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Marvelous Return

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Clint wasn’t as dimwitted as his SHIELD coworker liked to gossip about, in fact, according to his evaluation upon recruitment, he was smarter than most of them, he just never had the schooling or the opportunity to expand his knowledge and so showed his smarts in other ways. Proof of the point, his inhuman accuracy with every SHIELD weapon including his bow and arrows.

But still, here he was, mouth wide open, looking dumbfounded at the man in front of him.

To his defense, the man came out of nowhere, in a circle made of what looked like sparkles of electricity and behind him Clint was almost certain he could see a road with tiny houses all looking the same. Which was strange since they were currently on top of a building in Queens, where he had had to hide out on when the Halloween prankster teens had started to come out at the time his shift had ended.

“Clint Barton.” The man said. It wasn’t a question the man clearly knew him. “This is going to sound weird.”

Clint couldn’t help it, he snorted raising an eyebrow at the man.

“Okay, I guess you knew that already.” The man said with a sigh. “My name is Stephen Strange and I came to you with an important mission.”

Well now Clint’s eyebrow was raised for an all-new reason what could this man dressed as some type of Tibetan monk wanted with him.

“This…” The man said holding a hand out next to his head, which a bundle of clothes flew next to. “is the cloak of Levitation. Cloak give the man his mission.”

The cloak came to a stop in front of Clint unrolled a little and rolled around Clint’s wrist before he could react it was gone, doing the same to his other side, once done it place a weight into the circle it had created, it wasn’t heavy, but it was warm, and it moved a little.

Not sure if he should look down on what he was holding just yet he kept his eyes on the man in front of him, especially intrigued when the cloak simply fitted himself on his shoulder as a normal cloak should, though a normal cloak wouldn’t have put a rebel strand of hair back in it place.

“What is the mission then?” Clint asked wanting to get as much intel as possible.

“Protect him. My time is limited, I’ll be back later in the night several times if all goes well I have others to save before the night is over, then it will fall on you to complete the mission as you are the one who volunteered for it and I can not live in this time as I am now.”

Well, at least the man wore his name proudly. Since joining SHIELD and even before that, Clint had met mutants, supervillains, superheroes, but never one as strange as him.

“I’ll find you, Agent Barton,” Strange said then turned to walk back toward the still sparkling circle. “But if you may take your own advice, take Mister Coulson who is surely listening in on us, and Miss Romanoff and go to Budapest. I’ll find you wherever you are.” He threw a bag at Clint, who caught it with little difficulties even though his arms were full, and the portal closed leaving Clint alone on the rooftop once more.

“Barton report.” Came the familiar voice in his ear immediately.

“One sec.” He said he still had to look at what he was holding but something the man had said was stuck to the forefront of his mind. “Protect him.”

Clint looked down and there could be no doubt as to what he was holding. The bundle in his arms was a baby. A boy if the blue blanket around him was anything to go by. The blanket, itself was strange and for a second his mind focused on that, it was light blue and made of the softest fabric he had ever touched, and Natasha had some dresses made with the softest silk found on Earth, it was not just that though, it had stars twinkling and they seemed to move on their own.

Clint refocused on the important thing and looked at the baby boy, he was sleeping which was both good and a little worrying after everything that went on with Strange, as well as the noises coming from the street. He had a wild tuff of dark brown hair, a small button nose, pink cheeks, but what stood out the most was a fresh deep cut on his forehead that thankfully had stopped bleeding.

Clint made a split decision, one he hadn’t made in a long time, he moved the baby to hold him with one arm and clicked his earpiece two times, listening for the telltale disconnecting sound a few seconds before his personal phone started vibrating, he connected the earpiece to his phone and answered.

“Budapest should be lovely this time of year boss.” He said and breathed deeply, knowing that although Coulson might not agree, Phil would follow his instinct, it’s what gave them Natasha after all, and it saved their collective asses a bunch of times.

“Shit Clint!” Phil swore but from him, it was as good as a yes, he only swore when Clint asked him to keep things from SHIELD and especially Fury, which was basically what he was asking. “Be down in 15. Do we need anything special?”

“Car seat. I would say for a one-year-old. And a first aid package.” Clint said looking at the bag he was handed by Strange, it might have food and nappies for at least the day but nothing else, they would need to explore it to be sure.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Phil said before hanging up.

“You better be worth it, he doesn’t like stealing,” Clint said to his bundle. The boy sneezed in his sleep cuddling closer to Clint.

“There must be clothes in there maybe another blanket,” Clint said and began to look into the bag, he found a blanket quickly, but it was big, too big for the size of the bag really, so he looked back into it certain that he had felt other things inside.

“Wow.” He said when he looked inside. Everything was organized, a section for food, one for clothes, one for toys, or nappies, it even seemed to have a section with boxes and according to the pictures on the side of it, they contained everything one would need to take care of a baby.

“You came with your own ‘police box’, or is it Mary Poppins’ bag?” He asked not that he really expected any answers.

He found a collection of books, a leather journal on top of them and bound to the journal a note addressed to Clinton Francis Barton.

“Well, I guess that’s me.” He said and looked down on the street, he knew he had at least 10 minutes left before Phil came to collect them and he would only need 3 to get down, 2 to pack his things. “Should pack before I read.” He was so used to talking to his handlers on missions that he didn’t notice he was basically talking to himself.

He laid the baby down on the blanket he had just retrieved covering him as tightly as he could, so he would stay warm and not wander around even if he woke up, while Clint packed. Not that he planned to leave him out of his sight.

As planned after 2 minutes he collected the baby back into his arms. “Let’s see if this is more helpful than Strange.”

Clint sighed and opened the letter addressed to him. The first surprise, it was in his own handwriting, at least the most of it.

To whom it may concern, (yes that means you, Clint)

If everything went according to plan, and since you are reading this then it should have been, Strange left you alone with orders to go into hiding with Coulson and Tasha as well as to protect the baby he left with you.

Well, his time back is extremely limited, so you thought a letter for you to read would be better than giving you time to interrogate him.

First things first the Baby with you is Harry James Potter, he is 15 months old, if Strange didn’t screw this up, tonight is Halloween, it’s also the night Harry’s parents died.

Everything you need to know is explained in the leather-bound journal left in the bag.

Just know that no one will be looking for him, especially not so far away from home.

You have no reason to trust us and we are not above begging but know that it was your idea to lead us to this so if you have any complaints take it up with yourself.

Please look after Harry. All we want to do is protect him. Protect Harry and you’ll save billions.

Well although that’s true, I’d like to think we would ask you to protect him even if nothing was to happen to anyone other than him, but as Harry is a stubborn git he wouldn’t let us go back in time if it was just for him.  

As I was saying, everything you will need you can find in the bag, the journal will explain how it works, and hopefully Strange will be able to finish his mission and you’ll have a couple more people to help.

The Prewetts Knights . And yourself.

PS: Someone was added at the last minute if he didn’t come to you with her right away than in a few minutes Strange should be back with her. Her name is Luna Lovegood. It was her choice to be led to you, we don’t know why or what could have happened, but she was begging us for the last minute change. According to her, no one will come looking for her. Which in itself is telling since she is currently 8 months old and both of her parents are alive.

The second part had clearly been written down at a different time, the ink looked fresh while the rest of it was at least a week old.

As the letter ended, the air around him started to sparkle again and Strange wearing a startled look came through.

“They just handed her over, I didn’t even have to ask.” He said looking back to the field behind him with disgust.

“Pass her over,” Clint told him moving Harry a little, so he was able to pass his bag and the changing bag over his shoulder and take the new baby into his arm.

“And Wong wonders why I don’t like talking to people.” He said rolling his eyes but handing Luna over all the same. “She is awake. I don’t have anything prepared for her. We couldn’t take the risk of getting out to retrieve what she would need.” He added after seeing that Clint had opened the letter the Prewetts had left for him. “Her parents were all too pleased to see me leave. Which is weird because from the stories I heard about them Xenophilius was a loving doting father.”

Strange shook his head and looked at something glowing green on his wrist. “I can’t stay.” He said and walked back into the field the portal closing behind him.

“I hope you are okay with sharing Harry, can’t let the young lady go hungry.” He said then looked down at Luna startled to see her looking so focused on him, she had light blond hair and bright silver-blue eyes. He had never seen someone so focused on him before. “Okay, we have to go.” He said and started to move toward the fire exit. “And when Phil kills me for this one, your knight in shiny portal better have something up his sleeves to bring me back.”

That got a giggle out of Luna that woke Harry up, he looked up at Clint confused before his eyes focused on the little girl.

“’una.” He said smiling at her and wiggling a little in Clint’s arm.

“Stop moving Harry, I don’t want to drop one of you,” Clint told him softly, but the baby boy looked up at him again and stopped moving around immediately. “Okay, not gonna lie, this is weird.”

He made it downstairs in record time, thanking the mom who held the door of the building open for him to get out while her kids got in to go around trick or treating.  As they made it the street so did Phil, with a car that was not SHIELD standard operation vehicle. Phil was so going to sulk about that.

“Get in,” Phil told him.

“I am going to need help, I don’t even know how to use a car seat,” Clint admitted showing Phil his full arms.

“You said one.” Phil glared at him.

“Well, they multiplied.” Clint retorted with a glare of his own. Now was really not the time for questions.

“We put the bigger one in the car seat, you’ll have to old the little one secure them with your seatbelt and the strap of your quiver,” Phil said making his way around the car to grab Harry.

“Her,” Clint said automatically. “You said them, you’re holding a boy, and I have a girl.” He explained seeing Phil raised an eyebrow.

Once in the car, with both babies happily secured in the back seat, he went on.

“Harry and Luna. There was a letter.” Clint told him.

“I called Natasha, she’ll be waiting for us,” Phil said and pulled out into the traffic.

They drove for about an hour both babies lulled back to sleep by the mechanic movement and the gentle way Phil was driving through Manhattan’s streets. Clint kind of expected it really but Phil’s silence during the short trip was still unnerving. He had tried to start explaining himself, but Phil had stopped him, he either wasn’t ready to hear it or he didn’t think the car was secured.

“JARVIS let us in,” Coulson called in suddenly.

“You brought us to Stark’s Tower?” Clint asked a little surprised, this wasn’t exactly a secure location.

“Stark and Pepper are in Malibu, it’s late at night, the tower is empty. JARVIS will record everything, but we have been using the facilities for a few weeks now and Stark isn’t aware yet or at least he didn’t give us any signs of being aware.” Phil explained as he parked the car then turned around to look at him. “Natasha said to come here.”

That was as good as saying it was safe then.

“I’ll take Harry,” Phil said taking the diaper bag from Clint.

They made it to the elevator in silence and when it started to move without them having to push any of the buttons Clint had to remember that JARVIS was running everything.

“Will your guests require anything, Agent?” The English voice came to them through the speakers confirming his thoughts.

Phil raised an eyebrow at him, Clint gestured to the bag and shrugged.

“We’ll keep you informed JARVIS thank you,” Phil answered politely.

“Miss Romanov is waiting for you,” JARVIS informed them when the doors opened.

And waiting she was just on the other side of the doors with her gun in hand.

“Tasha!” Clint admonished her, covering Luna and holding her closer to himself seeing as Phil did the same with Harry.

“What? you requested a Budapest protocol. How was I to know that you wouldn’t need back up? You needed back up the last time.” she asked but still put her gun away.

“Let’s get in and settle them, we’ll talk after that,” Phil told them.

“’una?” Harry asked in a small unsure voice looking at Phil in fear.

“She is right here,” Clint told him holding Luna a little higher so Harry could see her drooling on his shoulder.

Harry settled back as Phil looked at him in wonder.

“Something is wrong,” Phil told them.

“The bag is holding the answers apparently,” Clint said with a shrug taking the cushions of the sofa to build a mattress on the floor for the babies, even he knew not to let them on the couch as they could fall off it and hurt themselves.

Phil laid Harry down next to Luna and began to unwrap him finding a letter in the second blanket he put it on the coffee table when Harry began to whimper. Once unwrapped Harry rolled on his stomach and crawl the small way he had to make to get to Luna taking her little hand in his and curling around her they fell asleep looking peaceful.

“Are they siblings?” Natasha asked.

“I don’t think so the letter said Harry is an orphan, but Luna has parents, they gave her to Strange without a fight though,” Clint explained covering their little charges with the stars blanket.

“Yelp!” Clint herd and turned around to see Phil sucking on his finger the diaper bag on his knees closed. “It won’t open,” Phil mumbled.

“Of course, it will, it was open earlier,” Clint said taking the bag and opening it easily, he looked into it and missed the look passing between Phil and Natasha. He grabbed the letter from before and gave it over for them to read.

“I wonder if I should wait for Strange next visit to open this.” He said pulling the journal out of the bag.

“Read it out loud, we don’t have time to take a turn and we were required to be there.”

Clint cleared his throat and started reading.

I don’t think that is vital information, but I was told it is always polite to introduce yourself first, especially when you are asking people for help.

My Name is Bill, I am the eldest son, I have, or at least had 6 siblings, only one of whom is a girl.

Before you start asking yourself, or before Sirius starts making a fuss, we are human, as humans as people with magic are.

“Wait did he say magic?” Natasha asked looking disturbed.

“As human as people with magic are.” Clint read once more. “Yes, he said that, but I am sure it’s a figure of speech they probably are mutants that lived in a community.”

“Phil?” Natasha asked looking worried.

“Magic exist, Clint, there is a whole community of Witches and Wizards living in a secret part of every big city, or close to it.”

“So, they are…?” Clint asked looking at the kids.

“Probably. Keep reading, we’ll talk about it when we know more.” Natasha told him.

We are now aware that the world is dealing with mutants and superheroes, so I hope you won’t have to hard of a time taking this in. Wizards live in communities around the world. We live hidden behind wards or on islands; isolated from the muggles, we rarely leave the wizarding world.

The Britain community and the Wizarding World as a whole have been facing multiple wars, unknown to muggles (people without magic) but the one that was ended tonight has been one of the most violent, cost the most lives, since the witches trials.

The Dark Lord Voldemort was known for wanting to kill all Muggleborns. Muggles are people like you without magic, Muggle-borns are witches and wizards born to Muggle parents, there is a big discrimination against them in our world, the lords are all Pure Bloods or Half-Bloods (in rare cases) they make our laws, decide who can work where, what we study, the majority of stable jobs and apprenticeships are to go in priorities to Pure Bloods. Half-Blood don’t fare that much better whether they are born from a wizard and a muggle or a wizard and a Muggle-born (those are looked upon slightly better), they have to fight for everything they get. Purebloods are the ones with generations of wizards in their family trees even among themselves those with the further heritage are seen as higher ranking than the one whose great-grandparents had married half-blood for example.

The Dark Lord gained power by supporting the Pure Blood ideals, and so the war started. Voldemort and his supporters, called Death Eaters, on one side, Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix on the other.

Harry was at the center of it. And yes I know he is only a baby how could he?

A prophecy was made before his birth that one born by the end of the seventh month will defeat the Dark Lord, I never knew the exact wording, Harry wouldn’t tell them to anyone, and the ones who knew and would have told us, are all dead now.

Harry was born on July 31 st and was targeted by Voldemort, the dark lord of this time after he had been made aware of the prophecy.

Tonight, he went to the Potter’s house and after casting the killing curse on James and Lily Potter, he tried to do the same to Harry but failed.

To this day we don’t know why or what happened, just that it did, Harry is still alive and for the next 10 years, Voldemort will be gone, peace will be found by the wizarding world.

This is when the story is getting a little more complex.

As you probably noticed already I have some troubles with the time. I am trying to write this as if it was happening as you read but the truth is that Harry is lying asleep in his bed in a room upstairs, he turned 27 last July. And Luna died 2 nights ago sacrificing herself to give us the time we needed to make it to Halloween night, and the full moon. We had been waiting for 2 years, losing countless lives to make it to this night, and tomorrow we will have to sacrifice ourselves. Our last hope is that Strange and Malfoy are right, that the ritual they found will bring Harry back in time.

He disagrees and hasn’t talked to us in almost 2 years. He stays with us, fights with us, protects us, with all he has, but he hasn’t said a word to anyone other than Luna since then.

To get back on track, I’ll try to stick to a strict timeline, but I won’t be the only one to write as I am fairly older than the protagonists and others will know how to help you understand better.

There are people that need saving the earliest the better, some are muggles like you, some are wizards like us.

We’ll write notes on them in the journal.

The first of the Rescue (which Strange is supposed to handle if he still has time) is Sirius Black

As I was saying tonight the Dark Lord vanished after killing James and Lily Potter, parents of Harry. Sirius was James’ brother in all but blood, (they are actually second cousins), and he is also Harry’s Godfather, which in the Wizarding World means a lot more than in the mundane one. For one the magical bound between Godparents and their Godchild can only be severed by death. The Godparents cannot harm their Godchild in any way or Lady Magic will punish them violently. Depending on the ritual used for the blessing, the child is blood adopted into the family giving to the Godparents equal rights to the child.

It’s important in this case because, in the Wizarding World, Sirius is Harry’s father.

That said in our timeline, after securing Harry by handing him over to someone he trusted to bring Harry to safety, under heavy wards, Sirius went after the man who betrayed the location of the Potters to the Dark side.

We are hoping that Strange can catch him before he finds Pettigrew because when he did Pettigrew escaped but faked his death and put the blame of the Potter’s death on Sirius, who ended up in our prison for 12 years for crimes he didn’t commit.

You should be made aware, although Sirius is a brilliant man, well versed in our traditions and ways, and fierce fighter, one of the best the DMLE had ever had according to what we were told, he is and will always be a child in a man’s body, or at least it is the way it was when he died.

“There is a side note saying that DMLE means Department of Magical Law Enforcement, I guess he is a cop in their world,” Clint told Natasha and Phil who, used to long debrief, were listening silently.

“So, he is another you?” Phil stated making Natasha snort and Clint glare at him. “Since you stopped lets recap,” Phil told them. “The mission comes from the future to protect those two, who are still children and not their older self but are apparently very important though we don’t know why yet.”

“And they are Wizards,” Natasha added. “The boy put a stop to years of atrocious war.”

“More will come. Strange said he will find us, and Bill said he was off to find Sirius.” Clint said. “Honestly if we hadn’t meet Stark and if Thor hadn’t come around, I don’t think I would believe a word they say.”

“They probably knew that. The letter is in your handwriting after all” Natasha commented.

“You should go on, we’ll need all the intel we can get before Strange comes back,” Phil told him, and Clint began reading again.

I should probably get back on track, I guess this is all confusing, but Firewhisky and knowing I am going to die soon seems to make me ramble, they choose me to write this because I am used to writing reports for work and yet I can’t seem to focus.

“We can understand that.” Phil agreed, nodding. Clint had to admit that after a near-death experience his own reports had a tendency to become unreadable to even the more trained of handlers.

Let’s get back to tonight.

Harry was left on the Dursley’s doorstep in the middle of the night (though we can’t be sure of the exact time hence why we don’t know if Strange will have enough time) by our school’s headmaster, which is also the head of our Lords’ chamber as well of the second to our International Conference and the leader of the Light Side.

Strange was to take Harry away after Dumbledore left. The man stationed an old woman to spy on Harry later in life but for now, no one will check to even see if he made it inside or not. Stupid old man.

“Clint, just read please,” Natasha said with an eye-roll though she was smiling softly at him.

“Hey! Although I agree with him, it’s totally what that Bill guy wrote down.” Clint told her.

I don’t really know how much I should tell you, just handing Harry to you instead of the Dursleys could have changed the future enough, maybe telling you more right now would bring even more danger.

In the bags, you’ll find books on all sorts of things, but seven of them are Harry Potter’s story, it was sold into the mundane world as fiction, but it was actually written by Hermione Granger, she was one of Harry’s Best Friend during their schooling. She also became my sister in law later on but that’s not something any of us are particularly proud of.

The books will give you details on Harry’s life and the danger he faced, but apart from a small chapter or two at the beginning of each books that will show you the life he had at the Dursleys we don’t really know what went on in Harry’s life for the next 10 years, and he still refuses to talk about it even to Fred and George.

It is our guess that since neither Dumbledore nor Voldemort came into contact with Harry until his 11 th birthday it gives you 10 years to make the adjustments we would like to suggest and save the people you’ll need to save, but we can’t guarantee anything. One or the other could have someone keeping an eye on him that never made contact.

We suspect that Dumbledore had to Obliviate people and Confuse them when Harry was having particularly big fits of Accidental Magic, but he never made contact and Harry never saw him before he came to Hogwarts, so we can’t even be sure that he won’t find the lack of accidental magic coming from the Dursleys’ house disturbing.

Oh, Stupid me! You have two magical babies with you, even if everything goes according to plan and Strange manages to bring the others to you (adults), you’ll need to know some things that muggles like you wouldn’t expect.

Magical babies are not physically different, but cognitively they advance at a quicker rate, helped by their magic, they will be able to talk earlier, be more curious, Harry won’t be needing nappies for long, he just needs someone to show him how adults go to the loo and to explain why grown up don’t use nappies, he should be running around pretty soon, my littlest brother is only a few months older than him and I remember he was running after the twins by the time I went to Hogwarts for my first year. So be aware.

What you should watch out for the most though is the development of their magical core. You can find out more on magical cores in the books we put in the bag. For now, you need to know that if scared, or startled, or excited, or really any heightened emotion, they will make strange things happen, they can’t control it. Although According to the stories Remus and Sirius told us Harry has much more control over his magic than any child his age should have, and I should know, having so many siblings, nephews and nieces as well as my own children, but that’s Harry for you if something is thought to be impossible he will achieve it by accident. Once he feels safe around you all he should start summoning his toys, his food whatever he needs, Sirius told us he can apparate too, already, which might be problematic if you take him too close to JARVIS, because magic and electronics do not mix well.

“There is a side note saying apparition is like teleportation, so we need to find a way to protect JARVIS from magic because we will need him to find Harry if he suddenly disappears, which means we’ll need Stark,” Clint said with a frown turning the page as instructed on the note, only to find a page called Tony Stark. “Hum, there is a page about Stark so I guess we’ll need him anyway.

Oh I almost forgot, and we never figured out if Sirius would know or not, Harry is a Parselmouth, meaning he can speak to snakes, like really speak to them, like it’s a language, he actually described it as sounding like English to him, so don’t get frightened if he starts talking to snakes at the zoo or stuff like that.

Luna only left us with a note on the kitchen table saying where she went why and to retrieve her from her house after getting Harry as she wished to grow up with him, so we don’t really know anything about how she was growing up. All we can really tell you is that if she starts speaking about animals that no one else can see or that you can’t find in any of the books you may find, don’t worry, Charlie and Neville have a theory, Luna is a Seer it’s how she understands her visions.

All we know is that we learn to trust what her imaginary friends tell her and we encourage it as much as we can. And not just because Harry might kill us if we hurt his little sister. (joking here Harry wouldn’t hurt a fly unless it hurt someone he loved and there was no other way. He has the biggest heart I ever saw. But really, he spent months trying to find a way around killing Voldemort when he came back, and it nearly broke him to have to do it.)

I think I should let someone else take over, it’s the end of my shift anyway.

The Journal, as well as the bag, are spelled only Clint and Sirius should be able to open and read them. It was safety protection, but it also required the blood of the person and well as stated Sirius is Harry’s father, and I am sorry to say that at the moment we spelled it Clint was the only one of you still alive. I hope you will be able to correct that.

You can try and read ahead but the journal is spelled the information written into its pages will only be revealed at a certain point, whether it is the people with you in the room, or the moment in time. We want things to change but too much too soon could be just as bad.

“That’s all for now, it says the next page will appear after Strange comes back with Sirius,” Clint said closing the journal and putting it back into the bag if he understood correctly it was as safe as could be in it as he was the only one who had access to it.

“So, you know about magic?” Clint asked after a deep silence settled over them.

“The Red Room had a partner school, it’s called Durmstrang, it’s an eastern European all wizards school.” Natasha started to explain. “They train mostly in dark magic, but they also have combat practice or dance and manners lessons, we would be brought up for those, so they could train with females and we could train with males.”

“The wizarding world previous Dark Lord, named Gellert Grindelwald, went to Durmstrang in late 1890, he left a mark and a history there.” Phil kept on explaining.

“Two questions. How do you know so much? And what did he become I don’t think he took that Voldemort fellow taking his title without a fight?” Clint asked.

“Well Grindelwald was actually stopped at the end of World War II, he was trying to join forces with Red Skull, but Dumbledore dueled him and won. As for how I know, I was read into it recently in regards to random attacks happening in the UK but it is disclosed to every high up so presidents, royals, prime ministers, and of course the Counsel who told Fury after he was sworn in.” Phil told him.

“Do we talk about this at all or just wait for more intel?” Natasha finally asked.

“I don’t really see what we can talk about, we don’t know why we were chosen, or how we met them in the original future. I’d like to know what happened with Harry’s family that they thought sending him away from them was a good idea but since he never went we might never find out, especially since it looks like Harry never told his friends.” Clint summarized.

“How about the fact that Bill had a family, children, but he still sacrificed himself to bring Harry back in time? What will happen in the future that is so bad that they needed to do that? He said Harry killed Voldemort so they stumbled upon something that was worse.” Natasha said.

“And what to make of Luna? She went out of her way to walk into danger to give them more time.” Clint said looking sadly at the kids.

“What if following the path they are leading us on we make things worse?” Phil asked awkwardly. “I am not saying we don’t help, but what if saving Harry, which is basically all they are asking us to do, for now, leads to danger.”

“Can we at least agree that we’ll help?” Clint asked them.

Before they could answer him though they heard voices coming from close to the elevator doors.