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The Transfer Student

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Telekinesis: you use your mind to lift even the heaviest object. You use this to your advantage when natural disasters strike. Helping to keep buildings up so civilians can escape. Your weakness is that if you over use it you become delirious, with nosebleeds and killer migraines. 




Body possession: You are able to possess the bodies of those around you. The only tell tale sign that you’ve taken over someone is the quick flash of black in their eyes. The only downside is you get incredibly bad migraines and eye bleeds/nosebleeds if you over use it.



Midas touch: You can turn anything into gold with a single touch. Thankfully you can turn it on and off when needed. You use this to freeze enemies in place like statues, but don’t worry. You can change them back. Think of it like carbonite from Star Wars. Your only down side is that it leaves your hands numb and fingertips bleeding from overuse. 



Light manipulation: sunlight flows through your veins. Because of this you are able to bend and use the light to your advantage. Your only problem is your weakest at night.



Plant growth: many see your powers as weak until the roots of the old oak in front of the building across the street are shielding them from a villains rage. Your only draw back is how easily dehydrated you become from over use of your power. 



Nuke: You are a walking energy bomb, but don’t worry, you aren’t radioactive. You use controlled burst to nock your enemies down. Your weakness is that if you use to much power you begin to grow incredibly tired and your explosions become weaker.