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the universe was made (just to be seen by my eyes)

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The day Steve found out he was an omega was the worst day in his life.


His parents, two well known alphas were in shock and disgust. They had hoped for an alpha son, or at least a beta. But, he was an omega.

So Steve was immediately put on suppressants, and a fake beta scent. He felt miserable for awhile, before sucking it up and carrying on with life.


Hawkins was a small town, and thankfully his parents said nothing of his rank and hid it from the close knit community. 


That was until high school hit. The brunet omega got tired of it all, and started wearing more omega-like clothing; sweaters, soft colors, made himself pretty. In an act of teenage rebellion, he told his closest friend at the time, a beta named Tommy, that he was an omega. He shouldn't be treated any differently, right? He was still human. Still the king of the school. Tommy ended up leaking Steve's rank to the whole school, and by the end of the day Steve had been looked at differently by all.


Come senior year, nobody cared anymore. Steve had found an alpha of his dreams, Nancy Wheeler. She was pretty as could be, smart, and kind. He thought he had found the one, up until a party split them up. She had been seeing the beta Jonathan Byers, and Steve was heartbroken. He eventually got over it, and got on good terms with the pair. Everything was good until the new kid showed up.


5'10, 170 pounds of raging alpha and muscle. Billy Hargrove hit on every living thing, mostly so he could get his way. Automatically Steve knew that this guy was going to cause problems.


"Go to class, Dustin." 


The curly haired pup wouldn't leave him alone again.


"But Steve! Mike wants to know if we can come over tonight." The young beta whined, tugging at Steve's sweater sleeve. He really needed to know, it was important.

"Fine! Fine! Fine. Just...Just go to class now. The bell is about to ring." He sighed, and thankfully Dustin left, catching up with his friends. Steve went the other way, praying to get to his locker without any other interruptions. 


 He made it, unlocking and opening his locker to get his books out.

Or at least he thought.


"Hey there pretty thing." A voice purred, and the omega groaned.

"No." He replied, closing his locker to come face to face with the owner of the voice, blue eyes piercing into him.


"C'mon Bambi, I didn't even get to say anything!" Billy complained, raising his eyebrows, to which Steve scoffed at. "There's a reason why I said 'No.' And that reason is, I don't want to talk to you." He huffed, grabbing his books and heading to class. He could feel those eyes staring at him still as he walked. 


School went by as slow as ever, and for once Billy didn't bother him. Steve waited by his car for the kids, since Dustin surprisingly convinced him to let them all get a ride for the night over at his house.


"Steve!" He heard the kid yell, and looked over in the direction. Dustin and the rest of the pups were charging towards him, all of them laughing and smiling. That made the brunet omega smile slightly, before hiding it as the group got closer. 


"Alright shitheads, get in the car. Stop being so loud." He huffed, unlocking the BMW so they all could get in. The kids piled up inside the car, while Dustin got to sit in the passenger seat while Steve got in. "Everyone ready?" He asked, looking in the back seat at the group. The pups cheered, their happy scent filling the car. Steve couldn't hold back a grin, and pulled out of the school's lot and headed down the road to his house. "Hopper said that he'd drop El off at six!" Mike yelled over the noise of the others, and Steve nodded.

"Alright team, sounds good." 

The car zoomed down the road, kicking up leaves as it went.


All the kids were settled an playing their board game; 'D&D Steve! I've told you before! Get it right!' Dustin had snapped at him and to which the pup got an affectionate cuff to the back of the head, as Steve ordered a pizza for them all. The group was situated in the living room on the floor by the TV, while Steve hung back slightly and watched. Mike was yelling something at Max along the lines of 'Don't be stupid! That was totally a six!' While Lucas and Will laughed. 


The doorbell rang, and the omega went to the front door and opened it. The older alpha Jim Hopper stood there, a hand on his adoptive daughter's shoulder, a beta named Eleven, or Jane. But everyone mostly knew her as El. "Hey chief! How're you?" Steve greeted, smiling at the two. "I'm fine, El, go get with the others sweetheart." Hopper ushered her inside, and she ran giggling to the living room.

"Remember to call me if anything goes wrong, okay Harrington?" The alpha grunted, but there was a happy glint in his eyes. "Of course sir, wouldn't think of doing anything else." He replied, nodding. "Alright, see you kid." Hopper waved and left, while Steve closed the door and walked back inside.


"Steve! Is the pizza here yet?" Dustin yelled, and Steve rolled his eyes. "No you idiot! I just called the place. Calm down!" He yelled back, and got a annoyed huff in response from the teens. 

The pizza eventually came, and all the kids sat around the TV to watch whatever interesting show was on. Steve hung out a little, mostly just to see if anyone needed anything. He went out to the back porch to look out over the pool, shaking his head a little. After all that had happened, he still did not like the area at night. 


He stiffened up slightly when he heard something in the bushes, before relaxing when a raccoon waddled out and headed to the edge of the pool. "Hey! Out! No!" He yelled halfheartedly at the animal, and it waddled away. He sighed, unlocking the porch door and going out to look and make sure that the raccoon was gone. Steve stood there for a moment, hands on his hips before starting to go back inside. 


That's when he heard a growl, and promptly ran back inside and locked every door possible, while the pups watched on in confusion. 

"Steve, what the hell is going on?" Dustin asked, the other kids starting to get anxious at the change in Steve's scent.

"Heard something, its okay though, just...just go back to your show." He mumbled, shooing them all back. They were skeptical but listened anyway, all going back to the living room and sitting down again.


He didn't hear or see anything else for the rest of the night. 

 Hopper came to pick up El a couple hours later, and he was getting ready to go drop off all the other pups until he heard the doorbell ring. Steve's eyebrows furrowed a little, before he went to open it, and it was Hargrove leaning against the doorframe. 


"Hey Bambi, I'm here for my sister." The alpha rumbled, smirking a little. "Oh, uh yeah right. Max!" He called over his shoulder, and the ginger alpha pup came bounding from the group, rolling her eyes. "Go ahead to the car, shitbird." Billy snorted, and Max grumbled but complied. 

"You look spooked, pretty boy. What's up?" The blonde asked, his blue eyes on Steve. "Nothing. Everything's good." He muttered, shaking his head. That's when Billy's scent went to a worried shade, and Steve was a little surprised by that. "Fine, whatever. See you at school, pretty boy." The blonde alpha sneered, before turning and walking back to his car.


The night ended with Steve dropping the kids off one by one, and then going home and thinking that maybe, just maybe, that Billy wasn't the biggest asshole on the planet.