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All About the Ponytail

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- Long-geeeee!!!! 

Zhu Yilong heard Bai Yu's familiar excited voice somewhere in the distance. He almost sprained his neck turning so abruptly, trying to see where his voice came from. Finally, he spotted the well-missed lean figure of Bai Yu coming towards him from the back of the set. He had been in the studio that day to do some voice corrections and even though his and Bai Yu's schedule was now different, being in different dramas, Bai Yu was truly there, almost sprinting towards him. His heart skirted and he couldn't hide a smile, very innocent smile, at least to any curious eyes around him, but in his heart his smile revealed more joy and longing that he would ever allow himself to show. 

Little did he know that sudden smile almost took Bai Yu's breath away. It had been so long since he had seen that smile and the way Zhu Yilong turned to face him, hand in pocket, well shaped figure and nice clothes, a suit but without the jacked and the sleeps of the white shirt rolled up to the elbows, turnin his head then his body and smiling at him, almost like a prince, or a male lead in a romantic comedy. Then, Bai Yu noticed his hair. Havens! He was shook!

  -Long-ge?  he said, a strange inquisitive expression on his face.

Long ge's smile faded in an instant. He wondered why Bai Yu, his Xiao Bai, was looking at him so strangely. Maybe it had been too long and he had forgotten how he really looked, maybe he had remembered him looking handsomer and was disappointed. Or maybe Bai Yu was just teasing him as he used to do.

 Used to... Long-ge wished he could be on a set with Bai Yu again. Then he could use it as an excuse to be close to him all the time, he could listen to him speak and joke all day and he wouldn't have to make excuses or explanations for it. He wished he could go back to the days he spent with Bai Yu trying to get his attention or trying to make him laugh or trying to break his focus in between scenes. It was his happiest of times and he would gladly break character and grant Bai Yu the attention and smile he wanted. For him, he wouldnt mind.

He looked now at Bai Yu's face, having missed him for so long he looked even prettier. His face had a shade of beard again but not as much as he did in Zhen Hun. He absorbed every detail of his face greedily. Finally they were close enough for the first time in months, and he could see him well. He saw Bai Yu's eyes examine him from top to bottom and he felt a sudden feeling of embarrassment and stress, anxious to see what it was that had made Bai Yu so curious.

-Long-ge, you grew your hair... Bai Yu said finally after moments of silence that felt like eons to Zhu Yilong.

\ What was it about his hair? He had an extension ponytail now, longer hair in front, falling down on his temples at the sides. Maybe Bai YU thought it was a bad hairstyle? Or maybe the extensions got messed up. Yilong's hand reflectively went to his head and he ruffled his hair softly as if trying to fix them, or tidy them up. 

Bai Yu saw his Long-ge agonise under his stern examination. He smiled a bit, remembering how he had spent days thinking if Long-ge would like his shaved face or how he himself agonised whenever Long-ge would come so close to him. He also wished he could go back to the days he had to film with Long-ge for endless hours and he could tease him within breaks, try to make him smile (something he particularly enjoyed, especially when Long-ge smiled to him so as to please him). Most importantly he missed being close to him during breaks and listen to him play the guitar. Now he was different, looking like a whole other person wtth his ponytail and his sunken cheeks. It made him so cute for a moment he forgot his purpose was to tease Long Ge and his look turned to one of adoration.  He smiled widely and said:

-Heh! It's strange! It makes you cuter!, he said with an almost arrogant and teasing expression. -As if it's possible to get even cuter than you already were... he added. 

A sigh of relief left Yilong's mouth, his cheeks puffed into that hamster-like shape that Bai Yu always found so endearing and it made him smile even wider. Zhu Yilong couldn't help but smile too, Bai Yu's smile had always been infectious actually and never once had he managed to resist it. He suddenly felt self conscious and looked down, biting his lip in his awkwardness. It had truly been a long time since the two of them met. 

-You should keep the ponytail Long-ge, Bai Yu said, and then he leaned in and whispered at him: -I love it... he said it very fast and then looked around, cleared his throat, moved a step back and put on a joking tone: 

 -Keep it and let them grow a lot, then you can become like Maohou again and i won't have to look for old memes, i can just use you as a live meme. 

With that, he burst out laughing and gave a cheeky wink to Long-ge, who grined crookedly and put a half offended expression on his face.. He had even missed those Maohouer jokes.

As long as he had Bai Yu close to him he would even tolerate a thousand Maohou memes.

And that said something...