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It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humanity that turns men into angels - Augustine

Izuku's childhood was averagely normal compared to his peers despite the fact his father was only a whisper on the wind and a paycheck in the mail but he wouldn't have it any other way. At age three and a half, his life was perfect with only his mum. Their house was filled with love and support which his mother gave him for his obsessive passion of hero's that boarded on compulsive and slightly stalker-ish. His room was plastered in colours, with almost every inch of his walls covered in posters, news cuttings and his prized action figures. His desk though neatly organised was not spared from this hero obsession, neatly arranged at the top of his desk was a jar of pens wrapped in different pro-heroes and his first notebook completely dedicated to all things regarding hero's, rightly named, 'quirk analysis for the future #1'. Though he had been taking poorly written notes and doing drawings of all the heroes he had seen his mum thought it best to separate his hobby from other actives, to prevent issues in the future when he started school.

Izuku loved all things hero's but epically he love their quirks, the flashy shows and costumes normally caught the eye of other kids his age but Izuku had only had eyes for the hidden powers these guardians possessed and how they used them. Izuku knew that not all men are created equal but in the eyes of superheroes there was one that stood above the rest, not for his power but for the compassion and self-sacrifice he dealt with the civilians of the world as he rescued them from the shadows and the horrors the plagued the back streets of their neighbourhood.

This hero was All Might, a symbol of peace that rose from the ashes of destruction and mayhem. A symbol of hope for those whose lives were shrouded in darkness and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. A symbol of justice to those whose loved ones were hurt by others that thought themselves above the law.

All might is a reminder that anything was possible as long as you tackled it with a smile on your face and the determination to not give up your dreams no matter the struggle it would take to get them.

Izuku was a small child in stature with a head that almost seemed too big for his body due to his black curly hair that fought gravity and won. It was tinted with an emerald green when the sun hit it just right and just like all other things in this world people picked on those that were different as they were an unknown. Children thought it weird to have such a hair colour and adults had found them multiple times picking on Izuku and pulling at his curls taunting him in a relentless fashion. There were times when their words got to him placing doubts in his mind and making their word bounce around his head like a wrecking ball. In these times he remembers All Might, he remembers his smile and how All Might laughed in the face of adversity. If All Might could do it so could he.

Some nights Izuku would watch All Might's first video over and over again until the taunts where nothing but static in the background and a smile was plastered on his face. Inko has estimated her baby had probably added a couple of thousand views to that video alone, but even if Izuku knew the whole thing off by heart she couldn't say no to letting him watch it. Not with the way it made his eyes light up even the darkest of rooms and with every added view Izuku's dream of becoming a hero only solidified.

One reprise from the taunts and the bullies was Katsuki Backugo, Izuku's childhood friend. They had known each other before they could walk and had grown up sharing the same dream. To become the best pro Hero. To become number one. Kacchan dream was to become the number one hero, to surpass All Might himself in both power and popularity, Deku on the other hand. His dream steamed from the need to help others in the same way others had helped him. There where some people that said Izuku was too shy and innocent of a kid to do what it takes to become a hero and a few people thought Katsuki was too loud and crude to make it in the pro-hero circuit. Even though Kacchan could be loud and harsh at times Izuku thought he would be an amazing hero due to how fiercely protective Katsuki was of his smaller friend. In all honesty, Kacchan just didn't like it when others fucked with what he believed to be his, for there was a price to pay. Izuku was his, his friend, his brother, his Deku, no one got to fuck with Deku but Kacchan.

It was no surprise to see these two joint at the hip as they were as thick as thieves and it seems to go that way for almost a year. But all good things must come to an end, a couple of months after Kacchan's 4th birthday he came running into school showing everyone his quirk that he had found out about the night before. Izuku watched with amazement as small pops of light danced across Kacchan hand as he let off mini explosions. Everyone including the teachers and the students was amazed at such a hero worthy quirk but unfortunately, this is where the problem began. The praise and encouragements fuelled both Kacchan quirk and his ego and slowly his pride started to dull all the things that made him a hero in Izuku's eyes.

Kacchan started to spend time with the older kids at school, due to his rising popularity. At first, Izuku understood that Kacchan couldn't spend all his time with him as he was making new friends, but soon the older students saw the opportunity to pick on him once more. To make Katsuki forget about the weak quirkless kid and join them in their ruling of the school halls. It started off as simple things like calling him useless, worthless, spreading rumours that he had a second joint in his pinkie toe, calling him a stupid Deku. Tainting the nickname Kacchan gave him out of fondness and turned it into shackles making him powerless to fight against the bullies Kacchan once shielded him from. Izuku was used to the name calling he was used to people lashing out at thing that were different, what he didn't understand was why Kacchan was just standing there and letting it happen, participating in his torture by his admission of guilt via his silence. Izuku could see Kacchan bristling at the insults but did nothing to stop the older kids as it would have challenged his newfound status in the schoolyard.

And so that is how the rest of the school year went but the longer Izuku went without presenting a quirk the worse it got. The rumours started to come true and he was free picking for anyone who prejudice thinks that by being quickless is the equivalent to being worthless.

This is where his story starts. Everything changed on the last week of school, to be honest, Izuku forgot quite a lot about what lead up to the discovery of his quirk and from what other had told him, it comes down to this.
1) He apparently jumped in front some bullies (plus Kacchan), who were picking on another quirkless kid, in doing so gave the kid enough time to make a run for it
2) After the other kid had flow the coop Izuku also did the smart thing and made a break for it as well, making a beeline to the front of the school
3) Before he could make it around the corner and out the front gate, one of the older kids grabbed his bag and spun Izuku around in circles trying to make him fall face first into the cerement. In an attempt to escape from them he slipped his arms out of the bag straps
4) But what Izuku didn't account for was the momentum that had already built up, which throw him away from the group and almost into the middle of the road
5) After recovering from the fall Izuku remember looking up to see Kacchan horrified face before screeching of tires and Kacchan shouting his name
6) An explosion of pain and then nothingness, blackness, cold dark blackness
7) It felt like it lasted an eternity and the longer Izuku stared into the void the long it stared back at him.
8) And just like the void entered his life it disappeared once more, making way to a too bright room, white walls, white roof, white sheets, a strong smell of antiseptic and two solid warm presences on his left arm and right leg

Upon pushing the fuzziness from his vision and the fog from his mind Izuku's eyes meet the sleeping form of his mother. Her hands wrapped around his left arm as if trying to anchor him to the world of the living, her head was rested against her folded arms as a makeshift pillow and he watched as she cried in her sleep, weeping for her son. Izuku tried to call out to his mother but the misuse of his voice meant he rasped over words that were no more than a whisper unable to wake his mum from her distressed slumber.

Looking at his other side he found the second source of warmth. It was Kacchan, his head laid facing him, allowing him to see the large salt trails running down from his eyes as if he had only just fallen sleep after an hour of crying. Over Kacchan shoulder he could see his friends mum sitting in a spare chair in the corner of the room. Her eyes jumping from between her phone and the door every time she heard footsteps as if ready to defend his hospital room from any unwanted visitors. Unable to use his voice Izuku weakly pried his right arm out from under the blankets that tightly wrapped around his body and reached towards the wooden nightstand next to his hospital bed and knocked on it. The sudden sound coming from inside the room made Kacchan's mother jump in her seat before her eyes fell on the now awake Izuku.

Quickly she jumped from her seat and walked over to his right side grabbing his smaller hand in both of hers and leaned down to place a kiss on his forehead. "Shrimp?" Mitsuki said almost questioning herself own sanity, wanting to make sure this was real before she got her hopes up, that Izuku had finally awake from his coma against all odds. "Honey, how do you feel?" She asked quietly, not quite looking him in the eyes. Izuku tried to answer but when all that came out was a raspy gasp Mitsuki quickly spun around to the nightstand Izuku had knocked on earlier to pour him some water out of the container that had been sitting there waiting for him to need it.

Mitsuki brought the cup to his lips slowly tipping in a little bit of water at a time to make sure Izuku didn't make himself sick or choke on the water from drinking too fast. Once the cup was empty she refilled it once more but left it just in reach for Izuku to grab if he wanted it. "Thanks." He managed to say giving Kacchan's mum a smile, his throat still feeling scratchy and sore but at least he could talk now. He once more turned to look to his mum, he weakly pulled on his left arm shaking her slightly before calling out to her. "Mum?" He asked trying to wake her, trying to let her know he was okay and that was all it took for Inko to snap awake from her fit full sleep. Her eyes quickly locked onto her son before she started crying once more leaping forwards to draw him into her tight embrace.

"My baby boy, I'm so sorry Izuku, so sorry, I'm so glad you woke up, I've been so worried baby!" She partially wailed into his shoulder. Inko continued whispering small apologies and worries to him as they both sat together. Slowly Izuku brought his arms around his mother hugging her back a tightly as he could but even he could feel oh weak he was but even with this, the Midoriya's still cherished this moment of being together once more. After a couple of minutes, Izuku eyes travelled down to Kacchan who was now wide awake staring at him, his bottom lip bitten between his teeth in an attempt to stop himself from crying.

"Ka-Kacchan? Don't cry I'm okay." Izuku whispered reaching out for his friend trying to comfort him but this did the exact opposite. Tears once more slipped down his face and Katsuki slowly pulled his chair closer to his outstretched hand. Kacchan's mum moved out of the way for him and went back to guarding the door but now occasionally looking over to the 3 huddled around the hospital bed. Kacchan gently grabbed onto Deku's hand locking their fingers together and looked him straight in the eyes, both boys holding onto each other in desperation to comfort the other.

"Izukuuuu," Kacchan whined, fighting against the way his heart felt like it was going to rip itself to bits. "I-I….. Should have stopped them, I-I'm s-so sorry. I failed you!" Kacchan stammered out knowing that words could not fix what he had allowed to happen over the last year.

It went like this for a while, both his mother and best friend quietly whispering words of comfort but ignoring any question Izuku had about what happened or for how long he had been asleep. An interruption came when the Doctors made their rounds of the rooms to find him awake, quickly they ushered out the Backugo's telling them they could come back later after they had time to run some tests and figure out why Izuku had suddenly woken up.

The Doctors carefully explained that when the car had hit him, he had died. His neck snapped on impact and the car continued to run him over, crushing him in the process. When the emergency department finally got him out from under the car his body was seeping black smoke, slowly healing his wounds. They quickly loaded him into the ambulance and checked for a heartbeat but found none. Once at the hospital the Doctors watch in amazement as Izuku's body put its self back together and upon being whole again Izuku's heart jumped in his chest starting to beat on its own accord once more. The doctors also explain that due to the forced awakening of his quirk it had mutated in a way to allow him to survive this ordeal. They had hypothesized that if left alone his quirk would have been the ability to pull reality in a certain direction but due to the traumatic event, it had become harsher and larger then anyone could predict.

Later Izuku found out that the small eternity in the void was a two-month coma that the Doctors said he would never wake from. They had theorised that upon the car crash and consequently his quirk forced activation, that the stress sent his body into lockdown trying to protect itself from unknown threats. The Doctors suspected after some quirk studies and having a specialist come in to see Izuku that the void the young boy later described was his core. A space within himself that no one could enter, where he was free to test the limits of his quirk and find balance with the new power he possessed.

Another thing the Doctors discussed was that in cases of forced quirk activations or FQA's there where physical side effects. Due to the larger scale of power that Izuku's small body now possessed there where going to be some things that changed about him physically, both now and in the future, as he continued to grow. The Doctor called for a nurse to bring a mirror and hesitantly they pointed it at Izuku. Instantly Izuku saw what they meant by physical changes as he stared into his own eyes which were completely black. It was like once again staring into the void, the blackest of blacks that seemed to have to end to them. No longer where his mother kind green eyes staring back at him but instead the accident had left him with a slightly haunting gaze, that never seemed to change no matter how much he looked around.

During the whole explanation, his mother sat next to him holding his hand, shaking her head slightly as if not wanted to believe that her son had died to begin with. At the end of their talk, the doctors suggested Izuku stayed one more night in the hospital before he went home and to possibly have a quick assessment done by the quirk specialist to help the boy discover and start to learn how to access his core.

The rest of his hospital stay was a quiet affair with Izuku's mother only leaving him for a few hours to duck home and get everything ready for when he came home, now that she knew he was going to be okay. While she was gone the all three of the Backugo's came back and Kacchan did his best to keep Deku entertained bringing his school bag that he had collected after the accident and went over what he had missed with the last week of school.

Izuku was unnaturally quiet and Kacchan couldn't tell what his friend was thinking or feeling as Izuku's normally expressive eyes were now a black void. During his visit, one thing continued to annoy him, that every time Kacchan caught Izuku looking at him Deku would dip his head and hid his eyes. It continued like this for a while before Kacchan couldn't take it any more and grabbed Izuku's chin forcing him to look him in the eye. "Deku, I don't care what you look like! And if anyone gives you shit for it I will fuck them up!" Kacchan promised maintaining eye contact with Deku until he stopped trying to pull his head away and gave him a small nod of understanding and a grateful smile.

Kacchan may not be able to read Deku's eyes anymore but he would be damned if I still could read the nerds smile.