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The Peach Boy

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Being wrongfully accused of something that you didn’t do could be considered one of the worst things that could be done to you. Especially if the consequence resulting in you being sent to a little place called prison .

And unfortunately, for Hoseok, he was on the bad end of that stick. Hoseok knew that he did nothing wrong because he wasn’t the one who committed the crime but of course the police officer who pulled him over didn’t care for much of a real explanation. He hadn’t been driving his car in over a week because he let his friend borrow it, since Hoseok had a motorized bike he could drive back and forth to work.

But it would be on this day that Hoseok would have finally gotten his car back, damage-free and clean, that he would get pulled over by the police for a reason that he did not know of. Well, that was until the police officer explained to him that his car had been in one of the most shadiest parts of Seoul, where crime was most popular. In response, Hoseok attempted to explain that he just got his car back from his friend(whom he no longer trusted anymore after this)today and he had no idea of what his friend had been doing with his car.

The police officer nodded his head, giving Hoseok that illusion that he would be let go after the police officer understood and accepted his explanation. However, he was dead wrong. He still had to get out of the car in order for the police officer to search it. Hoseok was of course trying to keep a clear and positive head on things; hoping that nothing illegal would be found in his car and that he could just head on home, back to his dog named Mickey.

But unfortunately, that was not the case this time. The police officer ended up finding a case full of stolen cash in Hoseok’s trunk.

The officer walked around to the back of the car and set the case on the trunk, leading Hoseok to look at what he discovered.

Hoseok quickly looked at the man with widen eyes and a dropped jaw. He did NOT  know that was in his car. When he inspected the car, that shit was not in there.

When he got back home, he was gonna kick his friend’s ass from dusk to dawn for putting that shit in his car and getting him pulled over by cops.

That was when the officer looked at him accusingly, making Hoseok nervously shake his head as he trembled, “I-I didn’t take it, I swear!”

It would be moments after his attempted explanation that he would be put up against his car and handcuffed by the officer.

“You are under arrest for robbery. You have the right to remain silent for all things you say and do can be counted and held against you in the court of law. You have a right to an attorney and if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be assigned to you.”The officer read out, pulling Hoseok off the side of the car and guiding him to his police car, opening the door and putting him in the back where he would close the door and leave Hoseok to curse loudly, “FUCK!”

This was gonna go on his spotless record and was most certainly fuck up his chances for a promotion. This was why he shouldn’t be so nice all the time. Should’ve told Ryeong to fucking walk to get to where he was going instead of being all like, “well you use my car~”.

‘You stupid bitch.’ Hoseok cursed at himself in his head, glaring at himself at the rear view mirror with anger in those doe-eyes of his. Should’ve let that thief walk instead of drive...he should’ve just let him walk.


When Hoseok was being walked into the processing center, he felt more angry than he did embarrassed. Not once has he ever been placed in prison or has been pulled over. He always followed the rules and laws of the city and always did what he was suppose to do - never has he ever done anything wrong besides maybe eat his sister’s food that she had marked in the fridge back home and blatantly lie to her face and say he didn’t.

Though of course, he would come clean and say that he ate her food because he couldn’t keep up a lie for so long. He was too conscious when it came to lying and a lie would bother him for a long time.

But besides that, he would have never broken any of the laws or rules of the city and would always do what he was suppose to do as a good person did. But now, here he was, at the processing center, getting fingerprinted and put on record for an offense that he did not do.

After he was fingerprinted and put in the system, he was lead into the room where they would take his mugshot. He stood in front of the bland white background with an angered look on his face as he glared at the arresting officer who still smiled at him.

“Just smile for the camera.”The officer said and Hoseok would’ve said something bad if not for the fact that he was arrested for insubordination. He slowly turned and faced the camera, the officer handing him the card and telling him to hold  it as he huffed in irritation. He looked at the camera with a pout on his face as the person taking the picture counted down and snapped the photo.

After that, he had to take two more, both with him turned to the side while still holding the sign. Once that was over, he was taken by the other police officer who lead him to a desk where there were clothes waiting on the counter.

“You will need to strip and change into your new colors.”The officer instructed, going up the counter and handing Hoseok his new ‘colors’ which was in fact a orange jumpsuit. Hoseok stared at the jumpsuit for a good twenty seconds before looking over the officer and with a bit of a crack in his voice, he spoke.

“F-First, how long is my p-prison sentence?”

The officer glanced over to him before chuckling softly and shaking his head, “Your sentence is one year in prison.”

Hoseok’s heart nearly stopped as he swallowed dryly. A-A year? A year for something that he didn’t do?!He couldn’t survive in prison for a year, He was not prison material!

“Though if you act up in there, your sentence will be extended by another one year and I know you don’t want that.”The officer added, making Hoseok’s eyes widen. Oh how he didn’t want serve 2 years in prison.

“Now follow Officer Su into the change room. There, she’ll also give you a strip search to make sure you aren’t carrying anything suspicious.”

The peach-haired male blinked a few times before he looked over to the female officer who was behind the counter. She looked at him with a stern look on her face as she stood up from her seat and headed out of the room.

She appeared walking towards the other officer, her sharp black eyes now looking at Hoseok who was looking up at her because she proven to be much taller than expected. She looked so much smaller behind the desk…

“Let’s go, peachy.”She said, tilting her head towards the direction she just came from. Hoseok swallowed thickly and grabbed the jumpsuit he’d been given and followed behind the tall female officer. He couldn’t help but look over at her up and look up because she was freakishly tall, to him at least. His sister was 5’6 while he was 5’8 which made him the taller one but now that he was in presence of a tall female, he couldn’t help but gawk.

“Stop staring, short-stock. Get in there and strip.”She instructed, her voice a bit loud, startling the peach haired male who quickly hurried into the room. Su followed behind and that’s when the automated door closed behind her.

Hoseok slowly walked into the middle of the floor, his legs started to get wobbly as the disgusting and overwhelming scent of the room started to hit his nose harder than expected. He timidly glanced back at the officer who had her arms crossed in front of her chest.

“Don’t worry, shortie. I’ve seen a lot so you won’t be no different from the last. Get undressed.”She replied, as if she read Hoseok’s exact thoughts. Hoseok gulped as he placed the jumpsuit down on the ground since there was no table in sight. He slowly began to get undressed, taking off his grey long buttonless sweater and pulled off his black oversized shirt.

As he did this, he felt immensely exposed. He knew that the lady would see his bits and pieces which he didn’t feel comfortable with exposing. But he knew that he had no choice but to do as he was told - his sentence was for one year and Hoseok really didn't have much of a choice.

Once he got completely undressed, he slowly turned back around having had his back facing the lady. That’s when he saw the lady pulling out a pair of blue gloves. His pupils shrunk and became like dots. The lady pulled the gloves on with that loud, painful snapping sound which sent chills down Hoseok’s naked spine.

“As long as you cooperate, this will go smoothly.”

It would be at that moment Hoseok’s growing hate for his ‘friend’ exceeding from him wanting to beat his ass to him wanting to kill him for this.

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Hoseok stepped out of the room, now adorned in that ugly orange jumpsuit that he prayed and hoped he would never have to wear. He shuffled out of the room with the female officer walking along his side, holding his arm as she did.

“W-Wait, do I get my one phone call?”He suddenly questioned, making Su look over to him. She nodded her head, “Yeah. You’ll get your phone call in a minute.”

And there came the little glimmer of hope he’d been hoping to have again. Su lead him over to the nearby telephone and with that, she undid his handcuffs that he had on his wrists.

“Remember, you only get one phone call. Call who you need to - family, friends, whatever. to let them know you won’t be out until next year. 20 minutes is all you got so use it wisely.”

Hoseok nodded his head as he reached for the phone, his mind already set on calling his sister, Dawon to tell her about the situation. Fuck calling Ryeong. That stupid fuck was probably stealing from someone’s house right now. Rogue ugly bitch…

“Rotten bitch.”Hoseok whispered under his breath before taking the phone off the hook and dialing his sister’s number. He put the phone up to his ear, listening to it ring only two times before his sister answered.

“Hello? Hoseokie?”

“Listen, I don’t have much time to explain but Ryeong got my ass locked in prison for putting stolen cash in the trunk of my fucking car.”

“He what?!”

“Yeah. Now I’m here for a year.”

“A year?!”

Hoseok let out a soft huff as he leaned against the telephone and sighed, “No...the bail is too high set for this...”


“I’ll just serve this sentence alright? Please don’t worry about me, okay sis? I’ll be out in no time. Just make sure to go by my apartment and take care of Mickey and make sure that you be cautious when you explain to mom and dad this situation…”

“You have 10 minutes left.”

Hoseok briefly glanced back at the lady before looking back at the phone.

I...fine. I will. Please be careful in there…”

“I will, I promise.”

“Seokie, one more thing. Please for the love of God, don’t let your soap slip from your fingers.”

Hoseok raised an eyebrow in confusion at that, “What???Don’t let my soap slip from my fingers???”

“Just don’t do it.”

Before Hoseok could ask anymore questions, the call ended with the automated voice system saying that the call was over and that the phone should be hanged up. Hoseok sighed softly before putting the phone back on the hook. He glanced back at the lady officer who nodded her head, “That was some good advice...better keep that in mind, kid.”

Hoseok blinked a few times as he swallowed thickly, “C-Can you explain to me what that advice means?”

Su couldn’t help but shake her head and chuckle, walking over to him and putting the handcuffs back on his wrists as she led him away from the telephone. “Just be careful when you’re cleaning yourself in the showers, peach.”

Hoseok’s heart was thundering hard within his chest, his legs were starting to tremble. This was his first time being put in prison so he wasn’t too aware about some of the things that happened in prison...

So with that in mind, he took that little bits of advice and pocketed it in the survival part of his mind.

‘Just don’t let your soap slip from your fingers and always stay aware and careful while in the showers. Got it.’


Hoseok was mainly silent as he walked along Su who was rather nicely, gave him vague yet understandable pieces of ‘prison survival’ advice that he would take carefully into his mind.

1.“Don’t let your guard down.”

2.“Don’t go up against someone who is bigger and stronger than you because you should already know how that’s gonna end.”

3.“Watch out for the prison gangs and stay in your lane.”

4.“The watchers and patrolling guards can’t always be trusted because some gangs can bribe them into turning a blind eye on things that may happen so be cautious.”

5. “Don’t get your ass killed over stupid shit and don’t try and be big and bad.”

Those five pieces of advice would be the few things that Hoseok would take into heavy consideration.

Soon, they approached a grey, automated door. Su looked over to Hoseok who was looking like he was about to pass out. He was red in the face and sweating.

“Hey peach, Don’t get flustered and red now. That’ll let them know that you’re weak and can’t defend yourself, straighten up and lose the red.”She said, swiping her card through the card swiper and making the door do a loud clunking noise that made Hoseok jump a little.

“I-I c-can’t help it. I-I’m about to be in prison f-for a year.”

“Kid, there are some who are serving a much longer sentence than you over some real bad shit example being murder, rape, homicide and some other things that should remain unmentioned. Some may not be seeing the outside light for a long time so quit your whining.”Su went onto explain, her eyebrows furrowing up into a scowl that sort of scared the fuck of him.

“O-Okay.”Hoseok stammered out, taking a deep breath and exhaling. The shade of flushed red was slowly melting away and his normal color was coming back. He couldn’t wipe away the remnants of sweat that remain on his forehead however but at least the red was gone.

Once the door opened completely, Su led Hoseok down another hall, one that would lead directly into the cell area.

Hoseok’s heart was racing hard like a racecar on the track as they stepped into the cell area, Su looking the most unbothered as the inmates started to make a bit of commotion directed towards them.

“Welcome to your new home for this year, kiddo.”Su said, glancing down at Hoseok who was looked over at the men in the cells who were making rather disturbing sexual comments and catcalls at him.

“Well lookie lookie, we got us a new one…”One inmate announced, stepping up to his cell bars and looking at Hoseok with a smirk on his face.

“Welcome to your new residence, Princess Peach.”

Hoseok’s legs were threatening to give out due the growing and rising feeling of fear. The voices of the inmates were making him more afraid in the process. He couldn’t go pass a cell without hearing an inmate call him ‘princess peach’ or ‘peaches’. God who would’ve knew his hair would coin him a nickname that he knew was gonna drive him crazy.

“And fortunately for you, you have an empty cell to yourself since the last inmate in the cell got out on good behavior.”Su explained, pulling out her large ring of keys and using one of them to unlock the cell. Hoseok was starting to turn back red again as he could hear one of the inmates say something rather obscene about him that just made him wanna curl up in a ball and die.

He walked into the cell, the scent making him wanna puke however but he kept his hands behind his back as Su undid his handcuffs. Hoseok looked over to the bed and saw that there was a folded blanket and one single pillow on it. The mattress didn’t look too comfortable however.

“I’ll be back with the toiletries you will be needing. Until then, try not to lose it.”

Hoseok nodded, his back still turned to her as he glanced over and saw the sink and the toilet. God how he wanted to puke…

The cell door closed behind him, making him jump as he glanced over his shoulder. He slowly glanced over his shoulder and from across the way, he saw four men in a cell, all of their eyes on him. One had a distinctive look on his face, his hair blonde and cut along the sides into some sort of a fade. He looked quite muscled and had tattoos along his arms though Hoseok couldn’t quite tell what kind or what they looked like. Though, he quickly looked away when it came to the other three who were also looking at him.

‘I should try and fix up the bed. It’s a mess...’

Hoseok made his way over to the bed, getting to work on unfolding the blanket though as he bent over the bed, he heard catcalls coming from the cell across. He felt more chills go down his spine. He didn’t dare spare a gaze over the cell in particular. He quickly went on to fix his bed and organize himself before laying down on it, curling up since that really that only thing he could do.

But in his mind, he could hear still that voice echoing in his head saying,”Welcome to your new residence, Princess Peach…”

‘Y-Yeah...welcome to your new resident, Princess Peach...where you might get killed, beaten or worse…”

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It would later on that Su would come back with the things that Hoseok would need - mainly a bar of soap, toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, a towel and pair of shower slippers and normal slippers. She also explained when it would be lights out and how long he would have to walk around free in prison and when he could go to the yard for some fresh air, along when the meals would be served and when will he be able to get rec time.

Though as Hoseok listened, his eyes couldn’t help but deflect their attention over to the other cell where the four men were conversing with one another, the blonde haired one was laughing at what one of the dude’s joke. Hoseok couldn’t help but gulp when his eyes started to trace down towards the man’s muscled, heavily tattooed arms.


“Short-stuff, you listenin’?”

Quickly, Hoseok snapped out of his thoughts and looked back up at the officer whose eyes were looking at him, wondering if he was paying any attention. He nodded in response, “Yes ma’am. I’m l-listening.”

“Good. Now as you know you’re going to be in here for a year so just abide by the rules, don’t do anything stupid and just keep to yourself. It’ll be more easier on you to stay to yourself since you’re nothing compared to what’s inside of this place. I’ll be on patrol of the yard and mess hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays so you can come talk to me if need be, understand?”

Hoseok quickly nodded his head as he looked down at the ground, lightly moving his slippered feet around on the dirty grey floor of the cell.

Su looked around before looking back at him with a strange soft look on her face, some strands of her black hair falling to frame her face. “Now all I got left to say is good luck and don’t lose it. You’ll be thrown in the detention center in no time.”

Hoseok would have rather had solitary confinement than have this cell. At least in solitary confinement, he wouldn’t have to deal with hearing the voices and disgusting sounds of the inmates.

Su rose up since she had leaned over to be face-to-face with Hoseok. She walked towards the cell door and she closed it behind her, locking up as she quickly nodded to Hoseok and walked away, leaving him to sit on the bed, his hand resting on his other arm.

His feet turned inward, eyes looking down at his lap. He let out a soft sigh before glancing over to his side and seeing the toilet paper,the bar of soap and the white towel. At least she gave him what he was gonna need.

Though, as he looked down, he could feel a pair of eyes on him. He slowly lifted his head up and shyly glanced out of the corner of it and there he saw those four guys again, looking at him with hungry stares that only made him tremble in fear. He couldn’t stop trembling even though Su said that what he was doing was showing how weak he was but those men…

“Aw, look at the little Princess...he must not be used to this kind of environment,”The blonde haired murmured, smirking as he leaned up against the cell bars, his eyes looking rather pervertedly at him.

Hoseok would’ve said something if not for that fact if he did once he left the cell the next day, they probably would’ve kicked his ass. Despite how humiliating and disgusting those words were, he kept quiet, his head remained down and his legs steadily trembled.


It would be in the midst of his first night when it was all lights out that Hoseok would begin to dream that he was back at home in his soft bed with Mickey sleeping by his side since Mickey didn’t like to sleep elsewhere. His lips curled into a soft smile as the pleasant euphoria of the dream continued to work its magic and keep his sleeping mind at ease.

However, as he dreamed though, he wouldn’t hear or be aware of what the four guys in the next cell were saying.

Sitting up on his bed, the blonde haired one looked over to the pink haired tattooed male whom been smoking a cigarette.

“When are we gonna get him?”Asked the redhead who was on the top bunk bed, looking down at the pink haired male who was looked up at him before looking over to the other.


“Namjoon” had looked up from his lap and looked at him with a focused face. He appeared to be thinking.

“Maybe the showers?”Said the black haired male who was laying on his bunk bed which was above Namjoon’s.

“The showers are good because it looks like it’s his first time in a place like this so he probably don’t know how it is in there...that makes him easier to get.”Namjoon said, bringing his cigarette up to his lips.

“Alright, showers it is then. Though first, I think we let him walk around a bit...get a feel of the place. We can’t just nab the poor princess without warning. It might fuck up the process.”

“Seokjin-hyung is right. We have to wait.”The redhead responded, eyes now looking up over the black haired male who was staring up at the ceiling.

“Fine. We’ll give him a good few days until we snatch him. Taehyung, you’ll tell Yoongi-hyung and Jimin about this tomorrow at the yard. Make sure to advise them not to attack until I say we should. Got it?”

“Alright hyung.”Taehyung replied, running a hand through his hair as he rolled back onto his bed, laying on his back with one leg bent up while he rested both of his arms underneath his head.

“Jungkook, I’ll let you watch him and keep a eye on him. Don’t scare him though. Just keep a good distance away from him until then.”

“Okay, hyung. I will.”Jungkook said, running a hand through his hair before rolling over onto his side, his back turned to the front. However, Namjoon looked at Seokjin who was putting out his cigarette into the nearby ashtray he had by his side.

“How long you’ll think it’ll take to turn him out, hyung?”

Seokjin chuckled softly, glancing over to the other cell with a smirk on his face. He could see the faint detail of the peach haired male curled up in the blanket.

“It shouldn’t take too long. He’s fresh and shouldn’t take no time at all…”

Namjoon smirked. Seokjin was right about that. Princess Peach looked scared beyond belief walking into this place and looked like he was gonna piss himself from the comments he was receiving from the other inmates. So it wouldn’t be long before that little peach was turned inside out and made into their little bitch….

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The loud sound of the awakening buzzer and the sound of the warden’s voice yelling jerked Hoseok out of his sleep, making him spring up from the mattress with sweat trickling down the side of his face. He looked around frantically and that’s when he leaned forward, putting his head in his hands.

He thought it was all a dream. Thought that he wasn’t actually in prison and was actually in his nice ass bed back in his apartment, with Mickey by his side. But unfortunately. It wasn’t.

The stench of the prison and sound of the warden’s voice proven that this was no dream, that this was real life.

Hoseok shook his head viciously, running a hand through his ruffled bed head before prying the blanket off of him only to sit up on the side of the bed. He looked down at the ground and slipped the little white slippers he’d been given. A little chill went down his spine due to the sudden feeling of cold air brushing across his skin.

It would take him a minute to get from the bed, do what he had to do in terms of the bathroom(though he was rather shy and embarrassed about doing his business in such an open, public environment) and he brushed his teeth. When he was done, he walked towards his cell door, hand up in his hair while he watched the cell door slide open automatically.

From what Su had told him, this would be his time to go to the mess hall and get his first serving of the ‘cuisine’ that would be served to him in the morning. He was suddenly dreading the thought of going to that place. He's just gotten here and from his experience walking down the hall to be placed in his cell, he agonized walking out amongst the other inmates who were already looking at him like he was a piece of meat or in other words, a ‘peach’.

Though his stomach was telling him that he needed substance. He hadn’t eaten much since yesterday because before he was arrested, he was heading to the grocery store in order to get some groceries. His fridge was almost bare and he was mainly eating soup and the food that his sister would bring by to his apartment.

Hoseok took a deep breath and quietly exhaled before he stepped out of the cell, his eyes scanning the area and seeing that only a few inmates remained and the rest of them had headed to the mess hall. And luckily for him, today was Tuesday which meant that Su was going to be doing patrol in the mess hall.

But before Hoseok could go on his way to the mess hall, he saw one of the guys from the cell that across from him walking. He had crimson red hair with earrings in his ear. He appeared rather tall and his arms and muscles were tatted and decorated with various tattoos that Hoseok couldn’t really describe. His jumpsuit was however tied around his waist, revealing a black sleeveless t-shirt.

Hoseok swallowed thickly, his legs starting to get a bit wobbly. Well, that was one guy who he should try to avoid or best not try and fight.

Hoseok quickly shook his head and started to walk, his head down and eyes forward. He didn’t want to bear witness to anyone else who looked like they could toss him around like he was nothing but a fallen leaf. As he walked however, he could hear a deep, rumbling chuckle erupt from behind him. Briefly, out the corner of his eye, he could see the redhead smirking at him, those dark black eyes of his seemingly staring into Hoseok’s soul.

Hoseok was quick to speed ahead, just to avoid looking back into the redhead devil’s eyes that seemed to leave a haunting impression on him.


In the mess hall, Hoseok was a bit late in terms of getting his food but he still got it. He shut out the loud raucous noise of the inmates conversing and talking to each other. Fortunately for him the line wasn’t too long and none of the inmates noticed him because he was so small compared to them.

The food he got put on his plate was disgusting. It was cold noodles that looked quite disgusting along with a simple banana, chopped carrots and a soft drink on the side. He wanted to puke so badly.

But once he was out of the line and had his plate of food, he know had another difficult task to face: Finding a seat.

He looked around nervously, eyes searching for the closest empty table that would be near the door. And lucky for him, he found one. He tried not to speed-walk getting to the table though he couldn’t help but do so because he didn’t want the table to get taken.

When he arrived at the table, he sat down with a sigh of relief slipping from his lips. He tilted his head around, his eyes falling onto the food that had been placed on his tray. It looked horrendously atrocious. But he knew that he would take what he was given because for the next two months, he would stuck eating this slop until he called his sister again and asked her to send him money in order to buy menial snacks.

After steady debating in his head about whether or not he should eat the food that had been placed before him, he finally picked up his chopsticks and began to twirl the noodles around before getting a nice hunk of them and guiding them into his mouth. Even though they felt weird in his mouth, he toughened up and chewed them, ignoring the somewhat conflicting taste they had. He swallowed it down, immediately reaching for his soft drink and opening it, gulping down a few swallows before putting it back down on the table.

They’re not that bad...they’re somewhat bearable…’ Hoseok thought in his head, eyes staring at the noodles. But as he stared at the noodles, little did he know that a familiar face would be walking over to his table.

“What the fuck you doing sitting at my table, Princess?”

Hoseok nearly choked on his own spit as he slowly looked up from his noodles and saw the redhead from earlier walking over with his hands shoved his jumpsuit pockets. The look on his face sent absolute chills down the peach-haired male’s spine. Hoseok could feel his body starting to grow weak and shaky.

‘D-Don’t get red. D-Don’t get red.’ Hoseok repeated in his head, eyes nervously looking up at the redhead who tilted his head in expectation of an answer.

“So you not gonna answer me?”

“Leave him alone, Taehyung.”

Hoseok felt the pressuring weight of trying to gather up a feasible answer melt away at the sound of Su’s voice. He shyly glanced over to where she stood with her hands folded across her chest and her face looking unbothered. ‘Taehyung’ glared at her before glancing over to Hoseok who kept his head down, fingers fiddling with his jumpsuit.

“He just got here, give him a break.”

Taehyung remained silent, those sharp black eyes still staring at Hoseok. Hoseok was silently praying that those eyes would stop burning holes into his head and would move their attention onto something else beside him. It would be moments later when he would hear Taehyung go, “Fine. I’ll let him breathe…”

Hoseok could feel more ascending chills go down his spine from how deep Taehyung’s voice had turned out to be. He wasn’t of course really paying any attention to it until he heard it.

Holy fuck…’

Taehyung slowly turned heel and walked off, glancing back only one time before going on his way. Once he was gone, Hoseok let out a breath of relief before looking over to Su. She looked frustrated.

“Fucking punk…”

“S-Su, w-who was that?”

Su looked over to Hoseok and let out a sigh, “Kim Taehyung. A.K.A, Tae. He got in put in here for attempted murder and gang related violence.”

Hoseok’s heart nearly stopped. A-Attempted murder? Gang violence? Shouldn’t he be in prison than prison?

“He’s gonna be in here for quite some time. He’s also part of a gang in here, a rowdy bunch. They got half of the wardens looking away from their activities which is sad and disgraceful but it can’t be stopped.”

“W-What’s the gang called?”

“They don’t have a name but you can distinguish them easily from the others because they’re the ones who are always causing trouble and they usually stick together. The leader goes by the name RM but his real name is Kim Namjoon. He’s in here on accounts of murder, gun violence and among other things…”

Hoseok could just feel his heart drop into his stomach. Was Kim Namjoon that guy in the cell across from him? Hoseok couldn’t say that the guy didn’t look like he could commit murder but...hell, you couldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Maybe the guy just really liked tats and liked to read a book or something.

“Just stay on your toes, peachy. I won’t be here all the time to stop you from getting your ass kicked. Though I advised you to try and not fight someone, at least get some muscle on your bones when you go into the yard…”Su advised, glancing over to Hoseok who slowly nodded his head before reaching for his soda and taking a sip.

“Now eat up because that’s the only meal you’re gonna get until lunchtime.”Su said before walking away from Hoseok, leaving Hoseok to think about what he just been told and who he would have to avoid.

Kim Taehyung would be one of the first that he would have on his list of people to avoid along with the guy named Kim Namjoon. Because Hoseok knew that if were to encounter those two and the rest of their gang, he would most likely get his ass kicked and killed and really didn’t want that.

He was only gonna be in prison for one year...He could probably survive for a year as long as he used his brain and didn’t do anything stupid.

‘Yeah...I can make it through this year ...just keep your head down and obey the rules. Simple.’

Though, little would Hoseok know that in the next 12 months, his life was gonna completely change…

Hoseok finished his food and cleared off his tray, putting it back where it came from since breakfast time was over. Right now, he had the opportunity to walk around and head to the yard.

He could use the fresh air.

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It took Hoseok a good few minutes to find the way out to the yard. Though, once he made it out to the yard, his eyes immediately spotted a group of six men near the workout equipment. And instantly, he saw the redhead from the lunchroom smoking a cigarette with the blonde haired guy that was in the cell across from him.

Hoseok quickly moved his eyes away from the six men and looked around the yard. He saw a few inmates playing basketball and a few just standing around talking to each other. Some were sitting at the tables just chilling.

“Fuck…”Hoseok cursed quietly under his breath as he shoved his hands into his pockets and started to walk around. The fresh air and the bit of exercise would do him go him good.

“That’s him?”


Namjoon blew out a thick cloud of smoke, his eyes steadily watching as the peach haired twink walked around the court, head down and hands in his pockets. He smirked and dragged his tongue along his bottom lip, the filthy thought of what they had planned for him popping into his mind.

“He doesn’t look like much.”

Namjoon squinted before glancing back at Jimin who was looking at Hoseok as well. Jimin stretched his tattooed arms up before running his hand through his black hair. “He looks easy to break.”

“Ah, looks can be deceiving,hyung. We don’t know much about him so we can’t say much…”Jungkook replied, sitting in a chair and watching as Hoseok continued to walk along the way,  occasionally stopping before going back to walking again. From here, he looked puny and small but even Jungkook knew that the small and puny could have a lot more to the eye.

“Pft, he has nothing...He was shaking like a little puppy when we saw me. Like he was about to jump out of his skin. He was lucky that Su-noona was there.”Taehyung commented, flicking his tongue out and revealing his silver tongue piercing that he lightly pulled back before bring his tongue back into his mouth. From his up close and personal experience, he knew that Princess peach was nothing that they should really be worried about in terms of him fighting back.

“You got up close to him?”Seokjin suddenly asked, sitting up from the bench he’d been laying back on and directing his surprised looked towards the younger. Taehyung chuckled and nodded, “Yeah but don’t worry, hyung. I didn’t get that close to him. Just wanted to scare him a little bit…”

“That was a stupid move, Tae.”Yoongi grumbled out, pulling his halfway gone cigarette from in between his pierced lips. The grey-haired male looked away from Hoseok to glare at Taehyung who lightly shrugged his shoulders. “Well-”

“Hush. He’s walking over this way.”Namjoon quickly said, throwing down his cigarette and putting it out by stepping on it. Soon, all six of them were watching as Hoseok slowly and rather shyly walked their direction.


Hoseok could feel himself threatening to go red in face. He decided to not be much of a pussy and do the full walk around the court which meant he would have to walk past the six guys near the workout equipment. He debated with himself several times however about this but in the end, he decided to keep going.

So with that in mind, he proceeded to walk forward.

But when he got around the six, he felt his legs get incredibly wobbly and his face was starting to show signs of getting red. He could barely keep walking as he heard one of them go, “Aw, what’s the matter, scared of us?”

Hoseok clutched at his clothes as he let out a quiet stuttered breath before glancing over to them and shaking his head, “N-No…”

That’s when Namjoon got up from his seat, his height proving to be much more Hoseok had expected, making him want to run away because of how tall he was. Though, his legs were suddenly frozen in place. He couldn’t move an inch.

Namjoon walked over to him and with an overpowering ease, managed to make Hoseok nearly whimper because of his presence. “If you aren’t afraid of us, then why are you whimpering and shaking like a little bitch?”

Hoseok felt as if his voice had been snatched away from him. He could hear the others footsteps coming closer to him. Soon, he was surrounded by the six of them, all of them looking at him with hungry, perverted eyes.

“P-Please, I-I don’t want any t-trouble…”Hoseok whimpered out but then Namjoon caressed his chin, placing his thumb on the peach-haired twink’s trembling bottom lip. Hoseok’s eyes were threatening to shed tears and his legs were threatening to give out on him.

“You’d make such a pretty bitch...don’t you agree, fellas?”

The others responding in agreement which made Hoseok grow redder and redder, almost to a point where he was resembling a tomato. Hoseok was usually never this overwhelmed when it came to people but in the situation and environment in particular, he was on the brink of passing out.

Namjoon smirked, slowly dragging his thumb along the trembling twink’s bottom lip. He knew that he was scared and afraid of what they might do to him. They could just as easily beat him up and kill him or leave him for dead. But he should be lucky that they decided that killing him would be pointless and that what they had in mind would be better for him.

That’s when the buzzer sounded off, alerting everyone that their time out in the yard was over and that it was time to go in for lunch. Namjoon pulled his thumb away with that devious smirk on his face, dragging it across his tongue while he watched Hoseok’s eyes go wide like saucer plates.

“I think we’d scared him enough. Let’s go eat lunch.”

Soon they all left Hoseok, though the black haired one slapped Hoseok’s ass and groped it, pulling him close only to whisper into his ear something Hoseok was most definitely gonna remember.

Welcome to Hell, Princess…”

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Lunch was more worse than breakfast because this time, Su was nowhere in sight and the table he was once sitting at was now occupied by that... gang .

He still felt incredibly violated from when that black haired tattooed guy decided it would be okay to grab and grope him. His body felt so... disgusted . At that point, all he really wanted was a shower to wash away the feeling of the other touching  him.

Hoseok grabbed his lunch which was steak tips and broad noodles with a fruit cup and another soda. He could honestly say that the lunch looked so much better than the breakfast which almost made him puke.

Now that he got his food, he looked around the room for a empty spot to sit at that would be far away from the commotion but much to his unwanted surprise, there was not a good empty seat in sight. Hoseok could feel himself growing feasibly embarrassed because he was standing there like a fool looking for a seat. And unfortunately, the empty seat he wanted was at the table crowded by the gang.

That’s when Hoseok heard Taehyung’s deep voice over the loud and raucous chatter, “Come sit with us, peach…”

Hoseok wanted to curl up and just die right then and there because suddenly all eyes were on him. He looked around nervously before swallowing what was left his courage and slowly shuffled his way over to the table, his eyes focusing his tray and his sense of direction. He made his way around the table and sat down in the empty chair, feeling overwhelmed once more.

Almost instantly, Hoseok felt two hands on his thighs which made him jolt in his seat. Taehyung chuckled and leaned over onto Hoseok who was growing embarrassed, “Missed us, peachy?”

“D’awh, look at the bitch...He’s getting bothered already.” Seokjin murmured, smirking before sipping on his Coca-Cola. Hoseok nearly cried out as Taehyung gripped his thigh and squeezed it whilst Jimin palmed him through his jumpsuit. Tears were starting to burn at his eyes. He was trembling and becoming a shaking mess from being overwhelmed by their presence and the touching.

“He’s so sensitive. I wonder how many times he’d cum when he’s getting fucked stupid…”Jimin whispered in a hush tone, leaning over and playfully nipping at Hoseok’s ear, making the peach-haired male whine softly.

“P-Please s-stop…”Hoseok stammered out, leaning over and gripping the table. Saliva was building up in his mouth and was threatening to escape from his mouth.

Why was he acting like this?! He just got here and he was already being assaulted and groped in public by a gang of killers, murderers and violent offenders. He shouldn’t be acting like this.

“Look at this slut, he’s already crying and drooling all over himself.”Jungkook added, smirking and watching the scene as Hoseok’s eyes threatened to roll back as Jimin continued to palm and massage his hardening cock through his jumpsuit. Taehyung was now nipping at his ear and whispering things into the male’s ear that made him grow even redder in the face.

“Now boys, lighten up on him.”Namjoon finally said, making Jimin and Taehyung let up on him. Once Jimin moved his hand away, Hoseok wanted to bawl from the feeling of disgust and humiliation that he was feeling. He just wanted to eat his food in peace and go back to his cell and cry.

“Let’s not humiliate him so much...he’s still of course fresh meat…”

“Namjoon-hyung is right...we should let him breathe...for now.”

Hoseok’s heart raced and pounded away in his chest as he looked down at his food that could’ve gone cold by now. He kept his head down as he gripped the edges of the table, his legs still shaking like leaves and his face still an astonishing red.

“C’mon, let’s let him eat.”Yoongi added, slowly standing up and working his neck around as the others got up from the table, including Namjoon and they all walked away after saying some more degrading things to Hoseok that made him want to just weep right then and there.

His body felt so used and disgusting now that it had been touched even more unwantedly. At first he thought he could handle this hellhole for two months no problem but with those fiends in here, that optimism had been flushed down the toilet.

He wasn’t gonna make it in here if he let them treat him like that, calling him a bitch and making him out to be one. Hell, Hoseok was quite sure that he would be subject of the ‘bitch-making’ process that Su had so vaguely mentioned to him when she was talking about the bigger guys who pushed around little guys like him.

That sent a nice chill down Hoseok’s spine.

And now because of what happened, he dismissed his meal and just drinked his soda. Once he cleared his tray, he put it back on the tray table and headed out of the mess-hall, and back on his way to his cell to get his things for his shower because he knew around this time, it would be close to hitting the showers. And Hoseok somewhat desperately wanted a nice hot shower in order to clean himself and wash away those molesting, offensive memories of him being touched and felt on by strangers.

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Hoseok was now back in his cell, sitting up on his bed naked and wrapped in his towel. He looked down at his slippered feet before slowly lifting them up and flexing his small and rather fat toes. He pouted before setting them back on the floor. He finally managed to get his mind off of what happened in the mess hall.

But even though he managed to stop thinking about it, the physical memories remained almost branded into his delicate skin. A sudden shiver went down his spine from the feeling of being assaulted.

Finally, Hoseok heard the warden’s voice go, “Shower time!”

Hoseok stood up from his bed, slipping his shower shoes on and his single bar of white ivory soap. He ran a hand through his hair as he headed out of his cell, following behind the other inmates who were all heading in the same direction with their needed items for the shower. However, with wary eyes, he looked around carefully to see if any of the members of the gang were in the midst of the inmates. Luckily for him, they weren’t.

He let out a breath of relief. Maybe luck was on his side this time. Now, he hoped that his luck would continue to stay with him while he entered the one place where he would be most vulnerable…

When Hoseok arrived to the showers, he suddenly grew overwhelmed with the thought of showering amongst a bunch of men who would probably be...packing more than him. Though it was a silly, stupid reason to not go shower with the others, he was shaking too bad and his nerves were too bad so he waited in a little private corner that was outside of the shower, still wrapped in his towel.

His heart raced and thudded in his chest as he could hear the sound of the men inside of the shower along with the rushing water that came from the showerheads. He looked around nervously as he clutched at the tied part of his towel, his knees threatening to buckle.

“G-God g-give me s-strength…”Hoseok stammered out quietly under his breath.

And with that being said, Hoseok waited.


Hoseok checked the showers soon after he saw that all the men that was in the shower were out and that he could dip inside and shower privately. He sighed softly as he undid his towel and placed it on a hook that was on the wall and reached for the knob of the shower he was under and turned it to hot.

Hot water came raining down from the showerhead, quickly wettening Hoseok’s skin and hair with its heated water droplets. Hoseok soon began to scrub himself with the bar of ivory soap that he had, his eyes closed as he dragged it up underneath his arms and along his lightly toned chest.

It would be at that moment that Hoseok felt less insecure and felt comfortable now that he was all alone and could shower without the overbearing feeling of eyes looking and staring at him. He soon turned his focus down onto his lower area, his hand grasping his cock in his hand as he carefully lathered it and cleaned it only to let the hot spray of the water clean it off.

Though suddenly, the soap ended up getting a bit too slippery, immediately proceeding to slip from Hoseok’s grasp. Of course, Hoseok felt a sense of panic shoot through his body like a bullet from a gun as he grabbed for the soap only to fail at catching it. It hit the ground with a soft, solid thud.

Hoseok could suddenly hear his heartbeat thundering through his ears like a throbbing pulsation, loud and clear. He stared down at the slippery,white bar of soap with shaky eyes.

Quickly, he closed his eyes and in his head he repeated, “ You’re alone in here. You can pick it up. You’re alone in here-”

“Well aren’t you gonna pick it up, Princess?”


Hoseok felt his body go still and felt his heart nearly stop. He could hear the movement of slippered feet along the wet tile floor, louder than what they sounded in his ear. He swore he thought he was gonna be alone and that he wouldn’t be bothered by anyone. But luck couldn’t stay with you all the time...

He could feel their presence getting closer and closer to him, like wolves closing on a weak little baby deer…

A chill went down his spine as he remained utterly still until he heard another familiar voice that made him nearly jump, “You heard him, Princess...pick it up...or else…”

Hoseok would have started to hyperventilate from the amount of pressure and fear that he had rushing through his body. He was surprised that he didn’t faint yet under the lack of blood and oxygen that wasn’t going to his brain. Though to be compliant, slowly Hoseok took a deep breath and slowly bend down to pick up the soap.

But that’s when it happened.

Suddenly, Hoseok was pulled back and forced down onto the wet shower floor, his balance immediately rendered by the water that was still pouring down on him from the showerhead up above once he attempted to scramble to his feet. He was forced back down by a hard kick to his side that sent pain shooting up through his chest and his side.

“Stay down.”Namjoon grumbled out,glaring down at Hoseok along with the others who were all looking down at him like he was prey and they were the predators. Hoseok whimpered as he attempted to curl up into a ball but then Jimin kicked his back and forced a cry out of Hoseok’s mouth, making the twink arch forward in pain. Hoseok bit his bottom lip but before he could recover from the pain, he was kicked again only this time, he ended up on his back.

A bubble of taunting laughter erupted from Jimin’s lips as he looked down at Hoseok’s crotch, “Look at him, this bitch barely has anything!”

A overpowering feeling of embarrassment came over Hoseok’s body as he tried to hide his face, tears escaping from his eyes as he could hear the voices of the gang members making fun of his cock and talking about how pathetically small and tiny it was. Sure, Hoseok wasn’t packing much which was one reason why he didn’t want to shower with the other guys. He was always self-conscious when it came to his lower extremities that he had been unfortunately placed with.

But then he felt something on top of his cock, sending a sharp sensation of pain shooting through his entire body. Hoseok let out a cry as he felt his cock being pressed on in a manner that sent nothing but agonizing pain throughout his entire body. He couldn’t see who it was because his vision had became too clouded with tears and water but he could most definitely hear the voices.

“That ain’t a cock, that’s a clit.”

“Hey, a pussy always gotta come with a clit, Jimin.”

Hoseok hiccuped as he felt his cock being twisted around what had to be Jimin’s foot. He could barely register anything other than the pain of his cock being stepped on and painfully twisted around.

“Now that I think about it, I wonder how good this bitch’s pussy is…”

Hoseok let out a stuttering breath as Jimin moved his foot away from his cock but his sense of relief was quickly diminished when he was suddenly picked up off the floor and twirled around like he was nothing. He got a look of their face and saw that they had a scar deep on his right eye even though he had the look that resembled a bunny.

He held Hoseok up with ease, hands under his thighs and keeping his legs spread, exposing his twitching pink hole to them all. Namjoon would be the first to step up and get in between Hoseok’s open legs, his smirk proving to make Hoseok shake and tremble.

“Aw, the pussy is scared…”The black-haired male said, chuckling as Hoseok sniffled and let out a little plea, “P-Please d-don’t…”

“Shut it and suck.”Namjoon interrupted, shoving three of his long slim fingers into Hoseok’s mouth, catching him off-guard. Hoseok had the instinct to bite of course but that look in Namjoon’s eye had deterred him from even attempting to bite the blonde. Saliva build up in his mouth, soaking Namjoon’s fingers in it before Hoseok began to suck on them. Tears were running down poor Hoseok’s face as he continued to cry, his voice muffled as he suckled and soaked those fingers that were in his mouth, even using his tongue to make them even more wet.

There was nothing more that he could do other than obey because there was only one of him and six of them, he had no choice.

When Namjoon thought that was enough, he pulled his fingers out of Hoseok’s mouth, saliva ropes breaking almost instantly when he did so. Drool escaped down the corners of Hoseok’s mouth as he cried softly.

It would be moments later that Namjoon would force those exact three fingers against Hoseok’s tight, virgin hole. Hoseok was praying in his head that they wouldn’t make it past and that he wouldn’t have to feel the murderer’s fingers wiggle around in him. Though, his luck still was no good because after a while the fingers finally pushed inside of him and began to stretch him out instantly.

He clenched around them as he almost jerked forward though the man holding him up gripped him tighter in order to prevent it from happening. Namjoon wiggled and fucked his fingers around in Hoseok’s hole, pulling it apart and stretching it as much as he pleased, forcing cries out of Hoseok each time before finally pulling them out and in turn, he turned to his other comrades who were all watching the spectacle intently. Hoseok could tell by the way their large cocks were hard and erected.

“So, who wants to go first and have at this slut’s pussy?”

Hoseok whimpered quietly as he saw the redhead, Taehyung announce with excitement in his deep voice, “I’ll go first, hyung!”

And from what he was packing, Hoseok was quite sure that he was gonna be torn apart.

“Alright then, Taehyung, start him up for us…”

‘N-No, no no!’


Taehyung was quick to take Namjoon’s place in between Hoseok’s legs, his cock hard and eager to fuck Hoseok’s freshly stretched hole. The peach-haired male shook his head viciously and cried out ‘no no no’ like a mantra but sadly it was ignored because Taehyung immediately guided his cock towards Hoseok’s hole and with a shocking ease, pushed his cock inside of the tight, compressing hole.

Hoseok threw his head back, letting out a loud cry as Taehyung stretched his hole out to a point where it was burning and absolutely painful. It felt as if he was being split apart from the very inside. Soon, the one who was holding him up had let Taehyung take over holding him, Taehyung’s hands instantly finding Hoseok’s ass. He groaned as he forced Hoseok down some more inches of his cock, drinking in the twink’s screams.

“Your screams mean nothing if no one cares to listen or do anything about them, bitch.”Taehyung whispered,his words breaking off into moans now that he was fully inside of Hoseok’s stretched out hole that was showing signs of turning a faint pinkish-red.

Taehyung didn’t give Hoseok any time to adjust as he laughed and turned around, bouncing Hoseok up and down his cock with utter ease. Hoseok cried louder and louder, his eyes now red with fresh tears that burned at his eyes. He clawed at Taehyung’s back as the redhead continued to fuck him rough and senseless, sending waves of pain mixed with pleasure through Hoseok’s poor, tired body.

Hoseok’s cock twitched against his chest, now growing hard with the growing pleasure that was spreading throughout his little body. He could barely stay focused and was hoping that he would just pass out already so he wouldn’t have to feel or see what was happening to him. He could feel almost everything now that the pleasure was starting to rip through him like a blade.

Eventually, Taehyung wrapped his arms around Hoseok and fucked him with no hands, knocking the air of Hoseok’s lungs and sending a hard mix of pain and pleasure throughout his body. Hoseok let out a scream as he dug his nails into the tatted redhead’s back, his face a flushed red with sweat and water trickling down his skin.

“Fuck he’s tight. I-It...hnng...feels like h-his cunt is hugging... my cock…”Taehyung groaned out, his eyes nearly rolling at the feeling of Hoseok’s hole clenching around him like a vise grip.

Finally, Taehyung let a loud moan as he thrusted upward one last time and released his load inside of Hoseok who was still crying and begging that they would stop and let him go free. But even Hoseok knew in the back of his mind that wasn’t gonna be happening anytime soon.

Taehyung kept cumming and cumming until finally,he slipped out of Hoseok who was now dripping cum out of his stretched out hole. He looked red and flushed, his own little cock twitching pathetically against his body. Taehyung chuckled before looking over to Jimin who looked absolutely eagered to get a piece of Hoseok along with Jungkook who was smirking like a fiend.

“I warmed it up for you…”Taehyung murmured, passing the tired peach-haired male over to Jungkook who looked over to Jimin. “How about we share his pussy, hyung?”

Jimin nodded his head, a smirk still on his face as he glanced down at Hoseok’s cum-dripping hole that was twitching and struggling to close back up. “Yeah, let’s share him.”

Hoseok shook his head and with a weak plea, he quivered out, “P-Please...I-i c-can’t…”

But of course, they didn’t care to listen to him plea. They’d much rather hear him scream.


“P-Pull out!- P-Pleaaaassee!”Hoseok screamed out, now impaled on both Jimin and Jungkook’s rather large cocks. The others were laughing and degrading him heartlessly as he was bounced up and down in a way that made him feel like the two cocks were forcing their ways up to his brain.

His cock, achingly hard and oozing with pre-come, twitched as pain and pleasure swarmed his body like sharp knives. His mind was starting to fall prey to the slow-clouding haze that was taking over his logic but he was still fighting it in order to keep his mind sane. Jimin and Jungkook soon ended up fucking him in tandem, both of them leaving rough yet harsh markings on his skin, making Hoseok feel even more dirty and humiliated.

“I could fuck...this all day…”Jimin mumbled out as he started to fuck Hoseok a bit faster, hitting his prostate which was raw from being hit so many times by both of his and Jungkook’s cock. However, Hoseok was internally fighting to not succumb to the raw pleasure that would overtake him for sure though, Hoseok was slowly losing it…

“M-Me too...holy fuck, he feels so good…”Jungkook panted out, lifting Hoseok up and down on their cocks like he weighed absolutely nothing, smirking when he slammed Hoseok down on them and knocked the air out of his lungs. Though before long, the two were getting closer and closer to the edge and unfortunately, so was Hoseok who was fighting hard against the urge to cum.

It would however take three more strong thrusts to make Hoseok burst as he ended up screaming louder than before, cumming hard on his chest as Jimin and Jungkook cursed and released their load inside of Hoseok, adding onto the cum that already inside of him.

Hoseok nearly choked on his spit, drool escaping down the corners of his lips as he sniffled weakly, his body still shaking and trembling from the after-effects of his first orgasm. His cum had splashed and painted his stomach a milky, creamy white in the process. He felt so dirty and ashamed…

“It’s our turn now.”

That’s when Hoseok weakly looked over to the other three who had cocks that Hoseok was quite sure were going to split him open like a coconut. He shook his head as tears slowly rolling down those peaked, flushed cheeks of his. Hoseok had exhausted his vocal cords already as he just silently cried and shook his head.

Oh how he wished he could’ve went fucking unconscious right then and there.


That was it. Hoseok couldn’t take much more of this for much longer. Hoseok let out a muffled cry around Namjoon’s cock, eyes rolling as he felt Seokjin’s and Yoongi’s cocks hitting his sore and overly sensitive prostate. He gripped Seokjin’s shoulders weakly, his body having already had at least four orgasms and was being overstimulated too much.

He could barely feel his legs and thighs which went numb after his last orgasm. His face was a flushed red and his eyes were redden by the tears that he cried all out earlier. Hoseok was quite sure now that his mind was about to vanish into the haze that he’d been trying to avoid succumbing to.

“Even with all the cocks that’s been inside here...he’s still tight as fuck…”Yoongi steadily said, his cock slamming into Hoseok’s prostate over and over again in tandem with Seokjin’s which was hitting it harder than he was. Seokjin was a merciless man when it came to things like this - he knew from seeing it happen before.

Namjoon smirked down at Hoseok before he began to fuck his poor throat, leaving the poor twink to struggle and grasp for bits of air. Hoseok’s eyes could’ve stayed rolled up if not for the fact that Hoseok was determined to not succumb to that breaking point in his mind.

“Don’t break...Don’t break...Don’t break…” Hoseok repeated in his head, his pupils shrinking as he could feel himself approaching another orgasm that could surely enough be the end of him. He wanted to shake his head in denial, wanted to pass out and let whatever was happening to him now just be done to him without him being awake to see it. He wanted to just curl up and cry because of how disgusting he felt.

Though that’s when Seokjin slammed hard into him one more time and groaned, “Fuck, I-I’m cumming-”

“H-Holy shit...m-me too…”

Namjoon bit his bottom lip as he continued to fuck Hoseok’s aching and possibly raw throat to a point where he finally shoved Hoseok’s head down and released his cum down Hoseok’s throat, completely without warning. Hoseok had no choice but to swallow what was being given to him.

But in those split seconds, Hoseok’s fifth orgasm would be triggered when both Seokjin and Yoongi slam into his prostate one last time before releasing inside of him, adding on to the mess that was currently now coating his insides. It would be at moment something inside of Hoseok’s mind would suddenly just... break .


When the three pulled away from him, they put him in the middle of the circle that all six of them had formed around him. Hoseok looked completely out of it. His eyes were struggling to stay focused, his mouth was open and he looked utterly drained. Drool was oozing down from his mouth and slowly dripping off his chin. He looked like a mess.

They all then started a jerk circle, jerking their cocks off while degrading him in the midst of it. Hoseok could barely function or protest to what they were doing as they would moments later cum all over him, practically drenching him in nothing but their cum. Hoseok even ended up catching some of it in his mouth,, his eyes threatening to roll to the back of his head as he ended up swallowing the salty fluid.

Namjoon chuckled before walking over to Hoseok whilst the others were on their way out. He grabbed a hold of the male’s cum-covered peach hair and yanked his head up, forcing him to look up at him, “Let this be your official welcome to prison, Princess...where you become this prison’s new bitch.”

That’s when he dropped Hoseok who let out a weak little cough, his face laying on the wet, disgusting shower floor. He couldn’t barely feel anything since his body was so numb and practically gone after being fucked by at six guys. Though suddenly, he slowly rose up off the floor - his arms weak and shaking as he looked over to the entrance and saw the men on their way out.

It took him a minute or two to gain his strength back into his voice before he suddenly spoke, voice all hoarse and weak but loud for them to hear.



Namjoon and the others suddenly paused in their steps at the rather weak “wait” that came from the twink they just fucked all out. Namjoon slowly glimpsed over his shoulder and saw Princess slowly crawling along the floor towards them, his eyes looking glossy and red and his tongue was hanging out like that of a panting dog.

It would be utter silence for those next few seconds before the bitch finally spoke again, only this time, there was a bit of eagerness in his tone.

P-Please, d-don’t leave me...I-I...w-want more …”

Namjoon couldn’t say that he wasn’t surprised by the way the slut broke only moments after they fucked him. Though, he couldn’t have said he expected it. He thought that Princess would have a bit more balls to him and that it would take another fucking in order to snap that little brain of his and make him mindless and craving nothing but cock.

But either way...this was good .

“Oh? You want more cock, Princess?”

Almost eagerly, he nodded his head - his hand reaching up to take some of the cum that he had on his face only to guide the thick strand he had on his fingers into his mouth, his eyes watching as all six of them looked at him intently.

Seokjin glanced over to Namjoon who looked over to him, “Well, maybe you were right...It didn’t take long at all did it?”

“No hyung...It surely didn’t..”

And it would be at this moment that Hoseok would have securely insured that his fate in this prison would be him becoming the bitch of the six members who would surely enough, turn his mind and life inside of these walls upside down.

Chapter Text

Hoseok could barely stand, now leaning up against Namjoon who kept him stable and helped him walk alone. Hoseok could feel the cum inside of him threatening to escape down the back of his legs and soak up his jumpsuit that he struggled to put back on. He almost fell over from the lack of feeling in his wobbly legs, Namjoon quickly yanking him up so that he didn’t hit the floor.

At the time, Hoseok wasn’t able to understand what was being said because he was still out of his mind, his vision a bit fuzzy and unfocused and his mind was still spinning and swirling. But then he heard Taehyung’s deep voice say, “Are we taking him to the room, hyung?”

“Yeah, we need to get him established with his new position.”Namjoon replied, smirking as he glanced down at Hoseok.

Hoseok almost tripped over his own feet as he continued to rely on Namjoon who eventually stopped and picked him up bridal-style, making it easier on both him and Hoseok who was already borderline ready to just pass out and faint.

Moments later, Hoseok would be jolted back into reality,feeling himself hit a soft surface that shot him back into consciousness. It took him a minute to refocus his vision but when he did, he saw himself being surrounded by the others though Namjoon was sitting on the side of the bed, his eyes seemingly studying Hoseok’s face.

Hoseok swallowed thickly as he nervously looked at them with a redden face. He was too lost for words. However, luckily for him, it would be Namjoon who would speak.

“When you first came into this jail, I expect that you would have a little bit of a fight in you - that maybe you would try and resist. I can clearly see that I was wrong. You’re pretty pathetic if you ask me.”

Hoseok would’ve said something if not for the fact that his body was too weak and that his brain couldn’t process a valid response at the moment.

“But no matter. I say it was rude of us to do such a thing without formally introducing us so just to make this easier on you, we’ll do just that.”

Hoseok watched as Namjoon leaned forward, smirking as he spoke, “I’m pretty sure you heard about me though…”

“N-Namjoon...y-you’re name is Namjoon.”

Kim Namjoon to clarify...but you probably won’t even remember my name after we’re done with you. I’ll give you cute little brownie points for this one.”

Hoseok remained quiet, only nodding his head softly before looking around at the others, their faces and stares somewhat being engraved into his brain.

“But since you already know mine, I’ll tell you the others…”Namjoon added before looking over to Seokjin who had his hands shoved into his pockets, his head tilted as looked at Hoseok who was nervously trying to hide his face.

“This is Seokjin-hyung. He’s the eldest so you will treat him respect, slut.”Namjoon said, sending a chill down Hoseok’s spine as the pink-haired male smirked at him. Hoseok could see the tattoo that he had on his chest peaking out along with the gold nose ring piercing on the right side of his nose. Well, that was something to remember.

“The other one beside him Taehyung though I’m quite sure you already had the pleasure of meeting him, didn’t you, peaches?”

Hoseok bit his bottom lip in the firmest attempt to stop it from trembling. Of course he remembered him. He remembered him from the moment they breathed the same air in the mess hall and to the moment he split him open like a Thanksgiving turkey on his cock just not too long ago.

The redhead moved some of his hair away from his face, revealing the rest of the tattoos Hoseok didn’t really have the chance to see. Though as he stared, he couldn’t help but look at those muscles that Taehyung had that seemed to show greatly through his white shirt. Oh how Hoseok wanted to just choke and die at that moment.

“And the guy beside him, that’s Yoongi-hyung. You’ll also treat him respect too.”Namjoon suddenly said, interrupted Hoseok’s thoughts and making him look over to Yoongi, the grey-haired one who appeared to look more serious. He had a lip piercing and tattoos that seemed to make him appear more than a bit intimidating to Hoseok who was weakly pulling his legs up to his chest. Yoongi then dragged his tongue along his bottom lip, revealing a tongue piercing in the process, making the peach-haired male nearly gasp.

“Oh yeah...those two beside him, the one with the scar on his eye is Jungkook and the one beside him is Jimin.”

Hoseok shyly turned his attention over to the two who looked at him with hungry gazes. He could feel his legs starting to shake again as the memory of what happened in the shower started to spring back into his thoughts again. Those two could’ve broke him in half if they had wanted to.

“Now that we’ve given you the full rundown of our names...we’ll give you the chance to tell us yours, princess.”

Hoseok suddenly felt as if his voice was being strangled by some unknown force. He looked around at the six of them before finally speaking. “H-Hoseok i-is my name…”

“Cute name for a princess. Though, slut sounds so much more appealing…”Namjoon murmured, his hand now resting on Hoseok’s thigh, making him jolt a little. The others chuckled and laughed in response, agreeing with what Namjoon had said. Hoseok couldn’t help but go red in the face, his eyes quickly darting down to his lap, his shaking hands feeling clammy and moist from sweat.

“ that we got introductions out of the way, I guess we can get into the rules about your new little position as our personal bitch toy."

Hoseok’s eyes widen.

New position? Personal bitch toy???

“Rule number one, you are to do whatever we tell you to do, whether you like it or not. You’re in prison now meaning whatever we say goes and whatever we fucking tell you to do better be done with no bitching or complainin’, understand princess?”

Hoseok stared at Namjoon bug-eyed for a moment before quickly nodded his head, sweat starting to go down the sides of his face. He didn’t want to get beat or killed in here while he was only serving a one year sentence. Survival was key and that was something that Hoseok was going to stick to doing indeed.

“Rule number two, you are ours now. Everything you own is ours now. Including your body…”Namjoon continued on, a devious smirk creeping on his face as he dragged his hand up Hoseok’s thigh, making the other tremble in his grasp.

“And when anything is ours, we do whatever the fuck we want with ours which means we can do whatever we want to your body…”

That’s when Hoseok felt a hand rest on his shoulder and he quickly looked at the hand and then up at the owner of it and immediately saw Jimin looking at him with a dirty perverted look in those black eyes of his. A chill suddenly went down his spine, making him quickly look away from him.

“Last rule is that you stay in your fucking place and never talk back to us or else we’ll break that little pathetic neck of yours. Understand?”

“Y-Yes…”Hoseok stammered out but then he felt Jimin’s hand squeeze his shoulder rather painfully, making him cry out when he could hear his shoulder starting to pop and crack in his ear.

“Yes what?

“Y-Yes sssir .”Hoseok quickly hissed out, his face curled up into a painful grimace as Jimin continued to squeeze his shoulder as if he was gonna break it with his hand. Jimin chuckled before moving his hand away, letting Hoseok go. Hoseok winced, slowly working his shoulder around, biting his bottom lip in order to restrain to groan of pain that threatened to slip from his lips.

Namjoon smiled, his dimples popping out as he stood up and pulled his hand away from Hoseok’s thigh. “Now that we have that established, we’ll give your little ass it’s first break this evening. But tomorrow...we’re gonna put your little ass to work…”

Hoseok was slow getting up because his ass was still numb and aching from what happened in the shower. He almost fell over but it would be at that moment that his ass would be slapped hard by Seokjin.

“Get moving, slut or else we’ll do what had planned for tomorrow now .”

Hoseok didn’t spare a moment less in that room as he quickly staggered out of it, escaping their haunting presence. He avoided bumping into a few inmates along the way though he successfully managed to make it back to his cell. The cell door closed behind him. He panted softly as he collapsed to the floor on all fours.

He could feel the cum that was inside of him swirling around in his stomach. He groaned as he crawled towards his bed and weakly managed to climb on top of it and curl up into the fetal position.

He’d just got here and already, he was already raped and made into the prison bitch of six guys who were in here for crimes that were much more bigger than his. He shivered, feeling cum escaping from his hole even though he tried his hardest to clench and keep it from soaking his underwear.

But honestly, Hoseok couldn’t have fought back against what has been done to him. He didn’t want to die in here nor did he wanted to suffer being beaten everyday because he didn’t let himself be taken and claimed like he was property.

So his only option now was to obey and do as he was told...and be good a little bitch toy.

Chapter Text

It took a few hours before Hoseok was fast asleep, having skipped dinner and just staying tucked in his bed where he remained curled up underneath the single blanket that he was given. A shiver occasionally went down his spine, his slim fingers tightening around the blanket as he continued to slumber.

Unbeknownst to the sleeping boy, standing outside of his cell door, leaning against it was no other than Taehyung. The redhead had managed to finesse the keys to the prison cells away from one of the unsuspecting guards who decided it would be okay to turn their back to him.

He’d waited until the guard left to go to another part of the prison before unlocking the door of the shared cell, being cautious not to wake up the others.

After quietly closing the cell door behind him, Taehyung made his way to the other side to where Hoseok’s cell was. It would’ve been a solid thirty minutes of him watching Hoseok sleep, his mind rushing with the thoughts of what he wanted to do the little twink as he slumbered.

Taehyung couldn’t have said that he was a bit more eager to test the dumb baby out alone, not being able to wait until tomorrow to do so.

Taehyung bit his bottom lip, his body thrumming with both excitement and eagerness. Quietly, he unlocked the door of the cell, slowly pulling it open.

Once inside, his lips curled into a smirk, his focus now back on Hoseok who was still out cold. Slowly, Taehyung walked over to the bed, head tilting to the side. His gaze was now wandering up towards the peach-haired male’s face that looked so relaxed and enthralled deep in the pits of sleep.

That was exactly what Taehyung wanted him to be... All pilant and oblivious.

‘This is gonna be fun…’ Taehyung thought in his head, his cock throbbing within his boxers.

Hoseok was still fast asleep, dreaming once again that he was back at home with Mickey, playing with him and baby-talking him. On the outside, his pretty heart-shaped lips ended up curling into a sleepy smile. Suddenly, he could feel something tugging and pulling on his clothes and being the somewhat light-sleeper he was, he was jolted back into reality.

Hoseok slowly opened his tired eyes, vision still fuzzy from sleep. It would take him a few more moments to realize what was happening. Before he could react, he felt a large hand on his mouth. Frantically, Hoseok began look around, panicked and confused. He let out a little confused sound but that’s when he heard a very familiar deep voice whisper into his ear, “If you make one sound, princess, I’ll snap your neck.”

Almost instantly Hoseok’s body went utterly still, now closing his eyes in fear before starting to wiggle and squirm. Taehyung was already making due of his jumpsuit, pulling it down and revealing his skin along the way. Hoseok whined softly as he arched his back in an attempt to get away from Taehyung but that only seemed to spur Taehyung on.

Soon, Hoseok was stripped of his jumpsuit and the boxers. The peach-haired male let out a small timid whine as fresh hot tears escaped from his eyes, face now reddened and flushed with fear. Taehyung couldn’t help but chuckle before nipping at Hoseok’s ear and whispering something that sent absolutely chills down the poor baby’s pine.

Taehyung whipped his cock out and pressed it up against Hoseok’s backside, grinding into the venus dimples. Hoseok wanted to bite his tongue to restrain the sounds that were threatening to escape.

“Be a good slut for me and suck on my fingers...” Taehyung whispered, smiling as he guided his fingers into Hoseok’s mouth, biting back a moan as he felt Hoseok’s warm mouth encase his fingers in its wet heat. The boy obediently swirled his tongue around Taehyung’s fingers, drenching them in his spit. When Taehyung felt that it was enough, he pulled his saliva-covered fingers out of Hoseok’s mouth, thin strings connecting from his mouth to his hand.

He then brought his hand down towards Hoseok’s ass, pressing his three wet fingers up against the twitching hole. While he did this, he brought his other hand down to wrap it around Hoseok’s tiny cock, eliciting a little squeak from the other.

Even though his hole was probably still slicken up from the creampie that all six of them had given him, Taehyung still saw it fit to stretch him out some more. He managed to push all three of them inside of the other’s hole, smirking when he felt the gooey, slicken warmth of Hoseok’s tight little hole.

After a bit of rough and careful stretching, Taehyung pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his cock, sliding in with impeccable ease. Hoseok nearly let out a loud gasp, being stalled when Taehyung put his hand over his lips, pulling his hips back before slamming back into Hoseok.

His eyes were wide like saucers, now feeling Taehyung’s cock completely stretching his barrier out like a rubber band. He wanted to scream, knowing he couldn’t from the dom’s promise of breaking his neck.

And with that in mind, he could do nothing more other than shut up and just take it.

Taehyung kept hitting his prostate over and over again with each of his thrusts, sending muffled moans flying out of Hoseok’s mouth. He could feel the other drooling and oozing saliva behind his hand, soaking it as he continued to gurgle and moan behind his hand.

Hoseok’s poor cock twitched and throbbed, now hard and dribbling pre-come from the tip. He just couldn’t help but tut his hips up into Taehyung’s touch, his cock still in hand, desperate

The redhead chuckled softly to himself, his hand now starting to stroke Hoseok’s cock, making him elicit more of those muffled, filthy moans of his.

Hoseok didn’t think it could get possibly worse, until Taehyung decided to force him onto his stomach, mounting him while pounding him senselessly. Hoseok wanted to cry badly, now clawing at his mattress as he could feel Taehyung’s cock going deeper inside of him now that he was directly on top of him.

Taehyung leaned down and playfully nipped at Hoseok’s ear, murmuring out softly, “You feel so good, princess… so tight and nice around my cock…”

Hoseok let out a gurgled sound, his eyes red with tears and his face flushed and sweaty. His body felt like a live wire, pleasure mixed with embarrassment swarming his mind. He didn’t want to be in this position nor did he want to be feeling this way but…

Taehyung suddenly picked up the pace, slamming hard into Hoseok’s prostate with each thrust, making Hoseok claw at his pillow, crying and drooling behind Taehyung’s hand. His eyes were starting to roll upward and his cock was growing hard and achy with the approaching need to cum.

The redhead groaned, his mind now clouded and glazed with pleasure. He kept going and going, his free hand gripping now Hoseok’s hip tightly as he drove himself deeper inside of him. He was so close to cumming, attempting to will himself into not doing so. He wanted to make this fuck last a bit longer since of course, everyone would be getting their piece of the bitchtoy before he could.

Hoseok however, was a mess. His eyes were rolling upward and his body was starting to tremble. He was on the very cusp of releasing his load. All he needed was Taehyung to hit his spot one more time, just one more—

Taehyung stopped. Hoseok panted heavily against his hand, his eyes now coming back down, unfocused and dazed from the intoxicating feeling of pleasure. He felt Taehyung pull out, leaving him suddenly empty and open.

He almost damn near cried.

Before he could curse in bitter desperation, he felt Taehyung lean down, now moving his hand away from Hoseok’s mouth. Hoseok bit his bottom lip, still trembling from being so close to cumming and being denied the sweet and precious release. He felt Taehyung’s cock sliding in between his cheeks, slick and slippery. Hoseok resisted the growing urge to beg Taehyung to put it back in and finish what he started.

Taehyung, however, kept this up for few tedious moments more, driving poor Hoseok insane with the need to cum. His cock would sometimes push inside of the twitching hole only halfway before pulling out and repeating the process of sliding in between his cheeks.

Hoseok gripped the pillow tightly, his lips trembling and his eyes reddening with more slow-falling tears. In his mind, the only thing that was being felt was desperation and the need for release.

“P-Please… w-wanna cum. S-Seokie wanna cu-cum…” Hoseok pleaded out in a whisper that only Taehyung could hear. The dom tilted his head, pausing his ministrations as he leaned down some more to where his chin was resting on Hoseok’s shoulder.

“You wanna what, princess?”

Hoseok swallowed thickly. He’d thrown away all his pride and his urge to resist when he said that. He couldn’t bear losing the very small amount of dignity that he had left.

He buried his face into the pillow, shaking and somewhat grinding against the mattress, desperate for friction. He couldn’t…

“Speak up, slut, or you won’t get what you want.”

That sent a cold chill down Hoseok’s weak spine. Hoseok sniffled as fresh tears began to dampen his pillow. In his mind, he was arguing with his conscious on whether or not he should let his dignity go off into the wind.

“Don’t wanna talk now? Fine then…”

Please… let me cum. Please, I wanna cum…”

There it was.

Hoseok shuddered softly, his face rising up from the pillow as he could feel Taehyung’s breath against his heated skin. Taehyung was silent for a moment, leaving a soft kiss on Hoseok’s neck, giggling softly, “That’s a good little princess…”

Taehyung immediately slid back inside of Hoseok, building back up his pace. Hoseok almost let a delirious cry as he felt Taehyung’s cock hit his prostate a few times, finally pushing him over that brutal edge. Hoseok came onto his mattress, his body shaking and trembling like mad as the sweet euphoria finally rushed into his brain.

Soon Taehyung followed suit, slamming into Hoseok one last time before releasing his load inside of the poor little twink. It even took him longer to stop since he had so much inside of his balls.

Hoseok panted heavily, eyes rolling up to the point where only the white could be seen before they rolled back into place. His face was soon looking languid and glazed over from his powerful orgasm. Taehyung had finally pulled out of him after release his last spurt of his cum inside. He tilted his head back, running a hand through his red hair before glancing down and looking down at Hoseok’s slightly gaping, cum-covered hole.

He chuckled quietly before finally climbing off of Hoseok’s tired body. Putting his clothes back on, he looked at the boy who slowly glanced at him.

“Don’t tell them what I did to you, princess. This is just between me and you, understand?”Taehyung whispered, crouching down and looking into Hoseok’s sleepy eyes.

“Y-Yes s-sir…” Hoseok stuttered out quietly in response. Taehyung smiled, leaning forward and planting a soft kiss on Hoseok’s forehead. Hoseok, too exhausted and worn-out to do anything, just let him do so before finally closing his eyes and falling asleep - no longer giving much of a fuck about anything at that point and time.

Taehyung left Hoseok’s cell the same way he entered it, quiet and silent. He was quick to make it back into his cell that he shared with Namjoon, Jungkook,  and Seokjin and get into his bed.

Though, before he fell asleep, he thought about how their little peach princess was gonna be tomorrow, all tired and possibly limping from being fucked a numerous amount of times. Now that was a sight that he couldn’t wait to see…

He smirked as he closed his eyes and let the feeling of sleep take over.

Tomorrow was gonna be so much fun…

Chapter Text

When Hoseok had woke up the next day, his backside and lower half of his body was numb from the night before. Though he managed to push back the memory of what had happened that night when he finally went to sleep, the physical feeling still remained.

Hoseok coughed softly, his droopy eyes still burning from the sight of light coming from the outside of his cell. He dug his fingers weakly into his pillow, the sudden urge to go back to sleep and pretend that nothing around him existed now starting to itch at his brain. Before he could close his eyes and attempt such a feat, he heard a chuckle coming from outside of his cell.

“Wake up, sleeping beauty…”

That voice. God, let it not be who Hoseok thought it was. Even though he just meet those brutes in the cell across from his, along with their other pals, their voices were already burned into his memory. Slowly, Hoseok lifted his head up and saw standing in front of his cell was none other than Namjoon, hands shoved into his jumpsuit pockets and his black eyes full of mischief.

“Get up, princess. You got a long day ahead of you.” He said, smirking as he stepped back and let the cell door automatically open on its own. Hoseok wanted to roll over and curl up underneath his blanket to shield himself. Get as far away from both Namjoon and the cursed environment that he was placed in as possible m.

He knew he couldn’t do that. However, he weakly managed to turn himself over onto his side, still wrapped up underneath his blanket. Though his throat ached from the events of last night, he still spoke. “P-Please… I-I can’t d-do this today…”

Namjoon raised an eyebrow in questioning. He tilted his head to the side before walking over to the bed, now peering down at Hoseok’s covered and curled up body. Namjoon would pry the covers of Hoseok’s weak little body without breaking much of a sweat, leaving the male exposed and open to his surroundings.

Hoseok’s face became an astonishingly flushed red— his body shivering a little due to the feeling and rush of air touching it. From how weak he was last night, he didn’t bother with trying to put his jumpsuit or boxers back on. That was another reason why he was relying on the blanket to keep him sheltered and covered; he still looked like a hot mess.

“The fuck happened to you, slut?” Namjoon suddenly questioned, a harshness creeping up in his tone. Hoseok bit his bottom lip as he shook his head and rolled over onto his back. “Got t-too hot last night…”

Namjoon snorted before examining Hoseok’s body. He could honestly tell that the slut had done something else that involved him removing all his clothes. For this one considerable time, he would let him slip. It was his first day and besides that, he would get him later after the others had their taste of him.

Hell, he even had something a little special planned for him…

“I guess that’s a valid reason…”

Hoseok would’ve let a breath of relief if not for the fact that Namjoon was still watching him like a fucking hawk, would probably figured out that he was lying to him through his fucking teeth. However, Hoseok remained quiet, only responding with a simple timid nod.

“Anyway, I’ll help you up since you’re probably still sore from that fucking we gave you.” The man caught Hoseok completely off-guard with such a considerate offering.

He would have objected but, in this type of situation, rejection wasn’t something that went well with people in prison. He swallowed thickly, his throat a bit sore as he let Namjoon help him up into the upright position. His lower back ached with a dulling pain that made him wince in response. Namjoon even took it upon himself to assist Hoseok off to the bathroom where he let him do his business and afterward helped him wash his tired face.

Moments after Hoseok brushed his teeth, Hoseok was back in his prison issued clothes though Namjoon said later he would have something new for him to wear since he would most likely be a ‘Dripping cum-filled mess’ throughout the day-- which made for unfathomable thoughts to pop into Hoseok’s mind.

“Now that you’re up, go eat breakfast. I’ll see you soon, princess…” Namjoon murmured, leaning down and nipping at Hoseok’s ear, making the shorter male jolt slightly in response, face flushed and peaked. Soon, Namjoon had left Hoseok to his own, in order to attend some personal business that he had to handle.

When he saw that he was gone, he began to limp his way towards the direction that would lead him up to the mess hall for breakfast but in midst of him walking there, he almost collapsed mid-way from the throbbing sensation.

He leaned up against the nearest pole, hissing in pain as he could feel his ass and back throb, practically pulsing from the fucking he got.

‘Jesus, the redhead really was packing a lot…’ Hoseok thought, looking around only. A few prisoners just standing around or sitting one of the tables, just sitting around and talking with each other. Fortunately, no sign of any of the members of that gang.

For now, he could attempt to catch both his breath and strength. He took a deep breath before exhaling, head tilted down and body still thrumming. Though after a few more moments of stabilizing his breathing and relaxing himself, he gathered his strength and began to awkwardly shuffle his way to the mess hall.

In his mind, he just hoped that there was still some food left. His stomach was growling and the need for the food was now his body’s main objective.

He hoped that none of the gang members were in there...waiting for his ass...quite literally.


Once in the mess hall, Hoseok was quick to dip off into the line (Which was surprisingly short) and got his tray of food. Even though Hoseok wanted to question such a weak meal choice of biscuits and scrambled eggs, he still carried on and headed for the table at the back.

As soon as he took his seat, he heard a cat call, making his pupils shrink in fear. It was too fucking early for this mess. Too fucking early.

“Morning, princess.”

Hoseok took a deep breath and glanced over into the direction of where the voice was coming from. That’s when he saw Jungkook. Making his way over to the table. A tray in hand. Hoseok couldn’t help but glance at the brunet’s inked arms. They tainted and decorated his buff, muscular body, making him appear a bit more intimidating with the exception of the scar on his eye. He had the face of a bunny but a body of a fighter.

Jungkook took his seat right next to Hoseok, who suddenly felt much smaller beside the younger male. His face became flushed once again as he glanced down at his plate of food. Jungjkook soon turned his focus over to him and chuckled softly, “Aren’t you gonna say morning back to me, darling?”


Hoseok felt like a teakettle being heated up on the stove, on the brink of puffing out smoke from being heated for so long. In a somewhat strained voice, he replied, “G-Good morning, J-Jungkook…”

“Now that’s a good boy.”

‘Fuck . Hoseok cursed in his head but before he could elaborate more on the sudden thought, he felt Jungkook’s arm wrap around his shoulder before he was pulled into the brunet’s grasp. He felt a pair of soft lips on his cheek, making him shudder a little from such a sudden feeling

God it was just too fucking early for this. Hoseok just wanted to eat this breakfast and go on about his business. Apparently that was a privilege he didn't have anymore. He leaned forward, biting back a wince of pain, feeling Jungkook’s other hand rest itself on his thigh.

“P-Please, I just wanna eat…” Hoseok murmured out, eyes scanning the room for any signs of guards or anyone watching the room, mainly Su in particular. He didn’t see her nor an actual supervising guard.

Jungkook hummed, his hand squeezing Hoseok’s thigh before he leaned down and rested his chin on his shoulder. “I could give something much more filling than this breakfast bullshit, y’know… Something much more healthier for your kind of diet.”

Hoseok nervously shook his head in rejection, “I-I don’t want it… not- not now…”

The younger snorted before squeezing Hoseok’s thigh rather painfully, to a point the small male nearly let out a keen. “Who said you had much of a choice in this, princess? Thought you got it through your fucking skull that whatever we say goes and what you say doesn’t matter?”

Hoseok swallowed hard, sweat starting to form and descend down the sides of his face. God he wished he wasn’t here right now. Back at home, in his lonely one bedroom apartment with his puppy.

“On your knees. Now.”

Hoseok was silent, shyly nodding his head before slowly crouching down, sliding underneath the table where Jungkook had his legs spread and open. Hoseok’s eyes widened at the sight of Jungkook’s thighs, which seemed to have made the jumpsuit appear rather tight on him. He obediently got in between his legs and watched as the younger’s hands pull down the rest of his jumpsuit, to a point that Hoseok could see the outline of his cock.

Now Hoseok could’ve sworn he saw it twitching through his black boxers. Jungkook made a come here sign with his index finger, making Hoseok move up some more. Once he was up far enough, Jungkook made a gesture towards his cock, whispering quietly, “You should already know what to do, darling.”

Hoseok bit his bottom lip, his palms now clammy and his body thrumming with both the fear of being caught, the fear of Jungkook doing something to him if he shouldn’t do what he was told.

With his slim, delicate fingers, Hoseok reached forward and pulled back the boxers, revealing the other’s cock which twitched and throbbed. Hoseok swallowed thickly before he finished pulling back the rest of the boxers, fully revealing it before wrapping his hand around it.

He pumped it a little before leaning forward and guiding it into his mouth, the taste of it immediately registering with his tongue, making his pupils shrink. Tasting the bitter-sweet salt from the pre-come that oozed out of the tip. Though he only had half of it inside of his mouth, Hoseok could hear the soft groan of the younger up above.

“Fuck…” Jungkook cursed, hushed and under his breath. He looked down at Hoseok, who was shyly looking up at him with those nervous doe eyes of his. Jungkook looked up first, scanning around to see if anyone was suspicious to what he was doing. When he got the clear, he dragged his hand down and interlaced his fingers in between the peach colored locks of Hoseok’s hair.

He forced Hoseok to go down some more to a point that his cock had completely filled his throat, making Hoseok gurgle in alarm. He placed his hands on the younger’s thighs, desperately tapping them in order to get his attention and get him to recognize that he may have put it in a bit too far.

Ignoring him, Jungkook continued to keep his head forced down, his cock throbbing and pulsing within the wet, heated depths of Hoseok’s throat. He could’ve cummed right then and there from the simple feeling of the twink’s warm, slick throat.

“Just stay right there… breathe through your nose.” Jungkook whispered, glancing back down at Hoseok who had tears slowly escaping down his face. His slim fingers were gripping his jumpsuit in vain. Hoseok let out a tiny muffled noise, his eyes fearfully looking Jungkook in the eyes.

“Yo, Kook!”

Hoseok’s pupils suddenly shrunk in fear. He could feel Jungkook slightly tense up in both his throat and in his thighs. Out of all the places this could’ve been done, it had to be done in the fucking mess-hall, amongst others.

“Ah, Yugyeom.”

Hoseok nervously glanced up at Jungkook as he could hear footsteps getting closer to the table. His grip on the younger’s jumpsuit tighten as he trembled in fear of getting caught. Though, then he felt Jungkook’s hand suddenly comb through his hair, somewhat gentle and strangely... calming . Eventually, Hoseok started to drain out the sound of the younger talking to the male called Yugyeom and laid his head on Jungkook’s thigh, his eyes fighting to stay open.

With the way that Jungkook was casually petting and carding his fingers through his hair, he was quite sure that he wasn’t gonna be able to keep his eyes open. His mouth and throat were soon starting to ache and throb from being filled for so long. Drool escaping down the corner of his mouth and onto his chin where it dripped and dotted the younger’s jumpsuit.

“Hey, have you seen the new twink that just came in?”

“What new twink?”

“He got peach hair. He came in like maybe a day or two before? The whole block on my side talkin’ about him…”

Jungkook chuckled softly, sounding a bit breathless though he nodded his head, “Oh I know who you’re talking about. Can’t lie… he looks like a real cutie pie.”

“Mmm… good enough to eat…”

Hoseok felt a slightly disgusted chill go down in his spine, his eyes still halfway open and his mind still conscious. To think he had a whole cell block talking about him and how they wanted him…

“True… very true indeed…”

Hoseok could suddenly feel Jungkook’s cock flex in his throat, making him somewhat startled though he then glanced up and saw Jungkook glancing down at him before quickly glancing back up to keep his gaze back on Yugyeom.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you in the yard, Kookie… We still have important business to handle you know…” Yugyeom added, sliding a hand through his curly black hair, smiling as Jungkook smiled in response before holding his hand out and doing their little handshake before heading away from the table.

Once Jungkook had saw that Yugyeom was gone, he scooted back in his seat and looked down at Hoseok. The older was laying up on his thigh, cock still in his drooly mouth and his eyes were now halfway closed. He let out a muffled groan which sent a pleasuring feeling down through his cock and up into his brain.

However, he lightly tapped Hoseok’s shoulder, murmuring in a soft tone, “Baby you gotta pull off now.”

Hoseok, now sleepy and tired already, let out a gurgling sound before slowly beginning to pull himself away from Jungkook’s cock. As he pulled back, thick wads of spit followed, dripping off onto the floor and onto his jumpsuit. Once he was fully off, he looked down at Jungkook’s saliva-drenched cock with a flustered face.

Jungkook snickered before saying, “Come away from underneath there now, he’s gone.” Hoseok took a minute or two to get away from underneath the table. He shakingly climbed into the stool next to Jungkook and almost instantly, he was met with Jungkook kissing and lightly licking away the spit from away from around his mouth. Because of course, Hoseok couldn’t use a napkin when he had a whole man to do the job of a regular napkin for him.

Hoseok sat there, flustered and red as Jungkook continued to leave light, soft kisses on his neck before finally pulling away with one final kiss on his high-cheekbone cheek. Jungkook tended to himself, quickly making work of tucking his cock back into his pants.

“Don’t worry, princess. I’ll let you have more later, yeah?” Jungkook said, smirking as he looked over at the shy and blushing male who looked off to the side in order avoid looking at Jungkook’s somewhat perverted gaze. Hoseok sucked in a breath but before he could be left to his thoughts, Jungkook was quick to pull him in and caress his cheek.

“Before I go, how about you give me a kiss baby?”

Hoseok whimpered softly, his bottom lip trembling. He looked into the deep brown eyes of the brunet male before tentatively leaning forward, doing as he was told and planting a shy kiss on the younger’s lips. However, those the kiss was suppose to be chaste and quick, Jungkook wanted to make it longer— his tongue sliding inside of Hoseok’s mouth in order to get a taste of both himself and the pretty peach princess.

Hoseok couldn’t help but arch and somewhat writhe in the younger’s grasp, his small body being practically engulfed by the much larger male’s. It would be moments later before Jungkook would finally pull away, licking Hoseok’s lips before pulling away. Winking playfully at the breathless older, he got up and left him to his plate of cold food.

Once Jungkook was gone, Hoseok looked around nervously to see that only a few eyes were on him. Suddenly, he felt exposed and opened to the entire room. He looked over at his cold breakfast before shaking his head, whispering ‘No’ under his breath. He’d technically already had his ‘breakfast’. Or at least, that was what Jungkook had said he had.

Quickly, Hoseok shook his head. He was becoming way too pilant and weak. He’d already gave up control of his life and was letting these men turn him inside out. He shouldn’t have to be dealing with this kind of situation. He was his own fucking person. He had the right to do whatever the fuck he wanted without having someone telling him no.

Though… he really didn’t have much of a choice. As much as he wanted to stand up for himself, there was only one of him and six of them. He really was no match for them anyway. He really didn’t have much of a choice but to obey. Besides that, death in prison was not the way Hoseok wanted to go.

‘Just do as they say for now… you only got… a year in here with them… just bear with it.’

Those would be the words that Hoseok would tell himself from now on. They’d likely to be repeating in his head in order to keep him sane while he was in this fucking hellhole.

Getting up and limping to the trashcan where he dumped his food and stood for a moment. Once he made it out of the mess hall, he decided that he would go do a bit of exploring.

Surely  there was somewhere else he could go to get out of sight (Possibly cry) in private besides his cell. He was most definitely, gonna go find it.

Chapter Text

Hoseok wandered through the hallway possibly leading him to a place where he could run away from the memories he gained over a day. Occasionally, he leaned up against the wall in order to gain his balance, still in pain and limping from the fucking he’d gotten. He’d passed by several prisoners who just looked at him and kept it moving, as if he didn’t exist.

That was good on his part. Hoseok kept moving along the wall before finally walking forward without using it for help. He groaned softly to himself in pain, his back aching and ass feeling like it had been set on fire.They really left a mark on him…

Finally, Hoseok came across a grey door that had a large window in the middle of it. He nervously peeped through the window, spotting a pool table and a small round table where three guys were sitting and playing cards, three more playing pool. Hoseok swallowed thickly when he saw that all the men were much bigger than him and looked a bit more menacing.

As he was looking though, his eyes ended up wandering to a noiret that was sitting at the card table, smoking a cigarette. He had a dragon tattoo going along the side of his arm and he was dealing out cards.

Hoseok’s eyes widened as he watched the guy deal out cards before he glanced towards the window. His eyes were sharp and looked as if they were staring into Hoseok’s soul.

Hoseok was quick to duck down onto all fours and scramble away. He ignored the pain as he stood to his feet and ran off down the hall, just in case the guy wanted to get him into that room. He’d already been fucked in the showers because he wanted to be all alone and by himself. He didn’t want another repeat.

Eventually, Hoseok turned down into the right hallway and ended up limping painfully now that the pain had intensified. He reached the wall for support, his ability to walk becoming harbored by the pain.

Maybe he should’ve went back to his cell and just bundled up and cried there. At least there wouldn’t have been many prisoners around to see him do that because they would be doing whatever the fuck they wanted on their free time before lunch. He bit his bottom lip hard as a sharp, edge-cutting feeling of pain shot through his back.

God he wanted to cry right then and there.

“So this is where you ran off to…”

Hoseok went still, his heart racing within his chest like it was a horse in a race. He gripped the wall like his life depended on it, eyes closing when he heard a soft chuckle coming from the owner of the familiar voice. He could hear their footsteps coming closer and closer to them.

“You tryna run away from what’s comin’ to ya’, baby?”

Hoseok, shy and nervous, slowly glanced over his shoulder, seeing the familiar black-haired young male who went by the name of Jimin. He was wearing a black tank top that exposed his arms, what looked the be the jumpsuit tied by a belt halfway undone. Hoseok had noticed that many of the prisoners had different type attires when it came to the prison issued uniform.

Jimin sauntered his way over to Hoseok, who was shrinking into himself from fearing for worse. His face became even more red as he felt Jimin’s arm come around his waist, pulling him close to him.

“You know can always run but you can never really hide in a place like this… there’s someone always watching you.” Jimin whispered, his lips inches away from Hoseok’s ear which he eventually ended up pulling on playfully. He swung the small twink around, eliciting a shy cry from his lips.

“Please, I-I’m sore, I… I can’t - n-no…” Hoseok begged, leaning forward in an attempt to break away. Jimin proved to be much stronger than him, pulling him back and aggressively started to suck harsh hickies and marks on his neck.

Tears escaped Hoseok’s eyes as Jimin began to drag him down the hallway, groping and feeling on his crotch. Hellish cries sent out of the poor thing’s mouth. Eventually, Jimin had pulled him into a strange room that had a door but no window in it. He closed the door behind him and tossed Hoseok onto the bed that was inside.

Hoseok’s pants began to get louder, crying out in his timid voice, “N-No! J-J-Jiminie please-”

Jimin glared at Hoseok, already halfway through undoing his pants. Hoseok clawed at the cover of the bed, his legs weakly attempting to close themselves. He was too weak for this, he knew Jimin was young who could keep stamina while Hoseok was older and could barely handle what was about to come.

Once Jimin was in nothing but his boxers, he climbed onto the bed and began to undo the zipper of Hoseok’s jumpsuit, revealing the peach male’s marked up body. He couldn’t help but lick his lips at such a sight, immediately pulling back the jumpsuit so he could put his mouth on one of his light pink nipples.

Hoseok nearly jumped at the feeling of Jimin’s mouth on his nipple, his body shaking and his mouth quavering out his words as he felt Jimin’s tongue swirling around his nipple and his teeth lightly tugging and pulling on them. Moments later, Jimin would pull away only to help get Hoseok completely naked.

Jimin slid up behind him and pulled Hoseok in between his legs. He made Hoseok part his legs and hold them open while he was angled in a way that exposed his pinkish hole. The don smirked as he looped his tattooed arm down towards it, his chin resting on Hoseok’s shoulder as the peach-haired male began to tremble.

“N-Nuuu… Noooo…”Hoseok whined, voice so pleading and begging that Jimin couldn’t help but get turned on more. It wasn’t enough to stop him from shoving three of his fingers inside of Hoseok. Jimin chuckled deviously, placing his thumb on Hoseok’s tiny balls, making the peach boy jolt, little cock twitching nothing but pre-come.

Jimin soon began to roughly finger him, his fingers pressing upward and curving just to massage and press against his prostate. Hoseok let out a squeal as he felt Jimin’s thumb rub his balls around as he did. Hoseok clawed at the sheets, his body somewhat arching into Jimin’s fingers.

“Jim-Jiminie p-please… please… n-not there… f-fuck…” Hoseok stuttered, his eyes becoming glossy as tears threatened to fall from his eyes.

Jimin hummed softly, fingers still aggressively massaging Hoseok’s prostate while rubbing his balls around to make the poor baby whine and squirm in pleasure. He would keep this up for a good while until Hoseok was in shambles and couldn’t make words anymore.

And at the moment, Jimin would get a devious, filthy idea.

Jimin pulled his fingers out of Hoseok, leaving the poor baby whining and pleading for him to put his fingers back in. Jimin would pull away all together before sitting back. “Baby, turn around and face me.”

Though he was weak and still trying to recover from being pulled away from his nearing orgasm, Hoseok did as he was told, turning around and shyly facing Jimin who was looking at him with a smirk on his face. Hoseok looked absolutely wrecked; there was drool dripping from his chin, his eyes were red from tears and lips looking chewed through. He was blushing hard as he stared at Jimin, as if expecting something else.

“How about I let you sit on my face?”

Hoseok’s eyes widen in shock; Sit on his face?


“C’mere and just let me do the rest, princess.”

Hoseok swallowed thickly, watching as Jimin laid down on the bed and made a coaxing gesture with his finger. Jimin helped turn him around so his ass was in his face and Hoseok would have Jimin’s hard, covered cock in his own.

“You already know what to do with your pretty little mouth…” Jimin added before looping his arms over Hoseok’s inner thighs, resting his hands on Hoseok’s ass. He brought his ass down and immediately dragged his long tongue along Hoseok’s hole.

The baby’s eyes widened at the wet feeling of Jimin’s tongue, he jolted at the sensation before focusing his attention on Jimin’s cock. Pulling it out and holding it in between his small fingers, he almost went cross-eyed looking at it from how big it was. It looked to be just as big as Taehyung’s though thicker around the base.

Reluctantly, Hoseok guided it up to his mouth, hand still around the base in order to help him stable it. Once it was in his mouth however, he felt Jimin’s tongue push past his rim and into his barrier, squishy but yet slick and thicker than expected.

Jimin pulled Hoseok back some so he could dig his tongue deeper inside of him, making the peach-haired boy whimper around his cock. The dom smirked before pushing his tongue in more, making Hoseok arch his back and let out a muffled moan.

Moments later, Hoseok couldn’t handle the feeling of Jimin’s tongue sliding and out of his hole; pressing the tip into his prostate whenever he managed to angle himself just right. He finally pulled off Jimin’s cock, drool and slob escaping down the corners of his mouth. Biting his bottom lip harshly, feeling Jimin pull his ass back some more while he continued to ruthlessly tongue-fuck him, twisting and twirling the long pink muscle of his around every time he plunged back in.

“S-Stop… p-please…” Hoseok begged once more, legs and thighs trembling from the overwhelming sense of pleasure that was swarming his poor, weak body. His fingers were quick to grip the strong, toned sides of Jimin’s body in a weak attempt to steady himself. His head fell forward as drool ran down his chin and eyes slowly rolled upward.

Jesus fuck who would’ve thought that this would also be all it would take to get him like this… all weak and compliant… ruined .

Jimin then pulled his tongue out of Hoseok’s ass and grumbled, “Who the fuck told you to stop sucking, princess?”

Hoseok, still somewhat struggling to come down from that sex high, took a minute or two to understand what was being said. Before he could reply, his asscheek was slapped incredibly hard, making him nearly choke on his spit.

“Get back to it or else I’ll leave you like this and you won’t get anymore of this special kind of treatment.”

Special kind of treatment?

Hoseok’s brows tiredly furrowed in confusion, then another slap on his ass knocked him out of his thoughts, making him resume what he was doing in order to avoid another harsh slap. He could feel his asscheek burning and the feeling of a handprint on it growing. Hoseok put his mouth back on Jimin’s cock and resumed his complicated task of deep throating him.

Soon, Hoseok felt himself approaching the edge once again, his legs shaking and moans becoming slurred and vocal. He’d slipped Jimin’s cock out of his mouth again just so he could drag his tongue along it, his mind now somewhat out of it and drifting off to cloud 9. Jimin groaned, squeezing Hoseok’s ass as he continued to swirl and twist his tongue around inside of him.

Hoseok pants softly, feeling himself getting ready to cum. His body was thrumming and growing more and more overwhelmed with the clawing need to do so. “G-Gonna c-cum… g-gonna… can’t hold back…”Hoseok stammered, now grinding his ass into Jimin’s face. Jimin let out a soft chuckle before pulling his tongue out of Hoseok’s ass and guided his cock into his mouth instead, sucking on it and swirling his tongue around the head of it.

Hoseok couldn’t take anymore. He almost screamed as he finally came undone inside of Jimin’s mouth, his thighs quaking and his body feeling as though it was a live hot piece of wire. Jimin swallowed his load down, still holding Hoseok somewhat still as he kept sucking him through his orgasm, milking him.

When he was finally finished, he pulled off of Hoseok’s cock and he murmured, “Get off me for a minute.”

Hoseok, tired and out of his mind, slowly climbed off of Jimin and let the younger sit up. Once he sat up, he pulled Hoseok back into his grasp, strong tattooed arms wrapped around him. Hoseok’s head hung low, some of his peachy bangs coming down as if to hide his eyes. Jimin tilted his head before glancing down at his cock which was still hard and needing to release.

That’s when he got a solution to such a predicament.

“Since I haven’t come yet, you can’t go anywhere.” Jimin said, smirking when he heard Hoseok’s disgruntled sound.

“Don’t worry baby, You’re gonna help me fix that right now. Get in my lap and keep your thighs closed.” Jimin ordered, letting Hoseok go and watching as the tired little boy crawled into his lap and did as he was told. Jimin adjusted him some more by pulling his legs over his own just to have Hoseok straddling him.

“Ah, now hold your mouth open and be the good little baby you are and spit into it.”

Hoseok briefly glanced up at the dimly lit ceiling before lowering his head back down and holding his mouth open. He then dribbled a thick wad of spit into Jimin’s hand and he watched as the younger lowered that hand down to his thighs and slid them in between them, smearing his own spit all in between.

Hoseok’s face became a light red as he leaned forward, his eyes halfway open as he felt Jimin sliding his wet hand around. Once Jimin pulled away however, he then felt something poking the back of his thighs.

“Just stay still and don’t move while I do this…” Jimin murmured before finally sliding his cock in between Hoseok’s spit-lubed thighs. He could feel Hoseok’s muscles tense up against the harden flesh of his cock, making his eyes roll back a little and moan in response. Jimin bit his lip and then steadily pulled his hips back before sliding his cock right back in between them, the slick wetness of the baby’s spit doing the exact trick in helping lubricate the way.

Hoseok watched in shock as Jimin’s cock slid in and out of between his thighs, eased and slicken by his own spit. His face got redder as he continued to stare at the obscene act that was being performed in between his legs. Soon, he could hear Jimin’s grunts and moans getting louder, feeling the younger’s hands gripping his hips in a way that would leave imprints of his hands.

That’s when Jimin cursed loudly, his cock sliding up in between Hoseok’s thighs one more time before releasing his load. It ended up splashing, hitting his face and chin while dripping and coating his thighs. Hoseok swallowed thickly, feeling the hot mess go down his face and drip off his chin. Jimin groaned, releasing a few more spurts before finally finishing. He leaned forward and rested his chin on Hoseok’s shoulder, eyes closed as his body took in the effects of the post-orgasm high that came afterward.

They stayed like that for a few minutes before Jimin would finally slid his flaccid cock from between Hoseok’s thighs. He helped Hoseok out of his lap, turned him around and admired the way Hoseok’s face looked when it was covered in cum.

“You look so cute with cum on your face…” Jimin cooed, smirking before bringing two of fingers up and placing them in a thick dripping splotch of cum that was on Hoseok’s cheek and slowly dragged it towards Hoseok’s mouth. At first, he tried to refuse but turned out to be too weak to even do so, opening his mouth and letting Jimin feed him his cum. It left a shockingly bittersweet taste in his mouth.

When Jimin was done feeding Hoseok the cum on his face and thighs, he leaned back on his legs and smiled as the peach-haired male shyly looked down at his lap.

“So cute… No wonder everyone else wants you too.” Jimin added, leaning forward and planting a soft kiss on Hoseok’s cheek. He moved his lips down to his neck, placing another hickey amongst the mess of them that he’d already made.

“Too bad they won’t get you, at least not while we own you…”

Hoseok felt a chill go down his spine at that sentence. They really owned him as if he was nothing but a piece of worthless property. Not a human with real emotions or the capability to make decisions on his own. Just a piece of worthless fuckinh property.

“Let me help you get cleaned up and dressed. I’m through having my fun with you now, you should go outside and have a bit of a breather in the yard.”

After that sentence, Jimin began to make a move to help Hoseok get dressed back into his uniform, being surprisingly cautious when it came to Hoseok’s body and mindful of how weak the older was. Once he got him and himself dressed, Jimin helped Hoseok off the bed and towards the door since he was still walking with a stiff limp.

Hoseok groaned, leaning up against the younger who laughed softly and said, “Ah, I’m guessing before me either Jungkook or Taehyung got you...”

Now flushed, Hoseok grimaced a little. He didn’t want to say that Taehyung was really the main reason behind his bad limp because he promised that he wouldn’t tell the others that.“J-Jungkook w-was the one…”

Jimin shook his head, not surprised or shocked by that one bit. Jungkook as the type to go a bit too rough when it came down to that perspective….

“Hmph… I’ll have to tell him to not go so hard on you yet… You just got here.” Jimin replied before letting Hoseok go and helping him walk down the hallway. Hoseok shuffled along, face still peaking red and body tired and exhausted from being worn out three times this day.

“I’m sure you can keep going on your own from here, princess… I have to leave and attend some business. See you tonight…”

Hoseok’s head perked up as he turned around towards Jimin who had already turned around and headed the opposite direction as him. Hoseok held his mouth open for a moment to ask him as what he mean by ‘see him tonight’ l, before giving up. He shook his head and let out a tired groan before turning his heel and continuing along his way.

He really needed to get out of this building and to the yard where he could take that breather that Jimin had mentioned. He’d been worn out three times already and the air and seeing the outside could possibly help take his mind off such a thing.

Some fresh air would do him very good…

Chapter Text

Hoseok made it up to the yard, both tired and worn out. His hair was looking frazzled and eyes red from having cried so much and his body have an internal turmoil from being fucked three times in a row— back to back.

He nervously ran a hand through his hair at the sudden realization. He only been here for at least two or three days and he was already put in the category as ‘Shared prison bitch’ for six prison gang members. Those who could’ve easily snapped his neck, broke him apart and left his remains on display for the other inmates to see as an example of what could happen to them should they attempt to cross them.

Though, Hoseok couldn’t have lied when it came down to his new position in this place; he would’ve rather been considered a fucking bitch than considered dead and ripped to possible shreds. It far less painful than the latter.

His nonexistent pride may be hurt but at least he was still alive to suffer with it.

Hoseok folded his arms against his chest and looked around the prison yard. There wasn’t as many people outside as there was yesterday, which was surprisingly odd to him. He only saw at least two people playing on the court and three of them sitting at one of tables, smoking cigarettes and carrying on with a conversation. He let out a soft sigh and briefly glanced up at the bright blue sky, seeing only a few white puffy clouds and the sun shining brightly amongst them.  

Maybe this was going to be his real, honest break. He couldn’t see any of the familiar heads or faces of the members from the gang or anyone looking to hurt his ass both in terms of anal pummeling.

He suddenly giggled softly to himself, l eyes halfway closing in delight. He would finally get his little break. He smiled shyly before making his way into the yard, still riddled with a limp and throbbing pain in his lower body. Along the way, he passed several inmates who paid very little attention to him (Though still catcalling).

Hoseok didn’t let that cut into his newfound sense of happiness. He cleared his throat and shoved his hands into his pockets and kept walking. Though it pained him to walk due to his limp, he continued to do so out of the fact that this would probably be the only real time he would catch a break.  Hoseok hummed to himself, making a little small sound before making a few more out of randomness.

That was something that he managed to keep restrained the moment he got into this blasted concrete cage. He didn’t want any of the men to catch him doing something like that while he was doing his daily activities, that just wouldn’t appear… tough .

As he walked along, he glanced over to the empty gym equipment. Before, he remembered those guys sitting on that equipment, watching him before they surrounded him and ganged up on him.

A small shudder went down his spine. Quickly, he shook his head and cleared his mind of the memory. He didn’t want to think of them while he was finally free from their grasp for the moment. Taking another deep breath and exhaling, Hoseok made his way over to the “gym” area.

He occasionally glanced around to make sure that no one was behind him or watching him. Fortunately, there wasn’t, which was nothing but a relief to him.

At this point and time, Hoseok would take up on that advice that Su had gave him when it came to defending himself; he needed to at least build some of his muscles so he would be strong enough to fight back. Hoseok was small and tiny compared to these men in here, and already, he was losing the confidence to defend himself from any of them.

He couldn’t let that happen.

Now approaching the bench, Hoseok stopped in front of it and took a moment. He tilted his head to the side, cracking his neck before working it around in order to get that feeling of stiffness out of it. Once he was done, he lifted his head up and focused his eyes on the weights that were placed on the bench. They were around 90 pounds on each which was unusual since before, there were alot more weights on each end of the bar.

Maybe someone else of his calibre was here and couldn’t handle that many weights because for a fact, everyone in the prison could lift hella more than this minimal weight.

Swallowing his nervousness down, he stepped forward, turning around and taking a seat on the padded bench. He let out a painful hiss of pain, his ass still sore and aching. It would be a while before it would go back to feeling normal… if it was left alone long enough. Which it would mostly likely not be.

He laid back and brought his hands up, gripping the bar. He could already feel his hands starting to grow clammy and sweaty for some reason. Though, he wasn’t gonna let that bother him. Closing his eyes briefly, Hoseok gathered up what strength he had left and slowly lifted up the weight from the bar holder before steadily bringing it down to hover over his chest. He then lifted it up, his arms a bit shaky as he did so.

It took him a minute longer to bring it back down, but he managed to do so before repeating the process of lifting it up and down. Each time he managed to get the weight up, a smile would spread across his heart-shaped lips. Perspiration was starting to build on his forehead, his arms and body were becoming aggravated from the burning sensation.

Hoseok knew that this was only the start of him building his strength up so he could be able to physically defend himself. He was going to be in this prison for a year— the least he could do was fight back against the hooligans that resided within it.

As he continued on with lifting the weights, he began to shut out all and everything around him, his mind now determined to stick to the goal of keeping himself alive and away from getting killed.

Little did he know that he was being watched.


“What in the fuck he’s doin’?"

Yoongi blew out a cloud of smoke, glancing briefly towards his half of a cigarette before chuckling, “I’m guessing he’s trying to work out…”

“Pft, you call that working out? The twink is lifting nothing but air.” Seokjin replied, rolling his eyes as he moved his cigarette away from his mouth.

Yoongi and him had just come when they spotted Hoseok over near the workout equipment. They had to attend some personal business that involved a fellow inmate and a small exchange deal. Nothing major.

Seokjin dragged his fingers through his light pink hair, sighing as he glanced over to Yoongi, “Should we go fuck with him?”

Yoongi remained silent, dragging his pierced tongue along his bottom lip before snorting, “Nah, hyung. I think we should wait.”

The older then cocked an eyebrow up in confusion, “Wait? You really wanna wait while he’s all out in the open… defenseless?”

“Yeah. Heard from Namjoonie that the young ones got him earlier. It’s not a good idea to use him when he’s still trying to recover from those three in particular. Let him breathe.” Yoongi explained, looking up at Seokjin who sighed heavily, shaking his head as he brought his cigarette up to his lips.

“Fine. We’ll let him rest for now but at lunch time, we getting our turn with him.” Seokjin responded, a bit irritated. He wanted that little peach now while he was all exposed and out in the open.

Yoongi rolled his eyes as he threw his finished cigarette down onto the ground in front of him, grinding it out with the bottom of his tennis shoes. “You really want him, don’t you, hyung?”

“You really asking me that question…” Seokjin mumbled out and Yoongi snorted, “Listen, I want him too but unlike you and the other horny fucks hyungs, I like for mine to be somewhat rested before I wear them out.”

Seokjin snorted and chuckled a little, “Yeah, yeah. I know. I can remember what you did to you-know-who…”

That’s when Yoongi straightened up and cleared his throat, “I thought we established that we weren’t gonna talk about that shit-”

Seokjin was quick to cut him off, “Ah, don’t worry about it, Yoongi. We were all sharing him that night. You just got a bit too carried away. He understood and we’re still on good terms with them, hell, maybe even better terms if we decide to recreate that night again only this time with the exchange of our little bitch…”

Yoongi clenched and unclutched his tatted fist before rolling his eyes once more and sighing, “C’mon hyung, let’s go grab something to eat from the mess hall. I heard they’re actually gonna serve something nice this time.”

Seokjin would have snorted once more if not for the fact that he didn’t catch that irritated look on Yoongi’s face. He watched as the grey-haired male turned and carried on towards the door that would lead back inside. Seokjin would follow behind him moments later, his eyes glancing back and watching as Hoseok continued to lift those so-called ‘weights’ as if he was actually doing something.

“Pft… what a little bitch.” He mumbled before heading towards the door, opening it and stepping back inside, He disappeared off with Yoongi to the mess hall where they grabbed their meal and lay in wait for the pretty little peach to come in and feed

Chapter Text

Hoseok pants softly, his face now dripping with sweat and his body now feeling all burned out. He had added at least two more weight onto the bars and decided to bench press around 35 pounds. His body really started to ache. Of course, he didn’t care at the moment because he was determined to work out and build up some strength.

It took him a minute or two longer to keep up, his lower abdomen burned and body throbbing from the burning feeling in his muscles. On top of that, he could still feel the dulling sensation of his ass and his insides pulsing from the little events that occurred early on. Hoseok groaned in pain, now sitting up and slowly leaning his body forward just so he could drop his head down. Sweat continued to drip from down his face, staining his jumpsuit which he would need to get cleaned.

Now through with ‘working out’, he rose up from the bench press and stretched his arms and hands up to the sky, popping his tired, worn bones. Though, he could smell the sweat that was coming off his body, it made his nose twitch in disgust.

“Ugh, I need a shower…” He mumbled under his breath. His empty stomach rumbled, cancelling that idea.

His lips curved into an upset pout as he looked around the yard before sighing in exasperation. He needed to eat since he hadn’t been able to.

Unconsciously, Hoseok rubbed his neck and swallowed dryly. He could still sort of feel that throbbing feeling that Jungkook left in his throat alongside Jimin’s. Suddenly, he shook his head as if in an attempt to get the thoughts that he currently had going on inside of his mind out of it. He started limp his way from the bench and towards the door that would lead to the cafeteria.

“I hope what they have today is good… I’m really hungry.” Hoseok mumbled to himself, biting back a slight hiss of pain. His limp ached more now that his body was finally moving again and feeling everything that had been rained upon it. He reached for the doorknob and pulled open the door, biting his bottom lip as he felt the cool air coming from inside whoosh on out and hit him in the face.

Holding the door, he stepped inside and closed the door behind him before going along his way to the mess hall, where he surprisingly couldn’t wait to eat whatever was to be served today. As he couldn’t eat breakfast so lunch was now his top priority.

Along Hoseok’s way to the mess hall, he stumbled upon someone sitting on the ground, leaning up against the wall. He looked like he was in pain.

Now Hoseok knew in his head that he shouldn’t trying fucking with anyone else in this prison but his heart was telling him otherwise. So going with his heart’s will, he limped his way over to the dark brunet who looked completely out of it. Swallowing down his shyness, Hoseok spoke, “H-Hey, a-are you okay?”

The male didn’t respond at first, though he slowly raised his head up and looked at Hoseok before letting out a breathless chuckle, “I’m fine.”

Hoseok blinked a few times before looking the guy’s body up and down, seeing a few tattoos on his exposed arms and a few bruises along his neck area— all of them a bit dark-red. Almost automatically, Hoseok’s mind came to the conclusion that the guy was in a similar situation like him, though he appeared a bit tougher and stronger than Hoseok was when it came to it.

“L-Listen, uh, a-are you sure? You-You look-”

“I said I’m fine. Fuck off, peach.”The man harshly replied, his voice almost scalding and filled with pure annoyance. Hoseok almost shrunk away because of how sharp those words were and he couldn’t help but feel a bit hurt inside. He tried to be nice but instead he got an earful of disrespect thrown back at him. Hell, he and the guy were on the same boat (probably) so they should be understanding of each other’s situation.

Ignoring the hurt that Hoseok had felt from the man’s burning words, he nodded his head before replying a squeaky “A-Alright then…”

With that, Hoseok turned away and winced as he shuffled along, his body aching a bit more than it did before. Maybe his brain was right— he shouldn’t try fucking with anyone in this prison, even if they looked like they needed assistance. They would probably treat him the exact same way as that guy did.

Now he was on his way back to the mess hall, pushing that survival deep in his brain. He shoved one hand into his pocket and wiped away some sweat that still remained on his forehead as he approached the door of the mess hell.

Surprisingly, there weren’t that many people inside of it, only a sparse handful. Considering that the last few past lunches he had, it was usually packed, it was odd. Honestly, Hoseok couldn’t say anything more on this somewhat strange phenomenon because he only been here for a couple of days. Maybe times like this would get more stranger to over the next 11 months.

Grabbing a tray, Hoseok walked off into the serving area and got his food which was bibimbap, honey butter chips and a bottle of flavored water. Once Hoseok got out of the serving area with his tray of food, he made his way over to the table that was closest to the door so that he could leave out in a hurry in the case that anything happens. Now in his seat, he pulled apart his chopsticks and began to dive into the bowl of bibimbap, no longer giving a damn about anything else at that given moment or time besides his food.

But as it is said, happiness doesn’t last forever.

“Oh,there you are.”

Hoseok had his chopsticks halfway in his mouth and his cheeks were already full of food. He went still as if he was an animal in the wild and a predator had spotted him. Hoseok balled his free hand up into a fist as he heard the sound of footsteps approaching him.

“We knew you’d come in here sooner or later.”Seokjin said, smirking as he stood in front of the table, head tilted and his hands shoved into his pockets. Beside him was Yoongi who had a toothpick sticking out of the corner of his mouth. His eyes had soon drifted onto Hoseok who had finally pulled the chopsticks out of his mouth and swallowed his food down in one large gulp, slightly burning the back of his throat.

At this moment, Hoseok felt a surge of annoyance shoot up through his body. It had been at least four times today that he couldn’t escape any of the members’ grasp and he took those four times with a bit of weak compliant and full compliance but at this moment, he really wasn’t about to have it.

Without thought, Hoseok spoke, “Can I be left alone for a mere two to three fucking seconds without being hounded and hunted down like some piece of walking meat?”

That’s when it seem to have all grown silent in that one area. Yoongi and Seokjin were both looking at him with wide eyes and somewhat shocked facial expressions. Hoseok, however, was looking at them both with a scowl on his face and his lips were turned up into a triangle. He was clutching his chopsticks tightly in the hand that he held them in and was starting to grow a bit red in face.

“What did you just say?”Seokjin then suddenly asked, his voice strangely calm. Hoseok was a bit frightened by this because Seokjin was the one who appeared as if he could snap him in two without second thought and throw him in the trash can without breaking a goddamn sweat.

But Hoseok couldn’t seem to control his sudden loose tongue as he frowned up even more and said in a unfazed tone, “I said can I be left alone without being hunted down some fucking piece of walking meat? Did your mother teach you how to be patient and wait for all good things? Oh wait, I don’t think she did because look at how much a fucking embarrassment you are. You’re here in this fucking cage...being a big bad wannabe tough guy,”Hoseok then suddenly stood up, slamming his chopsticks onto his tray before putting his hands flat on the table, his eyes seeming to have grow a bit dark the more he spoke. His blood was rushing through his veins and his heart was pounding hard in his chest.“Chasing after me, the new guy who just came in here on unfortunate circumstances like some horny little dog. How about you keep your dick in your fucking pants for a few minutes and be a good dog and wait, huh?”

And like that, Hoseok could already predict the amount of pain and hurt that he was gonna receive from the pink-haired male who was looking at him as if he was about to break every single bone in his tiny ass body.

Yoongi on the other hand, was hiding his mouth and turning away, chuckling softly to himself. This was surprisingly the first time that he’d ever seen a prison bitch like Hoseok, fire back at their owner. He couldn’t help but laugh at such a thing since it was a rare event.

“Why you little bitch…”Seokjin gritted out, hands on the table and his body was ready to full on lunge across the table at Hoseok and beat the shit out of him.

Hoseok then felt the wave of confidence immediately fade away as his face got bright red in fear and he almost seemed to have shrunk down into himself as he step back some and got up against the wall but then he saw as Yoongi grabbed a hold of Seokjin’s arm and said with a laugh, “Now, now hyung... It’s clear the bitch is just cranky from haven’t eaten anything all day.”

Seokjin clenched his fists as he glared at Hoseok with almost flames in his eyes before glanced over to the grey haired male who had a grip on his arm. He was silent for a moment before looking at Hoseok then back to Yoongi, finally letting a frustrated huff, “Yoongi just saved your fucking ass for now, peach…”

Hoseok was shaking like mad hell as he watched Yoongi lead Seokjin away from the table and towards the door. When Seokjin stepped out first, Yoongi spoke with a smirk on his lips, “Don’t take what I just did for you as a excuse for us not fucking you, princess...just brace yourself for what comes later.”

With those words, Yoongi had left the mess hall and Hoseok was left all alone at that very table, his eyes looking around at the room to see the very few prisoners looking at him with a bit of shock in their face.

‘Fuck…’Hoseok said in his head as he shuffled back over to his seat and sat back down, hiding his face before returning back to eating his bibimbap. But as he continued to eat, he saw out of the corner of his eye the rude brown-haired male that he tried to help early walk into the room. He still looked as if he was in pain but he didn’t seem to really show much emotion.

Hoseok was quick to turn away but nethertheless, he could feel the male’s eyes and attention on him. Slowly, Hoseok turned his head back over to the direction of the male and saw that he turned his head away and just made his way down the aisle and over to the tray area, grabbing a tray and heading on in.

After Hoseok finished eating his bowl of bibimbap, he took the bag of honey butter chips and stashed them into his pocket and grabbed the flavoured water and stood up from his seat. He cleared his tray off and put it back where it belonged before heading on out of the mess hall.

But in the back of Hoseok’s head, he knew that he had a storm coming for him especially from Seokjin, the very one who he was somewhat hell of afraid of at the very moment. Hoseok didn’t know what got into him that moment he suddenly decided that it would be a good idea to tell him off in particular. And whatever it was, it was sure as hell brave, something Hoseok wished that he was at the very beginning.

However, for right now, Hoseok needed to just go on about his business and find the laundry room so he would know where to go to wash his clothes. Hopefully...he wouldn’t be bothered there.

Chapter Text

Hoseok occasionally looked over his shoulder as he walked through the prison hallway, bypassing a few prisoners and a guard. He was quite sure that he was going around in a circle because he had been walking around for a good 20 to 25 minutes without making any progress towards the laundry room that he had no idea on where it was located.

Though it took a bit of convincing himself that his first encounter didn’t mean shit and that he should ask for help in order to get him to ask some guy for some help. He finally asked a walking inmate where the laundry room was and he told him exactly where to go without a bit of rudeness. Hoseok smiled and said with happiness in his voice, “Thank you so much.”

The man replied, “It was no problem. See ya.” And left without another word being spared. Hoseok, now informed on where to go, took a left down the next hallway and a right to the other where he saw someone pushing a laundry cart full of white towels. He was going down the right path.

Lightly jogging down the hallway, Hoseok turned to his right and saw people folding up clothes and towels. They were inmates wearing gloves. Swallowing down his nervousness, he cleared his throat as he walked towards into the laundry room where the inmates then turned their attention to him.

“U-Uh, h-hi, uh…”

“You lost, kid?”One of them said, appearing to be much older-looking than Hoseok had expected.

“U-Uh no uh, I-I j-just came in here to ask if I could get something n-new to wear in exchange of this…”Hoseok stammered out,looking down and lightly pulling on his spotted and already worn-out jumpsuit before looking back up at them.

One of the inmates snorted and sighed, “Already tired of that classic uniform, huh?”

Hoseok nodded wordlessly and the blonde haired inmate ended up chuckling before moving away from his spot and heading over to a folded stack of clothes.

The other inmates looked at him before looking over to Hoseok. The older one spoke, “Listen, you can go over there and pick you out one or two. We understand and know how you feel. You can drop off your old one later on.”

Hoseok’s heart almost fluttered from the way they were being so nice to him but to not show that growing happiness that was threatening to burst out of him, he simply smiled and said, “Thank you.”

He made his way over to the stack and began to somewhat flip through them, passing up on the jumpsuits before seeing only a pair of long orange pants and a pair of orange shorts. His face turned a bit red before he looked over to the blonde haired male who then pointed to the shirts and boxers that were folded up beside them.

Hoseok was of course quick to grab a white tee which would cover and hide his marked up chest and a new pair of boxer shorts. He was quick to grab the two pairs of pants and smile at the inmates, “Thank you s-so much. I promise I’ll bring my j-jumpsuit by when I can.”

“Ah, it’s nothing, kid.”The older one said and that’s when Hoseok nervously bowed his head before dipping out of the laundry room with his newfound clothes that he had full intention of wearing since he was so sick of the jumpsuit that was wearing. Though he still had a limp, he beared with the pain and walked along, now eager to go take his shower and head to dinner.

Once he was back to where his cell was, he walked back into it, the door closing behind him. Sitting down on his bed, placing his new clothes down beside him, Hoseok began to undo his jumpsuit and take off his slippers. After getting out of his clothes and wrapping up in his towel, slipping his shower slippers on. This time however, he was going to leave his clothes in his cell and just put them on when he got back into it.

Hoseok then grabbed his soap and sat back down on his bed, his eyes looking looking down at the floor as he tilted his head - his mind beginning to calculating on how he was going to go about showering this time. Considering his options, after the first round of him showering, he was really considering showering with the other males because it would be somewhat more unlikely that he would get bent over again but then he remembered that this was prison and it was most likely that he would get bent over in the showers again if he were to shower with the other men.

‘Guess I’m showering alone again…’He thought in his head, swallowing his spit at the thought of showering alone again. He honestly stood a better chance showering with the other guys but the thought of being bent over and fucked again in the showers was not at all appealing. Besides that, after going off on Seokjin, he was on high alert and extremely afraid of the consequences that he was going to be forced to have to deal with.

That’s when Hoseok heard the familiar shout of the warden saying, “Shower time!” along with the sound of his cell being reopened again.

And at the moment, Hoseok felt more fearful and afraid than ever before. What if Seokjin and Yoongi catch him in the showers again and do something worse out of anger from earlier? What if Seokjin decides that Hoseok’s life wasn’t worth anything and take him out of his forlorn misery?

The questions that Hoseok had weren’t going to get an answer anytime soon. He would just have build up some more of the confidence and bravery he had earlier and just pray that he didn’t get killed on his way to go shower.

Standing up from his bed, Hoseok took a deep breath and slowly exhaled before grabbing his soap and making his way on out of his cell, following alongside the other inmates who too were going to shower.

Maybe this time he would actually catch a break.

Chapter Text

When Hoseok made it to the showers, the first thing he took into consideration was his previous plan on whether or not he should shower with the other guys or wait patiently until all of them left.

He went with the latter which was to wait until all the guys showered and left. When he saw that all the guys had gone into the shower, he went into the little hiding spot he found on his first day of being in prison. He balled up his bottom lip and puffed out his cheeks.

In the next few minutes, he could hear the sound of water running and chattering coming from it.

After waiting for almost an hour, Hoseok watched as the men came out of the showers, one by one until the very last man came out of there. After he saw the last man come out, he quickly ran from out of his spot and peered into the shower only to see nothing but steam. Taking a deep breath, Hoseok came from behind the corner and stepped into the shower room, his eyes peering through the steam.

Now inside of the showers, he decided that he would shower at the one that was nearest to the end since being somewhat closest to the door didn’t seem to do him jackshit and only resulted in his losing his virginity and his butt’s ability to feel. He walked down the pathway, occasionally fanning away the steam. Once he approached the showering spot, he took off his towel and placed it on the nearby towel holder and then reached for the tap and turned on the hot water.

Almost instantly, the water came pouring down hot onto his achy and rather exhausted body. With his soap in hand, he began to lather it up and spread the lather onto his skin. His hair was soaked and sticking to his head as if it was being held down by glue but that didn’t seem to bother him, now lifting his head up and letting the hot spray of the water bare down on his face and seemingly wash away all the dirt, sweat, and disgust that lingered on his skin.

Though, when it came down to washing his intimate area, he was rather cautious with doing so, using his lathered hand to carefully and rather gently clean his cock and balls and was hella carefully when he decided to clean his ass which was still strangely sore from the inside.

When he got down cleaning in that area, he began to rinse himself off, putting his soap down in the little soap holder that was sticking out of the wall near the towel holder. He ran a hand through his hair and just stood there, letting the hot water run over his body; washing away any excess lather. Once he was done, he reached forward and turned the water off, now having successfully taken his shower without interruption surprisingly.

After drying himself off, Hoseok wrapped his towel around his slim waist and then reached for his soap before moving away from in front of the shower and heading back down the pathway which leads out of it.

But before he could round the corner, he was stopped in his tracks by both two people whom he’d been hoping to avoid for the rest of the evening.

“Why the surprised look, peach? You thought we’d forget?”

Hoseok could feel his face losing color as he looked up at Seokjin who tilted his head slightly to the side, his piercing brown eyes looking down at Hoseok whose legs were starting to quiver. He swallowed thickly as he looked over to Yoongi who still had a toothpick sticking out the corner of his mouth. He snorted before looking over to Seokjin then back to him, “You really thought we would forget about what happened earlier?”

Hoseok bit his bottom lip; he was calculating and quietly evaluating what little options he had. He could attempt to run away but that would just make what’s coming to him hurt worse when finally caught. He could try and scream for help but after hearing about the gang’s background and connections with the wardens, would help even come?

His heart started to race as he slowly took a step back and clutched his towel with his free hand. Would he really stand much of chance trying to fight back against them?

No. No, he wouldn’t. There was only one of him and two of them. They would destroy him where he fucking stood.

But before Hoseok could really do anything, Seokjin was quick to grab a hold of him and pull him up against his chest - making the poor peach-haired cry out as Seokjin put an iron grip on him, making his squirming attempts to get away more tiring and absolutely useless.

“C’mon, peach….let’s go have some fun, yeah?”Seokjin muttered, chuckling deviously as he held Hoseok in his broad, strong arms. He looked over to Yoongi who smirked at him, showing some of his gummy teeth before pulling out the toothpick and beginning to walk away, Seokjin following behind with a crying Hoseok in his arms.

When they were finally at the secluded location in which Hoseok had zero ideas about, Seokjin was quick to pin Hoseok down on the single cot that was in the room, ripping away his towel from his body and tossing it away somewhere in the room.

Yoongi had closed the door behind him, locking it before turning back and watching the scene unfold before his very eyes. He slipped his toothpick back in his mouth as he watched Seokjin flip Hoseok onto his back, forcing him to look up at him.

“It seems to me you’ve forgotten the rules and how to obey them…”Seokjin murmured, smirking as he dragged his slim fingers along Hoseok’s cheek, watching as the peach-haired male nearly flinched away, tears escaping from his eyes. He then brought his hand down towards Hoseok’s neck, wrapping it around it.

Hoseok was quick to bring one hand up and wrap it around the pink-haired male’s wrist in an attempt to stop him from choking him but with the heavy contrast in strength, his attempt proved to be futile.

Seokjin chuckled and began to apply pressure to the points on Hoseok’s neck, making him nearly choke on his spit, his pupils shrinking as his mouth opened up in a gasp. Spit dripped and ooze down the corners of Hoseok’s mouth as he looked up at the older.

“I-I’m s-sorry-”Hoseok stammered out but Jin was quick to cut him off, “Sorry ain’t gonna cut it for that little outburst, love .”

That’s when Seokjin used his thigh to part Hoseok’s legs even though Hoseok attempted to resist but failed miserably. He continued to grip and hold onto Seokjin’s wrist but that’s when he could see the older starting to undo his pants, immediately sending waves of fear throughout his shaking body.

It would be minutes later that Seokjin would be inside of Hoseok, his cock stretching him back out once again and making that once-dulling pain come back even stronger. Hoseok automatically clenched around him which led to Seokjin groaning in delight before he pushed more and more of his cock inside to a point Hoseok was having that illusion that Seokjin could end up in his stomach.

Though finally, He stopped once he was finally all the way inside of him, leaning down to Hoseok’s ear and whispering, “I’ll make you regret every word and everything that you’ve said to me today…”

Hoseok suddenly felt him pull his hips back only to slam directly inside of him, knocking what little air that he had in his lungs out of them. Seokjin repeated the process to the point he started to build up a pace that sent loud cries and screams flying out of Hoseok’s mouth. Hoseok began to dig his nails into Seokjin’s wrist, his body arching up into the older’s touch as if it had a mind of its own.

“Look at you, you’re so fucking pathetic,” Seokjin spat, applying more pressure on Hoseok’s neck as the younger continued to whimper and sob, his cheeks stained with tears. His face was flushed red and his eyes were being to look unfocused - he was already a mess and his punishment hadn’t really gotten started.

“If only you could see yourself, you could see how much of a whore you fucking are for cock…”Seokjin murmured and Hoseok gurgled incoherently in response, drool escaping down the corners of his mouth and his eyes were threatening to roll upward due to the feeling of Jin’s cock hitting his prostate over and over again without pause.

Seokjin smirked before finally moving his hand away from Hoseok’s neck, causing the younger to let go of his wrist. He placed both of his hands on Hoseok’s hips, gripping them tight before he started to move Hoseok’s body with the pace and speed of his thrusts. Hoseok could only grip the sheets and beg for Seokjin to slow down because of Seokjin kept fucking him this way...he would for sure lose his goddamn mind.

Though as this went on, Yoongi watched quietly, his own cock throbbing and aching to be enveloped in the slut’s ass. But fortunately for him, he knew how to be patient and wait unlike the other six, well, except Namjoon. He was a patient soul - something that a person of his background needed when it came down to performing the heinous acts that got him locked up.

His eyes soon drifted onto Hoseok’s face, seeing how they were unfocused and struggling to keep from rolling upward. His mouth was open and letting out unheard pleas that only led to him moaning and screaming as Seokjin fucked him relentlessly.

“P-Please, I-I’m sorry. I-I’m ssssorryy… ”Hoseok slurred out, his tongue now starting to slip out of his mouth as he looked up at Seokjin who only snorted and looked at him as if he had just said the most stupidest thing he had ever heard. That’s when Seokjin paused his movements, catching Hoseok completely off-guard and forcing his arched body to collapse on the mattress.

Seokjin’s cock suddenly slipped out of Hoseok’s ass, leaving the poor man empty and somewhat gaping. However, he wouldn’t leave him empty for long because as soon as his cock was out, he lifted Hoseok’s lower body up, forcing Hoseok to crane his neck up at Seokjin who now had him elevated and forced to look up at him. Hoseok, eyes now starting to burn with more tears, bubbled out tearfully, “P-Please….not t-this way...I c-can’t-”

But then Seokjin glared down at Hoseok and said with irritation in his voice, “Shut your fucking mouth. I’ll fuck you any way I fucking want to. Your body belongs to us and we’ll do whatever the fuck we want to it. Understand?”

Hoseok’s heart throbbed painfully in his chest due to those words because...he knew that they were true. That he really had no control over this situation and that whatever he said wouldn’t mean absolute shit to these guys because it was pretty much confirmed that moment they ganged up on him in the showers to the point where they explained and labeled him as their little “prison bitch”.

He truly had no power in here at all…

That’s when Hoseok blinked away the tears that had formed in his eyes and bit out painfully, “Y-Yes s-sir.”

That’s when Seokjin smirked, glancing over to Yoongi who to had a smirk spreading across his face as he watched as Seokjin then slid himself back inside of Hoseok and took his time to steady himself before building up and pace that was knocking moans and cries out of Hoseok’s drooly mouth. Eventually, he was starting to show signs of once again crumbling under the pleasure that was starting to swarm and wash over his mind like a stormy sea.

He moaned pathetically as his fingers dug deeply into the sheets and his breathless, desperate words for Seokjin to go faster had got louder. Seokjin leaned down, now having lowered Hoseok down some while he used one hand to grip to Hoseok’s hip and the other to somewhat caress that sweaty, flustered face of his.

“Faster...please...I w-want m-more…”Hoseok suddenly whined, desperation dripping in his voice. Seokjin chuckled, now his anger having somewhat dissipated as he looked into those teary doe eyes the pretty little peach-haired boy had. “Heh, don’t worry love, Me and Yoongi will give you all you want…”

And with that being said, he glanced over to Yoongi who was already starting to undo his orange prison-issued pants. Once Yoongi had got his pants undone, he pulled them down along with his boxers before stepping out of them and walking over to the bed. He crawled onto the bed and got along the other side of Hoseok, smirking as he looked down at the wrecked boy’s face.

Hoseok was practically drooling all over himself now, his eyes struggling to find a place to focus on. His face was flushed red, almost resembling a tomato. He looked so perverse and filthy…sinful at that.

Yoongi reached his hand down and caressed Hoseok’s wet chin, tilting his head towards him. He chuckled softly as he watched the boy’s eyes finally focus on him, those bright doe eyes glazed over from pleasure.

“Such a messy slut. You’re drooling all over yourself…”Yoongi said before moving his hand to Hoseok’s hair, his other hand gripping his harden cock. Once Hoseok’s lips were close enough, he pressed the tip of his cock up against his lips. Almost instantly, Hoseok opened his mouth, taking it in inch by inch until finally, Hoseok was at down to the base of it. Yoongi threw his head back and let out a groan, his grip on Hoseok’s hair growing a bit tighter before he began to fuck his throat, making him nearly choke each time.

However, with that happening, Hoseok had almost forgotten that Seokjin was still inside of him but he would quickly remember because almost immediately the older started back up his thrusting and starting to fuck him a bit rougher and harder than before, leaving him to moan and cry pathetically around Yoongi’s cock. He clenched the sheets tightly in his fists as tears escaped from his face, now looking up at Yoongi who was looking down at with a sort of perverted awe.

“You look so good with a cock in between your lips..”Yoongi cooed, dragging his fingers through Hoseok’s hair. Hoseok’s eyes almost rolled at the surprisingly soothing feeling of Yoongi’s fingers in his hair. Though he was quick to be snapped out of it and his attention would be focused back down on Yoongi’s cock which was making his jaws ache from them having to be stretched open for so long.

“Ah fuck….I-I’m gonna-”Seokjin suddenly groaned out, his thrusting starting to become erratic which made Hoseok claw the sheets even harder and clench his eyes shut because the older was hitting his prostate relentless - driving him closer to cumming. After a few more thrusts, Seokjin finally slammed inside of him and released his load, making Hoseok’s eyes widen as he felt the older’s cum filling him up.

And soon after Seokjin came, he pulled his cock out of Hoseok’s ass - his cum flowing out onto the sheets underneath Hoseok. That’s when Yoongi pulled Hoseok’s mouth off his cock, spit dripping off it. Hoseok panted heavily, air rushing into his lungs as he rolled his head away from it. Yoongi snorted before looking over to Seokjin who had moved away from in between Hoseok’s legs and said with a cheeky smile, “He’s all yours now, Yoongi.”

Hoseok swallowed thickly, eyes looking up at Yoongi who looked down at him, his pierced tongue dragging along his bottom lip in a perverted manner.

Chapter Text

Somewhere in the prison….

Namjoon was sitting at a table, cigarette in between his fingers. Currently, he was waiting for someone who had something that he had smuggled into the prison. Of course, through special connections. After taking a puff from the cigarette, he tapped it along the edge of the ashtray before finally putting it out in the middle of it.

He honestly hoped that the package made it here beyond the gates in perfect condition and order because what it had inside was something that he decided to get for their new little peach-haired pet. He would’ve made it himself if not for the fact he couldn’t be trusted with anything sharp.

“Special package for a one Kim Namjoon.”

Lifting his head up to the familiar voice, he turned around and standing before him was a familiar inmate he had a close friendship with. Smiling, he shook his head, “Jackson.”

Jackson chuckled before handing over the small unmarked package to Namjoon who accepted it and placed it down on the table before reaching his hand out. Jackson then proceeded to do their little handshake before speaking, “Namjoon. It’s been awhile.”

“Well, it’s not my fault that you haven’t decided to have another little ‘meeting’ with us again, ”Namjoon replied, watching as the black-haired male took a seat beside him on the table’s bench. “Okay, perhaps you’re right.”

“I know I’m right. Now anyway, thank you for getting the package for me.”

“Hey, it’s no sweat. Anything for a good friend like you.”Jackson replied, smiling as Namjoon snorted and chuckled.

He and Namjoon had a bit of an unfortunate but yet good history. Jackson has been a close pal of his when they weren’t behind bars and by unfortunate coincidence, they ended up in the same prison though Jackson was put in jail for being part of a major bank heist which resulted in two bank guards losing their lives to his .45 revolver. Jackson ended up being sentenced to 6 to 7 years in prison for murder and robbery. He is currently on his second year.

But since then, he and Namjoon rekindled their old friendship and have been helping each other in the cases of illegal smuggling and among other things.

“So what’s in the box?”Jackson questioned, pulling out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and lightly tapping the box in his hand - sliding one out of it and putting it to his lips.

Namjoon looked over at Jackson with a slightly suggestive look on his face before looking back at the package, “Just a little something for somebody…”

“And let me guess, that something is for that new ‘somebody’ who came in the other day. That peach boy…”

Namjoon was quiet for a moment before he spoke, “ is.”

Jackson was mid-way from lighting his cigarette when he heard Namjoon’s response, making him flip his lighter back down, his eyes widen as he looked over to Namjoon who looked over at him. “ did it, didn’t you?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about…”Namjoon lied, looking off to the side - a smirk forming on his face. That’s when he heard Jackson gasp in shock, “You really turned the new guy into your bitch…”

“I did not-”

“Stop lying, Joon. I know you too well.”Jackson said, cutting Namjoon off before he could finish his sentence. Namjoon couldn’t help but shake his head and let out a soft sigh of defeat before finally saying, “Fine. I did, but to clarify, it was a group effort.”

“Don’t tell me you got him the moment he took a shower. Like that’s done in the movies, Joon-”

“And what if we did?”

Jackson put his still unlit cigarette down on the table behind him before putting his hand on his face and slowly dragging it down in honest disappointment. He knew Namjoon could’ve done a lot better than that. Hell, at least that was what he told himself. After a moment of being disappointed, he finally looked over at Namjoon, sparing him a glance. “I’m gonna let this one slide because I know you can honestly do better than that. I bet you probably made him afraid to shower with everyone else.”

“He still showers. He’s not that damn frightened now.”

Jackson would’ve rolled his eyes if not for the fact that he no longer wanted to waste any more energy on such a thing. He finally stood up from the table, turning around to look at Namjoon. “Well, I gotta go now. Got some business to attend to. I hope you’re taking care of him afterward because, from the looks of it, he looks like he’ll break real easy over time, especially if he has six guys on his ass constantly.”Jackson explained, taking his cigarette away from the table. Namjoon looked off to the side before biting his lip in sudden realization.

Jackson was right about that...Hoseok could probably only take so much until his body started to show signs of wearing down…

“See ya later, Joon.”Jackson then said, throwing up the peace sign before leaving the blonde-haired male to ponder amongst his thoughts, Namjoon, of course, saying a quick goodbye before turning back around to face the table, his eyes now focusing themselves on the small unmarked package.

It took a while of consideration but Namjoon had his mindset. He should’ve of course had that as a first - seeing as though the little peach would, of course, need constant care since there was only one of him and six of them.

So it was decided.

Namjoon stood up from the table, picking up the small package in the process before walking away, one hand in his pocket while the other was holding onto the package. First, he would need to go find the little peach and he was quite sure he was with the hyungs. He just had to be after what he heard went down in the lunchroom. He honestly hoped they didn’t go too hard on him...

“We should’ve had a blanket put here or something...that sheet isn’t worth shit…”

Currently, Yoongi and Seokjin were looking at Hoseok who was now curled up on the bed, wrapped up in a thin white sheet, fast asleep. After Yoongi had his turn with him, they decided that it was enough for him today and that they should let him rest since of course, he was starting to show signs of fatigue and exhaustion.

Seokjin rolled his eyes and sighed, “Well you can blame the last one for the lack of a blanket. The little fucker took it when he left, remember?”

“Aw shit…”Yoongi cursed, now remembering the memories of the last bitch they had who had got out on good behavior.

He wasn’t shocked or surprised when he did leave because it was expectant of people like him in this prison to get out on good behavior or probation. Though, he, unfortunately, couldn’t say the same for himself in terms of getting out of here. Hell, he’d be grateful as fuck if the judge ever considers his appeal for probation.

But currently, right now, the issue that he was more concerned about was the fact that their little peach was only being covered by a thin ass sheet and not a blanket and he’d rather him be curled up in a warm blanket than that.

“You know Yoons, it wouldn’t hurt to-”

“If you’re suggesting what I think you’re suggesting, hyung…”

That’s when Seokjin snorted and nodded his head, “Yes. I’m suggesting that. Look, I may have wanted to choke the little bitch out and make him cry while he was on my cock for being a brat but I’m not that damn heartless and neither are you. Besides that, the bed is big enough for us all.”

Yoongi was silent for that moment, still looking towards the bed before taking a breath and letting it out, “Fine hyung…”

Seokjin grinned, “Now that we agreed, you’ll have to go first you know...since you’re short.”

Yoongi furrowed his brows in annoyance before looking over at the tall pink haired male, “You know, just because I’m a bit leveled when it comes to height, that doesn’t mean I won’t and can’t kick your ass throughout this whole goddamn prison.”

Though his threat didn’t seem to be taken seriously by the older who only snorted in response, “Yeah, yeah. Now hurry up. Our little peach is getting cold.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes before walking forward and taking his tennis shoes off only to get on the bed and slid up underneath the thin cover, immediately pressing himself up against Hoseok’s back and wrapping his tattooed arms around his waist. Hoseok shivered only a little bit before stopping and continuing to sleep rather peacefully, occasionally letting out a little whimper in his sleep. Following behind Yoongi spooning him, Seokjin proceeded to do the same thing Yoongi did and take off his shoes and climb in right behind Yoongi who then let out a little angry grunt, “Hyung…”

However, Seokjin ignored the silver-haired man and proceeded to wrap his much longer arms around them both. Yoongi let out a little irritated sigh, “Goddamn you hyung-”

“Be quiet,’re gonna wake him.”Seokjin whispered, now closing his eyes and snuggling himself up closer to the silver-haired male who let out a bitter sigh of defeat, giving up on bantering with him.

And it wouldn’t be long before he ended up falling asleep with Hoseok in arms and Seokjin fast asleep behind him. But it wouldn’t be long before he would be woken out of it due to a knock on the door. Annoyed, Yoongi roughly elbowed Seokjin’s chest, making the older jolt awake. Hoseok was however still fast asleep, his body having even curled up into Yoongi’s and his hand was resting on his arm.

“Agh, Yoongi you piece of shit...why did you do-”

“Someone’s knocking at the door hyung."Yoongi replied, cutting Seokjin off mid-sentence. Of course, Seokjin had unwrapped himself away from the two of them and immediately got out of the bed and stood to his feet. “Who is it?”He questioned and it took a minute or so before he got a response from the person on the other side of the door.

“It's me hyung, Namjoon.”

Seokjin yawned, stretching his arms up before saying, “Ah, give me a minute…” After stretching his muscles out, he slipped his tennis shoes back on and made his way towards the door, unlocking it and opening up to reveal the tall blonde-haired male who was standing there with a little package in his hand. Seokjin chuckled, “Namjoonie...I see you found us.”

“You guys weren’t too hard to find, hyung. Besides that, we used this room a it wasn’t really so hard at figuring out where you would be.”Namjoon replied, chuckling as he looked over Seokjin’s shoulder and looked towards the bed where Hoseok and Yoongi were laying. Yoongi was still spooning Hoseok who appeared to be sleeping.

“I see.”Seokjin said and Namjoon cracked a smile at the sight behind the older, “Anyway...I hope you weren’t too rough on him, hyung.”

“Oh of course not, Joon-ah...Though we did teach him a little lesson but other than that, he did pretty well...though I think we should let him rest for a bit because he has had a wild day.”

Namjoon let out a breath as he nodded his head, “I agree...though I have something I need to do with him...that is if you don’t mind me taking him with me, hyung.”

Seokjin made a thinking face before looking over his shoulder over to Yoongi who seemed to be protectively wrapped around Hoseok who occasionally let out an incoherent sleepy mumble. He turned back around to Namjoon and shrugged, “As long as you promise not to do anything sexual with him...for the next few hours because he needs his rest. And I know that you haven’t had your turn with him-”

“Pft, I’m not gonna do anything sexual with him while he’s like that. Besides that, I have something else planned and no, it doesn’t involve sex. That’ll be taken care of later, hyung.”Namjoon interrupted, chuckling as he walked past the pink-haired older who watched as Namjoon approached the bed and shook Yoongi’s shoulder and began to try and wake him up.

Seokjin watched quietly as Yoongi got up from the bed and let Namjoon handle the rest of what he had to do. Once Namjoon woke Hoseok up, he helped him get dressed and then proceeded to pick up bridal style, seeing as though Hoseok was still too tired and exhausted to do anything physical like walking.

Now with Hoseok in his arms and the little package secured underneath him, he turned heel and headed for the door, peeking back at Yoongi and Seokjin who were both looking at him in interest.

Namjoon turned back around and headed on out of the door, without a word and headed down the hall, Hoseok once again fast asleep only this time in his arms. And now that he had Hoseok, the first thing that was he going to do was take him to a little room he knew of that as within the prison. There, he could do what he should’ve been thinking about in the beginning, the moment after they explained to him what would be happening to him while he would be in here.

Chapter Text

When Hoseok finally woke up, he found himself laying in another bed; covered with a thick blanket, unlike the thin little sheet he was underneath earlier. Groggily, he looked around the room only to see a familiar blonde-haired male standing over a sink. Hoseok felt his heart skip a beat, now slowly sitting up from the mattress as he watched Namjoon soaking what had to be a washrag in water.

Namjoon lifted his head up and glanced over his shoulder at Hoseok, turning around with the washrag in hand, “You’re awake.”

Hoseok swallowed thickly before looking down into his lap. He closed his ass and let out a little hiss of pain, now feeling the soreness from what had happened with earlier. He could only imagine how much pain he was going to be in the moment he tries to stand up or walk. Though, as he thought about it, he heard Namjoon let out a sigh, making him look back over to him. He watched as Namjoon walked over to him still holding the rag in his hand.

Namjoon took a seat on the edge of the bed, his eyes now focused on Hoseok’s face that seemed to look at him both curiously and worried. He could only snort at such a facial expression. “Don’t worry... I’m not gonna have my way with you...for now. You’ve been through a lot today so I’m not gonna add on to it.”

Hoseok was shocked to hear those words come out of the leader of the gang’s mouth. He’d expected him to say something totally different and quite worrisome but instead...he sounded considerate and strangely... calm. It was almost to good to be true, at least to Hoseok as of this moment since he’d been fucked six times in a row and barely managed to get away with having a break from it all. In fact, he was honestly shocked that he was still conscious and not knocked out somewhere because of how worn out he was.

But to be cautious, Hoseok went on to question him, “How do I know you’re not trying to make me take my guard down? You know I can’t trust words like that coming from someone like you automatically…”Hoseok stated, his face now looking serious and concerned. Of course, Namjoon chuckled in response which only raised Hoseok’s suspiciousness even more.

“If I had wanted to take your guard down, I would’ve already had you bent over this bed and would’ve done you dirtier than the hyungs did.”Namjoon said, smirking as he watched Hoseok’s eyes widen in response to his answer. Namjoon turned his attention back down towards the wash towel he had in his hand, “But I don’t wanna do that too, at least until you’re well. For now, I’m gonna do something that I should’ve done with you in the beginning.”

“And that is?”

Namjoon stood up and turned around, facing the bed as he looked Hoseok’s covered body up and down, “I’m gonna take care of you.”

And at that moment, it felt like a record had been scratched in Hoseok’s head. Take care of him? What-

“If you don’t know what I mean by I’m going to take care of you, I mean aftercare. And if you don’t know what that means, I’ll be genuinely surprised.”

Hoseok’s face then got flushed red before stammering out quickly, “O-Of course I know what aftercare means! I did have the internet and a laptop when I was free y-y’know…”

Namjoon couldn’t help but grin and lean down, using his free hand to gently hold Hoseok’s head up, “Yeah, yeah. Now hold still and let me wash your face first. After I wash your face, I’m gonna check you down below. Hopefully, Yoongi-hyung and Seokjin-hyung weren’t too rough with you out of anger. And by the way, I heard about what you did in the mess-hall…”

Hoseok bit his bottom lip as he looked up at Namjoon who was looking at him with a raised eyebrow. Hoseok could only fathom what Namjoon was going to do to him after hearing about him talking back to his superiors though, he didn’t really seem to care because he knew that he said what had to be said.

“You still got a little fight in you...that’s good.”Namjoon then said, smirking as he began to wipe Hoseok’s face. Hoseok furrowed his brows up in confusion, “What do you mean by ‘that’s good’?”

Namjoon hummed, ignoring Hoseok’s question until he finally finished washing his face. The blonde then ran his fingers through Hoseok’s hair and said in that low, deep voice of his, “That means you’ll be a lot more fun to play with...unlike the last one who didn’t have that little spark that you got.”

Hoseok’s eyes widen as he looked into Namjoon’s eyes, “W-What…”

“Now now, we’ll talk about that later. Let’s focus on getting you cleaned up down below, eh?”

“ least be a little more gentle...ooh…”

“Maybe if you would stop flinching so much...god, they really were rough on you…”

Hoseok panted softly as he finally rested his leg on Namjoon’s shoulder, letting Namjoon continue to clean up around his thighs. Namjoon sighed softly, carefully wiping around his flaccid cock before moving down and wiping around his intimate area. Hoseok watched tiredly before turning his head to the other side. “You’re most likely gonna be sore for a week or two.”

“Ah, n-no shit.”Hoseok cursed, wincing as he felt Namjoon alternate to his other leg. Namjoon frowned, “Keep getting smart with me and I’ll-”

“Do what? Break my back?”Hoseok tempted,  frowning as he and Namjoon had a bit of a stare off though Namjoon quickly deep a quick inhale and exhale before continuing on with his task of cleaning Hoseok up. Currently, he was doing everything in his power to resist the urge to shut the little brat’s mouth but if Hoseok kept this up…

It wouldn’t be long before Namjoon would finally be finished cleaning up him, finally getting up from the bed and walking back over to the sink, turning the water on and putting the rag under the water before turning it off and draining the excess water out of the towel. Putting the washcloth on the edge of the sink, he turned back around and walked back over to the bed, hands in his pockets.

Hoseok, now fully sat up, tilted his head up at him, “Now what?”

Namjoon pulled one hand out of his pocket and held his palm open, revealing a small peach-pink choker in the middle of it. Hoseok looked at his hand in interest before raising an eyebrow, “What-”

Namjoon undid the small hook of the choker before spreading it out. He leaned down and with ease, wrapped it around Hoseok’s neck - hooking it back up once again. He then rose back up and looked at Hoseok who was now running his fingertips over the choker. “It fits perfectly.”

“W-Where did you get this?”Hoseok asked, feeling along the silky choker. Namjoon was quiet for a minute before speaking, “Let’s just say I have connections.”

Hoseok would’ve asked more questions but he mentally decided against it.

Moments after, Namjoon helped Hoseok get dressed since he was still worn out from earlier. Hoseok did fuss and complain some when Namjoon was helping him but in the end, Namjoon successfully got him dressed and then helped him up off the bed, picking him up once he was upright. “I’ll make sure to tell the others that you are off limits until you’re walking properly again. Don’t want you in a wheelchair now…”

Hoseok glared at him in annoyance, “Oh shut up.”

Namjoon grinned cheekily before opening the door of the room and stepping out of it, turning around and closing it. Now out of the room, he began to walk down the hall with a bitter, annoyed Hoseok in his arms. Throughout the walk, it was quiet in between them both but it would be Namjoon who would speak, “You look cute in your new choker.”

Hoseok slowly lifted his head up and looked at Namjoon, now suddenly feeling red in the face. Quickly clearing his throat, Hoseok replied, “Why uh t-thank you.”

Namjoon couldn’t help but laugh, his dimples popping out which made Hoseok’s face grow redder all of sudden. He couldn’t help but look at the way Namjoon’s dimples popped out….when he laughed. Shaking his head, he pouted his lips and leaned his head back and crossed his arms - still flushed red in the face.


When they got back to the cell area, Namjoon had taken him to his cell and put him down on his bed after taking his slippers off his feet. Once he did, he left without sparing another word which made Hoseok somewhat confused but he didn’t question it. He just laid back down on his mattress, his eyes directed up at the ceiling. Running a hand through his hair, he tilted his head back, briefly seeing the tatted blonde walking away before he was out of sight.

But now that he was left alone, he could only think about what occurred today, aside from being hounded and fucked all day, he could fairly say he caught a break. At least, one time today. And on top of that, since he was too worn out to be used anymore (well at least for the time being) he wouldn’t have to worry about them on his ass for the time being.

With that in mind, Hoseok turned over onto his side and pulled his blanket up over his body, curling up underneath it. Before long, he eventually closed his eyes and fell asleep, too worn out and tired to stay awake a moment longer.

Chapter Text

The next day, Hoseok didn’t even bother to try and get his ass up from the bed because he was now feeling the aftereffects of what had happened yesterday. He barely even managed to roll over onto his side just so he could adjust his position and somewhat elevate the soreness he was feeling in his lower back and his ass.

But eventually, he finally managed to get up in order to use the toilet even though it was an absolute pain to shuffle-walk over towards it. Once he finished doing his business and flushed the toilet, he decided to go ahead and brush his teeth and wash his tired face. He would’ve looked into the mirror if not for the fact that he really did not want even fathom how bad he looked as of right now.

Hanging his small washcloth to try on the side of the sink, Hoseok shuffled his way back over to his bed. But before he could lay back down and take his poor worn out ass back to sleep, his attention was caught by a whistle coming from outside of his cell. Lifting his head up, he ended up seeing Jimin and Taehyung, both standing outside of his cell with devious looks on their faces.

Now if it wasn’t for the fact that Hoseok was too sore and tired to even try and attempt to say something to them, he would’ve said something at the very moment but unfortunately, he wasn’t feeling like he was when he cursed Seokjin out.

“We heard you’re off-limits until further notice, by Namjoonie-hyung’s orders. We thought you were a bit tougher than what you led on, peach.”Jimin said, smirking as he leaned up against the cell with one hand on his hip and his other arm being pressed up against the bars of the cell with his forehead resting on it. Hoseok looked at the black haired male with annoyance but he didn’t spare any words for him.

“Hyung, you should know twinks like him can’t handle being fucked stupid for so long…”Taehyung stated, grinning as he could see Hoseok’s fists ball up and unclench.

Hoseok had to take a few deep breaths before finally (yet slowly) sat down on his cot-like bed and pulled up the blanket before sliding himself back underneath it, curling up into a little ball and hiding his face underneath it.

“Though, I think we should leave him alone...we wouldn’t wanna get Namjoon-hyung pissed off for fucking with him.”Taehyung said, looking at Hoseok before looking over to Jimin who clicked his tongue and sighed out of utter boredom, “Well this week is gonna be bland and boring as fuck.”

Taehyung snorted before placing a hand on Jimin’s shoulder, “Not if we ask Jaebum if we can have fun with their little twink…”

Jimin’s little bored frown soon quickly turned into a smirk as he looked over at the redhead who pervertedly raised a thick eyebrow at the suggestion. Jimin, craving some twink ass as of that moment, nodded his head, “Heh, I forgot all about that option...let’s go then. I’m sure we’ll get a yes besides, they owe us a free favor.”

That’s when the two headed off away from the cell, leaving Hoseok to his sleep even though as he slept, now peeking his head away from underneath the blanket, a slow tear suddenly escaped from his eye and dripped off his nose-bridge and onto his pillow.

Later on that day…

Hoseok finally got out of his cell for the lunch period because his stomach was gonna aggravate him the whole entirety of his sleep if he didn’t eat something any time sooner. As he made his way to the mess hall, he ended up seeing a familiar brown haired male stumbling along in the hallway - doing that same ‘i’m sore as shit’ walk. On his neck, there were fresh red hickeys on it and his face looked worn out.

Hoseok let out a soft chuckle, catching the male’s attention and making him look his way, “The fuck you laughing at?”

“Hey, you can’t get mad at me that you got the ‘fucked’ walk.”Hoseok replied, chucking once more as the male seemed to have grown silent the moment he said that. Though, Hoseok turned around and shuffled over to the male who stared at him with annoyance in his eyes.

“Now listen, we met before.”Hoseok went on to say, a soft but yet serious look popping up on his face. The brunette continued to look at him with a straight face before finally saying, “Okay and? Your point is?”

“I wanna know your name because look, we’re both in the same position - no matter how many times you wanna try and deny it, we both are getting fucked and turned inside out like socks. I say that we should become friends who help each deal with shit like this.”Hoseok explained, smiling that heart-shaped smile afterward as the other male looked at him in utter and up-most disgust and confusion.

Of course, Hoseok noticed this and added on, “Unless you wanna keep being alone and suffering hard fucking to a point to start praying for sweet death to come swing low and take you away from this place.”

The male deeply inhaled and exhaled, his mind thinking and going over what had just been said to him. It wouldn’t take him long to end up finally sighing in defeat. “Alright, alright fine. My name is Yugyeom...what’s yours, peach?”

“Hoseok but I also like being called Hobi.”Hoseok replied, holding his hand out as an offer to shake hands and Yugyeom, after taking a snail’s pace to reach his own hand out, he finally shook hands with Hoseok who smiled at him.

“Now that we’ve cut to the chase,”Hoseok began, moving his hand away once Yugyeom let go of it. He shuffled over to him some more and shoved his hands into his pocket, “I’ve been in here for only a few days and I’m kinda close to breaking apart already heh…”

Yugyeom shook his head and let out a soft sigh, now putting his arm around Hoseok’s shoulder and saying with a much more considerate tone of voice, “I’ve been in here for a year and a half now...I already broke down so many times I lost count...though, if we’re gonna talk about something like this, we’re going to have to take this somewhere else.”

Hoseok with a tired look on his face nodded his head, “You’re right...but first...I need lunch. I...haven’t eaten breakfast.”

Yugyeom raised an eyebrow in surprise, “You skipped breakfast? In this place, peach?”

Hoseok felt his face grow a bit heated, “I…”

“Well then, let’s get your ass something to eat because if you miss a meal in this place the odds are you’re gonna get weaker and weaker over time until you’re nothing but skins and bones.”Yugyeom explained, briefly taking a look at Hoseok’s body before looking back up at his flushed face, “And in your situation, being skins and bones ain’t something you wanna be.”

Hoseok swallowed thickly before looking away and looking towards the lunchroom. Yugyeom was right, however. If he didn’t eat something, he would for sure grow weak as shit and in his current position as a ‘prison bitch’, being weak wasn’t something he needed to be.

“C’mon, let’s get some food.”

Hoseok nodded and the two of them, using each other kinda like crutches, made their way to the lunchroom.

After Hoseok got his food and finished eating it, he followed Yugyeom to some area of the prison where it was private and they could discuss without interruptions.

Yugyeom slid down the wall and sat down on the floor, Hoseok immediately followed suit by doing the same - sitting down right beside him. After a brief moment of silence, Yugyeom spoke, “As I was saying, I’ve been in here longer than you have and I’ve already had my breakdowns. Hell, I never asked to become someone’s bitch but shit I didn’t have much of a choice.”

“Did you try and...fight back?”Hoseok questioned and Yugyeom snorted and looked over to Hoseok with a half-smile, “Of course I fought back. I wasn’t gonna go without a fight. I never go down without a fight…but misfortune caught me when one of them broke my arm…”

Hoseok’s eyes widen in shock, “B-Broke your arm?”

“ of them dislocated my right shoulder and broke my other arm...and no, I wasn’t fighting against one. I was fighting against all six of them because they ended up jumping me when it was supposed to be a one-person fight.”

Hoseok looked away and looked down at the floor. Hearing shit like that made his heart sort of hurt out of realization that if he had tried to fight back, he would’ve probably also been jumped by all six of them and even though he could fight and handle himself pretty well if he was forced to, he wouldn’t have been able to deal with all six.

That’s when Hoseok looked back over to Yugyeom and asked out of curiosity, “How long did it take you to heal?”

“Heh, it took a while because afterward, they wouldn’t stay away from me and were kinda hounding me like dogs so healing was difficult. Though of course eventually, I managed to get myself put in the infirmary where I stayed for a while until my arm and shoulder were fully healed. The infirmary was kind of like my safe place...with the exception of solitary confinement where you’re taken away from the general populace and placed in a nice quiet room all alone.”

Hoseok let out a soft ‘wow’ in response as he pulled his legs up to his chest and hugged them close. He proceeded to rest his chin in between his knees - his mind now rushing with thoughts before he murmured, “How did you get into solitary confinement?”

Yugyeom bent one of his legs up and rested his arm on his knee before replying, “I acted a fool to a point where the guards determined that I wasn’t stable enough to be in the general populace so they threw me into the room and just let me be for 72 hours before letting me back out, saying that two days in solitary confinement would fix me right up. It sort of did because I had my breakdowns in there….all outta sight and outta mind.”

Acted a fool…’ Hoseok repeated in his head, his eyes staring at the wall in front of him as the words repeated over and over again in his head like a melody. Maybe that was something he needed to try…

“Oh, I never asked…how did you get in here, Hobs?”

Hoseok was taken out of his trance, letting out a soft ‘oh’ before becoming flushed in the face. He ran a hand through his peach-colored hair and chuckled light-heartedly, “I got put in here because of a friend was supposed to be in here instead of me because he robbed someone or something and placed the money in my car and the police pulled me over and checked my car and found it. Now I’m in here for a year, on charges I didn’t do.”

Yugyeom frowned and shook his head, “Damn...that’s fucking awful.”

“I know heh, now I said mine...what about you? How did you get in here?”

Yugyeom briefly combed his fingers through his brown hair before lightly tilting his head back, “I got put in here for assault even though it was self-defense. Some guy was trying to get frisky with me and I fought him without realizing that this guy had some dirty political power. Now I’m doing at least 3 to 4 years in here and right now, I’m on my 2nd year in this hell hole.”

Hoseok’s facial expression quickly changed to a shocked look as he looked over at Yugyeom who slowly looked over at him. Hoseok then looked at him with empathy, “That’s don’t deserve to be in here.”

“Heh, you might be right, you might be wrong. After being in here for such a long period of time, your mind starts to change and you start to think maybe you were better off behind bars than out in the free world...but that’s just me… I do know that you shouldn’t be in here. You don’t look like prison material at all.”

“That’s what I said but look at me now, in orange, sore as hell and in prison, for shit I didn’t do.”Hoseok replied, a bit of bitterness and anger in voice. He clenched his fists in order to restrain the physical part of his anger that he was feeling. Ryeong should’ve been in here. Not him…

For those next few moments, it was silent until Yugyeom finally got up off the floor, hissing in pain and saying, “Come with me.”

Hoseok furrowed his brows as he looked up at Yugyeom, “Where are we going-”

“I’m gonna show you how to take care of yourself know what.”He replied, holding his hand out and helping Hoseok up off the floor. Once Hoseok was up, he let go of his hand and looked over at him before looking forward and walking on. Hoseok took a moment before finally following after the brunette.

With Yugyeom’s experience in shit like this, maybe Hoseok could be able to deal with this bullshit for the rest of this year…

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When Yugyeom finally came to a stop at a certain cell, Hoseok had finally spoken since he’d been quiet most of the whole walk. “Is this your cell?”

“Yeah...though I’m never really in it because I’m...nevermind,” Yugyeom explained, quickly cutting his own self off by shaking his head and brushing it off. The cell door opened up and Yugyeom stepped inside, Hoseok following behind as he watched as the brunette turned around and looked at him.

“I rarely get the chance to sleep in here but when I’m in this state, I come here to kinda...heal.”He said, taking a seat on the bed all while suppressing a hiss of pain. He then reached down in between his legs and reached up underneath his cot, pulling out a small shoebox. He grabbed the shoebox and pulled up into his lap and he looked up over to Hoseok who was still standing there, unsure of what to do now.

He then made a ‘come here’ gesture with his finger and Hoseok shuffled his way over to the cot and sat down beside him. Once he did that, the cell door had slowly closed itself back, making Hoseok jump a little at the loud clanging sound.

“Now in this little box, there’s some stuff I got from the infirmary.”Yugyeom began, opening up the shoebox to reveal several medical objects inside. One of the objects was a small roll of gauze along with a few large band-aid patches and even a small bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Hoseok’s eyes widen when he saw the rubbing alcohol, “W-Wait, can you even have that in here?”

“No, but the guards don’t seem to care enough to check cells so it’s whatever,” Yugyeom muttered, reaching in and taking the rubbing alcohol out of the box before putting the box in between him and Hoseok.

“But anyway, this is good for sore muscles. And in our unfortunate cases, a sore muscle is a common thing for us to have…”Yugyeom explained,  looking at the bottle before glancing over at Hoseok.

Hoseok’s face felt a little heated but he quickly cleared his throat and nodded in agreement, “Yeah...unfortunately…”

Yugyeom took a minute to absorb the sadness that was in Hoseok’s eyes before resting a reassuring hand on his shoulder and lightly rubbing it around in his hand, “Hey, at least you won’t have long in only have a year in here while I got 2 to 3 years left in here.”

Hoseok only grew sadder as he shuffled his feet around some before going still, “That doesn’t make me any less sad.”

Yugyeom briefly looked away before moving his hand away from Hoseok’s shoulder and reaching it out towards his hand. Hoseok was confused for a moment before letting him take his hand. Much to the brunette’s surprise, his hand ended up almost swallowing up the other’s hand. It was at that moment that Yugyeom couldn’t help but feel a wave of sadness and sympathy.

He would’ve agreed heavily with what Hoseok had said about him not needing to be in this place and that he didn’t deserve to be here. If only he hadn’t been stuck in this hellhole for two years and been through the shit he’d been forced to go through….

Quickly, however, he cleared his mind of the sad thoughts that were starting to flood him and he cleared his throat, turning attention back to Hoseok and letting go of his hand. “Anyway let’s move on.”

After that, Yugyeom explained to Hoseok about how he should use the alcohol for his sore muscles and that he should rub it around the areas that are sore. And once he said that, he asked Hoseok to pull down his jumpsuit so he could rub the alcohol on his lower back. Hoseok, of course, was reluctant at first but Yugyeom was quick to reassure him, “If I had wanted to do something to you, I would’ve done it by now...besides that. I can reassure I’m not going to..”

Hoseok snorted as he slowly unzipped his jumpsuit, “I’m sorry if I can’t trust you in regards to something like this...I have been-”

“No need to explain. Just lay down and let me rub this on you.”

Hoseok let a little chuckle before finally pulling his suit down some to a point where it was around his waist. Quickly, he tied it up around his waist and took off his slippers. He proceeded to lay down on the cot on his stomach, resting his chin on the pillow. Yugyeom watched him get comfortable for a few more minutes before making his move to pull up some of Hoseok’s shirt. Hoseok shivered a little but other than that he moved a little so Yugyeom could successfully pull up his shirt.

Once Hoseok’s back was revealed, Yugyeom opened up the alcohol and poured some of the strong-smelling liquid into his cupped hand before proceeding to rub it onto Hoseok’s lower back. Hoseok hissed in pain, biting his bottom lip as Yugyeom began to rub the strong smelling alcohol into his skin. Yugyeom chuckled a little before shaking his head, “I’m sorry if I’m rubbing a bit too hard.”

“N-No, you’re not…”Hoseok mumbled out, his eyes starting to grow tired as Yugyeom massaged and rubbed his sore lower back, being sure that the alcohol was getting into his skin. As he did this though, Hoseok began to grow heavily comfortable and languid in Yugyeom’s touch, his body sort of leaning into it as his hand continued to rub and move up along his back. Eventually, Yugyeom got tired of standing and sat on the edge of the cot, pausing his rubbing only to pour a bit more alcohol into his hand.

Moments after he put his hand back on Hoseok’s back, Hoseok let out a little noise that made Yugyeom’s eyes widen for a minute before he let out a little snort, “Woah.”

Hoseok soon realized what he did and his face went flushed red. Immediately out of shame, he buried his face into the pillow and said in a muffled voice, “Sorry.”

“It’s alright,” Yugyeom replied reassuringly, still continuing to rub Hoseok’s back down - his hand now slowly starting drag along with it, lightly pressing on certain points of the male’s back. Hoseok clutched the pillow and bit down on it in order to restrain some noises that were threatening to escape from his lips. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of relaxation and utmost pleasure with the way the brunette was massaging him.

Though after a long while, Yugyeom finally finished his rubbing - lightly fanning Hoseok’s back dry before saying, “Alright, now it’s time to turn over onto your front.”

Hoseok, who was almost out of it, let out a loud muffled ‘hmm?’ before realizing what Yugyeom had said and with what little strength he had, slowly he turned over onto his back, revealing his slim chest and stomach. Yugyeom let out a little giggle before grabbing the alcohol from in between his legs and pouring some more into his hand. Once he got a good amount in it, he proceeded to rub Hoseok’s stomach.

At first, Hoseok shivered and let out a little ‘brr’, making Yugyeom somewhat smirk and smile at him; sending a nice little warm signal to Hoseok’s rushing heart. But soon as Yugyeom started moving upward along his chest, Hoseok could feel his heart start to beat a bit faster and his body started to grow a bit hot.

Yugyeom noticed, his eyes quickly darting off to the side as he paused his rubbing in the middle of Hoseok’s chest. It was at this moment that thing seemed to quickly grow a bit tense as Hoseok swallowed thickly, his fingers clutching the blanket underneath him.

Though finally, in a stammering tone, he spoke, “U-Uh, well t-this uh…”

Yugyeom could swear that his face was starting to grow red. Quickly he moved his hand away from Hoseok’s chest; keeping his eyes off of Hoseok’s face and on the floor. He quickly cleared his throat and said, “Sorry.”

Hoseok slowly rose up from the cot and looked at the brunette curiously. Shyly, he reached his hand out and placed it on his shoulder, gently nudging him and making Yugyeom turn and look him in the eyes. And like that, it was a silent gaze shared. Yugyeom couldn’t help but look at Hoseok’s soft eyes that seemed to still have a sense of innocence in them despite him being in a place where innocence came to die.

Parting his lips, Yugyeom let out a soft ‘uh’ as his eyes ended up directing themselves to Hoseok’s lips that were starting to grow very...interesting. Swallowing the spit that was starting to fill his mouth, he could only stare in utter confusion because at that moment, he didn’t know what to do.

His mind was split between kissing him and pushing him back down on the cot and smothering his neck with soft kisses or aborting the mission and taking his ass to the yard to work out since he really had no other activity in mind.

Hoseok then tilted his head to the side before lowering his eyes and directing his own attention to Yugyeom’s lips before slowly drawing his eyes back up and looking the sweating brunette right back in his eyes.

But before any of them could make a move, the sound of the prison buzzer echoed throughout the facility, making them both come out of their little trance. Almost instantly, Yugyeom realized what he was doing and quickly put the cap back on the alcohol and putting it down on the side of the bed before quickly standing up from it.

“I guess I’ll have to teach you some more about that- I mean the medical stuff another time.”Yugyeom quickly explained, watching as the peach-haired male sat up on the edge of the bed and quickly adjusted his clothes and stood up, slipping his shoes back on.

“ about tomorrow?”

Yugyeom’s eyes widen as his heart sort of thudded itself against his ribcage. Seeing Hoseok tomorrow right after what almost happened at that moment…

“Tomorrow is...f-fine. I’ll see you at the mess hall.”Yugyeom said, almost through gritted teeth as he walked towards the cell door that opened up automatically and walked out as soon as it did so, Hoseok following suit. Though before Hoseok could say anything else to him, Yugyeom was nowhere in sight.

Furrowing his brows in confusion, Hoseok looked around for a few minutes only to later shrug his shoulders after not being able to find the brunette. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he began his walk to get up to the yard and get some fresh air.

At least now, he had someone who he could talk properly in this hell. That was one good thing. Him becoming friends with Yugyeom made this experience a little more tolerable.

Though little did he know, as he walked away and headed to the exit of the cell block, he was being watched by a certain black-haired male. A certain black haired male who saw what happened between Hoseok and Yugyeom in that cell.

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