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The seagulls chattered as the sea breeze raked through Hoseok’s soft hair. The slight swaying of the ferry and the salty taste of the sea had his stomach slightly nauseous but he swallowed it down. His eyes scanned for the small pup he was in charge of, cute yellow hoodie pulled over his head.

The pup ran to the seated Hoseok, hugging his hips as he dangled horizontally over the thighs of the alpha. The heavy phone in his hand swayed as gibberish spilled out to his twin brother. “Tae Tae, look!” The small toddler squealed as he pointed to a random seagull. His equally naive brother looked up but he obviously couldn’t see the bird.

“Jimin-ah, you have point the camera, Taehyung can’t see it,” Hoseok chuckled as he sat Jimin properly. The adult took the phone and positioned it properly so his other nephew can see as well. Taehyung clapped from the other end of the call before the video glitched.

Jimin stared confused at the screen before Hoseok checked the service. There were no bars, Hoseok explaining to the pouty toddler why he couldn’t continue to talk with his younger brother. The toddler’s pout was apparent for a little longer before he got distracted by something else on the boat.

The wind knocked the hood off of Jimin’s head, Hoseok standing and fixing the article of clothing. It was chilly on the sea as the ferry prepared to land on the port. Hoseok grabbed the baby in his arms and exited the boat, bowing to the old man that was driving it.

The energetic two year old took in his surroundings with glee, he wasn’t used to the quiet place. All the small pup had ever seen were the bustling streets of Seoul and the barrage of traffic and cars and the occasional billboard with his papa modeling on it.

However, Hoseok wasn’t as gleeful. The place did not look the slightest like the picture on his phone. There were no tall buildings where he was supposed to meet for his meeting. There were seniors staring at him and his pressed formal suit. The child in his arms waved to all of them once he spotted them.

“Excuse me,” Hoseok called to a slightly younger person and showed her his phone. “Where can I find this building?” He asked but the woman just gave Hoseok a funny look.

“There are no buildings like that here,” she replied with a slightly slurred accent. Hoseok looked at her with a puzzled look. Was he at the wrong place? The toddler had become restless in his hold wanting to run around on the ground and play.

“Mister, if you want to go to those buildings, there aren’t any here. They’re on that island,” the woman explained as she pointed to the foggy silhouette of another landmass. Hoseok sighed in frustration, he knew he shouldn’t have gone without his secretary.

“How do I get there?” Hoseok asked as Jimin’s moves increased in his arms. “You can’t get there from here. You gotta get the ferry from Seoul,” the woman replied in her slang making Hoseok slightly uncomfortable.

“When is the next ferry to Seoul?” The alpha asked, the young woman informing him that there was only one ferry that came every morning to go to Seoul. Hoseok internally screamed but he thanked the woman in a polite manner.

Hoseok dialed his business partner, setting Jimin on the ground. The toddler instantly took off to chase the birds that had stopped to rest. Hoseok kept a keen eye on the child to make sure he didn’t get hurt or lost.

The phone beeped from the other end informing him there was no service at all on the island. Hoseok’s clenched his teeth as he called for his nephew. Jimin ran to him, Hoseok clutching his chubby baby hand in his own large one.

The alpha and the child walked around the coastline, Jimin skipping cheerfully while Hoseok tried to get a signal. The time of the meeting was passing and he didn’t want his partner to think low of him. Hoseok and Jimin walked for a long time, touring the coast.

The pungent smell of fish and seafood assaulted the alpha’s nose from the many fishermen hauling their catches. Hoseok wrinkled his nose while holding tightly onto Jimin’s hand so the toddler wouldn’t go to touch the raw fish and crustaceans.

Eventually, Hoseok gave up. He sat down on the some stone steps that led to the ocean. He had tried texting but the message wasn’t even halfway in the sending process. The entire meeting had already ended, Jimin was tired and Hoseok’s feet ached. They had walked for about two hours on the coastline, the baby tired and cranky as Hoseok heard his stomach growl.

Sighing, Hoseok took Jimin in his lap again and kissed his soft chestnut hair. It smelled of the expensive soaps his brother, Seokjin, purchased form the high end markets. Hoseok always like Jimin and Taehyung just because they had the soft baby scent.

“Are you hungry, Jiminie?” Hoseok asked, the toddler nodding his head repeatedly. Hoseok laughed, Jimin was just as cute as his Jin hyung. “I’m hungry too, let’s get some food, ok?” Hoseok spoke to the toddler with a little more hype and a higher pitch.

Fortunately, the pair didn’t walk far, there was a small restaurant near the coast. The old sign spelled out “Min Restaurant” and it was slightly falling apart, Hoseok admitting he didn’t want to go eat in there. He pushed down his distaste because he didn’t want to walk more to find a place to eat and also because his nephew was starving.

The small bell ringer on the door of the Min family’s, signaled the arrival of the new customers. Yoongi turned with the tray of food to see who had entered. His eyes widened as he spotted what looked like a superstar rather than the regular towns people who came frequently for lunch and dinner.

The little omega stared at the pressed navy blue suit along with the decorated tie. A no doubt crazy expensive watch adorned his wrist, complimenting his large strong hands. The male smelled distinctively alpha, his pheromones all over the place.

Yoongi caught sight of his sharp jaw and his piercing eyes once Hoseok turned. Chestnut brown hair parted in the middle completed the look. Everyone young and old turned to stare as the handsome alpha walked in and sat down on the nearest table.

The squealing young girls quieted as they spotted a child latched onto the alpha’s calf. They gave the small boy annoyed looks as he followed the tall male to the table. It seemed the breathtaking alpha had a child and most likely a mate.

Yoongi watched in amusement as the toddler struggled to climb onto the squeaky chairs. He was way too small to get on the chair without an adult’s help, the alpha standing and seating the child down. Again the boy was too short to reach the table, forehead level with the edge of the table. The alpha sighed as he then just sat the child on his lap.

Again, the entire restaurant watched the scene fold out. The small fishing town hadn’t really seen or been exposed to someone who was as handsome or rich as the alpha. Most of the island was just retired old people and their grandchildren. The young men and women had left the small village to peruse bigger cities.

Ms. Min shook Yoongi out of his uncharacteristic daze, taking the tray from his hands and replacing it with a menu. She gestured towards the alpha and the child and Yoongi understood the task. He unconsciously tied the apron tighter around his waist as well as the bandana on his head in nervousness.

Yoongi walked to the clearly out-of-towners, hearing the child babble nonsense to the alpha. The small toddler had the same chestnut brown hair as the alpha, chubby cheeks and plush lips bouncing as he spoke. The rosy cheeks were so plump that Yoongi questioned how the child could even talk.

The omega walked to the table, hands shaking slightly as he greeted the alpha. The light brown eyes of the male stared up at him, the breath hitching in Yoongi’s throat. He didn’t understand why he was acting this way, all the alphas on the island was scared of him, Min Yoongi, the omega.

“W-Welcome to Min Restaurant, here is the menu,” Yoongi said as he handed the slightly beat up menu. Again, most of the people in the restaurant were regulars who lived on island and almost had memorized it so there was no reason to spend money they didn’t have on more copies.

The alpha’s face turned visibly in disgust as he took the fading and slightly crumpled menu, irking Yoongi. Yes, it wasn’t the lavish French restaurants that gave half a steak for over thousands of won but the food was genuine. Yoongi stood at the edge of the table before he realized the alpha wasn’t going to order soon.

Yoongi walked back to the kitchen and filled a washed glass with cold water and added ice cubes. The glass would be too big for the toddler so Yoongi just took out a small juice from the refrigerator. It was obviously of cheap value, Yoongi concluding that the alpha would probably not let his child drink it.

The young adult walked back towards the table, seeing the two year old toddler standing on the alpha’s strong thighs with his chubby arm wrapped around the tan neck. The baby was pointing to random things on the menu and slurring his soft voice.

Yoongi approached the table and set down the glass of cold water. He also set down the juice which the toddler instantly reached for. However, Yoongi has been right, the alpha grabbed the chubby fingers before they could grab the juice box. The toddler whined but the adult shushed him and sat him down.

A golden shine caught Yoongi’s eye as he stared at the alpha’s chest. Clipped onto his tie was a metal band with the name “Jung Hoseok” written in script font. Yoongi nearly rolled his eyes, typical of alphas to flaunt their wealth and status.

“Jiminie want,” the toddler caught Yoongi’s attention with his cute voice as he pointed to a picture on the menu. It was the classic tteokbokki, one of Yoongi’s favorites. He wrote down the order on his notepad while smiling at the cheery toddler.

“I’ll have the kimchi fried rice,” the alpha ordered with an unnecessary authoritative tone as he looked up at Yoongi. The omega wrote down the order asking if they wanted any drinks. The alpha shook his head as his heart shaped lips wrapped around the straw of his water.

Yoongi took the menu, the toddler fighting with him for it because he wanted to see more of the pictures. Yoongi let go but the alpha took the menu from Jimin and handed it to Yoongi to take back.

Jimin was standing again, whining as he wrapped his small arms around Hoseok’s neck and laid his chubby cheeks on the alpha’s shoulders. Hoseok just rubbed his hoodie clad back soothingly, the child had become whiny and cranky because he was hungry and tired. Jimin played with the silver chain that poked out slightly from the collar of Hoseok’s pressed black shirt.

Jimin and Hoseok didn’t have to wait a long time as Yoongi arrive about ten minutes later with their food. A delicious aroma wafted into Hoseok’s nose as the food was placed in front of him along with some extra plates. Hoseok had judged the restaurant by the menu but the food actually looked like it had potential.

The toddler beamed in excitement as his own food was placed in front of him, a large bowl of the spicy dish almost bigger than his entire face. The utensils were placed as well, Jimin clutching onto a spoon as if he knew how to use it. Hoseok muttered a soft ‘thank you’ as Yoongi retreated back to the counter to attend the other customers.

Hoseok took Jimin’s spoon and scooped some of the red soup from the bowl. He blew on it momentarily before he brought the spoon to the toddler’s mouth. Jimin parted his plush lips as he tasted the food. Hoseok laughed as child sucked in a breath from the spice.

Hoseok tried some of it himself, sucking in his own breath when the liquid was a little more on the spicy side rather than the tangy. Jimin stared up at him expecting more food which Hoseok gladly fed. It took the toddler quite some time to eat as Hoseok’s own stomach growled in hunger.

The alpha placed some of the spice covered rice cakes onto the separate plate and cut them into bite sized pieces for Jimin. After cutting enough to satisfy the toddler’s hunger, Hoseok placed a fork in Jimin’s hand. The two year old instantly stabbed one of the soft rice cakes and put it in his mouth. He chewed hungrily, legs swinging and hitting Hoseok’s legs from his lap.

Jimin ate with glee, chewing cutely and swallowing slowly. Hoseok watched the marshmallow cheeks of his nephew bounce as he enjoyed his meal. The alpha dug into his own meal, mixing it with some of the side dishes. The first bite was delicious, nothing like he had ever tasted before.

The small child paused his chewing as he watched his uncle eat the golden rice. He wanted to try it too, patting Hoseok’s arms to get his attention. Hoseok got the cue and fed a spoonful to his nephew. Jimin’s eyes lit up once again as he squealed softly.

The meal carried on even when the stares from the other customers in the restaurant unnerved Hoseok. These people really lacked manners.

Jimin had barely finished a fourth of his tteokbokki before he was full. The child was about to throw a fit because he wanted to drink the juice and Hoseok didn’t want to go through that. He allowed Jimin to drink the artificial juice cringing as he could already hear the high pitched voice of his hyung lecturing him.

Hoseok finished the rest of him meal, trying to feed Jimin a little more because he didn’t have room for the rice cakes. Jimin ate a few more bites before he complained that he was going to burst. Hoseok finished the rest of the spicy dish as he wiped the red from Jimin’s lips.

Jimin was placed down from Hoseok’s lap, juice box still clutched in his chubby fingers. Hoseok dusted off his lap as he drank the remaining water. He stacked the plates and once again held Jimin’s hand and walked to the counter to pay.

Yoongi watched the alpha pull out his wallet with a dozen of credit cards stacked inside. Hoseok pulled out one with a gold luster to Yoongi. “We don’t take card,” Yoongi informed as Hoseok clicked his tongue. The alpha went through his wallet until he found the bills and handed Yoongi three times the amount he owned. The alpha didn’t carry change with him.

Yoongi has addressed the matter but Hoseok had just said “keep it” with a mocking tone in his voice. Yoongi got annoyed and handed the alpha back all of his change, he didn’t need tips from such an arrogant male.

“Say… Yoongi…” Hoseok said as he squinted to read the tag on Yoongi’s apron. “Are there any hotels here?” The alpha asked, Yoongi laughing out loud with his gums exposed for no reason.

“City folk are really stupid, huh?” Yoongi scoffed as he brought his wheezing to a halt. “Why would we have hotels? It’s not a tourist attraction for you Seoul folks,” Yoongi crudely stated, pissing of the alpha.

“Then where the heck do people stay if the ferry doesn’t come back until the next morning,” Hoseok seethed being mindful of his language near the toddler who continued to drink his sugary drink in peace.

Yoongi shrugged, “that’s not my problem”. Hoseok clenched his teeth in anger, lifting Jimin into his arms. He started to walk, Yoongi making eye contact with the chubby pup. The soft curious eyes stared back at him and a pang of pity pierced through his heart. Maybe the alpha was annoying but the pup was so cute and innocent.

“Wait,” Yoongi called, the alpha turning back. The omega sighed as he scribbled an address onto a napkin. He handed the paper the Hoseok. “It’s not a hotel, but we can give you two a room to stay in,” Yoongi explained to Hoseok while Jimin finished the beverage. Yoongi took the empty juice box from the pup and disposed of it.

Hoseok let out a forced ‘thank you’ once Yoongi gave the directions on how to get there. Jimin was starting to doze once his stomach was filled, soft hair tickling Hoseok’s neck as he slumbered.

The afternoon was setting in, Hoseok walking to the address Yoongi had given him. It had taken some time because he walked north instead of south and then got lost. Luckily, there was a kind older couple who directed him to the right path.

Hoseok stood in front of the traditional type house and the sign indicating there was a bathing area. There was also a sign that read “Min” indicating the family the house belonged to. The alpha knocked softly on the traditional style door and waited for someone to open it.

A very old woman opened the door, squinting to make out who it was before a kind smile erupted on her face. “What can I do to help a handsome young man such as yourself?” The woman asked as she gestured Hoseok inside the house.

“Hello, grandmother, we need a place to sleep for the night. My pup and I had taken the wrong ferry and the next ferry to Seoul is in the morning,” Hoseok explained as he watched the expression on the grandmother’s face change to that of pity.

“Of course, young man. I can’t deny someone as handsome as you or as cute as your pup. Come in! Come in!” The elder replied with enthusiasm as Hoseok took off his expensive loafers. Jimin was still passed out on his shoulder so it was a little bit of a hassle.

The elder lead the pair to a vacant room. The space was small and one futon was laid down on the ground. There was barely any furniture save for a wardrobe and a small table in the center. There was a small door that indicated it was a bathroom. Hoseok didn’t complain, he was just happy he had a place to stay in.

“You get comfortable now, child. I’ll bring another futon for you to sleep in. There is a hot bathing place near the end if you want to warm up. The nights do get cold,” The elder woman explained before she took her leave. Hoseok blowed and thanked her.

Hoseok sighed as he sat down on the floor and placed Jimin on top of the futon. He took off his suit and hanged it onto one of the racks. He stretched as he heard the his joints pop and his back crack.

Jimin was sweating in his sleep, Hoseok noticing the precipitation on his forehead. The alpha unzipped the yellow puppy sweater and took it off of the child as well as the shoes and socks. That left Jimin’s chubby arms exposed in his sleeveless striped top and his navy blue shorts. The pup curled up into himself, Hoseok wiping the drool that dripped from his parted mouth.

There was soft knocking on the door, Hoseok opening it and taking the extra futon from the old woman. He laid it next to the pup and spread it out properly. The alpha really needed a soak, his body felt irritated and sluggish for some reason. Once Jimin feel asleep, be slept for a long time so Hoseok decided to clean himself.

Hoseok tucked the pup protectively after scenting him to make sure that people would stay away from hurting him. He walked to the grandmother who gave him a towel and promised to take the pup to him if he wake up earlier than expected.

Hoseok felt dirty using the “public” bath but he was desperate. His body felt sticky and tired from how long he had walked. It was for one day and then he’d be back to his jacuzzi.

Hoseok soaked in the warm water, his body relaxing instantly. The heat was moderate and just perfect for his tired body. The alpha just soaked in the water and relaxed his body, occasionally pouring the hot water and creating more steam. He reached for any soaps or oils but there was none.

The alpha didn’t have to wait long before someone else entered in the middle of his soak. It was Yoongi clutching a tray of soaps and towels, taking past Hoseok and placing it on the ledge.

“Don’t think I’m serving you. My grandmother told me to bring this to you,” Yoongi declared as his eyes skimmed over the naked alpha in the tub. The strong pecs and the outline of abs etched themselves in Yoongi’s brain, the omega blushing.

Yoongi didn’t say another word and exited the bathing area. His skin had a slight heat under and his body felt more jittery than regular. He blamed it on the hot steam fogging up his brain.

Meanwhile, the heat under Hoseok’s skin had yet to go away. He pondered before it hit him, his rut was soon. He had been on medication to make sure he doesn’t got into it but it didn’t work all the time. Hoseok cursed his luck before quickly washing off the soap on his skin. He’ll just sleep and leave first thing in the morning tomorrow before it hit.

Hoseok hurriedly wiped his body and put on his clothes before walking back to his temporary room. The small toddler was still sleeping on the futon but his body slowly perked as he felt Hoseok enter the room.

Jimin lifted is head slowly as his sleepy eyes took in his surroundings. Hoseok soothingly rubbed the pup’s hair and back to try to get him to sleep again. Jimin closed his eyes for some time and slept a little longer.

While the baby slept, Hoseok tried again to contact anyone but his phone had no service and his text still didn’t send yet. The night had fallen and the sounds of the crickets echoed.

Jimin woke up for good about an hour later, searching the room for his parents. He instead landed on Hoseok who was tampering with his phone. The alpha noticed the awakened pup and enveloped his soft body in a hug.

The toddler pushed away Hoseok, tears were starting to build in his eyes. He hadn’t seen his papa or appa the whole day, his heart ached. The dam broke, soft sniffles leaving the child as he started crying.

Hoseok patted Jimin’s back, it was his daily routine of crying if he didn’t sense his parents near him. The many times Hoseok babysat while his brother and best friend had some alone alone had prepared him for it. Most of the time he could calm the pup down but other times moans echoed from the other end of the phone while the pup finally stopped crying.

The chilly air was wafting in from the back door, the child refusing to stay in Hoseok’s hold. The alpha pulled the sweater onto the crying pup. Hands snaked under the pup’s arms and he was once again lifted up.

Jimin wailed as Hoseok took him outside the house. He hoped the cold air would calm the toddler a little. The alpha himself wasn’t feeling well, stuffy head and a slight itching in his skin. He really hoped his rut didn’t happen while he was stuck with his nephew on the island.

“You want papa and appa?” Hoseok cooed as Jimin’s face buried itself in his neck. The toddler nodded his head, tears soaking into Hoseok’s shirt.

Hoseok was stuck, there was barely any service on the Island so he couldn’t even call his older brother. Even if there was service, his phone was dying because he had forgotten his charger as he was supposed to be on a different island.

In a panic, Hoseok retracted his phone and found the picture his brother, had taken on the phone. It was even a plus when Seokjin’s mate and husband, Namjoon, was with him.

“Look, Jiminie,” Hoseok tried, the toddler staring at the phone in his hand. Jimin spotted his parents and in an instant reached for the device. He called to both Seokjin and Namjoon, convinced for a second that it was them in real life in a video call. When the child got no answer, he dropped Hoseok’s expensive phone.

The itching under Hoseok’s skin got more prominent, his nose so much more sensitive to the smells around him. He could smell the vanilla and rose on Jimin’s skin that was a combination of Seokjin and Namjoon. Hoseok’s rut was close but he was sure that he could survive for the night and take the first ferry off the island.

The toddler’s high pitched whines echoed through the silent night and assaulted Hoseok’s ears again. Jimin had turned nearly red from crying, the poor baby home sick for his parents and brother.

Hoseok knew it wasn’t a good idea to take the child with him for the meeting but Jimin had whined and begged and Hoseok caved. Now he had missed the meeting and the two of them were stuck in a “hotel” that didn’t even have a proper bed to sleep on.

The alpha’s much more sensitive nose picked up a soft floral scent, whipping around to spot Yoongi. The omega was in a loose shirt and pants and rubbing his tired eyes. The two made eye contact, Jimin quieting for a second as he felt an omega presence like his birther.

The silence was only temporary before the crying started once again. “You can’t calm down your own kid?” The omega scoffed as he crossed his arms, walking closer to the alpha. Hoseok have him a puzzled look.

“What? Who said anything about him being my son?” The taller male replied as he continued to rock Jimin. The omega’s eyes widened, “aren’t you his father…?”. Hoseok smirked as he proved the omega’s accusation and taunt wrong.

“No, this is my brother’s son. He’s my nephew,” Hoseok corrected the omega in a smug manner. The omega blushed as he was proved wrong. The wailing started again and Yoongi remembered what he had come outside to do.

“Why is he crying?” Yoongi asked as Hoseok sighed. “He’s homesick and wants his parents,” Hoseok answered as Yoongi extended his arms. The alpha was reluctant to put the child in a stranger’s arms but he himself wasn’t feeling well. The heat in his skin was increasing and the omega wasn’t helping.

Jimin went silent momentarily before he kicked his legs in a fit. Yoongi instantly handed back the toddler to Hoseok, he didn’t know what he was thinking he could do with a child. The alpha sat down on the steps of the house, the pup still in his strong arms. He could not stand any longer. His breathing was ragged and his eyes went blurry.

The child sensed something was wrong with his uncle, curling up in the muscular arms. Hoseok patted his back while Yoongi rubbed the soft hair. The soothing touches of an alpha and omega helped Jimin relax. The wails came to a halt as Jimin stared into space.

The pup wiped his tears and yawned. The teary eyes closed steadily as the slight rocking and the pheromones of Hoseok put Jimin to rest.

Hoseok’s breathing got ragged, heat increasing under his skin. The presence of the omega was making him dizzy, he needed to get inside and away. Hoseok stood up and entered the room, placing Jimin on the futon once again. Hoseok covered the child from head to toe providing only a tiny breathing space in the blanket. He couldn’t risk hurting the child if he DID go into a rut.

“Hey… are you okay…?” Yoongi asked worried, Hoseok letting out a small groan as he smelled the omega. His member twitched as Yoongi walked closer to him. The omega smelled the pheromones spilling out of Hoseok’s skin and his own skin heated. His entrance twitched and a small drop of slick dropped down.

Yoongi suddenly clutched his heart, sinking to the ground as his own body overheated out of nowhere. His breathing was ragged as more scents entered his nose. The alpha was holding his nose, glowing eyes staring down at the kneeling omega. Hoseok’s hand shook as he held himself back from the small omega.

The suffocating air in the room cut off Yoongi’s breathing. He couldn’t see properly as his own heartbeat drummed in his ears. His limbs were weak and his body refused to move from in front of the alpha. Yoongi didn’t understand why his heat hit, he had taken his suppressants.

Hoseok breathed heavily as he forced his body to move away from the omega. The attempts were futile as the omega sealed his fate by uttering “alpha”. Hoseok was on Yoongi in a second, dragging his light body as far away from the pup as possible. Hoseok panted as Yoongi laid submissive under him in the corner of the small room.

The blushing skin of Yoongi had Hoseok hardening in seconds, hands clutching the shirt and ripping in one swift movement. The pants were off just as quick, Yoongi’s shaky hands stripping Hoseok as well.

Hoseok stared at the glistening entrance, delicious smell drifting off of it. He instantly went to get a taste, his mouth is bliss as he tasted the omega. Yoongi moaned loudly as Hoseok ate him out with unmasked hunger. In the back of his mind he remembered Jimin was in the room, being extra minding of his sounds.

Yoongi’s small hand wrapped around Hoseok’s large length, he couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted to feel it stretch his walls and wreck him so good. Hoseok had his fill, heart shaped lips shining with Yoongi’s slick.

Hoseok couldn’t hold himself back anymore, lining himself up and entering the small omega. Breathless groans and heavy whines filled the room as the alpha took his omega. The delicious slide of the length on the slick walls created squelching sounds in the night.

The omega’s nails dug into Hoseok’s strong back as he nearly screamed when he came. The alpha continued to thrust, the pleasure nearly had him fainting. His knot was starting to swell as he reached his own orgasm, the bulge trapped inside Yoongi.

Hoseok thrusted again, countless orgasms hitting him and the omega as the night continued. Yoongi was too far gone to understand anything, the alpha was making him feel so good, his small member twitching and flushing out more cum.

Hoseok nosed at Yoongi’s neck as his foggy brain told him to claim the whimpering omega. His canines ached as his biology commanded to breed and create his own pups. The alpha opened his mouth, breath coming out in huffs as he licked at Yoongi’s milky skin and imagined his bite embedded into it.

The canines were mere millimeters from sinking in before the soft whimper of the pup reached Hoseok’s ears. He rose from the omega’s neck as he scanned for the small child, his alpha awakened once again but this time to protect his family.

Hoseok’s glowing eyes landed on Jimin who had rolled out of his futon, hoodie hiked up and showing his pump stomach. He had rolled out to get as far away form the couple as possible, the intense smells intimidating him. The pup whimpered again, shivering from the cold.

Finally, the fog cleared from Hoseok’s brain and he thought properly. He was still sealed inside Yoongi, white semen dripping out of the entrance. His knot had the liquid sealed inside but it had started to loosen when his senses came back to him.

The alpha pulled out his still inflated knot, the omega flinching as it dragged on his sensitive walls. Yoongi moaned as he felt the steady drip of white falling out of him, his own haze disappearing slowly.

Yoongi’s chocolate brown eyes watched the alpha wipe at his member with a towel from the bathroom before pulling on his slacks. Hoseok walked to the small child and lifted him in his arms. He walked back to the futon and tucked the child in, the squinted look gone from Jimin’s cute face.

Hoseok walked back to Yoongi and placed the towel in between Yoongi’s thighs. The omega pressed the towel down onto his aching hole that just would not stop leaking the cum. Yoongi was way too tired to go back to his own room, the grueling but pleasurable session with the alpha had used up all his energy.

Yoongi was still breathing heavily, staring up at the ceiling of the room. He could still hear the harsh breaths Hoseok took to calm himself down. Through the fog, Yoongi realized one thing. The pup’s distraction has saved him from being claimed by the alpha. It would’ve been a disaster if they became mates.

The omega, once deemed his entrance clean enough, crawled from the corner. He pulled the blanket off and curled into the large soft futon. He expected the alpha to join him but Hoseok had crawled under Jimin’s futon, paying Yoongi no mind even if he was moaning and groaning on top of him a few minutes ago. Yoongi scoffed, typical alpha.

The night got darker, the two adults and the child slumbering peacefully. Hoseok was awoken in the middle of his rest when Jimin woke up to use the toilet. Hoseok walked Jimin to the bathroom half asleep and helped the pup relieve himself. It had been quite a challenge for him in the beginning when the twins would be left with him but over time he got used to the babies.

In his half asleep state, Hoseok unconsciously crawled into Yoongi’s futon, hugging the soft body. The smell was intoxicating and helped him fall asleep faster. The small back of Hoseok’s nephew pressed on his own back as the alpha and omega snuggled unknowingly.