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There were once six elements that silently ruled over the Wizarding population. They prospered beautifully. Then, there was a dark force that killed the six and scattered stones corresponding to each element, simply all around the same neighborhood.

And six kids picked them up. But just who were those six..?

That's where we start.

Harry Potter age 7, brother of Matt Potter; the wrongly declared Boy-Who-Lived, could say with no doubt that his parents didn't care he was roaming the neighborhood alone.

Not because his parents knew he was safe. It was because his parents didn't care about him. They only cared about the spoiled brat, Matthias Remus Potter. 

Harry turned a corner and saw a black stone on the floor. He picked it up, because it looked so... peculiar... Alright, it just looked that way.

It just looked that way until he was magically transported to a room.

He could see alright, it's just the five other people in there with him couldn't.

"Can anyone see in here?" A Blonde-haired girl said.

"No!" A boy with blue hair said.

"I can!" Harry said.

"Can you get however many of us are in here... out?" Said a girl with Silver hair.

"Sure." Harry grabbed each of their hands and led them to the exit.

"Thanks! I'm Evan." The boy with brown hair(Evan) said.

"Yeah! And I'm Jillian." The girl with red hair said.

"No problem. I'm Harry."

"I'm Madison." The blonde hair girl said.

"I'm Dylan. And yes, I'm a girl." Said the GIRL with Silver hair.

"And I'm Sean." Said blue-hair boy.

A piece of parchment fell into Dylan's hands. "Let me read it aloud."

"Hello, children. You all have possessed the power of the six elements. Each of you shall withhold and element. This element gives you offensive and defensive attacks as a matter of protection.

  • Madison Montgomery, you hold the power of light. You can blind people for the most of half an hour and you can make a light shield to defend yourself and others.
  • Jillian Ray, you hold the power of fire. You can send fire bolts and you can dissolve into flames and reappear at another location at will.
  • Sean Lozano, you hold the power of water. I know this might sound a little gory, but you can soak and drown people, or you can create a ball of water around yourself for protection.
  • Dylan Myers, you hold the power of air/weather. You can suspend yourself and others in the air for any amount of time at will. And you can produce weather-related attacks.
  • Evan Moss, you hold the power of Earth. You can move nature objects in the way of a curse to defend yourself, or to trap someone under it.
  • Lastly, Harry Potter, you hold the power of darkness. You can kill people or you can 'glitch' them. Or you can defend yourself with it. Glitching for defensive reasons is to teleport away in the blink of an eye. But to use it offensively, you can make people see haunting images for up to thirty minutes.

Use these powers well and to your advantage.

- Merlin."

Harry looked at them, they were all in shock. 

"Here, tomorrow, four in the afternoon. We can explain this later. DON'T mention this to anyone."