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Deep Oceans

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It was the most beautiful sound Monoma had ever heard. It was a mix between singing and humming, it was smooth and low, it was dark and innocent, it was perfection.

Monoma was drawn to the sound, moving towards the edge of his pirate ship to get closer and closer. He wanted to chase that sound until he found its source, and then worship and praise the singer for the rest of his days. He could feel his crewmates grabbing at his arms, pleading for him to stop. Why? Why would he stop? He was only going to jump over the edge to pursue the music. Monoma yanked away from his crew and plunged into the blue ocean. The water flooded his ears and muffled the singing. No. Not good. Monoma surfaced and frantically swam towards the song. He saw a figure sitting on a rock in the distance. Yes. Good. That figure must be the singer.

As Monoma approached the figure, he could see how beautiful it- no, he was. He had purple hair and lavender eyes. His chest was bare and his legs- well, they were shining purple fins. He was beautiful. The figure smirked as he noticed Neito swimming towards the rock. He motioned towards himself, almost saying ‘come and get me.’

And Monoma would be more than happy to obey him.

Monoma climbed onto the rock, seating himself next to the purple haired man. The singing stop, but the figure kept humming to a non-existent song. “Name.” The figure hissed. “Neito Monoma.” The pirate replied, still entranced by the humming. “Shinsou.” The man- Shinsou, presumably, said. Monoma felt himself staring at and getting lost in Shinsou’s hypnotic purple eyes. “Kiss me.” Shinsou hissed, and Monoma obliged immediatly. Monoma grabbed Shinsou’s pale face between his hands and moved in for a kiss. Shinsou’s lips were cold, but Neito didn’t mind. He kissed Shinsou hungrily like his life depended on it. Shinsou responded by snaking his long arms around Monoma’s waist. The two sat there on the rock, kissing passionately. Their tongues danced together with vigor and lust. Suddenly, Shinsou started to move back into the water. He pulled Monoma down with him, eyes twinkling with mischief. “Follow me.” Shinsou hummed.

Monoma plunged into the water with Shinsou. Shinsou dragged him deeper into the icy waters, their lips locked together once again. Deeper and deeper and deeper they went, until Monoma was running out of breath. But he didn’t try to resist. He let Shinsou pull him down into the inky abyss of the ocean. His lungs pleaded and begged for air, while his mind started to black out. But he kept kissing Shinsou, he didn’t try to swim away.

And that is how the feared pirate Neito Monoma died.