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proud to be yours

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It’s quiet here.

So, so quiet. All Jeongguk can hear are the sounds of his breathing, and if he really focuses, the beating of his heart - otherwise it’s silent enough he could hear a pin drop. Of course, no one would be dropping any pins in the dark, muffled space under Jeongguk’s bunk bed, where he lays, curled into a tight ball inside a closed plastic storage container with small holes poked in the lid, but the analogy is relevant when considering Jeongguk’s awareness of the space around him, because he’s spent so long in the quiet he can scarcely remember where he is. Where had they put him last night? In the closet, under one of their beds, on a shelf? It’s so fucking quiet in here that Jeongguk figures he must be in a storage cupboard or at the very least under his own bed, because otherwise he’d have heard something from the time he was shoved into the dark until now.

Unless he’s heard something and forgotten it, which Jeongguk wouldn’t rule out as a possibility. In the few times he’s done this, it’s never taken him long to slip into a quiet, relaxed headspace, and he’s always deep enough in that he forgets about the outside world. Not now, though, but now isn’t a usual circumstance, is it? Normally the plug in his ass doesn’t vibrate, but lo and behold, just minutes ago he’d snapped awake as the thick toy buzzed to life on one of the highest settings from the get go.

Jeongguk had known the plug could be controlled remotely, but in his defense, it never had been turned on like this in the past, and after so long of having it used to simply stretch his ass open as opposed to offering him any sexual stimulation, he’d frankly forgotten about the feature. As Jeongguk’s required to be kept open and loose during scenes like this one so he can be used with little fuss, and with how he wears butt plugs often even when out doing promotions for Bangtan anyways, how could he have been prepared to be jolted out of his headspace like that? It really had been a serious shock for him, floating in the dark for all that time only to have the toy turn on abruptly, and just when he’d gotten over the scare and his cock was beginning to harden, the fucking thing had turned off! Jeongguk’s heart is still pounding, and god, he’s so hard - and it’s so quiet it leaves him with nothing to do but listen to his thoughts.

He wonders if he might be able to touch himself if he can get his arm out from under his curled up form, but is it worth the ensuing punishment? On days like this, Jeongguk is nothing but a toy, and if toys are only supposed to sit still and look pretty, then they definitely aren't permitted to touch what isn't theirs. After all, Jeongguk's body, hole, and cock belong to his hyungs - his owners - and he figures they wouldn't take too kindly to the insolence and disobedience he'd be displaying if he decided that touching himself was worth the consequences.

Besides, it never is worth the consequences. Bangtan's punishments are a hefty price to pay for something as small as unpermitted masturbation, which, to be fair, is one of the only things Jeongguk's hyungs get really pissed off over. Frankly, they let Jeongguk get away with quite a bit, even allowing him to come whenever he wants as long as it's not by his own hand, so Jeongguk really can't complain, but it's at times like these that he really wants to bitch and moan, despite how he was the one to suggest their current arrangement and how he complied fully with the few rules the hyungs set in place to make sure all seven of them could get something out of scenes.

Sure enough, Jeongguk had been dreaming for years of being turned into a disposable sex toy for his hyungs, something to put away and shove under the bed or in a closet when not being used, a mere object whose own pleasure was irrelevant, but he hadn't gotten the balls to try to make it a reality until - a few months ago, actually. Jeongguk had always had a paralyzing fear of rejection, strong enough to hold him back from seeking out what he needed, which, in this case, was a way to rewind from the stresses of idol life, but one day he'd finally worked up the courage to just blurt it out while the band were pissed-drunk, which may not have been the best time, but Jeongguk knew they'd be honest with him during that time, and if anything went wrong, it was likely they wouldn't remember in the morning what Jeongguk had proposed.

Thankfully, it hadn't come to that, as the boys, who were practically falling over themselves, had admitted that they found the scenario Jeongguk was suggesting hot as fuck, and Namjoon, as the most sober member of the band, set a time for them to do a little bit of kink negotiation so no one was uncomfortable with anything and they had a safeword system just in case. At the time, a few of the members of the band were already partaking in sexual relations with each other and had worked out their own system for BDSM safety, but this was the first time Jeongguk would be participating in anything explicit with the band, and it was always good to lay everything out on the table for everyone so that no confusion or discomfort occurred. Jeongguk hadn't minded, seeing the necessity and being beyond thrilled about how things had gone, as the best case scenario was what had ended up occurring for him, and he couldn't believe he'd finally get to be treated like a worthless sex doll, something he'd been wanting for years.

It took him a little while to get used to the obedience, though. He often forgot to stay quiet and that he was no longer permitted to do anything sexual with himself without the explicit permission of his hyungs. However, it was the rules that really cemented the lifestyle for him and allowed him to fully relax into his doll headspace, so Jeongguk admitted that they were for good, even though he had to endure quite a few punishments to become the obedient toy he'd always wanted to be.

God, it's so fucking hard to be obedient like this, though, stuck in a tiny box with his cock throbbing against his leg and his prostate begging to be touched. If only the plug would turn back on, just for a second...

Jeongguk jolts as the plug buzzes to life again, at a lower setting than it had been set at previously, but he's not complaining, letting out a sigh of relief at the delicious stimulation and silently thanking whoever it is probably having a ball screwing around with the remote. Like this, he can faintly hear the whirring of the vibrator, and being able to focus on the pleasure makes it so that he doesn't have to sit, frustrated, in the stifling silence.. Jeongguk can't possibly be more grateful.

He thinks he can hear something, too, coming from out in the hall, as he'd deduced he must be under his own bed, so he attempts to tune into the increasingly loud yells and tries to make out words, but is ultimately unsuccessful when suddenly the vibrator begins to rapidly increase in speed until it's hammering violently against his prostate, and Jeongguk lets out a yelp around the penis gag he's been absentmindedly sucking on, which had been placed in his mouth by Seokjin to keep his throat relaxed and ready to deepthroat cock. Fuck, the vibe's on the highest setting, isn't it? Jeongguk whimpers, squeezing his thighs together and trying to jerk his hips and rut against the slick, unsatisfying surface of the plastic container. He's going to fucking come.

Jeongguk hasn't come in so long, as for the past two weeks Jimin had forced him to wear this evil spiked cock cage so he could laugh at Jeongguk's pathetic cries when he inevitably got hard from Jimin's brutal thrusts against his prostate and rough tweaks of his nipples. Jimin has always been a sadist, but that really took it to the extreme, and the other members simply went along with it because it meant Jeongguk focused harder than ever on getting them off as fast as he could. Jeongguk isn't wearing the cock cage now, though, and he can feel himself hurtling towards release like a speeding bullet, which would be both a blessing and a curse: it'll feel so, so good to finally come, but at this vibration setting the overstimulation will be fucking brutal after Jeongguk finally rides out his orgasm.

"Pleamff," Jeongguk pleads into the gag, not sure whether to buck back into or away from the plug, but his prayer is answered in a way he hadn't expected; the yells suddenly crescendo and Jeongguk hears his door crash open and can see the light flooding under the bed even behind his closed eyelids. He opens his eyes slowly, whining as the light is blocked out by a shadow, and suddenly, someone grabs the box and pulls, jostling Jeongguk from side to side. His knees bang into the uneven, hole-ridden plastic, and when he moves back the plug shifts so that it's putting even more pressure on his prostate, leaving Jeongguk to groan as he comes suddenly, unable to take the vibrations when they're that fast and that direct.

Fuck, Jeongguk thinks as translucent cum manages to hit him not only on the collarbone and stomach but in the face as well, and he guesses that he must look fucking pathetic when someone takes the lid off the container after sliding it out fully from under the bed. Squinting, Jeongguk mumbles something incomprehensible around the gag when the light hits his eyes, before his gaze lands on Jimin, Hoseok, and Taehyung, who leer from above, waving mockingly. That snaps him out of his brief disobedient contenance; Jeongguk goes still and quiet, blinking at the light while Hoseok leans down to get a better look at him.

"Told you he wouldn't be able to hold out," the eldest snickers, pushing Jeongguk's bangs out of his face so he can get a better look at the way cum is splattered all over Jeongguk's lips, cheeks, and nose, and Jeongguk does his best to let his face relax, let himself settle back into the subservient headspace that's typical for him to already be in when this far into this kind of scene. Fuck, he's way too riled up. They'd known he would be this riled up - this is a game.

Jeongguk can't say he doesn't love their games, though.

Taehyung laughs at Hoseok's words, and Jimin lets out a low whistle when the light hits Jeongguk's face. "So messy," Jimin chides, clucking his tongue. "I thought maybe the cock cage would cause some kind of, I don't know, pavlovian response or something, but I guess not." Jimin shrugs, letting a smirk form on his full lips. "Oh, well. He can spend the rest of the day with dried cum on his face."

Hoseok chuckles and mercifully removes the penis gag, though he leaves the vibrator in and on. When he grasps Jeongguk by the wrists, Taehyung steps left so that he can grab Jeongguk's ankles. "So mean, Jiminie," laughs Hoseok as he and Taehyung abruptly lift Jeongguk, scooting closer together so they can better support his weight. "Poor doll. Who's your favorite hyung, then, Jeongguk-ah?"

Jeongguk, expectedly, says nothing, already letting a haze settle over his brain and creep into the irises of his glassy eyes, and so Hoseok grasps Jeongguk's head and uses his thumb to move Jeongguk's slack jaw up and down. "I like Hoseokie-hyung!" Taehyung and Hoseok get a big fucking kick out of this, for some reason, and though Jimin only rolls his eyes, they continue to crack jokes at the way Jeongguk speaks to his hyungs outside of scenes all the way to the living room. However, as soon as they set Jeongguk's limp body down on the couch, Taehyung takes his turn as puppeteer and quickly ends the joke when he uses Jeongguk's mouth to repeat one of the taunts Jeongguk had made about Jimin's height earlier in the week, which Jimin clearly doesn't take kindly to when he kicks Taehyung in the balls.

Taehyung roars in pain and Hoseok cackles, though Jimin simply shoves Taehyung out of the way so that he can get access to Jeongguk's mouth. "Just open him up," Jimin orders - and then softens when Taehyung doubles over, still grunting in agony. "Look, I’m letting you have his ass, okay?"

Jeongguk, on the other hand, is starting to feel floaty, blood rushing to his cock as he listens to his two youngest hyungs and Hoseok banter with each other like Jeongguk isn't even there, like he's a mere decoration, an inanimate object. In any other circumstance, this would be embarrassing since Jeongguk only got off, what, five minutes ago at most? But he can't bring himself to care, because right now, his own pleasure doesn't matter. He can't put himself above his hyungs, ever. His two holes and cock are for service only, as his hyungs often remind him; if they wanted to talk to someone during sex they'd just turn to each other. Jeongguk speaking, moving - doing anything other than lying there and taking it, really - limits his utility, and Jeongguk can't stand the thought of no longer being a useful doll for his owners. He loves seeing them happy.

(Rationally, he knows his hyungs would never stop loving him no matter what he did, but as a doll, everything's different. Good different. Jeongguk always comes so fucking hard during scenes like these, and he always feels so, so relaxed and so, so loved afterwards. It's incredible.)

The haze thickens when Jimin presses his cock lightly between Jeongguk's lips, waiting for him to drop his jaw so he can feed it back into his throat, and Jeongguk immediately complies, feeling high and giddy as Jimin slowly begins to fuck his throat, back and forth, back and forth, making Jeongguk's eyes tear up and his throat burn from the sheer width of Jimin's cock. He's been doing this long enough that when he sucks dick, he normally has enough control to relax his throat and suppress his gag reflex, but never like this, when he's weightless and Jimin is fucking his throat without a care. He doesn't mind, though. It hurts, but he likes the burn and listening to his retches and the gluk gluk gluk sound of his wet throat getting fucked. Jimin likes it a lot too, but he's sadistic like that, loves watching Jeongguk struggle to keep still and quiet.

Just as Jimin works up to a pace that has his balls slapping loudly against Jeongguk's cheek, Taehyung finally finds his feet and stumbles over to Jeongguk's other end, carefully pushing one leg up against Jeongguk's chest so he can get access to the maknae's hole without turning him off his side. Hoseok helps him hold it there; he's been kneeling this whole time, absentmindedly playing with Jeongguk's nipples and rubbing his index finger around the pink head of Jeongguk's cute little cock. Jeongguk registers the pleasure vaguely from behind the fog, and though he's fully hard now, he doesn't feel his cock throbbing in the way he normally does. He's so far gone that it's a miracle he jolts when the plug's pulled out of him, having been buzzing away in his ass this whole time, but the boys just let it slide since he'd been enduring the vibrations for so long that they recognized that the sensation change was drastic enough to cause an involuntary reaction.

Jeongguk settles down again, though, bringing his focus back to the cock fucking his throat fast and hard with no restraint, and he doesn't jolt when Taehyung slides a lubed finger inside him, instead letting out a soft breath through his nose. He lets himself suckle lightly on Jimin's cock while Tae works too many fingers inside him much too fast, causing a sharp pain just as detached as Jeongguk's earlier pleasure, but Jeongguk's more focused on Jimin, who is getting close now, gripping Jeongguk's face in his hands and moving his head up and down his cock roughly while Jeongguk lays limp and pliant. This is Gguk's favorite part, especially when Jimin starts to degrade him: "That's right, take it, you worthless little cumrag. Got this tight, slutty body that makes me want to fucking ruin you, you stupid whore. You're only useful as a hole and you know it," Jimin grits out, shaking Jeongguk back and forth as he uses his mouth like a fleshlight.

Jeongguk can feel his teeth rattling around in his skull when Jimin finally seats himself as deep as possible in Jeongguk's throat and comes, and it's so far down that Jeongguk can't taste it, is only vaguely aware of the hot spunk sliding down his throat in intermittent, thick globs. He lets his eyes fall closed as Jimin pulls out, pets Jeongguk's acne-scarred cheek, and after grabbing his pants and boxers, walks out of the room - and then Jeongguk starts waiting. Waiting for the inevitable-


Hoseok's hand comes down hard on Jeongguk's face, stinging painfully as it impacts Jeongguk's cheek, nose, and eyelids. It has the intended effect: Jeongguk lays there, air knocked out of his lungs, so stunned by the force of the blow that it barely registers when Taehyung practically douses his hand in lube and pushes the cone of all five fingers into Jeongguk's lax hole. Such acts of dominance and blunt force blows have always been the perfect combination to really make Jeongguk feel inferior, send him even deeper into subspace, and get him aching for pain, which the fucking masochist loves just as much as pleasure. Hoseok has learned this, always starts off with a slap every time. What can he say? It's an appetizer to the main course.

Hoseok wipes the dried cum that had transferred over to his hand during the slap on Jeongguk's hair, grinning when Jeongguk doesn't even react. In fact, all he does is begin to quietly pant, but Hoseok figures this probably has more to do with Taehyung pushing his hand into Jeongguk's body up to the wrist, which, to be fair, is usually a little more attention-grabbing that Hoseok's petty fun. Subsequently Hoseok stops for a second just to watch Taehyung struggle to squeeze lube onto his forearm, but before the eldest can offer any help, Taehyung succeeds in dumping a good third of the (large) bottle onto the intended patch of skin, and continues to push in as Jeongguk silently groans, opening his unfocused eyes.

God, he's so beautiful. Hoseok swears under his breath; he's not sure whether to watch Taehyung fisting Jeongguk or Jeongguk's reaction. Both capture his attention: while Jeongguk is panting, looking overwhelmed yet distant, Taehyung is working his forearm in slowly, thrusting in back and forth carefully - he's always had a soft spot for Jeongguk, even when he's a doll - and reaching down to rub at his cock through his boxers as the maknae's body gives way due to the large amount of anal play Jeongguk does on a regular basis. Despite the preparation, however, Jeongguk is by no means loose enough for Taehyung's fist to not meet resistance as it moves further into his rectum, and Jeongguk gasps, feeling Taehyung's knuckles, wrist, and then forearm drag slowly across his sensitive prostate. God, he's always so fucking sensitive there, and while Jeongguk stares off into space, feeling detached from everything but the lingering sting of the slap and Taehyung's arm, he distantly realizes he can feel arousal shooting straight to his cock. As he focuses on the pleasure, his erection comes back into focus for him, and fuck, he's throbbing, so sensitive he swears his cock is burning.

Unfortunately for Jeongguk, Hoseok, confused where to focus, has decided to meet in the middle by warming Jeongguk up for Hoseok's favorite part of playtime with a couple of strokes to Jeongguk's firm pecs and leaking cock. Though Jeongguk may be overwhelmed with how sensitive he is from the constant pressure against his prostate as Taehyung fucks in and out of him with wet squelches, Hoseok has a real penchant for making Jeongguk come over and over until he's crying and begging for mercy, using him as a doll to experiment on and torture however he wishes. Hoseok shuffles over to fetch the paddle he'd left on the coffee table just for this, and with a grin, he runs the wooden edge up and down Jeongguk's torso.

Jeongguk moans - while he's still in subspace, everything starts to come back into focus as he stares intently at his hyungs. Taehyung, Hoseok, Seokjin, and to an extent, Jimin, are the members that most like using Jeongguk as a "malfunctioning" sex toy, one that tries his best to stay still and quiet but is tortured and teased so much that he can't help but thrash and moan. They care about his pleasure, because his pleasure gives them pleasure, which makes him useful. Namjoon and Yoongi, on the other hand, are the opposite - they get their satisfaction from using Jeongguk whenever they want, wanting him quiet and pliant so they can bounce him on their cocks or use his mouth quickly when they're in a rush or don't want hassle or simply enjoying using Jeongguk like an object. They couldn't care less about his pleasure, and tend to leave him in uncomfortable positions or locations (which Jeongguk can't say he doesn't love, being left around as if he were a toy a child didn't care enough about to pick up). They're different, and Jeongguk loves being used in these ways by all six hyungs, each with their own unique quirks and preferences.

Hoseok, for example, is one of the most sadistic next to Seokjin, and Jeongguk can't stop himself from jerking slightly when Hoseok brings the paddle back and with one sharp movement, aims it to strike against Jeongguk's muscled stomach with the control of an experienced dom. As he jerks, though, Jeongguk feels his cock twitch, and through his floaty haze, he cringes. He really hopes Hoseok didn't see that.

But Hoseok unfortunately has vision like a hawk, and he snickers, moves the hair off Jeongguk's forehead so he can stare into his eyes, which are still staring into space but have acquired more focus, and are twitching like it's all Jeongguk can do to keep his eyelids open. Hoseok can't help but coo - even when drifting uncertainly through his headspace, Jeongguk is still such a good boy. He's in subspace, but he's doing his best to stay present so he can be a good doll. Hoseok fucking loves the kid.

Coincidentally, he also loves fucking the kid, but he'll get to that later. Jeongguk's cock is beginning to drool precum as Taehyung pushes his arm further into Jeongguk's body, and Hoseok's eyes widen - Taehyung is almost to the fucking elbow. The boys have fisted Jeongguk before, but have they ever gone that far? Hoseok isn't sure, but it doesn't look as if Jeongguk has a problem with it, because he's subtly trying to push back against Taehyung's fist. Hoseok sneers at the doll. He's such a pathetic slut, can't get over how good it feels. Without hesitation, Hoseok whips the paddle through the air with a loud whoosh and brings it down on Jeongguk's cock and balls, hard.

A wail almost escapes Jeongguk's throat - almost, but he's been doing this long enough that he still has the self control to be able to tamp it down, even when agony flashes through his body. Grinding his teeth together, Jeongguk tries to focus on the pressure on his prostate and fist in his guts - fuck, it's so far in, which any other day (a day without Hoseok there) would have had Jeongguk coming in a heartbeat - but god, his balls and cock feel like they're on fire. Jeongguk can barely breathe, and he chokes on his own spit as Hoseok brings the paddle down again - only to stop at the last second, effectively scaring the shit out of Jeongguk. He can't help it - Jeongguk has to close his eyes. He thinks he's gonna come. It's too much; Jeongguk's heart is beating at the speed of light, his balls and stomach sting, his cock is throbbing, and there's a fucking fist in his intestines and holy shit there's a bulge in his stomach, fuck. Fuck!

Taehyung pushes in farther, only stopping when he's truly up to the elbow, and grins, flexing his entire arm inside Jeongguk, who frantically bites down on his lip to stop from screaming, and when Hoseok finally lands a brutal strike on the head of Jeongguk's cock, the dam breaks loose. Jeongguk comes all over his stomach, even getting a bit of cum on the paddle before Hoseok can snap it away, and true to their characters, the boys simply laugh and raise an eyebrow at Jeongguk that lets him know they have no plans of stopping. It's with that that Hoseok drops the paddle on the coffee table and moves over by Jeongguk's head, unceremoniously unzipping his cargo shorts, pushing down his boxers, and roughly pushing his cock past Jeongguk's swollen, pretty lips. Jeongguk can't help but choke - he's really trying, but it's involuntary! - when Taehyung starts to really fist him in earnest, no longer delving deeper but pulling out to the wrist so he can punch his entire arm into Jeongguk with an obscene squelch. Jeongguk starts coughing uncontrollably, especially when Taehyung hits his prostate again and makes a large bulge in his toned stomach, because, wow. It's a lot.

Hoseok doesn't seem amused with Jeongguk's coughing and choking, and he slaps the youngest across the face once more, causing Jeongguk's head to snap back into the couch cushions and his cheeks to turn a lovely shade of scarlet. Jeongguk's already come twice at this point, and he really thinks he might lose it from all the stimulation; he's so, so oversensitive, and Hoseok's rough treatment does nothing but make things worse for his soft but twitching cock. All he can do is suck and pray. So when Hoseok grabs Jeongguk's hair and forces his cock deep into his throat, Jeongguk does his best to focus on blowing Hoseok and not the fist in his ass so that he can give Hoseok everything he has to offer.

Over the time he's spent for the last year or two having sex with his hyungs, Jeongguk's gotten pretty good at cock-sucking when he really settles down and puts his mind to it. Sure, he'll cough and choke and gag and generally make a fool of himself at first, but when he's determined to please the hyung who's cock he's sucking, he does a damn good job, knowing just the buttons to push and being able to take the entire shaft into his throat. He's got a couple of tricks he likes: sucking at the head, swallowing while he goes down, licking at the skin of the balls while he's as deep as possible, and while they're a little hard to carry out when Hoseok is grabbing at his hair and making it impossible to pull off, he does his best. The only real trouble is breathing; Jeongguk's never been great at breathing through his nose while deepthroating due to the constant amount of swallowing he's having to do, but he'll try his damndest to be the best fucking doll he can be for Hoseok.

To be fair, though, it's really fucking hard to ignore how Taehyung is practically rearranging his intestines, so when Tae finally pulls his arm out with a disgusting wet schlick, Jeongguk can't help but be grateful, especially when his poor cock is beginning to throb painfully from all the prostate stimulation. He knows there's no way Taehyung is done, especially when he can feel Taehyung's cock rubbing against his ass, but hey, if he has more time to focus on making Hoseok come and being a good doll for him, Jeongguk can't complain. To Jeongguk's surprise, though, Taehyung suddenly lays a hand on Hoseok's arm.

"Seokie-hyung," Taehyung begins, and Jeongguk can hear the grin in his voice. "Ggukkie's all stretched out now and his slag of a hole's gonna be super loose."

Hoseok rolls his eyes, shoves as far as he can into Jeongguk's throat just to make Jeongguk spasm around his engorged cock. "And whose fault is that, exactly?"

Pouting, Taehyung begins to jump in place, giving Hoseok his best puppy dog eyes. "Can you please please fuck him with me, hyung? I wanna actually be able to feel him, and, er-" Taehyung has the decency to sound sheepish, "-I kinda broke his hole. He's like, loose around my fist. Dumb doll always stretches out so fast, you know that."

Hoseok takes a deep breath, thinks for a second, though Jeongguk doesn't exactly have to hold his breath since he's positive he knows what Hoseok's decision will be, and sure enough, a smile twitches at the corners of Jeongguk's lips when Hoseok pulls out with a sigh. "Fine, but only because his ass is nice. This is why I'm your favorite hyung, yeah?"

As the two maneuver Jeongguk so that he can ride Taehyung, Taehyung bursts out laughing. "I mean, you can't tell Jin-hyung, but yeah. You're my favorite, Seok." When Taehyung gets on the couch and Hoseok maneuvers Jeongguk down onto Taehyung's painfully hard cock, though, Tae's laughter warps into a broken moan. "Holy fuck, he's fucking wet."

Hoseok doesn't say anything, but Jeongguk knows he's looking at the half-empty lube bottle. Instead, he simply turns Jeongguk around so that he's riding Taehyung cowgirl-style, and as he positions the tip of his cock at Jeongguk's entrance, he sucks a hickey into the side of Jeongguk's neck, causing Jeongguk's eyes to flutter and a silent sigh to escape his lips. "You're so fucking pretty, doll," Hoseok murmurs as he eases into Jeongguk's pliant body, and Jeongguk is so, so grateful they don't have any public appearances, or really, much of a schedule at all, for the next few days due to a bit of well-deserved downtime before they start promoting their newest single in the upcoming weeks. He loves feeling like this, like an object, but yet so, so cherished. Mouth dropping open, Jeongguk leans back into Hoseok as he finally sinks in fully next to Taehyung, and even though Jeongguk's still soft and a bit too overstimulated for this, the knowledge that he must feel like heaven for both of his hyungs is enough for Jeongguk to power through the discomfort for their pleasure. Besides, Jeongguk knows that he'll chub up again when he really starts getting fucked. He always does.

Taehyung sucks in a breath, and his hips stutter up into Jeongguk. "Fuck, Gguk," he groans, reveling in the tight, slick heat and the slide of his cock against Hoseok's. "Fuck, you really were made for this, doll. Feels so good even though I stretched you out so far. Such a good boy."

Hoseok hums, sinking his teeth into Jeongguk's shoulder. "You're such a pretty whore, baby," he says after a bruise has bloomed on Jeongguk's tender skin. “A wonderfully useful...object.” Panting, Hoseok begins to fuck into Gguk’s body with hard, slow strokes, contrasting with Taehyung’s short, jittery thrusts, and Jeongguk can’t help it when his eyes roll back into his head, and he lets out a slow hiss of breath. He feels so high on endorphins, floaty, but yet grounded by his own erection and the two hard cocks filling him up and making him feel so utterly complete. It’s euphoria.

It isn’t just Jeongguk enjoying the fuck, though; Hoseok’s thrusting in brutally now, deep into Jeongguk’s loose intestines, and Taehyung’s drilling into Jeongguk as best he can from underneath him, bucking his strong hips up and looking so unbelievably sexy with his strong eyebrows furrowed together and tongue just poking out of his open mouth. "Shit, god, fuck," Taehyung grits out, and Jeongguk can feel his cock twitching, so far inside him. "Hoseok, I'm, ah, oh - I'm gonna fucking come. So close..."

"Hey, tighten up, you useless whore. Make your owner come, you absolute fucking waste of a penis," hisses Hoseok, and suddenly, Jeongguk feels a hand curl around his throat, compressing the sides of his neck with a steady and persistent pressure, and - he can't breathe. He can feel himself sucking in air, and it almost feels like it's filling his lungs, but fuck, there's blood roaring in his ears and he's lightheaded and he can't breathe. Inevitably, Jeongguk tightens up around the two cocks in his ass, but he barely feels it when Taehyung abruptly comes, releasing hot and sudden. All he can feel is how he can't quite get air, how it's not even a matter of holding his breath when he had no breath to begin with, but it's his head that's throbbing painfully with the need for air, and Jeongguk gasps silently, desperately clenching and unclenching and trying so hard not to move, but still panicking from the lack of oxygen.

It's only when Jeongguk can't hold himself back from shaking in Hoseok's hold that Hoseok lets go, having realized Jeongguk's reached his limit, and Jeongguk heaves, sucking air back in and reeling as he comes, wet and messy, over his and Taehyung's stomachs; distantly, he feels Hoseok come too. When had Jeongguk even neared orgasm? He's not sure, but now, he doesn't even attempt to stop himself from quivering, as he's simply doing all he can to stop from flopping down onto Taehyung's chest.

Mercifully, Hoseok holds Jeongguk to his chest, wrapping him up in his strong arms, and Jeongguk melts into the touch. Hoseok and Taehyung share a look; they want to ask Jeongguk if he needs to stop for a bit of aftercare before they keep going, but the maknae would simply get upset and they know it. Everyone involved in the agreement is fully aware Jeongguk would let them know if he needed to slow down or stop or take a break for aftercare, but god, it's so hard not to worry sometimes. They adore the kid, even when they're treating him like a sex doll and piece of property.

Hoseok gives Jeongguk a chance to catch his breath, waiting for Jeongguk's heart rate to slow down, before he finally pulls out, immediately wolf-whistling at a glob of cum already starting to creep out of Gguk's wrecked hole. Taehyung's lying boneless and unresponsive, but he cracks open his eyelids at the noise. As soon as he feels something warm and wet trail down to the base of his cock, though, Taehyung knows. "Fuck, doll. Please don't get me hard again. My dick's gonna break."

Snorting loudly, Hoseok rolls his eyes at Taehyung, and resumes his task of lifting Jeongguk up off Taehyung's cock by gripping Jeongguk underneath the armpits. It quickly occurs to him, though, that that approach probably won't work, and so instead, he stands up, still supporting Jeongguk's back, and then carefully Hoseok slides an arm underneath Jeongguk's legs so he can carry the nearly catatonic maknae to somewhere he'll be easy to find for the others but won't ruin the furniture with his bodily fluids. This happens to be the rug by the fireplace, where Hoseok lays Jeongguk down on his back, and with a caress too tender for a doll and owner, Hoseok leaves with a sleepy Taehyung in tow.

Jeongguk isn't sure how long he just lays there, staring at the ceiling and blinking slowly. Everything feels sort of...surreal? Jeongguk doesn't feel human, but to be fair, he isn't being treated like one. It's almost like he's dreaming - do dolls dream? Because that's what Jeongguk's almost - almost - convinced himself he is, and so he doesn't try to move, listen, think...he wants to just let everything go for a while.

(Everything's going so well. Jeongguk hasn't been this happy or this sated in a long time.)

It's so easy to just forget everything for a while - that he's an internationally known K-pop idol, that he constantly has to stay on his toes when it comes to avoiding scandals and projecting the perfect image. It's so easy to forget fade away, stop thinking, become a mindless set of holes. Laying there on the carpet is when it finally sinks in for him, when he finally lets himself go floaty and blank; he'd been jolted out of subspace with the vibrator incident, and he can't return to the same mindset instantaneously, but...he's there again, and he's in deep. He's cleared his mind of anything but the desire to serve his superior masters, and he wants nothing more than cock and cum. He needs it.

Jeongguk daydreams, drifts from memory to memory: having his face fucked so hard he silently cried, his masters taking a sharpie to his skin and making him theirs, being spitroasted with three cocks up his ass, two in his hands, and one in his mouth. This is what he was meant to be, and Jeongguk smiles dreamily at the thought, unfocused eyes still staring at the ceiling - until suddenly, a shadow casts, obstructing his view, and though his heart quickens, Jeongguk lets his head go completely blank. He doesn't need to worry about anything other than being a good set of holes.

It's Namjoon who pulls Jeongguk up off the carpet by the arm, and Jeongguk's socket aches painfully, but he barely feels it - though he's cleared his mind, he's still feeling ecstatic that one of his masters is giving him the privilege of being used! Jeongguk adores being useful, and today is no exception, so he stays still like a good little toy while he's dragged across the rough carpet over to the couch, where Namjoon sits, positioning Jeongguk between his legs.

"You know I hate using your disgusting little mouth, right," Namjoon mutters as he situates Jeongguk on his knees and grips a fist of Jeongguk's hair, using it to drag Jeongguk's mouth onto his cock. "Surely you've realized I wouldn't be using you if I didn't have to. I'd rather have just about any person outside this dorm other than the doll, but that's potentially a problematic course of action. You? You're fucking easy, but it's fuckin' dumb having to use a doll to get off. I'm in fucking BTS, and yet I'm sat on the couch with a pathetic toy, damn."

Jeongguk's all but lost his gag reflex after so much time spent in this relationship, so it's not hard to just sit still and take it when Namjoon cups the back of Jeongguk's head and begins to violently fuck his face, using his throat like a fleshlight, but still, Jeongguk feels tears prick at the corner of his eyes and his useless little cock chubbing up again. Namjoon notices and scoffs, "fuckin' stupid toy, sitting there like a doll and yet getting off on me fucking your face? Or is it the humiliation?" He takes a moment to laugh, now holding Jeongguk's head still so he can buck up into his pliant mouth. "For an object, you're pretty goddamn useless."

Jeongguk feels too dumb to comprehend everything Namjoon’s saying, but he can pick out separate keywords: “stupid, doll, fucking, object, useless,” and it’s so goddamn hot considering today he's responding on a hair trigger, sparks of arousal flashing through his cock, stomach, and up to his fingers every time Namjoon dehumanizes him like this, humiliates him, makes sure he knows that he's worthless. Jeongguk tries to subtly swallow, get in a suck or two so that he won't be as useless as Namjoon says, but his stomach drops when his master grabs a chunk of Gguk's hair again and tugs him off his cock, surveying Jeongguk's face before snorting. "What the fuck do you think you're doing? Malfunctioning, pathetic piece of garbage. You think you can knock sense into a toy?"

Jeongguk realizes he's about to find out when Namjoon brings his arm back and throws a punch that Jeongguk can't even think (or wish) to dodge in his haze of subspace, and so when it hits him square in the cheek, the doll just flops over like dead weight, collapsing to the carpet. His head's spinning, his cheek is throbbing - he hadn't even noticed when he hit the floor. It's blurry - and Jeongguk's cock twitches, again.

Namjoon makes a scoff of disgust, but pulls Jeongguk back up gentler than he had previously, scanning him briefly, and when Jeongguk lightly taps his thigh, a signal that he's green, Namjoon resumes the persona and immediately yanks Jeongguk back on his cock, face-fucking him viciously enough that his thrusts manage to mildly trigger Jeongguk's gag reflex. Jeongguk doesn't retch, but he's full on crying at this point, still keeping his tears silent, and when Namjoon yanks his head up to look at him, his rheumy eyes are red and puffy, and his face is soaked in still-falling tears.

Unsurprisingly enough, Namjoon couldn't care less, Jeongguk's tears only serving to fuel Namjoon's arousal, and as he nears the edge, he stares at the bruise on Jeongguk's cheek that's already starting to form, moaning at Jeongguk's obedience and masochism. For all the shit Namjoon says to him, he's so, so good, such a good toy, a good boy. Namjoon understands now how Seokjin gets his rocks off - using that obedience to his advantage. The kid's incredible at this, and sure enough, Namjoon's orgasm sneaks up on him; he uses all his force to jam Jeongguk down on his cock so he's hilt-deep in Gguk's throat, and Namjoon shudders as he comes down Jeongguk's throat, so far down that as Jeongguk tries to breathe and his throat muscles work around his master, it takes Namjoon's orgasm to new heights. He's in heaven.

Namjoon's instinctive reaction is to hold Jeongguk close, but then he remembers his role; Jeongguk is nothing but a toy, an object, no better than a plastic doll. He deserves nothing; after all, he belongs to his seven masters. With that in mind, Namjoon grasps Jeongguk's hair again and flings him off him, spitting on Jeongguk's naked back for good measure and mumbling a quick "stupid toy," before he stalks off, having better things to do and only wanting to use the doll to quickly get off. Jeongguk had landed awkwardly with his face hidden in the carpet, and Namjoon's sadist chuckles at the thought, as the fucking brat’s finally in his place: face down, body pliant to use as his six masters please.

And then Jeongguk's on the carpet again, reeling from the punch and the violent face fucking, but still, quiet, unmoving. He can hear the other members banging around in the kitchen, hear teasing shouts as the boys go about their day, and yet, Jeongguk just lays there, content to stay there and be quiet until he's finally needed. He thinks they're having dinner, so it might be a while, but he can wait. Even outside the haze of dollspace, Jeongguk can always wait for his hyungs.

He drifts just like that, and he can feel his useless cock go soft again and hang down heavily between his legs. He's hyperfocused on the sensations in his limbs, floating and simply feeling his body, noting how it's difficult to take breaths with most of his face smushed into the carpet and how the muscles in his calves ache pleasantly. He wants to be a good doll so badly - so he doesn't move, simply feels, and he's so, so content. In fact, he only tunes back in to sound acutely when he hears footsteps, and immediately, his heart rate picks up. It's one of his masters, come to use him - oh, god. Jeongguk wants nothing more than to be used.

Jeongguk can feel strong arms wrap around him, and he lets himself go limp in Seokjin's familiar arms, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Seokjin's the most sadistic out of all of the boys, but Jeongguk enjoys him the most, because he knows he's being truly useful to Seokjin, who gets a real kick out of breaking his doll and never holds back.

Jeongguk realizes with a start that they're moving to his bedroom, which isn't too out of the ordinary, but Seokjin only plays with Jeongguk in Jeongguk's bedroom if things are going to get messy. As in, piss and blood and vomit messy. Jeongguk can't say he's not excited, but simultaneously, a little flicker of terror manifests itself in a flash of adrenaline that rushes through his veins, but he pushes it down, because this isn't about him. Besides, Jeongguk knows Seokjin, and thus he also knows that if Jeongguk fucks up, no longer is useful to him, he'll just stick Jeongguk in the box and push him under the bed again, and sitting in that box, weighed down by the magnitude of Seokjin's disappointment, is much worse than any other punishment the boys could dream up.

Setting Jeongguk down on the bed, Seokjin flashes him a gentle smile, and tells the maknae that he'll be right back, he just has to go and grab something, which only serves to grow Jeongguk's terror, and he unconsciously shifts against his bonds. He tells himself it doesn't matter, tells himself to sink back into the thoughtless, blank space of consciousness he often assumes as a toy, but Seokjin's the only one who can make Jeongguk really lose control, fuck up and break his rules as a doll of not moving, not speaking, but sitting pretty and quiet and taking what's given to him, so, to be frank, Jeongguk's not sure he'll be able to blank out, flop motionless and let Seokjin destroy his body without at least a little bit of sound and resistance. He’s too much of a goddamn cockslut when Seokjin is involved.

(Which is okay, because that's one of Seokjin's favorite parts of this arrangement: ruining Jeongguk so thoroughly he can't hold back and breaks his own rules. There's nothing he likes more than Jeongguk feeling so much pleasure and pain that even if he's still acting like a toy, he can't act like an inanimate object, giving up, losing himself, going stupid and whiny. And it also gives Seokjin a good reason to punish Jeongguk. That's nice too.)

Seokjin returns shortly, carrying one of their toy boxes, and balanced on top of it...a stainless steel tumbler? Jeongguk says nothing, but inwardly the gears in his head are turning. Is Seokjin thirsty or something? No, he’d just bring a glass. Jeongguk's not sure, and he wracks his brain for anything that could explain the strange addition on top of their toy box...but he comes up empty, and prays he'll find out soon, as this is new territory.

He snaps back to attention when he can hear Seokjin rustling through the toybox, and finds himself sharply in tune with the noises of the toys Seokjin selects, able to guess their identities even through the never-ending cloud of subspace that's enveloped him since the start of the scene. That's cuffs, their sounding kit, and something that’s either a dildo or a penis gag, and Jeongguk's surprised. That's it?

And then Seokjin swipes something through the air, and Jeongguk's stomach drops in fear, swooping even lower when his master tries out another instrument, and it splits the air with a loud whoosh.

Jeongguk knows one's the cane. Seokjin fucking loves that thing. The other...he's not sure. It's not a whip, since he can't hear a crack...maybe Seokjin's decided to be merciful and give him a riding crop? Fuck, it's so hard to stay still and quiet, and Jeongguk wants to be a good toy, but he's always much too responsive to Seokjin's ministrations.

"One or two? You have permission to speak."

He's talking about the cane and the crop, and Jeongguk, instinctively, almost blurts out 'two!', assuming that the numbers are respective, but he knows Seokjin, and he fucking knows how much the man loves mind games. He's probably trying to trick him, isn't he? If he'd used the cane first and the crop second, he'd be expecting Jeongguk to pick two, and then he'd probably tell Gguk that two was actually the cane or something. It's classic Seokjin, and Jeongguk isn't falling for his games this time.

As confidently as he can say while feeling dumb and slow, lips not working properly and voice hoarse after not speaking for so long, Jeongguk says, "one."

"Interesting choice," Seokjin says, and Jeongguk can hear him putting away the second instrument. His tone's...strange. Feeling a sudden rush of doubt, Jeongguk crosses his fingers and desperately prays he made the right decision.

Seokjin pulls one more thing out of the toy box, and sets it alongside the other toys before getting up and walking over to Jeongguk. Smiling at the boy, he flips Jeongguk over so he's half propped up against the wall, half laying on his back, just enough so that his hole's exposed but he can still see Seokjin.

"I don't need a spreader bar, do I?" Seokjin warns, but he's expecting Jeongguk's consequent head shake. The motion isn't as aggressive as Seokjin had been expecting, but Jeongguk's trying to mellow himself out, relax back into dollspace, and it only takes the older man a moment to realize what Jeongguk's doing. Seokjin sighs softly. He's such a good boy, and Seokjin tells him so.

Jeongguk's glowing at the praise, but he keeps his reaction internal, allowing his head to go blank, his thoughts to clear out completely besides those containing Seokjin's orders. He's not entirely successful, still feeling residual fear despite his attempts to block it out, but Seokjin's praise had grounded him, let him focus: he's a good doll, and Seokjin would never break him beyond repair. He'll be useful. He'll be good.

God, he wants Seokjin to fuck him til he’s ruined.

Seokjin briefly considers restraints, but then decides he won't need them; Jeongguk is so incredibly good at being essentially an inanimate object that Seokjin knows he won't be moving much, even when Seokjin's pushing the limits of his doll persona. With that, he decides to start playtime. He doesn't usually ask Jeongguk to move whatsoever - none of them do, but this will require slight movement on Jeongguk's part, and while Seokjin knows Jeongguk will tell him with a 'yellow' if he's uncomfortable, he can't help but be nervous. As sadistic as he is, as much as he puts on a brutal mask to ruin Jeongguk for both of their pleasures, Jeongguk's still his bandmate, his brother. It's nerve-wracking sometimes, even if the worry is truly irrational.

But he'll let that go for now. He has a game to begin and a doll to ruin.

“Doll,” Seokjin cooes, voice steady and smile sweet. “You must be thirsty, yes?”

Yeah, he’s a little thirsty. Jeongguk nods his head slowly, and Seokjin’s smile gets even brighter as he makes his way over to the doll with the tumbler in his hand. “You’re so cute,” Seokjin sighs, but he isn’t even trying to hide the sadistic gleam in his eyes. “This isn’t an invitation, but you have permission to move if you so wish.”

Jeongguk’s so out of it, thinking dreamily about Seokjin’s cock pounding his hole, that the weight of Seokjin’s words don’t quite register at first, but when they do, his eyes flick to his master in shock. What can that mean? Jeongguk doesn’t mind doing as he says, doesn’t get off in inanimate dollspace alone - but what can Seokjin possibly have him do that Seokjin must be certain will create a reaction from Jeongguk?

Jeongguk gulps, but his eyes stay glassy and he doesn’t even twitch; if Seokjin hadn’t been giving him a direct order to move, he saw no reason to move. He’d just have to wait and see, be a good toy, lie still. Good toys are useful, and good toys get fucked.

“Anyways!” Seokjin claps, and the sound is jarring. “I’m sure you’ve been craving something to drink! I got this for you! Have a drink!” It’s not optional, and Seokjin immediately starts pouring it down Jeongguk’s throat, and -

Jeongguk sputters and coughs and tilts his head away from the cum streaming into his mouth. Seokjin, on the other hand, has to physically suppress a laugh, because this is where the fun really begins.

He’s come to the conclusion, through hours of research, that generally people who do something because punishment will ensue otherwise, even if they grew to like doing so, very often do what they would be punished for if that rule is taken away, despite liking what it was they had to do under threat of punishment. Like Jeongguk: any ordinary day, despite not liking having to drink cum, Jeongguk likes to be controlled, and so he goes along with whatever his sadistic boyfriend suggests, because that’s how he really gets to feel like an object. If he hadn’t been told he was allowed to move, he wouldn’t have freaked out when given the tumbler, not because of threat of punishment, which meant nothing to him, but because of the control. Jeongguk didn’t care about the rule itself, really, but when it was taken away, Jeongguk’s subconscious told him to test out the new freedom even if doing so would have taken away some of the fun Jeongguk got from play.

It’s all about the mind games. Seokjin warps his smile into a scowl.

He additionally moves back ever so slightly, taking the tumbler with him (it’s still three fourths of the way full), and Jeongguk gasps as the cum hits his chest with a cold splat. “So you’re disobeying orders now, are you? I can’t even give you a bit of slack without you ruining it, you stupid bitch!”

“No, no, sir!” Jeongguk cries, and it takes him a second to get the words out. He sounds like he’s just woken up. “It was just gross, sir, and I thought you said I could move…”

“I did,” spits Seokjin, “but I meant twitching your hands, or feet, or I don’t know, swallowing! I didn’t mean disobeying a direct order!”

He barely gets the words out, though, before he sees Jeongguk sobbing, tears already rushing down his cheeks when his eyes had been dry only seconds ago. Fuck. Seokjin feels his dick twitch in his pants at how they’re just running down his face, which is reddening by the minute, not messily, but in careful, straight lines like Barbie tears.

“M’ sorry,” Jeongguk mumbles. “P-please, sir, I’ll be still, use me, fuck me...Ggukkie will be good, promise!”

He cuts off abruptly, stunned into silence when Seokjin backhands him across the face, hard. “Shut the fuck up, you insolent little slut,” his hyung hisses, brandishing the riding crop and smacking him lightly on each sensitive pec. “Fucking hole always wants cock, huh? God, you’re predictable. Always thinking with that pathetic thing.” He lands a hard blow on the tip of Jeongguk’s leaking cock, and Jeongguk wails, doing his best not to keel over, still in dollspace and trying his best but too far gone from the painplay to actually restrain himself, simply stripped down to the need to serve, to warm cock with his holes.

“No, no,” he sobs, and the sobs turn into shrieks when Seokjin turns back to the toy box and grabs the last toy he’d set out: one of their plastic chastity cages, which he chooses to brandish in front of Jeongguk. It’s not the one Jimin uses with the spikes, which is a small mercy, but the black wires and plastic pads inside show it isn’t much better, and now Jeongguk understands why he’s been taken to his own room for this play: they’re doing e-stim today. Fuck.

“Please, please, Ggukkie doesn’t want it,” Jeongguk begs, but his eyes are still glassy and he’s having trouble focusing on what’s going on, just looking at the bulge in Seokjin’s trousers. God, he wants that cock inside him, ruining him. But he’s about to get his own cock shocked to the heavens and back if he doesn’t do something, so a panicked Jeongguk starts blubbering at Seokjin when Seokjin takes his half-hard cock and balls and does his best to fit them into the cage, which hurts like a bitch when Jeongguk’s too erect to really fit. “Ggukkie will be a good toy, please don’t do this, don’t you want to use Ggukkie?”

When Seokjin finishes tucking Jeongguk into the cage and fastens the padlock, he grabs the crop again and gives Jeongguk a swift smack to the cheek. “Oh, you silly doll,” Seokjin murmurs, working on getting Jeongguk’s cock cage hooked up to the small black box he’s taped to Jeongguk’s leg. “This is how I use you. You may be a slut who can’t even fucking focus because you’re so busy thinking about cock - yes, I fucking noticed that, - but it’s so fun to deny you what your slut holes need and torture the shit out of your pathetic painslut prick, yes? God, it’s crazy shit when you get so obedient - come just from how I play with you - but today you’re acting up and doing this garbage? Worthless.” When he finally hooks everything up, Seokjin grabs the wireless remote and uses it to deliver a nasty shock through the cage, but a quick one, just enough to set Jeongguk on edge, and the younger boy howls, jerking - but he’s always such a good boy, and even though he’s unrestrained, he doesn’t move from his spot. Seokjin can’t hold back the smile this time, and he grins and pets Gguk’s pretty hair while pressing the button on the remote down longer this time, holding him close when he trembles and spasms and the tears come down messier. He’s so beautiful when he’s ruined.

Slipping the remote into his pocket, Seokjin takes a step and reaches over to grab the tumbler, still filled with semen that’s sticky and cold like glue, refrigerated and accumulated over the past day or so by all of the guys to feed to their precious baby, at Seokjin’s request. Grinning like a maniac with one hand gripping the tumbler, Seokjin sets the remote to have the cage deliver intermittent shocks every ten seconds or so, and then he lets the plastic slip back into his pocket and moves towards Jeongguk, where the fun really begins: tipping the flask and grasping Jeongguk’s hair firmly, Seokjin pours the rest into Jeongguk’s mouth and lets it slide down, Gguk audibly swallowing again and again, the tears running off the doll’s jaw now and sliding down his tight body.

And then it happens: Jeongguk chokes again, sucking in cum violently when another shock runs through him unexpectedly with enough voltage to leave him reeling - and hard as a fucking rock. He splutters and coughs, having to curl his hands into fists to avoid pushing Seokjin away, and while Seokjin had initially kept pouring even after Jeongguk started choking, he eventually stops when Jeongguk quits swallowing and the white fluid drips down his chin instead of his throat. When Seokjin pulls away, Jeongguk hacks and wheezes, trying to do anything to get the cum out of his lungs with as little movement and inconvenience as possible while his hyung simply watches impassively, and Jeongguk’s stomach drops as he realizes - this will warrant punishment, won’t it? Fuck.

All is quiet when Jeongguk finally stops choking - until he’s suddenly shocked again, and it takes everything he has to not keel over right there from the pain, groaning as he realizes he’s reached full hardness. Seokjin doesn’t give him even a moment’s reprieve; he’s right there, fisting a chunk of Jeongguk’s black locks and tilting his head back so he has no choice but to swallow the rest of the tumbler, which blessedly doesn’t contain much. Jeongguk’s released right after to gasp for air, hang his head, get ahold of himself, and brace himself for the next shock, which promptly rips through his poor sensitive cock.

There’s still a broken whimper on Jeongguk’s lips when Seokjin addresses him next, tutting after setting the tumbler down and finally, finally, turning the electricity off - though Jeongguk’s still on his guard, attempting to prepare himself for another surprise shock. Seokjin, however, doesn’t seem concerned with the cage or the remote in his pocket, because he kneels and strokes Jeongguk’s bangs out of his sweaty, tear-stained face, and addresses him: “Doll.

“You know I have to punish you, right? For that goddamn mess? Shit, Ggukkie, you’d think you’d be able to get yourself under control by now, but I guess not.” Seokjin throws his hands in the air, and walks back over to their toy box, putting on - gloves? And, oh. Oh. Jeongguk knows what gloves mean and normally he enjoys what comes after - but combining it with electricity sounds like a nightmare.

Jeongguk’s mind is a muddled mess - on one hand he’s still hanging on to dollspace, feeling empty and only made to serve Seokjin’s desires, offering his body and holes, while on the other he’s almost sober on the mixture of pleasure and pain he’s getting from the electrostimulation and Seokjin’s humiliation and dehumanization. He’s torn...but he doesn’t want to think. If he’s going to feel, he wants to just feel, not think. He doesn’t want to think about anything other than...pain, pleasure, punishment, cock, fucking. When will he get fucked? It’s what he was made for, after all, and he wants cock and to be a good, useful doll who’s deserving of cum.

“Cock,” Jeongguk mumbles when Seokjin comes back. “Ggukkie want cock.”

He’s too quiet for Seokjin to even hear, though, so Seokjin simply asks him to repeat himself while opening up the sounding kit, taking the thinnest rod, and dunking it down the bottle of lube he’s brought with him. “Ggukkie want cock,” Jeongguk repeats louder, and just like that, he’s out of it again, no sense, just a fucking bimbo desperate to get drilled. Seokjin can’t deny it’s fucking hilarious.

“Yeah?” he responds as he takes the lubed dilator and probes at the slit in the head of Jeongguk’s cock. “Ggukkie wants a big fat cock in his holes? Maybe - multiple?” Seokjin can’t help but laugh when Jeongguk’s nod melts and his jaw drops wide in a moan as Seokjin slides the sound as deep as it’ll comfortably go through the hole in Jeongguk’s cage, cleverly designed to hold a sound for longer periods of wear without it slipping too far in. No doubt the dilator’s stimulating his prostate from the inside - Seokjin knows Jeongguk, and he knows how fuzzy his brain goes during deep sounding sessions.

Fuzzy. Seokjin frowns for a moment, realizing he isn’t sure how Jeongguk’s doing, because while Jeongguk knows himself, he isn’t always in his right mind when deep in his headspace. For his peace of mind at the very least, he needs to check in on Jeongguk, and so he slowly slides the sound out to eliminate distraction when getting his maknae’s attention.

“Ggukkie, baby,” murmurs Seokjin, and Jeongguk makes a noise of assent. “Can you tell me your color, sweetheart? Your safety color?”

It takes Jeongguk a second to break through his haze, but - safety color. He knows that. He’s good. Green. Really fucking green. “Green, sir.”

“Thank you for telling me. You’re a good boy, Ggukkie.” Jeongguk preens - and then he lets himself drift again. He feels so good, had felt even better; why had his hyung taken away the rod?

He doesn’t have to wonder for long, because Seokjin’s sinking the next thickest dilator back into his slit, the seven millimeter diameter one this time, and Jeongguk floats on his high. He can’t believe how good it feels when Seokjin fucks it in and out of him, hits his prostate from the inside. His fucking hands are tingling from the ecstasy of the sensation. At this point, Jeongguk’s forgotten this is a punishment.

But not Seokjin. No, Seokjin is fully aware of the way he’s latched the cage so it’ll fit perfectly with one of the bigger sounds, the fifteen millimeter one, the one Jeongguk’s trained for but always needs a hell of a lot of stretching to actually take during their sounding sessions. Once he gets there and slides it in, any electrical current that runs through the cage will also run through the sound. He can’t wait to see Jeongguk’s face, his cock stretched around a massive metal dilator and being shocked from the inside out. It’s the perfect combination of punishment and pleasure for his dear painslut dongsaeng.

Jeongguk thinks he’s losing his mind when Seokjin keeps moving up in size with the sounds, so quickly Jeongguk’s head’s spinning. Even though he knows he’s been stretched fully, everything seems to be moving too fast, and before Jeongguk knows it, he’s at the biggest sound he’s been able to previously take, fifteen millimeters, the cylindrical stainless steel sliding down past his slit and into his hypersensitive urethra. Seokjin doesn’t spend long fucking him this time, though - for one, the sound’s too large for that, proven by how Seokjin can see its outline, big and thick, through the skin of Jeongguk’s cock when he pumps it in and out, but also because he’s eager to get on with the punishment, wipe the look of content, relaxed bliss off the submissive’s face. Seokjin reaches into his pocket, pulls out the remote. Switches off the intermittent shock setting, ramps up the power, and holds down the little button.

The exact moment the electricity runs through the cage and sound is tangible, because for a moment Jeongguk freezes, goes still as a statue - and then the pain floods his nervous system. Jeongguk wails the loudest he has all night - a screeching, ear-piercing noise.

It’s deafening enough, travels through the walls far enough, for Yoongi to get up from a few rooms away, dash down the hallway, and peek his head in to make sure nothing’s gone wrong, sighing in relief when he sees Seokjin wave him off, looking all too smug. He still has to check, though: “Is he okay?” Yoongi asks, fidgeting in place, his dexterous fingers still gripping the doorknob.

“The doll is fine,” Seokjin smiles, and without breaking gaze with Yoongi he uses the riding crop in his hand to lash Jeongguk on his nipples. Oh. Yoongi understands now; this is what Seokjin does, uses Jeongguk as his little pain toy. He won’t go too far, though. Yoongi knows his hyung.

“Okay,” Yoongi says with a brief smile, and suddenly remembering, he reminds Seokjin, “he’s got that thing coming up, so don’t hurt him too badly, okay?” Seokjin won’t, but Yoongi has to make sure.

Jeongguk, any other day, would perk up in interest, but he’s too busy panting and recovering from the bolt of lightning-hot agony, and he thinks he might come again, which is fucking ridiculous. He hasn’t always been this much of a painslut, has he? Right now he can barely fucking see, and while his breath’s coming in hard gasps, he’s fantasizing about the pain, about how blissful orgasm would be, about more electricity through his cage, through his cock, about fucking. He thinks he can feel the ghost of the vibrator inside him - and don’t even get him started on the goddamn metal in his cock.

“Of course not,” Seokjin says calmly, and the formal and dominant composure is earth-shatteringly arousing, even to Yoongi, who has unrelated plans for Jeongguk and is trying his best to avoid a boner. When Seokjin presses the button again, still smiling at Yoongi, Yoongi ducks back and shuts the door, feeling it reverberate from the howl Jeongguk lets out; as fucking sexy (and slightly worrying) the maknae’s sounds are, he’s got plans for the boy, and he hustles downstairs to continue the next part of his scheme. At least there’s one positive of peeking in on Seokjin and Jeongguk’s scene: it had given Yoongi the necessary motivation to get up and start on the physical preparation for their soon-arriving guests.

Meanwhile, Seokjin’s focusing on the negatives of their little interruption, and intermittently shocking Jeongguk again and again while circling his tongue around Jeongguk’s pink, waxed rim. Jeongguk’s trying so hard to stay quiet, to be a good doll and not disturb his other masters, and even though it’s too late for him to avoid punishment, Jeongguk doesn’t want to make things worse. It’s so hard, though, when the pain is flooding his brain and behind it is a haze of want and desire, of shameless, unadulterated need. He wants to come...he wants it to stop hurting? Does he? Jeongguk isn’t sure. He is certain of his other needs, though: he needs to serve and take cock in his slutty holes. His body is all he’s good for, and while the boys use it in different ways, Jeongguk is constantly hyper-focused on the need to be obedient, to make them feel good - and he can’t deny that he loves their cocks. Hell, he just straight up loves cock. He never can believe that he can feel such euphoric pleasure, and then they turn him into a dirty whore and pound his little hole until he cries.

He loves their hands and tongues too, on him, in him, and Jeongguk feels tears well in his eyes as the ecstasy of the rimjob mixes with the agony of the electro-stim, pushing him to another orgasm. The cum bubbles up around the sound, dripping out onto the cage and sliding down the slick plastic, and fuck, Jeongguk can’t count how many times he’s come today...he’s too out of it, and to be honest, he probably can’t count that high. Just a dumb little baby, an obedient doll who needs no knowledge but of serving. Seokjin fucking loves him. But the boy must be punished for screaming his goddamn head off, and Seokjin can’t deny he’s getting a real kick out of shocking Jeongguk while rimming him just right. Both are lost in the throes of pleasure, both from the pain and the rimming, and fuck, how did Seokjin get his hands on such an incredibly masochistic sub, pliant enough to bend to the rules and actions of all his hyungs and get off on how they hurt him? Fuck, he’s lucky Jeongguk joined Bangtan.

Jeongguk’s fucking losing it at this point, unknowingly with his head thrown back baring a stupid, dumb smile, still coming down from the aftershocks of his blissful high. He’s so out of it that he’s lost control of his goddamn facial expressions, and he doesn’t even care, because it feels so good.

And then it feels too good, and goes from too good to too painful when Seokjin pulls away and ramps up the voltage on the pads, shocking Jeongguk over again with a current that runs straight around his oversensitive cock and inside his urethra. Seokjin’s not intending on letting Jeongguk’s little accident with the cum or slip-up with Yoongi be swept under the rug, and he’s going to push Jeongguk’s boundaries to their limit and take out his own sexual needs and sadistic desires on the doll. (plus, the kid will love it in the end; he always does.)

Jeongguk can feel the shocks running through his cock and frying it from the inside out, and it’s all he can do to stay quiet, but it’s so difficult when he’s so oversensitive. He’s biting the inside of his cheek so hard he can taste blood, trying to go limp again, but he only succeeds in going stiff in order to make as little movement as possible. He gets a brief, much-needed reprieve, though, when Seokjin steps away to grab another item he’d picked from the toolbox, metal and jangling, and Jeongguk realizes what he’d thought had been the handcuffs was actually the nipple clamps. He swallows. Seokjin really wants to press all his buttons, doesn’t he?

Tears trickle down his rosy cheeks when Seokjin attaches the first spiked clamp to Jeongguk’s left nipple, and a small sob escapes Jeongguk’s lips when he fixes the second to the right, giving the simple silver chain that connects the two a harsh pull just to watch Jeongguk bite down on his tongue and grind his teeth together, barely keeping it together in hopes of a taste of praise.

“Aren’t you pretty, pet?” Seokjin chuckles, shocking Jeongguk again and grinning when his nose scrunches and face twists. “You sure seem to love punishment for someone so desperate to be a good doll, though. Making such a racket that Yoongi heard you two rooms over? Tsk. I’m going to have trouble coming up with creative punishments soon.”

It’s not true. Seokjin always has plenty of sadistic ideas about how to deliver consequences to Jeongguk, but Jeongguk doesn’t need to know about them. He’s so cute when his face falls like that.

Laughing to himself, Seokjin switches off the remote and places it in his pocket, not missing the way Jeongguk sighs in relief. He can lull himself into a false sense of security, pretend nothing will be worse than getting his cock shocked if he wants. It’ll be all the more fun to break him, especially when he’s so oversensitive and vulnerable.

Jeongguk almost cries when he sees the box shut off, and though the large sound is almost painful in his now soft cock, and his nipples are aching, he finds he doesn’t even care - the pain’s made him even more floaty, and he’s not sure if he craves it or hates it, but he wants Seokjin’s touch again, wants Seokjin inside him, even with the cruel contraption and dilator caging his cock. He knows he won’t be getting it, though, at least not immediately; he’s got his second punishment coming, and shame flushes Jeongguk’s face when he remembers how he’d screamed like a disobedient, attention-hungry slut.

Dolls don’t act out, and they’re there to be used, not to attract attention. Jeongguk’s such a whore.

And while Jeongguk squirms in humiliation, he doesn’t wilt under the crushing disappointment he would if the same situation happened with the others, because this is Seokjin, and this is exactly the type of reaction he wants. His mind games. On the other hand, he does feel Seokjin’s disgust for how easy Jeongguk is, and underneath, the sick and twisted glee he gets from degrading and dehumanizing Jeongguk because he’s such a goddamn slut, and that’s what ruins Jeongguk, cements him in his place as Seokjin’s personal toy.

However, Jeongguk can’t even deny that’s exactly what he is, because during Seokjin’s return trip to the toybox, the slut’s thinking about his cock, the way it fits perfectly inside him, how fast Seokjin comes and how satisfied he is with his good boy when he’s fucked his hole well. Cock...Jeongguk’s drooling over the memory of how Seokjin’s cock always hits so deep, how he fucks hard and without restraint, shoving in as far as he can and grinding, successfully knocking the breath out of Jeongguk’s body.

Jeongguk’s eyes must have glazed over, as is typical when in dollspace, because he bites the inside of his cheek so hard he tastes blood when Seokjin lands a swat on Jeongguk’s swollen, red balls with, oh, fuck, the fucking rattan cane.

Seokjin has three canes: the birch, long and thin enough to draw blood; the acrylic, short and thick to leave heavy bruising; and the rattan, which is both medium length and thickness but is the most painful, as it’s just wide enough to not draw blood but sting fiercely for the remainder of the scene. They all hurt, of course, but the rattan cane is Seokjin’s favorite, since he can lay more hits without fear of damage or bleeding but inflict the deep sting that the acrylic cannot. It’s a sadist’s cane, that’s for sure, and it’s usually the one chosen for punishment. Jeongguk groans internally; he’d chosen wrong between the cane and crop, hadn’t he? Fuck!

It’s all Jeongguk can do to stay still like a good doll, and while he’s still in dollspace and feeling floaty, the pain is sharp enough that it’s a challenge in itself to react as little as possible. He gives up on keeping his eyes open; it’s too much, he has to squeeze them shut. Seokjin isn’t having it, at least not now, when he hasn’t even had a chance to explain the punishment, and he gives Jeongguk’s balls a harder hit. “Eyes on me, you goddamn useless waste of space,” Seokjin spits, laughing when Jeongguk’s eyes fly open and his cock twitches simultaneously. A tear catches on Jeongguk’s waterline, and Seokjin cooes. “There you go. Good boy. Look, you did something right for once!” The tear spills over and rolls down Jeongguk’s cheek.

Jeongguk’s eyes are boring into Seokjin, and Seokjin knows it must be painful to keep eye contact like this - so of course, he takes advantage of the moment and stretches it out, simply admiring his boy and toying with his cock cage and sound with the end of the cane, pressing down on the dilator to see Jeongguk flinch. He trails it up and down Jeongguk’s body, over the ridges of his abs, pressing at his sensitive nipples, traveling back down to his v-line and then following the line of each thigh. Seokjin keeps eye contact with Jeongguk all the while, smirking at the way his eyebrows are furrowed and his breath is catching even though his glazed eyes are zoned out, like he’s trying not to react, like he’s so desperate to be good that everything else has disappeared. Seokjin suspects both are true, and while he’d like to keep pushing, he can see Jeongguk’s reaching his limit, so he pulls the cane back and smiles.

“Does...hmm, thirty sound good? Ten for your cock, ten for your thighs, ten for your ass. That makes sense, right?” He won’t make Jeongguk count or anything like that, since Seokjin doubts Jeongguk even can when he’s in dollspace, and forcing him to do so would be cruel and counterproductive. Thirty is definitely enough. Thirty is mean, but Seokjin knows he can take them if they’re split up in different areas. After all, Jeongguk’s mental strength and masochism are truly admirable.

Jeongguk doesn’t respond, but Seokjin knows he’s lucid enough to use his colors if need be, so he presses on. “We’ll start with thighs, yes?” Jeongguk doesn’t even twitch when Seokjin positions him laying down, thighs spread slightly apart, body straight and no longer propped up against the wall but simply lying perpendicular to the long end of the bed. “Keep those eyes open or I’ll start over.”

Seokjin whips the cane through the air, testing out his grip and the power behind his strikes. He doesn’t need much force to inflict nasty strikes suitable for punishment, so he wants to make sure he doesn’t accidentally hit too hard - and the fear factor for his sub is just an added bonus. When he feels ready, he lightly taps Jeongguk’s bare thighs to make him aware of where he’s going to hit so Jeongguk doesn’t jerk on the first strike; and then he pulls the cane back, aims, swings with enough strength for an impact that makes Jeongguk whimper when the rattan hits his bare thigh.

Seokjin smirks. He can tell Jeongguk’s trying his best to stay quiet, to be good. It’s cute, and he’s not going to give him any punishments for making noise, but he does enjoy pulling sounds from Jeongguk against his will. With that, he lays the next strike, harder and on the other thigh, leaving a dark red streak that will undoubtedly bruise.

When he moans again, Jeongguk grinds his teeth together, willing himself to keep his eyes open even though he wants nothing more than to close them, squeeze them together, block out a contributing factor to the onslaught of sensation. God, he needs to shut up! Why is he such a pathetic little slut? To be fair, the strikes hurt like hell, and it’s all Jeongguk can do not to scream when Seokjin lands two more hits in quick succession, but that’s no excuse, especially when his cock is hardening again.

Jeongguk winces when he tunes into said cock; fuck, the dilator hurts as well. It’s so strange having it in with his dick going from erect to flaccid and back again, and that’s not even mentioning the cage, which is clearly too small for his erection, squeezing at it from all sides yet somehow not managing to get Jeongguk to flag one bit, the painwhore. He can feel more tears streaming down his cheeks, slipping down over the previous sticky tracks, and they flow faster when Seokjin rolls Jeongguk over onto his stomach after five blows. Jeongguk doesn’t even have time to wonder what’s happening, because the next strike is delivered to the back of his thigh this time, and the younger hisses through his teeth when he jerks and the sore stripes on the front of his legs rub against the bedding.

They’ve turned into long stinging welts, breaking the skin ever so slightly: not enough to draw blood, but enough to ache, raw and smarting as they bruise from beneath. Jeongguk almost feels like he’s dreaming, like everything else has closed off and all he can feel is the pain, his throbbing cock, Seokjin’s influence, the ever-present need to be obedient. It’s fucking surreal, and it breaks down his barriers, enough that he lets more cries slip when Seokjin lands the remaining four strikes on the back of his thighs, nearly drawing blood with the last.

Jeongguk takes a deep breath when Seokjin steps back; his thighs hurt like hell, but compared to the way Seokjin’s caned him previously, the pain is quite mild. That hadn’t been too bad, really, only five on both front and back. The sharp sting will fade quickly, and though Jeongguk knows rubbing the front of his thighs raw could be a problem, this doesn’t seem to be too harsh of a punishment. Maybe he’ll even get Seokjin’s cock afterwards, if he really isn’t too angry with Jeongguk…

“Good boy. Ass now, okay?”

Breathe. In, out. Seokjin thinks you’re a good boy. Keep it up.

Jeongguk breathes, and the first hit lands hard across both ass cheeks, causing the air he’d inhaled to get stuck in his throat. He holds it there from the surprise while Seokjin taps him lightly as a tease and then swings again, the clap of rattan against skin booming in the small room, and - the air comes out in a gasping sob, because all this time Jeongguk hasn’t really stopped crying, and the tears come faster now, pooling where Jeongguk’s laying face down with his head tilted to the side. Seokjin had hit the second strike exactly where the first strike had been, undoubtedly intentional, and Jeongguk’s cock throbs and chest constricts at the agony. The first ten had to have been a warm up, since they’d been stretched out over a much wider area. There is no “front and back” of Jeongguk’s ass; strikes will overlap, and though laying the strikes in the same place was clearly unnecessary, there’s a much smaller expanse to hit. The ass is also a fleshier area with less danger in hitting with more force, so Seokjin likely won’t hold back in delivering this punishment with rougher strikes, getting Jeongguk to cry harder, move noticeably, break his own goddamn rules. Fuck, his mind games! Jeongguk can’t even begin to imagine what it’ll be like with the last ten on his cock…

Jeongguk doesn’t get to imagine, because Seokjin brings his attention back by gracing the swell of his ass, a few centimeters up from the previous two strikes, with the cane. He knows Seokjin isn’t using full force or anything, is keeping the cane controlled, but they feel so powerful. Jeongguk’s fraying at the edges, feels like he’s going to break. And his composure is breaking. With each strike he gets louder, and his cock is fucking throbbing around the sound, which stimulates his prostate every time he accidentally jolts when trying to withstand the pain of each punishing blow. It’s an overwhelming blur of ecstasy and agony, and it gets harder and harder to deal with when his entire ass is covered in striping welts and the pain settles beneath his skin and stays, not fading but instead perpetually throbbing despite contact with the cane or not.

And’s done. Jeongguk makes it through all ten strikes, and while his ass is now a mess of red scrapes and stripes and the pain still hasn’t stopped, the ache is...bearable for now, when he isn’t being hit and has a brief reprieve from the punishing power of the cane. He has a good feeling that the strokes to his cock are going to kill him, though...and wait a second, how is Seokjin even going to punish him through the chastity cage?

“You’re doing so well,” Seokjin murmurs as he pushes Jeongguk onto his back once again and begins to fiddle with the fastenings on the cage. Slowly, he slides Jeongguk out of the plastic, which is one hell of a feat when he’s as hard as he is, but fuck it, the little masochist loves that shit anyways, and Seokjin swears the gratification on his sub’s face when he’s no longer squeezed into that tiny cage is tangible.

Jeongguk had begun holding a breath when he was immediately pushed over onto the tender skin of his sore ass, but he lets it out when he’s relieved from the cock cage, his erection finally permitted to breathe. He knows what’s coming, why he’s being set free from chastity, but honestly, Jeongguk’s just happy to not be crammed into the small plastic mold anymore, especially when he was always on edge from the threat of having the electric box turn on again and pump more voltage into the cage.

Apparently Seokjin can be merciful as well, because he carefully removes the dilator from where it had been stretching Jeongguk’s urethra to its limits, sliding it out and placing it back in the sounding kit to be cleaned later, which probably wasn’t necessary in order to punish Jeongguk’s cock. Kindness? Jeongguk hopes, because if Seokjin is being kind and merciful...maybe he’ll give Jeongguk his cock! The sub crosses his fingers.

Seokjin laughs in disbelief when he goes to look back at Jeongguk’s urethra again, whistling low when he sees it still is, a stretched and gaping hole in Jeongguk’s cock, impressively wide. Only Jeongguk would be able to take a monster of a sound like that. “Damn, doll,” Seokjin mutters, taking a moment just to admire the gape of Jeongguk’s peehole. He hates the desire he has right now, but that’ll have to wait - stretching Jeongguk’s urethra wide enough to fit a cock is not on the agenda right now, if it’s even fucking possible. Jesus. Seokjin settles for a little praise, instead: “You’re incredible.”

He can see Jeongguk’s glazed eyes turn dreamy, and doesn’t even bother hiding his smile when he goes back over to the toybox to fish for some rope, just to make the last part of the punishment a bit easier, and upon finding it quickly, he begins to fasten it to Jeongguk. Seokjin loops the soft cord around the base of Jeongguk’s cock, then weaves it behind Jeongguk’s back, and finally wraps it around the front, right above and over his frenulum, so that he can fasten the shaft down to his stomach to make his blows more accurate. It’s simple, nothing special, but Seokjin knows it’ll make a difference in the long run, and will likely make the remainder of the punishment easier for both of them if Jeongguk’s cock isn’t bobbing around unrestrained. Plus, Seokjin gets a sick thrill out of touching Jeongguk’s hard, purpling, oversensitive cock, and seeing him sniffle at every touch as silent tears slide out from behind his squeezed-closed lids, fists clenched together and teeth grinding - makes him glow, because fuck, Jeongguk is so, so pretty when he cries.

He’s crying a lot, though. “Hey Gguk, you doing alright? Green? We can stop if you want.”

There’s a long couple of seconds where Jeongguk’s brain has to comprehend the question, and then he nods vigorously to get the point across. He doesn’t want to stop! Sure, taking all of Seokjin’s nasty punishments had been one hell of a pain, but Jeongguk knows himself well enough to know he’s a complete, total, unadulterated masochist, and to illustrate his point he’s fucking close. He knows the cord around the base of his cock will probably make his orgasm dry...which at this point isn’t too bad since just trying to really cum would look fucking pathetic, and besides, he’ll stay hard so Seokjin can hit him more.

...Shit, he really is a painslut. But then again, Jeongguk’s always been a massive slut in general, and everyone knows it.

As out of it as he is, Jeongguk only really tunes back in when he hears Seokjin speak. “You’re doing amazing, sweetie. Cock now, okay? Only ten more.”

Only ten more. Jeongguk breathes in, breathes out - even he has his limits when it comes to pain in rapid succession.

He squeaks on the first, then clenches his eyes shut, feeling overwhelmed, but Seokjin doesn’t choose to comment on either, knowing he’s pushed Jeongguk far with this punishment, and while he can tell the sub is enjoying himself, he’s definitely not enjoying this consequence twenty strikes in. Seokjin’s really going to get a kick out of the last ten strikes, and he knows Jeongguk will too, but he’s not going to make Jeongguk maintain composure. Jeongguk had first been shoved under the bed to stay in the dark early this morning when they began the scene, and he’s been passed around by nearly all of the boys, now edging into mid-afternoon. He’s come more times than Seokjin can count on one hand, and he’s still hard. His endurance is fucking insane, but as he sinks deeper into subspace as opposed to dollspace, Seokjin knows he’ll start losing his ability to stay still and quiet, instead merely happy to serve even if he’s so fucked out and desperate that he simply can’t help himself; he has to squirm, has to moan. He can’t contain it all forever.

Dollspace and subspace are different in that way for Jeongguk. In dollspace, he’s hyperfocused on being the perfect toy, pretty and motionless and silent. A decoration. An object to be used. In subspace, it’s less about the lifelessness of a doll and more about the obedience he’s always so eager to exercise. He gets so passionate then, desperate like his life depends on a cock in his hand or mouth or hole, ever thirsty for cum, to get fucked. Seokjin would tell Jeongguk his behavior’s just sad, but it’s not. It’s pure fucking sex, erotic in a way only Jeongguk can be.

Scenes are fluid in this way. Jeongguk’s mentality can go in many directions, but it’s okay; the hyungs know how to handle it, and they enjoy scenes with their maknae no matter if he’s being obedient or bratty, still or in motion. This is about him, and they’re going to make sure Jeongguk has the best experience possible and will have gotten what he wanted once the day is through.

So Seokjin doesn’t complain. Instead, he lays down the next hit at the base of Jeongguk’s cock, nearly smacking his balls, and Jeongguk sobs, face covered in snot and tears and dried cum. His hair’s wet from sweat, too - he’s an absolute fucking mess, and Seokjin loves it. Lives for it as he strikes Jeongguk a third time, hard and on the head this time, and Jeongguk moves the most he has all day, hands clenching in the sheets and hips bucking as he comes dry just like that, his cock jerking pathetically in its bonds. He’s careful not to scream - doesn’t want what happened with Yoongi to repeat itself - but he still moans, garbled behind his lips clenched shut, completely involuntary and yet almost more satisfying than the dry and ruined orgasm.

Seokjin chuckles; Jeongguk’s falling deeper, isn’t lucid enough to understand commands or physically keep himself still or quiet. Still, Seokjin has to let him know: “Go ahead and move, pet. Scream, as long as you aren’t disturbing the whole damn street. But if you try to avoid your punishment by moving or bucking those sinful little hips, you’ll have more than just the cane coming.”

Jeongguk only catches a few words: move, scream, hips, cane. He can barely comprehend them, so drunk on the pain and twisted pleasure, but it doesn’t matter at this point. He knows he’s being punished for being a bad boy, and he’s over two thirds of the way done with his thirty strikes, but he’s a good boy for taking the caning! At least, that’s what he thinks Seokjin said. Something along those lines. He knows he’d been trying to be still, to be perfect, but then Seokjin started hitting him, and he started thinking about Seokjin stepping on his little cock, destroying his body, and then...Seokjin’s cock...filling him up...

He’d lost sight of his plan to be a motionless doll, because this is what they want anyways, right? An obedient toy to use? He can do that. He just wants cock and cum so badly...he loves being such a slut. Even if everything’s gone a bit hazy and his original goal has changed, he still feels so good, so comforted. Sure, the strikes hurt, and Jeongguk’s sure they’ll stop him from doing...whatever it was he did, but they hurt so well, in such a pleasurable way, releasing endorphins in his brain and twisting a knot in his stomach.

Seokjin knows Jeongguk so damn well, knows what he needs - needs it hard. The next two strikes are delivered in rapid succession to Jeongguk’s shaft, blooming up red. He might bruise a little bit, but nothing too bad; Seokjin’s using a much lighter hand here than he was with Jeongguk’s thighs and ass, but the sensitive genital flesh makes the pain even more intense and concentrated. Sure enough, Jeongguk whimpers, letting out a string of whines at how the sting of the previous strikes has lingered, but he can’t deny he loves the idea of bruising all over, being marked like this, a possession of the hyungs.

When Seokjin lays down the next two hits, one on the head and one at the base, Jeongguk moans high and long, sobbing at the oversensitivity of his recent orgasm and the pain of the strikes, tears streaming down his reddened cheeks. How is he close again? Jeongguk looks down, watches his cock twitch in its bonds, trying to escape the rope’s hold, and he clenches his hole, feeling his pucker open and close around air, still loose from when he’d been double-fucked by Taehyung and Hoseok. God, how is he still so open? All Jeongguk wants is to be full, to be fucked so deeply and completely that he feels it for days, wants the pleasure, wants the pain and sting of Seokjin’s cock and cane. He’s nearing the extent of his pain threshold, sure, but he’s also nearing orgasm simultaneously, and goddamn, he wants cock.

Jeongguk is so, so tempted to beg, but more than anything he wants to be a good boy, so he stays quiet. Besides, it’s not like Seokjin would give in to his pleads anyways. He fists the sheets when Seokjin aims five and six in the same spot, right on the head over Jeongguk’s urethra - bites his tongue so hard he tastes blood and a wail is mangled in his throat. Jeongguk ultimately can’t do more than gurgle pathetically, and fuck, he feels disgusting; he can feel snot running down his cupid’s bow, saliva slicking his lips and chin, tears running everywhere.

“Pitiful,” Seokjin comments, like he’s describing the weather as opposed to the mess he’s made of Jeongguk. “Can’t take your punishment without being a fucking crybaby.” Jeongguk just sobs, digs his nails into his palms. Just four more. He’s so fucking close in more ways than one.

Seven and eight aren’t too bad, as they’re placed in two different spots on the shaft, but Seokjin uses a heavier hand than before so Jeongguk still has to swallow his cry of pain. He takes a deep breath, blows it out, stares at the ceiling - nine and ten are going to be brutal.

Nine sends fresh tears trickling down Jeongguk’s cheeks when Seokjin whacks him square on the balls with a powerful swing, enough to really fucking sting if not break the skin. Seokjin stops then, lets Jeongguk catch his breath, and Jeongguk just knows it’s because Seokjin wants him to be able to feel the pain of the tenth strike - the thirtieth strike - in sharp clarity.

And Jeongguk feels it, alright. It’s the hardest strike of all, over his still-stinging, reddened, twice-struck urethra, and this time he can’t bite back the noise; a twisted howl escapes past his gritted teeth, desperate and tortured, long enough to cause Jeongguk to have to take big gulps of air, since his chest has been heaving and he’s been short of breath ever since Seokjin started on his ass.

He’s crying so hard that he barely notices he came on the last strike, dry and painful and way too fucking sudden, and he melts into Seokjin’s arms when Seokjin sets down the cane and pulls an exhausted Jeongguk back into his lap, setting the boy on his knees so he won’t hurt his thighs or ass but can balance against his hyung. “Hey, hey, Gguk, you’re okay,” Seokjin whispers, petting his hair. He’s not sure if Jeongguk’s dropping or not, since this kind of reaction is typical of him, but he’s had a long day, and Seokjin can understand how he could be crashing. “I love you, baby. You’re such a good boy. Such a good, good boy. You took your punishment so well, and I’m so proud of you, Ggukkie.”

Jeongguk’s sobs quiet but don’t taper off completely, so Seokjin holds him close, muttering reassurances while he pulls his phone out of his back pocket and sends a text to the Bangtan group chat: ‘Can someone bring up a granola bar and a protein shake for Jeongguk, please? We’re in Ggukkie’s room.’

“I love you so much,” Seokjin murmurs, knowing how intense this can be for Jeongguk and how he often needs to simply cry it out after a scene, particularly one containing punishment. He’s such a precious kid. Seokjin really does love him - they all do.

Sure enough, there’s a knock at the door within sixty seconds. “Come in,” Seokjin says, letting his voice carry but hushing it as most as possible, and he smiles at Taehyung when he opens the door and tiptoes through the doorway over to the bed. “Thank you, Tae. Today’s been really intense for him,” Seokjin admits, and while Taehyung knows this is a normal, healthy reaction for Jeongguk, he can’t help but be concerned.

“Should I tell Yoongi-hyung to delay the invitations?” Taehyung asks softly, and Seokjin gives himself a mental slap for nearly forgetting what was next on Jeongguk’s itinerary. There’s no way he can continue like this.

Seokjin nods, unwrapping the granola bar. “Yeah. Gguk-ah needs to sleep. We might still be able to do it today, depends on when Gguk wakes up.” He pauses. Thinks. “Uh, tell Yoongi I’ll update him over text, and that if he wakes up before eight, we can continue today, but past eight we’ll wait until tomorrow. It’s what, two? Yeah, that’ll work.”

Taehyung flashes a brief smile, strokes Jeongguk’s sweaty, mussed hair, and turns towards the door. “Okay, hyung.”

“Seriously, Tae-ah, thank you,” Seokjin says, and the gratitude is genuine. Taehyung certainly could have waited to let someone else help Jeongguk, but considering how quickly he showed up, he must’ve jumped up right away so he could grab the food. Taehyung’s Jeongguk’s best friend, of course, but he’s always kind, and for that Seokjin is thankful. Sure enough, Taehyung blushes, mumbles something about it being no problem, and Seokjin smiles after him as he leaves the room and closes the door quietly. He’s a good kid.

Now that Taehyung’s gone, however, Seokjin turns his full attention back to Jeongguk, whose sobs have quieted, but Seokjin can both feel and see the way Jeongguk’s shaking and the tears soaking Seokjin’s own shirt, and he needs to care for him and put him down for a nap as quickly as possible. “Gguk-ah,” Seokjin whispers, tapping the maknae’s chin. “Can you take a bite of this for me?”

Jeongguk says nothing, but jerks his head up and down in what must be a nod, and so Seokjin grins, feeding the granola bar to Jeongguk, having him take more bites that he alternates between with the protein shake. They’ll probably have to give him another quick enema, smaller than the one from late last night, when he wakes up, but fuck it - Jeongguk has to eat. Keeping him healthy and happy is vital, and a small, ninety-milliliter enema will solve for any potential waste from the granola and shake.

When Jeongguk finishes both the granola bar and protein shake, Seokjin feels a bit like Wattpad Harry Styles when he picks up and carries the boy over to the bathroom bridal-style to avoid any potential irritation of the still-smarting strikes from the caning, uncaring of how potentially stupid he looks with his baby in his arms like this, supported under the knees and back. When they reach said bathroom, Seokjin sets Jeongguk down on the plush rug, and moves to turn the water in the shower on. “Hey, baby, is it okay if we shower? It’ll take a while to run a warm bath and I know you’re about to fall asleep. I’ll help you.”

There’s a moment of silence, and then Jeongguk croaks out a quiet “okay.” God, Seokjin can’t fucking stand it; the boy’s so cute he just wants to shower him in attention, and so Seokjin leans down to kiss Jeongguk chastely but lovingly, smiling against Jeongguk’s lips when he feels Jeongguk kiss him back.

That’s all Jeongguk has energy for right now, though, because while he’s not really going through subdrop, he’s simply exhausted from that last orgasm, and so, so grateful for his hyung showing unwavering kindness even while Jeongguk’s been blank, not really thinking, just...tired. He hopes the scene isn’t completely over, since even through the pain and denial he’s been having a fucking blast, but he really does need a break to recuperate and regain his energy. Will he be able to sleep? He thinks so, based on Seokjin-hyung’s words, but he’s not sure of what he heard since he’s still kind of floating, only half-lucid, and unfortunately, exhausted as he is, he’s still ready to fucking safeword if he doesn’t get to sleep. He’s so close to crashing, not so much emotionally or in terms of a headspace, but more so physically, and he needs a nap.

“Okay, Gguk-ah, I’m just going to wash you off, clean you out, and make sure you aren’t bleeding anywhere, and then you can go to bed, alright? Almost there, baby, just have to take these fuckin’ clothes off and let the water warm up. Hyung knows you’re exhausted.”

Jeongguk melts. Seokjin can be a cruel sadist, but that’s reserved for scenes; he really does love Jeongguk so much, and he’s always such a good brother and lover. He mumbles out another raspy statement of assent, hard to hear over the soothing patter of water raining on tile, and crawls over to the shower, climbing in once Seokjin holds the door open for him, and kneeling on the floor, just feeling rain pelt his feverish skin, while Seokjin kneels down beside him and begins to apply shampoo to his unruly mop of hair, its ebony strands contrasting with Seokjin’s paler fingers.

It’s relaxing, feeling Seokjin wash his hair and body, and even when Seokjin’s cleaning the painful stripes left behind by the cane and scraping dried cum off his skin, Jeongguk feels the tension melting from his bones as he’s cared for by someone so dear to him, someone who’d hurt him but only because Jeongguk liked it, liked being used as a painslut, a doll. Jeongguk trusts Seokjin with his life, and no matter which persona Seokjin’s presenting, Jeongguk always treasures their time together, even if he doesn’t show it. Seokjin’s also incredibly meticulous - meticulous in breaking Jeongguk down but meticulous in putting him back together, making sure he’s at his emotional and physical best all the time - excluding during consensual BDSM scenes, of course.

Seokjin’s gentle enough that it barely hurts when he swipes a cloth soaked in baby soap over his ass, thighs, and cock, and while it feels strange, Seokjin makes the process of cleaning multiple loads of cum out of his ass as pleasant as possible. Jeongguk feels fucked out, boneless; he has no idea what time it is, or what’s coming next, but he trusts Seokjin. Trusts him as he rinses the conditioner out of Jeongguk’s hair and soap off of Jeongguk’s body. Trusts him as he gets out of the shower, towels off, and gets a towel to wrap around Jeongguk immediately after he shuts the water off so Jeongguk doesn’t get too cold. Trusts him as he dries and then dresses Jeongguk in just a loose T-shirt, tucks him into bed after stripping off the dirty top cover and draping a new blanket over the untouched sheets, turns off the light and snuggles in next to Jeongguk, cuddling Jeongguk until he falls asleep before he’s texting Yoongi and doing cleanup. Trusts him unconditionally.