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Kali Orexi

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“Fallen Angel! You have hurt my lady! Now fight me into a duel of the death!” Red Bean Paste shouted at the towering Spectra, in an attempt to scare him off.

“Red! You can’t tell every fallen angel to fight you! Look at how small you are!” Sakura Mochi called out

“My height doesn’t affect my ability to hunt fallen angels.” Red Bean Paste explained before turning back to Spectra. “Especially you!”

“Kid you have a cardboard sword and a laundry basket for a shield.” Spectra said as he looked down at the two food souls.

“Are you testing my will to fight?! I will not hesitate to get a foot stool! Don’t make me break it over your needs!” Red Bean Paste shouted.

“Good grief…” Lowell sighed. “Someone grab Tom Yum and Vodka….”