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The Family Business: The Demon Blood Curse

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-October 3, 2008….

-Canonsburg, Pennsylvania….

They drove along the road. Dean getting irritated by the lack of music on the radio stations, Sam sitting in the front seat, going over the case they’d be doing and Katie was asleep in the backseat. She was stretched out with her head behind Sam’s seat and her feet and legs behind Dean’s, her books were either half-open or on the floor of the car.

“Come on, man. Jobs don't get much sweeter than this, you know? Dead Vic with a gnawed-on neck, body drained of blood, and a witness who swears up and down that it was a vampire.”

“No, I -- I agree. It's a hell of a case.”

“A little more gusto, please,” Dean suggested.

“It's just... the world is coming to an end. Things are a little complicated, you know?”

“Yeah, well, we can't save the world, not today anyway. But what we can do is chop off some vamps' heads. Come on, man, it's like the good old days, an honest-to-goodness monster hunt. It's about time the Winchesters got back to tackling a straightforward, black and white case.”

They get to a motel and Sam turned to the backseat. “Kate, Sweetheart, wake up.”

She moaned. “Don’t wanna….”

“There’s a bed in your future, Miss Winchester,” Dean coaxed.

She groaned and sat up. She glared at both of them. “You’re lucky I love you…both of you.”

They got out of the car and got their room. This time instead of stealing the bed from either her dad or Uncle Sam, Katie went to the couch and threw herself down. She curled up, and was almost back to sleep by the time she said, “Night, wake me again and I will shoot you.”

Katie began walking to the tavern that her dad told her they’d be at when she finished her homework. She sighed and pushed her hands into her pockets. The heels of her boots lazily clicked along the sidewalk.

Never seeing that someone not far was watching her.

As she rounded a corner, she got this overwhelming feeling that made her look over her shoulder, but there was nothing there. She could feel the cold sense of dread sweep through her and her heart was now pounding like a marathon runner. Alright, Kate, you’re scaring yourself.

As she continued walking, the sound of footsteps was behind her. She turned, but there was no one there. Her hands….they were trembling. What the hell was wrong with her? Why was every sound scaring her all of a sudden?

Not waiting to see if she had completely lost her mind, she began to run, her shoes clomping hard on the pavement as she ran. She got to the tavern and pulled the door open. She ran inside, hugging the wall for a few minutes. She panted quietly as she tried to calm herself. After a few minutes, she sighed and looked outside through the window and didn’t see anyone.

Realizing she may have gotten herself worked up for nothing, she said to herself, Dang, Kate. You’re a hunter in training. Pull yourself together. Hunters aren’t scared by every little noise. She took a couple of deep breaths, straightened her jacket and looked around for her dad and uncle. She scanned the hoards of people and smiled when she could see her uncle’s head over most of them.

She began to approach the counter when she heard Sam say, “Okay, Maverick. Um, so where can we find Mr. Brewer?”

Dean and Sam turned and Dean almost ran into his daughter. “Hey, Baby.”

“Hi,” she said, her heart still pounding.

He saw something shift on her face. “You okay?”

She nodded. “Yeah. Um…just hungry.”

He nodded. “Okay, Sweetheart. Order anything you want.”

She nodded and walked up to the bar. “Um…all your food’s not German this weekend is it?”

The girl that her dad had been flirting with shook her head. “How do you know the agents?”

“The one you were talking to is my dad.” She smiled when she saw Jamie’s demeanor change. “I guess you could say it’s a bring your daughter to work trip. Dad promised me that I’d see Oktoberfest so…”

“Oh….” She smiled. “What’s your name?”

“Katie.” She scanned the menu. “May I have a cheeseburger and fries with a coke, please?”

She nodded. “Absolutely. Go get a seat and I’ll bring them to you.”

“Thank you.” She found a table with bench seating and slid in. She looked across the room to her dad and Uncle talking to the guy who had seen Marissa Wright’s murder.

Dean walked up to the bar and smiled at Jamie. “So, you got a beer back there for me?”

“I don't know, Agent Young, you off duty?”

“And then some.” He flirted.

Sam approached the bar and picked up the napkin Lucy put her lipstick on. They lean against the bar facing the room. “So, what do you think? Goth, psycho, vampire wannabe, right?” Dean asked.

“Definitely not our kind of case.”

“Agreed. But who cares?” They walk to the table that Katie sat at. Sam slid down next to Katie. “Room's paid for, and it's Oktoberfest. Come on, brother. Beer and bar wenches. And Katie’s never been, have ya?”

She shook her head. The thought of the possibility of someone following her was still freaking her out. “However, I think it’s going to be Uncle Sam taking me around.”

“Why?” he asked as he watched her play with the napkin dispenser.

“Because dad the entire time all three of us have been in here you’ve been angling to get her in bed.” She pulled a napkin from the dispenser and began folding it.

Sam let out a choking laugh. Dean looked at her. “How do you know that’s what I was doing?”

She scoffed. “Please. Have you met my mother or even Grace? They weren’t exactly quiet about their conquests, daddy, even when they thought I was sleeping.”

He grimaced and looked at his brother. Okay, it’s official Elizabeth Manning should have never become a mother. “Sorry, Baby.”

She shrugged. “Don’t worry about it.” She smiled and plopped the folded napkin in front of Sam.

Sam looked down at the napkin and smiled at the delicate butterfly that laid in front of him. He picked it up and looked at it. “Now, this is cool!”

She smiled, blushing a little. She didn’t take compliments, but maybe that’s because she didn’t hear them often. “Thanks.”

Dean took it gently from his brother. There was something about it that seemed familiar to him. He gave her a quizzical look. “Who taught you to do this?”

She smiled. “An old friend of yours.”

“Old friend?” Sam asked. “Of ours?”

She nodded. “Frankie James.”

Dean stiffened at the sound of the beautiful redhead’s name. He hadn’t seen her since she was 23 or 24 years old. The last time they had seen each other was in the cemetery where he had killed Azazel. “When did you….?”

Sam chuckled softly. “Dean, man, she’d meet Frankie before any of us...Frankie’s Elizabeth’s stepsister, remember?”

His eyes widened. “Oh, crap. I had almost forgotten about that.”

He nodded. “Sure.” He thanked Jamie for dropping off their drinks and Katie’s food.

Dean looked at his daughter and tried to sound nonchalant about it as he asked, “When did you see Frankie?”

“Um...a couple of months before we found Uncle Bobby,” she answered biting into a fry. “She and Liv needed help on a hunt.” She shrugged. “I didn’t go on the hunt, but Frankie’s so cool.”

Dean smiled. “Yeah, she is.”

Sam snatched a fry from his niece as he said, “She’s the only girl I’ve known that could take your dad down.”

She laughed. “I know! She told me!” She brushed her fingers off. “Scootch out, Uncle Sam, please.”

“What’s up, Kat?” he asked as he started to slide out of his seat.

“I gotta pee,” she told him. She snatched another fry and then walked very quickly to the bathroom.

Dean watched Jamie walk away. “Man, it is time to right some wrongs.”

“Come again?”

“Look at me. I mean, I came back from the furnace without any of my old scars, right? No bullet wounds, knife cuts, none of the off-angled fingers from all the breaks. I mean, my hide is as smooth as a baby's bottom. Which leads me to conclude, sadly... that my virginity is intact.”


“I have been rehymenated.” He took a drink.

“Re--?” He laughed. “Please. Dean, maybe angels can pull you out of hell, but no one could do that.”

“Brother, I have been rehymenated. And the dude will not abide.”

“All right, dude. Well, you go do whatever you got to do, and I'm gonna go take Katie back to the room and get some sleep.”

“We’re doing what?” Katie asked.

“Going back to the motel,” Sam said. “While your dad attempts to pick up the blond.”


While her dad and Uncle Sam were talking to a survivor of an attack the night before, Katie decided to take in the sights herself but stay near the motel. Despite her better instincts, she had decided to ignore the unnerving feeling she got….like she was being watched or followed. She just figured that maybe this time, the hunting was getting to her.

Nevertheless, it was still there. As she began to zig-zag through the growing crowd she felt a cool hand go around her forearm and she turned. She gasped when she saw who...or what it was. She attempted to pull her arm free from the pale man, but he was hella strong. He grunted at her and then started dragging her off.

Remembering what Grace taught her she kicked the guy and screamed. Only, with all the music and chaos she wasn’t heard. Then she felt a cloth go over her mouth and dragged her off. She was kicking and fighting him, her heart hammering hard in her chest as he took her away.

Seconds later, she went limp in the man’s arms and he picked her up.

Dean checked his watch and sighed. “Have you talked to Kate today?”

“Not since this morning,” Sam answered. “I was helping you, remember?”

“Yeah, but I’ve called her like three times and she hasn’t picked up. It keeps going to voicemail.”

Sam pulled his phone out and dialed Katie’s number. He put the phone to his ear and listened after 4 rings he heard, “Hey, this is Katie, I can’t come--” He hung up. “Weird.”

Dean’s phone rang and he answered, “Hello?”

“Agent Young, this is Sheriff Deitrich. Um...sir, we have another one, except this one isn’t a body.”

Dean’s heart slammed hard in his chest at the thought. What if….he told the sheriff they’d be right there. He had no idea what was telling him that it could have something to do with Katie, but it was freaking him out. Katie never not answered her phone when he called. That was one good thing about his Baby girl, she always answered when he called. “We gotta go. Deitrich found something, but not a body.”

They walked in silence most of the way to the town square and they pushed their way through, flashing their badges. Laying on the ground in a line was a bracelet, a boot and a can of mace. His heart thudded hard in his chest when he leaned down and picked up the bracelet with his pen.

His heart thumped hard against his rib cage as his entire body tensed when he seen the charms on the bracelet. Seeing the K...E...W charms, the pentagram and other supernatural protection charms told him it was Katie’s bracelet. “Oh, God….”

Sam walked over to the discarded boot and looked at the size. His heart plummeted to his feet. “Uh...Dean...wha...what shoe size does Katie wear?”

“Six, I think.” He looked up, fear etching his fears. “Oh,”

He watched as his brother’s face paled almost immediately. It was in that moment that Sam realized that his big brother really loved his daughter. That sounded horrible to think, but it was true. In the few weeks she’s been with him he could see the emotions there almost immediately. He rushed to his brother. “Hey, Dean, we’ll find her.” He looked into his eyes. “We’ll find her, I promise.”

“We have to, Sammy,” he said and didn’t care how it looked, his eyes filled with tears. “He has my baby.”

A loud rumbling crash filled the air and Katie bolted upright. She held her head and moaned. “Holy...crap…” she muttered. “What the heck did he give me?” she muttered.

She moaned again and tried looking around the room. She was in some kind of stone structure in a bedroom. The fire roared violently in the fireplace as another crash of thunder filled the air. She looked down at herself and was relieved to find that she was still wearing her clothes and wasn’t of her captor’s sick delusion.

“HEY! You better let me out of here! Let me out!” She massaged her temples as the pounding continued against her brain. “LET ME OUT!”

Hours later, Dean was in a mood. His daughter was out there with some sick pervert while he was stuck here playing FBI agent. Accprdomg tp the sheriff the sarcophagus. Sam found something and ripped it off. “This sarcophagus isn't ancient.” He holds up the tage that reads The FX Shop Prophouse, Philadelphia, PA. “It's from a prop house in Philly.”

Dean tilted his head down as anger filled his body. “ goes well with the bucket of dry ice he was keeping in it.” He lifts up a small bucket of dry ice from inside the sarcophagus.

“Is he making his own special effects?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, a mummy with a good sense of showmanship.”

“This is stupid.”

Dean scoffed. “You’re telling me. My daughter’s missing and we’re still--”

“That’s not what I meant,” Sam said.

“Well, it’s all I care about.”

“I know,” he said. “Are you going to meet Jamie?”

He shook his head. “No. It was stupid to make plans with her when my daughter was with us.” He sighed. “I wanna show Katie that I can be different than her mother and Grace were.” He saw the surprise set in his brother’s eyes. “I know, I know, I know. Shock of the century. I found something more important than me getting laid.”

Sam smiled. “It was bound to happen someday, Dean.”

“I’m gonna go back to the scene of where we found Kate’s stuff. You cool here?”

He nodded. “Yeah, go.”

Dean went to the spot where Katie went missing and used his flashlight to see if he could see anything that they missed earlier. As he did a sweep for the 3rd time he heard a scream. He ran toward the scream and almost ran into Jamie. He stopped cold when he saw the man dressed as Dracula. “Son of a bitch.”

“You should not use such language in the presence of my bride,” the man said, with a strong Hungarian accent.

“You’re the sonofabitch who took my daughter.”

Behind his fangs he smirked. “Ahh..yes, young Katherine. She’s going to make a lovely bride.”

He felt the anger swell over him like a barrel wave. “You’re one sick sonofabitch. So, help me, if you’ve touched her in any kind of way I will really enjoy tearing you limb from limb.” He punched Dracula and slammed him against the wall. “Where’s my daughter?!”

The two of them continue to fight as he kept Dracula away from him he screamed for Jamie to run.

Dracula had him by the throat as he slammed him against the brick wall. “You have no choice in the matter, Mr. Harker. Mina is mine.”

He attempts to bite Dean, but he rips the man’s ear off. The man runs, Dean pursues him. The man leaped over the gate and escapes on a moped, puttering away. “Damn it!” He exclaimed. He sighed. “Hang on, Baby…” he whispered.

Sam walked into the bar and headed for the table where Jamie and Dean were seated. “Hey. You guys all right?”

“Yeah, I think so. And I think I know what's going on.” He put a folded towel down in front of Sam.

“Yeah?” Sam questioned.

“Part of it, at least.”

Sam opened the towel and Dracula’s ear was inside. “Uh, the ear part?”

“Ripped it off of Dracula's head. Touch it.”

Sam scoffed, but after staring Dean down he reaches out with one finger and touches the skin of the ear. “Ugh.”

“Feel familiar to you?”

“Oh, man.”

“Skin of a shapeshifter. Just like St. Louis and just like Milwaukee,” Dean said. “Of course this one's all holding buckets of crazy and he has my daughter.” He looked at his brother and pulled something out of his jacket. “Oh, and, uh…” he holds out to Sam. Sam looked at it. “This, I uh, pulled it off during the fight. Look at the label on the ribbon.”

Sam looked at the medallion. “It's a costume rental.”

Jamie looked at Dean. “What do you mean he’s got your daughter?”

“Katie’s been taken and we suspect it took her,” Dean answered.

“Which if he did then he was probably dressed up as a monster too. Katie isn’t stupid she wouldn’t just walk off with someone. And she won’t believe the ‘your dad told me to come get you’ line.”

Dean nodded. “All three monsters - the Dracula, Wolf Man, and the mummy -- all the same critter, which means we need to catch this freak before he Creature From the Black Lagoons somebody.” He picks up his shot glass. “And get my daughter back.”

“So, you guys are like Mulder and Scully or something, and The X-Files are real?”

“No, The X-Files is a TV show. This is real,” Dean snapped.


He drinks from the glass. Sam paced away as he said, “Okay, so, the stagecraft, the costuming. It's like he's trying to reenact his favorite monster-Movie moments, Right down to the bloody murders.”

“Wait a second. Who the hell is Mina?”

“Mina?” Sam asked.

“Yeah. That's what he called Jamie. And he called me mr. Harker.”

“Jonathan Harker? They're characters from the movies and the novels -- Mina, Dracula's intended bride, Harker, the fiance. Seems like he's fixating on you, Like he sees you as his bride.”

“Wow. Lucky me.” She’s not impressed.

“But to fixate on you, My guess is that the shifter has to have seen you before or been around you.”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t explain why he’d think that of Katie,” Dean said looking up at Sam.

“What?” Jamie and Sam said.

He nodded. “I demanded him to tell me where Katie was and he said that she’d make a lovely bride. She’s twelve. There’s no way in hell she’s gonna be anyone’s bride until she’s thirty.”

Sam snickered, shrugged. “Maybe she’s the consolation prize in case you prevent him from getting Jamie.”

Dean still didn’t like the idea. His baby was still a baby. There was no way. “Jamie, has anybody strange come to town, Somebody that has taken a specific notice of you?”

“I don't know, Dean. It's oktoberfest. I'm a bartender. There's lots of people. I... Wait a second. There is Ed.”

“Ed Brewer" Ed?”

“Yeah. He moved here about a month ago. Lucy swears he has a crush on me. He comes in almost every night. But, you know, I don't think he's the type of guy --”

“Where does Ed live?”

“I don't know. But he works at the old movie theater. I think he's a projectionist there.”

“Take care of Mina?”


While Sam was gone, Dean explained to Jamie everything about monsters and creatures and the supernatural. She paced as she took everything in. “So, monsters are real.”

“Some of them, yeah.”

“And the shapeshifter, He can turn into different people.”

“Yeah. Yeah,except this one's turning into the great monsters of screenland, Which is a new one for me.”

“You're not really FBI, are you?”

“Not so much.”

“So, this is what you do? You and your partner just tramp across the country, with your daughter, on your own dime. Until you find some horrible nightmare to fight?”

“Some people paint,” he rationalized.



“That must suck. I mean, you're giving up your life for this terrible... I don't know, responsibility. Not to mention your daughter will never know normal.”

He shook his head. “That wasn’t on me. I didn’t want Kate to grow up in this life, but there wasn’t much I could do when she came to me basically a hunter in training at twelve years old.” He sighed. “Last few years, I started thinking that way, And, uh, it started sort of weighing on me. Of course, that was before... (shifts uncomfortably) A little while ago, I had this -- It's called a near-Death experience. Very near.” Jamie sits next to him. “And, uh... ...when I came to... Things were different. My life's been different. My daughter was here. She’d been looking for me. She needed me. Having her around made me realize that I help people. Not just help them, though. I save them. I guess it's -- It's awesome. It's kind of like a a mission. Kind of like a...a mission from God. Not to mention, I have to make it safer for Katie.”

“So, does that make you... Some kind of monk or something? You know, celibate?”

“Man, I hope not.” They kiss. When the lights came on, they broke apart.  

Lucy’s standing at the bar. “Holy crap. Oh, my God. Jamie. Guys, I'm -- I'm sorry. I thought you guys were going out.”

“Lucy, it's --it's okay. -Uh, listen -- -”

“You know what? I just --I came to borrow a bottle.” Holds out a bottle of liquor. “I kind of got something going back at my...Anyway, uh, you guys look really busy, So I'm just gonna get out of your hair.”

“Actually,” Dean said. “It’s okay. Really.” He pulled out his phone and looked at the time. He sighed.

“Seriously, Lucy, it's been a crazy night. Stay for a drink.”

“Yeah. Stay for a drink.” They both smile. “Whatever was about to happen can’t happen anyway….at least not until I get my daughter back, so….”

Katie paced the floor of the cold, damp castle bedroom. The fire was dying and it was actually getting really cold in there. Katie felt a shiver go down her spine and she pulled her jacket closer to her body. She attempted to look at her phone for the time, but she didn’t have a phone. She sighed. “I seriously need to get a watch.”

The door came open and the freak of nature that kidnapped her came in carrying Jamie. Katie wished she knew how to fight the darn thing, maybe then she’d make her father proud. She knew what they were from the stories she’d heard about what her dad and uncle Sam have done, but she had no idea how to kill it. “You know, you might want to let me out of here.”

“Why’s that?”

“My dad and uncle Sam have killed two of your kind. If you don’t want to be the third--”

He laughed. “Sweetheart, he’s not going to come here for you. He’ll come here for her. He’s Dean Winchester, he doesn’t care about you.”

She knew he was just saying it to get to her, but it hurt. That was one of her greatest fears is that neither her dad or her Uncle wanted her around. Deep down she knew that being around would dampen dad’s game with girls, but she had thought that maybe he’d be okay with that. That it wouldn’t really matter. That having her around was better than having a girl in every city pining for him. But maybe the freak was right.

Just like with her mom, the Winchester Brothers didn’t want her either.

Dean came to dressed in full-on Oktoberfest costume and is bracketed to an upright table. He looked down and saw the restraints. “Oh, come on.” He looked at a portrait of a woman’s face.

She is beautiful, No? Bride number three from the first film. She never got the acclaim that she deserved.” He caressed the woman’s face. “Which is why I chose her shape, Her form to move among the mortals unnoticed, To listen to the cricket songs of the living. That is when I discovered my bride had been reborn In this century.”

“I can't get over what a pumpkin-Pie-Eyed, Crazy son of a bitch you really are. If that’s true then what do you want with my twelve-year-old daughter?”

He smirked around his fangs. “Ahh...yes, young Katherine. She is very beautiful.”

“I know, she’s mine.”

“Are you sure about that?”

His heart stopped beating for a second. “What did you do?”

He smirked evilly.

“You're not Dracula. You get that, right? Or even if you think you are Dracula, What the hell's up with the mummy?!”

He punched Dean in the face. “I am all monsters!”

“Life ain't a movie, you sorry sack of--”

Dracula punched him again. Life is small. Meager messy The movies are grand,simple,elegant. I have chosen,” he flings out his cape, “elegance.”

“You think "elegance" is really the word For what you did to Marissa or Rick Deacon Or any of the others?!”

“But of course. It is a monster movie, after all.”

“You do realize what happens At the end of every monster movie?”

“Ah. But this movie is mine. And in it, the monster wins. The monster gets the girl. And the hero, he's...electrocuted.” He smirked. “And this monster will take two brides. One because she’s always meant to be mine and two, because she is yours.” He crossed over to a large lever. “And tonight, Jonathan Harker,” he gripped the lever, “You will be my hero.” The doorbell rang. “Please, excuse me.”

Dracula went upstairs to check on Jamie and Katie. Katie was standing by the window while Jamie was just beginning to wake up. He looked at Katie. “You haven’t changed.”

She looked at him. “Don’t plan on it either,” she said. She was frightened yes, but she was going to show not even the Dracula wanna-be, but her father that she could act not afraid. She couldn’t believe she had been so stupid as to believe that just because in the last couple of weeks or so that her dad would have changed.

Her mom was right. Dean Winchester wouldn’t change. The part that hurt the most was that he promised to always be there. To be her dad and to have this shapeshifter--beings who could get inside your head--tell her that he’d more than likely save the girl before her, it hurt. Would anyone ever want her? Maybe she should go look for Frankie and let Dean get back to being Dean. She should have known to find her father and to have him accept her would be too good to be true.

Dracula turned to Jamie and talked to her. Katie jerked when he yelled at Jamie. She rolled her eyes. “Yelling at her will not motivate her, Stupid.”

Sam found Dean in the basement and he got him free. They went upstairs and to another room where Jamie and Katie were. Katie was standing over by the window as they inched their way inside. She quickly wiped her tears and sighed. She watched as her father had seen Jamie passed out on the bed, but instead of going to her, it attacked them. Sam was sent through the wall and knocked out cold. Katie picked up the gun and held onto it while her dad and Dracula fought.

When Dracula knocked her dad to the floor and raised his arms, growling at him, she raised the gun and shot him twice in the chest. He turned to her and rambled on about some crap about the movie ending. She sighed, “Just die already.”

He did so, and she sighed. “Dad?”

He stood to his feet and came to her. He took the gun from her and put the safety on. He looked into her eyes. “Baby, are you okay?”

She nodded. “Yeah, but he told me that--”

“Whatever he told you it wasn’t true.”

“So, you came here to save me and not just the girl?”

He smiled down at her. “Katie, honey, you are my girl.” He sighed. “And know your mother probably told you that I--”

She stopped him. “It doesn’t matter.” She hugged him. She sighed. They’d talk about it later. Right now they had to get Jamie up and wake up Sam. She sighed. “I love you, daddy.”

“I love you too, baby.”

They got out of the house and Katie couldn’t help but wonder if she gave him the choice would he choose the girl for the night or her? And was it right that she ask him to choose? She turned to see Jamie hanging all over him. She watched as the pretty blond whispered something in his ear and he laughed.

“I would love to, but uh, I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because I have my daughter,” he told her.

“Dad, it’s O--”

“No it’s not,” he told her firmly. He looked at Jamie. “I’m sorry. If it was just me then I probably would, but she’s my daughter and she’s been through something traumatic just like you tonight. I have to be there.”

To say that Katie was surprised was an understatement. A huge one. She thought for sure her father would have picked Jamie to spend the night with. They took Jamie home and then went back to the motel. Sam looked at his brother. “You know, I could have taken care of her for the night.”

“I know you could have,” he said. “But she’s my daughter.” He looked in the rearview mirror at the young girl who was beginning to fall asleep in the backseat and smiled. “I was scared, Sam. It freaked me out to think that I could have lost her. And I came close. Besides, jumping from bed to bed in whatever city we’re in doesn’t seem appropriate anymore.” He scratched his head with his thumbnail. “I don’t want Katie to think that’s how she should be. I want her to find a relationship. Be what we can’t be."