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Regrets and Catharsis

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"So, you are fine with us dating other people?!" Holly asked incredulously.

"Yeah, sure..of course...why not?" Gail replied feigning indifference. She could see that Holly was trying really hard not to roll her eyes and she realized that she didn't sound very convincing herself. This whole nonsense discussion had started when they decided to watch that stupid movie and she had stupidly decided to voice her opinion about how she would be completely fine with having an open relationship. How she would be okay if her girlfriend wanted to date other people. Not that Holly was her girlfriend or anything like that.."Yeah, keep telling yourself that you shithead"

"So, what you're saying is that if I were to go on a date with that sexy cop from 27 division, you would give me your blessings?" Holly asked her with that grin of hers that always made Gail's heart flutter.

"Sexy cop?! Who are we talking about? Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that, yes, I would give you my blessings" Gail knew that she was treading on thin ice here. The very thought of someone even touching Holly made her blood boil. But she wasn't going to admit that to anyone let alone her object of affection. Besides, she needed to win this argument, she needed to somehow prove that she wasn't falling so hard for the nerdy dumbass who was right now was playing with the hair at the nape of her neck and making her heart skip a beat. The one with the incredibly long legs that she wouldn't mind wrapped around her hips right this very moment.

"Oh really? Well that makes it easier then" Holy smirked.

"What makes it easier?" Gail lifted her head from Holly's lap and looked at her.

"Well, she asked me for a cup of coffee the other day and I just brushed her off. But maybe now I can take her up on that offer.."

Gail's eyes fell to Holly's lower lip and the thing she does when she bites them that just makes them look so damn kissable. "You brushed her off? You didn't tell her you had a ..." she stopped herself before saying the next word.

"I had a what Gail?" Holly smiled that lopsided grin of hers.

"What's her name?"

"Dani Reese..We were working on the Katie Vonn case.. She's tall, brunette, incredible arms and a killer smile? She's the only one besides you who really knows how to carry a uniform. You know her?" Holly knew what she was doing. Gail was just so adorable when she was mad that she couldn't help herself.

"No, I don't know any Dani and besides all the officers from 27 are assholes. Everyone knows that Holly." Gail barked and got up from the couch and marched to the kitchen to drink water. She always did that when she was angry, drink some water to soothe her anger.

"Dani didn't seem like an asshole. She seemed really nice and sweet."

"Well then why don't you give her a call? you have my "blessings". Maybe I will ask that cute Barista from Starbucks out on a date"

"The blondie with the mole?" Holly called out from the living room.

"Yup, that one." Gail replied triumphantly. Two can play this game Dr.Stewart. She came back out to the living room and looked at Holly. "She's really into me I think. Always giving me extra sugar in my coffee and drawing lil smileys on my cup."

"And always spelling your name as Gale?"

"So what? I could be a Gale. It's a common mistake! I don't blame her though. Her mind probably blanks out when she sees all this cop swagger"

"Cop swagger?! what are you 12? " Holly laughed.

"Whatever Hol, you go out on that date with Dani and I'll have my barista. We wouldn't even need to go out for coffee because guess what?! She works at the cafe! and we could save up all that time getting to know each other! It's a win-win!"

"I guess so!" Holly countered. She had to admit, it did hurt just a tiny bit that Gail wasn't willing to just admit that they were in a relationship. To be fair, it had been only a month and knowing Gail it would take her a while before she even called Holly her girlfriend. She could see that Gail was trying really hard to be nonchalant about the whole thing, but she could see it in those beautiful blue eyes, which at the moment was throwing daggers at her, that she really wanted them to be exclusive. But Gail Peck was not going to admit it and Holly was not going to back down. If it took a date with Dani Reese for Gail to finally let down her guard and admit it, then so be it. Besides, Dani was really easy on the eyes.
The blondie at the coffee shop was going to have hell to pay if she laid a finger on Gail though, but that's a different story.

"Well I don't know about you nerd, but I'm feeling sleepy and I have a long day tomorrow. So I'm gonna hit the bed while you sit here and dream about Dani and her massive buck teeth!"

"Wait, I thought you didn't know Dani?!"

"I don't. She just sounds like someone who would have massive buck teeth and eats like a horse.So..have fun with that!!" Gail shouted from the bedroom while she changed into Holly's spiderman PJs and t-shirt.

"You eat like a horse!"

"I eat like a thoroughbred horse Hol and Dani probably chews like a cow, dropping food all over the table."

"Oh, so she's a cow now?!"

"You coming? or are you just gonna sit there and argue with me?"

Holly just smiled and shook her head as she headed to the bedroom. Oh this was going to be interesting..

-- to be continued

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