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Kinda like Pokemon Generations (but it's not)

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Cindy sighed as she sat down on a bench and took off her hat. She always hated being apart of Team Rocket. It wasn't like she had much of a choice, though. Nowhere else in Kanto would hire her, seeing as she was a 19 year old girl, no college education, and an orphan. If she didn't find a job soon, child services would take her little brother away and she would lose her home. The only option she had left was, unfortunately, the criminal organization, Team Rocket. They told her they would give her a large salary, and that she didn't have to worry about people finding out what she really did for a living. Sure, it was nice getting paid a lot, but was it worth the dirty looks people gave her as she crossed the street? Was it worth her having to lie to her own brother about what she really does? Was it worth having to steal pokemon, get her butt kicked by 10 year olds, and learning how to run really fast so she didn't get arrested? At this point, she wasn't sure. All she knew at the moment was that her Growlithe had just fainted, and she couldn't take it to a pokemon center, or else she'd have the cops called on her. She would have to go to Team Rocket's base in Celedon City.

Cindy walked through the secret opening in the arcade, and went down the stairs. She walked down the hallway, said hello to some of her co-workers, and navigated through the puzzle of platforms that could spit you out to the beginning if you make one wrong move. She remembers it taking her a full week to be able to do it without making one mistake. Finally, she made her way to the break room, and walked up to her friend who was in charge of healing pokemon, Mary. "So, your Growlithe fainted again? What was it this time?" Mary asked, taking the poke ball from Cindy. "Another 10 year old. Is it just me, or are strong trainers getting younger?" she said, thinking about the young girl with an Eevee that easily beat her Growlithe. She watched as Mary put her poke ball on the charging station to heal her pokemon. "Strong trainers are getting younger. Did you hear a 10 year old boy with a Charmander was able to beat the boss himself?" Mary told her as they waited for the poke ball to finish charging. "What?!" Cindy asked, surprised, "That can't be right. Nobody is able to beat Giovanni!" "Call me crazy, but it's true, Ariana told me," Mary laughed. She picked up Cindy's poke ball and handed it back to her. "By the way, that reminds me, Archer is looking for you," She told her. "Why?" Cindy asked. The executives never wanted to see her... "I don't know, but he told me to tell you to meet him in the boss's office. I think that also means 'ol Gio is wants to see you too," Mary said. The head executive AND the boss wants to see her? This could either be good or bad... "Alright. See you later, Mary," Cindy bid her friend goodbye, and headed to the main office.

As Cindy waited in the lift to get to the bottom floor, the pondered about why Giovanni and Archer wanted to see her. Were they going to fire her? She knew that she failed a few of the jobs given to her, but she succeeded in most of them, so they couldn't fire her. When the lift doors opened, she took a deep breath and walked into the office. Inside, Giovanni was sitting at his desk, his Persian next to him, and Archer was standing off to the side. "Welcome, Ms. Song. Please, take a seat," Giovanni told her. She sat down in the chair in front of the desk, and blinked a bit nervously. "I know what your thinking. 'Why have I been called into this office?'. I'll tell you why." he said, tapping his finger on the desk. Cindy gulped. 'This is it...' she thought, 'I'm going to get fired...' "I'm sending you to the Johto region to work under Archer," he finally said. "You have done excellent work here in Kanto, so I think you would do just as well in Johto, under the Team Rocket branch there, with the other executives, Ariana, Petrel and Proton," Archer stepped in. Cindy couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her work was excellent? No one ever told her that. She'd probably being doing the same things in Johto as she was doing in Kanto. "Boss, I'm flattered that you think I'm good enough for this, but I have a home here. I have a little brother I have to take care of," she explained. "That's fine, he can move to Johto with you," Giovanni told her, "We already have an apartment there ready for the two of you." "Okay then, I accept the job," Cindy said. Something in her told her not to say no... "Alright then! We'll be ready to have you in Johto in a week," Archer walked over to her and shook her hand, "I look forward to working with you." Cindy gave a week smile. "Thank you, executive," she said. How on earth was she going to explain this to her brother?

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"Lilo! Get up! We're going to be late!" the voice of her aunt woke Lilo up from her deep sleep. She bolted out of bed and quickly changed out of her pajamas into normal clothes. Today, she and her Aunt Shelly were going to Hoenn so that she could start a new life. About a week ago, Lilo's parents unfortunately died in a car accident. She found out when she was sitting at home alone, waiting for them to get back, and a police officer came to her front door and broke the news to her. After she found this out, she immediately closed the door on them and broke down crying. She knew that her parents would die eventually, but she didn't expect it to happen so soon. She opened the door again, wiped the tears from her eyes, and apologized to the cop for closing the door on them. The cop understood, and asked her if she had any other family members that could take care of her. She told them she had an aunt who lives in Hoenn, and they contacted Shelly, who immediately flew down to Unova. At the airport, Lilo hugged her aunt, tears in her eyes, all while being comforted and told that everything was going to be alright. They would stay in Unova until after her parents funeral, and then go to Hoenn where Aunt Shelly lived, which was happening today.

Lilo double-checked if all of her stuff was in her suitcases, but something was missing. She went into her parent's room and pulled out a poke ball from a drawer. It was her father's Seismitoad, the only thing she had left of her parents. She put it in a pocket in her backpack and put on her shoes and met Aunt Shelly outside. "Hey Lilo," Shelly said, helping her get her stuff into the trunk of the car, "How do you feel about moving to Hoenn with your Aunt?" "Well, it's going to be a new place," Lilo told her, "At least I'll have you to help me settle in, Aunt Shelly." Lilo paused for a bit, and looked at the ground a bit sadly. Shelly put her hand on her shoulder. "I miss them too, Lilo," she said, comforting her, "Your mom was my older sister, so I know how you feel. But now, we're going to start a new life together in Hoenn, okay?" Lilo smiled a bit. "Okay. I know there are a lot of new pokemon to see in Hoenn," she said. "That's the spirit!" Shelly said cheerfully, "Now hop in the car, we don't want to miss our flight!"

When they got to the airport, Shelly turned the car into the rental service (it was a rental) and they went through airport security. They reached their gate around 20 minutes before boarding, so they sat around and waited. "So, Aunt Shelly," Lilo asked, curious, "What is Hoenn like?" "Well," Shelly started, "It's a beautiful region, with lots of unique pokemon. It has a pokemon league, like most regions, and you can enter your pokemon in these things called contests, where they judge your pokemon based on how cool, cute, clever, tough, or pretty it is. There are also a lot of scientific research centers there." "I know that, I remember you used to work at this place called Devon," Lilo said. "There is also a lot of legends of pokemon that created the land, sea and sky," Shelly continued, "Groundon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. They used to have forms that are different than Mega Evolution, but have greater power than their normal forms. They say whenever Groundon and Kyogre would fight, Rayquaza would have to end their conflict." "Wow. In Unova, our legendaries represent truth and ideals," Lilo said, starting to think she was really going to like living in Hoenn, "What kind of place are we going to live?" "Well, I have a house in Lilycove City we're going to live in," Shelly explained, "It's close to the place I work, and some of my friends are going to pick us up from the airport and take us there." Lilo thought about what Shelly's new job might be. Probably another scientific research center. "That sounds neat, Aunt Shelly," Lilo said, "I think I'm going to like living in Hoenn."

After a long four hour flight, the plane finally landed in Hoenn, and Lilo and Shelly were greeted by two men, one being really tall and muscular, and the other wearing a bandana with a weird symbol on it, almost like a pirate. "Hey Shelly! It's been a while!" the man wearing the bandana said, giving her a hug. "SHELLY! I'm so glad you're back!" the tall man scooped both of them and gave them a big hug. "Hey Archie, Matt," Shelly laughed, and then turned to Lilo, "I'd like you to meet my niece. Lilo, these are my friends, Archie and Matt." "Hello, it's nice to meet you," Lilo said shyly. "So you're Shelly's niece," Archie said, holding out his hand to shake, "I'm an old friend of your aunt. She and I go way back!" Lilo shook his hand, his tight grip kind of hurting her hand. "I'm Matt, also one of Shelly's friends," Matt said cheerfully, "It's nice to meet you!" "It's nice to meet you too." Lilo told him. "So, Lilo," Archie started, "What brings you to Hoenn." Lilo paused for a moment, and then spoke: "Well, I'm going to be living with Aunt Shelly in Lilycove City. You see, I'm originally from the Unova region, but my parents just died, so I'm going to live here now." "Your parents died?" Archie asked, a bit surprised, "I'm sorry for your lost, then." "It's okay, I'll move on eventually," Lilo said, getting a little bit teary-eyed. "Hey, aren't we supposed to be in the baggage claim?" Shelly asked, changing the subject. "Oh crap, we are!" Archie remembered, "Let's go."

On the way to Lilycove City, Lilo couldn't help but stare at the symbol on Archie's bandana. What did it mean? Finally, her curiosity got the better of her, and she asked: "Hey, Archie? What's that symbol on your bandana?" "Oh, this?" he said, pointing to his bandana, "That's the symbol of Team Aqua." "Team Aqua? What's that?" she asked. "It's our job. We're an organization who's goal is to create a better world for pokemon," Shelly told her. "Yeah, and our schedules are really flexible, so we get to decide when we work," Matt added in. Lilo thought about this for a moment. An organization that wants to help pokemon? That sounds nice. "How old do you have to be to join?" she asked. "Well, you have to be at least 13 to volunteer, and you need to have at least one pokemon..." Archie told her, "Why, do you want to join?" "I might be interested, so yes?" Lilo said, "I'm 13, and I have my dad's Seismitoad." "We'll be happy to have you, Lilo," Shelly laughed, "I can take you to our headquarters so you can officially join tomorrow." Soon, they reached their new house, and Archie and Matt helped them get their bags out of the car. "Well, we'll see you two tomorrow. Goodbye!" Archie said, and he and Matt drove away. Shelly turned to Lilo, and said: "Alright, Lilo, this is our new home. Let's get everything inside, and I'll show you your new room."

Lilo and Shelly went inside, and Lilo looked around the house. It was very cozy looking, and you could see the ocean from one of the windows. "So, what do you think?" Shelly asked her. "This is a nice little house," Lilo said, snapping out of her deep thought. "I'm glad you like it," Shelly said happily, "Come on, I'll show you to your room."
Shelly led Lilo to a medium-sized room with a desk with a notebook sitting on it, a bed with a few pokemon plushies on it, a nightstand with a picture of Lilo, her parents, and Shelly on it, and a shelf with many books on it. "It's not much, but I'm sure adding a few things will make it feel like home," Shelly reassured her, "Well, I'll leave you to unpack. If you need me, I'll be in my room doing some things for work." Shelly left, and Lilo put her bag down and flopped on the bed. She thought about all the adventures she was going to have in Hoenn, and her new volunteer work for Team Aqua.

The next morning, after breakfast, Lilo and Shelly walked to the beach, and used Shelly's Sharpedo to surf to Team Aqua's headquarters (Which, to Lilo's surprise, was in an actual cave). When they got inside, two people, who kind of looked like pirates, walked up to them. "Hey, Shelly!" the first one said, "Who's that?" "This is my niece, Lilo. She's going to work with us," Shelly told them. "Oh, okay," the second one said, "You're going to love working here! We're going to make this world a better place for humans and pokemon! That is, if stupid Team Magma doesn't beat us to it." "Team Magma?" Lilo asked. "Our rival organization," Shelly told her, "Alright, now come on, let's go see Archie and get you officially into Team Aqua."

Shelly lead Lilo onto a platform, and suddenly, they were transported from that room to Archie's office. Lilo kind of felt stunned by the fact that she had just teleported. Archie was waiting for them at his desk. "Shelly! I see you brought Lilo here so she can join Team Aqua! Sit down, and I'll tell you all about it," Archie said to them. Lilo sat down in the chair in from of the desk, and Archie began: "So, Lilo, Team Aqua is an organization focusing on helping pokemon by creating a better world for them. We will achieve this by restoring the world to it's natural state by awakening the legendary pokemon Kyogre to expand the seas." "Kyogre? I thought that was just a myth!" Lilo exclaimed. "I thought so too, but it turns out it's real and asleep in a cavern under the sea," Archie explained, "So we will need a meteorite to awaken it, and it will restore the world to it's natural state, making a better world for people and pokemon alike!" Lilo thought about this for a moment. Awakening a legendary pokemon to rise the ocean levels and make a better world? 'Well,' she thought, 'This may as well happen. You could use something to do so you can move on from your parent's death'. "Okay, I'll join!" Lilo said enthusiastically. "Great! We'll see you back at headquarters tomorrow!" Archie shook her hand, and she and Shelly left to go back home.

"Lilo! Time to get up! It's your first day in Team Aqua today!" Shelly shouted from the other room. Lilo bolted out bed and automatically changed from out of her pjs into her Team Aqua Uniform. She may look like a pirate, but she was an adorable pirate. She was ready for action! Lilo went out of her room and met Shelly outside so they could go to headquarters. This was her first step towards a new life filled with adventure and recovery.