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A Different Experience

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You sat in an uncomfortable chair, the hard bottom of it making the muscles in your ass ache. You stared at the broken window before you, felt the sunlight on you screen and took in the beauty of it all. The silence in the empty room didn't unnerve you quite like the overgrown bush of Ivy slowly growing from the ground and reaching the edges of the window. You inhaled deeply, the dust coming into your lungs like an old friend, and exhaled.

This is peaceful, you thought to yourself. The most peaceful moment you've had since your departure. 

The rifle slung over your shoulder held no weight, you closed your eyes and imaged it wasn't there anymore. You imagined you were in a land without fighting or politics, a place devoid of anything corrupt or seeked to corrupt, a world you knew didn't exist.

"Dangerous to be off guard, solider." A hoarse voice behind you said calmly. You weren't startled. You could imagine him with his arms crossed, leaning on the door frame, smirking. You turned around and found him just like that. His curly brown hair almost covering his honey colored eyes, a smirk playing on his face.

"How'd ya' find me?" You asked, looking at his blood stained uniform.

"Don't matter how far you run away,kiddo. I'll find always you." You laughed through your nose,

“how romantic.”

 His tone was threatening but his expression was soft,"Why are you up here? Looking to get yourself killed?" His low voice sent a shiver up your spine when he said 'killed'. You frowned and turned to look at the mirror, to try and return to the peaceful moment you just had but to no avail.

You could hear the faint sounds of his boots hit the ground as he walked closer to you, so silent, so deadly. You didn't move, but you could feel the ghost of his hand brush against your cheek and you stiffened. 

"Who's blood is this?" He aske-no, he demanded. You remained soft, loosening your body and relaxing on the uncomfortable chair. You felt like the Ivy whom rested on the shards of the window, so dangerously close to being injured, yet so peaceful "It's the fella you saw on your way in." 

Now he stiffened.His breath hitched, you didn’t hear him breath for a moment.

"You did that?" He sounded bewildered, not to your surprise, he had no faith in your combat skills. "Ares, you don't trust me." You snarled at him, meeting his surprised look with your fierce gaze. It took him a moment, then another, when finally, "Sorry kiddo, just can't imagine a little midget kicking that guys ass." He laughed at his joke, placing his hand on your head, patted it, then kept it there.

You huffed, "Yea-well, i did! I had no help, None from you anyway." You muttered, you felt your cheeks burn up and you cursed yourself. You were blushing.

A deep laugh arose from his stomach, it sounded like a bark from a dog, the kind old men have. "You're just too damn cute," Ares poked your rifle, "you been using this beauty lately?" 

You thought for a response, and by doing so, glanced at your hands. Your hair fell off your shoulders and clouded your face, you could see the dirt and gods know what else and realized you were filthy to all hell, but you didn't care, Ares didn't care, nobody cared. Your hands, which are naturally small, were covered in blood. So much blood. You couldn't make out your own skin from it all, a surge of panic hits your stomach, you pull up your sleeve to see more blood. You look at your legs and through the thick layers of mud and dirt, you could make out the distinct color of blood. Panic now flooded your body as you start to breathe faster, the presence of Ares is at the back of your head. The peace and tranquility now gone. 

You stood and stared from your seat as the image of a man being stabbed played in your head. Ares understood what was happened and was quick to react, he's seen many soldiers like you go through this, and his instinct to it is almost immediate.

"Soldier, soldier, You're safe. Listen to me, we're in an empty room right now, in the middle of the woods-look at me, soldier." He stays in your line of vision, but the mans bloody face keeps appearing, like an old recording. You hear his voice, you hear him repeat your names several times and you begin to calm down.

You can know clearly see him, his tan face, lined with scars, and honey colored eyes that would some times glow yellow in the right lighting. "Hey, hey. Can i touch you?" He asked calmly.You nod and were instantly met with the warmth of his hands on yours, rubbing your hand up and down with his to bring some warmth and comfort to you. 

"I'm fine-I-I'm all good" You manage to say through the lump in your throat. He doesn't stop though, his body doesn't relax for a moment and his focus is unwavering. You move to sit down and he scoots out of the way. Once seated, you look him in his eyes, so full of worry, it makes you feel warm inside.

"Awww, Worried about your favorite human?" You asked playfully, now gently holding his big hands in your small ones. His face hardens for a moment, but his eyes stay warm.

"I was afraid i'd lose my favorite girl." He replies in a serious tone. Nonetheless it warms your heart. You bring your face closer and so does he, the kiss is gentle, the peace is back. You peck his nose with a gentle kiss and hear him chuckle, your hands slipped out of his and moved to his armpits. He laughed loudly, You hands scratched, rubbed and tickled the hell out of him. You only finished because you could see tears forming at the sides of his eyes. You let him go and he clutches his stomach tightly, giggling faintly. “You son of a bi-“ you cut him off with a hug, he wraps his huge arms around you and squeezes.

When you move back, out of the corner of your eye, you catch something.

The ivy that laid over the shards, did not only lay over them, they grew around them. You smiled at the sight. A defenseless plant grown onto a dangerous shard of glass.

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You held the red, silky fabric of the scarf in your hands. With a deep inhale, you wonder if this was a bad idea. You glance at the women across the fashion store, holding and examining an expensive pair of shoes. The beautiful woman tilts her head and wisps of her milk chocolate hair swept along her cheeks, your breath falters for a moment and you wonder how such a beautiful human being could possible exist. You shake off your nerves, anxiety, and anything holding you back and walk forward towards this magnetic woman. You wont let this beauty escape your grasp.

Everything about her screamed beauty. The closer you got, the more details of her face you could see even at your angle. She had plump red lips and and soft cheekbones with a heart shaped face. Strong, cat shaped eyes and a strong roman nose, her light brown hair was partially braided like a crown but clusters of it fell from it and framed the sides of her face. She wore a white dress that hugged her curvy figure perfectly and a brown belt designed like golden leaves squeezed her hips. You couldn't compare, you couldn't name one woman or man that could, no movie star or celebrity could even come close to the women in front of you that radiated beauty and sex so well.

 “Hi-um- sorry to disturb you but i, uh, thought this would look good on you!” your eyes milked in her beauty, a pair of emerald green eyes laced with curiosity and mirth stared at you while a gentle smile played at her lips, “I mean-i'm not saying you don't already look good! your, like, perfect," You laughed awkwardly but notice her eyes soften," But you'd look good in this."

She looked down at the scarf and you caught a whiff of her perfume, the scent of rose gardens and honey. A small giggle escaped her lips while she gently grabbed the scarf, her fingers lingering in your palm for a moment longer, your face heated and a blush spread across your cheeks. 

 She spoke with a quiet and sensual tone, making a shiver crawl up your spine, she had a voice that could only be described as hypnotic.

“Thank you, reds always been my color.” She wrapped the scarf around her slender neck and examined it through a nearby mirror. The red was a good contrast to her light brown hair and white dress, and you caught yourself leaning in closer, noticing the warmth coming off her body. 

“Oh, my names-“ You began to say but were caught off when the beautiful woman grabs your hand and says softly, “Why don’t we grab a coffee, sweetie?” Taken aback by the offer and the nickname, your mind blanks for a moment like a TV with no signal until words start to form once again.

 “Uh-yea! Yes!” You laugh, and in return so does she, a smooth sound that almost borders on a moan considering how she dragged it out in a low tone. She walks you over to the coffee place across the street, a tiny place, not letting go of your hand. Once inside the smell of cinnamon and coffee hits your nose, she hums and squeezes your arm. You notice how the few people in the cafe shop all stop what they're doing and stare at you two. No, they stare at her. 

"Never been here before, have you?" She smiled and looked at you with expecting eyes. 

" Oh-I haven't either." You answered awkwardly. Once you two have reached the cashier, you both place your order and receive them quickly. You spot a couple of chairs in the corner of the cafe place and you both sit down there.

“So tell me sweetie, what made you come up and talk to me?” She laces her hands in yours while taking a sip of her hot chocolate. Her skins smooth and you notice a dove tattoo on her wrist, God, she sooo hot you think to yourself.

 “You’re hot!” You blurt our before you can stop yourself. Your eyes widen in horror, but she just laughs her same sweet laugh.

 “I like you! Oh my, I’m a sucker for the funny and flattering ones~” She hums in a low tone. Her eyes shimmer with mischief, your breath gets caught in your stomach and you find yourself in a loss of words. A familiar song plays in the background, being you back into reality. A smile creeps upon your face.

 “Holy crap! I love this song.” You laugh. She tilts her head, and hums the melody.

 “She’s like a bird in flight, Wouldn’t you love to love her?” You sing while slowly raising from your seat, moving your hips with the beat. She giggles and rises with you. You found yourself dancing with this mystery beauty in a cafe shop. Typical you. The confidence in your moves made her laugh, and her laugh made you forget about all the looks you were getting. Although nobody noticed you, everyone was looking at her slowing moving closer and closer to you until her leg brushed against your thigh and her laughs echo in your ears.

 Once the song ends, you both flop down in you seats, laughing. “Oh my gods! Your fun!” She teases whilst poking your waist, you squirm against her touch and retaliate by waving her hands away but you catch her hand and neither of you move, you intertwine your fingers together and sigh.

“I know,i'm a fun gal princess.” Her smile widens, and for a moment, her eyes turn pink. From your distance you could feel her hot breath on your face, it leaves you wondering how someone could be so beautiful and the word 'Goddess' flashes across you mind. 

 “Call me that again.” She says in a deep tone that makes you face hot and knees weak.

“Princess.” You reply, she squeezes you hand and a blush appears across her face.

 “I really, really do like you.” She kisses your knuckles. You were starting to like her too. “We should hang out more.” You offer, eager for her reply. She laughs that same sweet laugh and pretends to think about it for a moment, pulling a dramatic thinking face. 

you roll your eyes and laugh, and so does she. “Yes, we should.” She grabs a napkin and pulls a pen from her purse, she scribbles down a number and hands it too you. You pick it up and look at it puzzled. 

“Wha- this isn’t a number. This is gibberish.” You watch her rise her seat with a playful smile. “It’s Greek.” She replies like it should’ve been obvious, you begin to fear that your letting this beauty slip though your fingers as you watch you walk towards exit.

Confused, you stand to stop her before she leaves but she was already reaching for the handle. “Wait! What’s you name?” You bellow our, desperate to not let this beauty leave your life.

She stops in her tracks and turns to look you in the eye, her eyes were a clear shade of lilac pink. “I’m Aphrodite.”

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You laid naked while Aphrodite's head lay on your bare stomach, her curly hair giving warmth to your skin. 


"And you try to see the beauty left in me~"  She sings in a soft tone, her eyes close and fingers dancing across her body, remembering how yours just had.

"So i try and be as beautiful as i can be~"  She finishes, leaving you falling in love with her all over again. You cup your hand under her jaw and stare at her from your angle, "I don't want no other~" You sing and she laughs lightly, "Feeling like it's over." She adds

She moves her body until it's completely on yours, face- to -face, your breast on your chest and legs intertwined with yours. "Maybe there's some other, maybe you don't wanna hold me in your hands and give me another chance."  You let out a dramatic huff and hug her naked figure. "Aphrodite, the should make you the god of music with that voice." You playfully point out and her could practically feel her ego grow. 

"I KNOW RIGHT!" She kisses you deeply, "I've been telling that from day one!"

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  • Flustered
  • oml your hands are so soft what kind of lotion do you u- Focus Percy!
  • holds you hand back
  • is grinning like a mad man because oml your holding his hand
  • ”Jesus your hands are sweaty, Percy”
  • ”well I am Poseidon’s son.”
  • Doesn’t let go immediately 
  • is sad when you let go
  • Looks around camp just to find you so you can hold hands again


  • Is confused
  • ”What are you doing?”
  • ”Holding your hand, sparky.”
  • is still confused but is also happy
  •  he has soft hands
  • swings his arms when he walks so he swings your hand too 
  • Is blushing
  • He flies up by a few feet and now your holding onto to him for dear life
  •  “PUT ME DOWN!” You yell but he simply replies with a laugh, “You’re really cute at this angle.” 


  • stares at you confused for two seconds then is cool with it
  • refuses to let go
  • holds your hand all day and everywhere she’s goes
  • now your forced to go to a counsel meeting because she won’t let go
  • squeezes your hand every five seconds
  • is really cute about it


  • hot hands
  • ”OWW LEO!”
  • ”Sorry! I’m excited!”
  • gets so excited his hand catches fire and you have to let go
  • ”Guess I’ll just have to hold your feet from now on”
  • wont stop apologizing 
  • but at the end of the day you still hold his hand because they’re so tiny but so rough and cute and always dirty
  • you have to wash your hand five times before the grease comes off


  • Flaunts that shit
  • lowkey shows off 
  • Kisses your knuckles like the sweetheart she is
  • ”You smell like roses, piper! Oh my gods!” 
  • Giggles and cute glances all day every day
  • Ends the day with a hug


  • he happily obliged
  • now your walking around holding a bears hand
  • sometimes you’d catch him just staring at you with a  smile and it makes you blush like a mad man
  • He smells like syrup
  • bear hug


  • So tiny
  • baby hands, soft hands
  • you wanna carry her so baaaad
  •  “Ahh your so cute hazel!”
  •  “Aww thank you!”
  • you accidentally fell and took her down with you but it’s all good


  • Is shorter than you so it’s hella cute
  •  “Oh gods, nico, are you blushing?” 
  • Doesnt protest when you drag him everywhere you go while holding his hand
  • cold for some reason
  • you plant little kisses on his hand just to watch his cute reaction
  • he sneezed and had to let go but his sneeze was so cute it didnt matter
  • You stole his jacket later and won’t return it
  • ha ha

Chapter Text


  • ”Me? Y-you like me?”
  • shocked
  • then is smiling like he just won the lottery
  • gives you the best dam hug every
  • okey now he’s holding you and won’t let go
  • gives you a big ol’ Underwater kiss


  • Confused but now really happy
  • Goes I’m for a hug but you kiss him instead
  • he got so focused on the kiss that he accidentally started flying and now your holding on to him 
  • oohhh muscles
  • the little scar on his lip feels good under your kiss
  •  “So can I tell everyone we’re dating?”


  • isnt surprised and you get worried
  •  “Oh gods you don’t like me back”
  •  “no. I already knew you liked me, I was just waiting for you to admit it.”
  • her kiss feels like heaven and oh she smells so good
  • immediately goes to tell all her friends


  • “Me?”
  • ”Yes you. What other Leo Valdez is there?”
  • doesnt know how to act
  • he smiles and now your knees feel weak
  • cant really hug you because he got so excited he’s now on fire
  • instead is just jumping up and down and giggling


  •  She kisses you almost instantly 
  • your stomach flutters when you see she’s blushing
  • she brushing your hair back oooh
  •  “I been knew sis” is what’s you think she said but couldn’t hear through your heartbeat


  • ”Mainly for the pancakes, Frank”
  • is really awkward about it but is happy too
  • confesses his feeling for you too
  •  “so...wanna get some food?”
  • you two end up laughing while eating pancakes 


  • You brought her flowers and she smelling them and she loooks so cute and-
  • you literally sweep her off her feet bridal style and run around camp telling everyone she’s yours now
  • Nico approves
  • so does her papa
  • so does you parent
  • everyone approves because is cute to see big tough scary solider you walk around with innocent little hazel