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Spirit Animals and Time Travel

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When Desmond was four he knew something was wrong. He didn't know what was wrong but he knew something was wrong.

When he turned seven he thought it was normal. He thought the separation training from his daemon was normal. Sure, there was an ache the more distance there was. But they always reunited.

When he turned ten he started noticing how the adults don't have daemons. It was around this time that he got his first scar. A scar on his lips – given to him by his father. He didn't think much on the daemon issue. Always thinking that the adults got really good at separation.

(What a foolish child he was.)

When he turned eleven he knew something was wrong with the farm. He knew that something was very wrong. He noticed how the fourteen year-old's would enter a special building with their daemon and came out a few days later without one. He noticed how pale they were. He saw them shake and quake on the training field. He heard them cry at night. Calling out the names of their daemon.

He was twelve when he knew he had to get the hell away from the farm. He was twelve when he started to think was escaping.

He didn't know who or what the Templars were. No one ever told him.

The bedtime stories of the Monster Templars being taken out by the Hero Assassins – meant a lot to the four year-old Desmond and the seven year-old Desmond, but not to the tweleve year old Desmond.

The twelve year-old Desmond knew that separation between daemons and their humans was bad.

Very bad.

He knew that at fourteen he was going to truly be separated from his daemon.

He knew that there was no choice.

With that fact in his head; he knew what he was going to do.

He was going to run.

He was going to run so fast and far that he would be free. He was going to run to a place that was free. He wasn't going to stop running till he found that place.

Desmond watched the clock with a baited breath.

When it hit twelve A.M, he got out of bed.

With a small book-bag on his back – full of food, water, and one of his mother's hidden blades – a map of the outside world – stolen from his father's study along with a small glowing cube, that was calling to him – and with his daemon at his side, he walked out the front door.

And ran.