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Karma's a Bitch

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 You woke up by the annoying sound of your alarm, which indicated it was time to train. Hurriedly, you took a shower and dressed in a pair of black leggings, a black sports bra, and your favorite pair of sneakers. Before you put a thin blue shirt on, you saw your reflection on the bathroom’s mirror and frowned. People regularly told you how they envied you and your “perfect body,” and you usually answered with a polite laugh in order to suppress your true reaction. You were fit, and you knew it, but still you didn’t feel complete. People also told you how pretty you were besides your body, and yet you couldn’t see anything pretty in your reflection. In the beginning you thought that if you trained hard enough and sculptured a body that could be called “pretty,” then you would finally find peace from that memory that still haunts you. Having passed three years since you started with this solo project, you still didn’t find satisfaction, and it made you wonder if all of this was a mistake. Hearing your second alarm, you snapped out of your thoughts and finished getting ready in order to leave.

 It took you about a 10 minute-walk to reach your gym, and once you entered it, you smiled. Thinking back on it, you didn’t regret this project one bit. Not only did you achieved becoming what you wanted to become, but also found amazing people in which you could rely on. This experience also helped you develop some discipline and self-esteem. You smiled and greeted the receptionist while you entered the premises. Even though you used to train at noon, you found that doing it in the morning was somewhat refreshing. You went to the third floor in order to do your daily cardio, then you took the stairs to go to the first floor to start your routine. When you reached the ground floor, you greeted the instructors that were in their usual spot, observing the clients to see if anyone might need help. You did some small talk with them and went to the instructors’ drawers to get your routine, not noticing a pair of eyes that have been following your figure since you were descending the stairs. You went to the rack to start with some sets of half squat while scanning briefly the area to look for any familiar faces yet finding none. You started loading the Olympic bar and ended adding about 30 kg on each side. You position yourself and started squatting about 15 times until reaching your first set.  At the other side of the room, a boy with black hair was staring at you intently while his friend smacked his elbow into his ribs to indicate him to stop doing it. He seemed unbothered by his friend’s warning while a small yet prominent smirk appeared in his face.



 You decided to jog home to prepare for classes. Your days seemed pretty monotonous, everyday a control c and control v of your schedule that includes training, going to college and being dissatisfied with yourself. Your day passes as boring as always except for your encounter with your best friend.

“Hey! Are you free?” you questioned as an answer to the phone call you received after exiting the classroom.

“Hello Y/N, how are you?” the sarcastic voice of your best friend Jin answered.

“Fine and you?” you rolled your eyes.

“You know I’m always fine, Y/N” Jin stated proudly.

“Can you end with the self-boosting and actually reply to what I asked you?”

“Well yeah, I certainly can. I just finished my last class, so I’m free. What about you?”

“Same here. Let’s hang out then”

“Sure! I’ve heard that a new cafe just opened, and the reviews definitely called my attention.”

“Jin, you always say that and then you end up hating the place and making me waste money on extra calories that I most definitely shouldn’t consume,” you sighed.

“This place really sounds promising, Y/N! I’m so sure this time, that I will even treat you! Promise! Besides, you should stop concerning yourself about the calories. You will probably burn more than enough to compensate them.”

“Okay, okay! You are right. So, meet you there?”

“Let’s go together. Turn around”

Confused, you turned around and found your best friend so close to you that you almost fell on your butt.

“Hey, don’t do that!” you smacked his arm while he only laughed at your reaction.

“Sorry! I just love your reactions!” he laughed at you.

You pouted and indicated that you should probably start heading to the cafe. In ten minutes, you managed to find the place, and you had to admit Jin wasn’t lying when he said it sounded promising. The place was so to your taste that this would definitely become your hanging place from now on. You enjoyed the evening with Jin while eating some pastries and a few cups of coffee. When you were appreciating the beautifully decorated piece of cake in front of you, Jin in a serious tone said: “You know Y/N…” You looked up to see his face and got nervous when you realized it matched his tone. He continued, “I really meant what I said with the calories. You should stop concerning so much about your looks.”

“Look who’s saying it,” you said laughing a little, trying to lighten his seriousness yet failing to do so.

“You know what I mean. It’s healthy to a certain point, but I’m worried that you may end up never loving yourself to the point of damaging your body and even yourself.”

“Jin, you of all people know why I started with this self-project, and even though it hasn’t full filled my expectations, it still has helped me to recover, you know…” you said with a low voice.

“Yes, I understand, but Y/N, don’t you think it’s time for you to move on from that trauma and actually try to heal?”

Tears started to cloud your vision, but you still tried to answer without letting them fall.

“That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to do, but I don’t seem to find closure, Jin. It’s so frustrating cause I feel like he took a part of me, like he broke me beyond repair.” Now a tear fell down your cheek, and even though you tried to cover it, Jin was faster than you, raising his right hand to caress your cheek and taking the tear away. You only hoped his hand could take your pain away like it did with your tear.

“I didn’t want to make you cry, I’m sorry. And I’m also sorry that I didn’t meet you when we were kids, so I could have protected you. But what matters now is that I want you to know that I care about you and I don’t want you to get more hurt, okay?”

“Okay…” you formed a small smile. “Thanks Jin, for been there for me all this time, and acknowledging my trauma instead of dismissing it like other people have done.”

“You know, I’m not just anyone. I’m worldwide handsome!” he said while smirking. You only laughed at that, feeling so much better by knowing you had people who cared about you and would do what they could to make you smile, even if that implied seeming like a narcissist. You sometimes wished you could boost your self-confidence like Jin did, but deep down you knew it was his personal mask to cover his own insecurities. Everyone had their own way to cope with loving oneself, and yours was exercising until you no longer felt dissatisfied with yourself. What you didn’t know was that soon that method would change into something completely different.



Jimin hated basic girls who only went to “exercise” for pretense. They were a hindrance to him; always socializing and buying smoothies at the bar while taking space they weren’t actually using. He also hated that they would believe themselves fit when clearly none of them trained at all. Feeling annoyed, he ignored two of them who tried to get his attention while he was focused on finishing his routine. He was taking a small rest after finishing a set of shoulder press when his eyes landed on a figure that was descending the staircase. In the four years he had been training at that gym, he hadn’t seen such a beautiful girl around. She was stunning to say the least, and what really caught his attention was that no other girl in that place had a body to compete with that one. That girl really knew what training meant, and the proof was her body and the attitude she emanated. She was a refreshing contrast to the basic girls he loathed. After descending the stairs, the girl seemed to be greeting the instructors and engaging in some conversation, but it didn’t take long before she started training. Seeing her being so familiar with the instructors and having such a toned body gave him the idea that maybe she too has been in the gym for quite some time. When he thought that she was about to look in his direction, he turned around and decided to look at her from the reflection of the mirror. Following her reflection with his gaze, he was surprised to see her loading the bar of the rack with a lot of weight. Since he has met a lot of people at the gym, he knew that that girl could lift more weight than half of the men that trained there. An unconscious smirk appeared in his face when the girl started squatting, giving him the perfect view of her butt. He was mesmerized by her reflection to say the least when his friend Taehyung smacked his ribs with his elbow. “Stop staring at her butt! It’s so obvious!” Taehyung scolded in a whisper that didn’t match his seductive smile.  Jimin kept looking at the girl, but this time he was focused on her face rather than her butt, his smirk that had disappeared with Taehyung’s scolding reappeared once again. That girl had to be his.



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It’s been about eight weeks since you started the semester and because of it you had to change your training schedule to mornings instead of evenings. You quite enjoyed the morning atmosphere and started making new friends with people that trained at those hours. You even became friends with one of the youngest instructors, Jungkook, who looked like he had a similar age to yours and was even fitter than other personal trainers. You were curious as to how he could be working there at such a young age, and when you asked him, he told you that he was in third year of his career and that he was just an intern. He even went to the same university as you, yet his school was far away from yours. You found him pretty friendly to say the least, and he even told you that when he finished his internship, he would become your gym partner. You actually liked the idea since you felt you were getting stuck with your performance and having a gym partner like him would certainly encourage you to do better. Turning to leave, you told Jungkook you would start your routine and leave him to do his job, yet you bumped into a well-defined chest. Thinking it was probably one of those cocky gym guys due to the seductive smell he emanated, you apologized and without looking up went straight to one of the benches to start with bench press. You heard the guy saying something to Jungkook, but you couldn’t quite hear what their conversation was about, and you didn’t really care.

Since this week you had to add more weight to each exercise, you started by adding 2.5kg to your already loaded 12.5kg base. You were somewhat nervous since you have never accomplished to lift so much weight, and even though you could ask Jungkook for help, you didn’t want to cross paths with the other guy. You positioned yourself on the bench and aligned your hands with the bar, and breathing deeply, you took out the bar from its hook and started doing the repetitions. You managed to do the 10 repetitions from 3 of you 4 sets, and you were now about to start the last and probably hardest repetition. Taking a big amount of air into your lungs, you took the bar from the hook and started lifting it up and down with each repetition. That was until you reached your eight one and your hands gave away. The bar fell hurtfully on your chest.  You knew you had to scream, but the impact of the weight in your chest took all your air away. You knew everyone was in their own business and probably no one noticed you were being suffocated, yet not 10 seconds have passed when a pair of toned arms lifted the bar and placed it on the hook. To recover your lost air, you breathed deeply and then slowly tried sitting down on the bench. Looking back, you saw that the owner of those toned arms was a handsome young boy with ebony dark hair. He was one of the hottest guys you’ve ever seen, yet you have never seen him in the gym, you would have remembered him.

You were about to thank him when he spoke with the sweetest voice you have heard in your life.

“Are you alright?” he said with an expression showing concern.

“Yeah…thanks… you know, for literally saving me.”

“I wouldn’t say saving you, but if that’s how you see it then cool” he said somewhat… flustered?

“No, seriously! I thought I would die from suffocation! Thank you so much!”

“Yeah, I thought that too. I ran as fast as I could when I saw the bar fell on you and did what anyone would have done.”

“I’m actually glad you noticed. I thought no one would notice and that I would die” you laughed a little bit, thinking on what could have happened if no one have aided you.

“Who wouldn’t notice such a beautiful girl like you?” the boy said with a smirk on his face.

You were taken aback by his remark, yet you couldn’t deny you liked his flirting. About to answer, your attention was caught by Jungkook, who was running towards you and upon arriving, squatted in front of your sitting figure. “Are you okay? Are you hurt in any way?” he asked, clearly worried.

“I’m fine, Jungkook. I was lucky enough to be saved by this gentleman right here” you said while directing your left hand towards the guy that saved you. He again looked embarrassed and scratched the back of his head with his right hand.

“Wow. Thanks, Jimin! It could have been bad if no one helped her. I tried to get here as fast as possible when a lady came and told me an accident happened to a girl using the bench press. I knew it was Y/N since she was the only one doing this exercise.”

“No big deal, really! It was the decent thing to do” Jimin answered, looking between Jungkook and you. Jungkook turned his gaze on you once more and told you that next time, you should ask him for help to finish your last set. You replied you most likely will do so. With that, Jungkook stood up and went to help an old lady that was waiting for him. When your gaze fell back again on the handsome guy, you had the sensation he never took his gaze from you. He was intently looking at you, so you decided to say something before it became awkward.

“So… thank you, really” you smiled a little.

“Anytime! I hope you didn’t get hurt,” he said truthfully, “Well.. I should probably head back to finish my sets of deadlift.”

“Right… See you around!” you replied enthusiastically yet feeling a little disappointed.

“Sure thing!” with that he winked and left to the other side of the room, but not without looking one or two times back at you. Your cheeks were hot, but you suppressed any feeling by reminding yourself you had to keep training. Since you were doing “arm day,” you had to do a lot of exercises that required your arms and hands, but with the incident you seemed to have sprained you right wrist. You saw no use in staying, so you decided to go home after telling Jungkook about your situation to which he gave you recommendations in order to recover. Walking home, you couldn’t help but to feel excited for the new encounter you made today. Tons of thoughts about him made way to your head, yet you didn’t seem to remember his name. The pretty boy didn’t introduce himself, but since Jungkook mentioned his name, you tried to remember even his initial. Not getting anywhere with your thoughts, you just decided to make your way home. Why bother anyways? Being a 12 out of 10, pretty boy will probably not talk to you again. As he said, he did what anyone would do in his position, and even though you registered his flirting, he probably said what he usually says to other girls. Deciding to leave it at that, you entered your apartment and went straight to the bathroom to take a bath, so you took your clothes off and once again looked at your reflection. “I wish I could love myself” you whispered before entering the bathtub and slowly sinking into the hot water.



Jimin finished his last set of deadlift, and immediately looked for the girl. How could he miss his chance of asking her name?! He grew more disappointed when she was nowhere to be seen, and he worried she might actually have been injured. Seeing Jungkook in his usual spot, he approached him to get some information out of him.

“Hey, Jungkook. Do you perhaps know where the girl from earlier went?” he asked directly.

“What girl? “Jungkook asked innocently but knowing perfectly what Jimin was talking about.

“Come on! You know… the girl that had the accident?”

“Oh, you mean Y/N? She left since her wrist hurt.”

‘Maybe she sprained her wrist, ’Jimin thought to himself. Knowing how to deal with injuries, he could use that in the future to get close to her. He didn’t miss Jungkook mentioning her name, so he decided to ask more out of him.

“That girl, Y/N, seems to know a lot about technique. I wonder how she could got hurt.”

“Well yeah. Being a customer for so long, you may wonder that, but that can happen to anyone. Besides, from what she told me, she had to add extra weight today, and even though she was handling it perfectly, the last set is usually the hardest one.”

“Yeah you are right. It probably was that. I hope she didn’t get hurt badly.”

“Nah! She is a strong girl. Sometimes I wonder how she doesn’t faint form training so hard. From what I know, she’ll probably come tomorrow being her wrist better or not.” Jungkook smiled proudly, making Jimin feeling a little jealous of Jungkook’s closeness to Y/N. He even started to question their relationship.

“You seem to know her well” Jimin said in a monotonous tone.

“Well not so much if I’m being honest. She used to train in the evenings when I had the same time schedule, but luckily when they changed my shifts to mornings, her schedule also changed to mornings too, so we kind of became close,” Jungkook nodded to himself while Jimin frowned a little wondering if that change in schedule was a coincidence. He let those thoughts wander off his mind for later since he now had some information of Y/N, and he would use it to his favor not minding if Jungkook was in his way or not. Thinking of a way to smoothly end the conversation, Jimin told Jungkook he should probably go to do some cardio to which Jungkook replied with a nod and a pat on his back.

What Jimin didn’t realize was that Jungkook noticed his new interest in Y/N.  Jungkook knew guys like Jimin all too well, and he wondered if he was just interested in Y/N’s appearance or in her essence. His thoughts were interrupted by a boy who asked him to explain some exercises to him. Walking towards a bench, Jungkook focused on his job once again.

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Running towards the gym, you listened to your Training playlist to get in the mood before exercising. Without noticing you had dressed in a pair of pink shorts, which for some reason you didn’t felt confident enough to wear till now, and a sleeveless and tight black shirt. You wondered if you unconsciously did it in an attempt to get the attention of a certain someone. As yesterday, you greeted the receptionist and went straight to do cardio. Upon finishing your twenty-minute warm up, you went straight to do some weightlifting while scanning the area once more to find any familiar face. Reaching the main floor, you felt a tap on your shoulder. Turning around, you found the boy who helped you yesterday.

“Hey!” you said a little too excitedly for your taste.

“Hi! Jungkook told be about your wrist. Is it okay now?” the boy asked with a sweet smile. You had to contain yourself from smiling at how cute he looked. How can a boy be both cute and hot? It’s so unfair!

“Oh, it’s better now, thanks! I applied some ice to it, and it felt better afterwards,” you said while looking at your wrist, trying to avoid his seductive stare. Why was he looking at you like that?! You felt like he could see your soul by just staring at your eyes.

“I’m glad then! Yet if I’m being honest, I hoped you still had some trouble, so I could use it as an excuse to help you while we trained.”

The sincerity in his voice made you look up at him, and you realized he was flirting with you again. Some confidence filled your next answer.

“I mean…I wouldn’t mind if we trained together,” you shortly said while a small blush creeped into your cheeks.

“I wouldn’t mind either. Actually, I wouldn’t mind at all. What do you have today?”

“Leg day and you?”

“Same here! We could make a combination of your assigned exercises and mine,” he offered.

“Sounds fine to me. I was getting bored with my routine, so this sounds promising”

“It sure does,” he said with a wink while motioning you to move towards the leg press machine. When you two were walking in that direction, you decided to ask for a proper introduction.

“I’m Y/N by the way. We never got to introduce ourselves.”

“Oh yeah. I’m Jimin. Park Jimin,” he extended his hand to you. You shook it and when your brain actually understood what he just said, you withdrew your hand from his. Trying not to panic, you told yourself that name was common. He couldn’t possibly be the same Park Jimin from your childhood. He looked at his hand and then at you with a questioning stare. Calming down a little, you realized your action seemed rude, so you tried to explain yourself.

“Sorry, my hand hurt a little…” you lied.

“Oh really? Sorry, maybe I held you too tightly,” he seemed apologetic.

“No! it’s fine. Maybe I overestimated my recovery.”

“Well don’t worry, because I will help you to not get hurt again,” he smirked, and you faked a smile. If he only knew that a boy with his exact same name was the cause of your hurting. You tried to push back those memories that constantly tormented you and focused on the first exercise you had to do. While Jimin started loading the machine with about 90kg on one side, you did the same on the other side, earning a thankful smile from him. Asking if you wanted to go first and you indicating for him to start, he positioned himself in the machine and started pushing the platform upwards with his legs. Upon his pushing, you could not help your eyes wandering over those perfectly formed thighs. That was until he caught your attention with his remark. “Like what you see?”

Still mesmerized you let out a simple “Huh?”

Few seconds passed by until you realized what had he said and violently started blushing. Still you feigned ignorance, “What do you mean?” you said looking elsewhere rather than his thighs. At that he laughed finding it endearing how you wouldn’t admit to your actions. Clearly embarrassed by his laugh, you decided to give it a different approach.

“Sorry?” it sounded more of a question than a statement, but you weren’t really sorry for enjoying the pleasures of life.

“Tell you what, let’s not be sorry for staring at each other. Firstly, it would be a lie to say we are sorry to look at each other. And secondly, we’ll have to do several exercises, and it would be awkward to apologize for every time you focus on my thighs,” he smirked. “Besides, you shouldn’t use the “sorry card” for things like this. Instead save it until you actually need it,” he added, making an allusion of more encounters to happen between the two of you. An allusion that went way beyond time and a “just knowing each other phase.”

You looked at the ground to cover you flushed cheeks, not sure if it was because of the truthiness of his words or the fact that he may be considering hanging out with you more often. Nobody knew this about you, but thighs were your guilty pleasure. You sometimes even wondered if it was a kink since you quite frequently stare at Jungkook’s thighs. Now that you think about it, even your past boyfriend had some prominent thighs. Wow, you really have a problem: thighs. But right now, that problem only seemed worse since it was Jimin’s thighs that were attacking you. Breaking from your filthy thoughts, you remembered he was talking to you, so you decided to agree with him. In fact, his plan seemed right to you since you didn’t know if you could contain yourself from staring at him. He was just that beautiful.

To counteract his comment about you staring at his thighs, you looked at his eyes from the mirror’s reflection and said “Okay. But later on don’t go apologizing for staring at by butt.”

For a second, he seemed sort of shocked as if he had been caught doing it in the past rather than being warned for the future. His expression changed rather quickly from shocked to flirty, and you knew something was coming.

“Oh, believe me, I won't be sorry for that,” he smirked once again. Not been able to answer back from you lack confidence, you were glad to see he finished his first set. Just as you were sitting on the machine, he was about to take some weight from it, so you stopped him.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking this plate out,” he stated the obvious, pretty confused.

You lowkey knew what he was thinking. How can a girl weightlift the same amount of weight as him? Being in the gym for quite some time, you have met several boys who felt somewhat attacked by you being able to lift more than them. It always drove you mad, but right now you tried to control your temper by giving him the benefit of the doubt.

“You know… I can handle this weight”

“Yeah I know”

“Then why are you taking weight from it?”

“Well I was looking at your routine, and since it seems you have to add more weight, I was going to take this 10kg plate to add one of 20kg instead.”

“Ohhh…” was the only thing that came from your mouth. You felt incredibly stupid.

“What? Did you think I was taking weight out because I underestimated you for being a woman?” At this point he was just straight forward teasing you. He just read your mind, and you couldn’t be more embarrassed. He, on the other hand, just continued. “Leave that behavior to men with a fragile masculinity. Besides, I’ve actually seen you train for some time, and I know what a machine you can be,” he said while he finished adding the 20 extra kilos on each side.

What? Has Jimin been seeing you? Taking what he just said as an advantage, you brought it up to take revenge on the teasing he did earlier.

“Did you like what you saw?” a small smile creeped in your face. You started pushing the platform to start your first set, trying to act cool just as he did. Seeing his reaction from the mirror, you knew it was so worth it. He actually blushed upon realizing the amount of information he had just given you. Oh, comeback was such a sweet thing, and his cheeks were the proof of it.

“Um… well I just saw you from afar, but I have to admit it wasn’t a bad view, so yeah.”

“How long have you been seeing me?” you decided to continue teasing him.

“If I’m not wrong, it’s been about three weeks,” he said more confidently now.

“Wow what a stalker”

“No no! I just… It wasn’t… I found you pretty, that’s all”

“Oh” again you were at loss of words. ‘Pretty’ wasn’t a word you would relate yourself with. Even though people have told you that, you never believed it, thinking it was out of politeness or even worse, out of pity, yet Jimin had a certain thing that whenever he said something it came out as sincere. And judging by the way he was looking at you, you couldn’t deny you actually believed him. You were glad you were exercising since you could dismiss your flush as a consequence of physical activity. Not knowing how to answer and since you finished your set, you got out of the machine and looked at him, giving him a smile. He smiled back while scratching the back of his head, probably out of embarrassment. Immediately after, he went to change the 20kg disc to the 10kg disc, giving you the opportunity to go to the other side of the machine to mirror his actions. Both of you continued your improvised routine while having casual talk and sending flirty stares until it was time for you to go prepare for class.

Once you told him you had to go, he said how he enjoyed the workout session, and how he would love to do it again sometime soon. You told him you will certainly love to, being it the last thing you told him that day before you parted ways.




As soon as you arrived at campus, you received a text from Jin.  Let’s hang out after class. I have a surprise for you, so you shouldn’t deny my offer.

Wanting to tease him, you replied back. Wow are you bribing me into meeting you? Have some confidence in your charm.

Jin: Y/N, you know that of all the things I lack, confidence in my charm is not one of them, and I’m not bribing you. I’m warning you. If you don’t come, you’ll probably regret it.

You: Okay okay…If that doesn’t sound creepy at all…Let me finish class and I’ll meet you at the cafe

Jin: Okay! You’ll definitely like this surprise!

You: Don’t tell me that! I won’t be able to focus on class thinking on what it could be!

Jin: Guess you’ll have to wait and see! :)

You: It better be good

Jin: It’s good but not good enough as me.

You: I can’t deal with you sometimes. I’m leaving for class.

Jin: haha well not a lot of people can deal with my beauty, I get it.  Anyways, see you later!

You smiled as you read his last text. Wasn’t he too much? You didn’t care to be honest, Jin’s funny comments always made you smile. You wondered what his surprise might be, and prayed it isn’t something as a pair of pink pants. Jin knew about fashion, but sometimes you questioned his taste. Rushing towards your class, you took a seat at the front and waited for it to end. Lucky for you, today’s class revolved around discussing a text you had to read at home, so the class went by smoothly. Once the professor dismissed the class, you went directly to the cafe to meet with Jin and hopingly a good surprise. You immediately spotted his pink coat at one of the tables at the back. He faced your direction, and you noticed there was someone else sitting across him. Approaching the table silently, you sent Jin a questioning look, mouthing “Who is he?” to which he answered with a loud response.

“Don’t be shy, Y/N! Come join us”

Once those words left his lips, you saw the other person slowly turning to face you. You screamed from happiness once you recognized the face of the stranger-not so stranger.


“Hey! How have you been?” he rose from his seat and embraced you, giving you a warmth you remembered all too well.

“Right now? I’m so happy! You have no idea how much I’ve missed you!” you almost stared to cry. He stopped hugging you and gave you one of his dimple smiles.

“Awww I’ve missed you too. Come on, let’s seat to catch up”

He gestured for you to seat on the seat beside the one he was occupying seconds ago. You had just sat when Jin said, “Hey! How come you haven’t greeted me at all? Am I invisible to you now that Namjoon is back?”

“Oh Jin, don’t be silly!” you saw him smile, probably waiting for your exiting greeting, yet you decided to annoy him. “How could you be invisible with that bright pink coat?”

“Hey! It’s fashion!” he pouted both from your teasing and from not earning a proper greeting. You felt sorry for teasing him, so you took his hands in yours and gave him a warm smile. “Thanks for the surprise. You really went over all expectations.”

“Well yeah, I tend to do that,” he smiled back and asked you if you wanted to order anything. Wanting only to catch up with Namjoon, you told him a coffee will do. Jin excused himself to go buy your coffee.

You turned towards Namjoon and asked him how his trip went.

“It was so pretty, Y/N. I went to all the museums I could and tried all the delicious food there was. You can’t imagine how much I enjoyed it!”

“I’m sure you did. You definitely have to show me the pictures you took”

“I certainly will do so. Whenever you have time, we should hang at my place and I’ll show them to you”

“Off course but tell me more. Anything interesting that happened, perhaps?”

“The most interesting thing that happened to me was almost losing my passport at the plane and having to delay another flight while the flight attendants helped me looking for it.”

“That’s so you,” you laughed.

“Yeah I sometimes wonder how I don’t get lost myself when I travel,” he laughed back.

Jin arrived with your coffee and placed it in front of you. You thanked him and took a sip of it, waiting for any of them to start conversation. Namjoon kept looking at you, and you had to look at his direction again. His smile wasn’t there anymore.

“Y/N, I’ve just noticed that you’ve become so thin”

“Oh really?” you awkwardly laughed, knowing where this conversation was going.

“Yeah. How could you have lost so much weight in just one year?”

“I mean I train daily so that’s what’s supposed to happen, I guess,” you shrugged.

“I know, but isn’t it too much? You really have changed since the last time I saw you.”

“Oh come on Joon, it’s not a big deal. I just lost a little weight”

“Are you at least eating properly?” he said while looking at your coffee that you still held in your hands.

“I do! Right Jin?” you defended while asking Jin for support.

“Yeah, don’t worry too much, Joon. I’ve kept her in track. Give me some credit, will you?” Jin said comically but hiding something in his words.

“Okay. Just don’t force yourself too much, will you?” Namjoon said, directed to you.

“I won’t. I promise”

“Let me buy you something to eat” he offered, and while you didn’t want anything to eat, you accepted to avoid being questioned even more. Once Namjoon came back with sandwiches for the three of you, the last conversation was forgotten with laughs and foolishness from the three of you.

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 It’s been one month since Namjoon came back from his trip, so you and him, along with Jin, hanged out quite some time.  His company gave you some sort of peace, being him one of your best friends as well as one of the few people who knew you completely. He had told you to meet him at his place once you finished with your schedule, and you excitedly agreed. Being 8 in the morning, you hurried yourself to start training. Once at the gym, you decided on searching for Jimin. You wondered if today you would be able to train with him again, but not seeing him anywhere was your cue to start without him. To start your training, you went upstairs to do some cardio, and you were surprised to see Jungkook working out rather than just…well, working. To ask him about it, you approached his running figure while telling yourself not to look at his thighs. “Hey! I see you are training instead of working. What’s up?”

“Oh hey, Y/N!” he greeted, “Remember what I told you about finishing my internship and being training partners?” he asked out of breath. You nodded your head, so he continued “Well, this is it,” he finished, gesturing his surroundings with his hands as if that explained everything.

“OMG! Cool, let’s start!” You were beyond thrilled to train with Jungkook. His experience and company brought you comfort as you trusted him both professionally and personally.

“Well I already did. You are the one that needs to start doing something else rather than staring at my thighs,” he gave you side glance and then laughed.

SHIT! He noticed. “WhAt? I did NOT!” You said rather unconvincing. For some reason, you felt as if this had happened before. Perhaps a Déjà vu?

“Okay, will it make you feel less embarrassed if I said I believe you?” he gave you quick glances as he started reducing the velocity of his treadmill.

“It would,” you said admitting your defeat while you started adding velocity to the treadmill that was beside his. “So, do you have a plan for today or are we just going random?”

“I mean, we could do some functional training. I can even ask for the HIIT room to have all the equipment and space necessary,” he offered. Something gave you the impression that today you wouldn’t be having an easy work out. 

“OMG yesss! I love functional training!” you faked excitement with sarcasm, “It makes me want to die.” You spared him a glance as a small smile tried to break free from your lips.

“That’s the spirit!” he mirrored your sarcasm while jumping off the treadmill, “I’ll let you finish with this while I go and ask for the room.”

“Okay, meet you at the first floor?”

“Sure,” he said as he started walking towards the stairs.

Wanting some encouragement to start running, you played your Gym playlist and went along with the songs until your 20 minutes finished. Once you descended the stairs, you found Jungkook waiting for you. He told you he got permission, so placing a hand in your lower back, he led you to the stairs for the HIIT room, which was below the ground floor.



 Jimin was excited to see Y/N again. Even though he woke up a little later than usual, he knew he still could catch up to her schedule. Once he arrived at the gym, he started scanning the area for her, and when he saw her walking in the opposite direction, he tried to approach her. He stopped in his tracks seeing Jungkook was beside her and guiding her with his hand on her back. He tried to decipher what was going on, and upon seeing the two descending the stairs towards the HIIT room, he felt himself getting unreasonably mad. He knew it was illogical but seeing the two so close and, even worse, laughing together made something inside of him snap. He told himself to calm down as he made his way to the  cardio room. Since the last time he saw Y/N with Jungkook he could tell something was going on between them; maybe not from her side, but Jungkook definitely had some interest in her. Jimin couldn’t stop his thoughts, and even as he tried to lighten them while running as fast as he could in the treadmill, he couldn’t get them out of his head. Wondering what they were doing, he couldn’t control himself from wanting to spy on them. He descended to the ground floor, and just when he was about to look for them, his friend Taehyung stopped him to greet him.

“Hey Chimms!” ... “What’s up with that face?” he changed his tone from a happy one to a concerned one.

“Not much…Do you remember the girl I told you about?”

“Your crush, Y/N?”


“Well, what about her?”

“I just saw her going into the HIIT room with Jungkook” Jimin said as if that explained everything.

“So, what?” Taehyung asked not understanding.

“Well! They are together!” Jimin was starting to feel frustrated. He needed to go now, but he knew his friend wouldn’t let him go that easily.

“Yeah, I get that, but I don’t get why you are so affected by it,” his friend stated. “Maybe she asked for a personal, you know?” he tried to reason.

“It’s not that!” Jimin spat, “He wasn’t wearing his uniform. Besides, she wouldn’t need one,” Jimin tried to explain to his clueless friend.

“Well, maybe they are just training together. What’s the big deal?” Taehyung shrugged. Jimin was getting more and more irritated with his friend’s questioning. When Jimin didn’t answer, Taehyung seemed to grasp what was going on. “You are jealous,” he stated while hiding a small playful smile.

“I am not!” Jimin said way to fast yet not so convincingly.

“You are definitely jealous!” Taehyung circled his finger as he pointed at Jimin. “I would be too, to be honest,” he admitted out loud, “Jungkook has his shit!”

“Would you shut up? Don’t make me feel worse,” Jimin said, starting to feel really worried.

“Okay okay…calm down a little. From what you have told me, they are just friends, so you shouldn’t worry too much”

“I should worry since I’m also just a friend to her, and since I don’t like her as just a friend, Jungkook could probably like her the same way as me!” he whined.

“Well right now you can’t do much about it, so just let it be and try to figure out how to change your ‘friend status’” Taehyung said it as if it were that simple.

“But it’s so hard, Tae. We have been training together for a month now and every time I want to ask her out, I just get too afraid that she will say something like ‘I’m sorry I have a boyfriend’ because how can a girl like her be single? She’s just so perfect. It’s been just a couple of weeks, but I can tell she’s not only gorgeous but also sincere and dedicated. She’s just too good to be true.” Jimin let out all his worries and past thoughts.

“Wow you’ve really fallen for her, haven’t you?” Taehyung asked rather surprised by his friend’s unusual behavior.

“I don’t know! Maybe…” He didn’t know. It was the truth, but why was it so hard to answer that question when in the past it was as easy as a no. While he didn’t have to think twice in the past, right now he had an internal battle within himself; a battle to figure out his wants.

His friend looked surprised to hear a different answer than the one he usually expected from his friend. “I can’t believe my womanizer best friend has just found a girl that he actually likes. You’ve never talked so kind of a girl, you know. Not even from your past girlfriends.”

“Hey that’s not…true,” he admitted at last. He tried to accept the idea that maybe this girl made him feel things he has never felt before; as if there was some sort of connection between her and him. Maybe at the beginning he saw her as a hot girl he wanted to conquer, but the moment he got to talk to her, he realized there was more than that category to her. That category was too degrading for a girl like her. Upon talking with his best mate, Jimin realized he may be falling for the girl he once saw as just a target.



 From the moment he saw her, he had been intrigued.  She was the unusual type of girl that was gorgeous and didn’t know it. He never understood how she could be so humble. Maybe humble wasn’t the word, but she definitely didn’t know how beautiful she was, and having met a lot of girls at the gym, he realized most of them wore their beauty proudly. Jungkook still wonders why Y/N acted differently.

Once Y/N finished her cardio, he showed her the way towards the HIIT room. Not that she didn’t know the way. She has probably attended several HIIT classes to know the way, but he convinced himself it was his excuse to be able to touch her; even if that meant just to place his hand on her back. He shouldn’t be enjoying himself that much, yet after watching her train with Jimin for the past month, he couldn’t stop himself. Jungkook have been dying the last month from just watching them train together. That should have been Y/N and him. Who even added Jimin to the equation?! Jungkook never considered himself as the jealous type, and he knew he didn’t have an excuse to be. Y/N was just his friend. Well, he couldn’t complain, at least she didn’t saw him as just an instructor. That would have been worse. At least as a friend he could be near her as he gets to know her better. He hoped today wouldn’t be a ‘one day’ thing so that he could approach her just as Jimin had done this past month. Upon descending to the HIIT room, Jungkook indicated Y/N to help him arrange the stuff they would need. Since almost everything in the room was already arranged, they only had to set a pair of bars, kettlebells, and wall balls. Jungkook felt himself take his role as instructor once again as he explained to Y/N the exercises they would be doing. He didn’t have to explain a lot, though, since she knew all the exercises well. Before starting, he went to plug his phone to the speakers and played one of his multiple playlists. When he turned around to face her once again, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling upon seeing her swaying to the music.

“Good song choice! This will definitely make me want to die less,” she said.

“Well, that was the intention. To lessen the pain,” he answered with a laugh while preparing the chronometer to measure the time they should be spending on each exercise. “Okay ready?” he continued.



45 minutes of arduous exercise and Jungkook and Y/N were lying down on the floor gasping for air. Jungkook turned his head towards her upon hearing her laugh.

“How can you be laughing? You should be dead by now,” he said jokingly.

“Have you never heard the expression ‘laughing through the pain’?” she answered while still laughing.

“Wait for tomorrow. This pain isn’t compared to what you will feel tomorrow,” he nodded to himself.

“Yeah I know. I remember all too well how I woke up the next day after I did some functional. It’s the worst pain ever. Well at least, physically,” she said knowingly.

Jungkook couldn’t contain himself from asking what she meant by that, so he did. “What do you mean?”


He realized she just said it absentmindedly, so he followed his common sense and didn’t ask any further. Instead he tried changing topics. “Uh nothing. We should probably stretch before going up,” he said while sitting up. She followed his action.

“Yeah, if I stretch then tomorrow I won’t feel like shit”

“You are being optimistic,” he said sarcastically.

“Shhhh! I know what I’m saying”

“You surely do,” he teased

“Yeah in fact I do! What if I show you?”

“Show me? How?” he asked truly curious.

“Well, since you conducted the ‘class,’ I’m going to conduct the stretching part,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Okay then, show me your magic ways into not getting pain after my perfectly prepared class”

“Okay, lay down,” she said while doing it herself. He followed her instructions while lowkey wishing those words were said in a different situation. She continued giving orders while explaining how to stretch different parts of their bodies. At one point, he couldn’t control himself from watching her butt when she explained a position in which she had to be standing up and stretching her arms until reaching the tips of her toes. He told himself to be the better man and followed her explanation as he averted his view. His breath got cut out when he felt her behind him. “W…what are you doing?” he tried to sound controlled.

“I’m trying to help you reach your toes. You don’t seem flexible enough for an instructor,” she teased. He was glad she couldn’t see his red face from her current position.

“Okay now to finish up, we should lie down and try to control our breathing.” He appropriately followed her commands and actions.

While doing the breathing exercise, he couldn’t help but to listen to her breaths. Weirdly, it made him feel at peace. He didn’t want this exercise to end since it was something he was actually enjoying. Maybe it was just the fact of being beside her, but he hadn’t felt like this in a long time. His thoughts were broken when he saw her standing. He sat up and was about to stand up when she offered her hand to help him. Without questioning it, he took it, yet fate was by his side since she didn’t seem capable of managing his weight and instead lost her balance. She screamed while falling directly into Jungkook. He managed to catch her, yet she now was straddling him while he was lying on his back once again. A few seconds passed- that felt like hours to Jungkook- of the two of them just staring at each other in bewilderment. She was the first to react.

“OMG I’m so sorry!” she said while standing up.

“No! It’s my fault. I’ve should have seen it coming,” he answered embarrassed. Jungkook wished his cheeks didn’t show how he felt at the moment.

“Let’s leave it at ‘no one’s fault’, okay? Besides, it wasn’t a big deal,” she brushed it off easily.

“Yeah, right,” Jungkook said with a fake tone. For him it was a big deal. He hadn’t had any sort of skin ship with Y/N till now, and it ended in her straddling his lap?! Maybe it was the shock of the moment, but he thanked the heavens that his body didn’t show his feelings towards her. He was a man after all. Trying to ease the awkwardness in the room, Jungkook offered to go get a smoothie at the bar upstairs. Y/N seemed eager and right away seconded his idea. Walking side by side upstairs, they reached the bar and once again thoughts of Jimin crossed Y/N’s mind, making her look out for him once more. Not being able to spot him nearby, she decided to focus on her smoothie while wondering where he could be.



 Frustrated wasn’t the word to describe how Jimin felt at the moment. His thoughts about what was going on downstairs were consuming him. Not only those thoughts were killing him, but also the realization he made possible minutes ago thanks to his friend Taehyung.

He gave up on his idea of spying on them since it sounded too childish, even for him. Instead, he focused on his routine and tried to get his mind off Y/N and Jungkook. About half an hour have passed and not being able to focus, he decided on just doing abdominal exercises. Interestingly enough, he decided to do those exercises near the staircase that lead to the HIIT room. Once he finished his last set of abdominal crunches, he heard a scream. Judging from the feminine tone of the scream and also by his general knowledge of Y/N, he knew who the owner of the voice was. He couldn’t control himself any longer. He stood up, and silently descended the first stairs, stopping before the landing. Luckily the staircase was a U shape staircase with one landing, making it easier for him to see what was going on without been seen. Jimin felt his blood boil upon seeing what the scream was about. He saw Y/N basically straddling Jungkook. Jimin was about to intervene when he saw her get up from Jungkook and apologize innocently. Not wanting to look any further and thinking rationally for once, Jimin went back up and gathered his bottle of water. Decided on going home, he placed the mat he was using before on its respective place and walked straight to the door. He had to do something, and he had to do it fast.

Chapter Text


You reached Namjoon’s new apartment and couldn’t help being surprised at how neat it looked. Perhaps it was so clean since he just moved back, you thought. You wished you had an apartment like his, spacious and clean. Entering further into the apartment, Namjoon indicated you to sit in the couch while he prepared some coffee. You waited patiently until he reached the sofa with a tray holding two coffee cups and a plate with cookies. You took one cookie and upon savoring it, you realized it was handmade.

“Wow Namjoon! These cookies are delicious,” you said surprised.

“Oh really?” he laughed, embarrassed.

“Yeah! I didn’t remember you could cook. You seemed to have learned some things while you were away.” Acknowledging others’ efforts seemed like the right thing to do. Namjoon always tried his best when it had to do with cooking, or house chores in general, so praising him meant a lot to him, and you knew it.

“Well I had to survive by myself, so I guess I had to learn to do one thing or two. Besides, Jin was kind enough to send me some recipes. He literally saved my ass,” he showed a grateful smile.

“I bet he did,” you laughed. “Well, the important thing here is that now you can get married,” you joked.

“Yeah, I guess now I’m a well-prepared man. I just have to look for a girlfriend,” he joked along.

“You are the perfect guy any girl would love to date. I’m still confused as to why you are still single,” you questioned out loud, looking at him with furrowed brows.

“You know…I wonder the same thing about you.” He took a sip of coffee as he got comfortable in the cushions.

“Me? You’ve got to be kidding me,” you looked at him seriously, “You know I’m a disaster,” you stated.

“That’s what you like to make yourself believe, but I’ve known you for 5 years now and you are more than what you give yourself credit,” he confessed sincerely.

“I’m really touched you think so kindly of me Namjoon, but you know why I’m single.” You wanted this conversation to end; it was only triggering hurtful memories that you were trying to forget.

“Actually, I don’t. Why don’t you explain yourself?” He moved forward in the couch and placed his cup on the coffee table.

“We've talked about this. Remember what happened last time?”

“Yeah, I do. You auto-sabotaged your relationship. That’s what happened.” Damn. That was way too forward.

“It wasn’t like that. I had to let him go, Namjoon. He was too good for me, a literal sunshine, and me? I was a liability. I still can’t understand how I got hold of such an amazing man.”

“And he probably thought how he got hold of such a wonderful woman,” he added to your sentence. “He still loves you, you know?” he tentatively continued.

“I know, and I love him too, dearly…but I knew of his dream, and I didn’t want to become an obstacle for him.”

“There’s something called long-distance relationships, you know?” he said sarcastically.

“I know, but I wanted him to be as free as he could be, and maybe…that way he could find someone that actually deserved him,” you let the painful words out. It didn’t hurt as much as it did before, but healing was a long process. You still loved him, but you knew that letting him go was the best decision you could have made.

“You deserved each other, Y/N. Don’t think less of yourself. Maybe you two were different, but that’s what made you compatible,” Namjoon argued. You wanted to believe him so badly, but you were still a little skeptical.

“Yeah, perhaps you are right. We were and are still compatible. Even though we broke up, we are still close to each other, so I guess we didn’t lose each other at the end,” you said with a tender smile.

“I’m happy to hear that, but Y/N,” he said, making you look up at him, “it’s also important not lose yourself.”



You woke up to another day of the same routine. Getting in the shower, you thought back about your conversation with Namjoon and realized what he meant with his words. He truly was a wise man who could easily look into your words and make out the hidden message, the truth untold. He understood you through out, and that’s why he was one of your closest friends. Even though you didn’t say it directly, he got to figure out why you let go of your ex without a fight. It wasn’t lack of love for him, but lack of love for yourself. There is some truth in the words “How can you love someone if you don’t love yourself?” since no matter how much a person loves you, you can’t give your all to them if you are not complete. Not loving yourself meant fearing that the person you love will leave you at the end, and it is all being fulfilled by a constant feeling of never being enough. For some reason, those thoughts brought into your mind the image of Jimin. You haven’t seen him in two days and yet you somehow… missed him? You knew you had to be careful with your feelings, thinking that you didn’t want to repeat the same cycle. Breaking your thoughts, you realized that you took more than usual showering, so you hurried up to get ready to leave your house.

You wondered if you would be able to see Jimin today, and reaching the third floor of the gym, you smiled upon spotting him at a treadmill.

“Hi!” you said

“Hey!” he said back while decreasing the treadmill’s velocity until reaching to zero.

“I didn’t see you yesterday.”

“Oh yeah… I didn’t see you either. Maybe it has to do with me being a little too late?” he said, somewhat implying something?

“Yeah makes sense,” you nodded, “I looked for you, but since I couldn’t find you, I decided to train on my own. Then I spotted Jungkook and he offered to train together,” you explained the events of the previous day.

“Oh, I see…so how was it?”

“Well, we did some functional, so it was pretty intense. But I enjoyed it a lot,”

“Yeah, I can imagine…”

“So, what are you doing today?” you said, curious about his routine and trying to figure if you could work out together once again.

“Today?” he paused for a second, considering something, “I’m asking a beautiful girl out,” he said, looking up directly into your eyes. You looked at him somehow surprised by his answer and tried to hide the sadness in your voice.

“Oh...really? Who?” you asked even though you didn’t want to know.

“Oh, you know, this girl I met several weeks ago and whom I developed a crush on,” he paused, “She’s here right now, by the way.”

“Oh, she is?” you said looking around.

“Look, right there,” he said while pointing to mirror wall at the far end of the cardio room where there were a few stationary bicycles. You looked around that area, but no one was there, so you looked at him again and said, “No one’s there.”

“What do you mean there’s no one? Look carefully,” he said while holding your shoulders to turn you around once again. “There are two people actually. Me and the girl I’m currently asking out,” he said smiling. Upon realizing what he meant, you turned around to see if he was joking, but once again the sincerity in his eyes told you this was no joke.

“Me?” you couldn’t help but ask. He simply nodded while he waited for an answer.

“You want to date me?” You were incredulous. Never in a billion years would you have expected this.

“You sound surprised,” he said confused while a small laugh escaped his lips.

“Well, yeah…”

“So?” he asked, eager for an answer.

You blushed, unsure of what to say. Your head was telling you not to engage, but your heart was telling you otherwise. Seeing the expectation in his eyes was too much, you couldn’t say no to him, so without thinking it twice, you answered him.

“I would love to go out with you, Jimin,” you smiled shyly. If something could kill you in an instant, it would be Jimin’s current smile. It literally reached his eyes- as well as your heart.

“I’m glad to hear that,” he looked down out of bashfulness, “So, umm, can I have your number?” he said while giving you his phone.

“Sure,” you said taking it and adding your number before returning it to him.

“I’ll text you the details of the date, but first things first. When are you free?”

“Um… On week days, I usually train in the mornings and go to college in the evenings, but I’m free about four o’clock every day. I’m also free on weekends.”

“What about today?” he asked hopeful.

“Today…sounds perfect,” you smiled.

“Well, being that said, why don’t we go train?”

“Sure, let me just do some cardio before we start.”

“Okay, see you downstairs?”


With that Jimin started walking towards the staircase, but not without looking back at you with a smile on his face.




Finishing your training with Jimin, you left with a warmness in your heart you hadn’t felt in quite some time. Despite your happiness, you started getting nervous- anxious even. You knew you started liking Jimin since the moment he helped you that day. Not only his kindness was what called your attention, but there was something about his sincerity. Although he looked like the typical guy who could break your heart, something about him told you he wouldn’t. You couldn’t say you knew him well enough to assure that, but sometimes a simple connection with a person makes your heart believe things that your mind wouldn’t. Entering your class, you wondered how you would concentrate, having all these feelings attacking you- not to mention the constant image of Jimin's eye smile popping in your head. It’s a given that you couldn’t concentrate at all in your classes, so you thought of blaming Jimin if you failed, but off course that included the fact that the two of you would get closer. Not only were your thoughts affecting your concentration, but your phone was a constant distraction as well. You kept looking at it every now and then, waiting for a text from him. It was exciting, this thing called dating, even though you didn’t want to admit it to yourself.

The class was about to finish when a text got your attention. Hi! It's Jimin. You didn’t know why but you wanted to annoy him just a little bit as payback for your thoughts being clouded by him.

Jimin? I don’t think I know anyone with that name. Not a second passed before you got your reply.

Jimin: What? Isn’t this Y/N’s number?

You let the text sit unread for a few minutes with a playful smile on your face. You couldn’t help but imagine his panicked face, and it made you snicker to yourself.

Y/N: Y/N? I think you got the wrong number.

Jimin: Really? Oh, I’m sorry.

Y/N: I wonder what your reaction might be.

Jimin: Excuse me?

Y/N: I imagine you thinking “What? Has she giving me the wrong number to avoid me?” and later, “why would she do that?”

Jimin: This is getting weird. I’m ending the conversation, sorry.

You panicked thinking you brought the prank way too far.

Y/N:  Wait! This IS Y/N. I was just playing a little bit.

Jimin: I don’t believe you. Prove it.

Y/N: How?

Jimin: Send a selfie.

Y/N: Is that really necessary?

Jimin: See! I knew you weren’t her. Bye.

Y/N: Wait! Okay, I’ll send it!

Just in time, the class finished, so you hurried outside to take the selfie. You didn’t want to look weird doing it in the middle of the hall, so you decided to look for a less public place. Going to the nearest green area, you lifted your phone upwards to avoid your double chin getting in the picture. It took you about three times until you got the perfect shot in which thanks to the sunset your eyes got the perfect illumination, giving it a lighter shade than what they usually are. Not thinking too much about it, you attached the selfie and send it to Jimin with a “Happy?” text to it.

A few minutes later you got a reply. How couldn’t I be happy looking at such a beautiful picture?

You blushed at his remark. Did he do this on purpose? Well, you couldn’t blame him since you were the one who started playing with him first. Still, you didn’t know how to answer him, so you decided on acting like you didn’t know what he meant.

Y/N: Well, yeah. The sunset really looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

Jimin: I believe there’s something that shines with more beauty than the sunset.

Why was he acting like this? You couldn’t take compliments. You just didn’t know how to. Thinking in changing topics, you did just that. I just finished class. Um… where should we meet?

Jimin: I will pick you up. I’m already on campus. Where are you exactly?

Y/N: I’m in front of the students’ cafeteria, near the main entrance.

Jimin: Great! See you soon.

Y/N: How did you know where I studied though?

You didn’t get a reply from Jimin and instead heard a honk. Looking up, you saw Jimin get out of the car and approach you.

“Hey!” he greeted.

“Hi!” you said back while being unable to look elsewhere but at him. He looked so handsome wearing normal clothes instead of gym clothes. It gave him an air of innocence that matched the sincerity that he usually showed you. He literally looked like the perfect guy to introduce as your boyfriend to your parents. He wasn’t neither too formal nor too casual, just the perfect combination of fashion. Oh, you had a thing for boys who knew how to dress, and this boy was doing some serious damage to you at the moment. He was wearing all black: a pair of black skinny jeans, a slim black shirt, a black leather belt, and a pair of black boots. The only contrast to his black outfit was his beige cardigan which had stars as a design as well as buttons. Even though you couldn’t imagine a boy wearing a stars’ sweater and looking good, he somehow managed to look not only handsome but also a little cute. Now you felt too self-conscious of your outfit. You chose a plain light pink dress, thinking it would give you a sense of being feminine. Usually, you were used to wear skinny jeans or just colored pants, but the thing about wearing a dress is that it somehow gave you a feeling of being cute. You didn’t know why you wanted to feel cute, but you did, and so you chose that dress. Feeling a little insecure of your wardrobe choice, you looked down at your white sneakers and felt even worse. Why did you choose sneakers? You probably thought they were the comfortable choice but not the most pretty to match with a dress. Hearing Jimin’s voice again, you looked up.


“What?” you asked confused.

“You look beautiful,” he paused, taking you in, “Even though I got a spoiler from the selfie, I must say you look even better in person.”

“Oh… thank you,” you couldn’t help but say. Trying to get the attention away from you, you decided to compliment him as well. “You look pretty good yourself.”

“Oh…umm, thanks… We... should get going,” he said unable to hide the evident blush on his face. You were glad you weren’t the only one being affected by compliments. He guided you into his car, opened the door for you, and let you in the passenger’s seat. Then, he got into the driver’s seat and turned on the engine.

“Where are we going?” you asked out of curiosity.

“That’s what I would like to know. Where would you like to go?”

“Me? I don’t know…Aren’t you supposed to pick a destination?”

“No, since I want to go to a place you would enjoy. So where are we heading to?”

“Um… well the day seems clear today,” you stated, “maybe an attraction park?”

“An attraction park it is then!”

With that, he drove to the next destination: an attraction park- or was it a place closer to your heart?




You haven’t been in an attraction park since you were 12, so heading towards it once again, gave you the same emotions you had back then. Most people would think it was a cliché to go to an attraction park date, yet for you, it would be a new experience. Most guys you’ve dated had never asked you where you would’ve liked to go on a date- except for your most recent ex, but he was another story. Arriving at your current location made you feel excited yet scared at the same time. You used to like going on different attractions when you were younger, but realizing you were on a date made you a little self-conscious. What if he didn’t like riding attractions? Or even worse! What if you didn’t enjoy riding attractions anymore? Jimin would definitely think you are annoying for picking a destination you didn’t actually enjoy. Thinking of the worst-case scenarios, you got out of Jimin’s car and tried to put your best smile on. He got out as well while checking his phone. You lowkey wondered if he was already bored with your company. Looking up from his phone, he said, “You told me.”

You were lost as to what he was saying to you, “What?”

“The text you send me about how I knew where you studied… you told me so,” he explained, putting his phone back into his pocket.

Realization hit you, making you remember the last text you sent him before he picked you up. You thought back on the moment you could have told him and remembered a conversation you had probably a month ago when you two were just getting to know each other.

“Oh…I didn’t think you would remember, even I didn’t remember telling you that,” you admitted. It surprised you how Jimin could remember such an unimportant piece of information.

“Well I try to remember the important stuff,” he smiled that beautiful smile once again.

“I see,” was the only thing you managed to say, feeling flustered once again. How does he manage to make you feel so flustered all the time? It was a blessing or perhaps a curse, you didn’t know yet. Without saying anything, Jimin took your hand in his and guided you into the park. With a simple touch, he ignited you into fire. If he was someone else, you would have taken your hand away as fast as possible, but his touch was so gentle, as gentle as his features, his voice, and his smile. How can a person look so angelic yet so dangerous at the same time? Jimin was a concept of men you have never tried, and you were eager to take a deeper taste into the layers that represented this man. Focusing in his hand on yours, you smiled at how confident you felt, at how protected he made you feel. Jimin stopped, looking at you once again and asked you what you would like to ride first.

“Since I picked the place, you pick the first ride,” you told him, not sure what to ride since you haven’t been here in a long time.

“We just arrived, so let’s not get into the scary ones at first," he said, looking around. "Hum…what about Bumper boats?”

“Sounds fun! Let’s go!” you said excitedly.

Never letting go out of your hand, Jimin and you went straight to the lake, where several boats were being filled by excited people. Waiting a few minutes until your turn arrived, you realized it was a really hot day. You were glad you applied some sunscreen before leaving your house, yet it wasn’t enough to cover your eyes from the intense sun rays. You were squinting your eyes when Jimin’s hand rose to shelter them. He was looking directly at you, and you couldn’t tell if he was doing this as a “classic” move to do on a date or as an action driven by some sort of concern.

Being your turn to get on the boat, Jimin dropped his hand and helped you get in your shared boat. You got on the passenger seat, giving space for Jimin to seat on the driver’s seat. Your ride began relaxingly, yet moments later it was a war between you and a pair of kids that were constantly bumping your boat.

“I try to be a gentleman most of the time, but these kids don’t apply for my manners,” Jimin said with a daring look.

“Oh, lets destroy them,” you said with a look similar to his. With your camaraderie secured, Jimin got hold of the steering wheel with a fixed look and went over to bump into the kids’ boat. They looked somewhat surprised, yet seconds later a chase began between their boat and yours. All four of you were having the time of your lives, and although two of you weren’t kids, you were feeling like one. Once the time was up, you got out of the boat and headed to several other rides. As Jimin instructed, you first rode the easy-going rides before heading into the stronger ones. One of your favorites was the carousel since it made you recall some memories from when you were a little girl. It used to be your favorite ride since it gave you a sense of being a princess riding her beautiful horse. You asked Jimin to ride in with you, but he told you to ride it while he got some drinks. At first you didn’t want to do it because it might seem childish, but Jimin encouraged you to do it.

Getting in one of the white horses, the ride started. While it moved up and down you looked at the landscape in front of you. It truly was a beautiful scenery, and you wished the day never ended. Looking the other way, your eyes got stuck in the mirror that surrounded the center of the carousel. Once again, it brought you memories of your childhood, but not the type of memories you’ll like to remember. Decided not to let that moment ruin your day, you looked towards the landscape once again. This time, you spotted Jimin, who was holding two smoothies from the look of it. He had a certain look on his face you couldn’t figure out. Waving at him out of excitement, he smiled at you, and you continued enjoying your ride until it stopped. You walked towards Jimin, and he handed you one of the smoothies. Both of you decided to sit down on a bench that was near you while silently enjoying your smoothie. Looking at different beautiful things, you smiled while enjoying your beverage until you looked once again at Jimin. He seemed to be enjoying the view as well, so you decided not to interrupt him and continued sightseeing. Some people would think it would be awkward to just sit and drink a smoothie without starting a conversation, but it wasn’t like that at all. Sometimes people don’t need to talk in order to enjoy others’ company. That’s how it felt to be with Jimin. A sense of comfortability and perhaps… happiness? This was one of those moments in life where you would feel truly happy yet wouldn’t know about it until time has passed, and you would smile tenderly upon recalling the memory.



Jimin couldn’t be more excited. He wasn’t sure if it was the whole attraction park aura or the fact that he was spending some quality time with someone he liked. So far, he had enjoyed every little second and every small smile he got from her. There were a lot of attractions, so he proposed on getting on the softer ones first since he wanted to enjoy the best he could before his weak stomach decided otherwise. Y/N didn’t seem to mind and actually supported his request, making him feel relieved at some point. This was a good plan. Who said you had to ride all the scary attractions in order to have fun? The only thing you need to have a pleasant time is someone beside you sharing memories with you. It’s a plus if that person is someone you like. Spending time with Y/N made him want to treasure every minute he got to spend with her. He has had past girlfriends which he certainly has had dates with, yet none of those memories compare to this moment. He has liked them, he couldn’t deny it, but it was mostly superficial. With Y/N, there was a desire of wanting to know more, of unfolding all the petals of her self till reaching her heart.

Jimin decided to go for something to drink, yet Y/N seemed to want to ride the carousel. Telling her his intentions, she offered to accompany him, yet he insisted she rides the carousel while he bought something to drink. At first, she seemed reluctant, but he managed to convince her. Seeing her get in the line for the attraction, he saw it as he cue to go for the drinks. It didn’t take long before he got his order, and wanting to meet Y/N again, he neared the carousel once again. That was the moment he wanted to treasure the most. Y/N was fixed looking at the landscape with awe. She was smiling one of those smiles that you don’t know you are showing and only a bystander can be able to enjoy from afar. Jimin was that bystander looking at her; she was smiling to herself without knowing that he too was awed by seeing the most beautiful view. The carousel gave another turn, eclipsing his view of Y/N. Once again, the carousel turned towards him and he noticed her seeing the other way, towards the mirror of the carousel. In a flash, she turned her head towards him and spotted him, giving him a wave while smiling. He attempted to wave back with one of the smoothies in his hand, yet only managed to move his hand slightly since he didn’t want to spill the drink. Soon enough, the ride ended, and Y/N approached him. Giving her one of the smoothies, they seated on a bench near the carousel and started drinking it while staring at the landscape. Well, at least that was what she was doing. Jimin kept looking at her, wanting to see that smile he saw earlier again. Sensing she was going to look his way, he turned his head the other way, trying to avoid being caught. Faking being absorbed by the view, he continued with his pretense until he sensed she looked away. Counting a few seconds, he looked once again at her. This time, she looked at him as well and smiled. How could a simple smile be so different from all the others he has seen so far? He wasn’t sure what this smile was telling him, but Jimin had always being able to read people’s emotions rather easily, and right know that smile meant happiness. He smiled too, being happy as well. It was getting a little late, considering they arrived late in the first place, so he offered if she wanted to ride something else before they left. She told him she had wanted to ride the Ferris wheel when she was a little girl but wasn’t able since she was too scared back then. Jimin couldn’t contain his smirk upon her mentioning the Ferris wheel since it was a cliché for couples to ride it as a way to wish to stay together. Perhaps they weren’t a couple yet, but it sure felt- or maybe he wished- like they were going to stay together for a long time. Walking side by side towards the Ferris wheel after disposing of their smoothies’ cups, Jimin couldn’t contain himself from holding her hand again. It was warm despite the chilly air that announced autumn. Letting go of her hand for a second, he took his stars’ sweater and placed it gently on her shoulders. She seemed surprised by his action and tried to give it back, stating he might be cold as well. Denying it, Jimin held her hand once again and kept walking towards their last attraction. Surely, there were several couples lining up, and he looked at her to see if she realized what this meant for so many- him included. She seemed unbothered by the couples and only focused on the moving Ferris Wheel. In a few minutes, they got in one of the cars and since it was a little small, they were sitting closely together. The wheel started moving and soon enough they were rising towards the top. At first, her eyes were fixed on the beautiful night view that was able to be seen from that altitude, yet Jimin's eyes were only fixed on her, seeing that smile reappear on her face once again. He was mesmerized, to say the least, by her beauty, but not just by her physical beauty, but the beauty he had started to see in her once he actually got to know her. Maybe Taehyung was right; perhaps he had already fallen for this girl. His thoughts were interrupted when out of nowhere she looked at him. He waited for her smile to disappear, but surprisingly it didn’t. It made him think that maybe she too was fascinated with the person in front of her. Unable to control his desires anymore, he slowly took her left hand in his, and delicately placed his right hand on her cheek. Not even a second did her eyes left his when they were silently asking for permission. Seeing her previous smile transform into the other one he saw when they were drinking smoothies, Jimin knew what the answer was. Caressing her cheek with his thumb, he slowly moved closer to her. He moved so close that his lips were just a breath apart from hers. A breath he had been containing since she gave him that smile that froze time itself.  Now he too gave her that smile, making time take its course again, and breathing again, he planted his lips gently on hers, taking in every texture he felt from her soft lips. Fire running through his veins, he deepened the kiss, getting a whole new taste from her lips. It was a contrast from the innocent kiss he started, getting too deep in her lips to think of getting out again. Been breathless once again, he parted from her.  She granted him one of her “happy” smiles before pecking him on the lips with a teasing sound. If the ride hadn’t ended at that precise moment, he would have hold her in his arms and attacked her with kisses until she saw no tomorrow.

Getting out of the car hand in hand, they went for his car since it was already too late to ride anything else. Before driving Y/N home, Jimin decided to stop at a cozy-looking restaurant that was on the way. They enjoyed a delicious and warm meal accompanied with fluid and enjoyable conversation. Jimin had enjoyed the no-talking back at the attractions park but listening to her was ten-thousands better. Her voice being a melody which he wanted to be surrounded with for a long time. Once they finished dinner, he drove her home, her guiding him all the way there. He got out first to hold the car door for her once again, and she stepped out glamorously.

“So,” she started “I had fun today… thank you.”

“I’m the one who should be thanking you for this precious day.” He couldn’t look away. The moon created the perfect lightning to surround her in the dark night.

She looked sideways and seemed to notice something. “I should give your cardigan back,” she said while taking it from her shoulders.

“No, it’s still cold out here,” he said while placing it again on her shoulders.


“Give it to me next time,” he interrupted her quickly. If he had to be honest, he wanted an excuse to see her again.

“Next time?” she said, looking up at him with expectation in her eyes.

“Yeah. What about tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow sounds perfect,” she smiled.

Ushering her to go inside, she turned around but didn’t start walking. Jimin was about to ask her if something was wrong when she suddenly turned around and getting on her toes, she quickly pecked his lips. Before he could react, she wished him goodnight and ran towards the door of her building. Smiling to himself, Jimin saw her go inside before turning to his car and thinking about the future encounters he would get to share with the smiling girl.






Chapter Text

It was Saturday which meant you didn’t have to go train today. Back when you first started with this lifestyle, you used to go to the gym every day, but later when you actually learned some things, you realized it wasn’t the best thing to do. Surely, fit people would say one must exercise every day to maintain the body in perfect state, but professionals have told you otherwise. In fact, training everyday wasn’t as healthy as most people believed since the body, in specific muscles, sometimes needed time to recover from the constant tearing they are exposed to. Muscles as well as the brain -and even the heart- need to rest in order for it to have a better performance in the future. Knowing this fact led you to give the weekends to yourself, not to your body.

Even though you didn’t have to train, today was a busy day since you had decided on meeting Namjoon and Jin, and later on having your second date with Jimin. Both activities made you feel excited in different ways. Wondering if you should tell Namjoon and Jin about Jimin, you paced back and forth in your bedroom while drinking a cup of coffee. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust them, but the fact that like any other girl, you were nervous of what their reaction would be. Evaluating the possible scenarios, you figured Jin would most likely tease you while Namjoon would show concern before asking you to introduce Jimin to them. In conclusion, it would be embarrassing and awkward in the best-case scenario. You knew you had to tell them because if you didn’t, they would assume you could spend the whole day with them, which in fact you couldn’t.

Sighing, you finished the remains of coffee on your cup and picked up your phone, entering the group chat you had with Jin and Namjoon. Reading the conversation, it seemed you’ll be having a movie marathon at Joon’s. You hoped all of you would be able to pick movies fast enough to be able to actually watch at least one before you had to leave to your date. To reach Namjoon’s house on time, you had to get ready in about one hour, giving you the perfect time to pick a cute outfit for your date with Jimin. You still didn’t know why you wanted to look cute on dates, but you wondered if it was the fact that you wanted some duality to your boring and serious self. Before you got to socialize at the GYM, you were quiet and serious all the time, and it wasn’t until you talked to some people that their perception of you changed. Still, you thought their perception didn’t broaden enough, which increased your self-description list to boring, serious, and a little sociable. You didn’t complain of your list since it’s what you get from being the way you are, but deep inside sometimes you wanted to be more than that. Truly, cuteness wasn’t the answer or quality you wanted to add permanently to your list, yet sometimes a girl just wants to feel pretty, and for you, being cute was a step towards achieving that. Besides, it isn’t as if you want to act cute like some stupid girls tend to behave, but you wanted the cute look they had. It wasn’t because of Jimin that you wanted this change. It was because you wanted to feel what it felt like to change for once, to upgrade yourself with new features.

Having these thoughts in mind, you walked towards your closet and picked up a white dress that had colorful little flowers all over it. This dress was less plain than the one you used yesterday, and you asked yourself why you didn’t pick this one for yesterday’s date. Perhaps it was because the dress was hidden so deep in your closet that you forgot of its existence. It hasn’t been worn before because when you first received it from your mother, you didn’t feel confident enough to wear it. Now, trying it on to see its fit changed your perspective from before. It wasn’t that now you were confident enough, but you were more confident than that time, thinking of your effort so far as the cause of it. This time you tried picking up a pair of shoes that you wouldn’t regret wearing later, resulting in a pair of golden flats. Being a sneakers’ type of girl, you didn’t like using flats at all, but thinking it was the best match for your “cute look,” you told yourself it was the best option. Wanting to add extra care to your outfit, you picked a beige cardigan from your closet and a pair of golden earrings to match with your flats. Looking back at your cardigan, you remembered Jimin’s, which laid perfectly placed on the chair in front of your window. Wondering if you should just wear his sweater and return it to him later instead of carrying two sweaters, you decided on doing just that. So, placing your beige cardigan once again in the closet, you grabbed Jimin’s and placed it on the bed right beside the other items of your picked outfit. Smiling to yourself, you thought it was all set for you to start getting ready, but you thought maybe doing something to your hair would be nice. You didn’t want to take too long getting ready, considering now you only have 40 minutes to get to Namjoon’s, so you thought of just using a golden metal headband which had leaves as a design. Putting on all the objects that were scattered on you bed, you were now almost ready to go, except that your mind was telling you to apply some make up. You didn’t like using make up since it somehow made your face feel tired, but you lowkey wanted to do it at least today. Not wanting to overdo it, you only applied a little foundation all over your face, some mascara on your eyelashes, and some lip tint to give your lips a lovely pink color to it.

To look at yourself better, you went to your bathroom to look at your whole-body reflection. You didn’t think you would be satisfied with what was reflected, but you were. In fact, you weren’t only satisfied, but you lowkey knew you looked pretty, more than what you would like to admit. Smiling for the first time at your reflection, you spun around and went back to your room to get your purse and phone before leaving your house with an unusual smile plastered on your face.


* - * - * - * - *

Reaching Namjoon’s apartment and knocking on his door, you were faced with no response. You frowned and wondered if maybe they didn’t hear you, so you knocked once again. Soon enough, you heard footsteps approach you from the other side of the door. The door was suddenly opened, and you smiled once you saw Jin standing at the door. He was looking back at the apartment shouting to Namjoon that you had arrived when his eyes landed on you. You wished you haven’t seen his change of expression because now you felt like an idiot. Wondering if you looked ridiculous trying to act girly, you tried to ignore Jin’s expression while you entered the apartment. Walking as fast as you could, you tried to reach Namjoon’s living room before Jin questioned you, but he was fast enough to stop you by grabbing your arm with his slim hand. “Stop right there.”

“Shit,” you mumbled under your breath

“What was that?” Jin asked teasingly.

“Nothing,” you rolled your eyes. “What do you want, Jin? I want to greet Namjoon!”

“Not wanting to greet me again, huh? Turn around and greet me properly first,” he commanded.

You knew you had no escape from this, so you slowly turned around. Leaving your hands beside your body you said, “Hi Jin.” He didn’t reply, instead his eyes wandered your body up and down.

“W..hat are you doing? Stop staring at me like that!” you said defensively and feeling weird at how Jin was looking at you.

“I can’t, Y/N! You look stunning!”

You felt your cheeks getting red at Jin’s comment when you heard footsteps approaching you from behind. “What is this about Y/N looki-” Namjoon cut himself mid-sentence when you turned around.

“Guys please, stop looking at me like that! I’m feeling weird,” you said with your hands covering your face out of embarrassment.

“Sorry,” said Namjoon. “It’s just that it’s…. unusual seeing you wearing a dress.”

“I know!” you said, with your hands still on your face.

“Nevertheless, you look amazing,” said Namjoon, making you look up at him and seeing him smiling down at you.

“Thanks… so umm guys about today…”

“Don’t tell us you are ditching us, Y/N!” said Jin, not letting you finish your sentence.

“I’m not. Don’t worry. It’s just that I won’t be able to stay all day long,” you tried to explain.

“Why not?” said Jin whining.

“Umm… OH! Namjoon, did you buy new cushions?” you tried changing topics while managing to get to the living room.

“Yes, I did, but don’t change topics. Why can’t you stay?” he asked determined to get an answer from you. You simply threw yourself in one of the couches with a sigh. Both Jin and Namjoon sat across from you, waiting for an answer.

“Well, I might have not told you guys, but I met this guy…” you cut yourself, wanting that simple sentence to explain everything.

“I knew it,” said Namjoon.

“What?” you asked surprised, wondering how he figured it out.

“Look at you. You wouldn’t dress like that just for us,” he said as a matter of fact.

“But how did you jump to that conclusion? It could have been an interview, you know,” you argued, trying to add other possible options to counteract his argument.

“I know you too well, remember? Besides, you have showed the same behavior before.”

“I… have? ” you asked unsure.

“Yes,” said both Namjoon and Jin in unison.


“Keep going,” said Namjoon, indicating for you to keep talking.

“Well, I met him about a month ago at the GYM, and we started off by training together,”

“Uh-huh,” said Jin sort of indicating for you to keep going.

“And yesterday he asked me out on a date,” you finished.

“So, are you having your first date with him today?” asked Jin.

“Well, no… We had our first date yesterday,” you explained.

“Let me get this straight: He asked you yesterday on a date and you went without telling us anything?” asked Jin with a fake hurt expression.

“Stop teasing her, Jin” said Namjoon once he saw your shocked expression. “So, you have another date today, am I right?” he continued, focusing on you again.

You simply nodded while playing with your fingers. Even though they were your friends, you felt nervous talking about this type of subjects with them. But, at the same time, you didn’t want to hide it from them.

“Hey. Look at me,” said Namjoon.

“Us,” corrected Jin. And so, you did. You lifted your head and both of them were smiling, not in a teasing way but in a happy way. They looked genuinely happy for you, so you smiled as well.

“I’m happy for you, Y/N. I’m glad you’re moving on,” Namjoon said.

“Me too… but you have to tell us more about him,” continued Jin with a teasing smile.

“Okay. Um… his name is Park Jimin,” you said and not a second had passed when they looked at each other with a knowing look, so you continued. “It’s a common name, don’t worry. I was shocked at first but how can it be the same person, right?” you tried to sound convinced, but it was most of a question, so you could feel reassured that it couldn’t be possible.

“Yeah, it’s a common name,” Namjoon answered looking back at you reassuringly.

“Well, yeah… umm there’s isn’t much to tell about him. We’ve just started to know each other,” you tried to finish the conversation, not wanting to be interrogated too much about Jimin. Probably sensing your awkwardness, Namjoon nodded his head while getting up and asking Jin to help him to get finished the snacks they were preparing before you arrived. Jin understood immediately and followed Namjoon, but not before patting your shoulder with a smile on his face. You asked them if you could help, but they said they were almost ready, so instead they asked you to pick the first movie. Picking a comedy on Netflix, you waited for them to join you. It didn’t take them long before they entered the living room with a pair of trays with delicious pastries on them. Waiting for them to sit down beside you, you pressed play, and the three of you enjoyed a simple yet comfy movie marathon.


* - * - * - * - *

To say you paid any attention to the movies was a lie. You have been texting Jimin for about the whole three hours you have been at Joon’s. It wasn’t that you had a hot topic to make such a big conversation, but the fact that you and Jimin seemed to find it easy to talk to each other. You simply talked about everything that came into your minds, which involved deep talk at its maximum expression. Regularly, you wouldn’t talk about your deepest thoughts with anyone, but there was something about Jimin that drove you to open up to him. Off course you didn’t tell him things you kept well locked in your heart since they were topics you would rather tell him in the future, and most likely in person. At some point, you noticed Jin’s and Namjoon’s glances at your direction, which made you think they were getting mad at your constant texting, but once you confronted them about it, they proved the opposite by facing you with a reassuring smile. You smiled back and looked once more at your phone. It was almost time for your second date with Jimin, so you told your friends you should probably start heading out. Several texts back, Jimin had told you to meet him at a park that was nearby Namjoon’s house. Standing up, you headed towards the bathroom to check yourself, and thinking you looked presentable enough, you bid goodbye and headed towards the door, but not without encouraging words from both Jin and Namjoon. Jin had asked you if you wanted him to accompany you to the park, but you told him you would be fine on your own.

As soon as you walked out from Namjoon’s building, the breeze hit you hard, making you shake from the coldness of that day, so you decided to put Jimin’s sweater on. You couldn’t help but engulf yourself in the warmness and delicious smell the sweater emanated. Men’s fragrances were a weakness for you, and since you had a sensitive sense of smell, you would often associate smells with people. For instance, you tend to associate Jin with a fresh smell, not too sweet and not too strong. It was a smell as free as leaves and as free as his personality. Namjoon, on the other hand, usually smelled like soap which you though really suited him well since he was a simple man. Now, Jimin’s was another thing, it was a smell that drove you crazy, and for some reason you think you remember having smelled it before, but you didn’t know where. It probably was a common cologne that a stranger might have used while walking beside you on the street, so you didn’t think too hard on it and simply enjoyed its sweetness. Breaking from your thoughts, you realized you arrived at your destination, so you looked for Jimin but didn’t seem to find him. You checked your phone but there were no messages, so you decided to wait for him by sitting on a bench. Not a minute had passed when you felt two hands covering your eyes. You smiled knowing exactly who it was and tried to free his hands from your eyes, but for some reason they wouldn’t let go. You thought it was odd, but thinking it might be a surprise, you didn’t try taking his hands off anymore. He took one of his hands off while maintaining one hand still covering your vision, and with his free hand, he indicated for you to stand up and turn around in his direction. Following the instructions of his hand, you turned around and waited nervously. Upon finishing turning around, you felt two strong lips crash into yours with force. Trying to free yourself, you tried backing up, but both his hands had gone to your back, caging you in his arms. Opening your eyes in shock, you realized this man was not Jimin, so you desperately hit his chest trying to free yourself. You managed to free your lips from his but not without his teeth biting upon your bottom lip. Looking into your attacker’s face, you realized it was a complete stranger which made you feel totally scared. You tried to free yourself with all your force, but since your arms where trapped by his embrace, you couldn’t move at all. The stranger smiled with a repugnant smile, and you felt one of his hands moving down until it reached your butt. Shocked, you looked around to see if anyone might help you, but it seemed that no one was around. The stranger didn’t waste his time and started touching your butt with his disgusting hand and descending to reach the hem of your dress.

At this point you were desperate, so you started shouting for help, but the stranger silenced you with a slap. He slapped you so hard that you fell to the ground with force. Trying to escape from your attacker, you stood up as fast as you could and tried to run in the direction opposite to him, but as soon as you started running, you crashed into a hard surface. You realized it was a man’s chest, so you panicked and tried to run sideways. He placed a hand on your shoulder, so you slapped it and tried to run, but then again, a certain smell made you stay where you were. You hadn’t realized the man had been saying your name until now. Looking up, you recognized Jimin’s face. His face showed worry, but once he registered your face, it turned into complete anger. He seemed to have acknowledged what was happening before his arrival, and his eyes went from yours to someone behind you, probably your attacker. Silently, he mumbled something to you that sounded like “stay here,” and in a second he was running. Turning around, you saw Jimin run towards the repulsive guy and grab him by his collar with one fist while hitting his face with his other fist. Frozen in place, you saw Jimin constantly hitting the other guy, until your senses hit you again, making you run towards him and grab the arm he was using to hit the now bloody man. Jimin suddenly looked at you with a stare that made chills go over your entire body, so you backed away from him. He seemed to come back to himself the moment he saw you backing away and with a simple move, he let go of the guy and approached your shaking figure, his face showing concern once again. Reaching you, he tried to touch your face, but you flinched without thinking. His hand stopped midair and he looked at his fist and then at your face once again.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. A… Are you okay?”

You didn’t think you could manage to say anything but somehow you were able to reply.

“I… I don’t know,” you answered looking down at your shoes, feeling embarrassed for some reason. “Jimin?”


“Can we get out of here?”

“Yeah,” he answered without a heartbeat and took your hand to guide you out of that place. You were glad he took your hand since otherwise you wouldn’t have managed to move at all. Letting him guide you, you tried not to think of anything at all, yet memories of the attack kept coming to your mind, so you decided to focus on the warmness Jimin’s hand emanated. Jimin seemed to stop walking, and you looked at him to see what was going on. He turned to face you, searching your eyes once again.

“Did he…” he didn’t finish his question, but you knew what he was trying to ask.

“No, I’m okay,” you tried regaining your posture and look at him in the eyes.

“Did he hurt you?”

“No… no. I’m perfectly fine, really,” you lied.

Jimin didn’t seem to believe you and once again he tried touching your face, and this time you let him. He caressed your cheek lightly. “You are bleeding.”

“What?” you were confused, but now you felt the sharp pain in both your bottom lip and your left cheekbone. “Ouch,” you couldn’t help but say.

“Y/N I’m so sorry. This shouldn’t have happened. I’m-”

“Jimin, it’s okay. It’s not your fault. Sometimes shit just happens”


“It’s okay,”

“No, Y/N. It’s not okay. He hurt you and I should have been there to stop him from hurting you,” he looked down. He really looked worried, sad even, and you didn’t know what to do. You didn’t want him to feel guilty for what happened.

“Jimin, but you did.”

He looked up once again, and before you knew it, he was hugging you. His hug gave you the comfort you didn’t know you needed at the moment, and you let yourself be lost in his strong arms. You didn’t know how much time had passed but it felt like hours, and even though you didn’t want to, you broke the hug. Looking at his concerned face, you smiled up at him. His concerned face broke into a small smile, telling you he too was okay now. His hug gave you the energy you needed to recover from your past shock, and so you grabbed his hand once again and started walking.


* - * - * - * - *

Jimin let himself be guided by Y/N until they reached her apartment. When she opened her door, he was about to bid her goodbye, but she pulled him inside with her. At first, he didn’t know what to do, for she hasn’t said anything since he hugged her in the street. She let go of his hand and told him to wait for her in the living room. He sat on one of the couches and looked around her place. He didn’t want to pry but couldn’t help his desire to know more about her, even if it only meant looking around her living room. A few minutes passed by, and she came back with a plastic box that looked like a first aid kit. She placed it on the table and opened it, taking a bottle of alcohol and a few cotton balls. Without thinking about it, Jimin took one of the cotton balls and applied some alcohol to it. Y/N looked at him with questioning eyes, but he only said, “This is going to hurt a bit.” Placing his free hand on her cheek and raising the other one, he started patting the cotton on her split lip. Y/N winced a bit but remained calm at his treatment. He couldn’t help himself but wonder how she got such a bad injury. What could that man have done to her to end like this? He didn’t want to ask but his mouth betrayed him. “How did this happen?”

She looked down at her lap and took a big amount of air.

“Well, I arrived earlier, so I decided to sit on a bench and wait for you,” she started narrating the events of that day. He listened calmly to how he tricked and kissed her without her consent. “I tried to break free but couldn’t since the man was caging me in his arms…” she explained before pausing. “I realized it wasn’t you, so I tried to break free with more force. I managed to break my arms free, but his teeth held my lip so hard it must have split.” Jimin felt himself going red from anger. He was so angry at the man. It wasn’t jealousy what drove him mad but anger at this world and at men all together. How could men take women by force? That was just uncivilized, animal behavior at its best. She continued, “He start-” she paused, before starting again, “I felt so desperate by then, so I started screaming. The man did let go of me, but soon after, he slapped me… I lost balance and fell to the floor, and all I could think to do was run, so I did. That’s when I found you.” THAT PIECE OF TRASH HIT HER? Jimin was so mad right now. He wanted nothing more than to look for that man I give him what he deserved, but his concern for Y/N was stronger than any thoughts of anger he had, so he continued cleaning her lip. “I’m sorry this happened to you,” was all he managed to say.

“No, thank you for being there,” she held one of his hands.

“But- ”

“Don’t. Let’s just forget about this, okay? I don’t want to think about it anymore,” she sighed.

“Yeah, off course,” he placed the cotton ball on the table.

“Instead, why don’t we watch some movies?” she offered.

“Sure. What do you want to watch?”

“Hum… I don’t know. Let’s see what we can find.”

“Sounds good”

With that, Y/N turned the TV on and started changing channels until she found a movie that seemed to be starting. It seemed pretty interesting, so Jimin found himself caught in the plot of the movie. Both of you had been watching the movie for a few minutes, and Jimin would cast several glances in Y/N’s direction until he noticed she was fighting sleep off. He found it adorable to watch but thought it would be better to let her rest, so when she dozed off, he picked her up and carried her to the room he assumed was her bedroom. Luckily, he was right, so he placed her on the bed and put a blanket over her. He gave her a last look before turning around to leave, but something stopped him. Y/N’s hand grabbed his wrist, stopping him from leaving. He turned around to see what was the matter, but her eyes remained closed. “Stay?” was all she said. Jimin couldn’t deny he was happy she would ask him to stay, but he didn’t want to take advantage of the situation, so he decided to stay until she fell asleep.

“Okay,” he answered and sat on the bed beside her sleeping form. He sat there for a few minutes until he heard her voice again. “Come closer.”

“But… I’m close enough,” his reason tried to refrain his instincts.

“Come here,” she said, gesturing the space beside her.

Jimin’s instincts, or feelings, took over now. He laid beside her slowly. He noticed they were really close together, their breaths fanning each other’s faces, counting the seconds that passed until he too fell asleep.

Chapter Text

It was probably 9 am. You could tell by the light entering through your curtains. Despite being so early to wake up for a weekend, you started to stretch your arms as far as they were capable of. Wondering if it was better just to stay a little more and sleep a few more minutes, you turned the other way around to find a comfortable position. While you were turning, you felt something, or perhaps someone, beside you. Panic overcame your senses, and you started thinking of how you could end up in this type of situation. You didn’t drink last night or go to a club, so why this felt like a one-night stand? You tried to remember what was the last thing that happened the previous day, but only memories of your attacker would cloud your judgement. You were about to scream when once again a certain smell stopped you from losing your mind (or perhaps it was just the opposite?) In just a few seconds your brain made the connection between that smell and its owner.

More awake than ever, you slowly turned around to confirm your suspicion. Indeed, the owner of such a smell was as good as his cologne, or perhaps it was his natural smell? You could believe someone as perfect as this boy would have such a good natural odor. In fact, it wasn’t just his smell that was such a good combination with the boy, but everything from what he wears to the way he breathes is perfection. That was a word you didn’t like to associate with people (or maybe just with yourself), but he did made favor to the noun. Thinking in the opposite of perfection, you thought of yourself. You probably looked like a scarecrow: knowing all too well how you looked at mornings, it wasn’t a good picture to show to your… What was he? A million thoughts were flying over your mind, but the most prominent one screamed “You must look presentable before he wakes up!” And so, you started arranging a plan of how to get to the bathroom without waking Jimin up.

Once again, you turned to face the window, and slowly took the blanket off your body. Step 1: achieved. Now, step 2 was a little harder since you had to place your feet on the floor, and having such a noisy wooden floor, your attempt would be louder than a BTS concert. You didn’t know how, but you managed to place your feet lightly on the floor. Knowing perfectly well which spots creaked the most, you started avoiding those spots at all costs. If you could see yourself from a third person point of view, you would find yourself looking like a spy entering a place full of laser alarms: you looked ridiculous. But as ridiculous as it looked, you somehow managed to get to your bathroom without waking Jimin up. Looking at your reflection, you sighed. How were you going to fix yourself before Jimin woke up? This was a total disaster. Scolding at your past self for inviting Jimin to stay, you started by brushing your teeth since no one wants to be faced with morning breath. That would be the worst thing one could do to their crush. Crush, is it? Was he just that? (or were you lying to yourself in order to not admit your true feelings?) Anyways, you made yourself at least presentable, and once again became a spy whose mission was not to wake the angel up. Step 3: In process. You were about to get in bed once again, but damn… The way the sun made way to his face added to how angelic he looked sleeping. Admiring his beauty, you stayed like that for a few minutes until you saw him stir. Blowing all your effort away, you threw yourself in the bed and placed your blanket over your body as if you were a little girl hiding her mischief from her parents.

You hoped he didn’t wake up, and the minutes of silence proved you right, so you took the blanket off your face to confirm what you expected. He was still asleep, phew! Mission completed! Now you had to fake being asleep until he too wakes up. That or you could try to sleep again, but you knew it would be impossible because your heart felt like a drumroll. Finally, you decided on the first option since the second one seemed improbable. This time you laid facing Jimin, who seemed unbothered by your breath hitting his face. You could see the view in front of you for ages and never get bored. There was something about how when he had his eyes closed, it looked like he was smiling. And a smiling Jimin was all you needed to feel happy. It was that simple: his happiness brought you happiness somehow, or at least, made you smile. Then there was the perfect blend of Jimin’s ivory hair with his pale skin. It was a contrast that made him look younger yet mature, something also out of this world. He was a complete mystery to your eyes, like a Pandora box that looked so beautiful in the outside that anyone would want to know what marvelous things could be found on the inside.

* - * - * - * - *

Slowly, Jimin opened his eyes, and his vision landed on an unfamiliar wall. He blinked several times to gain consciousness and to figure out where he was. Focusing his vision, he noticed the wall had a calendar stuck to it, and notes were written on each day. Soon enough he realized he wasn’t in his room, so he turned around to figure out whose room this was. Upon turning to the other side, his eyes immediately landed on a figure that was sleeping peacefully. That was the only thing he needed to gain consciousness in a second. Unconsciously, he smiled upon seeing how beautiful this girl looked by only breathing and dreaming. Being too greedy, he wished she was dreaming about him or at least about their time together. Some part of Jimin wanted to hold her tight and kiss her forehead, but at the same time he didn’t want to wake her since he remembered what she went through the day before. So not wanting to ruin her peacefulness, he tried getting off the bed as quietly as he could manage. This wasn’t a one-night stand, so he didn’t have the need to run away before his companion would wake up. Instead he was trying to leave the room for other reasons.

Silently, he exited the room and headed for the kitchen. Jimin wanted to do something to lift Y/N’s spirits, so he decided on cooking some breakfast for the both of them. To prepare a delicious meal, he checked several recipes from the internet and lastly decided on some French toast and coffee. It wasn’t such a special thing to prepare, but it was something he would manage to do quickly before Y/N woke up. It was about 10 am when he finished arranging the table, and he wondered how to wake up Y/N to eat. He didn’t want to pry in her room again, so he decided on waiting for her to come out by herself. While waiting for her to come, he started washing the dishes to leave everything as clean as it was before he started cooking. It was probably due to the running water that he didn’t hear a pair of footsteps approach him from behind, but as soon as he finished cleaning the last dish, he turned around only to be surprised by a woken beauty.

“Woah!” he half screamed.

“What? OMG I look ugly, don’t I?”

“What? No, no. It’s just that I didn’t hear you coming”

“Oh… I see,” she nodded with curious eyes, “What were you doing?”

“Oh…umm. I was cooking some breakfast for us,” Jimin scratched the back of his head wondering if he was out of place by doing so.

“Really?” Y/N asked amazed.

“Yeah. I made some French toast hoping you would like it…”

“I love French toast!” her eyes lit up from excitement, “Let’s eat! I’m starving.”

Without warning, she took his hand and guided him towards the table. Jimin couldn’t help but feel butterflies at the contact. Then, both sat down and stared at the food as if it would be eaten by itself. The situation they both were in wouldn’t be described as awkward, but it was unusual. They were acting as if they were a two-year couple, and none of them were questioning it. Instead they went with the flow and ate their French toast while having some casual conversation.

Jimin and you spent the most delightful morning together, but soon enough, Jimin had to leave to do some chores. You couldn’t read his mind, but some part of you thought he was probably leaving to not make you feel uncomfortable. And for that you were grateful. You couldn’t deny you adored Jimin’s company, but it was likely both of you had things to do, well… at least Jimin. On the other hand, you were lost as to what to do with your free time, and nothing seemed to quench your thirst for entertainment. At last, you decided on the basics and laying on your bed, you started scrolling through social media. Being a dork, you avoided all content related to your family and friend’s posts and focused on looking for good memes. Laughing out loud to the twentieth meme, you got a text. Hoping it would be a possible plan to go out, you immediately checked it. Once you opened it, you realized it was from an unknown number which made you feel apprehensive. Reading through the text, you assumed someone probably got a wrong number, or perhaps… flashbacks of the day before immediately came to your mind. You thought of that disgusting creep and got scared he might be a stalker. Has he gotten your phone number? But how? Without giving it the benefit of the doubt, you blocked the phone number, and with it, the text reading Hey! I´ve got a surprise for you, look out of your window’ was forgotten. You couldn’t help your curiosity (or was it fear?), and with some courage, you peeked out of the window to find an empty street. Sighing in relief, you continued procrastinating until nightfall came.

* - * - * - * - *

Once again, Monday rolled by with the same routine. Getting up, having breakfast, taking a shower, and preparing to train. However, there was a different feeling to it all. Everything felt way more colorful and exciting, yet you couldn’t place your finger on what was the reason of your euphoria. Deep down, you knew the reason behind this emotion but wouldn’t admit it to yourself. Perhaps it was your mind stopping you from falling too deeply into your feelings, which was probably for the best. Even if Jimin seemed sincere with his intentions towards you, you didn’t want to fall for it yet, being too afraid of being the only one playing that game. Jimin was so beautiful inside and out, yet you still couldn’t understand his reasons for wanting anything with you. You were the opposite to him, a total mess. Even if you wanted him to love you, you were too afraid he would realize what a disaster you were and would run away, leaving behind your heart in pieces. Being pessimistic wasn’t what these thoughts represented, it was just your fear taking over you mind and constricting your feelings inside of your heart.

The mind is a dangerous place, bringing up hurtful thoughts that made you believe you aren’t enough. That you were never enough. You had loved before, and you were loved in return, but some part of you believed that you were the reason for that love to fade. Thinking back on the memories of your past love, the one you still hold deeply in your heart, made you think once again if you were the reason he left. It was stupid and pretentious to think that way, but what if he left you not because he wanted to make his dreams come true, but because you weren’t part of them. Back then, you let him go with a smile on your face, but what nobody knew was that your heart broke the moment his hand left yours, the moment his smile turned away from you as a new one appeared on his face in the expectation of doing great things. In that moment you knew you’d lost him, not because he had to leave, but because you weren’t enough for him to come back. The number of nights you cried for him were lost along the years, and soon enough you accepted that he wasn’t coming back. Even if he told you day after day for 360 days he would come back to you with his dream achieved, it wasn’t enough. Wanting to set him free, to be who he wanted to be, to be with whom he wanted to be with, you decided to end things with him with the promise of coming back together once he returned. Yet, you knew that promise was empty. Why would he want to come back to you when he could have so much better? Why would he, when he deserved so much better? Once again, a nostalgic tear left your eye, but you pushed it aside along with the rest of your thoughts. You couldn’t close you heart forever, and you knew it would be impossible with the way you were feeling for a boy you barely knew but to whom you were already giving so much. Smiling once again at the thought of Jimin, your nostalgia was soon replaced by euphoria. It was time to let go. Jimin was your present and perhaps your future, and if he wanted you as much as you wanted him then you were prepared to give the best of you.

Leaving those thoughts wander through your head, you checked your phone to notice you had several unread texts. You first checked Jin’s to see if something new came up, but realizing it was just one of his lame jokes, you rolled your eyes and checked the others. Surprised to see a text from Jungkook, you decided to check that one next. You surely were close enough to have exchanged phone numbers, but he rarely sent you any text (you were the one who usually started a conversation.) Opening the text, he was asking if you wanted to train with him once again. Thinking back on the last few days, you realized you haven’t talked to Jungkook that much. In fact, he hadn’t approach you at all. Frowning slightly, you accepted his offer with the plan to figure out what was up with him. He answered right away with a Cool! See you. You nodded to yourself and kept on checking the other messages which were basically class group chats talking about projects. You decided on checking them after training as you didn’t want to get all stressed just yet. Throwing your gym bag over your shoulder, you exited the apartment with phone in hand.

You looked for Jungkook but didn’t seem to find him which gave you the impression he might be in the third floor, so climbing the stairs, you looked for him once again. Indeed, he was there, in a treadmill, running as if his life depended on it. You approached him from behind and climbed on the one next to him without saying a word. He wouldn’t have listened to you anyways since he was wearing his earphones. Turning the treadmill on, you started running at a similar pace as his while looking straight front. Soon enough, you felt his stare on you and a small smile crossed your face as you acted as if you hadn’t seen him. With your peripheral vision, you saw him take one of his earphones and say something to you. Wanting to play with him a bit, you continued ignoring him. From the frown forming on his face, you knew you got to him, but before you could do anything, he pushed the emergency button from your treadmill making it stop at once. “HEY!” you gasped, surprised by his action and trying to stop just in time. Looking up at him questioningly, you saw a shit-ass-smirk on his face, making you want to be mad at him. “That was dangerous, you know?!” you managed to say exasperated. “I’m satisfied knowing you understand how dangerous ignoring Jeon Jungkook can be,” he winked. “What? I wasn’t even…” a smile broke unto your face, giving away your fake anger. “I could report you, you know,” you continued, wanting to get another reaction from him. “I bet you could,” was all he said, making you disappointed on your failure at getting to him. Rolling your eyes, you got off the treadmill in an attempt to walk away from him in “anger,” yet he stopped you in your tracks with his hand on your wrist. “I know you’re not mad, come on.” Cursing under your breath, you turned around to meet his eyes once again. “Fine! I’m not mad,” you pouted, “but you could’ve made me fall!” you stated. “If falling for me is what you mean, then certainly I could’ve caused serious damage,” his smirk never leaving his face. Despite knowing his personality well enough, you flushed at his cocky pick up line, yet simply answered with “shut up,” and soon after, “are we going to train or what?” He let a small laugh escape his lips as he guided you to the second floor, his hand never leaving your wrist. You two arranged one of the unoccupied rooms to start with a functional before heading to the third floor once again to do more cardio. Today it seemed you two would engage with an aerobic routine, which you were thankful for as your routine was starting to become boring to you. Both of you gave ideas as to what to include in your functional before arranging it. As everything was in perfect position, you two let the exercise consume you as everything else was ignored. Thirty minutes later, you two were gasping for air but still continued with the abdominal part. Wanting for it to be more entertaining, you proposed on doing abdominals in pairs. Basically, you two acted as a team, doing a mirror exercise of what the other was doing. Feeling destroyed at last, you both took a minute to recover before heading upstairs, you two just breathing in and out. That was the moment you decided to ask Jungkook about his past behavior.

“Kook,” you said softly. Surprised by the way you called him, he lifted his head to look at you, expecting your next words. “Why haven’t you talked to me in the past few days?”

You noticed a glint of sadness clouding his vision as he just stared at you and shrugged. “I guess you were so concentrated in your routine that I didn’t want to interrupt you.”

“Bullshit,” you smiled even if your heart constricted at the thought of him hiding something from you. Jungkook, however, simply stared at you, probably saying a million words with his eyes, but you were incapable of understanding them.

“I…I´m leaving,” he whispered looking down at his hands that were over his flexed legs. Your eyes widened as a knot started constricting your stomach. Those were the words you hated the most. Two simple words could lead to several unspoken thoughts. He was your friend, and he was leaving you. He probably became too bored about you and finally realized that getting away from you would be the best, and you couldn’t blame him.

Despite all the thoughts that clouded your mind, you managed to ask: “Why?”

He kept looking at his hands as he said, “I got a scholarship to finish my major in Spain.” You finally understood. Off course it was because of an opportunity to fulfil a dream. It was funny how destiny tend to take people away from you with the same excuse, one that no one could be against.

Slowly, you nodded and with the most hurtful smile you said, “That’s amazing, Jungkook.” Once again, the mention of his name, made him look up, but this time it wasn’t a surprised look he gave you, but a regretful one.

Not wanting to seem pitiful, you continued “When are you leaving?”

His eyes searched yours as if waiting for another reaction, but you simply stared waiting for an answer. So, he answered. “Next week…”

You couldn’t help the knot getting upper in your throat, threatening to choke your next words. “Well I’m going to miss the hell out of you.”

He smiled at that and replied, “I’m going to miss you too,” before pulling you into his arms.

At first you were taken aback, but soon enough all your feelings crashed into his arms as small tears escaped your eyes, and your arms traveled down his back clutching his shirt with force between your fists. You didn’t want him to see you cry, so you hid your face in his shoulder, trying to clean the tears as they escaped your eyes.

* - * - * - * - *

Jimin couldn’t train today. He had a lot of projects to catch on, so he decided to stay home and focus on his responsibilities first. He couldn’t go to the gym and, therefore, couldn’t see Y/N which made him disappointed. He had an internal battle of whether to text her or not. As much as he wanted any sort of communication with her, he wanted her to text him first, not wanting to seem too eager. Because of that, he had his cellphone full volume on right beside his paperwork as he proceeded with his academic duties. To say he couldn’t concentrate at all because of the constant ringing of his phone was an understatement. He grabbed his hair in frustration as he saw the notifications of mostly all his social media but none from texts. Just as he decided to mute his phone, he received a text from Taehyung. Curious as what he had to say, he checked the text that read: Where are you? followed by, Aren’t you coming?

Jimin sighed and quickly replied Can’t. Have so much to do :/. He decided to leave it at that, but his friend was fast to reply:

Well… you should’ve come. Y/N is certainly enjoying her training.

Jimin frowned at that. What do you mean? Seconds passed but he felt like they were hours before Taehyung replied.

Jungkook… Jimin’s frown only deepened at reading that name. He was getting impatient with his friend and his lack of ability to communicate, so he questioned. Jungkook what? Talk now!

Tae: Jungkook and Y/N are quite close, aren’t they?

You: I wouldn’t know since I’m not there! You tell me.

Tae: No, no… but I mean like close as in a relationship.

Taehyung was starting to get the worst of Jimin’s impatience with his teasing, so Jimin snapped. Just tell me all ready what you came to say!

Tae: Yeah, okay. They are hugging in the second floor.

Jimin’s heart sank at that statement. He knew well enough that Y/N was close with Jungkook, but he didn’t think it would go as far as hugging. He tried to cool down and think in his past encounters with her. She wouldn’t play with him… would she? Sometimes Jimin’s insecurities could lead him to believe he wasn’t good enough and right now they were clouding his thoughts as he slowly started to believe them. He needed some reassurance that his thoughts were wrong, that he was enough for her, but at the moment what he could do was use his friend as a spy.

Me: What do you mean by hugging? I swear that if you are making this up, I’m going to kick your ass.

Tae: I’m not making this up! Look, see it for yourself.

Taehyung attached a picture to the text that left Jimin with a knot in his stomach. He could see Jungkook’s strong arms holding Y/N, as his eyes were closed. Yet, what hurt the most was seeing Y/N holding him as well with her head buried in his shoulder and her hands strongly clasped in his back. Even if it hurt, Jimin couldn’t take his eyes off the picture. He swallowed the lump in his throat and texted.

Me: What were they doing before they hugged?

Tae: I don’t know. I just came by and saw them.

Me: What are they doing now?

Tae: They seem to be heading upstairs.

Jimin didn’t want to be like a jealous boyfriend since he wasn’t even Y/N’s boyfriend, but on the other side, he couldn’t help the jealousy burning through his body. However, he tried to calm down and trust her. Perhaps they weren’t together just yet, but he knew her well enough to know she wasn’t a player. He had dated many of them before, so he knew the behaviors they usually show. He could tell Y/N was the opposite of it, so he just exhaled his jealousy and sent a text. But this time not to Taehyung, but to Y/N.

Me: Hey

Keep it simple, he thought. In the future complications will probably arise, but right now just keep it simple.

* - * - * - * - *

You usually didn’t check your phone during training, so you read your unread texts once you were in the comfort of your home. Even though you were a bit down because of Jungkook’s news, you couldn’t help feeling happy when you saw a text from Jimin.

Hey, it read. You decided on replying as simply as he did: Hi, but added at the end Didn’t see you today.

You waited a few minutes before another text came by.

Jimin: Yeah… had lot of papers to finish :(

You: Ah, I get you. Were you able to finish them?

Jimin: Thank god, yeah! I’ll be able to train again tomorrow. Want to train together?

You: Sure! I always enjoy the company. No reply came for a while, but then another message popped up.

Jimin: I’m glad. So, see you tomorrow?

You: Yeah! See you

* - * - * - * - *

Tuesday came by in a blink of an eye. You hadn’t spotted Jimin when you arrived, so as usual, you did some cardio before starting your routine. Descending the stairs, you spotted him talking to one of the trainers. He seemed to have seen you as well, so he excused himself out of the conversation and waited for you at the end of the stairs. He greeted you, and soon after, kissed you lightly on the cheek. You were glad your face was already red from the previous exercise you did, so you could conceal the hotness on you face. He suggested to do your routine and you complied by stating that you had to do deadlift. When you two were loading a bar to start, a boy with silvery-brown hair approached the both of you.

“Hey Tae, what’s up? I haven’t seen you in a while,” Jimin palmed he boy’s shoulder.

“Hey,” he replied mimicking Jimin’s gesture, “Well, I’ve had a tight schedule since I had to switch a class…but that’s not important right now. What are you up to?”

“We are loading for deadlift” Jimin said while motioning with his eyes towards your direction. The boy, which Jimin called Tae, looked surprised upon seeing you and didn’t miss a second to introduce himself.

“Hi! I’m Kim Taehyung!” he waved swiftly. You stilled for a moment at hearing his name, but dismissed your thoughts, and awkwardly waved back while replying. “I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.”

“Yeah you too! Umm… I guess I’m going to continue doing some bench press. See you around!” He said and left to the other side of the room.

“He seems nice,” you said to Jimin.

“Yeah. He’s my best friend. We’ve known each other since kindergarten, you know” he said without waiting for a reply, and you were glad he didn’t want one because all the pieces started to fall in place. Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung being two names you would never forget. Two inseparable best friends, one a leader and the other the gullible friend. One the main reason of your low self-confidence and the other the cause of your trust issues. This couldn’t be a coincidence, and with the last thing that Jimin mentioned, it certainly wasn’t. You looked at Jimin who was looking at you with a concerned look. Feeling like you would have a crying attack, you excused yourself by telling him you would go to the restroom. Once there, you dialed Jin’s number.

“Hey Y-”

“Jin! It’s him” you interrupted him, tears falling down your cheeks.

“What? What are you ta-”

“Park Jimin”

“Yeah you told us about him, what about it?”

“It wasn’t just a common name. It’s him!”

From the gasp you heard, Jin must have understood you now. “WHAT? So, you are telling me the Jimin you are dating is the same one from kindergarten?”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying!” you said exasperated.

“Wow, okay…but how did you figure it out?”

“He just introduced me to his best friend, Kim Taehyung. That just couldn’t be a coincidence, right?” you said while sobbing louder this time.

“Okay, Y/N, I need you to calm down. Stay away from them, do you hear me? Do you want me to pick you up?”

“No… no I think I’m feeling better. I just… panicked for a second. I need to think this clearly before doing something stupid. Maybe later we could hang up?”

“Are you sure? I mean if that’s what you want then okay.”

“Yeah. Maybe this is what I needed for closure.”

“Yeah it may be… Call me if anything happens okay?”

“Okay… I’ll leave now, bye”


You hang up and exited the cubicle in which you had called Jin. Once you went to the main bathroom, you couldn’t help but look at yourself in the mirror that stood at the end of the wall. Looking down at your shorts you scoffed. It was an irony really. That the same person that made you not wanting to use shorts was the same person who made you want to use them again. You locked eyes with your reflection and whispered “He won’t hurt you again! Not this time.” A trail of thoughts came into your mind, while one main feeling grew in your heart. Resentment was the reflection of your eyes.

Chapter Text

You told Jin that you were feeling better, but it was a lie. You wanted nothing more than for earth to swallow you completely. Everything seemed like a joke now. It had to be in the precise moment when you started to feel something so real that everything had to end up crashing down in a spiral of pain. It was you who always hurted, who always ended up broken. A part of you wanted to scream in despair, but the best part of you (or was it the worst) made you stay there, feet static and eyes wandering through your whole body until they fixed on your eyes. How can those eyes have changed in the lapse of minutes? In the morning they were full of joy and ecstasy, but now they were empty except for a little spark ignited that later on would become a whole fire. However, you didn’t know that yet since you were too focused on your thoughts, all too consuming by themselves. Everything around you felt like an eternity, like time stopped for a second and you were the only one aware of her surroundings. But in fact, it was the complete opposite; you were the only one lost at that moment. The sound of a toilet being flushed made you snap from your reverie, yet it wasn’t enough to make you brave enough to affront the situation. Your mind was screaming you had to go back to the weight room, but your hurting heart was telling you to run. Being so used to listening to your mind, you decided for once to listen to your heart, so you ran.

Without thinking in the consequences, you took your belongings and ran as fast as you could. There were probably a lot of curious glances directed your way as you ran through the front door of the gym, but you didn’t care. It was only when you were stopped in a halt by a hand grabbing your wrist that you were drown back to reality. Slowly, you turned your head in the direction of the hand wishing it wasn’t Jimin. To your luck, it was Jungkook, who had a curious but worried look on his face. You knew that if you let him talk, you would burst into tears in front of him, so you decided on saying a simple sentence that would let him go off you. “It’s urgent,” you managed to say weakly. You didn’t know if it was the look in your face or the connotation the sentence evoked, but it worked. Immediately, Jungkook freed your hand and without waiting for his reply, you kept running. You just ran, wondering if it would stop you from thinking, from feeling. However, as you kept your pace, the memories started flowing like needles being punctured painfully into your mind.

Gasping for air, you saw it clearly as if it was a movie you’ve watched at least a hundred times: you were sitting on the floor with your color pencils sprayed in the floor while you had one in your hand as you drew a beautiful sky. Some minutes passed, and you had already drawn yourself in the paper, but something was missing making your frown. Just in time, your best friend sat down beside you with his own paper in hand and the most adorable smile on his face. “Are you finished?” He had asked while trying to pry on your drawing which you tried to cover from his view. “Don’t look! I haven’t finished,” you pouted as you wanted your drawing to be a surprise. “Okay, I won’t look, but you have to finish it fast! I want to see what you draw!” his impatience always getting in the way. You nodded your head fast and kept drawing once you saw him already focused on the sunset instead of you. Now that your friend came into view, you were inspired, so with your tongue between your lips, you started drawing someone beside you. It didn’t take you long to finish the last part of the drawing since you had the model right beside you. With a smile on your face, you announced you were done to which your friend’s eyes sparkled either from the reflection of the sun or from his excitement. “Okay! I’m going to count to three and we show each other our masterpieces,” your friend announced. “Masterpieces?” you questioned aloud, not knowing the meaning of the word. “Yeah! As in works of art!” exclaimed your friend. “Oh okay,” you continued, not wanting to delay more the exposition of your drawing. Your friend continued “One, two, three!” Both of you flipped the paper over to show each other what you had created. From the look on your friend’s face he was very pleased by your drawing, and you could say the same for yourself as you looked at a beautiful sunset which was the background to what looked like a shadow silhouette on the floor. As the art expert he was at his young age, you friend started commenting first: “WOW! It’s so pretty! Who are they?” he asked intrigued. “You and me,” you answered, indicating who was who as if you were an artist explaining her work of art. At that, his boxy smile appeared which made you smile as well, being your favorite smile of his. “Why us?” he continued his interrogation. “Because we are best friends,” you said as a matter of fact. “We are?” he asked. “Young and wild and free,” you sang and both of you laughed, yet you continued, “Off course, Tae! You are my best friend in the whole world!” His smile only grew bigger if that was possible, and you smiled too, meaning every word. But, soon enough that smile was banished from your face as well as the memory once you almost got hit by a car. Being pushed back to reality, you realized you were almost home, so with the little energy you still had, you managed to run some more towards your front door. Opening the door with force, you threw your bag to the floor and sank yourself next to it in disbelief. You still couldn’t believe they were the same people who hurt you back then. Slowly, a tear made its way down your cheek, and soon enough you were whimpering on the floor, all alone.


* - * - * - * - *

Jimin was starting to worry. He had already finished his fourth set of dead lift and Y/N hadn’t come back. He wondered if perhaps she wasn’t feeling well or if she ran into someone she knew at the restroom. Yet, as he was glancing once again at the bathroom door, he saw her running at the speed of light. At first, he was confused, but as soon as he saw her running towards the main door, he started following her from behind. He was just in time to see her saying something to Jungkook, whose hand was on her wrist before letting her go. Jimin was perplexed as to what was going on. He stood there looking at Jungkook, who looked just as confused as he was. Even though Jimin didn’t like Jungkook very much (being a threat to him), he approached the other boy and turned his attention back to him. “What happened?” he asked Jungkook as if that question’s context would be understood by the other boy. Blinking several times, Jungkook only stared with his mouth agape as in trance. Jimin was growing impatient, so he asked differently: “Why did Y/N run like that?” Jungkook seemed to finally grasp reality, and he opened his mouth to answer, “She just said it was urgent.” Jimin felt his eyebrows knitting as he tried to decipher what that meant. Was Y/N in danger? Why would she flee like that? Did something happen to her or to someone close to her? A million questions popped in Jimin’s head as he tried to figure out what that sentence meant and why she hadn’t said anything to him before leaving. Reason made Jimin conclude that if it was an emergency she wouldn’t have time to explain to anyone. Jungkook just was in the perfect place to question her before she left. At last, he nodded to Jungkook in understanding and started walking back until he stood in front of the loaded bar once again. He took his phone and texted Y/N a simple You ok? He thought that if she were in a difficult situation, she wouldn’t want lots of questions directed her way, so he decided on just that. When she is prepared and available, she would answer him, and everything would be fine again. At least that was what he hoped for. He hoped that the question he texted her would be answered with a “we are ok” at the end.


* - * - * - * - *


Alone. That’s how Jin found you. What he didn’t know was that it was the way you were feeling as well. Besides the crashing memories that tormented you before his arrival, you were all alone. You didn’t know how much it took for Jin to come to you, but it surely felt like an eternity. It was enough time for your memories to complete another way around to your head. As you whimpered, you remembered: sitting now across from you, Taehyung was now the one explaining his drawing to you. It was a very artistic drawing for a kid of his age, you had to admit. As you inspected his drawing, he started pointing each element drawn and what it represented. You couldn’t deny your astonishment at hearing him go over the metaphors and symbols in his drawing, but what you anticipated the most was the explanation of the meaning of the silhouette shade. “What’s the shade?” you had asked, curious on the main point of his art piece. At that he had lowered his eyes in what seemed like a shy gesture and just when he was about to answer, he was interrupted by no other than Park Jimin. “It’s obviously me, am I right Tae?” Jimin stood over the two of you with an air of dominance. You looked at Tae waiting for his confirmation. Taehyung looked questioningly at his friend but agreed to his statement by nodding his head slowly. You couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed as you thought you were the silhouette. Your disappointment turned into a sour sadness as you started to wonder if the value of your friendship wasn’t reciprocated, and in fact you were the only one who considered him a best friend. As honest as children can be, you decided on expressing your feelings to Taehyung, so silently you whispered “Tae, am I your best friend?” You wanted the conversation to be kept between the two of you, but Jimin seemed to have heard it. Without giving Taehyung a chance to answer, he again interfered. “Off course not, Taehyung is MY best friend, so you know.” Jimin pulled his friend to his feet and hugged him sideways placing one of his arms on Tae’s shoulder. You couldn’t help the stung you felt at those words, but you still waited for Tae’s answer. It seemed your friend agreed with everything Jimin said, for he remained quiet and looked down at his shoes. Nodding your head slowly, you too stood up and managed a simple “Okay.” You’ve lost to Park Jimin, the least you could do was accept your defeat. Off course Jimin would be Taehyung’s best friend since who wouldn’t want to be considered the best friend of the most popular kid at school. Even though you were young, everyone liked Park Jimin either by his appearance or by what his parents could buy him, being toys a main motivation for kids to befriend someone. You’d thought Taehyung was like you, that neither of you cared for expensive toys but would rather find other ways to have fun, yet now you realized you were alone with that way of thinking.

You were about to leave when Jimin derisively added, “What? Did you think Taehyung was your friend?” Turning around to face Jimin and Taehyung again, you replied truthfully, “He is my friend.” A mocking laugh left Jimin’s lips as he eyed you with arrogance: “Why would he want to be your friend? You are ugly and fat, and you don’t have anything to offer.” Shocked by his remark, you looked at Jimin wondering if he was joking, but there was no humor in his eyes. There was something else going through his eyes which made you scared at some point. You would never know why he would be so cruel to you, but at that moment you assumed it had to do with you crossing the limits since you were “stealing” his friend. Being so focused on Jimin’s words, you hadn’t noticed other kids listening to your conversation, and while you tried to formulate a comeback, they started shouting: “Yeah! You’re ugly” “You’re fat” “Nobody likes you!” You looked at them surprised by their hurtful words, and then you looked at Taehyung, who still had his head down avoiding your stare. Lastly, with watery eyes, you looked up to see Park Jimin once again, and even though his expression had changed, you didn’t want to know the meaning of it. You ran away from the shouts and away from the silhouettes that would become your tormenting shade.

When you felt two hands on your shoulders, you gasped either from the need of air or from the surprise. Looking over your shoulder, you saw Jin with a concered expression on his face as he looked at you. You tried to manage a smile, but your lips could probably only form a straight line. With caution, Jin helped you to your feet, but having been sat on both your legs, it took you some time to regain force to stand on your own. Jin helped you to your couch and sat beside you, waiting for you to speak. However, only gasps would come from your mouth as you tried to breathe through your crying. Tenderly, Jin guided your head to his shoulder, and you buried yourself in it as you cried harder this time. He stroked your head softly as a way to calm you down, and as it was so soothing, you managed to stop crying a few minutes later. “Are you feeling better?” he asked.

“No…” you sniffled, “all the memories are coming back.” You looked at Jin with pleading eyes, wanting nothing more than for the memories to go away along with the pain in your heart.

“I know it’s hard for you…and it became harder as you met him again, but you need to hold it in Y/N. Don’t lose yourself in the past,” he looked at you with the same pleading eyes as yours, knowing he was asking too much from you. And you had to admit he was.

“What if I’m already lost?” you looked at your folded hands in your lap, “What if I lost myself when that happened?”

Jin placed two fingers under your chin to make you look at him “Hey. You are not lost; do you hear me? I’ve known you for years Y/N, and if I had hang out with a lost person I would have noticed,” he smiled knowingly.

“Yeah, but you didn’t know me back then,” you said as you thought of everything you had to go through and wondered if the outcome of your life would have been different if that incident hadn’t happened.

“But I know you now,” Jin said sternly, “and I know you are an incredible person if not an exceptional friend. I know you don’t see the good in you but believe me when I say that everyone around you does.”

“Then…why does everyone leave me?” you asked brokenly.

You saw Jin’s expression stiffen, yet as he placed strand of your hair behind you ear, his eyes warmed as he said, “I’m here, aren’t I?” He placed his hands on your shoulders again as he looked you deeply in the eyes and said, “I won’t leave you.” Besides the fact that he was your best friend, the confidence in his eyes was so strong that you couldn’t help believing him, so you nodded your head to indicate him you knew. “You know how stubborn I can be, and I won’t accept losing my friend, do you hear me?”

“Yes, I do…Thanks, Jin,” you finally smiled, feeling a strike of hope rising inside of you. Jin hugged you strongly, and you did the same since you knew you weren’t alone. That you haven’t been or wouldn’t be as long as Jin was beside you.


* - * - * - * - *


You had classes at 4 but not feeling in the mood, you decided on staying home. Jin had classes as well, and even though he was reluctant on leaving you, you ushered him to go. You couldn’t be selfish with Jin, he had given you so much and you didn’t want to affect his normal lifestyle. So, you made him go. Now, you couldn’t care less about your academic life; you just wanted to stay, sleep, and forget everything that happened. But as much as you tried, your whirling mind wouldn’t let you sleep. That’s how you ended up staring at the ceiling on your bed, thinking. The pain was still prominent as another round of memories made its appearance on your head. You felt once again the rejection, the unjustified hatred, the loneliness. You wondered if Park Jimin knew what he did, what he had caused. It wasn’t just his comment that affected you, but the power he had over his classmates’ gullible minds. You grew up being laughed at, despised, and humiliated by everyone you met. Being called ugly and fat was part of your daily life. As everyone wanted to be on Jimin’s good side, they believed in his words and made sure you would never forget them. You remember your walk-through hell from kindergarten to 10th grade where Park Jimin’s presence represented your misery. After he left school at the end of 10th grade to study abroad, you were forgotten as no one had to be on his good side anymore. However, that didn’t mean they would accept you since you would forever be the cursed girl.

Being alone through your whole life and having no one to assure you it was all lies, you constructed yourself around what other people said: growing your bangs to cover your face, using bigger clothes to cover your figure, using hoodies to avoid stares, and wearing earphones to avoid the whispering. You stopped eating when you started 9th grade thinking it would make them stop calling you fat, and then by 10th grade you developed anorexia nervosa. It damaged you to a certain level to which your parents had to intervene, and for that you were thankful. What your parents didn’t know was the root to all your self-esteem problems: Park Jimin. Not wanting to worry them, you never told them what happened to you that day (or basically every day at school.) By the end of your 11th grade, you managed to overcome the eating disorder, yet you lied to everyone when you faked loving yourself. Understanding how unhealthy not eating can be, you took another approach which in everyone’s eyes was healthy: exercising. It was permitted, it didn’t break the rules, and it helped you heal. At last, that’s what you made yourself believe, but being confronted by your worst nightmare, you realized all your efforts were in vain. You felt small tears leaving your eyes and making a horizontal trail on your face. Each tear that left your eyes represented an emotion. First, you let sadness make its way out of your body. Then, frustration appeared at knowing you would never escape Jimin’s shadow. Finally, the last emotion in its liquid form came crashing with force on your mattress: anger. This one stayed until no more tears were formed.

Chapter Text

Checking your phone in what seemed like hours, you tried to avoid one specific message at the top of your list and decided on checking others. Jin seemed to be really worried about you, considering how he proposed having a PJ at yours. Even though you wanted some time to clear your mind, you couldn’t reject the company. Besides, Namjoon seemed to be tagging along, saying how he had missed these reunions, so you concluded Jin wouldn’t bring Jimin to the conversation. All of you had classes on Wednesday noon, so it didn’t seem like a problem to any of you. It was about 8 pm when Jin came by with a cake in hands. You were confused as to why he would bring a cake but preferred not to ask. Gently, he placed the cake on your coffee table and plopped himself on the couch. Leaving a sigh of tiredness, he closed his eyes and started complaining about all the work he had to do. You probably also had a lot of things to do but didn’t think too much about it since you wanted to focus on the present, not on the future nor the past. Mimicking your friend’s actions, you threw yourself on the couch, placing your head on his lap. Jin seemed to have acknowledged your head on his lap, for he opened his eyes to look curiously down at you. You simply sighed and closed your eyes. Jin didn’t say a word, and you two stayed like that for what felt like hours until your door was knocked again. Lazily, you started getting up but Jin stopped you, saying he would go. As Jin got up, your head lost the comfortability of Jin’s thighs as your pillow, so you sat up waiting for both of your friends. They seemed to be taking more time than needed, so you started walking towards the main door. Once Namjoon saw you walking towards them, he looked over at Jin with a secret laced within his eyes. It was rather odd, the way Namjoon looked at Jin, as if he knew something and didn’t want to tell you. You stood there and stared curiously. “Hey, Y/N,” Namjoon said with his dimpled smile replacing his previous expression. “Hey, Joon,” you decided to let it go, “come in. Don’t just stand there.” The three of you made your way towards your living room and sat down. Namjoon seemed to have brought things as well, so you took them along with Jin’s cake and placed them in your kitchen counter. Once you walked back to your living room, you found yourself once again with your friends sharing a mysterious look. This time you didn’t let it pass. “What is it?” you placed your hands on your waist and waited for their answer. “What do you mean?” Namjoon said as calm as ever. “This,” you gestured with your hands, “suspicious atmosphere.”

“Suspicious atmosphere?” Jin questioned with a laugh as he turned to look at you.

“Yeah,” you nodded, looking between both of them.

“There’s nothing as a ‘suspicious atmosphere’, come sit here,” Jin brushed it off by patting the space beside him on the couch. Rolling your eyes and pouting, you sat beside him defeated.

“Don’t pout, Y/N. It’ll only form wrinkles,” Jin added with a mocking expression.

Sighing, you let the matter go and asked them how you were going to spend the night. It seemed that playing board games would be the main entertainment of the night. Netflix and chill was overrated, besides, you all had different tastes for tv shows, so it seemed playing was the answer to your boredom. Unanimously, you decided on playing Risk which was one of your favorite games. Each one of you had their countries assigned and soon enough the blood shed began. Namjoon, being the diplomatic he was, made strategic and well-planned moves while Jin and you found yourselves fighting each other with a thirst for blood. Each turn, you attacked Jin and Jin attacked you as well in return, getting to the point where Namjoon had already conquered a whole continent while you were at it. While Namjoon had Europe in his power, you were two countries away from getting Asia. On the other hand, Jin seemed to have the plan of getting Namjoon’s troops out of North America. At one point of the game you got a text message. With delicacy, you checked it to see it was Jin asking for a secret alliance against Namjoon. He stated how you two didn’t have a chance against him on your own, so it was better to unify forces. A devilish grin tried to make way on your face, but you hid it while taking a sip of your water. You agreed to Jin’s terms yet with another plan of your own in mind. At some point in the game, Jin asked you to make a final blow on Namjoon by attacking his territory in Central America in order for him to open his way upwards and finally get to North America. With expectant eyes and a devilish grin, Jin said, “Now, Y/N!”

Namjoon looked between the both of you, seemingly unaware of your treacherous plan, yet you knew it was all acting. Before you got Jin’s text, Namjoon and you had already stablished an alliance, so he was well informed of Jin’s intentions. With a grin on your face, you attacked Jin and won over his only territory in America. “What are you doing?!” Jin screamed, panicked. Both Joon and you started laughing to the point where you had to hold your stomachs in pain. Jin seemed bewildered and looked at you with a look of betrayal on his face. If you two were in a different situation you would feel bad, but games are games, and you were a competitive player. You merely shrugged and stated that Namjoon was your secret ally all along to which Jin’s expression changed from hurt to angry. You knew what was coming. He would try to destroy you with all he had. One hour and several battles later, Jin managed to conquer Oceania, yet having lost most of his territories elsewhere, he was trapped in that continent. His only country besides those of Oceania was Madagascar, but soon enough Namjoon and you managed to destroy his army there. You had to admit you felt bad for Jin. He looked as if he was going to cry, being all by himself in Oceania completely trapped by you, or in this case by Siam (Thailand). You weren’t strong enough to bring the final blow on your friend, so you stated that you were bored and that you should all do something else. Namjoon seemed disappointed since he was leading on the game, but he agreed at last when you looked over at Jin, who had a pitiful expression.

It was already 11 pm so not wanting to engage in yet another long game and being famished from the constant hours without food, you decided to cook something. Jin still seemed to be “mad” by your previous treacherous actions as he cooked in silence. You communicated in silence with Namjoon to see what you could do to make him forgive you. Namjoon simply shrugged, leaving you with no other options. Jin knew well you weren’t a hug person, and that most skinship seemed hard for you to initiate, so you approached him from behind and hugged him. You felt him stiffen and the vibrations of his voice as he said, “Namjoon, don’t hug me while I’m cooking.” At that, you buried your face in his back to stifle a laugh that was making its way from your throat. Namjoon replied from his place in the living room “Why would I hug you?” Jin seemed to register it was your body pressed against his and not Namjoon’s as he looked over his shoulder to see you there. You looked at him with puppy eyes, and silently asked “Are you mad at me?” He looked like he wanted to say ‘yes’ but the smile that formed in his face said otherwise. “How can I be mad at you when you’re looking at me with those eyes?” he asked rhetorically. Comically, you fluttered you lashes to which he scoffed. “You know you love me,” you said confidently. “Yeah, I surely do because how else could I forgive your betrayal?” he shook his head. “With a hug?” you asked shrugging. He nodded yet added “ANDDDD helping me cook.”

“Sure, besides, you are my guests,” you disconnected from Jin and waited beside him for instructions.


* - * - * - * - *


You knew you were avoiding your problems or in other words, Jimin. Jin had told you to stay away from him, but a part of you knew that it wouldn’t solve anything. It could only make it worse. You thought of the possible outcomes, and the worst one would be if Jimin recognized you, which could happen if you stopped all contact with him without any reasonable explanation. That’s why before your friends woke up, you took out your phone and wrote a reply to the most dreaded contact on your phone. Yeah, you wrote even though you knew it was a lie. The best part of you was screaming not to do this, but since the day you learned the truth about Jimin, that part was shut down by your worst part. With emotionless eyes, you added, Just a minor incident. It was rather early, so you didn’t wait for a reply, and blocked your phone again. You knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore, so you sat by yourself on the couch and looked at your friends. Knowing they wouldn’t wake up in a long time, you made your way to the kitchen to have something to eat. The day before you all ate most of the things that Namjoon and Jin brought, so you looked for left overs. You served yourself a piece of cake and started munching on it. Since you didn’t have your phone at hand, you found yourself thinking. Or was it planning? You had to figure out what to do with the knowledge you now had.

If you were being honest, you had already thought of many things to do, but one thing seemed to be more attractive than the others. While eating cake, you contemplated this plan and the consequences it might bring, yet you seemed to be focusing your attention on the positive ones rather than the negative ones. Just like the day before, you wanted to play a game but one that you were going to win no matter what. The night before you learned from Namjoon that strategy was a safe path to take in order to win. So, step by step, you started designing your strategy. You had your target in mind, yet you didn’t seem to figure out your plan of attack. Once again, the events of the previous night inspired you. Betrayal. That seemed to be the perfect weapon to weaken your opponent, yet it was a weapon that could only work if used on previous allies. Just as the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” you had to design your plan. You now had figured out your opponent, weapon, and first blow to make. Now you had to figure out your biggest objective. As you considered several options to do this, your eyes caught at the decoration of the cake frosting. Beautiful colorful small hearts covered the cake’s impeccable frosting, and it seemed that as you took a spoonful of cake, one heart broke in half. It seemed you found your main objective. You didn’t know if it was the cake or your plan, but it tasted rather sweet. In concordance to the game, you had all figured out, yet this time you didn’t have any ally or didn’t want to involve any at least. This had to be your own wrongdoing that would eventually be your closure. Taking into consideration everything you learned the previous night, you now would start playing. However, this time the person doomed to lose would not forgive you.


* - * - * - * - *


The day went by rather smoothly as all of you arrived at your respective classes. Jin and Namjoon basically had to go to the other end of the university to take their classes, so you three separated ways after you arrived on campus. Just as you thought they had left, you turned around and started walking. However, a hand stopped you from walking further. You looked up surprised and found Jin staring at you with a totally different expression from before. “What is it? Did you forget something?” you asked, wondering if Jin left something at your house. “Yeah, to ask you if you are okay?” he said searching your eyes for something. You knew you weren’t okay. The wound in your heart you thought was healed was now re-opened. It was a waste of time trying to lie to Jin, so you said your truth “No…but I figured I’m going to be.” Jin looked quizzically at you, and just when he was about to ask what you meant by that, you looked at your watch and told him you had to go. He wasn’t satisfied by your evasion but seemed to understand, so he let you go. Waving at him, you made your way to your boring class.

You managed to make it on time, yet there weren’t enough spaces, so you had to seat at the back instead of sitting on your regular spot at the front. Considering all the things you had in mind plus being on the back, you knew today wouldn’t be a productive day. To prepare for the lecture, you took out your notes and pen, and just as you were doing so, a boy asked you if the seat beside you was taken. You were so focused on getting your supplies that you didn’t even look up as you answered him no. He seemed to have heard it as he sat down and did the same as you. Only when you sat up and looked straight to the board did he see you.

“Y/N, is it?” You looked beside you to find no other than Kim Taehyung. Immediately your heart constricted, but you knew that the show must go on. So, faking the most shinning smile, you greeted him, “Taehyung, right?”

He nodded while a simple yeah left his lips. “I didn’t know you were in my class,” you said truthfully. What were the odds, right? Not only did you had to meet them at the gym but at school too? Life was probably laughing at you and at your bad luck. But, perhaps you were looking it at the wrong angle, perhaps it was karma helping you out to give back what you received. Perhaps it was karma giving you your chance to finally find closure.

“Oh, me neither,” he said with a smile from the surprise of being classmates all this time without knowing it.

“How come we hadn’t seen each other?” you asked really curious.

“I don’t know,” he pondered the question, “I usually sit in this spot, so I guess it has to do with you sitting in the back?” he shrugged.

It made sense to you. You usually sat at the front and didn’t take your time to analyze your surroundings, so you probably never noticed his presence. “Yeah, makes sense, I usually sit at the front,” you pointed towards the first row.

An O formed his lips as he nodded in understanding. He was about to tell you something else but stopped when your phone screen lit up. You followed his stare and saw a new text notification from no other than Jimin. Trying to maintain a neutral expression, you looked at Taehyung once again to find him focused on his own phone with a smirk on his face. If he wanted to be discrete at all, it wasn’t working. He was probably talking to the same person that sent your text. Knowing really well that you had to answer Jimin in order not to arise suspicion with his best friend, you opened the message.

I’m glad to hear that. I was really worried something bad might have happened to you. With a poker face you thought that something bad did happen; you were reencountered once again with the devils of your own personal hell. Instead of writing your thoughts, you wrote:

Oh no. I’m okay, really. How are you, tho? I didn’t get to explain anything to you.

He seemed to be online, for he answered right away. If I’m being honest, I’m a little nervous. Nervous? If only he knew how you were feeling right now. Your nervousness only grew with his text.

Why? You typed, apprehensively.

A few seconds and his reply made way to your phone. Cause I wanted to ask you on a date, the text read. Even though you knew his real identity, you couldn’t help the butterflies that fluttered in your stomach. You felt stupid for feeling this way, really. You had to learn to set your mind on your objective and don’t falter along the way. Games are games, right? And as you proved the previous night, you were a competitive player.

And why would you be nervous because of that? You asked with a flirty tone in mind.

Because it feels like the first time… Oh, if only he knew that it would indeed be like a first time. Everything again but with a different version of you. Everything with a plan in which he was another player yet being unaware of it.

I feel the same way. And you did. It would be a first to you, playing the game of karma. Giving people what they deserved. Making them feel the pain they once created.

You blocked your phone once the professor entered the classroom as you didn’t want to seem rude and focused on the rest of the class. You did that as you tried not to think on the boy next to you and especially not on the one texting you.


* - * - * - * - *


Class finished rather boringly, and the sleeping boy next to you was the proof. As silently as possible, you exited the class in a hurry, wanting to avoid any other contact with Taehyung. If you were honest with yourself, you didn’t know how to act in front of him yet. Everything was still so fresh that being in contact with the two boys in one day seemed emotionally exhausting. That’s why you managed to convince Jimin to have a date in a few days by giving him excuses of nearby projects you had to deliver. You had to buy some time to plan everything out and to let your mind take control over your heart. That’s why you refused your friends’ invitations as well by using the same excuse, even though it had some truth to it; you had tons of work to do. Once you were back home, you threw your stuff on the couch and went straight to grab something to eat. Being a multitasker, you used your eating time to think how to approach the situation in the best way possible. First, you thought of the enemy, Jimin. No matter what, he couldn’t have any suspicion of you, so you had to act as normal as possible. You couldn’t keep avoiding him anymore, so these days were fundamental for you to figure out how to keep your shit together. Being able to answer to his texts indicated you were able to fake it, but to what degree? To convince him, you had to be as real as your past self, but how could you act as before knowing what you knew? You would have to figure out your new character before you started to contact him again. Just as you managed to trick Jin into believing he was your ally, you could manage to trick Jimin into believing you liked him, right? Everything is a game after all. For Jimin, your whole life was a game in which he had omniscient control, and now it was time for the roles to change. Now, you would play his part just as well as he did in the past, but you would play it with in a different way. You wouldn’t be as coward as him, who used an entire army to hurt you; you would be a single kamikaze in this mission. Knowing really well the risks of this path, it would be stupid not to know that in the end you would lose something as well. However, no risk would stop you from playing this game. Since the moment you heart faced the truth and you brain twitched with ideas, you knew there was no one who would stop you.

Changing your trail of thought, you tried recognizing alliances. Thinking in your opponent, you recognized one ally for Jimin, Kim Taehyung. Just as you had to approach Jimin, you had to approach his allies. You didn’t want to harm more people than necessary, but if they represented a means to an end, you would seize any opportunity you had at hand. Now you saw an advantage in having Taehyung as a classmate. The friends of my friends are my friends, right? It could earn you some credibility if ever needed. You made a mental note at this. Later on, you would figure out how to approach Taehyung in the best way possible.

On the other hand, you had already told yourself you wouldn’t have allies, as this was your own suicidal mission, but it bothered you that Jin already knew too much. It would be hard to hide Jimin from him, and it could ruin the whole plan if Jin intervened in some way. There was no way to get him out of it now; he was already involved. You knew you had to tell him something before you made another move with Jimin. Would you have to lie to Jin as well? You never thought of that possibility in your whole friendship, but your despair was taking the best of you, and it now seemed like a possible solution. It hurt you to consider what Jin would think of you if he ever found out you lied to him, but it also hurt to think how he would judge you once he knew what you were capable of. You pondered both possibilities and wondered if this represented your loss. If being a kamikaze in this war meant losing your best friend instead of your life. It sacred you, you couldn’t deny it. You couldn’t lose Jin, not him. Your leg started shaking as you considered this. Was this whole thing worth it? Would it make you a bad person in other people’s eyes? Would it change you? Remembering your conversation with Jin when he saw you crying after you found out Jimin’s identity, you thought back of his words. “I won’t leave you,” he had said back then. You believed him then since you hadn’t done anything questionable, but would he stay beside you after this? Even though you knew it was avoiding an important decision, you decided to figure it out along the way. Just thinking about it made you lose your appetite, so putting you unfinished food back in the refrigerator, you made you way to your couch as you decided it was time to do some homework.

Chapter Text

It’s been two days since you made up your mind. It was enough time to sort some things out as well as get comfortable with Jimin, at least by text. Even though you still felt unprepared to “face” him, you figured texting him would be a good practice before seeing him again. It looked like Jimin had the same timing as you since he asked you out today. It was Saturday, so you had the whole day available. You had agreed with him on the time to meet as you wanted to seem as devoted as him. Some part of you knew that devotion wasn’t 100% fake as you still could feel the butterflies flying in your stomach. However, you told yourself it was the nervousness of what you were about to start. No positive feelings could be directed to Jimin, he didn’t deserve them. Chugging a glass of water, you tried to erase all second thoughts out of your system. This would happen no matter what. There’s no going back, you told yourself. You decided to focus your attention on picking an outfit. Analyzing your previous choices for dates, you picked out an outfit like those you used before. To look presentable enough, you did some curls on your hair and applied some make-up as well. You are ready. That’s the mantra you played over and over in your head. It was time you faced your destiny.

Jimin had told you he would pick you up at your apartment, so you waited until he called you. It was incredible, really, how punctual he could be. Once you descended the stairs and exited the building, you could see his car parked just across the street. What got you confused was the unoccupied car. Taking a step outside, you looked left and then right, and there it was, a bouquet of roses in front of your eyes. You blinked several times and it descended to show a handsome young man. For a second, everything stilled around you. It was like the perfect romantic movie, you had to admit it. Everything was so classic, so cliché. From the way his expensive car was parked, to the way the roses smelled, to how his face seemed to be just another beautiful flower standing out above the others; everything was perfect. You had forgotten how perfect Jimin was, and now you worried his charms might seduce you. God, the way his smile made way to his face was irresistible. You gulped as he gave you the flowers while he said “Hi.” Managing to smile as well, you gave him a shy “hi,” as you accepted the flowers. Still fazed by the bouquet in your hands, you asked him, “why the flowers?” At that, he looked down with a shy smile on his face, and when he looked back at you, you could have sworn his eyes looking at you almost killed you. “Today is a special day,” he said. Special? Why would it be special? Just like that, you remembered why it was special, not for Jimin but for you. You couldn’t lose focus like this anymore. Have some grasp in yourself, you scolded internally. Still being confused by Jimin’s statement, you asked, “Why is it a special day?”

“You’ll see,” was all he said. He then guided you to his car, opening the passenger’s door for you before going to the other side of the car and seating in the driver’s seat himself. You didn’t have time to appreciate Jimin’s outfit back at your building’s entrance, but now you could see the similarity yet the contrast of his outfit to the one he used on your first date. While on your first date he wore a simple black outfit with a beige cardigan, he now was wearing a plain white shirt and a blue cardigan with a white and red stripe by the collar. Back then, he looked mostly hot with a pinch of cuteness, but right now he went overload with cuteness. He looked so simple yet so pure; so sincere. You realized you were starring but not before Jimin realized as well. “I’m glad you still enjoy what you see,” he said with a small smile not taking his eyes off the road. You knew the reference he was using, so you applied the same technique as well, “I do, and I’m not a little sorry about it,” you smiled with confidence. At that he spared you a glance and laughed shortly, “Believe me, I’m the one who feels sorry for not being able to look at you,” he shook his head still focusing on the road. Looking out of the window, you scoffed internally. Back then he would have regretted sparing you a glance instead. The ride seemed rather long as you both remained silent, each one consumed in their own thoughts. Jimin stopped the car and you were drawn to reality again. You both got out of the car, and you absorbed everything around you. It was beautiful. A few steps away from you was a lake which reflection portrayed a clear blue sky. Looking around you, different trees and colorful flowers surrounded the clean lake. It took you some time to take everything in as you breathed the fresh cool air. Looking at Jimin, you tried to express your adoration for the choice of place. “Jimin, this is…”

“Beautiful,” he finished for you. Though, from the way he was looking at you, you knew he wasn’t referring to the place. He couldn’t take his eyes from you and you were struggling as well but having mixed feelings within you made you break the eye contact as you focused once again on the lake.

You heard him move away from you, so you looked over to see him walking towards his car. He opened the trunk of the car and took something out of it. As he moved towards you once again, you could see him carrying a big basket. You couldn’t stop your curious (or was it your teasing) side, so you asked, “What’s the basket for? Are we collecting flowers today, flower boy?” It came out rather flirty, and you noticed Jimin was out of words. He wasn’t expecting that nickname, you guessed. After a moment of silence, he placed the basket on the floor and once he straightened again, he questioned with a smirk, “Flower boy?” You decided this was the perfect opportunity to express your fake intentions to him, so you went with the flow. Faking shyness, you looked at him with a small smile and shrugged before turning around and running through the floor covered in flowers. Looking over your shoulder, you saw it worked. He was chasing you probably wanting an answer back once he caught you. You screamed, too immersed in the game as you tried to escape his open arms. You managed to escape him several times and kept running in different directions. The game didn’t last long once Jimin got hold of one of your wrists, causing your feet to lose balance from the sudden stop. Screaming once again, you already anticipated the fall as you closed your eyes shut. With your eyes closed, your other senses intensified as you could smell the most delicious essence. You wondered for a second if it was the fragrance of the different flowers surrounding you, but as you opened your eyes, you realized it was, in fact, the delicious fragrance of one unique flower. Jimin’s eyes were on you, searching worriedly for any signs of discomfort or pain. He was on top of you as he probably lost balance as well and fell along with you. He seemed to be holding his weight with both his arms. You smiled unconsciously at how cliché this situation was. Your smile seemed to ease Jimin as he smiled as well. “So, flower boy, huh?” he questioned once again. You groaned as you had to explain it to him as cringy as it would be. “Yeah…I thought it when you were giving me the roses and your face matched them perfectly,” you said looking at anything but him. At his silence, you looked once again to see him smiling tenderly at you, “So, you’re saying I’m as beautiful as a flower?” he asked. Thrown back at his forwardness, you went shy mode again, “I… I didn’t say that.”

“But you implied it,” he continued teasing you. Not wanting to admit to his statement, you thought of a way of escaping him. Using all the force you had, you grasped his right wrist with your left hand and pushed his left side of the body with your right hand. His smiley face changed into a confused expression when you managed to swap you both; now you were on top of him.

Being on top gave you the confidence to end the discussion. “This suits you better, flower boy,” you said gesturing to the bed of flowers surrounding his body. He seemed in awe for a few seconds but, not much after, he started laughing. His eyes formed slits as he kept laughing cutely at the situation. Not sure as to what to do next, you rolled off him and sat beside his lying form, laughing as well. He managed himself to a sitting position as you both simply enjoyed the view.


* - * - * - * - *


Jimin liked Y/N. He couldn’t deny it any longer. That’s why he had planned the perfect date to confess his feelings. He had told her he was nervous, and he truly was. Not once in the past had he been the one confessing, it usually was the other way around. So why was he so eager to say it out loud? And why was he so nervous to let her know? Was he afraid of rejection? It couldn’t possibly be that. No one has ever rejected Park Jimin and no one would, right? He tried to calm himself as he got those thoughts out of his mind. Calming down, he stood up and offered his hand for Y/N to do the same. Breaking from his reverie, she held his hand and let him pull her up. Jimin intertwined his finger with hers as he guided them back to where he had placed the basket. He let her go to spread the tablecloth that used to be on the basket. Then, he placed the basket on top of the cloth before he sat down and motioned for Y/N to do the same. She sat down beside him with a puzzled look on her face. “Is this what I think it is?” she asked. He was about to take the food he prepared for the occasion, but he stopped as he directed his attention back to her. “Well, I don’t know what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours, but if it’s the same assumption you made before, then no, flower boy is not collecting flowers today.”

She seemed lost at first but then she grasped what he meant as she seemed to recall the previous events of the date. “Well, I was thinking about something else,” she pouted.

“Enlighten me,” he probed, waiting for her reply.

She seemed reluctant at first since she had been somehow mocked, but her curiosity got the best of her. “Are we having a picnic?”

As a way of answer, he turned around to take out several containers form the basket. “Yes, in fact, we are,” he said as he opened the first container, revealing bibimbap perfectly organized in rows. He didn’t know if it was a change in light, but he could see her eyes shining brighter than before. Jimin knew right then and there that all the effort was worth it.

“I always wanted to have a picnic,” she admitted as she admired the bibimbap. The glint in her eyes only increased when he opened the other containers, offering from a wide variety of fruit to a wide range of strong dishes.

“You’ve never had a picnic?” he asked quite surprised once he opened the last container. She shook her head as he looked back at him again. She was intrigued, he could see.

“I always wanted to, but I never found the chance to do it,” she explained. Jimin congratulated himself for making the right choice for a date. He wished it would make it more memorable for her since she hadn’t had similar experiences.

He gave her a pair of chopsticks and invited her to taste the food. “Well, now’s your chance,” he smiled. Or perhaps had he been smiling all along? He couldn’t tell the difference now. It seemed like his smiley face had become his standard face now.

Nodding, she took a piece of bibimbap and guided it to her mouth. She nodded contently, and once she finished eating it, she said, “It’s delicious, Jimin.”

He couldn’t help feeling shy. He rarely cooked at home since he had a lady who did all the housework, so he was worried it wouldn’t taste good. He had tried some and decided it was good enough but never thought of getting such praise. “I’m glad you liked it,” he scratched the back of his head.

She seemed to be waiting for something and he was lost as to what it could be. After a few seconds, she took another roll of bibimbap and offered it to him. He got caught off guard, but without thinking too much, he opened his mouth. He wondered how to swallow the roll with how hard it was to munch it with the smile threatening to become bigger on his face. Sitting side by side, they both ate until their hunger was ceased.

Laying on his back, Jimin pointed to a cloud that looked like a rabbit. “That one’s a rabbit,” he announced. Y/N followed his finger until she saw it too. “Oh, I see it!” she exclaimed. Then she pointed at another one and he followed her finger. He couldn’t see the shape of that one, so he waited for her to explain what she saw in it. “That one looks like a cloud,” she said.

He looked over at her with an expression reading ‘really?’ She shrugged and then laughed. Oh…that laugh. He wished he could stop looking at the clouds and figure out her smiles instead. Laughing as well, he looked at the sky once again to continue his search.

The sun was setting, and Y/N was picking some flowers while he remained seated on the cloth. He wasn’t the flower boy at the end, he thought, but there was a beautiful flower girl taking his place. He just looked at her, who was smiling contently to herself as she made her own bouquet of colorful flowers. From the way the sun reflected on her eyes, making them a shade lighter than what they usually look like, to the way her dress and hair moved as waves of wind traveled through her body to the way her smile remained on her face as she picked yet another flower, he wanted to memorize it all. Closing his eyes, Jimin saved the memory as something precious he didn’t want to forget. When he opened them again, he saw her making her way towards him with a whole bouquet on her arms. She knelt and smiled, giving him the flowers. She took him by surprise, so he asked, “for me?” She nodded, pushing the flowers forward.

“Yes, flower boy.” He had to admit he was growing fonder of the pet name. Each time she said the words, he felt his heart flutter faster. He accepted the flowers and took a sniff of them, appreciating the different odors they emanated. “You gave me a bouquet, so I figured I could do the same for you… seeing how well it suits you an all,” she explained.

He had never received flowers before. This was new for him. But, if he was being honest Y/N was new for him in many aspects, and he was thrilled to find all the new facets she would show him in the future. “Thank you,” he said truthfully, feeling flattered.

She sat beside him, and both of them silently watched the sunset. Jimin saw Y/N shiver from his peripheral vision, so he took his cardigan and placed it over her shoulders, mirroring his actions of the first date. This time, though, she didn’t deny it and just looked at him before mouthing a “thank you.” She didn’t look away, and he didn’t either. They were already close together, but Jimin moved to close the nonexistent gap between them. His lips connected with hers softly, taking a taste of her blueberry chapstick. Wanting to taste further, he placed his hand at the back of her head to push her forward to him. He felt her hands making their way to his shoulder and then to the back of his head, mimicking his actions. She leaned her head back, deepening the kiss. He then asked for entrance and she complied, allowing his tongue to explore the marvels of her mouth. For what felt like the first time, he tasted her just as she tasted him. Their hands traveled through their bodies just as their lips transported them to different places, finding a perfect rhythm to devour each other. The kiss that started as delicate as a flower petal soon ignited into a competition for dominance. Jimin took over at first, but just as their chase hours before, Y/N found her way to rule over him. He let her take over his tongue, body, soul, and heart. Just as he thought she would break the kiss, he felt her body move towards him. First, he felt her leg go over him and settle down beside him, leaving her in a position where she was straddling him. He hadn’t thought it would escalate that much but he didn’t care, he simply took everything thrown his way. Being on top of him, she had total control over him. He started to worry that if she moved on top of him, he would lose control over his body as well. The kiss lasted for what felt like hours until she broke it and looked into his eyes. He looked back in adoration waiting for her orders; he would do as she pleased. She didn’t say a word, she just looked at him. Jimin couldn’t read her expression, but he now felt confident enough to say the words he had wanted to say all day. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Y/N kept looking at him, but he could see a small smile crossing her now swollen lips. He waited for her reply, and she just looked more into his eyes as if she was searching for something. She then leaned forward and whispered into his ear, “Yes, flower boy.”

Jimin’s heart felt like it would explode, either from her answer or from the way she whispered it into his ear. She then kissed his cheek and leaned back, matching the smile of the flower boy.


* - * - * - * - *


It’s Sunday. The most boring day of the week, yet the most important one for the first time in Jungkook’s life. He felt as if his life depended on this day. One word could change the course of his life forever. He never felt like the type of boy that would let love change his lifestyle, but as they say, ‘you’ll never understand until it happens to you.’ He, however, didn’t understand a thing. Being faced with the opportunity of his life, he was faltering of whether to accept it or not. He knew that studying abroad would offer him a better lifestyle in the future, but the mere thought of being with Y/N made him question if staying would offer him the same thing but in the present. It would be stupid, he knew, to let this amazing opportunity fall out of his hands just because of his heart. If he had a chance to choose, he would choose her in heartbeat, but it wasn’t his choice anymore. Everything was influenced by his family’s expectations, Jimin’s interference, and Y/N’s own choice. This, however, didn’t stop him from wanting to confess his feelings for her before leaving. He had to make something out of his feelings, or he wouldn’t be able to leave peacefully. Leaving without seeing her one last time, and much worse without telling her, would probably cause him the most excruciating trail of what if’s. Once he got an answer, he could be freed from her spell, whichever the answer might be. If he got rejected, he could find closure by being enough time away from her. On the other hand, if he was accepted, he wouldn’t have to go, right? After all his university was good enough as any other in Spain, he decided. It was a scary thing, he thought, to let someone have so much control over your life. But that is love, isn’t it? A scary feeling that made you act with your heart instead of your mind.

The previous night, Jungkook had asked Y/N to meet him to have farewell “party,” or reunion, at most. She had agreed to his invitation, and today he would be able to meet her for the last time. Being a trainer, he didn’t have many clothes apart from his sports clothes, so he found it difficult to choose a good outfit for this important day. Looking in the depths of his closet, he managed to find a pair of skinny jeans and a plain black shirt. His shirt seemed to be way too long, so he tucked it in and added a black belt to complete his look. Thinking on what shoes to wear, he thought back of the pair of black boots he usually wore in winter (for he didn’t like his sinkers getting wet) and decided to add them to his outfit as well. He was a fitness instructor but that didn’t mean he knew nothing about fashion. When he was in school, his mom usually bought him clothes and from her, he learned to know how to dress properly. When he entered college, however, he didn’t see any use in buying expensive clothes as he would only need sportswear from now on. He hadn’t considered back then that he would meet the girl of his dreams. Now, he was beyond relieved to be able to find something appropriate to wear; nothing too casual yet not too formal. He thanked the new trends in fashion as they weren’t that pompous and extravagant as to make him stand out among the others. To finish up, he applied some cologne as he made way to leave.


Jungkook received a text from Y/N stating she would be there soon, so he waited by the entrance of one building he knew all too well. It took about 5 minutes for her to meet him, and the moment he saw her, he knew it was all worth it. Just as she was used to seeing him in sportswear, he was used to the same thing from her, so seeing her wearing normal clothes was astonishing for him. “Wow if this isn’t Jeon Jungkook wearing jeans?” she stated surprised.

He didn’t let it pass as he thought the exact same thing about her, “I could say the same thing for you.” He let his eyes wander through her perfectly shaped legs. She smiled at his remark yet shook her head. “I always wear jeans, but I bet you have never,” she said confidently.

“Well, you are wrong. I used to wear jeans all the time before college, but once I entered my major, I found them unfitting,” he explained his backstory regarding jeans, or normal clothes if he got into specifics.

“Then why not buying a bigger size? Off course your teens’ jeans wouldn’t fit you anymore,” she said with a poker face. Was she teasing him or was she misunderstanding what he said?

“No, I mean… because I had many practical classes, I found sweat pants, for instance, more fitting than skinny jeans,” he explained further even if he suspected she was teasing him.

She let a laugh escape her lips. “Yeah, I know. I was messing with you,” she finally confessed. He let himself laugh with her, for her laugh was contagious. Once the laughter died down, she asked, “So, where are we going to bid farewell to the young Kookie?” she asked looking at her surroundings as if she could decipher it herself. Wait…Young kookie? What? What was with that nickname, he couldn’t let it pass.

“Hey! I’m older than you, you know?” He stated, baffled at her disrespect. She tried to laugh it off but seeing his serious expression, she couldn’t.

“Yeah, you’re right,” she admitted, “But I never got to ask you how you wanted me to call you.” He let that thought sink in. He had never thought of it either, so thinking back on their previous encounters, he thought out loud, “Kook.”

“Kook?” she looked his way. He simply nodded his head like a puppy; and like a puppy he felt, waiting for the next time her lips would pronounce that syllable again.

“Very well,” she nodded her head in understanding, “so, where are we going, young kook?” she smiled his way expectantly. It took him a few seconds to realize she made a pun with his name. She was still teasing him by calling him Young-kook instead of his real name, Jung-kook. He couldn’t contain his laughter. “I can’t believe you,” he said shaking his head in denial.

“I can’t believe myself either,” she said while making fists with her hands as if cringing, “Jin has corrupted me.”

“Jin?” he questioned despite himself. He had heard that name before, but he wasn’t sure in what context.

“Oh, Jin is my best friend. He makes puns whenever he can,” she started, “It seems I’ve been infected despite my best efforts.” She shook her head as if in denial or perhaps disappointment.

Jungkook now remembered a few conversations where that name had popped out, yet he focused once again in the main topic of their conversation. “Well, to answer your question. We are going to do one of my favorite things in the world,” he said.

Looking at him questioningly, she asked “And what is that exactly?”

He let a few seconds pass to create suspense before answering. “Bowling,” he said while rubbing his hands.

“Really?! I haven’t gone bowling in ages! This should be fun!” He couldn’t contain his smile at seeing how excited she was.

“I hope you use all that energy in the game. I like having a good competition,” he stated truthfully. When it came to bowling or any sport at all, he was the best player. At college, being the youngest in his generation and one of the most competitive students, earned him the nickname of ‘golden maknae’. He wasn’t given that name for nothing.

“Well, you aren’t the only one,” she smirked. With that final remark, he opened the door as both made their way to the building. It was a building that offered many options for entertainment including karaoke rooms, an arcade center, and a bowling alley.

They took their time putting on the special shoes before starting the game. He offered her to start, but she rejected it by stating it was “his party,” so it was fair he made the first move. Without fear, he threw the ball and managed to knock 9 pins. It was a good start, yet he realized he was a bit rusty. In his second shot, he knocked the remaining pin. Clapping his hands in excitement, he went to sit on the available couch to appreciate his new points. Y/N stood up as soon as he sat down and without sparing him a glance went for her target. Once she made her shot, he moved forward trying to see how many pins she would strike. A strike. That was what it was. He stood up to see if his eyes saw clearly. She turned around with a triumphant smile as she made her way towards him.

“How?” his mouth whispered in disbelief.

“I told you, I’m a strong competitor,” she answered matter of factly. She was still smiling triumphantly as the points appeared on the screen. If he were against anyone else, he would make his mission to brush that smile off their faces, but he didn’t want to brush that smile off her face. His competitive self, however, wouldn’t spare her life. He didn’t mind her smile, but he wouldn’t let her clean the floor with his dignity.

The game went by with several bad shots from his part and really good shots from her side. At the second part of the game, however, he managed to turn the tables around. It took about 2 hours full of screams to end the game in a tie. Jungkook had to admit Y/N was a strong player. He had never seen her more focused, not even when he had seen her training. Being a competitive person, Jungkook felt somehow turned on by her competitive side. It intrigued him and made him want to be a better match for her passion.

The competition only increased with the result of their match, ending in both of them competing in every game at the arcade. For another 2 hours, they competed with no avail as both ended with another tie when they added their victories. It was reduced to one final option: karaoke competition. Jungkook couldn’t deny his nervousness at the task. He liked singing but not in front of people, even less if it was in front of the girl he liked. Entering the karaoke floor, they asked for a private room and waited to be guided in. The karaoke room seemed clean enough and ready to be used the moment they decided to start. Before starting the final battle, they decided to set rules in order to have clear results of who wins at the end. The karaoke app had a scoring system where every note they made was classified as Good, Perfect or Super perfect, and the song as a whole had a final score regarding its difficulty. In general, depending on which song they decided to sing and how well their performance of each note was, the winner would be decided. The most difficult part, though, seemed to be choosing who would go first. Both, he and Y/N, were stubborn enough to go first, knowing that the last competitor had some sort of leverage. Rock, paper, scissors defined the way to go. Jungkook kissed his fist once he won over Y/N’s choice of scissors. She had to go first. All the energy she had before seemed to vanish from her the moment she stood in front of the screen. She surveyed through the song choices until she found one she liked. He didn’t know what she had picked until her sweet voice sang the first line of the song. It was a slow song with a sweet piano as background. He tried to recognize the song, knowing he had heard it before but failing in his attempt as all his attention seemed to be absorbed by her presence. He could only focus on the stable notes leaving her mouth as she sang the song. She, on the other hand, was totally focused on the screen, not sparing him a glance out of embarrassment. When the song got a stronger beat, she seemed to relax a little, for she swayed her body to the rhythm. She turned around to face him, confident enough to do so. And then, he was blown away. “You’re my only one way…” she sang with force. He couldn’t take his eyes from her as she sang too enraptured in the song to actually see him. From the way she sang, he could tell the song had a special meaning to her as if the song itself represented a memory deep secured in her heart. He listened as he had never listened before, trying to figure out what this song meant for her. The song talked about love, a pure type of love. When the song reached the chorus, she closed her eyes and repeated the same word several times. Heaven. He now recognized the song as well as the feeling it evoked. He knew how a person could make you feel like you’re in heaven. Right now, he felt in heaven by just listening to her. He wanted to close his eyes and let his ears enjoy the music by themselves, but his eyes wouldn’t close. No, they were selfish. They wanted to see her as well as his ears could listen to her. Mesmerized, he watched her go over every note perfectly until the song came to an end. It’s just when the score appears on the screen that he manages to go back to reality. She blinks at him several times, waiting for his reaction, so he rushes to say something. “That- That was,” he tried to say. His mind wasn’t working thanks to his heart. “Awful?” she asked, already lowering her eyes to the ground. “No!” he said immediately. He tried once again. “That was amazing.” Amazing, though, wasn’t the word he was looking for. She went shy mode all over again as she smiled and made way for him to step in front of the screen. He was caught off guard by her performance, so he got nervous the moment he stood up. As soon as he saw the title of the song, he knew it was the chosen one. He picked the song to tell her how he felt for her, even if she didn’t get it. An acoustic version of 2U started playing and he started singing truthfully to the lyrics. He didn’t need to read the lyrics, so with the screen behind him, he sang to her, expressing all the feelings he had been hiding all along. He too closed his eyes at some point, getting too emotional to even look at her. When the song ended, he opened his eyes once again to see her looking at him in awe. He walked towards her and crouched down in front of her. Before she got the chance to say anything, he said with all the courage he could muster, “I meant every word I sang to you.” Her awe soon transformed into confusion, but the yearning in his eyes made her understand what he meant by that. She was speechless, he could tell. But as she searched his eyes, she opened her mouth to answer to his feelings. “Kook, I-” she paused. Without words, he knew what her answer would be. “You don’t have to say anything, it’s okay,” he said even if he didn’t mean it. He had been waiting for her answer even before he managed to ask her. She, however, did answer him. “I’m sorry, Kook,” she looked at her hands on her lap. He knew all too painfully what that meant. It was the most decent way to say she didn’t reciprocate his feelings, but that didn’t help to lessen the pain rejection created. He now felt speechless as well, so he was thankful, or perhaps more nervous when she continued. “I’m actually seeing someone else,” she fired the last bullet. It hurt, but he appreciated the honesty. He knew he had to say something, or at least that’s what he believed must be done. “Oh, I see…” he said, looking down at his feet, but looking once up to ask for something he already knew the answer for. “It’s Jimin, isn’t it?” He tried smiling to show her he didn’t mind, even if he did. He wasn’t going to be an asshole about her feelings just because they didn’t reciprocate his. She didn’t smile, though, when she nodded while looking down at her hands. She seemed ashamed, and he didn’t understand why. If she liked Jimin, she shouldn’t be ashamed to show her feelings for him in front of him. But perhaps, she wasn’t ashamed for Jimin but for him. He couldn’t stand her hiding from him, so he lifted her chin with two of his fingers to make her look at him. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m okay,” he lied, “We can still be friends.” Damn, how it hurt to say those words, but he had to. At last, she smiled faintly, nodding her head. He smiled too, a true smile from seeing her smiling before he almost lost his balance when she threw herself at him to hug him. “I don’t want to lose you, Kook,” she whispered, holding him tightly.

“You won’t,” he stroked her hair. A second passed by before he added, “but you definitely lost to me today,” he joked. She laughed at that, peeking over his shoulder to see his final score. “Damn!” she said, still laughing. He laughed with her still in his arms. He did win against her, but he didn’t win her at last.