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TBAM: The Last Knight

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(England, the Dark Ages)

Across the surrounding land could the sounds of battle be heard. What was once a vast green grass field, was now covered in scorched earth, broken wagons and catapults, scattered weapons, fire and smoke, and an untold number of corpses. Hundreds of men in armor were still fighting to the death on this burnt and blood-soaked battlefield. On one side were the brave Knights of England, led by their courageous and noble King Arthur of Camelot in defense of their homeland. The other side were the Saxons, Germanic warriors from across the North Sea, who have come plunder these lands. And it was something that Arthur and his knights wouldn't allow. With flaming boulders hurling in the air before smashing into the ground, arrows being shot, metal and wood clashing with one another, it was very clear that the English knights were being pushed back by the Saxons.

From on top of a hill that overlooked the battlefield were several men garbed in silver armor and riding white horses as they watched the battle played out. In the center of the group was King Arthur of Camelot himself. And strapped to his waist was his legendary sword, Excalibur. The men with him were the twelve Knights of the Round Table, England's most finest warriors and Arthur's most trusted comrades. All of them had grim looks.

"Where the bloody hell is that wizard?!" demanded an knight on Arthur's left, with anger and grief in his voice.

"He'll be here, Lancelot," said Arthur as he continued watching as his countrymen were fighting and dying across the battlefield. "I know Merlin won't let us down. Have faith in him, old friend."

"My King, I would lay down my life for you, but your 'wizard' is an imposter. He won't come or give us any kind of aid at all!" shouted a dark-skinned knight.

"Tristan's right, Arthur!" added a brown-haired knight. "Merlin's nothing more than a drunkard! And the Saxons outnumber us almost ten to one. We must fall back to live and fight another day."

"NO!" shouted Arthur, startling his knights and making the horses neigh a little. Dismounting from his horse, the King of England pulled Excalibur out of its scabbard before driving it into the ground. "Without sacrifice, there can be no victory. How can we call ourselves English knights if we run away while our enemy does as he pleases with our people? Merlin will be here, or I will face the Saxons alone if I have too!"

In that exact moment, something really odd happened. The armor and weapons of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table began to glow first before shimmering brighter than ever. Before they could even ponder this, a massive roar caught their attention, along with every single combatant across the entire battlefield. Soon, a shadow engulfed King Arthur and when he and his knights looked up, they were shocked at what they saw.

Flying over the group was a massive three-headed dragon with two tails! Its entire body was entirely metallic and colored in grey, with its huge wings releasing powerful gusts of wind every time they moved. All three of the dragon's heads released powerful torrents of fire that consumed the Saxons, while its talons tore through the earth and its two tails swatting Saxons and catapults aside. And yet, the dragon didn't strike any of the Englishmen.

It was in that moment did Arthur realized what was happening. "Merlin has brought us aid!" he shouted as he got back onto his horse. Raising Excalibur, the King of England cried out: "ONWARD!!!! FOR CAMELOT!!!!"

"FOR CAMELOT!!!!" shouted his knights all together as they charged into the battlefield.

With the aid of the dragon, the Knights of Camelot began cutting down the Saxons. Strangely, every time a Saxon tried to harm Arthur or any of the Knights of the Round Table, the weapons would merely bounced off the armor. Meanwhile, Arthur was cutting through any and all defenses, whether it be shields or armor. From above, the dragon continued slaughtering dozens of Saxons at a time. Soon, the surviving Saxons fled the battlefield in fear.

Sometime later, Merlin came trotting through the battlefield on his horse towards Arthur, while holding an intricate and beautifully-crafted staff in his right hand.

"My king," said the wizard as Arthur had dismounted from his own horse.

"Merlin," replied Arthur with a tired but happy smile on his face. "On behalf of the people of Camelot and all of England, I thank you. You have saved us all. We owe you a great debt."

The bearded wizard shook his head. "No, my old friend. It is them you should be indebted too, not me."

Looking at the direction that Merlin was pointing at with his staff, Arthur and all the knights watched as the three-headed dragon's form began to shift. In a few seconds, where was once a large mighty dragon, were now thirteen 28-foot metal warriors, with each one wielding a weapon or two. The thirteen towering titans resembled like knights.

Merlin smirked as he looked at the gobsmacked expressions of both Arthur and his men. "These are my dear friends, the Guardian Knights of Iacon."

Arthur regained his bearings before looking at the wizard. "They are not from this world, are they?"

"No, my king. They are not," replied Merlin.

(Cybertron, Unknown Time...)

Across the barren surface of the dying planet, a 16-foot orange and blue-colored mech was running frantically past several Cybertronian corpses lying on the ground behind him. The mech had his Photon Battle Pistol out, with smoke coming out of the barrel after having been used so many times today. The mech's chassis was covered in wounds, burn marks, as well as sparks coming off of damaged parts. A trail of Energon went down his mouthplates, but the mech ignored all of this as he kept focusing on reaching his destination and protecting the object he was currently holding. The mech had just entered a valley when he heard some shouting.

"There he is!" yelled a voice. Above the orange and blue-colored mech were three more Cybertronians. The bulkiest was a 24-foot black and orange-colored mech. With him was a 17-foot green and yellow mech and a 16-foot purple and black-colored mech. The former brought out a Energon Mace and rushed his target, while the other two morphed their right arms into their respective Solar Plasma Cannons. "Surrender, Dion!"

The large mech swung his Energon Mace at the now-named Dion, who sidestepped and dodge it. Dion brought out a gauntlet over his left servo and lunged at his larger opponent. Said mech had no time to react when Dion slammed his left gauntlet-covered fists at his faceplates before firing his Photon Battle Pistol into his chestplates.

"Breakneck!" cried out the purple and black-colored mech as he watched the large mech's offlined frame hit the ground.

"Focus, Tomb!" yelled the green and yellow-colored mech. "You'll flank right, I'll take left!"

Tomb nodded as he and his comrade fired at Dion in an effort to pin him down. Dion swapped his pistol for his Photon Pump-Action Shotgun and fired back, blasting some rocks under the green and yellow-colored mech and making him lose his footing. Then he fired at Tomb, hitting him and blowing off his left arm. Tomb could only give out a short scream of pain before Dion fired another photon bolt through Tomb's chestplates, offlining him instantly.

As the other mech began to get up, he got knocked down again when Dion, in his alt-mode of a Cybertronian Sports Car, rammed into him. Dion then shifted into his biped form before pinning the green and yellow-colored mech beneath him. "Stand down, Clear Cut! I don't want to kill a fellow Autobot!" shouted Dion furiously.

"I'm not a Autobot anymore!" declared Clear Cut as he tried to raise his right arm and fire at Dion.

Said mech saw this, though, and immediately grabbed the arm and ripped it off, causing green Energon to spray everywhere. Dion brought up his left fist and was just about to finish off Clear Cut when a sound caught his attention. A high-velocity projectile struck near where the two mechs were and created a large explosion that blew away rocks and dust.

From the top of a nearby mountain, stood a 50-foot silver and purple-colored mech with silver clawed digits and purple-colored pedes. The mech also had a yellow-colored helm with dark-purple optics and fanged dentas too. Protruding from his back were large, slightly-retracted, silver-colored wings with purple turbines. Currently, he had his quad-barrel cannon sticking out of his chassis before subspacing it.

"I wonder if that had offlined him? Well, as long as the object he was carrying was undamaged, that's all that matters," said the mech aloud before transforming into a Cybertronian Shuttlecraft and flew down towards where Dion was, though, now it was a large crater as the silver and purple-colored mech landed before transforming back into his biped form. Ignoring Breakneck and Tomb's corpses, the mech made his way over to find Dion's frame. But all he saw were the broken remains of Clear Cut, which were only the mech's helm and a portion of his chassis, but no sign of Dion.

"Did he escape the blast?" wondered the towering mech aloud. His optics didn't see the narrow passageway within the valley or that Dion was currently making his way through it. The orange and blue-colored mech was clutching his wounded chestplates, with Energon dripping out of it.

"Thunderwing..." cursed Dion as he finally exited the valley without being spotted. Waiting for him was an Orbital Assault Fighter. Ignoring his injuries, Dion slowly made his way into said craft and activated its systems. "Engage autopilot and sent coordinates to planet Earth," he ordered weakly as he settled in.

The ship's systems glowed in response as it began taking off. As Dion felt the thrusters engaging, he then opened a special subspace compartment on his person that was meant to hold a certain object. And that said object was a talisman that barely covered the palm of his servo. " get to...Orion and Ariel..." he muttered as the Orbital Assault Fighter left Cybertron's atmosphere.

(The Solar System, Present Time...)

Most beings believed that Cybertronians were split between Autobots and Decepticons. However, there were those who didn't pick a side and they were promptly called Neutrals. There were usual two types of Neutrals. The first and largest were Cybertronians that chose neither faction as they refused to take part in the Autobot-Decepticon Civil War as they instead left their homeworld to find other planets to live in peace, with many of them forming groups to better protect themselves from other threats and to keep their race going. The second type were individuals that were considered way too dangerous for either side, and were usually left alone to do as they pleased, like Lockdown for example. But these Cybertronians were rare as they would become a danger to the rest of their kind and would be terminated quickly.

As the war continued to stretch on, a third type of Neutrals was born. This type consisted of mechs and femmes that were once Autobots and Decepticons that have decided to defect from their respective factions. The reasons differed among these individuals; some of them could no longer handle the war that had killed their homeworld and nearly brought their entire race to extinction, while others had decided to strike out on their own and form their own faction. This category fitted in with the Cybertronians aboard the Longshot, a Kaon-Class Heavy Cruiser, that was currently hovering over Jupiter.

Once part of the Decepticon armada, this vessel was now commanded by the Star Seekers, Cybertronians that could be best described as scavengers, raiders and pirates. These Cybertronians had banded together to survive by any means necessary, even if that meant raiding resources from other inhabited worlds. With Cybertron now dead and no home to call their own, the Star Seekers would travel the universe and take only what they needed to survive. Originally consisting of former Decepticons, they were soon joined by former Autobots and other Cybertronians that were Neutrals. Old wounds between these former enemies were long forgotten as common interest of survival had bonded them together.

In the Longshot's Operations Room, there were several Cybertronians at work. Standing on a separate platform that overlooked said room was the ship's captain, who was also the leader of the Star Seekers, Switchblade. A former captain of a Seeker Armada, the 28-foot blue and golden-colored flyer had decided to strike out on his own sometime around Megatron's first death in the Battle of Mission City in 2007. Switchblade had shown no interest in serving a leader who abandoned his forces to retrieve the AllSpark after it was launched into space, and thus he refused to serve under Starscream. With his entire unit agreeing with him, the rogue Seeker Captain commandeered the Longshot and took off with many weapons, Energon and other supplies onboard with him before he and his crew started looting from other worlds.

Switchblade turned around when he heard the door to the Operations Room slid open. Walking through it was a 20-foot green and black mech with white stripes. This was Anomaly, a former Autobot Soldier/Scientist that was now serving as Switchblade's SiC. Like the former Seeker, Anomaly had grown tired of fighting in what he saw as a pointless war and ignored Optimus' universal-wide message. Instead, he and several of his fellow Autobot comrades defected and eventually joined the Star Seekers. Seeing both the potential and the similar interest in the young mech, Switchblade decided to make Anomaly his First Lieutenant, which also helped show that there was no ill will between the two defectors as they were each from warring factions.

"We've still tried to make contact with him, but we still haven't gotten any word from Lockdown or his crew. It looks like you were right, he's been offlined," reported Anomaly as he stood beside Switchblade.

The former Seeker grunted in annoyance. "I should've known that Lockdown would fail. Bounty Hunter or not, such a mission like that should've been given to soldiers such as us," he commented.

"Don't you mean 'former soldiers'?" asked Anomaly jokingly. "Because I'm pretty sure most would consider this line of work as an act of piracy."

Switchblade ignored the comment. "Either way, we will complete the task that Lockdown was supposed to do. Set a course to Earth."

Suddenly, one of the crewmembers, a 16-foot cerulean, black and cyan-colored femme spoke up. "Sir, we're detecting a weak Energon signature near us and is just passing this planet were currently hovering over."

"Is it Lockdown, Astraea?" asked Switchblade.

The femme, Astraea, reported: "I can't tell. But whoever they are, they aren't flying in a ship and appear to be floating adrift in space. Probably in stasis lock."

Switchblade rubbed his chinplates as he wondered at what it could be. Deciding to take a chance, he ordered: "Lock onto it and zoom in."

Astraea did so and began focusing the ship's scanners on the Energon source. It took a few minutes, but an image of the object eventually came up on the Operations Room's main screen. And what they saw made the Star Seekers opened their mouthplates and widened their optics in shock and surprise.

"Is that really who I think it is?"

"No fragging way."

"What's he doing all the way out here?"

"But that's definitely him. I remember seeing him before he left for Earth."

"Talk about good luck."

The object, or person that was on the main screen was none other than Optimus Prime himself. The Autobot Leader's entire frame was frozen in ice. His form unmoving, with his optics dark and lifeless as he continued drifting through space while floating aimlessly.

"It really is Prime," said Anomaly as he stared at the image of his former leader. "Why is he here out in space."

"I don't know and I don't care," commented Switchblade. "But this makes things much more easier for us. Send a team out to bring Optimus aboard. Make sure he's disarmed before putting him in the brig. Then chart a course to Cybertron."