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Glad it's stopped raining

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How many droplets of rain must fall, must I count, before I’ve got you back by my side? How many thunderclaps must rattle my bones, resound in my ears, before I’ve got your voice singing me back to sleep? Each day passes like another lifetime, endless and without you. If I follow the trail the water leaves, the crooked marks along my shining window, will it somehow lead me to you? You’re further than the sun right now, a glimmer of a silhouette I’m ready to follow if you just say the word. My mind, my heart, and my soul, yearn for the day you’ll return me into your arms, into your embrace, let your lips whisper hellos all over my body until it’s goodbye again.


I know you’ll be back, know it better than your memorised number, know it better than the colour of your eyes and the width of your smile and the scars along your body. I know you’ll be back. But that doesn’t stop the waiting from hurting like a bitch.  



By brushing aside a clear act of institutionalised racism

Jeongguk pauses, pen hovering against the near blank sheet of paper. His eyebrow twitches as the sound of rain pelting outside echos hollowly from the inside of his bedroom, damp noises that succeed in distracting his previous train of thought.

For a moment he just sits there, growing more irritated by the second, ears attuned to every small noise outside.

He glances back down, eyes stumbling over the one sentence written down, over and over again, a puff of annoyance escaping his lips.

Presses the pen down for a second, watches a dot of ink grow until it looks like a big dark circle.

It’s pelting now, wind severely aggressive.

Decides to double underline his name, then trace over the two J’s in his initials scrawled at the corner.

simultaneously advocated that it would be allowed to remain permissible under

There’s a clap of thunder, which jolts the boy from where he sits at the edge of his bed, pen dropping in surprise. It falls beside him and it’s like he’s watching in slow motion as the tip meets the sheets before time speeds up and now there’s just a harsh mark, black ink quick to bleed into silk fabric.


He frowns.

He’d have to wash the sheets now in order to get rid of such a dark mark. He pauses, eyebrows furrowing as he continues to stare at the bed. The previous smell lingering would go too after the wash. Obviously. He doesn’t like the sound of that, he thinks, fingers fisting a handful of the sheets in a subconscious reflex.

God, he could lie in the smell for hours, days. Just down in that intoxicating smell that was so sweet. Fruity.


The fruit pops into his head, and has his eyes travelling in search of his phone, where it lays against his pillow. A finger twitches. He shakes his head, glancing back to the notepad perched against his upright knees instead.

He picks up the pen again.

police and legal authority within the future, further permeating this action as the status qu

Another clap, the loudest yet. Jeongguk jumps, eyes screwed shut, low whimper escaping his lips before he can stop it.

He stands up shakily, stumbling towards his window, drawing the curtains shut in haste, a little careless in how harsh he yanks. There’s a chance fabric tears, but he’s too jittery to notice.


He can still hear the rain falling, droplets thudding against the glass of his window like they have the intention of breaking through the barrier, relentless in a way that could drive him crazy. Was slowly starting to.


He walks back to his bed, tosses his notepad onto the floor, then proceeds to pull his blanket over himself, wiggling around until he gets comfortable, long since ready to abandon the idea of continuing his work. He wasn’t going to get anywhere with it.


He eyes the phone again, inches away from his face now that he’s lying down.


There’s three loud claps of thunder this time, absolutely deafening. It has Jeongguk curling into a ball, swallowing thickly, breath a little brash as his heartbeat quickens to the point he’s afraid he’s about to collapse. Pass out.


He wouldn’t mind that if it means he’d no longer have to witness such a storm.


He picks up his phone. Goes to his call log. Sighs shakily before pressing down on the last number he’d previously called.


It rings once.



Gets picked up at the third ring.




Jeongguk lets out a small noise, a low whine that always builds in his chest seconds within hearing that voice. Never was good at controlling it. Couldn't even be bothered to try and hide how much he loved it. Bathed in it. Worshipped it.


“You kay?”


He wants to say yes, because there isn’t necessarily wrong. Not this time at least. Just can't really focus on studying is all, not when the weather was how it is outside.




The boy’s eyes flutter shut at the warmth to the voice, basking for a moment with how soothing he always finds it, a low lull that crowds every sense of his, crawls into every corner of his mind, massages the tension away within one instant.


His shoulders start to relax on their own accord. It hardly comes as a surprise to him. That he’s now just a pile of compliant bones, relaxing and unravelling from the mere sound of a godly voice. Who could blame him though?


“I-” the words get stuck in this throat, like they always do when he’s talking to him, like the first time they ever spoke, overwhelmed with too many feelings all at once. Jeongguk will never get over feeling like that. Like he knows nothing when it cones to Taehyung, except for the realisation that he wouldn’t mind the guy’s voice on loop for eternity and that this world doesn’t deserve such a man.


I miss you, he wants to say. But that would be stupid. A little indifferent. Generic. Characterless on the tip of his tongue. Would probably sound like nothing to Taehyung, whose heard it all before. Probably too much from Jeongguk.


I want you back. That’s in the front of his mind too, but he’s afraid to let it out, afraid of the desperate connotations attached to such a statement. Afraid of how many times he’s let loose such a feeling. Afraid of how clingy he must look to Taehyung, just latched on with a firm grip of never wanting to let go.


“I can’t focus,” he settles with, in between a haughty grumble thats laced with mild irritation but more so childish petulance, twisting around until he’s lying on his back. The sheets ruffle with the sudden movement. He stares at the ceiling, bottom lip caught between his teeth when he hears silence on the other end, and can already imagine the look on Taehyung’s face, that thoughtful expression he’s always got going, constantly mulling something over.


“With what?” Taehyung hums, and there’s a little lilt of amusement that passes through to Jeongguk’s ears and spreads warmth across his entire body. It gets him feeling giddy all over again.


He opens his mouth to say something, startling a little at the next thunder clap, a low hiss of air falling from his lips, annoyed he allowed himself to react like that.


“Is there a storm?” Taehyung asks, catching on immediately. Of course he does. Even when they’re miles apart from each other, Taehyung still manages to understand it all.


Jeongguk sighs, shifting again until he’s back to on his side, phone caught between his ear and the pillow. “Yeah. It’s pretty bad.”


“My baby,” Taehyung coos, sympathy evident in his tone, and Jeongguk wants nothing more than for him to be there, right next to him, threading his fingers through his hair to get him relaxing, letting him rest on his lap and use his legs as a pillow that he’ll eventually fall asleep on.


“What were you trying to do anyway, hm?”


Jeongguk peers down to his abandoned notepad, squinting a little when he realises just how blank the sheet is from writing.


“Studying,” he mutters, hoping Taehyung won’t catch on to how loose he means it. Because doodling in the corner of his paper, down the line of the margin until the only thing that would catch anyone’s attention were the mindless swirls of black, hardly counted as good essay writing skills. Hardly proved an answer to the problem regarding police brutality in contemporary American society.


“Did you try plugging in some music? Putting on something to watch? Those usually work for you, no?”


But what works better is you. I just want you.


“I miss you.” There. He said it. Knew it was bound to come out with the way he kept having to force it back down to the pit of his stomach. Just didn’t think it’d be out so quick this time. He must’ve broken a new record, how fast he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.


Taehyung sighs. “Only a couple more days baby, c’mon.”


Jeongguk sits up at that. “A couple? Six whole days, is hardly a couple Tae. That’s like, a hundred and forty four hours. Do you know how many minutes that is? Over eight thousand, eight Tae, and fuck, do not even get me started on the seconds.”


His outburst has Taehyung laughing immediately, a throaty chuckle that comes out as a low rasp, pleasant to listen to, though Jeongguk is quick to catch on to the underlying tiredness behind it, and only now does Jeongguk realise the evident time difference between the two of them.


“Shit Tae, did I wake you?”


“Mm, worth it though. Love how much of a drama queen you are,” he teases, still thoroughly amused, tone thick with laughter. It sends a tingle down Jeongguk’s spine, and electric jolt, heat crawling up his neck as embarrassment burns beneath his veins.


He’s always been like that. Easy riled up with how playful Taehyung gets. Heat pools in his stomach, and he has to cross his legs to stop his mind from wandering in a completely different direction. Taking the conversation that way too. Though he doesn’t necessarily mind the enticing prospect of that.


He pouts instead.


“Stop overthinking you big baby, I’ll be back before you know it.”


“Yeah,” he mutters, falling back down onto his bed with a loud resigned sigh.


Silence falls upon the two of them for a moment. There’s shuffling from Taehyung’s end, as if he’s moving around, probably deciding not to go back to sleep now. Jeongguk wonders if he looks how he always does when he’s just woken up, hair fluffy and in front of his eyes, movements a little sluggish and slow. Wonders if he does that shuffle walk where he’s practically waddling in his pyjama trousers that pool at his feet, shoulders hunched tiredly.


“You know what I just realised?” Jeongguk lets out suddenly, his eyebrows furrowing down.


“What’s that?” Taehyung hums.


“You never said you missed me back.” He mumbles the words, all of a sudden shy, fiddling with his grip on the phone.


Taehyung all but coos. “My baby’s so needy isn’t he? Just wants constant attention, hm?”


Jeongguk whines, gripping his phone harder, uncrossing his legs when Taehyung lets out another snicker.


“You know I miss you too Jeonggukkie. Miss you a lot.”


“Yeah?” Jeongguk breathes, eyelashes fluttering in contentment at Taehyung’s easy reply. How quick he is to reassure him. “What’dya miss about me?”


And suddenly, Taehyung’s back to laughing. “Mm I don’t think so sweetie. We’re not starting this right now. Gotta shower now before work.”


“Miss being able to shower with you,” Jeongguk murmurs, more so to himself, a small yawn escaping his mouth as sleep washes over him all of a sudden. It almost surprises him, but really, by now, he should already know better. Know that it’s simply the effect of Taehyung. Voice just inherently calming and soothing within seconds. Making him forget what he was even worried about before.


“Hey. Don’t fall asleep on me. I’ll never forgive you. You woke me up remember?”


Jeongguk giggles, pressing his face into his pillow, eyelids drooping shut despite Taehyung’s words. “‘S your fault.”


“Is it now?”


“Yeah. It’s what you get for choosing your work over your baby.”


“Baby sounds like a brat right now, can you blame me?”


“Tae!” Jeongguk whines again, mildly affronted, though it comes out a little muffled, his foot kicking out in retaliation at Taehyung’s snarky dig.


“Tae?” Jeongguk can practically hear the grin, see the dark gleam in his eyes, that arrogant quirk of an eyebrow, the subtle upturn in his lips. He squirms involuntarily, his entire neck burning by now.


“Yeah, got a problem with that?” he huffs out, annoyed that he’s already so riled up, just running on the imagination of how Taehyung must look right now, body language playful, but still holding that aura of warning. Authority.


“You sure you don’t wanna call me something else?” Taehyung must know it too. The way Jeongguk can’t stop fidgeting, pressing his legs together before they part open again in growing frustration.


“Thought you wanted to shower,” Jeongguk bites out, all too aware of how many layers in clothes he is wearing, how uncomfortable his favourite pair of sweatpants suddenly are.


“I’m just teasing baby, calm down,” Taehyung coos, and if he were here right now, he’d be pinching Jeongguk’s cheeks, cupping his face fondly, adamant on making Jeongguk look him in the eye.


“I hate you.”


“You’re always so easy, I can’t help it. Okay I gotta go for real now, listen to some music for me yeah?”


Jeongguk merely hums in response, curling up into a ball. “Love you,” he whispers, grip on phone loosening ever so slightly as he fights to stay awake.


“Love you more baby.”






(5 more days)


Sometimes, it’s hard to wrap my head around the concept of us. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that you’re real, you in all the perfect glory you are, and that you’re mine to hold and mine to keep. And sometimes, I catch myself wondering if you’ll really return back to me, pinch me teasingly, and prove to me that this all isn’t a dream.


Ask Jeongguk a year ago if he thought he’d be where he is now, and he’d probably have choked on his banana milk with laughter. Never in his life, did he expect he’d meet someone like Taehyung, a high end fashion designer in charge of his own company, who knew exactly what he was doing with his life, the stark image of everything that Jeongguk lacked.


Never in his life did he expect to fall for someone as quickly as he’d blown his load the first time Taehyung had gotten on his knees for him in Jin’s study room, literally one day after they’d met.


And never in his life did he think he’d be living together with such a man, in an apartment he still sometimes got lost in for its sheer size, an apartment that was theirs, constantly showered with gift after gift, spoiled in a way he’d never been before.


It was a fairly big change, if you think about it. Going from a very much so broke, tired and single student, struggling to pay the bills and eat three meals a day, to a very much so doted on sugar baby, who didn’t have to worry about anything, except for making sure he returned the love Taehyung always gave him.


Taehyung swept him up in a whirlwind, literally. Picked him off his feet and took him to a place he never knew existed. Opened up his eyes to see things differently, to take a moment and appreciate the life he’d been giving, and sometimes it overwhelmed Jeongguk with how grateful he was for Taehyung.


Of course, in every relationship, there were ups and downs. Taehyung gave him everything he wanted, showered him with love as much as he could, and made sure he knew every day just how much Jeongguk meant to him. But there still times when he failed, when he couldn’t do anything to be with Jeongguk, because for someone as successful as Taehyung, his job required him flying out of the country a lot more than Jeongguk liked. Long distance was hard for someone like him, who craved physical affection constantly, just wanted Taehyung in front of him at all times, giving him all the attention he deserved.


Between short calls, and unanswered text messages, it was hard for the boy to stay positive, hard for him not to count down every second until Taehyung would be back.


He tried to keep his impatience limited, tried to pull up a smile and focus on how much Taehyung loved his job, how it made his face practically glow when he filled Jeongguk in on the details of his new launch. And for most of the time, Jeongguk succeeded in playing the role of the understanding significant other.


Because Jeongguk was the type of person to use everything in his situation to his advantage. Twist things round, so he’d get things his way.


Like the pent up sexual frustration he was feeling currently for example. God knows it’d been weeks since Taehyung had touched him, and making do with just himself for too long was starting to feel unfulfilling.  He knew Taehyung was in the same position, knew the man wanted nothing more than to close the distance between them, so they could just touch. Feel each other. Join their bodies until they became one, fall into a pile of entangled limbs that never wanted to let go.


That didn’t stop Jeongguk from feeling petty sometimes though, from acting out of line to get a reaction out of Taehyung, because just knowing that the male couldn’t do anything through a mere screen other than frown or offer a warning, had heat pooling in Jeongguk’s stomach, entire body running high on anticipation and desire of bringing out his bratty side and messing with Taehyung.


Because here’s the thing. Taehyung always had control. That was just the way it was with Jeongguk. Since the very first day they met. He always managed to turn Jeongguk into a compliant mess simply just by talking. Barely touching. Simple playful teasing that had Jeongguk quick to get worked up because the boy was always so easy to get riled up. Because Jeongguk was inherently submissive by nature when it came to Taehyung, wanted to prove how good he was, and Taehyung was the exact opposite.


Things were a little different though, when they were both alone and had to make do with just their hands. When Taehyung wasn’t physically able to put Jeongguk in his place, make him listen to every word he had to say and stop him from acting out.


And if there was one thing a sexually frustrated Jeongguk was, it was bratty.


“Mm, just like that baby, you’re doing so well.”


Jeongguk shudders, grip tightening as he fucks up into his fist. His head lolls forward, hair falling over his forehead, eyes glued to the fluid movement of his hand pumping his leaking length, wrist flicking methodically.


Oh ,” he whines aloud, legs positively quivering already. His hips buck up when his eyes travel upwards, catching sight of his screen, where Taehyung’s displayed. He’s leaning back against the leather chair in his study, legs spread casually to accommodate his own hand, and the image has Jeongguk groaning because Taehyung looks so good like this, looks how he always does when he’s got Jeongguk wrapped around his finger, whispering filthy orders as he watches and controls each arch of Jeongguk’s body from afar.


Jeongguk stops his own movements for a second, gaze quick to get glassy, because there’s just something so sensual about the way Taehyung strokes his dick at a languid pace, almost lazy, his own harsh breathing flitting into Jeongguk’s headphones, dark eyes looking directly at the camera, succeeding in pinning Jeongguk in place despite them not even being in the same country let alone room.


“Cmon baby,” Taehyung mutters, tone turning a little ragged when he makes the move of thumbing his slit, pressing down hard. “Want you to come for me. You want that too, hm?”


“Yuh huh,” Jeongguk whimpers, nodding quickly as he picks up the pace again, and now there’s slick sounds filling the room each time his hand curls up, because he’s always been quick to get wet, and right now, he’s practically leaking.


“Wish you were here,” he manages to let out, more so a breathless pant than anything else. His hand slows on its own accord, body suddenly yearning to match the gradual pace Taehyung’s got going, of drawing things out, edging himself each time he reaches the brink of pleasure. His fingers tighten beneath the head of his cock, pressing down to apply pressure that has his eyes flying wide open, cursing aloud as molten pleasure courses through his stomach, making it flip pleasantly.


“Yeah?” Taehyung murmurs, voice getting to that gruff stage Jeongguk loves, where arousal gets layered thick, mingling with want and a little bit of possessiveness. Jeongguk’s head shoots back up to regard him, because he can never get enough of him, but gets caught off guard when he realises Taehyung’s no longer touching himself, just holding a firm grip as his eyes follow Jeongguk’s movements, heavy lidded and approving. Like he wants to wreck him.


Jeongguk would love for him to wreck him.

“You’d, ngh , you’d touch me everywhere wouldn’t you?” More precome drips out at his words, mind hazy with images of Taehyung leaning over him, his wide palms smoothing over every inch of sensitive skin, roaming and wandering until Jeongguk’s writhing under his hot touch. He feels his vein pulse beneath his sticky fingers and that only makes him stroke faster, thighs tensing every time he flicks his thumb or squeezes a little tighter. Rougher. Mirroring the way Taehyung always handles him.


“Only if you’re good,” Taehyung counters, mouth quirking up in a sly smile that has Jeongguk swallowing a whine. “Only if baby’s good for me.”

“Fuck,” Jeongguk whispers, breathless, nearly spat out through gritted teeth. He’s all too aware of how loud he’s panting, how much his wrist is starting to ache, how hard his dick keeps pulsing, urging him to pump his hand up and down faster.


“‘M always good,” it comes out as a pathetic whimper, head throwing back when Taehyung’s hand starts moving again, sliding up to the head of his cock, rubbing the tip continuously, gaze still fixed on Jeongguk. The image burns beneath his closed eyelids, running parallel with previous memories of Taehyung pressing him down, mouthing against his neck too roughly, forcing his mouth open so his tongue can slide through, so he can fuck it in sync with deep rolls of his hips against the boy’s until Jeongguk’s practically begging for more.

“You’re good for who?” Taehyung suddenly growls out, showing a small slip up in his unaffected demeanour that pulls out a moan from Jeongguk’s throat, long and drawn out, because Taehyung’s voice does things to him, especially when his lips are inches from his ears and he’s spewing filthy words for Jeongguk to listen to, dirty promises of how he’d ruin him, especially when he’s pinning him down until he’s begging to get fucked to the point he can no longer take it. To the point his legs shake every time he tried to stand.


But his voice also makes Jeongguk want to cross a boundary, push his luck and see where it’d take him. Spew out a filthy shit and see how Taehyung would handle it.

He cries out weakly at the prospect of Taehyung making him take punishment after punishment, slap him around until his entire body is flushed a pretty red, a noise that’s high and desperate and has Taehyung grunting in approval. Jeongguk can’t stop himself from shaking, hands jerking clumsily around his cock, the slick sound of precome sliding suddenly sounding too loud. He feels a deep coiling tight in his gut, a burning pulse beneath fingertips, beneath hot skin, drawing him closer to the edge. To release.


“Guess what I used yesterday Tae?” His lips curl wickedly when Taehyung stops pumping his hardened dick, an eyebrow quirking up at Jeongguk’s snarky tone, eyes flashing with warning.


“Jeongguk,” Taehyung grits, coaxing an answer to his previous question, momentarily ignoring Jeongguk’s previous slip up.


Jeongguk shudders violently, involuntarily, because it’s hard to not remember how Taehyung is quick to get when he doesn’t answer him. How he fucks him so hard he hurts , fucks the words right out of his mouth, how perfect he fits with his body draped over Jeongguk, teeth scraping bruises down his throat, along his jaw, sharp nips that are just so painful and aggressive but get Jeongguk giving in. Giving Taehyung what he wants.


“Used that vibrator you bought for me on my birthday daddy .” Taehyung snarls at that, And Jeongguk has to swallow down his giggle. His mouth still stretches in an innocent smile, batting his lashes sweetly in Taehyung’s direction, opening his mouth again.


“Used it for hours, edged myself for so long till I couldn’t take it. You love that don’t you? Love how sensitive I am, love how wet and desperate ‘m so quick to get. Isn’t it daddy?”




Jeongguk leans forward, gripping his cock at the base to stop himself from coming already just from how Taehyung looks right now, mouth downturned, eyes positively blazing as his movements turn rough, legs spreading further apart.


“Guess what?” Jeongguk does giggle this time, hiccuping turning to a weak moan when Taehyung growls in response, a deep rumble from his chest that will never not make Jeongguk weak at the knees.


“‘’M still so stretched out.”


“Jeongguk shut up.”


Taehyung’s tone has Jeongguk grinding his hips upwards to chase that nearing release before he can help himself, cock sliding effortlessly in his tight fist, flushed tip peaking through before disappearing again, slick and hot and just so damn wet.


“Gonna fuck you till you break when I get back, not gonna stop till you’re a crying mess. How does that sound?” Taehyung murmurs lowly, a dark promise that tears a choked up gasp out of Jeongguk’s throat, and makes him buck up a little more desperately.


“Oh please,” he whines, looking up to meet Taehyung’s gaze through the screen, and it’s so loaded with intent that Jeongguk can’t stop himself from whimpering aloud desperately. It’s quick to turn into harsh pants though, each time his hips jerk up repeatedly, each time his hand strokes back down, smears the precome down then back up.


“So fucking pathetic, whining like the desperate slut you are for me. Just like that, hm? Always such a slut for daddy aren’t you?”


Jeongguk doesn’t even bother protesting, because he knows his entire body is trembling, knows how fucking wrecked he looks, and he knows every word Taehyung says is right. Jeongguk’s lips part, his breathing turning hard when Taehyung lets out a dark chuckle, eyes glinting with satisfaction that he’s made Jeongguk like this. That it’ll always be like this.


“’M close,” Jeongguk stammers, pace quickening, his hips jerking up again as heat pools in his lower body, burning and intense. Taehyung grunts, meeting Jeongguk’s rhythm, his harsh breathing barely audible between Jeongguk’s own brash panting.


Jeongguk throws his head back, eyes screwing shut as he bucks up, once, then twice before he’s coming with a wordless cry, cock pulsing and throbbing so much it aches, spurting thick ropes of come, coating his loosened fingers, sliding down until it's dribbling down his wrist, his abdomen and thighs tending before relaxing.


Taehyung curses lowly, and Jeongguk can barely make out anything, still caught up in the high of how overwhelming his orgasm was but between his unfocused gaze he can just about see the way Taehyung’s got his jaw clenched, got his eyes narrowed, his lips swollen from that habit of repeatedly chewing them.


And then Taehyung’s tensing, sighing shakily as his hips buck up into his own fist one more time, eyes fluttering shut when his orgasm hits him, muscles loosening as he finally lets out a loud exhale.

“Jesus,” Jeongguk finally lets out, watching Taehyung grimace, making quick work to clean up the mess coating his fingers. If it were up to him, he’d be the one doing the work, pulling Taehyung’s hand towards his mouth, tasting and swallowing him down.


“Good?” Taehyung asks, smiling warmly at Jeongguk when he finishes, eyes crinkling in a way Jeongguk’s heart skips a beat in his chest.


“Fucking amazing,” he mumbles between a smile of his own, nose scrunching up shyly that has Taehyung cooing instantly.


It’s ridiculous really, they’re both sitting there with their pants down, smiling at each other like two idiots. Jeongguk’s release still sticks to his fingers for crying out loud. Gross if you think about it.


“Clean yourself up baby,” Taehyung’s expression wrinkles into faint disgust as he eyes Jeongguk’s hand.


Jeongguk blinks, lips pulled into a cheeky grin as he brings his hand up until it’s inches from his mouth.


“Oh god no-” Taehyung starts, stopping when Jeongguk pays him no attention, lips parting, his tongue flicking out.


Taehyung watches, transfixed, eyes following the way Jeongguk trails his tongue up each finger, lapping up his mess, lips wrapping around the tips to suck for a moment, fingers disappearing in his closing mouth.


“That’s disgusting baby,” Taehyung huffs, but Jeongguk catches on to the way he still can’t stop looking, gaze turning heavy all over again.


“You’re fucking filthy you know that?”


“Daddy loves it.”




(four more days)


Waking up to you these days are rare, I know. But you’re the type of person who deserves to be traced and memorised down to every detail, and so I’ve taken one for the team. Can almost imagine how the mattress would dip when you’re lying down next to me. Because it’s not a good morning for me if I’m not closing my eyes and picturing where you are, what you smell like, how many layers of clothes you’re wearing. Because it’s not a good morning for me when I’m not thinking about you.


Daddy: my baby honey bunny jeonggukkie gukkie koo googie goo


Jeongguk totally did not break into a wide smile as he read the message first thing after waking up, and he certainly did not proceed to squeal into his pillow like a thirteen year old girl.


Jeongguk: pls stop


Daddy: my sweetie pie baby cakes pumpky-umpkin lil munchkin burrito


He lets out a giggle, then clamps a hand over his mouth, afraid somehow, Taehyung would catch on.


Jeongguk: now im hungry


Daddy: make sure you eat a good breakfast pet. Did you sleep well?


His smile turned soft at that, a warm feeling spreading through his body and settling against his chest, tightening to the point he felt his lungs were about to burst, because it’s one of his favourite things. He way Taehyung checks to make sure he’s doing well.  


Jeongguk: yup.


Jeongguk: storm calmed down


Daddy: I’m glad. What’s my googie goo up to today?


From his bed, he eyes the notepad still discarded on the floor with a look of distaste.


Jeongguk: i have my fucking assignment to complete :/


Daddy: first of all language. And secondly please don’t make that face.


Jeongguk: :<


Daddy: that one’s worse.


Jeongguk: I miss your rewards daddy :<


Daddy: I know you do baby. Just wait a couple more days yeah? I’ll give you everything you deserve.


Jeongguk liked the sound of that. He liked the sound of that a lot.


Jeongguk: what r u up to?


Daddy: my client wants me to design some outfits for her wedding. Just about to head over now.


Jeongguk: oooh


Jeongguk: ur good at wedding shit


Jeongguk: ur good at everything rlly


Daddy: i think ur a little biased


Jeongguk: no im just right


Jeongguk: you’ll blow her mind im sure of it


Daddy: thank you pet


He thinks for a moment, before his lips lifted up in a sly smirk.


Jeongguk: but it better not be the way you blew mine :<


Daddy: shut up


A bubble of laughter escapes his lips, loud and obnoxious.


Jeongguk: show em what you got


Daddy: Jeongguk.


Jeongguk: but it better not be the way you showed me :<


Daddy: Jeongguk.


Jeongguk’s grin only grew, his cheeks aching from how hard he was smiling.


Jeongguk: love you daddy :<


Daddy: fuck.


Daddy: I love you more pet.


Impossible, Jeongguk thinks, as he puts his phone down, falling back onto his pillow with a loud sigh. His nose scrunches up fondly, their talk of weddings immediately reminding him of the first time they met, mind casting back to that day.


He had just turned twenty one.


September was a weird month to get married in, it was cold, and everyone was grumpy, but Jin insisted timing was everything.


Jeongguk wasn't surprised they all were to wear tailored suits, custom made, because when it came to Jin, everything was always a step further than normal. He didn’t even bother to protest against Jin’s adamant belief of how the perfect wedding meant good ass clothes, despite the despairing thought of how much it would end up costing him constantly looming over him.


What he was surprised about, was the fact that three days before the wedding, their outfits weren’t ready. The grooms, the best men and even the maids of honour, it seemed, were to be clothless for the wedding.


Well that was just according to Jin hyung, who always did have a tendency for dramatics.


“All I wanted was a classy suit babe, I deserve that don’t I? Well that’s not happening now is it? Now we’re just going to have a wedding with our dicks out because we don’t have any fucking clothes. We’re all going to be fucking naked. Oh god, it’s gonna be a wedding with sad dicks. Is there anything worse than this? Don’t answer that, because there isn’t. This is absolutely the worst. Fuck dicks.”


“Hyung,” Yoongi deadpans, and Jeongguk applauds him in his head for speaking up, because so far, no ones had the courage to interrupt Jin’s supposedly endless rant. “There’s such thing as buying the suits. Ever thought about that?”


Namjoon looks a little pained, rubbing his temple tiredly at the question Jeongguk himself thought was perfectly valid. One he wanted to ask had he not been too much of a coward too. Because Jin’s face kind of scared him right now.


Jin stamps his feet, throwing a look of irritation in Yoongi’s direction. “This is my wedding Yoongi. This isn’t just some random party or a first date. I’m going to be getting married , and fuck if I won’t look good doing it.”


“But we all know how well you can pull of a Ralph Lauren hyung. A Dior? You look good in everything,” Hobi perks up, Yoongi agreeing with a firm nod of his head.


Jeongguk nods too. From the corner. Very slightly. Sue him for being too much of a scaredy cat and wanting to live to the day he has enough money to build a fortress around him made entirely of banana milk cartons, and then proceeding to see how fast he could drink them all in one go. Some people had their priorities straight, okay?


Namjoon, from where he sits next to Jin, merely sighs.


Jin shakes his head vehemently, and is it Jeongguk’s imagination, or is that a neck vein angrily protruding and about to pop? He finds himself gulping a little, and wondering why exactly he’d thought it was a good idea to visit Jin today.


“But I want something custom made. One of a kind. Want everyone to turn their heads and be like what is he wearing, and then I can turn around and be like oh this? And I’ll quickly give the outfit a name from the top of my head, something snarky that I've just made up, and it’ll be something so ridiculous that joonie will start laughing, and then I’ll start laughing because we all know how cute Joonie’s giggles are, and we’ll both just be so happy, because its our wedding, and we’re getting married, but no ones gonna be laughing when they’re staring at naked dicks, because we may all be gay but there is nothing classy about having a dick themed wedding, that’s just fucking gross, so fuck this, I think we’re gonna have to call the wedding off.”


Jeongguk’s not quite sure if he wants to hear the word dick again. In his entire life.


The three of them stared at Jin, mouths open as they watched him finally stops talking to take a large breath.


“What the fuck?” Yoongi finally mutters, breaking the silence.


Namjoon sighs again. “What happened to perfect timing babe?” he asks, more so to himself, not even bothering to look Jin in the eye, and it’s clear to everyone how tired Namjoon really is.


Jeongguk can’t blame him.


“Fuck timing. We’ll wait until next September. I’m sure by then there will be more reliable stylists out there not willing to stab you in the back or throw you under a bus.”


The idea of postponing the wedding has Hoseok looking aghast, Yoongi looking like he’s three seconds from banging his head against a wall, Namjoon looking likes he’s heard it several times before, and Jeongguk himself just wants to walk right out the room so he can finish of his assignment that’s currently four days overdue.


Fuck American Politics.


There’s silence in the room, all of them watching Jin carefully as he slowly starts breathing more normally, face smoothing out, before he finally rests his head against namjoon’s shoulder with one last resigned sigh. Jeongguk watches Namjoon’s mouth lift up, but he doesn’t bother saying a word, just closes his eyes for a bit.


A wave of pure fondness washes over Jeongguk, and he knows for a fact, that they’re gonna be alright.


Behind them Hoseok and Yoongi look on fondly too, because, let’s face it, there is nothing more cute than Namjoon and Jin. Hobi’s own head is perched on Yoongi’s shoulder, arms wrapped around his waist as they lean against the far wall and appreciate the sudden silence in the room.


Jeongguk swallows, a faint smile of his own making its way across his face, because though he’ll never give Hoseok the satisfaction of knowing, he finds the two of them unbearably cute too.


It’s so quiet in the room, Jeongguk almost forgets there’s a problem at hand, for one second believes they’re all just hanging out.


The door makes a loud thudding sound as it hits the wall, and Jeongguk, Yoongi, Hoseok and Jin all jump in unison.


“Don’t panic,” Jimin pretty much yells as he burst into the bedroom. “I’ve found the perfect solution!” He claps his hands twice to get everyone’s attention.


Jin lifts his head up, eyeing Jimin darkly. “Does it involve egging that bitch’s ugly ass house who decided it would be convenient to pull out of her paid job during the same week of my fucking wedding? Because if not then fuck off.”


Namjoon winces, and it’s obvious to Jeongguk the way he subtly moves an inch away from Jin’s sudden outstretched fist. The boy bites back a smile, finds himself inching a step back too, as if somehow, there was a chance of Jin’s hand colliding in his face from all the way over there.


You never knew with Jin.


“Uh…” Jimin trails off, a little unsure of whether he should answer. He glances towards Hoseok and Yoongi, who both merely shrug, and it’s clear that they’re just finding it entertaining now. That Jimin’s in the line of fire, and they’re just here for the show.


“That, um, may not be it, but I promise you hyung, my idea definitely comes close to your fabulous one.”


Jeongguk rolls his eyes, snorting a little to himself. Jimin shoots him a glare. He clears his throat again. “After the unfortunate incident of your stylist quitting-”


Jin opens his mouth to start again, making an affronted noise when Namjoon finally makes the move of slapping his palm over it, gesturing for Jimin to continue with a wary look.


“Fucking finally,” Yoongi mutters, yelping when Hobi elbows him in the stomach.


Jimin’s smile turns a little strained when he catches how red Jin’s face is turning, opening his mouth again hastily, deciding to carry on talking, because Namjoon is also now starting to look impatient.


“I made some calls to a friend of mine who’s a fashion designer, a hell of a good one may I just say, and turns out, he’s in the country, and would be more than happy to finish the job. ASAP.”


Underneath Namjoon’s hold, Jin stops squirming. Slowly, and a little cautious, Namjoon lowers his hand.


“How close are you with this friend ?” Jin finally asks, suspicion seeping through his tone as he regards Jimin with mild distrust.


Jimin’s face lights up. Within literal seconds. It almost gives Jeongguk a backlash. “Super duper close hyung. We’re like besties.”


Jeongguk makes a noise of disagreement, mouth twisting in a scowl that has Hoseok bursting into a loud fit of laughter. “Then how come we’ve never heard of him before? I thought I was your best friend?”


“Aww,” Jimin coos, stepping forward towards Jeongguk, who promptly steps back, a little ticked off, eyebrows still furrowed down. “You are too Jeonggukkkie, don’t worry.”


“Excuse me, back to me please. Would your bestie change his mind halfway through taking my measurements and decide he wants to ruin my life all over again, cos I swear to God Jimin, I will sock both your jaws and disinvite you to my wedding.”


Jimin stops in his tracks. And then, his hands are waving in the air, his head shaking repeatedly. “Taehyung won’t let you down, I promise.”


“Taehyung?” Jeongguk sniffs, drawing his arms across his chest, fixing Jimin with the hardest look he can muster. Who did this guy think he was, trying to steal his best friend from him?


Jimin looks at him weirdly for a moment. “Yeah. I told him to meet us in like an hour, so he can get to work pretty much straight away. Is that okay with you?”


Jeongguk rolls his eyes. “I’m not really sure about this Tae-”


“I was asking Jin hyung you dipshit.”


Jeongguk closes his mouth, pouting instantly.


It’s Namjoon who answers, surprising everyone in the room. “That sounds like a great idea Jimin.”


Jin raises an eyebrow as he turns to face Namjoon. “You better be prepared for the consequences if this Taehyung screws us over.”


Jimin grins at Namjoon’s mildly scandalised expression. “He won’t hyung. You’ll all love him.”


Jeongguk rolled his eyes, huffing under his breath. Yeah right.




“Jeongguk can you please wipe that constipated look off your face, and stop acting like you can fight Taehyung, this is just embarrassing.”


“You’re worrying for nothing, you’re still my best friend too.”


“Then how come you never told me about him?” Jeongguk whines, lips pursed in a pout that has Jimin scoffing.


“Be nice,” is all he says, before he’s shoving Jeongguk into the next room.


Jin looks up from his phone, and Jeongguk almost gets taken aback with how happy he looks. Like there are no signs of a previous breakdown of suggesting to dump his fiance less than an hour ago. “Jeonggukkie! Your turn to get measured?”


Jeongguk scowls.


“Stand here,” Jimin prompts, guiding him into the centre of the room. Jeongguk follows, a little stiff and with a huff of despair.


“What are you, his assistant ?”


“Don’t be annoying. Put your feet together.”


“The fuck wrong with my feet?” he mutters, dropping his head to regard how he’s standing. It looks normal to him. Looks how you’re supposed to stand. Fuck Jimin lives.


“Ah you must be Jeongguk.”


He snaps his head up at the sound of the new voice, not even noticing the audible footsteps, his entire body tensing, getting ready to give this Taehyung a once over and finally see that he wasn’t all that.


His narrowed eyes meet Taehyung’s, lips already lifted in a scowl that drop down in the next second.   


His heart skips a beat.


And then maybe another whilst his stomach proceeds to do one somersault after the other and he’s suddenly blinded by an array of rainbows dancing in the air, and suddenly all he can hear is bloom by Troye Sivan.  


“I’m gay.”


Taehyung quirks an eyebrow, standing still for a moment as Jeongguk shamelessly takes him in, though he tries to ignore the heat that crawls up his face at his random confession with has much finesse as he can muster. There’s a silk scarf tied prettily around his neck, pulled in a small bow, his shirt’s a couple of buttons undone, showcasing glowing skin that Jeongguk’s just about ready to touch. His eyes slide down to the male’s waist, lingering on the thin leather belt that’s looped through his black jeans which are practically sticking to his thighs. Not that Jeongguk was complaining. He could appreciate thick thighs as much as the next person.


Well gag me with that scarf of yours and use that belt to spank me daddy.


“That’s nice to know,” Taehyung comments, his mouth spreading in a warm smile.


Jeongguk stares.


There’s silence in the room and it takes him a moment to realise Jimin and Jin have decided to ditch him. Fake ass friends. Everyone knows that the first bro rule is not leaving your bro’s ass alone with a gorgeous stranger you wouldn’t mind dropping on your knees for.


Taehyung shifts a little, placing his weight on his other leg, hip jutting out a little. “Are you okay?” he asks tentatively, teeth worrying the lip piercing he’s sporting.


A. Fucking. Lip. Piercing.


Jeongguk’s eyes follow the movement like a hawk, cheeks flushing warmly in the next second. “You’re hot,” he blurts out, then slaps a hand across his mouth, eyes widening in an instant.


How does one get the earth to swallow him whole?


Taehyung raises an eyebrow, stepping a little closer. There’s a measuring tape draped around his neck which sways at each step he takes.


Jeongguk barely budges an inch.


“And here I thought you didn’t like me,” he teases once they’re closer, and now, Jeongguk wants nothing more for than repeatedly bang his head against a brick wall. He clears his throat awkwardly instead, eyes shifting around the room nervously.


When his head turns back, Taehyung’s inches away from him, and he’s looking at him with a knowing look that has his stomach flipping.


Jeongguk’s face heats up at Taehyung’s words, suddenly embarrassed. For a moment he thinks Taehyung’s going to continue teasing him, make it clear he’d heard his previous conversation with Jimin, but all he does is pull the tape from his neck, then smile a little. “Just stand up straight and relax for me.”


The male’s hands smooth over Jeongguk’s shoulders, pinning the tape from one end with a finger that presses into Jeongguk, applying minimal pressure, but has the boy stiffening  immediately, then dragging it to the other side. He keeps one side of the tap in place, his other hand pulling out a small notepad and pen from his back pocket, jotting something down quickly.


The sound of pen to paper is too loud in Jeongguk’s ears, his body hyper aware of every little move Taehyung makes.


Watches Taehyung’s fingers wrap around the tape again, pull it down to Jeongguk’s hip, and this time he presses down harder. Jeongguk jolts, every nerve in his body running wild with the realisation of how close they are. He stares at Taehyung’s hand when the man’s writing again, gaze fixated on the several rings adorning his slender fingers, the way he grips the pen. Taehyung’s gaze flickers back up to him, and Jeongguk has to look away, swallowing thickly.


He closes his eyes to ground himself, almost shaking when hands snake around him, and suddenly he can feel the press of the tape around his lower back before Taehyung’s using it to tug him closer, lips twitching a little when Jeongguk shamelessly lets out a loud yelp.


He watches Taehyung feign innocence, attention undivided focused on measuring his waist now, lashes fluttering in faint surprise when he reads the number.


“You’re waist is tiny .” The words are said quietly, but Jeongguk’s ears still catch on to how deep Taehyung’s voice really is, a low baritone that has his spine arching a little involuntarily. Fuck he’s got a good voice.


For a moment he wonders how it’d sound when he’s muttering other things, low words of encouragement, faint praises that Jeongguk would die to hear just once.


He really needs to get his mind out of the gutter. And then get laid.


Taehyung stops measuring for a moment, looking contemplative as his palms smooth over Jeongguk’s waist, gripping a little. His eyes narrow, not noticing how tense Jeongguk’s gone in his grasp, how his chest is tight with the breath he’s holding in place.


“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a small waist on a guy before,” he murmurs, before finally letting go.


Jeongguk exhales shakily, and it comes out as an embarrassing pant. “Thanks?”


Taehyung’s mouth quirks up at that, eyes glimmering with faint amusement. “I’d love to model some of my works on you. Your body proportions really are something.”




Taehyung only smiles wider. His hands trail up Jeongguk’s stomach, nails scraping a little before his palm presses flat, and something of approval flashes across his face as he feels the hard lines, before it’s gone in the next instant. “Body proportions. One of a kind sweetie.”


He moves back before Jeongguk’s mind can mull over what he means, pulls the tape again, then promptly drops to his knees.


Jeongguk chokes. Realises this is how he’s probably going to die. With a dick that’s starting to feel heavy as it plumps against his thigh, and the sight of the world’s prettiest man inches away from his crotch.


“Mm,” Taehyung hums, fingers ghosting across his thighs as he drags the measuring tape down. “Got good thighs too.”


Something electric shoots up his spine at the obvious compliment.


Jeongguk doesn’t answer, too focused on staring at the top of Taehyung’s head, the way it ducks when he’s scribbling down numbers again, close enough for Jeongguk to thread his hands through that black hair, maybe fist it a little.


He shudders at the thought, knees buckling slightly when Taehyung shifts to look up at him, large eyes blinking slowly.


“I’m being serious you know,” Taehyung starts, pushing himself up so he can wrap the tape around Jeongguk’s neck.


Jeongguk’s certain his face is bright red by now, can feel the flush against his ears, his cheekbones, even his neck, heat itching his skin. Taehyung must see it too, because he’s got that knowing look again, dark eyes meeting Jeongguk’s as he makes the move to tighten the tape.


A whimper falls from Jeongguk’s mouth before he can stop it, high pitched and unrestrained.


Taehyung pauses, eyes flashing darkly as he regards Jeongguk silently, then tugs a little harder.


This time Jeongguk gasps, hand flying out to grip Taehyung’s shoulders, letting the feeling of being constricted wash over him, make his mind a little hazy as he struggles to breathe.


“Oh,” Taehyung murmurs, and then he’s loosening the tape, sliding it off eventually.


Jeongguk hands fall back down, tangling together in front of his crotch, because he’s ashamed to say, he’s more than aroused by now.


“You’d make a good model,” Taehyung finally says, flipping his notepad shut to look at Jeongguk again.


“For you?” he squeaks, suddenly flustered at the hard look Taehyung’s fixing him with, how it’s making his cock twitch in interest.


Taehyung grins, teeth flashing. “Of course. Wouldn’t want someone else getting their hands on something like you.” His eyes rake down Jeongguk’s chest as he says the words, approving and appreciative, lingering on the joint hands that were currently covering his slowly hardening dick.


Jeongguk opens his mouth to reply, but gets interrupted by Jin and Jimin, who chose that moment to walk back into the room.


Taehyung steps a little back from Jeongguk, turning to face Jin.




Taehyung offers a small smile, slipping his notepad back into his pocket. “I’ve looked at the designs, and they’re fairly easy if I’m going to be honest. I can get them done by tomorrow, probably the afternoon.”


Jin stares at him. “Fuck it, I might just end up marrying you you fucking saviour.”


Taehyung laughs easily, rolling his measuring tape up. “It’s nothing man. Glad to help Jimin in any way I can.”


Jimin gives him a thumbs up from behind Jin, mouth stretching into a smile of his own. “Love you bro.”


Taehyung simply chuckles again.


Jeongguk decides he likes Taehyung’s laugh. Likes it a lot. Thinks everyone should stop what they’re going and fully appreciate how good it sounds. Wonders if it’s a stretch too far to try and make it his ringtone.


“And how much are you charging for this?”


Jeongguk tenses up at that, focusing back on the conversation. He knew it was going to be pricey, just didn’t know whether it’d cost him two weeks of eating simply ramen or three.


Taehyung glances at Jeongguk for a split second, whose shoulders are hunched together, muscles tense, before his attention is returned to Jin. “Free of charge.”


Jin immediately starts to shake his head, and Jeongguk is sure he’s misheard.


“Don’t be ridiculous I have to pay you something.”


Taehyung shrugs, fixing the scarf around his neck mindlessly. “Consider it your wedding gift from me.”


His eyes flicker back to Jeongguk, travel down to where his hands are still covering his still hard dick, lips tugging in a small teasing smile before he glances away again.


“I’ll see you all tomorrow then.”




(three more days)


When you leave me alone, I end up thinking a lot about us. About how we backwardly we started. About how now I don’t think there’s anyone in the world more in love than us. We’re an odd couple because you’ve seen edges around the world more times I can count, and I can hardly get out of bed sometimes. We’re an odd couple because there’s no doubt you’re the one in charge, but then how come it feels like you do everything I say?


You mean more to me than I mean to myself, but sometimes I’m scared I’m gonna lose it all just like that. Cos I’m the type to make mistake after mistake, and you’re the type to run out of patience.


“Are you free to come apartment shopping with me and Yoongi?”


Jeongguk sits up straight in his chair. “Finally . I thought you guys would end up living by yourselves forever, even when you both get married.”


Hobi’s snort comes through the phone loud and clear. “Very funny. Some of us like to take our time Jeonggukkie.”


“Yeah yeah,” Jeongguk swings himself around, twirling his pen in his hand as he leans back.


“Oi. Don’t give me that. Not everyone has a sugar daddy like Taehyung you menace. If Yoongi had an apartment like your daddy , I’d have moved in with him on our second date. Just like you did.”


Jeongguk rolls his eyes at Hobi’s snarky tone. “First of all Taehyung never even took me out on dates, and secondly, you have to understand hyung, it’s hard for me to say no to him.”


“Oh poor Jeongguk. Are we going to forget that time he literally flew you out to Paris for a romantic dinner just because you didn’t feel like eating anything here? Boo boo, I’m Jeongguk and I don’t know how to say no to Taehyung when he offers to give me the entire world fifty times over.”


“I’m hanging up on you.”


“You didn’t even answer my question. Are you coming or not?”


Jeongguk glances at the essay he was in the middle of writing, sighing a little. “I have to finish this assignment before Tae gets back.”


“You do realise Taehyung has you wrapped around his finger right?”


Jeongguk grins. “I may be wrapped around his finger, but he’s the one that always ends up wrapped around my-”


“You’re going to fucking hell Jeon Jeongguk. I hope you know that.”


“Love you too hyung.”


He finds himself frowning when Hobi hangs up eventually, mind mulling over his previous words.


Sometimes Jeongguk did feel like  he’d moved a little too fast with Taehyung. Watching Hobi and Yoongi, and the baby steps they took, they way they always were so cautious, it sometimes overwhelmed Jeongguk that when it came to Taehyung, he was ready to give him his all without one second thought.


But then again, their entire relationship hadn’t exactly started in the most conventional of ways.


Taehyung had always let Jeongguk pull the strings. Since the day Jeongguk had stumbled into his apartment beyond exhausted with thinking of a way to pay both his bills and fees for that month, and Taehyung had said nothing but make him a cup of tea, then ordered him two super large pizzas.


Since the day he tried to bring up that certain conversation with Taehyung, fidgeting and squirming until Taehyung had ended up guessing it.


Taehyung always said he figured Jeongguk out seconds within laying eyes on him.


Jeongguk likes to think he’s a little harder to crack than that.


The truth is, Taehyung is absolutely right.


Because it’s always been that way. When he wanted to try modelling for Taehyung but couldn’t bring himself to say it, Taehyung had simply looked at him knowingly, taken in his shy posture, and that was all it took for him to bring  up the subject of their contract.


When Jeongguk had decided he wanted to get paid in a slightly different way, but didn’t know how to voice such a bizarre suggestion, Taehyung’s mouth had simply quirked up as he pinched Jeongguk’s pink cheeks, smothering him in kisses that left him a laughing mess.


It had always been that way. Since the moment Taehyung laid eyes on him. Since the second time they met where Taehyung had waltzed in with several suit bags in his hand, and Jeongguk had ended up choking on his spit, because no one was supposed to look that good in pants that wide.


Jin has practically pounced in him, smothering his cheeks with sloppy kisses that had everyone in the room recoiling.


Except for Taehyung, who merely grinned in response.


Jeongguk was the last one to try on his suit, and by the time came, everyone else had left the room, leaving him alone with Taehyung.




“Fits you good,” Taehyung says, fixing his collar one last time before stepping back.


“Yeah?” Jeongguk breathes, fidgeting a little under the male’s scrutiny.


That knowing smile makes its way across Taehyung’s face, barely visible. “Mm, fits you real good.”


There’s something loaded in Taehyung’s tone, that has Jeongguk stepping back a little.


“You kay?” Taehyung asks casually, stepping forward to secure the knot on his tie.


“What do you mean?” Jeongguk struggles to ask, breathing turned a little strained as Taehyung’s fingers linger just underneath his neck.


Taehyung pulls back a little, eyes scanning Jeongguk’s face for a moment. “You seem a little tense.”


“I have an overdue assignment.” It’s been eating away at him, how he’s already lost marks for how late he is, how he’s going to have to try extra hard with the content so his grades don’t get affected.


A look of surprise crosses across Taehyung’s face. “You’re a student?”


Jeongguk nods, glumly, lips pursing in a petulant pout. “Unfortunately.”


Taehyung grins at that, fingers dancing down to fiddle with Jeongguk’s sleeves. “I’m glad I’m past all that.”


Jeongguk’s eyebrows furrow and he realises, he still doesn’t know how old Taehyung is. He takes a deep breath and decides to ask. “How old are you Taehyung-shi? If you don’t mind me asking.”


The male crouches down, pulling Jeongguk’s slacks that are bunched at his ankles. “You can call me Taehyung.”


Jeongguk looks down, following the way Taehyung’s fingers make quick work of smoothing the creases in the fabric. “Are you Jimin’s age?”


A snort escapes from Taehyung, lips twisting in a wry smile. “Fuck no. I wish. I’m twenty eight.”


Jeongguk frowns, tensing when Taehyung straightens up again, closer to him than before.


“Surprised?” Taehyung murmurs, hands moving to tuck Jeongguk’s shirt in properly. He freezes at the contact, muscles locking each time Taehyung's fingers dip beneath the belt.


“You look young for your age,” he manages, stumbling a little on the words as heat travels up his neck, right to his cheeks.


Taehyung grins again. “Thank you sweetie. You, however,” his hands settle on Jeongguk’s waist, eyebrows raising for a moment in wonder, before his face smooths over, thumb rubbing idle patterns. “Look far too tense for your age.”


A huff of air escapes Jeongguk’s mouth, and he’s all too aware of how close they are. “Assignment,” he mutters weakly, eyes not yet lifting to meet Taehyung’s.


The male hums, gripping a little tighter to pull Jeongguk forward. “You should find a way to de-stress.”


“De-stress,” Jeongguk repeats, frowning a little when he finally looks at Taehyung. There’s something reflected in his eyes, a sharp gleam that has the boy suppressing a shudder without even realising.


“Mm. Just find a way to let go. Relax for a bit. Education shouldn’t be this stressful.”




Taehyung bursts into laughter at that, eyes crinkling into crescents. It’s contagious, bubbly giggles that have Jeongguk smiling himself.


“If that’s your method, then yeah, sure. Why not.”


Jeongguk’s head tilts to the side, still very much aware of how Taehyung’s palms still rest against his skin, occasionally stroking up and down. “What’s your method?”


Taehyung quirks an eyebrow, laughter dimming to just a faint smile. “My methods? Hm, they’re a little…”


He trails off, fingers back to stroking Jeongguk’s hipbone, sometimes pressing in.


Jeongguk swallows, the suggestive tone Taehyung vaguely displays hitting him straight in the gut, spreading heat across every part of his body.


“Show me,” he whispers, the words slipping out without even realising.


Sometimes being gay sucked.


Taehyung pauses in his movements, hand caught in the air, ready to hand hovering in the air, ready to fiddle with Jeongguk’s tie again, eyes narrowing slightly as if making sure he’d heard right.


“You want me to blow you?” He finally asks, more so contemplative than anything else, hardly batting an eyelash when Jeongguk proceeds to choke on his spit.


“Oh my god.”


“What?” Taehyung retorts, and now, there’s a sly grin spread across his face, expression thoroughly amused at Jeongguk’s reddening complexion, eyes glinting with mirth. He leans forward, tilts his head until their inches apart, looks like he’s deciding what to say before he finally opens his mouth, breath fanning the Jeongguk’s burning face. “Know you were thinking about it yesterday.”




“Aw c’mon, don’t play dumb with me now.”


Jeongguk hastily steps back, eyes blinking wide as his mind fumbles and trips over words, excuses. Coherent sentences that wouldn’t make him sound dumb.


Taehyung merely steps forward to close the space, mouth still twisted in that dark smile that has Jeongguk involuntarily tightening his legs together, the heat pooling in his stomach only increasing. His fingers reach out to yank him by the tie, twirling the fabric around. “You liked this yesterday didn’t you?”


He pulls harder when Jeongguk doesn’t answer, just lets his mouth part dumbly. “Liked a lot of things yesterday, hm?”


His back is now digging into the desk at the other side of the room, legs two seconds from giving out now that there’s nowhere else to go.


Taehyung knows it too, closing the gap between them until their bodies are flush against each other. “Didn’t you?” He presses, tilting his hips until their aligned with Jeongguk’s, barely pushes them down but it’s enough to have the boy whimpering.


Jeongguk manages a nod this time, eyes tearing up when Taehyung tugs the tie again. Winds the fabric around his hand and uses it as leverage to pull Jeongguk’s face close.


“Liked when I complimented your body?”




“Liked when I got on my knees huh? Bet that was a real sight for you.”


Jeongguk’s trembling a little, the urge to rut against Taehyung’s thigh overwhelming him to the point he’s ready to give in. Dignity be damned.


“What else?” Taehyung seems to muse, his free hand resting against Jeongguk’s waist, fingers curling tight. “Did you like how quickly you got turned on? Standing there while I’m doing my job and you’re just getting so hard . Hm?”  


“Please,” Jeongguk whimpers, tugging at the hem of Taehyung’s shirt, pulling him in closer.


Taehyung lets him, lips upturned as he regards Jeongguk’s flushed out face. “Such a polite boy aren’t you?”


Jeongguk swallows down a moan, nodding quickly instead, his eyes glazing over as Taehyung’s hands slide down lower, pushing his legs further apart.


He grins again, dark eyes flashing wickedly when he presses a thigh in between, revelling in the strangled breath that leaves Jeongguk’s lips. “You gonna be a good boy for me and thank me as well when I’ve got you coming in my mouth?”




That’s all Jeongguk can pretty much say, pretty much think, as Taehyung’s fingers deftly unbuckle his belt, making quick work of his zipper.


It’s ridiculous, the way he’s got his slacks and boxers bunched at his knees, head thrown back as he leans against Jin’s desk for balance, because there’s nothing slow about Taehyung’s movements, and they both know anyone can walk in on them.


Jeongguk hisses as Taehyung presses a light kiss to the tip of his cock, tongue darting out to lick the precome thats already leaking from his slit.


“Fuck,” Taehyung groans, giving Jeongguk one firm pump. “You’re so wet already.”


He’s got one hand gripping the edge of the desk, the other pressed against his mouth, muffling his whimpers as Taehyung’s tongue lazily traces patterns at his head, muscle hot and wet in a way that has Jeongguk shaking.


Taehyung pulls back, head tilting up to regard Jeongguk. “Want you to fuck my mouth pretty. Can you do that for me?”


Jeongguk shudders violently, a tremor of pleasure wracking through his spine, hips involuntarily jerking in Taehyung’s firm grip.


He barely manages a nod before Taehyung’s slipping him in his mouth, lips wrapped around tight each time he takes him a little deeper.


Jeongguk groans shakily, the heat of Taehyung’s mouth driving him crazy and he can’t look away from the sight of Taehyung bobbing his head at a languid pace, swallowing him with ease. The boy grips the desk tighter, thighs quivering as his muscles coil and tense.


He wants to cry, because his cock fits so snugly in Taehyung’s hot mouth, the tip close to the back of his throat as the male sinks further done, inhaling through his nose. And he’s certain that this is going to be the way he finally dies.


Taehyung hums each time Jeongguk whimpers, low vibrations that send the boy crazy and make him want to grip the male’s hair, tug the dark strands until it hurts. Instead he thrusts tentatively into the encompassing heat of Taehyung’s mouth, cursing aloud at the way the tight muscles constrict around his leaking length.


Taehyung pulls off, lips wet and so fucking swollen. “Harder pet. I can take it.” His voice comes out as a rasp, low and hoarse already, but before Jeongguk can say anything else, he’s back to swallowing him whole, sinking down to his base.


He’s less cautious the next time he snaps his hips forward, head hitting the back of Taehyung’s throat, the tight fit drawing him into a dizzy haze of pure arousal. Taehyung merely hums again, barely choking and instead closing his eyes, working to accommodate the shallow thrusts Jeongguk’s got going.


The boy’s whining loudly by now, high pitched and unrestrained, unable to take his eyes off the way Taehyung’s picking up speed and meeting his movements, a low choked noise filling the room as he moves to sink down even further, spit dripping down the sides of his mouth as he holds himself in place.


Jeongguk feels the coil in his stomach wound up tighter, every throb and pulse of his cock pulling him closer to the promise of an intense orgasm. “Shit,” he grits, writhing under the firm hold Taehyung’s got on him, hips repeatedly jerking into the tight heat, chasing Taehyung’s mouth when he slides back up to take a breath.


“Fuck that’s good,” Taehyung groans, uncaring for how wrecked his voice sounds. “Doing so well for me gorgeous.”


Jeongguk opens his mouth to reply, and instead moans wantonly, long and drawn out because Taehyung’s taking him all again, letting his cock nudge down his throat, letting him thrust forward repeatedly, just sucking harder in retaliation, until Jeongguk feels that familiar heat pooling in his stomach and he suddenly knows he’s not gonna last.


“‘M gonna...” he groans desperately, ripples of pleasure running through every part of his body, his cock throbbing so hard it aches.


Jeongguk’s frame quivers as Taehyung simply moans in response, tonguing down the side of his vein, the wet sounds of the male occasionally gagging sending the boy’s thoughts haywire. Every muscle in his body locks up as Taehyung’s tight lips glide back up to focus on suckling the head of his cock, his hips jerking into the heat of Taehyung’s mouth violently.


Taehyung’s mouth takes him back down again, till his nose is pressed against Jeongguk’s tense stomach, and that action alone is enough to send him over the edge, fingers threading through Taehyung’s hair, tugging harshly as he jolts his hips forward, his cock pulsing continuously, and Taehyung just takes it. Takes it with a choked gasp that tips Jeongguk right over, has him spilling his seed in hot spurts down Taehyung’s overwhelmingly warm mouth.


Taehyung’s lips wound around tight, cheeks hollow as he lets Jeongguk ride out his orgasm, jerking every so often until he’s finally spent. He pulls back eventually, tongue darting out to lick the spit at the edges of his mouth, head tilting up to offer Jeongguk a wry smile.


Jeongguk collapses with a pant, limbs going loose as Taehyung pulls himself up and begins to casually adjust his clothes.


It’s Jeongguk who’s the one looking up now, wet eyes transfixed to how collected Taehyung looks, except for the evident sheen to his lips, his hair a little tousled.


Taehyung feels his gaze, eyebrow quirking as he glances Jeongguk’s way. “What’d you say pet?”


Jeongguk swallows thickly, chest still breathing harshly, his cheeks flushing all over again.


“Thank you.”




(two more days left)


It’s hard to think of anything except for the fact you’ll be next to me so soon. You’ll be touching me and kissing me and telling me you love me, and that’ll be all it takes to lose this tired feeling I always get when you’re gone.


I miss you so much.


Jeongguk: yo daddyo


Daddy: ….


Jeongguk: understandable. I don’t know why i wrote that.


Daddy: what’s wrong pet.


Jeongguk: a parcel came.


Daddy: oh?


Jeongguk: can i open it?


Daddy: are you on top of all your work?


Jeongguk pauses for a second, eyeing the same assignment he’s been working on since Taehyung had left.


He chews his lip, glances back at his screen again.


Jeongguk: Yuh huh.


He’s going to hell. He’s sure of it.


Daddy: nothing overdue?


Jeongguk: nah


He feels slightly guilty lying, but he can’t help it. He misses Taehyung so much it hurts, just wants to hold anything that’ll remind him of his daddy. He’d washed out his sheets and now could no longer smell Taehyung’s perfume. He’d spent the night before flicking through picture after picture of him, fingers lingering on the screen as he traced that perfect profile, pretended what it’d feel like to touch his soft skin.


Sue him, Jeongguk was feeling particularly needy today. Besides, as long as Taehyung didn’t find out, it’d be okay.


Daddy: then go ahead pet


Jeongguk: omg im so excited


Daddy: what’d you say goo.


His stomach does that embarrassing flip again, and he wonders if it's normal to already start getting worked up over a simple text.


Daddy: thank you thank you daddy.


The parcel consists of makeup. Lots of it. Jeongguk finds himself lying on the bed and sorting through the cosmetics, placing them into several piles, fingers repeatedly falling around the several nail polish bottles.


He arranges them by colour, lips pursed in concentration, eyelashes fluttering happily.


He has a soft spot for nail polish. Always will. The smell reminds him of what it’s like to fall in love with Taehyung, smells like the word us , because he’ll always remember the day clear, when realisation washed over him that he was falling too fast, and all he’d done, was shut his eyes and accept such a beautiful fate with a giddy smile and his heart racing like he’d run a marathon.


It was Sunday, and they both had the day off. Jeongguk wanted nothing more than to stay in bed, stuff his face with popcorn and watch naruto, but Taehyung had other plans.


“Pick a hand pet,” Taehyung says, perching in front of Jeongguk on the bed, eyes crinkled in excitement that has Jeongguk smiling instantly as well as he looks up from the screen.


He doesn’t know when that started to happen. Lips quirking whenever Taehyung smiled, even giggled, Just accepted that that’s how it was to be now.


At least Jeongguk knew how much of a whipped man he was and have the balls to embrace it proudly.


“Left,” Jeongguk mutters after a moment of silence that consisted of apparent deep thought, frowning slightly as he regards Taehyung’s hands that were currently behind his back.


Taehyung smiles wider, pausing for a second before he pulls his left hand forward. He opens his closed fist up, and Jeongguk has to sit up to see what’s he’s holding.


“Nail polish?”


Taehyung brings his other hand forward too, dropping the small bottles into the bed.


Black nail polish to be precise. I didn’t know whether to go with matte or glitter. You just made the decision for me.”


The laptop falls off Jeongguk’s lap as he straightens fully. “Black?”


Taehyung’s smile morphs into a grin, teasing and playful. “You wanna paint my nails for me pet?”


He practically scrambles up, grabbing the first bottle he can reach. “ Holy shit yes.”


Here’s the thing. Black and Taehyung? It’s a lethal combination. There’s no denying that Taehyung can pull off any and every colour, but Jeongguk appreciates the colour black on a whole new level.


Taehyung wore black lace lingerie the first time they fucked, used the flimsy underwear to tie Jeongguk’s wrists together as he took him over and over again to point Jeongguk nearly lost his voice.


Taehyung wore black leather gloves the first time they had a scene, hands relentless in turning Jeongguk a trembling whiny mess, covering his body with harsh red marks that Jeongguk couldn’t take his eyes off for days.


Taehyung’s hair had been black the first time they’d met, inky and parted at his forehead.


And Taehyung knew for sure the effect black had on Jeongguk. Turned him pliant. Submissive. Needy but wanting to be the goodest boy he could.


He knocks the bottle out of Jeongguk’s hand with a giggle. “You chose matte silly.”


“Right,” Jeongguk says, a little dumb, quick to reach out for the other, uncapping it instantly. “C’mon gimme your hand. Let’s do this.”


It’s almost too easy. Taehyung rolls his eyes fondly, shuffling back until there’s enough space for him to lie on his stomach, and then, he’s splaying his palms against Jeongguk’s thighs, squeezing playfully.


“Okay okay,” Jeongguk mutters, dipping the brush in several times before he finally pulls it out.


“Good thrusting game you got there pet,” Taehyung drawls, weight balanced on his elbows as he looks up to meet Jeongguk’s distracted gaze, eyelashes fluttering teasingly, because that’s the mood he’s in today. Ready to rile Jeongguk up.


“Shut up.”


He brings the brush down, hand shaking a little. Though he’d started by rushing, when the brush meets Taehyung’s bare nail, Jeongguk takes his time in painting slowly, careful to not get any on Taehyung’s skin.


“There you go,” Taehyung murmurs, smiling in approval at how steady Jeongguk is quick to become. He’s always been a fast learner with Taehyung.


“‘S pretty,” Jeongguk observes, moving on to the next nail, eyes transfixed on the dark colour, the clear contrast to Taehyung’s skin.


“Not as pretty as my baby.”


Jeongguk huffs, his cheeks tinting pink in an instant as Taehyung’s words hit him in the chest, heart, stomach all at once.


It’s quiet for a while, Jeongguk frowning in concentration, Taehyung humming every time he moves on to another nail.


“Done,” Jeongguk says, pulling back with a shy smile as Taehyung wiggles his fingers.


“Mm, did a beautiful job pet,” Taehyung murmurs, gaze delighted as he takes in his freshly painted nails. He pulls them up to get a better look, but Jeongguk stops him with a quiet whine.


“I wanna see too,” he mumbles, cheeks flushing when Taehyung snickers, but he lets Jeongguk have his way, lets his gaze remain fixated on the dark colour.


He always does.




“Hh please,” Jeongguk groans, pushing back into Taehyung when his hands slide to cup his ass.


“What’d you want pet? Use your words for me.” He grips Taehyung’s hair tighter, hips rolling down as Taehyung mouths against his neck.


“Want… oh ,” Jeongguk can feel Taehyung’s smile, pressed into his skin at each nip and bite.


“You want daddy’s tongue?” Jeongguk jolts when he feel Taehyung flick his tongue out, hot breath spilling under his ear.


“Or you want daddy’s fingers?” He pinches Jeongguk’s bare thighs, making the boy whine, pressing away from the stinging touch.


“Fingers,” he whispers, pulling Taehyung’s hands towards his mouth so he can kiss his knuckles softly. “Want you to fuck me with your fingers,” and yeah, he’s back to staring at Taehyung’s hands, how delicate they look painted black, fingers long and slender, perfect for stretching him open.


Taehyung pulls back, eyes glinting with satisfaction, glad that Jeongguk’s caved in already. “Get on your stomach for me then.”


Everything passes in a blur with Taehyung. One moment they’re lazily making out on their bed, and the next, Jeongguk is on all fours, and Taehyung’s pulling his ass cheeks apart appreciatively. There's a lubed finger circling around his rim, and Jeongguk’s got his face pressed into a pillow and his eyes screwed shut, but he can practically imagine how pretty Taehyung’s painted finger must look against his skin.


He’s teasing, just like he always does, tracing patterns and applying slight pressure, sometimes dipping in to press against his hole before withdrawing in the next second.


Jeongguk whines, his cock hanging heavy between his legs, already leaking and twitching.  


“My baby’s so pretty isn’t he?” Taehyung murmurs, just continuously circling his rim, fleeting touches that are playful and send jolts of arousal through Jeongguk. It goes on like that for a couple of minutes, and every time Jeongguk thinks he’s finally going to press his finger in, he doesn’t, just dances away with a quiet giggle. Makes him crave for it to the point he’ll be ready to beg.


“Tae,” Jeongguk growls, head lifting up to glare in Taehyung’s direction, but ends up dropping forward with a gasp, tensing as Taehyung’s finger finally slowly slides inside with ease, slicked up with too much lube that Jeongguk secretly loves.

He feels Taehyung’s free hand tighten around his hip, pull him closer. “Good?”

"More," Jungkook whispers, his ass clenching around Taehyung’s finger in a way that has the male groaning appreciatively.

"Patience," Taehyung goads, a teasing lilt to his voice that has Jeongguk gritting his teeth in frustration. Because he can tell that Taehyung’s in one of his moods, where he’s all about teasing and drawing things out.


Jeongguk sighs, feeling the agonisingly slow way Taehyung pulling his finger back, the rough pad of it dragging along his walls carefully. He pushes it back in at an even slower pace, drawing out another growl of frustration from Jeongguk’s throat, pressing it further in, caressing teasingly.


“Please,” Jeongguk chokes, feeling another precome drip down his length at the gradual pleasure Taehyung is building, the painfully slow way his one finger keeps thrusting in and out, never fully leaving Jeongguk’s hole.

“Begging already?” Taehyung snickers, but then, he’s adding another finger and Jeongguk’s tensing all over again, fisting the bed sheets tightly as he feels is ass clench to accommodate the stretch, the delicious drag of two thick fingers that work their way in nicely, tease him so good. Has the weak waves of pleasure coming back as something stronger each time Taehyung curls the pads upwards. Has him pressing himself further into the pillow to muffle the noises that keep bubbling out of his chest.

His entire body jolts, pain searing through as a harsh sting, and it takes him a moment too late to realise Taehyung's slapped him, hard , wide palm still resting against his burning skin.


“Daddy wants to hear you,” Taehyung murmurs, tone rough as he drapes his chest over Jeongguk’s naked back, nosing along his sweaty neck. “Understand?”


Jeongguk purses his mouth, body still thrumming from the pain of Taehyung’s cruel palm, and says nothing until Taehyung’s shoving his body down, pulling him up by his lower back so he’s arching, his two fingers still pressed inside nudging further in, making his breath catch.


“I said,” Taehyung mutters, yanking his legs further apart harshly, simultaneously dragging his fingers along Jeongguk’s inner walls, increasing the pace of his thrusts, movements turning faster and deeper. “Understand?”


Jeongguk lets out a quiet whine, nodding repeatedly, muscles tensing when Taehyung crooks his fingers. His head tips back in pleasure, mouth parting to allow the small heady noises he knows Taehyung loves to hear, small and breathy.


Taehyung groans again, louder than before, sliding his fingers in deeper and revelling in the way Jeongguk sucks them right in, before turning the rhythm into tight circles, working the boy more open.


“Just like that,” Jeongguk breathes, wiggling his ass back so he can take more of Taehyung.


Taehyung grunts in response, spreading Jeongguk’s asscheeks apart, before he’s sliding his fingers back in, watching the way they disappear effortlessly.


He slips in a third finger. Jeongguk jolts forward with a loud hiss, arms shaking as they strain to hold himself up, moaning breathlessly when Taehyung shoves them deeper a little carelessly, prods at his walls for a moment before he curls them up, and then suddenly, Jeongguk’s falling forward, whimpering high as he feels the perfect amount of pressure against his prostate.


He feels Taehyung back to leaning over him, feels his warm breath as he places a firm kiss against his shoulder, urging him to sit back up, pads rubbing achingly slow until Jeongguk’s back is arching, shocks of pleasure shooting right through him as Taehyung continuously rubs against the bundle of nerves, pressing just the right amount of pressure for Jeongguk to see pure white.




“So good daddy,” Jeongguk slurs, his frame trembling, thighs shaking. He doesn’t even have to look down to know his cock is leaking continuously, dripping precome and making a mess on the sheets, just can feel how hard he is, how much he aches to touch, but knows Taehyung hasn’t given him permission to.


“Fuck baby, you look so good like this.” Taehyung practically growls the words, rough pads rubbing against Jeongguk’s prostate faster, a little mean. It has Jeongguk hiccuping on moan after moan, eyes blinking wetly as his entire body shakes violently.


“Tell daddy how you feel pet.”

“I-hh love your fingers daddy, ‘s so good,” Jeongguk whimpers, mind nearly going crazy with the increasing pleasure that just keeps on building in his lower body. He wants to let go, just collapse onto the sheets and become a writhing mess as Taehyung makes him take it. Wants to press his face into the pillow and sob uncontrollably with how good it feels stretched out like this, Taehyung’s fingers working miracles and moving torturously.

He pushes his ass back, slowly grinding to meet Taehyung’s quickening thrusts, lazily fucking himself on the male’s long fingers, shivering when he feels Taehyung pull his cheeks apart again, spread him further, before kneading the flesh hard. Grip bruising.  

“You’re so pretty Jeongguk,” Taehyung whispers, voice barely heard over Jeongguk’s unrestrained moans. “Like how daddy take cares of you, hm?” There’s a press of his fingers back to his prostate, pressure increasing as Taehyung presses down and stills for a moment. Jeongguk lurches forward, sobbing uncontrollably, quick to scramble away from the touch but Taehyung’s got a grip on his hip, pulling him to meet him and keep him in place.


There are tears streaming down his face by now, every limb of his trembling from the sensitivity, and he’s almost ready to pass out. He wants this edging over, wants to feel the pleasure burst and wash over him, wants to just touch is throbbing cock and finally come.

“Touch me," Jungkook whimpers hoarsely, blinking away his tears that are turning his vision glassy. "Please touch me daddy.”


Taehyung presses his chest to Jeongguk, the fabric from his shirt itches against the boy’s back. “I am touching you pet. D’you want more?”


Jeongguk nods instantly, and that’s all it takes for Taehyung's hand to wrap around Jungkook's cock, sliding effortlessly down, producing slick and wet noises that sound filthy .


“Fuck,” Taehyung curses, increasing his pace. His fingers just keep pressing against that spot, working Jeongguk up frustratingly slow. “You’re so wet . Always leaking like the slut you are.”


His wrist flicks down, stroking Jeongguk’s cock firmly, laughing under his breath as the boy struggles to decide whether he should fuck into Taehyung’s fist or fingers, movements turning jerky and uncoordinated.


Jeongguk’s head dips low, eyes blown out wide as they watch Taehyung’s dark nails travel up and down his length, quick to get covered in his precome, the colour contrast sending jolts of arousal through him. It makes him cry out loud, shuddering violently as his hips falter for a moment.


“You’re so pretty,” he moans, toes curling as he feels the blinding pleasure impossibly increase. “Daddy’s so pretty.” The last word comes out a broken slur, his arms quivering uncontrollably, ass clenching tightly around Taehyung’s fingers.

"Oh god," Jeongguk sobs as Taehyung mercilessly prods against his prostate again, dragging the pads of his fingers in slow deep circles that press down.


“Come on baby,” Taehyung urges in a low murmur. “Just let go for daddy.”

It takes the boy only a couple of seconds, body already worked up the point he was ready to release just at Taehyung’s word. His stomach clenches, coiling tight,  hole sucking in Taehyung's fingers which thrust deep at a fast pace, his fist moving against Jeongguk’s cock in the same rhythm. Jeongguk comes with a broken cry, spilling into Taehyung's fist, hot spurt after spurt, twitching as Taehyung coos him along in encouragement, hips jerking as his orgasm washes over him, clouding his mind.


His arms finally give out, body slumping on the bed with a tired sigh that has Taehyung giggling immediately as he carefully pulls his fingers out.


“I’ve got you pet,” he murmurs, flipping him over with ease. “Let’s clean you up yeah?”




(two more days)


God my body’s on fire, and it’s aching for your touch, because you know just what to do to have me shaking, and I’m never enough for myself. I need your body covering my own, need you whispering filthy things in my ear and telling me I’ve been good.


I’m going fucking crazy without you.


Sometimes Jeongguk thinks about ditching Jimin as a best friend. Because the little shit is always right.


“You know Taehyung’s gonna know you’ve been ditching uni right? He’ll sense it as soon as he lands, trust me. Should’ve not been stupid and just attended this week.”


His words stress Jeongguk out. Stress him out a lot to the point he nearly rips up the essay that has been haunting him for too long, and yes it’s still unfinished, do not judge him right now he’s feeling rather fragile.


To the point he cries for an hour than calls himself he’s a weakass bitch as he washes his face quickly.


And to the point he pulls out the lube, pulls out his favourite sex toy and all about collapses onto his bed once he’s discarded his clothes, every muscle in his body too tense for his liking.


And it’s when Jeongguk’s got two fingers shoved up his ass, a vibrator lying next to him and his face pressed into his pillow, that Taehyung decides to call him.


“Hi,” he says breathlessly, shakily pressing the speaker button before he parts his legs to get more comfortable, fingers stilling for the moment.


“Did you catch up on that assignment you’re currently three days behind in yet?”


He freezes, eyes going wide as dread washes over him.


He opens his mouth, then closes it, no words ready to be formed. Half of him knows it’d be useless anyway. Thinking of an excuse. Knows it would just make Taehyung more made than he already sounds.


His silence prompts Taehyung to continue talking, the irritated drawl switching up to something more severe. “I’m really not happy you lied to me yesterday Jeongguk, just to open that parcel.”


Jeongguk winces at the lack of pet names used, sitting up with a quiet huff, his fingers sliding out awkwardly. “It’s a hard assignment okay?”


“Watch your tone with me. Maybe if you attended your classes you’d be struggling a little less.”


“I doubt it,” Jeongguk grumbles under his breath, but of course Taehyung catches it. Sometimes Jeongguk hates how observant the man is.


“Are you getting mouthy with me? You shouldn’t have lied just for that stupid parcel Jeongguk.”


The boy crosses his arms with a pout, lower lip trembling a little. “I wanted to open it cos I miss you so much,” he tries, hating how small his voice sounds.


“Still shouldn’t have lied. Now I’m going to have to punish you when I get back, instead of rewarding you with all the presents I’ve bought you.”


Jeongguk’s shoulders slump at that, angrily blinking away his sudden tears. “But I’m sorry,” he huffs.


Taehyung merely hums, and Jeongguk knows, he's grinning right now. That sadistic fuck. “For now, stop touching yourself.”


His mouth falls open, expression mirroring one of pure horror. “Daddy!”


“In fact,” Taehyung continues as if Jeongguk hasn’t even spoken, “you’re not allowed to touch yourself until I get back.”


Jeongguk’s mouth falls open, cheeks flushing an angry colour. “That’s not fair!”


“Excuse me?” There’s warning in Taehyung’s tone, and Jeongguk knows he should shut up right now but his body is even more tense than before, limbs worked up, skin itching with irritation and a little guilt, because he knows he’s to blame, and he knows how much Taehyung hates lying.


“Well,” Jeongguk starts, voice challenging and a little bratty. “How will you know if I do or don’t.”


Taehyung laughs, it’s quiet and a little dark, full of a promise that has Jeongguk suppressing a shudder. “Don’t do this right now.”


Jeongguk narrows his eyes, ignoring how hot his body has gotten just from Taehyung’s subtle threat, how it’s begging for him to shut the fuck up and just take a step back and listen to Taehyung. “Why not?”


There’s a pause, and for a moment, Jeongguk thinks he’s gone too far.


“You’ve just made your punishment ten times worse sweetie. See you tomorrow.”


The line cuts off before Jeongguk can reply, and the boy practically throws his phone back onto his bed, feet kicking out as he clenches his jaw in annoyance. He’s still fucking hard, turned on even more by the way Taehyung was talking down to him, and now, he can’t even do anything about it.


He picks up his phone again, anger flaring through him, hot and heavy as it mixes with his painful arousal.


Jeongguk: hey dipshit


Bitchass hoe: tf


Jeongguk: i fucking hate u


Bitchass hoe: i?? Breathed???


Jeongguk: you jinxed it with Tae and now he’s pissed at me


Bitchass hoe: i think tf not. YOU did everything yourself


Bitchass hoe: and please


Bitchass hoe: dont tell me ur not gonna enjoy every second of ur punishment


Bitchass hoe: everyone knows little jeonggukkie gets turned on when his daddy’s mean to him


Jeongguk hates the way his stomach lurches at the words, mind already flicking through the previous punishments Taehyung had put him through, his cock kicking up in interest against his stomach as he remembers the feeling of not being able to walk for three days straight.


Jeongguk: i hope you get a dildo stuck up your ass


Fuck Jimin lives.  


(One more day)


Fuck fuck fuck. i know you're mad at me right now, but shit, one more day, and then I can smell you and smother you in kisses and tell you how much I love you. I can't fucking wait.


Jeongguk knows he can get difficult sometimes, but in his defence, so can Taehyung.


The day starts off smoothly enough, though Jeongguk’s mood is sour since the events of yesterday.


Taehyung hasn’t said anything else to him, except one message that simply said, be good.


It’s only when Jeongguk’s heading to his classes (yes his sorry ass did get up at seven in the morning because there is no way in hell he’s ready to further piss off Taehyung thank you very much, call him a coward, he’d like to keep living for now) that his phone pings with a notification from him.


He pauses, anticipation flipping through his stomach, fingers fumbling to open to message quickly.


He nearly drops his phone.


Because Jeongguk is difficult to deal with but get on the wrong side of Taehyung, and he’s a literal menace.


A hot, drool worthy menace, with skin that’s fucking glowing and looks lickable beneath the tight lingerie Taehyung’s sporting, Jeongguk thinks in a daze. What’s an even bigger turn on, is the fact that Jeongguk knows Taehyung’s designed it himself, that he’s wearing one of his own lingerie lines, and yeah you guessed it, it’s fucking black.


Jeongguk’s forgotten how much he’s missed Taehyung naked. Okay, no, that's a lie. He hasn’t. It’s the only image that keeps him going, stops him from going batshit crazy, but there’s just something about seeing a fresh image, the curves of his waist refined, the dip in his lower back and subtle arch in his ass that has Jeongguk’s mind reeling.


So yeah. Jeongguk’s royally fucked, and his dick feels like it’s about to fall off.


He doesn’t know how he gets through his next class, but when he comes out, he’s hot, his clothes are sticking to him, and his dick is still very much so heavy against his thigh. When he opens his phone, there’s two new pictures and a fucking video waiting in his messages, and he’s on the verge of crying now because he knows, Taehyung isn’t messing around this time.


Not when he’s sent pictures suddenly ditching the underwear, and Jeongguk’s realising if there was a reward for the world’s most perfect cock, it’d go to his boyfriend, because fuck, he needs that in him right now. Not when he’s sent a video of teasing himself, and Jeongguk’s practically salivating as he watches the way Taehyung’s fingers move methodically because fuck, he wants to suck on them, deep throat them until he’s a gagging and choking mess.


He’s not sure when he even gets home, his thoughts cloudy with thick arousal, enveloping him and taking him to a place that’s got him needy and on the edge.


He’s not sure how he ends up on his bed, jeans yanked off, just gripping his dripping cock at the base, exhaling shakily as his thighs continuously tremble, his eyes locked with the newest picture Taehyung’s sent, where the only thing he’s wearing, is a silk scarf tied loosely around his neck.


He falls back onto his bed with a groan, tightening his grasp, head swamped with fantasies and desires of Taehyung’s scarf caressing his skin, smoothing down, feather touches to his thighs, to every sensitive part of him.


He closes his eyes, then pumps himself once, whimpering to himself.


He’s playing with fire, he knows that. Is aware that Taehyung will still be able to sense he’s disobeying him, but Jeongguk can’t help it. He needs that release, needs it so bad he could cry.


Maybe Taehyung knows that, knows he never was going to last. Maybe Taehyung’s just too cruel for his own good, just loves pushing Jeongguk past the breaking point, because it’s what he needs, the image of Jeongguk flushed out and high, choking back sobs, pretty eyelashes drenched with tears.


Maybe that’s why Taehyung decides to come back a day earlier. Slips the key into the lock of his apartment as quietly as he can, then nudges the door shut.


Maybe he already anticipates the low moans coming from his bedroom that have his lips twitching slightly as he toes off his shoes.


And maybe Jeongguk’s too far gone to notice that Taehyung’s been leaning against the doorway of their bedroom for the past five minutes, silently observing the way Jeongguk’s hips keep jerking up, back arching as he whines beautifully,body sprawled out on their bed.


“What are you doing?”


Jeongguk startles, head jerking up almost comically. Taehyung watches in vague amusement, hands tucked into the pockets of his trousers as Jeongguk’s glassy eyes widen, his mouth falling open in an o shape.


“Y-you're back,” he breathes, and then almost trips over himself trying to stand up and get to Taehyung as quickly as he can.


Taehyung takes a step closer into the room, halting Jeongguk with a hand against his bare chest, promptly stopping the boy from hugging him.


His palm flattens, feels the hotness of Jeongguk’s skin, how it’s burning already, before he pushes against him, watching as he stumbles back, a little confused.


“I thought I told you not to touch yourself,” he muses, pushing Jeongguk again, letting the boys knees hit their bed.


“Shit-no, Tae it’s not w-” Jeongguk’s mouth falls shut as he chokes on a gasp, because Taehyung’s suddenly standing in front of him, knees touching his, fingers flexing around his neck.


He no longer looks amused.


Jeongguk swallows thickly, blinking back the new set of tears, his own hands latching onto Taehyung’s outstretched arm.


“Don’t go lying to me again,” Taehyung whispers, tightening his hold, thumb applying a hint of pressure as he squeezes lightly.


Jeongguk can feel his face turning hot, that flush of arousal running up his constricted neck, up to his ear, pinky complexion turning darker.


“‘M sorry,” he tries to say, but it comes out a cracked whisper. He shakes, trying to stand as still as possible whilst Taehyung looks a little bored at his apology, fingers curling to press down tighter. Jeongguk jerks, lungs protesting in panic as he struggles to breathe, but then Taehyung’s letting him go, pushing him one last time until he’s collapsing onto the bed.


He coughs, a hand pressed to his neck, chest heaving up and down as he tries to breathe in as much of air as he can.


“You’re not sorry,” the male starts once he’s crossed the room to take off his blazer, taking his time to hang it up.


His hands dip down to his trousers, unbuckling his belt slowly. His head tilts up to meet Jeongguk’s stare, lips curling up a little when he sees how wrecked he already looks. “But you will be.”




Sometimes, Jeongguk hates Taehyung.


Hates the way he lives to tease, lives to mess around with Jeongguk until he’s seeing stars.


He was sure he was going to get spanked. Felt certain as he watched Taehyung wound the belt around his wrist mindlessly, long fingers trailing along the dark leather.


But no. Taehyung had simply tossed it onto the floor carelessly, then proceeded to pull his slacks off, ditching them for something more comfortable.


Jeongguk had sat there, in painful silence, watching Taehyung change his floral shirt for something more plain. Watched with his mouth open, throat a little raw, as Taehyung then moved to bring his luggage in, opening his suitcases to sort through his clothes.


And that had gone on for a whole hour. So long that Jeongguk had ended up relaxing, shoulders slumping slightly in relief (and a little disappointment) that he wasn’t getting a punishment just yet. That maybe, Taehyung was tired from his flight and just wanted to call it a night.


Of course, he should’ve known better.


Of course, he shouldn’t have let his guard down.


Because here was now, shaking on the sofa, sweat breaking out across his forehead, his thighs trembling as they tensed.


Here he sat, his leaking length confined to a cock ring that wrapped so tight around him it hurt, whilst his prostate was repeatedly abused with the vibrating device currently pulsing inside him.


He shifts uncomfortably, the movement jostling the toy in further, allowing it to caress his walls until his breathing is coming out harsh, and his entire body stiffens.


“Daddy,” he whines, more so pitiful than anything else, trying to get the attention of Taehyung, who’s sitting next to him, seemingly engrossed in a magazine.


Jeongguk positively hates him.


His legs kick out in retaliation at being ignored, a growl spilling past his lips as he feels his stomach clench painfully, then gasps out loud, because now Taehyung’s casually flicking the switch on the remote he’s playing with, and there’s vibrations hammering between his walls, pressure intensified against his sweet spot that has Jeongguk seeing white for a moment.


“Please,” he whimpers, uncaring for how wrecked he already sounds.


Taehyung flips the next page, humming to himself.


“Tae!” he whimpers, not even realising the slip in name until heats spreading through his spine, and he’s jerking upwards. The pulses quicken in pace, unforgiving and relentless, making him grit his teeth, sweat trickling down his temple, falling down his already flushed neck.


There’s heat pooling in his stomach, there’s vibrations pressed to close to his prostate, and he’s finding it hard to keep his orgasm at bay, hard to stop shaking as his nails dig in to his thighs, and he swallows down the urge to scream.


He comes all of a sudden, frame quivering as the pulsations continue. It’s dry and painful, only reminding him of how hard his cock is, how wet it continuously leaks with precome, trapped in the tight hold of a ring he all about wants to rip off and chuck at Taehyung’s face.


“Daddy please!” He sobs this time, body slumping backwards as his orgasm passes, feeling the vibrator inch further in and push him into the realm of over sensitivity.


He hates it so much. Sniffs pitifully as the toy rubs against his walls incessantly, and his cock just kicks up again. A shaky hand reaches out to touch himself, but then Taehyung’s tutting and Jeongguk’s freezing in place all over again.


“You say you’re sorry,” he starts, closing his magazine to turn to Jeongguk, who blinks back at him through teary eyes. “But you keep on not listening.”


Jeongguk’s face crumples at Taehyung’s hard expression, sniffs turning into something more louder and less repressed.


“I am sorry, I p-promise. Gukkie’s really sorry but daddy doesn’t believe him.” He hastily wipes his tears away, eyebrows furrowing as another pang of arousal hits him straight in the gut, making him curl forward.


“Come here,” Taehyung murmurs, patting his lap, and that’s all it takes for Jeongguk to scramble up clumsily, legs shaking as he climbs onto Taehyung, instinctively wrapping his arms around his neck, pressing his face into the side of his neck to cry freely.


Taehyung’s arms come around his waist, pushing his weight down harshly, until Jeongguk’s choking, back arching, because that was mean, and it hurt a lot, and now the toy’s tilted so it’s solely pressing against his sensitive spot, hammering vibration after vibration against it.


“Why did you lie pet?” Taehyung asks, his tone quiet and questioning. He runs his palms up Jeongguk’s back soothingly, fingers playing with the hair at his nape, pulling the strands softly.


Jeongguk can’t stop his hips jerking up, because Taehyung’s finally touching him, and he’s missed the feeling so much. He presses a wet kiss against Taehyung’s jaw, hands running down to rest on the male’s broad shoulders before he grinds down gently, uncaring for the fact that Taehyung’s asked him a question.


Taehyung’s grip tightens, fingers yanking his hair back, hard, and it has tears prickling in Jeongguk’s eyes all over again, whines stumbling out of his parted lips.


“Stop playing around,” he voices, low and threatening, cupping Jeongguk’s chin until the boy nods weakly.


“I’m sorry,” Jeongguk pants, his muscles tensing to stop himself from moving, from rutting against Taehyung’s chest and getting that friction his aching cock desires. Another dry orgasm wracks through his trembling figure, has him collapsing onto Taehyung, hips jerking away from the toy that repeatedly abuses his prostate, whining quietly as his stomach clenches painfully again.


“Daddy,” he croaks, lifting himself up to look Taehyung in the eye. His fingers that are wet from his tears move to cup Taehyung’s cheeks, shaking a little. “I won’t do it again. Gukkie promises to be good.”


Taehyung’s dark eyes soften a little as they scan Jeongguk’s face, his mouth upturning just the slightest, lips curling up cruelly. Because Jeongguk knows he must be a sight right now, and it hits him hard in the gut that Taehyung loves him looking like this, like he’s a wrecked mess, like he’d do anything for his daddy.


“Okay,” Taehyung simply says, brushing Jeongguk’s hair back gently. His thumbs move down to wipe Jeongguk’s tears, and then he’s leaning in, lips brushing against Jeongguk’s nose.


When the vibrations stop, Jeongguk’s body turns to liquid, goes boneless in Taehyung’s hold, pressing his forehead to the male’s chest with a quiet sigh.


He still wants to come, still is aware of how much his cock aches, but he’s also so tired, body well spent.


“Oh sweetie,” Taehyung murmurs when Jeongguk’s eyes flutter shut, chuckling a little. The laughter has Jeongguk shivering, thighs tensing as he feels Taehyung’s wide palms smooth over them before he grips tight, his hot breath spilling against his neck where he buries his face to whisper, “We’re nowhere near done.”




For all the continuous edging Taehyung had put him through, riling him up to no end, it's slightly surprising how compliant Jeongguk is now, pushing himself up to balance on his knees, as Taehyung settles behind him, one hand rubbing his hipbone gently, the other, slicking his cock with generous lube.


Jeongguk is silent, just listens to the wet sounds and the rapid breathing of Taehyung that matches with how fast his heart is beating.


There’s a small smile on his face, despite the torture Taehyung had previously put him through, despite how raw his throat felt after being fucked by Taehyung a few moments ago, aching and dry, but only in a good way, because he's glad that Taehyung's back. Glad he can feel his presence and drown in his scent and wake up tomorrow with him next to him.


“Ready?” Taehyung asks, pressing himself against Jeongguk, so the boy can feel his body heat, feel his overwhelming presence that’ll always have his knees buckling.


“Mm,” Jeongguk hums, wiggling a little. “Been ready since you left me two weeks ago.”


Taehyung laughs, a breathy chuckle that turns Jeongguk’s insides to mush. He jolts a little when he feels a harsh flick, whining as his head whips back to glare at the male.


Taehyung merely smirks, mouth quirked up in that arrogant grin of his, before he lines his cock up by Jeongguk’s fluttering hole, rubbing the tip teasingly. Jeongguk’s head dips forward, a gasp escaping his lips, the feeling of precome being smeared around his tight rim has arousal simmering beneath his skin.


“C’mon,” he whines, pressing himself back desperately as Taehyung just snickers again. Jeongguk opens his mouth for another reprimand but then Taehyung’s grasping his hips tightly, leaning down to place a hard kiss at his shoulder blade, before sliding inside in one smooth movement, burying himself until his hips are flush against Jeongguk’s ass.


Jeongguk’s back arches immediately, his arms shaking to hold himself up, a high moan falling from his lips that fills the room and makes Taehyung’s eyes flutter shut, because fuck, he’s missed hearing it.


“So fucking tight.” Jeongguk whimpers in response, legs shaking as Taehyung guttural groans hit him in his lower stomach, low and as needy as how he feels right now himself.


“Move,” Jeongguk whispers, fisting the sheets until his fingers ache, delirious with how perfectly stretched he feels around Taehyung’s thick cock.


Taehyung notches his hips forward, lets his cock slip in a little deeper.


Jeongguk forgets how to breathe.


“Oh baby,” Taehyung grits, hands coming out on either side of Jeongguk’s tense body. He feels the male press his chest over his back, then thrusts in once, hard.


Jeongguk groans at the rough movement, ass shoving back so he can be filled to the brim, struggling to make sense of anything other than the fact that he's never felt this full.


Taehyung rolls his hips languidly once, his hip bones pressing harsh into Jeongguk’s skin before he stills again when Jeongguk clenches instinctively, growling under his breath. “ Shit,” he spits out, crowding over Jeongguk again. “How are you gripping me so tight like this baby?”


Jeongguk moans, tilting his head to meet Taehyung, eyes a little unfocused as Taehyung rocks into him again, at the same time pressing a firm kiss to kiss mouth, breath hot as it fans against the corner. His breathing stutters when Taehyung’s cock drags back out, lets him feel every inch of it, then cries out desperately when he sinks back inside, all in one go.


“Oh my god,” Jeongguk whimpers, punched out noises escaping his tight chest as Taehyung quickly picks up a rhythm, fucking into him so deep he wants to collapse.


“I’ve missed this,” he chokes, emotions spilling out as continuous cries that urge Taehyung on, make him slam his hips cruelly, driving Jeongguk into a frenzy of overwhelming pleasure.


Taehyung grunts, snapping forward, driving his cock in deeper at the next thrust, stretching out Jeongguk’s tight walls, the tip nudging his sweet spot teasingly, because Taehyung knows how to work his body, knows every spot that'll drive Jeongguk crazy in a matter of seconds.


Jeongguk falls forward with a sob, elbows giving out as a surge of lust sparks violently through him, his muscles tightening around Taehyung’s dick until the other’s breath hitches. “Just like tha- fuck. Harder, G-gukkie wants it harder.”


“Yeah? Baby wants more?” Jeongguk nods his head repeatedly, mouth falling open as Taehyung thrusts in hard, the sound of skin slapping each time Taehyung’s balls press against Jeongguk’s ass, mingling with the desperate noises he can’t stop himself from making, because Taehyung feels so good, feels so thick and perfect in the way he’s driving forward a cruel rhythm. Fucking Jeongguk open until he’s a sobbing mess, all flushed out and ruined.


“Feels-hh, yes, daddy feels so fucking good, so-ngh.” There are ripples of pleasure passing through him, warm and intense, the feeling of Taehyung pressing his tip to his prostate too much for the boy. It gets him tensing, knees slipping further apart which has Taehyung shifting closer, deeper.


His arms tremble so much he’s afraid they’re going to give out, muscles aching with the need to just fall onto the bed and let Taehyung take him like that.  


“Did you miss this?” he sighs, pushing himself back until he’s meeting Taehyung’s brutal thrusts. “Did daddy miss how good gukkie feels around him? How well he sucks him in?”


He lets out a high whine when Taehyung shoves him forward, grips his hips and pulls them back until there’s no space between them. “Shut up,” Taehyung growls, the low rasp making Jeongguk’s cock kick up, more precome slide down and soak the sheets that are already ruined.


“Just a slut for daddy aren’t you, hm? A perfect doll to fuck.” Jeongguk sinks lower, pushes his ass further up in the air, sobbing quietly as Taehyung pins him down and shoves his legs further apart to fuck in deeper.


He presses his face into the sheets, fingers curling into fists as Taehyung’s pace turns feral, control slipping each time his cock sinks into Jeongguk, each time he watches the boy’s frame quiver and shake.


“Daddy’s fuck toy huh?” Taehyung goads, laughing a little when Jeongguk writhes at the words, walls clenching impossibly tighter to the point Taehyung has to slow his movements.


“Lift your head up pet.”


Jeongguk’s entire body shakes, his tears dampening the fabric of the bed as he tries to push himself up. He takes too long, whimpering brokenly in a pathetic manner that has Taehyung delivering a particularly vigorous thrust, ramming against his prostate, harsh pulses of arousal driving the boy closer to the edge.


“So perfect for me,” Taehyung murmurs once Jeongguk’s back to holding himself up, back arching beautifully. His head twists to meet the male’s heavy gaze, glassy eyes taken in how fucked out his daddy looks, the sweat forming at his hairline, the clench in his jaw each time Jeongguk spasms around him.


Jeongguk’s head dips again, teeth sinking into his lips as he loses himself in how the girth of Taehyung’s cock stretches him wide, how the tip applies the perfect amount of pressure to his spot Taehyung never misses, how his entire body feels like it’s on fire each time Taehyung’s rough hands grip him a little tighter.


“C-can-” Jeongguk hiccups on a sob when Taehyung changes the rhythm to gyrating his hips deep, nice and slow, legs the boy feel every ridge of his cock as it inches in deeper. “Can gukkie come?”


Taehyung coos, dick throbbing as he takes in how flushed Jeongguk’s face is, drenched with tears and ready to crumple. How he keeps blinking to see Taehyung properly, mind cloudy with pleasure. He leans forward to press kisses along Jeongguk’s tense neck, lips dragging torturously until Jeongguk’s whining all over again.


“My baby’s so polite,” he hums, chest draped over the boy’s back, watching Jeongguk relax with a tired sigh, dark eyes taking in his slouched posture. And then, his hips are pulling back to pick up a brutal pace again, working his cock in repeatedly at a different angle, lips curling as Jeongguk gives a loud shout, face collapsing into his pillow.


Taehyung’s fingers thread through Jeongguk’s hair, yanking aggressively until he’s pulling the boy up. “You know daddy likes hearing you pet.”


There’s another violent snap of hips that drive Jeongguk further up the bed, make him want to stuff his mouth with his knuckles so he doesn’t sound so stupidly fucked out with the high whines he keeps on making, because Taehyung’s pounding into him fiercely, letting him hear his low groans as he continuously mouths at his ear.


“‘M so close, please please!”


Taehyung wrenches his hair harder, pulling Jeongguk back until they’re flush against each other. He rolls his hips upwards, agonisingly slow all of a sudden. “Come for me then. Show daddy how good you are pet.”


Jeongguk shakes, stomach coiling tight as he wraps a hand around his leaking cock, pumping it with jerky movements that are a stark contrast to the deep grinding Taehyung’s got going, adamant on making him feel every inch of his cock.


“Hah,” he whimpers, thumbing his drenched slit, hips bucking up before shoving back to meet Taehyung, who starts up the pace again, grips his hips painfully and thrusts in hard once, twice, before Jeongguk collapses, sobbing into the sheets as his orgasm hits him and makes every muscle of his lock up, his quivering frame shake uncontrollably.


His cock throbs painfully, asshole clenching as every limb of his locks. Taehyung growls, nudging his dick in slowly, breathing harshly as Jeongguk’s walls close around him. And then there’s come spurting out in thick ropes, and he’s trembling past sensitivity, because Taehyung’s not playing around, his thrusts turning rough and ruthless as he searches for his own release.


“Tae- daddy, oh,” he sobs, letting Taehyung use him, lets the male rolls his hips repeatedly, feels the throbbing of his cock as he nears the edge, hears the husky groans that increase until he’s gripping Jeongguk painfully and shooting his load, pulling Jeongguk back and making him take each hot spurt that fills the boy up in a filthy way, has him whimpering all over again.


And then, he collapses on top of Jeongguk, pushes him into the mess he's made with a tired sigh.


Jeongguk wiggles beneath Taehyung's weight, pouting a little when Taehyung makes no move to roll off.


"Daddy's heavy," he huffs out eventually, head lifting up to throw Taehyung a glare. It melts immediately when he meets Taehyung's gaze, forehead smoothing as the male presses a soft kiss to his cheek.


"Love you," he mumbles, before dropping his head back down onto Jeongguk's shoulder, and the boy suddenly doesn't have the heart to push him off. 




The best part of waking up, Jeongguk thinks, twirling around as he gives himself a once over in the mirror, is getting to wake Taehyung up.


So maybe Jeongguk had been a feeling a little naughty when he woke up. Maybe he'd gone through the presents Taehyung had bought and picked out his favourite one, but hey, he's a curious guy, and it's been a while since Taehyung gave him any gift. Apart from that good dicking down from last night. 


Would totally do again.


But that doesn't count. It's required. Everyone knows that. Besides, if anything, Jeongguk had been the one doing the present giving. His ass is not something that deserves to be underappreciated in this household.


So yeah, maybe Jeongguk happened to stumble upon a set of white lingerie, silk and thin. Happened to rub it between his fingertips with glee as his mind worked up a quick plan of messing with Taehyung. And maybe it's what he's wearing right now, as his hands roam over himself and he wonders to himself how lucky Taehyung is to end up with someone as pretty as himself.


It's self loving hours bitches.


He giggles to himself, gives himself one last lingering look, before padding over to where Taehyung's still sound asleep.


So maybe he likes living life on the edge. And right now, the edge is Taehyung's lap.


He wiggles a little to get comfortable, mouth widening in a cheeky grin as Taehyung's eyebrows furrow a little. 


"Daddy." He pokes Taehyung's firm chest, mind going blank for a second with how sturdy it is. Lets his palms smooth over, eyes turning wider as he feels Taehyung's warm skin.


Focus Jeongguk.




Taehyung frowns, tries to shift onto his side. Jeongguk's thighs clamp around him, stopping him from moving.


"Wake up," he whines, leaning forward to press a firm kiss to Taehyung's jaw. Watches Taehyung's eyelashes flutter a little.


"Daddy."  He rolls his hips down slightly, nails digging into Taehyung's shoulders until the male lets out a hiss of pain.


"What the fuck?"


Jeongguk smiles sweetly as Taehyung's eyes gradually open, narrowed slits that widen a little as he takes in how close Jeongguk's face is. A low sigh of content falls from Jeongguk's mouth, his body leaning into the touch of Taehyung's palms that instinctively slide to rest against his hips.


"What time is it pet?"


Jeongguk hums in apparent thought, pulling back a little. He feels Taehyung grip him harder, eyes opening wider as they take in his appearance, heavy gaze raking over his revealing body.


There's silence for a moment. 


It's so quiet Jeongguk's half afraid to let out his held breath. But then he'd pass out, and that is not part of the plan.


"Who said you could open those?"


He's speaking quietly, but Jeongguk can't stop the shudder that wracks through his spine, because fuck, Taehyung's morning voice is ten times deeper than usual, and right now, it's coming out as a low rasp, tone underlined with mild irritation.


Jeongguk purses his lips. "Don't I look pretty?"


He lets out a gasp, fingers curling against Taehyung's pyjama shirt as the male flips them both over, arms coming by either side of the boy's head to cage Jeongguk in.


"How many punishments are you looking for exactly?"


Jeongguk grins, smile blown out, body wiggling underneath Taehyung teasingly. "How many are you willing to give me?"


Taehyung rolls his eyes, lets his fingers trail up Jeongguk's body, dipping beneath the underwear to stroke his bare skin, showing the boy just how appreciative he is with how Jeongguk looks. He leans down, lips brushing against Jeongguk's lips playfully before he pulls away almost instantly, snickering at the little whine Jeongguk gives. 


"Guess I'm clearing out my schedule today."