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LIA DUNBAR ▹ teen wolf

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Olivia Geyer regretted her marriage. She regretted getting married so young to someone with anger issues and had to constantly leave for work. But Olivia never regretted having her daughter, Lia, her little angel.

Lia couldn't think of any positive memories that had to do with her biological father. All she remembered was her parents constantly arguing and yelling at each other, one in awhile she could even hear glass shattering on the hardwood floor as she cowered in her closet, squeezing her stuffed dog tightly as she sobbed. Those were memories that would still haunt her as she got older, her first memories.

Olivia finally divorced Lia's biological father when the little girl was six years old. Instead of moving, Olivia kicked him out and the two stayed in their house. Lia never saw her father much afterwords, not that she really cared. She hated the man for always upsetting her mom.

When she was nine years old, Lia's mother married her step-father Dr. Samuel Geyer. He had known her mother for over a year before she got divorced, Olivia was a forensic scientist who worked with Samuel quite a few times on cases with the police.

The man quickly filled in the 'dad' role that had always been absent in her life. Samuel and Lia shared their love for lacrosse and superhero movies/comics.

During these times, Lia was always grateful for her best friend Mason Hewitt. The two grew up a block from each other; they knew each other since they were in diapers because Mason's parents were childhood friends of Olivia. He anchored her, kept her calm even when she was filled with so much anger.

It wasn't until the sixth grade when her parents and the school realized that her anger issues weren't normal. This was the year where she saw her biological father again for the first time since she was six, he was attempting to try and get into her life again. Lia was very upset, she already had a dad who did more for her in the few years she had him so far and a father compared to what he did for her in her entire life.

One day a group of eight graders were messing with Mason, making fun of him because of his sexuality. The kids at their the prep school weren't as accepting as other schools. Mason was used to it and told Lia to ignore them as they tried to go to their next class. It wasn't until they called him a homophobic slur that Lia didn't hesitate to defend her best friend and fight the older boys.

A student named Hayden Romero, another sixth grader, accidentally walked into the middle of it and got a punch that was made for the eight grader which resulted in him getting a broken nose. In return, he punched Lia in the face too, resulting in harsh bruising. That was the day that Hayden declared he hated Lia and did everything he could just to spite her.

Mason's parents had him transfer the next school year to Beacon Hills Middle School to get him away from the teasing. Their middle school and high school were extremely accepting of all different types of people. Kids in that school district, such as a well-known jock named Jackson Whittemore, were willing to fight anyone else if they tried to bully any kid for their sexuality. It was a great place for Mason to feel like he belonged.

Lia was happy for her best friend after hearing how amazing that school district was. Mason became the president of their GSA club. Lia was now lonely at school, the only friend she had was a girl named Savannah. Her former friend Brett turned on her out of nowhere in the middle of the seventh grade and started doing everything he could to upset her.

Lacrosse seemed to be the only time where the other kids didn't try and mess with her or seclude her. They respected her in that particular sport because of her amazing skills that won them many championships. But, of course, the coach who was also their teacher had some sort of vendetta against Lia.

He often picked on the girl for her difficulties in controlling her anger and not performing well in school. Lia was able to handle it because it wasn't hurting anyone else.

But then the coach made the mistake of picking on her only friend Savannah for her GAD and ADHD. This is when Lia's anger blew out of control. The now ninth grader destroyed her coaches car, getting her expelled immediately. She was then diagnosed officially with IED, Intermittent Explosive Disorder.

Lia felt like a failure, like a mistake to her family. Her parents were super smart and calm while she was just as angry as her biological father.

Her parents were grateful when Beacon Hills High School allowed her to transfer there without judging her for what she had done. Mason was overwhelmed with excitement that his best friend was joining his school. She was even able to make new friends like freshman couple Garrett and Violet.

Everything felt like it was going great until she got the attention of the two famous juniors Stiles Stilinski and Scott McCall. They thought she was inhuman due to her strength and amazing lacrosse-playing abilities, but found out that she was just a human teen girl.

But later on, Lia was turned into a werewolf by Scott McCall in order to save her life. And that's when everything changed when she became the first ever beta that he, the True Alpha, turned himself.

Her IED mixed with the anger issues that came with being a werewolf were going to be hard for her to cope with. But luckily for her, she had her new pack there to guide her along the way.