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Ashes, Ashes (We All Fall Down)

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This can't begin without an explanation up front. This can't be told through a diary, a memory, a vision, or a dream. I cannot put this reality into poetry. I cannot sing a song, demonstrate a dance, or perform a painting. It will simply have to be words. My words. And for all of this to make sense... there will have to be trust. Your trust, dear Reader. If you don't trust me, then this will not work.

If you don't trust me, then stop reading.

Are we ready? Let us begin...

There is a place, and it is nowhere near whatever place you now find yourself. Look around. Where are you? What is beside you? Out the window? In the road? Under the trees? Your place is not this place. Your place is your place and it is closer to you. But this place? This place is far. Incomprehensibly far. The kicker is, those who dwell in this place know everything about your world. They know everything about your books, your cinema, your stories, and your legends. They know of every folk tale, every comic book, every soap opera, every Greek, Roman, Chinese (and so on...) myth.

They watch and listen.

They document and record.

They police.

You don't realize it, but they do. Dear Reader, I cannot provide evidence of this truth. As stated earlier, you must simply trust me.

This place is called Nexus. It's not a very creative name. Quite on the nose, actually. But it is what it says it is – for it is the central point of ...all. Floating out there, on a planet with trees and grass and water and doves and squirrels and trash cans and spoons and buildings.... Nexus is similar to your world in those respects.

It even has humans.

Yes, humans just like you. Just like your dad. Just like your boss. Just like your pizza delivery driver, and your great aunt Jeannie, and your neighbors with the barking dog, and that coworker who complains every single day.

Nexus is much smaller than your world. Call it a moon or a planetoid or – simply – a much smaller place. That will do. It's a hub, not a sprawling earth. Its size pales in comparison to your planet, dear Reader.

On the Nexus, there are humans. There are humans and there are monsters. They work together. These monsters are not their monsters. These monsters are your monsters.

Do you understand?

Let us repeat: On the Nexus, there are humans. On the Nexus, there are monsters. They are your monsters... and they work together.

 - Holiday Feartree