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The Future Looks Heroic

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25 Years ago The 3-A class of 2019, Known as “The New Guard”, graduated. Some members of this class such as; Deku, Ground Zero & Creati, Started their own Agencies right out of the gate. Three members of the class joined them as partners in leading their companies. Icy-Hot, Red Riot & Earphone Jack.

6 months after their graduation Red Riot and Ground Zero came out as lovers, Becoming the first out same-sex attracted heroes. A few months after that many other heroes joined them.

In 2020 Pro Hero Endeavour and his wife Signed their divorce papers, Ending their marriage. The two do not keep in contact.

Over the next few years Several Hero Couples got married after the legalisation of same-sex marriage across Japan, A few of these couples include;

Red Riot & Ground Zero
Deku & Icy-Hot
Creati & Earphone Jack
EraserHead & Present Mic
Real Steel & Charge Bolt
Uravity & Froppy
Sun Eater & Lemillion

On the 3rd of April 2023 A villains Quirk sent Alphas into Ruts and Omegas into Heats, The Effects of this quirk continued until the 24th of June. Around the same time as the attack several couples were seeing a fertility specialist who could guarantee pregnancy, no matter the complications or status. During this time most of the world fell pregnant, The members of 'Then New Guard” included, Pro Heroes Hawks, Gale Force and EraserHead also fell pregnant. The villain was not captured.

During March and April of 2024 Japan had a massive spike in population and crime.

Over the course of the next 15 years, several of the children born in this time bonded due to their parents being friends and in turn became friends themselves.

Now as they Enter U.A will they in turn become Heroes of Legend like their parents or will they stand in their shadows for the rest of their days?