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It’s Been Leading to This

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Shouta and Hizashi had what seemed like, to everyone else, a complicated and unrealistic relationship.

They had been friends since the day Shouta transferred to 1-A, or more like, Hizashi had invaded his personal space and kinda sorta never left. And even though Hizashi was all the things Shouta could never be, never wanted to be, he let him stay.

The tolerance soon faded to acceptance, then to admiration, then to pride, and then it fell away to reveal something Shouta never thought he’d feel at all; adoration, connection, love.

By the start of second year, he had hopelessly fallen for his bestfriend, but in true Shouta fashion, he kept it to himself. So when Hizashi burst through his door on winter break, saying he couldn’t take it any more, Shouta was terrified he was about to become a very lonely individual. What Shouta didn’t bank on, was Hizashis speedy love confession combined with hand gestures and a chaste kiss on the lips, and then silence.

Shouta almost let an embarrassed Hizashi slip away too, his silence not reassuring his friend, before he grabbed Hizashis hand as he tried to run and pulled him back in for another kiss.

That was the start of many kisses, and as they progressed through the end of second year and on to third year, they explored more and more of what was happening between them.

It took them some time to work up the courage to remove articles of clothing, and Shouta knew he went completely red the first time Hizashi insisted he put his face between his legs, but after he started doing things with his tongue, Shouta completely melted. Hizashi pulled sounds out of him he wasn’t even aware he could make, and he returned the favour as soon as he could.

They never went further then that though, they had made a plan, to keep things at a non-distracting level until after graduation. Unfortunately for Shouta and his bundle of nerves, graduation had arrived.

He stood in front of the mirror on their bedroom door, dressed in all black save for the bright yellow tie Hizashi had presented him with to make sure they matched, Hizashis face going a ridiculous shade of pink when Shouta has actually agreed to wear it. It wasn’t that bad and it made Hizashi happy, he liked making Hizashi happy.

He left their shared silent apartment, trying not to speed walk in excitement to where he and Hizashi had agreed to meet. He did arrive early but Hizashi still beat him, already waiting for him at the park where they had first held hands.

Shouta slipped his hand into Hizashi’s and pressed his lips to boyfriends, never getting tired of how Hizashi tasted. Hizashi presses back and there was something else to that quick kiss that shot sparks down Shoutas spine.

“Yah know, you look pretty good in yellow!”

Shouta blushed and looked at the ground.

“You look really handsome too Zashi.”

He snuck a glance at that ridiculous love-sick look he gives Shouta, complete with red cheeks.

They didn’t walk in silence, they never did, not with Hizashis mouth. He told him all about his day before hand and how his moms insisted they took hundreds of photos before he left the house. Shouta just listened to the perfect drabble spilling from him, and he thought he’d never get tired of hearing Hizashi ramble.

Grad night was everything Hizashi loved and everything Shouta hated. Pictures, loud music, Nemuri spiking the punch. But he let Hizashi drag him onto the dance floor for more than one dance and every single slow song.

Their classmates were used to seeing them together at this point, even though more than half of them were blown away the first time they came in holding hands or they walked by one of the spots they liked to make out. So none of them even blinked with their matching outfits, terribly awkward prom photo taking or copious amounts of inappropriate dancing. (Or of Hizashi dancing inappropriately on Shouta anyway)

Nearing the end of the night, Hizashi brought over a half full glass of the spiked punch, Shouta raising one eyebrow in response.

“Wondered if maybe you were as nervous as I was, if you still, you know...”

He took a small sip that he cringed at, getting the last of the alcohol at the bottom of the bowl, and handed it to Shouta.

He was nervous, but he definitely still did want to take this to the next level, so he took the cup from his boyfriends hand and took an equally terrible sip.

“Holy hell how much liquor did she pour into that punch bowl, it wasn’t even that big.”

“By the way she’s draped over that poor girl from 1-B, probably a lot.”

They stood for a moment by the wall, passing the small beverage between them until Shouta held up a hand.

“If I keep drinking we won’t get to try anything later.” Hizashi immediately put the drink down.

“It seems to be dying down, do you wanna, maybe make our way home?”

“Mhm” Shouta nodded, gently interlacing his fingers with Hizashis and heading towards the door.

The walk home was unusually quiet, the two of them in their own heads probably, Shouta knew he was trying to picture how this would go down. Hizashi stole glances at Shouta and sometimes squeezing his hand, to which Shouta squeezed in response. He felt warm and a little tipsy but still coherent, and he would lean over and plant a kiss or two awkwardly on Hizashis moving cheek.

When they finally reached their apartment, the nerves Shouta had thought the punch had drowned seemed to float back to the surface, and he tried not to let it show.

After they were inside, Hizashi moved towards him and closed the gap, draping his arms around Shoutas neck.

“If you want to stop at any time, tell me, we can wait as long as we have to.”

“You too”

Hizashi leaned in and pressed his lips to Shoutas, and any nerves sunk back to the bottom with that warm kiss. Shouta pulled Hizashis waist close and Hizashi moaned into his mouth on the contact. Shouta was quickly losing breath with how his boyfriend was grabbing at his hair.

He reached down and picked up Hizashi as easily as he always did and put him against the wall, grinding against him, both of them ridiculously hard already.

Hizashi broke the kiss to throw his head back in pleasure so Shouta leaned up and began sucking marks right under his ear lobe where he knew it drove Hizashi wild.

“Shou-ah-hnng” he ground against Shoutas hips mercilessly and Shouta could hear the hitch in his breathe.

“Shou if we-if we keep-ah-I’m not gonna-“ Shouta kept at it mercilessly, sucking hard as Hizashi came hard with Shouta still holding him up. He was breathing heavy as Hizashi looked at him, panting. Shouta didn’t say anything, and he didn’t let him go, just turned on his heels and walked him back to their bedroom.

“What about?-“

Shouta dropped him on the bed and the tent he was sporting was still clear. Hizashi frowned.

“You didn’t finish.”

“I may have, dealt with some things earlier, so I could make sure to be up to the task tonight.”

Hizashis eyebrows almost flew into his hairline. “Oh” he said shyly, a blush creeping in.

“Do you still want to continue?”

Hizashi answered by getting up and stripping the soiled mess that was his bottom half and throwing it to the side, following up with his dress shirt and vest. Shouta did the same, except he kept on his boxers for the time being to drive Hizashi crazy. He hated when Shouta kept clothes on.

He tugged at Shoutas waistband and pulled him down, continuing to make out like the late teens they were, a few heated kisses and Hizashi was starting to come back around. Shouta leaned up and stared at his boyfriend. They were both breathless, Hizashi had nice bruises already forming at his neck, and his lips were kiss-red and swollen.


Shouta just smiled, and cocked his head to the side to plant small kisses up and down Hizashis neck while he massaged with one hand around his thigh and one butt cheek, Hizashi squirming under his touch.

He reached over for the lube bottle and Hizashi looked up when he heard the pop of the lid, eyes going from the bottle to Shoutas gaze.

“Is this okay Zashi?”

“What are you going to use?”

“Just my hands”

Shouta would never admit this but he had done some reading that day and some, “research”, when it came to him taking care of his business. He didn’t want to hurt Hizashi if this was how they proceeded. They never talked about who would be where, they figured they’d just fall into the positions naturally (no pun intended.)

He moved closer to his boyfriend and leaned over to keep kissing him, using an unlubed finger to gently stroke down the underside of Hizashis shaft, drawing a mental picture of the landscape without looking at it. When he was pretty sure he’d found what he was looking for, he brought the lubed finger closer, and Hizashi jumped at the contact.

“S-sorry-surprised me.”

“Is-this the right-?”

“Oh. Ye-yeah definitely.” Hizashi looked like a tomato with how red he’d gotten, and Shouta could definitely feel the heat in his own cheeks. Slowly he began moving his finger in tiny circles, Hizashi responding with his legs falling a little more open and his lips coming back to meet Shoutas.

Shouta took his time massaging Hizashi, and when he started to moan a little Shouta took the chance and gently prodded his hole, slipping his finger in to the first knuckle. Hizashi bucked up a little with another groan.

Shouta continued, moving slow, opening his eyes for a second to make sure Hizashi didn’t look like he was in pain. He definitely was not. The red flush in his cheeks had gone from the embarrassed red to the lustful pink, and Shouta tried to remember the anatomy photos he’d looked up before. He twisted his hand around, illicting another moan, and then crooked his finger.

It took a few moments of searching before Hizashi broke the kiss and gasped, hand going for Shoutas hair at the back of his neck. Shouta stopped moving and Hizashi was breathing heavy.

“D-do that-again-“

So Shouta complied, and began moving his finger against this magic spot he’d found in Hizashi and the noises that came out of his boyfriend had Shouta so surprised and turned on he didn’t want to stop, he wanted to make Hizashi feel this good always. But eventually he stopped and removed his finger just enough to spread more lube on two digits.


Hizashi was panting and breathless.

“Let me know if this hurts.”

He pushed again against less resistance, but Hizashis face screwed up a little when he added the extra finger.

“Are you okay?”

Hizashi nodded, and reached down to grab Shoutas wrist to push him forward. He hissed a little but after Shouta moved slow, the painful expression turned again to pleasure and Shouta moved his fingers apart slow.

He spend as much time as he thought needed to open Hizashi so that he could keep the pleasure going.



“I want you,” he looked at him with pupils blown wide and his cheeks sufficiently pink, “like now.”

Shouta couldn’t help but swallow at how needy he sounded, and he had to admit it was hot as hell. He slowly pulled out of Hizashi and sat back, grabbing the lube bottle and looking around.


“Just trying to remember where I put the condom box.”

“Don’t want it.”

Shouta snapped back to look at him.

“Zashi that’s, messy if anything and probably not safe-“

“Am I your first?”

“Well obviously but-“

“You’re mine too. I want-you-all of you. If you really want to get one that’s fine but I-I’m good with this.”

Shouta thought for a moment but unfortunately the aching in his cock was doing the thinking, and so he started slicking himself up to what he thought was an appropriate amount before repositioning between Hizashis legs.

“You have to tell me if this hurts too much okay?”

“I promise.”

Shouta did have to look this time just to make sure, and holy hell was he glad he did, because Hizashis glistening pink hole was one of the hottest memories he would ever have, he was sure of it.

He leaned in and pressed gingerly up to his entrance and Hizashis breathe was already increasing with anticipation. Shouta moved more forward, stretching Hizashi even more with the head of his cock, and Hizashi hissed again in pain so loud Shouta stopped.

“Zashi are you-“

“K-keep going-please-“

Shouta swallowed at the raspy, lust filled octave and pushed forward. What neither of them were expecting was when Shoutas head had made its way in, Shouta kind of thrust forward a few inches on instinct, cause Hizashi to yelp and Shouta to moan.

He looked up at Hizashi, fear on his face at how he may have hurt him. “Zashi?”

Hizashi just moaned and reached down to find Shoutas thighs to entice him forward. So he kept going, Hizashi breathing heavy and Shouta trying to keep slow because holy fuck Hizashi was so tight and the feeling was making his head spin.

It felt like forever but finally his hips made contact with Hizashis and the two of them just stayed like that, both panting until Hizashi looked at him through lidded eyes and said “move,” drool leaking from the side of his mouth.

Shouta pulled out a little and then moved back in, repeating the motion and trying to get into the groove while making sure Hizashi was still okay. He watched as the furrow of Hizashis brows faded, his hands started to grip the sheets and then he arched his back and Shouta almost lost it.

He held on to Hizashis hips and gradually picked up the pace, each thrust earning him another pleasured moan from his boyfriend.


Happily he obliged, and was soon completely pounding into Hizashi, actually having to activate his quirk because the sounds coming from him were making the walls shake. He watched as Hizashis shaky hand snaked down to his cock to pump fast song with Shoutas thrusts.

“S-sho-ah ah-I’m-oh god-hnng-holy-Shouta-“

Hizashi was mumbling none sense but Shouta loved it and kept up pace, the familiar tingle in his toes and the heat of his gut coming fast.

“‘Zashi-I’m-I’m getting close-“

“Stay-come here-right-hnng-“

He watched as Hizashi bucked up again, white streaks painting his chest and the most glorious moans washing over Shouta. His orgasm also made his entire cavity clench and that had Shouta loosing it. He thrust into Hizashi three or four hard times as he emptied his load deep into his boyfriend, Hizashis thighs tight around his hips.

They didn’t move for sometime, just stayed as they were panting and trying to catch their breath. Shouta tested his legs, because he knew he had to get to the bathroom and grab a towel to try and keep the mess at bay.

With a whimper from Hizashi, he slowly pulled out, and stumbled to their en-suite bathroom to grab the first towel and get it under Hizashis lower half, because falling on the bed beside him.

Hizashi reached over and laced his fingers with Shouta.

“So...” Shouta started, and Hizashi turned to look at him, “was that, okay?”

He was now nervous about his performance, he wondered if that was normal, or if it was just his innate need to please Hizashi.

Hizashi chuckled and squeezed his hand.

“That was better than anything I could have imagined.”

Shouta was relieved, until-

“Although,” he snapped back to look at his boyfriend he had the most devilish grin on his face, “next time I get to be on top so I can make you feel as good as I feel now.”

Shouta felt his cheeks heat again, and he just nodded while Hizashi let out a sleepy chuckle.