so they wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the task of unpacking them all at once.

They set a move-in date. They would have a full weekend and a few weeknights to unpack some of Jimin’s things so it would feel more like home to him. Jungkook also wanted time to adjust his schedule so that he could be home for dinner at least for the first week after Jimin moved in. He could delegate, he could do some work at home at night, he would find a way. He thought about what he should do with Jimin so that he wouldn’t be alone the entire day. A cat-sitter? Or a social club? There were a number of activities for hybrids in his neighborhood that he could sign Jimin up for. He hadn’t settled on anything yet.

He needn’t have worried so much about leaving Jimin alone. Jimin was used to it. It was the only life he’d ever known. He was so young when he was taken away from his mother that he didn’t remember her or any of his siblings, if he had any. 

Perhaps his previous owner enjoyed the idea of owning a rare and expensive hybrid, but he hardly spent any time with Jimin. They barely saw each other except for Sundays when they ate in the formal dining room and Jimin had to dress for dinner. When he was very young, that meant a suit and bow tie for Jimin, but when he got older he had more leeway as long as he was elegantly dressed. They never exchanged more than a few words during these dinners - his owner would mostly read reports, go over his accounting, or even just eat in silence. Jimin just concentrated on sitting still and minding his table manners.

Jimin didn’t ever blame the man - he was quite old (or at least seemed so to Jimin) and was very busy with his business affairs. My daddy has important work to do. He can’t just play with me, he thought and came up with things to do by himself. Besides, his daddy always let him come ask for things even when he was busy (Jimin was careful not to do it too often). And he never said no to anything Jimin asked for - books, art supplies, a telescope, a new toy - whatever it was, he’d always instruct someone to acquire it for Jimin. 

The only other people in the household were an ancient butler who lived downstairs and the woman who came to cook and clean for them. The butler disdained Jimin for some reason and insisted they were too busy with their duties to pay any attention to him. The woman was kindly and quite fond of Jimin, but she really did have a lot of work with all of the shopping and cooking and cleaning to do. Jimin would sometimes help her clean the house or visit her in the kitchen until the butler found him and shooed him away so he wouldn’t distract her from her work.

There were times when he felt a little lonely. But at least, he was never bored. He had a talent for entertaining himself. And he did have the most wonderful playground.

The house they lived in was built on a rocky cliff that jutted out over the sea. There was a narrow wooden staircase that ran from the clifftop to a little sandy cove below. It clung to the cliffside as it descended, turning at right angles here and there until it reached the fine white sand at the bottom. 

Their little cove was completely private as it was enclosed by rocky cliffs at both ends - the only access being the staircase from their house. At the near end were some tide pools, where Jimin made friends with the hermit crabs. At the far end were large boulders and rocks for Jimin to clamber around. In between was a stretch of beach that was wide and flat. There he would make sand castles with elaborate moats and towers, draw in his sketchbook, or just dig his toes into the sand and enjoy the sunshine and salty air.

He didn’t ever want to go in the water, but he loved to watch the waves and hear them washing over the beach or crashing against the rocks. The temperate climate of the island allowed him to be outdoors year-round - he just dressed warmer in the cooler months. Only the big storms would keep him inside.

Inside the house, Jimin was still very much connected to the sea. His room had a large window seat, with a soft cushioned bench and plenty of plush pillows, where he would spend hours looking out at the water. He could never tire of it. He loved sunny days when the sea was as blue as the sky. He loved watching clouds pass by. He loved the storms, too - the house was so solidly built, he was never afraid - he found the wild winds and huge waves exhilarating. 

Even his bathroom had large windows looking out to the water. He could sit soapy-headed in his bathtub, his toy ships bobbing around him, with a full view of the real sea. He kept an extra pair of binoculars next to the tub, just in case something interesting went by while he was having a bath.

On clear nights, the sky would fill with stars. They shone brilliantly in the dark sky above the beach house - there were no city lights out there to obscure them from view. Jimin had a book that taught him all the constellations and he would try to pick out his favorites as they traveled ever so slowly across the night sky.




It was a tremendous change to go from an isolated beach house on Jeju-do to a penthouse apartment in the center of Seoul. Jimin had never been in a such a tall building before, he’d never even seen such a tall building before. But Jimin was adaptable - since he was still young, he embraced change. It was fascinating to see the world from such a great height. There was a fine view of the river and some parks below, as well as the entire cityscape of Seoul laid out before him. There was so much that was new to look at - so many colors, shapes, materials, and patterns he’d never seen before. The pace and the energy of the city excited him.

He loved the sea and his little beach on the island, but in Seoul he had Hobi, who showered him with love; Yoongi, who was the only other hybrid he’d ever met and seemed to like having him around; and best of all he had Jungkook, who was gentle, kind and affectionate to him. It was a better life than he could have ever hoped for. Surely, change was good. Life was good.




It was Sunday morning. They were going to tackle unpacking a number of boxes that day.

Hoseok called a few minutes after Jimin arrived at Jungkook’s.

“Did he get there okay?”

“Yes, he did. Hobi, I only live three floors above you and it’s not like he could forget which floor I live on - it’s just the button at the very top.”

“I know. But it’s the first time I’ve sent him up on his own. I just wanted to make sure.”

“He was fine. He remembered the door code perfectly, too, so you don’t have to worry.”

“He was so excited about today. I couldn’t really get him to settle down and eat his breakfast properly.”

“I’ll make sure we take a break for a snack then. And, yes, I have healthy snacks! I went shopping yesterday.”

“Well, great then! Have a good time!”




 They were getting more comfortable around each other now, but that wasn’t to say they weren’t still absolutely enchanted with the other.

Jungkook was fascinated by Jimin’s kitty ears, though he’d known Yoongi for years now and had never paid any attention to his. Jimin’s tawny, fuzzy cat ears peeked cutely out of his fluffy hair and were as animated as his furry tail when he got excited about something. They rotated - sometimes together, sometimes in different directions - they curled up, unfurled, vibrated and tweaked in endless variations.

Jungkook couldn’t decide what his favorite thing about looking at Jimin was. Yes, his fuzzy ears and tail were cute, but what about that glowing complexion, the curve of his cheeks, those plump lips? He settled on the eyes: those beautiful, clear eyes that curved into little crescents when he laughed. Yeah, that was probably it. 

Jimin still blushed at Jungkook’s attentiveness. He liked it, but he simply wasn’t used to it. He wanted to peek at Jungkook, because he was so handsome, but almost every time he tried, Jungkook would look up at him or he’d find Jungkook already looking at him. And then he would quickly turn away, embarrassed to be caught. This happened several times, until finally Jungkook came over and stood in front of him.

“Jimin,” said Jungkook as he put his hands on Jimin’s elbows in a loose embrace. Jimin in turn placed his forearms on top of Jungkook’s and peered up shyly at him. “You don’t have to keep turning away, you can look at me. It’s okay.” Jimin dipped his head down and a little to the side. “Is my kitten shy?” Jungkook hooked his finger under Jimin’s chin and gently coaxed him to lift his face up towards him. “I’m your daddy. You can look at me all you want. I’m yours and you’re mine now.”

Jimin flushed happily at these words and buried his head in Jungkook’s chest, wrapping himself around him in a tight hug.

I’m yours and you’re mine.




After lunch, Jimin stayed in his room unpacking a box of clothing while Jungkook went to open another box out in the living room. He smiled when he found his jewelry case and was about to open it when he heard Jungkook calling him.

“Jimin, come out here!”

He went out. Jungkook was standing with his back to him in front of an open box. He had something in his hands, but Jimin couldn’t see what it was. Some large sheaves of paper?

Jungkook looked over his shoulder at Jimin when he heard him approach.

“Are these yours? Did you draw all this?”

Jimin really, really hoped it wasn’t his old drawings from his pirate ship phase. Then he caught sight of what Jungkook was holding - it was the shells! Oh, the shells were beautiful. He could look at them for days - in fact, he did. He filled pages and pages with his studies. Some were fast sketches, as if he were taking notes, some were like photographs in their detail and precision, still others were based on a small detail that he’d enlarged so much they were almost abstract.

“These are wonderful!”

“Which one do you like best, daddy?”

“It’s impossible to pick - there are so many good ones,” said Jungkook. “I do really like this one...”

“You can have it.”

“That’s so sweet. You don’t have to do that.”

“I want to.... I want to give you something.”

“Well, thank you, kitten. I know just the spot for it in my room.”




Unpacking could wait, they spent the rest of the afternoon just looking at Jimin’s artwork - there was so much of it - and talking about all the things he drew and painted: waves and water, sea stars, urchins and other creatures, shells, rocks, sea glass, found objects, cloudy skies, starry skies, his beloved little beach.

Jimin had no end of inspiration all around him, he had countless hours to spend honing his craft, and he had access to all the materials he ever wanted. Pencils, charcoal, pastels, watercolors  - he tried them all at some point, painstakingly figuring out how to make the marks he wanted to make. Some days he would bring his sketchbook and pencils down to the beach. Often, he would bring a little metal pail with him and collect things to draw at home on the days he couldn’t go out.

They ended up sitting together on the floor of the living room with papers all around them. They leaned into each other as they looked at each one and Jimin talked about his art and life on the island. Now and then, Jungkook ran his fingers through Jimin’s hair or gently rubbed his back. At some point, Jimin climbed into Jungkook’s lap to show him a drawing and stayed there.

Jungkook had nothing but admiration for the beauty and sheer volume of Jimin’s artwork, but his heart ached a little for him, too, to learn that it was a product of all the many hours he had to spend alone. Just thinking about it made him pull Jimin a little closer in his embrace. He marveled at Jimin’s resourcefulness and resilience. I guess everything worked out in the end. He’s here with me now and I’ll take care of him the way he should be, he thought.

“Let’s frame some of these and hang them up. They’re so beautiful! Which ones are your favorites? Help me choose. You know, Taehyung will really love seeing all this, too. He’s a photographer. He works in fashion, but he’s also an artist - like you! We should have him over soon! Would you like that? When we’re all set up. Hobi and Yoongi, too.”

He glanced at the artwork all around them again.

“Do you know how talented you are? What an eye you have! And these hands!” Jungkook took Jimin’s hands and kissed them. “These cute, little hands are amazing!”

Jimin laughed. The kisses tickled and he was so happy he felt like he was floating. He had only ever worked on his drawings and paintings for himself. It never occurred to him that it could give pleasure to someone else. It was a wonderful feeling. And to please his daddy - that was the best feeling of all.

They ordered in some jjamppong for dinner and talked more while they ate. Jungkook had loved drawing, too, when he was in school. He became interested in photography in college, but he was always too busy to devote much time to it. Now he felt inspired to take it up again.

After dinner, Jimin had another pleasant surprise when he discovered his shell collection in one box, and his rock collection in another. It was a good day.

Jungkook busied himself with measuring some of Jimin’s artwork and ordering frames to display them. He also began mentally planning the conversion of another bedroom into a studio for Jimin. He would need a drafting table, good lighting, storage for art supplies, a chest of large drawers for his papers. He ought to include a workspace for a computer, too, in case Jimin became interested in digital art. Jimin could choose whichever room he thought would have the best light and view.

When it got late, it almost didn’t make sense to them that Jimin had to leave - neither of them wanted him to go. But they stuck to the original plan and Jimin went back down to Hoseok’s.

Jimin thought of Jungkook as he lay in bed that night. He liked him so much, he thought his heart would burst. He was counting the days till he could move in with him and stay for good.




Chapter Text

Every day when Jungkook came home from work, Jimin would jump into his arms and demand cuddles. He could be reading, napping, drawing, or lying on his stomach by the floor-to-ceiling windows and looking out at the world below, but when Jimin heard the front door open, he came running. And every day, no matter how tired he was when he walked in, Jungkook felt his weariness fall away when he saw his beautiful kitty.

Some days, Jungkook would hold Jimin in his arms right by the door for a little while before they made their way further into the apartment. And some days, Jungkook would scoop Jimin up and carry him to the sofa, where Jimin would sit in his lap and they could talk about their day. Sometimes Jungkook still had work to do and would sit on the sofa with his laptop in his lap and Jimin curled up next to him. Jimin could read, draw, or listen to music - as long as some part of his body was touching some part of Jungkook’s, he was content.

One day when Jimin ran to greet Jungkook at the door, in addition to throwing his arms around his neck and hugging him, Jimin declared that he wanted a kiss, too, “Because Hobi kisses Yoongi.”

“Oh?” said Jungkook, unsure of what Jimin might have seen.

Jimin squeezed his eyes shut and puckered up. His lips, which were already very plump when he wasn’t pursing them, now looked almost absurdly big. Jungkook wanted to laugh at his cuteness, but instead he gave him a quick peck on his adorable lips.

“Like this?” he asked.

“Yes,” said Jimin with a happy smile and nuzzled his face into Jungkook’s chest.

From then on, Jimin would get a kiss every time Jungkook came home.




After Jimin moved in, Jungkook realized fairly quickly that he needed to hire a cook. He had never cared what he put in his stomach when he lived alone, but he wanted Jimin to have proper home-cooked meals. That was just not something he could provide himself.

The idea was to have someone come on Mondays, spend a few hours cooking with Jimin and then refrigerate or freeze what they’d cooked for the week. On the weekend they could dine out or order in. Jimin had expressed an interest in learning how to cook. He had enjoyed visiting the cook when he lived on Jeju, but the butler there never allowed him to touch anything in the kitchen. Yoongi could give him lessons now and then, but that wasn’t enough for them to live on.

Jungkook gathered references, interviewed dozens of women and a few men, tasted their cooking, narrowed it down to a short list, and then did some trial runs of them actually cooking with Jimin. It was time-consuming, but this was something he wanted to get just right if this person was going to be in his home spending time with Jimin.

It was all worth it, because they found an absolute peach of a woman for the job.

Sang-Hee was short and plump, she was merry, an excellent cook with an astounding repertoire, and most importantly she was kind-hearted and genuinely liked Jimin. She praised him when he finished chopping his scallions even though they were uneven and slightly smashed. She made sure he understood that if any spills or mishaps occurred, they could be cleaned up or fixed without any need for getting upset. If Jimin did something especially well, she made sure he knew that, too. Jungkook hired her on the spot.

She had plenty of good jobs around town already, but she applied for this one because, well, who wouldn’t want to say they were the cook for a member of the Jeon family? Usually she cooked alone for her employers in their kitchens, which was fine. She loved to cook and she loved the idea of nourishing people with good food - that was her mission in life. But Mondays with Jimin were the highlight of her week. She found Jimin such a sweet-natured hybrid, so cute and so eager to lend a hand at any task. He always greeted her at the door with his perky tail held high and a happy smile when she arrived with the groceries. It was a joy to watch him grow in skill and confidence in the kitchen.

Jimin loved everything about it - spending time with her, cooking delicious food, and then being able to share it with his daddy at dinner time. 




Jungkook also wanted to be sure that Jimin was getting enough exercise to stay healthy, so he asked Jimin to pick two physical activities to do regularly. They looked together at different options for him to choose from. 

The first activity Jimin chose was an online yoga class, and he wanted Jungkook to do it with him.

They ordered some yoga mats and signed up for the class. 

It was a sunny Saturday morning when they set their yoga mats up in the living room. It was the perfect spot as they could use the large television screen for streaming the class and also have a nice view looking out towards the park and river. 

Jungkook thought it might be the end of him when he saw Jimin come out of his room in a tank top and tight yoga shorts. He himself had just thrown on a loose grey sweatshirt and sweatpants. He didn’t think he would be able to concentrate on the yoga with Jimin near him in that outfit, but he was soon engrossed in trying to do anything even remotely resembling the yoga poses the class was doing. It was far more difficult than the serene look on the instructor’s face belied.

At first, Jimin had his eyes only on the instructor. He moved from pose to pose effortlessly and assumed that Jungkook was doing the same. But when he chanced a side glance at Jungkook’s Tree Pose, he immediately collapsed in a fit of giggles.

Jungkook obviously had the strength to do the poses (he was all muscle thanks to his own exercise regimen), but he wasn’t used to bending or balancing himself like this. And he wasn’t born with Jimin’s cat-like grace or flexibility. The part of him that was driven to do everything well was chagrined, but the part of him that adored Jimin couldn’t have cared less. He was making Jimin laugh so cutely with how funny he looked - what could be better than that? He hammed it up even more, pulling faces and wobbling with each pose.

Jimin tried to help him by pushing or pulling his body and limbs into the right position. “No, daddy, like this! Put your foot here. Like this... like this!” And then he would be seized by a fit of laughter again.

It ended up looking more like a game of Twister than yoga.

Finally, during Jungkook’s attempt at Triangle Pose he ended up actually falling on top of Jimin on the mat. He quickly braced himself with both arms to stop himself from crushing Jimin. And then found himself in a position he had only yet dreamed about. Jimin was pinned beneath him, panting slightly, a light glow of sweat on his forehead and bare neck and collar bones. His blonde hair was fanned out over the light blue mat as he lay there and started laughing at what happened. He looked ravishing.

Jungkook felt drawn to lower himself down and kiss him on the lips. When he pulled back, Jimin kept laughing, though not quite as much as before. Jungkook kissed him again, and after that Jimin’s face mirrored the soft look on Jungkook’s. Jimin lifted a hand up to Jungkook’s cheek and smiled. And then Jimin raised his chin up to kiss Jungkook.

Jungkook found Jimin’s lips incredibly plush - they felt so good against his own. He felt the urge to lick into Jimin’s sweet mouth and Jimin just opened up for him the moment he thought of doing it. Jimin tangled his fingers in Jungkook’s hair and pressed back with his tongue as they kissed. There was no fumbling or awkward clash of noses or teeth. Jimin moved his mouth in tandem with Jungkook’s and hummed with pleasure as if this was the hundredth and not the first time they had shared a heated kiss. He was a natural.

Jungkook pulled away to catch his breath. He didn’t think Jimin was ready for more yet and he didn’t want to get carried away. He kissed Jimin sweetly one last time and stood up. He smiled at Jimin as he tried to discreetly adjust his dick through the right-hand pocket of his sweatpants, but he saw Jimin’s eyes flit with interest to the outline of it as it bounced. Was that desire on his face? Or just curiosity?

“I could kiss you all day, you’re that delicious, kitten, but you’re supposed to be doing yoga. I’ll do better next time, I promise. For now I don’t want to distract you anymore from your exercise - you were doing so well.” He told Jimin he needed to go shower (which was the truth) and left him so he could finish the class properly.




The second activity Jimin chose was a neighborhood club that went on outings together on Wednesdays. It was for cat hybrids only and all ages could join. The destinations and logistics were all planned by the club’s director, Kim Seokjin. Transportation and lunch were included. Any entrance fees or tickets (if applicable) were purchased for the group in advance of their arrival. All the members had to do was turn up in the morning at the meeting point and they’d be whisked off for a fun day out.

They went for walks together in nearby Seoul Forest or along the Han River. Sometimes they’d visit the more famous attractions: the historic village or one of the palaces. They might head out to Eurwangni Beach in summer, Haneul Park to see the silver grass in autumn, or the Banyan Tree Club for ice skating in winter. Jimin could get fresh air and exercise, see some famous sights around Seoul, dine out for lunch, and make new friends. The group met in the lobby of the building next door, so Jimin could easily make his way there and come back home afterwards.

It was quite expensive to join the club. The restaurants where they dined and the services offered were top notch and space was limited to the seating capacity of two vans (one driven by Seokjin and the other by his assistant, Hobeom). But it seemed worth the cost to Jungkook as it was highly recommended by everyone he spoke to about it - owners were happy with how their hybrids were pampered and the hybrids all seemed to adore Seokjin and Hobeom. There was, in fact, a waitlist to join the club, but Hoseok had a connection that got Jimin in straight away.

Hoseok was an old school friend of Seokjin’s partner, Kim Namjoon - ‘business partner’ they would always clarify when they introduced themselves. (Anyone who knew him well would know that Seokjin was happily married to himself, the handsomest and most fun-loving guy he knew. Namjoon was unattached. “Haven’t found the right one yet, I guess,” he’d say shyly as he pushed his round black-framed glasses up his nose.)

Namjoon had been Yoongi’s doctor for years now, and recently saw Jimin when he first arrived in Seoul. He was also a leading scientist in hybrid biology who did research and lectured at Seoul National University.

Seokjin, despite some eccentricities, had a highly developed social intelligence that served him very well in business. Together, he and Namjoon ran a chain of hybrid clinics that had several locations around Seoul. They had originally started with one clinic and it was so successful they knew they could replicate it at a second location, and it went on from there. Seokjin handled the nuts and bolts of the operation and Namjoon, in addition to seeing patients, gave input where his medical and scientific knowledge was needed.

Seokjin started the club because he happened to live in that neighborhood and because he always did whatever he wanted if he thought it would be fun. It had been running for a few years now and he was still having a great time with it.

Jimin’s first outing was to Yeouido Park to view the cherry blossoms that were just reaching their peak that week. The sky was blue, and it looked like it would be a beautiful day. Jimin first put on a cream-colored cotton sweater with thin horizontal red stripes, then decided he wanted to wear tweed. He was pleased with this until Jungkook reminded him he needed to wear his pea coat as it was still cold in the mornings and he had to go change again.

After that, Jungkook hustled Jimin out the door so he couldn’t change his mind again -  he wanted to be able to drop him off before going to work.

When they got there, they saw the club members chatting animatedly at the far end of the lobby. It was impossible to miss Seokjin, who stood head and shoulders above many of them. He was wearing a bright yellow dress shirt and a purple blazer that said ‘Follow Me!’ in bright yellow lettering across his back. He noticed their arrival and headed over to greet them.

“Jeon Jungkook!” he said with a bow. “I’m Kim Seokjin. I believe we’ve met before, but I don’t know if you remember. And you must be young Jimin. I’ve heard a lot about you! Jimin, what do you call a bull that likes taking naps? A bulldozer! Bull-dozer? Get it?” He burst into a high-pitched, squeaky laugh and elbowed Jimin in the ribs. Jungkook was slightly appalled, but smiled to be polite, or perhaps out of embarrassment. Jimin laughed wholeheartedly, not at the joke, but because Seokjin looked so funny when he was telling it.

“Jimin, you’re riding with me in my van today. And your buddy today, is...” he checked his roster, “...Sungwoon. I’ll introduce you in a minute, after you two say goodbye.” 

Jungkook looked at Jimin, pleased to see that his kitty ears twitched and his tail swished with excitement, but somehow wasn’t able to let go of his hand.

Seokjin noticed Jungkook’s hesitation and added with a wink, “Don’t worry, we haven’t lost one yet!”

“Right! Of course! I should be going. Have fun! Call me when you get home,” said Jungkook. He kissed Jimin goodbye on the cheek and watched as Seokjin led him away to meet the others. 




The next week the group went hiking at Namsan mountain. (“There were cherry blossoms blooming there, too, daddy!”)  And in the following weeks to come, Jimin always had a great day out on Wednesdays. 

Every Thursday, they were sent photos and videos of the group on their outings: Jimin looking pretty under the cherry blossom trees; Jimin listening intently to a tour guide at Gyeongbokgung Palace; Jimin laughing with his arm around Sungwoon as they crossed a little bridge over Cheonggyecheon Stream; Jimin with his chopsticks ready over a big plate of haemul pajeon. 

At first, Jungkook felt a slight pang when he saw them, thinking maybe he should be the one taking Jimin to all these places. But he brushed that feeling aside and instead was happy that his kitten could spend some time outdoors and among friends while he was at work.




Jimin still had plenty of time to devote to his art. It grounded him. He felt like himself when he was immersed in his work. Sometimes it seemed like a dream that he was brought to this wonderful place where he had nice friends and a beautiful daddy. It was soothing to put pencil to paper for hours on end as he had always done. It reassured him that he was still himself - and if he was really himself, then everything and everyone around him must be real, too.

He was still fascinated by objects from his collections of shells, rocks and other items from his little beach and would often spend his time observing and drawing them. 

He also had new sources of inspiration. For a while, he was quite obsessed with cherry blossoms. Jungkook even bought several branches of them for Jimin to keep in a vase in his studio when he saw how much his kitten liked them.

Sometimes he played with the computer and drawing tablet that Jungkook gave him. It was fun, but he wasn’t using them to create any art yet. Working with them was a little strange compared to the very tactile methods he was used to, so he was taking his time to figure out what he could really do with them.

Jimin loved his shiny new phone much more - he could see his daddy on his phone at lunchtime and talk to him. Or he could send him a text if he missed him too much. He knew his daddy couldn’t always answer right away, but he always felt better after sending it anyway.




Inspired by Jimin’s devotion to his art, Jungkook really had taken up photography again. And though he started off intending to photograph the cityscapes and street scenes that once fascinated him, he ended up mostly taking pictures of Jimin. There were so many nuances to capture and he was determined to photograph them all. He had dug out his old camera, decided it wasn’t good enough, and ended up purchasing new equipment with some advice from Taehyung. After all, he had to do his subject justice.

Jimin was cooperative for the most part. He would pose for Jungkook for long stretches or tolerate having a camera pointed at him while he was going about his own business. In general he had fun posing for photos, but he would grow tired of it if it got too long or there was something else he wanted to do.

If he was feeling playful, he would just suddenly bolt away so his daddy would have to chase him and that was fun. But it didn’t always get him to stop, because sometimes he would do so while still taking photos. 

At some point, Jimin figured out the best way was to just stare intensely into the camera lens. Jungkook would snap a few more photos, blink a few times, then swallow hard, then put the camera down, ending the photo session. It became a sort of game for Jimin when he got bored, figuring out what worked and what didn’t. 

Blinking and tweaking his kitty ears - nope. Licking his lips (he thought he had some banana milk there) - that worked! Wrinkling his nose - not so much. Staring and biting his lip? That worked even better than licking his lips! 

And the time Jimin decided to crawl on his hands and knees towards the camera while biting his lip and staring through the lens at him, Jungkook almost dropped the camera, so quickly did he try to stand up and put it away. It always made Jimin laugh to see his daddy acting so funny.




Late one night, Jungkook looked up from his laptop to see Jimin, who had fallen asleep curled up next to him on the sofa. Darkness had filled the room while he was working and now the only light came from the glow of his laptop and the soft, warm light of a single floor lamp above Jimin’s head. He looked so angelic in that moment, but when did he not? Jungkook knew he had never seen anyone more beautiful and was quite convinced he never would. 

He thought about how his life had changed for the better since Jimin came into it. He was eating healthier, because he cared about what Jimin ate. He was enjoying photography again. He was working more efficiently. 

He had been highly motivated by his desire to come home to Jimin, so he streamlined his schedule and improved at delegating work and communicating with his staff. Not only did he succeed in getting more time with Jimin, but the changes he made noticeably improved his work flow in the office.

Indeed, the fact that he wanted to make changes in his work schedule at all indicated a significant shift in his life.

Ever since he was a boy, Jungkook knew he had big shoes to fill. He idolized his father and his grandfather, who had created a successful company with loyal employees and a solid reputation. He wanted to show he was just as passionate about the company as they had been - just as hard working, brilliant, capable, trustworthy. He had been so anxious to prove himself that everything else in his life had taken a backseat to it. 

It was true he was rewarded for his efforts - he had pride in his work, recognition, money. He wasn’t so impractical that he didn’t see the value in these things. He had no desire to try living without them. He certainly couldn’t provide the home that Jimin deserved without them.

And yet these things were temporal. They didn’t feed his soul. He hadn’t even thought to try and identify what would, he wasn’t aware of the need to do so. 

But now he knew himself better.

Spending time with Jimin, looking after his well-being, receiving his affection and adoration, observing his openness to everyone and everything or his pure delight in even the smallest things, feeling a connection to this little being who seemed to understand him even without very many words - these things gave him life. He might have burnt out, and badly, if he had kept going as he was before Jimin came to him.

Jungkook needed beauty, warmth and light as much as he needed air. And he had it all rolled into one small package that was curled up on the sofa next to him.

Even just looking at Jimin tonight gave Jungkook something to sustain him. Whatever difficulties he might face, whatever failures, personal or professional, whatever darkness may come, as it must from time to time, he would be able to endure them because this moment of beauty existed - this moment, in the stillness of the night, in this room, under the lamplight, with Jimin sleeping gently by his side.

There are moments like this when you know that you are perfect in that moment. Whatever happens before or after, in this one moment, you are free from the endless striving, you are perfect as you are and everything in the universe is as it should be.



Chapter Text

Their hello kiss by the front door had lasted a little longer than usual tonight. And they had kissed after dinner for no reason at all. They were loading the dishwasher when they brushed against each other accidentally and then kissed so passionately that Jungkook ended up lifting Jimin onto the kitchen counter and slotting himself between his legs as they kissed. Jimin hummed with approval at this, but it was over too soon. Jungkook pulled away and said they’d better start the movie before it got too late. He turned himself around and lifted Jimin onto his back for a piggyback ride to the living room.

It was a warm summer night, a Friday night - Jungkook had changed out of his work clothes and thrown on a short sleeved button-down shirt that he didn’t bother to button. It wasn’t anything he hadn’t seen before, but tonight the sight of his tanned, muscular torso made Jimin feel light-headed. And tonight Jungkook’s heady scent seemed to surround and overwhelm him. Jimin took his usual spot on Jungkook’s lap, but every point of contact between them right now felt like it was burning into his skin. Soon he felt a growing discomfort between his legs. He tried shifting around, but he didn’t know how to make it go away.

“Kitty, you’re very wiggly tonight. Don’t you like the movie?” asked Jungkook. And then he caught sight of the tent in Jimin’s shorts.

“Oh! What’s this?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“My.. my..”



“Your penis is hard, baby.”

“I don’t know why.”

“Oh, kitten.” He turned Jimin a little to face him and kissed him softly. He ran his fingers through his hair, around his kitty ears and caressed his cheek.

“Do you like it when I touch you here?”


Jungkook ran his fingers down Jimin’s neck and along his collar bone, then rubbed his chest lightly with the flat of his palm.

“Do you like when I touch you here?”


“I can touch your penis, too, if you want. Daddy can make you feel really good. Do you want that?”

Jimin whimpered, “Please, daddy.”

“I’m going to have to pull down your shorts. Is that okay?”


Jungkook moved Jimin around on his lap so that his back rested in his left arm. With his right hand, he grabbed the waistband of Jimin’s shorts and pulled them down to mid-thigh, with some help from Jimin lifting his hips a little. He took care that his tail was all the way out and resting comfortably off to the side.

He had wondered if he should get some lotion, but he didn’t want to leave Jimin to go get it. It turned out he didn’t need any. As soon as he exposed Jimin’s swollen cock, Jimin started leaking a stream of slick.

“Daddy!” yelped Jimin, alarmed by the sudden wet sensation.

“Sshh. It’s okay, baby. That’s your slick. Your body is doing just what it’s supposed to do. You’re amazing, kitten. So wet for me. This will help it feel even better. Such a good kitty.”

He put his hand between Jimin’s legs and ran his fingers along his dripping hole, gathering some slick to lubricate his hand and drawing some soft whimpers from Jimin in the process. He kissed Jimin again and then wrapped his hand around Jimin’s cock.

“Oh-h!” Jimin gave a little jerk and then clung tightly onto Jungkook. Jungkook began to move his hand slowly. The glide was so amazingly silky and smooth from the slick. Jimin’s chubby red cock fit in his hand so perfectly. He looked down at his beautiful kitten, marveling at how prettily his body twitched when he was responding to pleasure. He began to pick up speed.

Jimin curled further and further inward, breathing heavily, burying his head in Jungkook’s neck and gripping his shoulders tightly. At the last moment, Jimin tossed his head and body back and came with a small cry. His pearly white cum landed on his T-shirt and coated Jungkook’s hand as Jungkook continued to pump his cock until he had milked the last drop from it. The wave of pleasure that had welled up, crested and crashed over him was so unfamiliar and intense that it might have frightened him if his daddy hadn’t been holding him in his lap and cradling him with one arm. He nestled back into his daddy’s chest, still panting heavily.

“You were perfect, kitten. You came so beautifully. Did that feel good?”

Jimin managed to whisper a “Yes, daddy,” though he hadn’t really come down from his high yet.

Jungkook lifted Jimin up to kiss him a few times and then moved him gently off his lap and to his side. He never thought that he’d be almost coming in his pants from giving someone else a hand job, but he was so close now to doing just that. He quickly opened up his pants and freed his throbbing cock.

“Baby, daddy is going to come, too, now. See?”

At these words, Jimin revived a little and opened his eyes to look at Jungkook. He even tucked himself into a kneeling position to have a better view.

Just seeing Jimin’s angelic face looking down at him in wonder was enough for Jungkook to come. He had barely wrapped his slick and cum covered hand around his cock and started pumping when his orgasm hit.

Jimin was mesmerized as he watched the white cum spurting from his daddy’s big cock and landing on his chest and tensed abs. He’d never seen anything so beautiful in his life.




To clean up, they decided to take a bath together.

The master bathroom had a nice oversized tub built into a platform, with steps leading up to the edge. Jungkook turned on the taps and sprinkled some bubble bath that he knew Jimin liked into it.

The tension that had been building between them had been alleviated, at least a little for now, and they could admire each other’s beautiful bodies more or less innocently.

Jungkook sat on the edge of the tub, using a washcloth to clean the cum and slick off of Jimin as he stood in the rising water. He may have spent more time than necessary on his thick thighs and the round globes of Jimin’s ass, but in his defense, Jimin was truly a work of art. 

“It’s so round. It should be cast in marble. It could have its own wing in a museum. Millions would come to see it,” he said to Jimin while polishing it thoroughly.

“Silly daddy!” laughed Jimin. He didn’t know what the fuss was about. Of course his bottom was round, what other shape would it be? His daddy was the one who was a work of art -  his was so full and muscular, it flexed so beautifully whenever he moved, and the same could be said of the corded muscles of his tremendous thighs.

They sat down facing each other in the warm, bubbly water. It was the first time Jimin had been in this tub - he usually used the one in his own bathroom. It was Jungkook’s first time, too, as he usually only showered. It was so delightful they agreed they should do it more often.

Besides giving his daddy a funny soapy hairdo, Jimin spent a good long time soaping up his arms, chest and abs for him. He loved the fact that his daddy was so big and strong. Jimin would have stayed in the bath all night, but Jungkook took his little hands and showed him how pruney they were and said it was time to get out.

Soon they were in the kitchen in their white bathrobes looking for a late night snack, but they couldn’t find anything that was quite what they were craving.

Luckily, Jungkook remembered a bingsu shop not too far from their building and checked if they could get some delivered. Their bingsu arrived within fifteen minutes in a specially designed cooler that kept it in pristine condition. Jimin got strawberry and Jungkook chose mango. Jimin declared it was the best treat ever - better than whipped cream, better than ice cream! In between spoonfuls, he said “thank you, daddy” a million times and peppered Jungkook’s face and neck with kisses, he liked it so much. Jungkook made a mental note to get bingsu every week for the rest of the summer.




Some nights later, Jungkook was reading in bed, which he often did before going to sleep. As he turned a page he thought he saw the flash of a kitty’s tail pass by his open bedroom door. He looked more closely, but he heard and saw nothing more and decided he was imagining things. Later when he reached over to his bedside lamp and switched it off, he saw with certainty a dark silhouette with kitty ears and tail flash by.

“Jimin? Jiminie, is that you?”

Jimin appeared in the doorway in his blue pjs.

“What is it, kitty?”

Jimin didn’t speak.

“Come here, kitten.”

Jimin came and stood by the bed looking at Jungkook with large questioning eyes. He lifted a hand to Jungkook’s face and touched his lips with his fingertips. He didn’t know what he wanted. He didn’t know why he was there. He just wanted his daddy. His heart pounded in his chest as he stood there.

“I love you, daddy,” said Jimin, his voice barely above a whisper.

Jungkook leaned forward, closing the space between them, and crushed their lips together. He kept kissing him passionately as he shoved the bed covers down and away, then wrapped his arms around Jimin and pulled him off his feet, up onto the bed, and on top of himself. They slotted together perfectly, with Jungkook’s thigh between Jimin’s legs, as they kissed and licked into each other’s mouths. Then Jungkook broke the kiss for a moment so he could look into Jimin’s eyes. “I love you, kitten,” he said to him softly, and then he let Jimin melt back down into his kisses.

Jungkook kissed with tenderness and with desire, but Jimin’s kisses were more urgent. Jimin was feeling impatient and much too hot. He pulled back from Jungkook and sat upright - he just had to get out of his pajamas. He tried to unbutton his shirt, but was fumbling so much he got frustrated and pulled it off over his head instead. He rolled off of Jungkook and onto his back. He pulled off his pants and underwear and kicked them away. He was shameless. He was too hot and he wanted his daddy to touch him and he didn’t care if he was shameless.

Jimin’s pale, lithe body was remarkably hairless and smooth, an interesting contrast to his furry tail and kitty ears. He only had a little bit of fuzz around his cock, the cutest cock Jungkook had ever seen. If it had been bigger it would have been out of proportion with his lovely little body, but it wasn’t too small or skinny, it was just right, so red and swollen and bumping up against his tummy. His creamy white thighs were slightly parted, offering a glimpse of his luscious ass, which pressed into the mattress, and of his pretty pink hole, which glistened with slick. He was the most delectable and sensual sight that Jungkook had ever seen.

Jungkook sat up, in fact he got up on his knees, to look at Jimin. He was in absolute awe seeing Jimin lying bare before him - how was it possible that such a heavenly creature was in his bed? How on earth did he get so lucky? 

“Such a good kitty. My pretty kitty,” he said as he ran his hands up Jimin’s legs, thighs, ass, belly, chest, shoulders, and down his arms, then repeated it all again. He wanted to feel every inch of his silky smooth skin. Jimin arched and sighed and moaned at his every touch. Nothing could compare to the feeling of his daddy’s hands on him.

Jungkook got up to take off his clothes, too. Jimin watched him undress from where he lay on the bed, blinking almost in disbelief as each part of Jungkook’s powerfully built body was revealed. Jimin wasn’t afraid of him (he knew his daddy would never hurt him), but he trembled to look at him. He was so much bigger than Jimin in every way - his large frame, his beautifully sculpted muscles, and that magnificent cock that Jimin had admired the other night when they were on the couch.

Jungkook got back on the bed, crawling forward to kiss Jimin. He buried his face in the crook of Jimin’s neck, kissing and licking the tender skin there. He ground his cock against Jimin’s. They were finding their rhythm.

They rolled over again and Jimin climbed back on top of Jungkook, straddling him and kissing him hungrily on the mouth. He rocked his hips as they kissed, rubbing his leaking hole up and down Jungkook’s cock. Suddenly, the tip of Jungkook’s cock caught on his rim and he gasped. He knew instinctively that his daddy’s cock belonged inside of him and tried to push himself down on it.

“Wait, Jimin! Stop!” Jimin stopped obediently. “I have to make sure you’re ready for that, kitten. Let me use my fingers to open you up first.” 

He eased Jimin’s body back down a little bit. He reached behind Jimin and smoothed his hands in a circular motion over his ass for a moment, then felt his way towards his hole. He slipped in a finger, eliciting a sweet moan from Jimin. He pulled out and pressed in again, the slick coating his hand immediately. He found the muscles relaxing and opening up for him much more easily than he had ever experienced before. He worked up to three fingers in almost no time. He brushed up against Jimin’s prostate and Jimin gasped in surprise and moaned louder. Jungkook had heard that hybrids may have been bred for sex, and now he could see why - he marveled at the silkiness of Jimin’s slick, the elasticity of the muscles at his entrance, the larger prostate.

Jimin lay on top of Jungkook, head buried into his neck. His cock was rubbing so nicely against Jungkook’s muscular stomach as he felt strong fingers prodding this spot inside him that was sending him into ecstasy.

“Daddy, I... I can’t.. I- ahh!” Hot cum spurted between their bodies as Jimin came. He held on tightly to Jungkook’s shoulders until he felt the last tremors of his orgasm pass through his body.

Jungkook stopped moving his hand to give Jimin a moment to catch his breath, but left his fingers inside Jimin’s hole. It took him a second to realize that Jimin’s whimpers of pleasure had changed into something else. Jimin’s face was crumpled and he was crying real tears.

“Kitten! What’s the matter?”

“I don’t want you to stop,” Jimin sniffed. “I don’t want you to stop, because I c-came.”

“I’ll only stop if you want me to. Do you want me to stop?”

“No! It feels so good. S-so good, daddy.”

“That’s good, kitten. Don’t cry, daddy’s going to give you what you want.” He kissed Jimin sweetly to soothe him and then in mid-kiss he pushed his fingers back deeper into Jimin. It wasn’t long before Jimin was a moaning mess and getting hard again. He felt the pleasure building inside him, climbing impossibly high. 

Then suddenly the fingers were gone, but before he could whimper about the loss he felt something else at his entrance - something that was bigger and felt even better. It was his daddy’s cock and Jimin was ready, so ready for it. “Please, daddy. Please...” he begged and tried weakly to pull himself down on it. He felt the enormous head breach the opening of his hole and he cried out in pleasure.

Jungkook gripped Jimin by the waist and a thigh and pushed him bodily down on his cock, down the rest of the way until his full length was buried inside him. Jimin cried out again, louder this time. It was better than he could have ever imagined. He loved the feeling of being pushed open, being stretched around his daddy’s giant cock more and more until it reached the deepest part of him. It was pure pleasure that radiated from the slide of his daddy’s cock inside him to every nerve ending in his body.

“Ah, kitten!” gasped Jungkook. Jimin’s slick had made the slide in so smooth, even though his little body was impossibly hot and tight around his cock. It was unreal. He was struggling to maintain control - nostrils flaring, hands gripping Jimin’s ass tightly till it showed white around his fingertips. He concentrated on taking deep breaths and then forced himself to open his eyes to make sure Jimin was okay. 

After a moment, Jungkook got a firm grip on Jimin’s ass and thighs again, moving him slowly up and off his cock, and then pushed him back down in one smooth motion. Jimin cried out again at that, and he began moaning nonstop as Jungkook started to slowly thrust up into him in long, even strokes.

At some point, he didn’t know how he got the strength, but Jimin pushed himself up with his hands and rolled his hips. His jaw fell open, Jungkook’s cock was sliding so deliciously deep inside him. Jungkook groaned as he watched Jimin work himself on his cock and held his hands to help prop him up. Jimin’s smooth and lightly muscled torso looked so beautiful as he moved and his fully erect cock bounced so cutely against his belly. Jungkook couldn’t get enough of watching his kitten moaning and pleasuring himself this way, but it wasn’t long before Jimin felt overwhelmed by the effort and collapsed forward again with a shuddering sigh.

Jungkook decided to turn them over. He sat up, held Jimin in his arms as he got up on his knees, and then placed him back down on the bed on his back all while keeping his cock buried inside him. He took hold of Jimin’s legs and hooked them over his shoulders. Jungkook bent down to kiss Jimin and to look once more into his face, which had never looked as gorgeous as it did right at this moment.

“I love you, kitten,” he said. “I love you...I love you...” he said again as he began to roll his hips, thrusting into Jimin faster and harder this time. Every push was exquisite for them both and knowing how much pleasure they were giving the other made it all the better. He wanted to tell Jimin how perfect he was, how beautiful, but now an intense wave of pleasure was building up inside him, robbing him of speech.

And then Jimin was tossing his head back, his lips parted, radiant like the sun, his moans reaching a fevered pitch. Jungkook could see Jimin’s cum splattering across his stomach and feel his hole clenching around him and he knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. He put everything he had into his last few thrusts, half gasping half groaning with each one, until he was coming hard, cock pulsing, filling Jimin with his cum, pushing himself in as deeply as he could until he finally ground to a halt, spent and quivering from the intensity of his orgasm.




Jimin wanted nothing more than to go right to sleep, so Jungkook carried him to the bathtub to clean up.

It wasn’t as playful as their first bath, but it was just as sweet.

Jimin sat with his back to Jungkook, nestled in between his legs. He really was quite sleepy and leaned back against Jungkook with his eyes closed as he was gently washed by him.

Jungkook dried his kitten with his fluffiest white towels and then wrapped him in his fluffy white robe. He carried him back to bed as well and went to look for a clean T-shirt and boxers for him. He managed to dress a practically sleeping Jimin before he slipped on some boxers himself and went to sleep with his arm draped around Jimin.




Chapter Text

It was a Friday and the meeting on his schedule for that afternoon had been cancelled at the last minute, so Jungkook decided to come home early to surprise Jimin. Seeing the brilliant yellow and orange foliage all over the city while thinking about what they should have for dinner on his way home reminded him that blue crabs would be in season and he wondered if Jimin would like to get kkotge jjigae tonight. 

He had found it unavoidable to work late last night and Jimin had gone downstairs to have dinner and watch a movie with Hoseok and Yoongi. He was glad that he could make it up to Jimin so soon and was looking forward to seeing the happy look on his face as he jumped into his arms. But when he opened the door and stepped into the entryway, Jimin didn’t come to greet him. Hadn’t he heard the door?

“I’m home!” Jungkook took off his shoes and hung up his coat, but still no kitten.

He walked towards the living room. “Kitty?”

When he reached the edge of the dining room he spotted Jimin across the way in the open kitchen. He was wearing his big, noise-cancelling headphones and had his back to him. A milk carton, a cutting board with a small pile of strawberry stems and a banana peel on it, and an empty yogurt cup with a spoon in it sat on the counter.

Jimin was dancing to some music and making a smoothie. He pushed the lid onto the blender and pressed the on button with a fancy flourish of his hand. The blender came to life, blasting its contents into a frothy pink swirl.

Jungkook guessed that he was listening to something fun. Jimin bounced to the beat and wiggled his butt while swishing his tail energetically. Jungkook had to smile - if this was what was going on while he was at work he really should come home early more often. He thought about filming it on his phone, but decided to live in the moment and just enjoy watching his kitten dancing with abandon in the kitchen.

It looked like the song was reaching the end. Jimin was now full-on head banging to the last few beats. He ended by pushing down the blender’s off button on the final beat, bent over in a low bow, and extending his other arm theatrically up in the air behind him. He held that position for a moment, just for effect, then laughed a little at himself.

Jungkook had to laugh, too. Now he regretted not getting this on camera.

And then the next song must have come on, apparently quite a different one. Because when Jimin started moving again, it took Jungkook’s breath away.

 Jungkook couldn’t hear what Jimin was listening to, but he could feel it just from watching him dance. It must have been something sexy, and Jimin was feeling himself. He swayed to the music, he rolled his hips slowly. He made beautiful lines with his body, alternately accentuating the suppleness of his torso and limbs, his tiny waist, his plush ass or the curves of his thighs. The way he moved was so fluid and sensual - if Jungkook had believed in sin, he would have certainly called it a sin to watch Jimin dancing like this.

How the cutest kitten in the world and this sex kitten could inhabit the same body and switch in an instant from one to the other was a wonder to Jungkook, one which he appreciated with his entire body and soul. His eyes darkened and he swallowed hard at the sight. He had to hook his fingers around the knot of his tie and tug it loose.

Suddenly, Jimin twirled around to face him and Jungkook braced himself to be caught, but Jimin had his eyes closed and kept dancing, unaware of his presence. He brought his hand up to his neck and slid it all the way down his body as he went into another sinuous body roll with the most dazzling smile on his face.

That did it. Jimin’s gorgeous body excited him like no other, but his beautiful face had the power to bring Jungkook to his knees. He started to walk across the dining room with purpose, eager to close the distance between them, no longer content to just watch and not touch.

Jimin froze in mid-motion, wrinkled his little nose, and sniffed inquisitively with a tilt of his head. His eyes flew open in surprise. “Daddy?” Of course, his scent would give him away as he got closer.

“Daddy!” Jimin pulled off his headphones and placed them on the counter. Then he ran into Jungkook’s arms and kissed him happily. “You’re home early!”

“You taste like strawberries.”

“I made a smoothie! Want some?”

“No, thank you. You drink it, kitten. It looks delicious.”

Jimin went back into the kitchen and poured his smoothie into a glass tumbler that was sitting next to the blender. He didn’t seem to mind that Jungkook was making it more difficult by caging him in to the counter from behind and kissing him on the neck while he was doing this. He turned around to drink, still snugly caged in, looking up at Jungkook with big eyes over the rim of the glass. He finished and licked his lips. “Mmm. Yummy!”

Jungkook took the empty glass from him and placed it on the counter.

“I was watching you dance.”

“You were?”

“You’re so beautiful when you dance. What were you listening to?”

Jimin leaned past Jungkook to reach his headphones, slipped them on over his ears for him, and started the music again. Jungkook blinked a few times as he listened. “Okay. We should definitely play this out loud on the the bedroom.”

At that, Jungkook lifted Jimin up by his thighs and wrapped them around his waist. Jimin giggled and clung tightly to Jungkook’s neck as he was carried to their bedroom, where they spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying all the ways their bodies and minds responded to the music and to each other.




Before the weather turned very cold, Jungkook took Jimin shopping for winter clothes. Jimin had a large wardrobe, but winters in Seoul were more severe than on Jeju and he would need some warmer clothes now. Jimin adored winter fashion - scarves, oversized sweaters and hoodies, fuzzy and furry things, puffy coats. Jungkook wanted to buy everything Jimin tried on, he looked so cute, but Jimin was more discerning. Still, they had quite a few bags in hand when their driver picked them up in front of the store.

They had gone to The Galleria in Apgujeong, which had a number of collections for hybrids, as well as excellent in-house tailors who could make alterations to any outfit of their choosing.

Over the years, Jungkook had come to rely on the staff there to get him reasonably dressed and out the door as quickly as possible, his main criteria for shopping in the past. Shopping with Jimin was different. Jungkook was no longer in a hurry, he just enjoyed being along for the ride.

Jimin caused quite a stir wherever they went. Simply put, he looked the part - he looked like money. He was more gorgeous and expensive-looking than all of the luxury items around them and he turned the heads of customers and sales staff alike. They had seen pretty pets and well-pampered hybrids before, but they had never seen anything his equal.

Jungkook took it all in stride. He had mostly gotten used to all the staring, whispering and straight up ogling that Jimin got whenever they were out in public. He was okay with the men who gave him “you lucky bastard” looks, he agreed with them completely. He turned his back immediately to the men who looked liked they were about to ask how much Jimin cost and where they could get one, too. Occasionally, someone would look at Jimin too lasciviously, and Jungkook would reposition himself to block Jimin from their view.

The sales clerks flocked around Jimin, cooing over his pretty hair and petite figure, but he was so sweet that they genuinely liked being around him and he had such a keen fashion sense that they really enjoyed looking for the right clothes for him. The floor managers were finding so many special discounts and promotional gifts for him that Jungkook suspected they were making them up on the spot, they were so eager to have Jimin be seen wearing their clothing or at least have one of their shopping bags on his arm.

Jimin, by nature lively and sociable, enjoyed the attention and appreciated the flurry of activity around him, but it did get to be too much after a while. At some point, he was all shopped out.

Though his pretty smile never left his face, Jimin turned inward towards Jungkook and steadied himself almost imperceptibly on his arm. Then Jungkook knew it was time to go home and wrapped his arm securely around Jimin’s shoulders, firmly saying thank you, that will be all today, and goodbye as they made their way out of the store. He kept his arm wrapped around Jimin in the car, who cuddled into his side as they rode home, satisfied that Jimin was well-equipped for the coming winter.




In November, there was the excitement of the first snow. Jimin woke Jungkook up much too early for a weekend morning, bouncing on the bed and babbling eagerly about the snow floating down in fat flakes past their window. Jungkook allowed Jimin to drag him out of bed and agreed to putting on their down coats over their pajamas to go outside if Jimin would let him bring his camera along.

They went down to the terrace garden on the tenth floor of their building, and at that hour, they had it all to themselves. It was pretty magical - well, Jimin in the falling snow was magical. Jungkook got a few good photos that day before Jimin’s warm kisses distracted him from taking any more.




Christmas was an especially happy time for them. Jimin had never celebrated Christmas before. He discovered that he absolutely loved all things Christmas - the music, the food, the tree, the pretty lights. He hung mistletoe in every conceivable corner of their apartment and they were still in that phase where a kiss could easily escalate into something more. 

More often than not, they ended up naked in the living room, because Jimin loved the tree and lights so much. Jungkook would never forget Jimin’s sticky sweet candy cane kisses under the mistletoe; Jimin’s beautiful face, flushing prettily beneath him on the fluffy white rug by the Christmas tree; or Jimin’s sigh the moment he was fully seated inside him as he sat upright on the sofa facing the twinkling tree. 

It had gotten so that Jungkook was starting to have a Pavlovian response to Christmas decorations and sometimes had to shift uncomfortably and rush through his shopping when in a store that was all decked out for the holidays.

He almost regretted agreeing to hosting a Christmas party when he couldn’t stop thinking about the things he had been doing with Jimin just an hour ago in the exact spot where Seokjin was talking to Taehyung. But of course he regretted nothing when he saw how happy Jimin looked surrounded by his friends, serving the cookies he had baked with Sang-Hee, and sparkling brighter than all the lights strung around their apartment.

Hoseok observed Jungkook with amusement and affection. He had never seen his cousin so in love before.  Jungkook would go through the motions of hosting - greeting a guest here, pouring a drink there - but his eyes would always seek out Jimin again as soon as he could. Hoseok would have chided him for forgetting himself so completely if they were at a business function or a formal event, but they weren’t. They were in his home among close friends, and if Jungkook wanted to keep looking at Jimin all night like the sun and the stars revolved around him, then that was his prerogative.




Christmas morning came and Jimin was busy in the kitchen. He had somehow gotten it into his head that waffles were an essential part of a traditional Christmas breakfast. Jungkook wasn’t so sure about this, but indulged him in buying a waffle iron and all the ingredients and fixings. He might have preferred something less sweet for breakfast, but how could he say no to his kitten?

He only realized what a stroke of genius it was to agree to Jimin’s breakfast plans when he opened his eyes at a decent hour that morning. Jimin was happily occupied in the kitchen instead of bouncing on the bed at the crack of dawn, excited about opening presents. And the apartment smelled great when he headed out to the kitchen, because Jimin had made plenty of test waffles just to be sure he’d have good ones to serve.

Jungkook knew what Jimin had been planning, but he was still amazed by the freshly whipped cream, the variety of fresh fruits and compotes, the stack of perfectly browned waffles and the festively decorated dining table. He kissed a smiling Jimin, who wanted him to sit down and eat right away. Everything was delicious, but what he enjoyed most was watching Jimin eat his breakfast so happily.




Afterwards, they sat down in the living room to open their presents.

There was one gift that Jungkook wanted to give Jimin especially. He had hidden it beneath all the other boxes under the tree so Jimin would open it last. And now he studied Jimin’s face carefully as he unwrapped it.

It was a small white square wooden frame. Inside it was a photograph that seemed equal parts white sand beach, turquoise blue waters and bright blue sky.

“Oh, it’s so pretty, daddy! Thank you! I love it!”

“It’s not just a photograph of a beach I want to give you, kitten - it’s a beach vacation.”

“Beach vacation?”

“C’mere, I want to talk to you.” He pulled Jimin gently onto his lap. “I think you miss the beach. Lately, I’ve noticed you wiggling your toes into the carpet and sighing a little, maybe because it’s not sand. And you’ve been wearing so many layers, even indoors, I can hardly find you under them. And winter isn’t half over yet.

“I’ve known that you loved your little beach almost as long as I’ve known you. But I was just so happy to have you here with me that it took me much too long to think about how leaving it behind might affect you. I wish you could have told me how you felt.”

“I’m sorry, daddy.”

“Oh, kitten, you haven’t done anything wrong. How can I help you understand.... Well, let me ask you: Would you take care of me if I was sick?”

“Yes, I would!”

“Would you want to hold me if I was sad?”

“Oh, yes!” Jimin embraced him gently, already wanting to comfort him even if the sadness was imaginary.

“Well, I want to do the same for you. I may not be able to fix everything right away, but I want to know if something’s not right with you so I can try to help you or even just be sad with you if I can’t.” He stroked Jimin on the cheek with his thumb. “I know it might not be easy to talk about thoughts that are not happy ones. I’m not the best at it myself. But I promise I’ll try to share all my thoughts and feelings with you, good and bad, if you try to with me.”

Jimin toyed with Jungkook’s collar with his fingers for a moment, then took a deep breath and blurted, “I do miss the beach. I miss the sound of the sea, I miss the feeling of sand between my toes and the sun warming my skin.” He looked searchingly at Jungkook to gauge his reaction. “But I’ve never wanted to go back to my old life. I love it here. And I love you!”

“I know you do, kitten. And I love you. But you can love me and miss the beach at the same time. It was an important part of your life for so long. And you’re simply not used to the cold winters we have here in Seoul. So I was thinking: it would be nice to go somewhere where you could be warmer and spend some time on a beach.”

“You don’t have to go to work?”

“Both of my parents have tried to order me to take time off before, but I always refused. Now I have a very good reason to take a vacation and I’ve made arrangements to take a week off at the end of January. We’ll have the next few weeks to plan the trip.”

“Where will we go?”

“You can pick any beach you want. Would you like to go back to Jeju? Or we could go farther south if we want to be really warm.”

“I think I want to be really warm.”

“Let me get my laptop and we’ll have a look.”




When their plane banked low on its final approach to Saipan, offering them a fine view of its bright turquoise waters and sun-bleached beaches, they just knew it was the perfect place for their first beach vacation together.

Jungkook had booked one of the “oceanfront villas” at the resort where they were staying, a 2-story bungalow with a bedroom and master bath on the upper floor and a smaller bath, kitchenette and a living room that opened up to a private veranda on the ground floor. The bungalows were right on the beach and a little distance from the main buildings of the resort. Jungkook liked the more spacious accommodations and the additional privacy that they offered. And there were stunning views from every room.

Jimin sighed and hugged Jungkook when he saw it. 

They immediately headed out to check out the beach, where they stayed till they realized they were actually starving and came back to shower and change for dinner.

The hotel’s sushi restaurant was said to be one of the finest on the island. The sun had just set as they were seated at a lovely little table at the edge of the terrace overlooking the beach. It was such a balmy evening that they were quite comfortable outdoors in just their dress shirts and thin trousers.

They chose the omakase menu. Each course looked so perfect and beautiful, Jimin didn’t want to touch it - it was art on a plate. But Jungkook coaxed him to eat properly, saying it was art that was meant to be eaten. Jimin finally agreed to eat his food after taking multiple photos of each dish with his phone. Everything tasted as divine as it looked.

For dessert there was a matcha opera cake - thin layers of green tea genoise alternating with matcha buttercream and chocolate ganache and served with matcha ice cream and crumbled hazelnut biscuits. This, too, was beautifully plated, but Jimin didn’t hesitate to dig into it as soon as he snapped a quick photo, his love of sweets overriding everything else.

After dinner, they went for another walk on the beach. It was quite dark now. The moon had not yet risen and it was the perfect time for stargazing.  Jimin was eager to show Jungkook all the constellations that he loved so much. He cuddled into Jungkook’s warm chest and pointed them out one by one.

After talking for a while, Jimin looked up at Jungkook’s face and realized he was just watching him talk instead of looking at the stars he was pointing to.

“Daddy, you’re not looking up! You’re looking at me!” pouted Jimin.

“I was looking up at the first ten of them, kitten!” Jungkook pointed up at the sky himself. “Orion, Perseus, uh, Gemini, Taurus...see?”

Jimin was slightly appeased.

“I didn’t know any of that before. You’re a good teacher.” Jungkook wrapped his arms around Jimin and pressed his forehead against his. “But you shouldn’t look so delicious if you don’t want me to stare at you. Kitten, we’re here all week. Couldn’t you show me more constellations tomorrow night?”

He slid his head around to the side of Jimin’s head and spoke directly into his ear: “I’ve been wanting to undress you since you sat down across from me at dinner. I think I’ve been very patient.”

Jimin’s body responded immediately to Jungkook’s low voice and pretty soon he had wrapped himself around Jungkook as they kissed, quite forgetting where they were.

They were torn between kissing deeply while groping each other and actually making progress towards their room. Luckily they didn’t come across more than a few other hotel guests on their way, and only at a distance at that. 

They stumbled through the door to their suite while pulling at each other’s clothes and managed to remove every last piece of it by the time they reached the bed.




Jimin’s pure joy at seeing the bright blue sea when he opened his eyes translated into kissing Jungkook awake and then riding him till they were both gasping for air and he was coming hard all over Jungkook’s beautiful chest. Jimin was absolutely gorgeous in the brilliant midday light, Jungkook didn’t know which was more blinding as he ground up into him to finish a few moments later.

They had slept right through the hotel restaurant’s breakfast service that morning, so they ordered room service. Having their breakfast in their robes at the table on their veranda turned out to be so pleasant, they made it a daily ritual for the rest of the trip.

They rented a car for a day so they could explore the caves, cliffs and beaches that the island was famous for. But they spent most of their time at the white sand beach right in front of the hotel - beach combing, playing in the surf, or just looking out at the sea as they shared a hammock in the shade of some palm trees. Naturally, they also spent a good part of their vacation in the privacy of their bungalow. Jungkook found that his appetite for Jimin only grew the more he fed it. Lucky for him, Jimin felt the same.

They spent a bit of time at the swimming pool as well. There were several pools scattered around the resort property and the one closest to their suite was out of the way for most guests, so they usually had it to themselves. Jimin had never learned how to swim properly, but he was able to paddle around cutely with his head bobbing above the water. Jimin also liked being towed around by Jungkook or just floating leisurely on the inflatable raft that he had picked out at the resort shop. It looked like a donut with vanilla frosting and pastel-colored sprinkles on top. He’d never eaten such a thing, but he’d seen a photo of it somewhere and he loved how cheerful it looked.

Jungkook brought all his camera equipment along on the trip. Lately, he had become interested in filming and editing videos as well as taking photographs of Jimin. He had realized that while stills of Jimin were, of course, beautiful - Jimin in motion was pure poetry, something that should also be captured on film. As usual, Jimin cooperated to a point, posing and acting cutely or prettily for the camera for a while. But Jungkook also got plenty of footage of Jimin waving at him to stop filming or running away from him down the beach (which had its own charm, but he had more of it than he needed).

Jimin drew and painted a little, but mostly he wanted to just see and feel the sun, sand and the sea as much as he could while he was there. He concentrated on absorbing everything he experienced and storing it somewhere inside him so that he could relive it later when he was back in Seoul.

That week of sunshine did them so much good that they decided they should take a vacation every winter - traveling the world to visit a new beach every year. The weeks they spent planning their trips always made January tolerable. In February, they’d have a wonderful week together in a tropical climate somewhere. When they returned, they would bask in the afterglow of their vacation for a few weeks more. By then, spring didn’t seem so far away anymore.




Chapter Text


Jungkook had just about finished cooking dinner with Jimin when he got a call from Hoseok. He knew his cousin wouldn’t call him if it wasn’t important, so he apologized to Jimin, saying he would try to keep it brief, and left the kitchen to take the call.

“Do you have a moment? I have some sad news for Jimin about his former owner.”

“Is he okay?”

“He died, Jungkook. A few weeks ago. I just found out. I thought I should let you know and you could tell Jimin. It might be easier for him if the news came from you.”

“I’m...I...I don’t know what to say. He was a business associate of yours...I mean you weren’t close, right? I’m sorry anyway.”

“Yes, it was just business. I didn’t know him very well. I don’t think many people did - he seemed to keep to himself. His lawyer contacted me, because he had given Jimin to me. He’d actually been terminally ill for some time but never told anyone. He spent his final few months in a private hospital somewhere - he was well looked after and he died peacefully.”

“I see. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll talk to Jimin tonight...”

“There’s more: He had no children or living relatives and apparently he named Jimin as the main beneficiary in his will. It’s unusual as Jimin is a hybrid, but it’s been done before - there’s legal precedent for it. It will take some months for the estate to be settled, but Jimin stands to inherit a great deal of money. 

“Kook, if he had died and left Jimin alone, just think how vulnerable Jimin would have been - such a beautiful hybrid without an owner, and still so young. Add to that a large inheritance and all kinds of awful people could have been trying to take advantage of him. Can you imagine?”

“I’d prefer not to.”

“You know, he had a good head for numbers, that was for sure, but he didn’t seem to care for people. I don’t think he had many friends. I must have been the best person he knew of to take care of Jimin. Somehow the topic of hybrids came up over lunch with him one time - it was a while ago - and I showed him a picture of Yoongi and talked about how happy we were. He didn’t talk about Jimin at all. I didn’t even know he had a hybrid until he suddenly gave Jimin to me the last time I saw him.... It looks like I judged him too harshly for giving Jimin away. I guess he was just trying to do the best he could for him.”

“Hmm, yes. Well, I am the last person who would have had anything against him giving Jimin to you.”

“I have the address of the cemetery where he was buried, if Jimin wants to pay his respects...”




Jimin brought flowers to his grave. It looked like he was the only one to do so. He was a strange man, thought Jimin as he solemnly viewed the simple and tidy gravesite through his tears, but he was his daddy once, too, and he had taken care of him in his own way. He hadn’t missed him or even thought of him much after he left for Seoul, but he had imagined that he would just go on forever as he had been - death was something new to him. Jungkook held him close as they stood for a while in silence on the grassy windswept hilltop. In the distance they could see a bit of blue sea and some of the rocky coastline of Jeju. They each bowed deeply to him one last time before they made their way slowly down the hill to their car.




They heard from Hoseok that the butler had left Jeju. He had received a handsome sum as a severance package from his master when it was time for him to move into the hospital. And he had earned enough through his many decades of service and frugal living to retire very comfortably in Jeollanam-do, where his brother lived. 

They decided not to try to contact him as he had never really warmed up to Jimin. Thinking back on it, Jimin could see that he was a very strict and fastidious man; he was overly proper, perhaps cold, but he was never cruel or mean-spirited - he just didn’t understand or know how to interact with Jimin. He had in fact performed his duties as his butler faithfully. Jimin was grateful for this and wished him well. 

Jimin did hope to see the woman who had cooked and cleaned for them at the house. She had retired from housekeeping, but Hoseok was able to help them find her using his local contacts. Kyung-sook was living with her son, his wife and their young children on their small farm, which they had purchased only a year and a half ago.

They had saved for many years to buy a farm similar to the one she had grown up on, but had to leave when her family fell on hard times. It was a dream come true when they found it and were able to buy it with the money they had all worked so hard for. Their charming little house was surrounded by the tangerine groves that they tended. Beyond the groves was a gently rolling green landscape and a glimpse of the sea to the south.

It was not only a beautiful place, but also a very productive one. They had a bumper crop of Gamgyul tangerines this past December and now the later varieties, Cheonhyehyang and Redhyang, were plentiful and ready for harvesting.

While her son and daughter-in-law performed the more strenuous tasks of farming, Kyung-sook kept busy minding the children, hosting the tourists that came in fall and winter to pick tangerines, squeezing fresh juice for sale, or setting out the peels to dry in the sun for tangerine tea.

She cried when she saw Jimin walking up the driveway to the farmhouse. She said he looked so grown up now and more beautiful than ever. Jimin cried too and thanked her for all her small kindnesses to him, which had kept him from being too sad or lonely when he was younger.

She recounted how she had come to the house last year and found him gone. No one had informed her beforehand that Jimin would be leaving; she was simply told when she arrived to help the movers pack up his belongings and clean up his room afterwards. She often thought of him and wondered how he was doing. She was so glad to see that he had found happiness with Jungkook. 

At first, she was slightly in awe of Jungkook - he was clearly a very wealthy man, with his crisp Seoul accent and refined manner. But he was so polite and genuinely kind that he soon put her at ease. She called out to her grandchildren to come and meet them.

Jiho, at age two, had not yet learned to be shy with strangers. He toddled right up to Jimin and reached out for his fuzzy ears. Jimin squatted down to his level to greet him and tilted his head so he could touch them. Jiho laughed with delight when he felt the soft fur tickling his little fingers.

This brought Yunseo out from behind the corner of the house where she had been peeking at them. She was more cautious at age four, but was naturally drawn to Jimin, whose light-hearted good nature appealed to most children as soon as they met him.

They all headed into the orchard with little baskets to pick fruit together.

Jimin remembered eating the famously sweet, juicy tangerines every winter when he lived on Jeju, but he had never visited an orchard before. It looked so cheerful on this sunny day - the sky was a brilliant blue and the rows and rows of short bushy trees with shiny green leaves were loaded down with clusters of bright orange balls.

Jiho marched ahead, boldly leading the way to the ripest tangerines. Yunseo held on to Jimin’s hand as they followed. It didn’t take long for the children to figure out that they could pick fruit from the highest branches while sitting on Jungkook’s broad shoulders. By the end they were both hanging off him like monkeys in a tree. 

They filled their baskets with tangerines and headed back to the farmhouse to eat some together. Jungkook was relieved to see Jimin laughing and smiling again and was glad they had taken the time to visit. As they said their goodbyes, they promised to come see them again - a promise they were able to keep many times whenever they came to stay at the beach house, which Jimin inherited later that year.




They returned to Seoul feeling closer somehow. Jungkook’s presence at his side for the past few days had been such a comfort to Jimin. Whenever he felt sad, or overwhelmed by the concept of his own mortality or especially Jungkook’s, or even just extra clingy without knowing why, Jungkook was there enveloping him in his warm, strong embrace.

As for Jungkook, he cherished being able to experience the place where Jimin had come from, to breathe the air, look out at the rocks and sea that he loved and see the landscape that shaped him. More than once during their time there it struck him: what if Hobi hadn’t taken on that project on Jeju and met Jimin’s owner? Or they hadn’t somehow discussed hybrids over a business lunch? What if Hobi hadn’t thought he was the best person to take care of Jimin? Or he himself had declined to meet Jimin that day? If any one of those things hadn’t fallen into place, if he hadn’t been open to the gift that life was giving him.... when he had such thoughts, he could only grasp blindly for Jimin’s hand or hold Jimin tighter if he was already in his arms.

Although they had only been away for a few days, it seemed like much longer and it felt wonderful to be back again. As soon as they came through their front door, Jimin popped off his shoes and padded excitedly around the whole apartment. The artwork on the walls, every piece of furniture, cushion and light fixture, the windows and the views - everything there seemed to be welcoming him home. Jeju was beautiful, but this was home to him now. He flopped onto the fuzzy, pink kitty bed in the corner of his studio with a sigh and snuggled into it. Jungkook joined him shortly and cuddled with him right there. That night when they made love, Jimin was much more his playful self again.

They were looking forward to spring now. The days were getting warmer and longer. Buds had appeared on the bare branches of the cherry trees and were growing fatter with each day. It had almost been a year since the day Jimin had moved in with Jungkook.




On the eve of their anniversary they were headed out to dinner at La Yeon at the Shilla Hotel. The following night they would celebrate with family and friends, but tonight it was just the two of them.

Jungkook looked dashing in a slim navy blue suit and crisp white shirt. His dark hair was parted and swept a little to the side. He asked Jimin to help him pick out a tie, not because he couldn’t, but because Jimin liked to sometimes.

Jimin had dressed in an elegant black suit and black silk shirt. It was unbuttoned at the collar, forming a black V-shaped frame for his lovely pale neck and the dip between his collar bones that Jungkook loved so much. He was wearing the black diamond Chanel necklace and some of the silver rings that Jungkook had given him for Christmas.

For once, he was the one waiting for Jungkook, who said he just needed one more minute to get ready. He stood in the living room by the window looking out at the city lights. It made him think back to New Year’s Eve when they had stayed up to watch the city fireworks over the Han River.

Their building was quite close to the river and their apartment’s location on the 47th floor brought them that much closer to the fireworks. They had dimmed the lights so they could see out the windows clearly and tuned their radio to the station that would play music synchronized with the fireworks display. Before the fireworks began, it broadcast the live performance of a twenty-piece jazz band at a New Year’s Eve party somewhere.

Jungkook held him in his arms from behind, Jimin’s tail wrapped around his thigh, as they looked out the window in anticipation and swayed together to the glamorous, brassy sound of the band. They could see the crowds gathered along the riverbanks to watch the show and the outline of the barges on the river from where the fireworks would be launched. And then the crowd counted down to midnight, everyone cheered, the music swelled and the first fireworks shot into the sky, exploding into a spiraling shower of golden sparks. It looked enormous viewing it from this close.

Jimin couldn’t contain his excitement, hopping a little and clapping his hands. He may have been a little delirious from staying up so late and eating too many snacks while waiting, but it really was a fantastic show.

 “I love you!” he had shouted happily to Jungkook over the music and the din of the fireworks. And Jungkook had shouted back with a grin, “I love you!” 

Just thinking about it now made Jimin smile. He was actually starting to tear up as well, so he turned his thoughts to the gift he had for Jungkook.

For their anniversary, he had been working on a surprise for Jungkook: his first oil painting. It was very small, just 10 centimeters square. With the most intricate, tiny brush strokes he had painted a cluster of cherry blossom buds, just on the verge of blooming, delicately holding in them the promise of beauty, of the happiness their future together would bring. He was also hoping to express the fullness of his heart, to show Jungkook what he felt for him since their earliest days together.

In the years to come, Jimin would sometimes return to the motif of cherry blossoms in his paintings to mark this day. Every year, even when he had become a celebrated artist and his paintings would sell for millions of Won, he would still pour his love into a piece just for Jungkook on their anniversary.

Tonight he was holding the very first one. He had wrapped it with care in dark blue tissue paper and was doing his best to hide it in the crook of his arm.

Jungkook had a surprise of his own for Jimin. He had been working closely with a jeweler to create a brooch for Jimin that looked like a sprig of cherry blossoms. How similar his thinking had been to Jimin’s! The brooch was made of platinum and set with mother of pearl, diamonds and pink sapphires. The shape of it was quite life-like and natural, but the precious stones that adorned it made it nothing short of spectacular. He’d also commissioned a small lacquered box made of golden brown cherry wood to house the brooch. He took one last look at his gift with a smile before he shut it inside the velvet-lined box and tucked it away.

It was practically burning a hole in his pocket as he approached Jimin, who was standing by the window looking stunning in every way.

Jungkook couldn’t have been more pleased with the way it had turned out - a beautiful, sparkling reminder of the flowers that started blooming when Jimin came to live with him.