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Vegeta's Pre-training Technique, the Missing Scenes

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vegeta's pre-training technique, missing scenes



"I dun get t' top that often..." Goku crossed his arms, still not convinced.


"I'll- Let ya claim me."


"I thought ya didn't want t' be breached."


"If it means that ya'll put the past behind us... BUT, just this once. I won't make a habit outta letting my little brother fuck me." Raditz pointed a finger in Goku's direction.


"I doubt there'd be a next time." Goku huffed.


"So yer considering it~" Raditz moved closer to his brother, his tail drew a figure eight in the air.


"I'm still debatin'" Goku put a hand up to halt his brother's advances.


While Goku still considered if topping his brother would allow him to forgive him for kidnapping Gohan, Raditz lunged forward, burying his nose in Goku's neck and purring loudly.


"Ack!" Goku took a step back and tripped over a rock, falling flat on his ass.


Raditz chuckled and climbed on top of him, still purring. "C'mon, baby brother. Let the past stay in the past. Look at all the fun we could have together." He cooed seductively.


Goku wriggled from under Raditz and distanced himself, "yer gonna have t' try better than that! I'm not won over by pretty words."


Raditz sat down and thought for a while. "When ya were a kid, yer power level was very low-"


"Yeah, yeah, I know the story."


"Let me finish." Raditz said with such seriousness in his voice, Goku immediately shut up and paid attention.


"Baba had already lost a cub because it had a low power level. The cub was executed as per Frieza's orders. Then came his second child, me. I had barely enough ki to be allowed to live. But you, heh, ya had the lowest level ever recorded in Saiyan history."


"Who's 'baba'?" Goku asked.


"Oh, I meant Bardock, our carrier. Sometimes I call him by a nickname only children use to refer to their carriers. Whenever I used to call him 'baba' Gine thought it was cute, but Bardock knew I had fucked up and was trying to cutesy my way out of it.

"Anyway, Bardock pleaded with the King to spare ya. The King allowed this. One night, in the middle of the night, soldiers came to take ya away. I fought them, tooth and nail. They said they were gonna send ya to a safe planet, I didn't care. I saw them as enemies trying to take away my little brother. Toma told me I scratched those guards up real good, until Bardock had to grab my tail to calm me down."




"My source. Gine is yer source."


Goku remembered Vegeta using that word when explaining Saiyans and their culture to him. 'Source' was the Saiyan equivalent for 'sperm donor'.


"I don't remember what happened next. Bardock told me the guards placed ya in a pod and ya were sent to this far away planet. I didn't stop crying for three days straight. I didn't eat. I hardly slept. My parents thought I was going to die.

"Then Toma grabbed me one day and told me it was up to me to get ya back. I had to grow up strong, join the ranks, get my own pod and go search for ya. He gave me the coordinates to where ya were sent. I memorized them. That gave me new purpose in life. I started eating again, training... Vegeta was always rough on me," Raditz chuckled, "but that only helped me get stronger. We grew quite close, Vegeta and me. We grew up and eventually became lovers, but we never became breeding mates like he wanted us to become. I was too focused on becoming stronger to find ya and I couldn't be distracted by starting a circle with Vegeta. Besides, I had my own insecurities about the Prince. I could never be the mate he deserved.

"Then the day came when I was strong enough to be assigned a soldier and I got my own pod. Missions started flowing in for me to complete and I had to do them, even though my number one priority was to find ya. Frieza would've gone after my family if I just abandoned my duties.

"Then our planet was destroyed and suddenly I had the perfect opportunity to leave and go find ya. Vegeta tried to stop me. I loved Vegeta. Love him. But my desire to find ya was greater than any feeling I had for anybody. So I left. Vegeta cursed me for leaving him, said I abandoned him. I didn't care. I wasn't going to waste one more moment without going after ya.

"I arrived to this planet called Earth and started looking for ya. You know the rest." Raditz closed his eyes and sighed.

He suddenly felt a pair of warm lips on his and his eyes shot open.

Goku parted from him and smiled, "that's how ya win me over."

Raditz huffed a small laugh and grabbed Goku's face, kissing him deeply. When they parted, both Saiyans were breathing harder.

"Ya mean the world to me, baby brother." Raditz touched their foreheads together. In Saiyan culture, that meant a very deep remorse for past aggressions.


Goku brought his tail up and touched Raditz's hand with it. The long haired Saiyan opened his hand and let Goku's tail rest on its palm; a sign of trust from the Saiyan presenting his tail.


"Brother?" Raditz caressed Goku's face.


"I think ya owe me some sex." Goku purred.


Raditz's face shone and he smiled genuinely, "Say no more, baby brother." The larger Saiyan winked and started taking his armor off. He was still at half mast when he stood naked in front of Goku.


"Wow. Ya really are almost as big as Broly!"


"Ng- Hey! That Saiyan has a foot more in height and has like 100 pounds on me! I'm good for my size. More than good." Raditz harrumphed and crossed his arms.


Goku chuckled and stood up, wrapping his arms around the other Saiyan, "I didn't mean it like that."


"What about you? Ya got too many clothes on." Raditz opened an eye and looked at his brother.


"Oops. I guess we need t' change that." Goku took off his torn top and the rest of his gi came off as well.


Both Saiyans now stood naked, regarding each other.


As much as he tried to contain it, Raditz couldn't help but snicker, "yer so small!"


Goku's face burned. "HEY! My eight inches is considered above average on Earth!" Goku yelled at Raditz.


"Hmph, I'm almost twice yer size and I'm considered slightly above average on Vegetasei. Yer humans are cowards."


Goku growled, "are we doin' this or not?!"


Raditz held his hands up in mock surrender and lay down on the ground, using his hair as a blanket and spreading his legs apart. Goku followed and kneeled in between Raditz's thunder thighs. He paused and just stared at the space between Raditz's sac and asshole.


"Ya do know what to do, dontcha?"


"I do!" Goku grimaced. He coughed once and pressed his fingers against his brother's perineum, applying pressure bit by bit. He stopped at Raditz's whimpering.


"Ya need to do it faster, Kakarot. Just spear yer fingers through."




"GODS! Ya've never done this before, and how could ya? Ya've only had sex with Vegeta and he was already breached, thanks to yours truly." Raditz sighed, "aim about two finger's width below my balls and just- Pierce through."


Goku noticed how Raditz's voice trembled, "ya know, let's not do this, I dun think yer ready-"


"JUST. DO IT." Raditz growled.


Goku rolled his eyes and aimed for the spot Raditz had told him. He took a deep breath and speared through the membrane covering Raditz's breeding channel.

Raditz screamed as he was breached. He tightened his eyes and hit the ground with his fists several times. His tail bristled and shook. Blood dripped from his new entrance.


Goku winced, "you ok, brother?"


"It hurts, dammit!"


"Hey, ya don't need t' get angry with me, this was yer idea!"


"Just- Fuck me and get it over with!" Raditz opened on eye.


"I'm not doin' that. I want ya t' enjoy this as much as me." The smaller Saiyan replied in a serious tone. He moved his fingers around, tearing more tissue.


"AAAAAHHHH!" Raditz screamed again and tried moving away.


"Stop thrashin', ya'll only make it worse!" Goku wanted to calm his brother down but didn't know what to do. "What do I do?"


"Purr!" Raditz gritted.


"Huh?" Goku was surprised by that response but started purring. Raditz seemed to settle down some. As an extra measure, Goku grabbed Raditz's tail gently and brought it to his mouth. He licked and sucked on the tip, making Raditz writhe in pleasure. His fingers slowly started moving in and out, the blood made the friction more bearable.




"Hm?" Goku hummed around the tail, sending vibrations through the entire appendage.


Raditz shivered, "play with my cock."


Goku, without releasing the tail in his mouth, reached his brother's recovering erection and rubbed it a couple of times.


"Mmmm~ Use yer mouth on my dick, Kakarot, that's what I meant."


Goku released the tail, "oh!" He bent over Raditz and licked his cock before taking it in his mouth and sucking on it.


"Oh, yes, brother. Please me with your soft, delicious mouth."


Goku hummed again, the action made Raditz's toes curl. The smaller Saiyan breathed through his nose noticing a sweet scent permeating the air. He let go of the cock and sniffed the air more, "did ya milk yerself?"


"K- Don't say it out loud!" Raditz's cheeks turned a deep shade of pink. "I can't help it. It just happens with latchers."


"Don't worry! Vegeta sometimes lactates too! Even I do at times." Goku said cheerfully.


Raditz groaned and covered his eyes with an arm, "now there's the mental picture I needed." His cock twitched. His arms shot out when he felt a warm tongue lick one of his nipples.


"KAKAROT! What are ya doing?!" His blush increased tenfold.


"Tastin' yer milk, whaddaya think I was doin'?"


"That- It's! Embarrassing!" Raditz hid his face with his hands, his tail thumped on the ground.


"It's delicious!" Goku latched onto one of the nipples and sucked hard.


Raditz moaned and arched his back, the fingers in his breeder moved, causing him to yelp.


"Does it still hurt?" Goku came up to ask.


"Less." Raditz panted.


Goku hummed and switched to the other nipple.


"B-Brother... Stop!"


Goku sucked one last time, getting a nice stream of milk in his mouth and savoring it before swallowing. The milk left a sweet radish-like aftertaste. He went back to sucking Raditz's cock. His fingers started moving inside his brother, now Raditz didn't complain at all. It was ok to add another finger to the two already inside.


"Ng! How many fingers ya got in there?"


Goku showed his other hand and lifted three digits.


"Fuuuuuck." Raditz slowly got used to the feeling of having something in his most intimate of areas, and soon his hips started moving in small circles.


"Yer gettin' inta it, eh, Raddy?" Goku let go of the cock.


"Raddy?" Raditz chuckled at the nickname.


The smaller Saiyan blushed when he heard Raditz's rich baritone voice chuckling. He never realized just how attractive his older brother was, in every way.


Goku pulled his fingers out and automatically sucked on them, tasting Raditz's blood. Even that tasted good. "Is there anythin' about ya that isn't perfect?"


"My power level," Raditz replied lazily.


"Oh, yeah, that. Don't worry. We'll get yer power level up someway or another." Goku spit in his hand and slicked his dick. "Broly's a latcher so maybe ya could get a power boost if he knots ya."


"Kakarot, are ya seriously talking about another Saiyan fucking me? Right now?"


"Eh? Hahahaha, sorry. My focus should be on you and not how hot ya'd look getting knotted by Broly. Just stuck there without bein' able to separate. Having him breed ya good~"


"Kakarot!" Raditz squeaked.


Goku laughed, "ok, ok, back t' ya." He placed the tip of his cock in Raditz's entrance, "are ya ready?"


Raditz let out a breath of air, "as ready as I'll ever be."


Goku took that as a 'yes' and pressed inside. He stopped when Raditz let out a whine, "I'll go slower."


"It's gonna hurt anyways, just keep going." Raditz closed his eyes.


Goku didn't keep going, instead he maneuvered his tail to wrap around Raditz's cock. He gave it a few pumps.


"Ohhh, that feels good." Raditz moaned. The soft fur of Goku's tail felt divine on his skin. "Keep doing that."


The smaller Saiyan's tail squeezed the shaft and jerked it off, while his cock went in deeper.


Raditz groaned and Goku stopped again. "Don't stop." Raditz begged.


Goku let out a sigh and pressed forward, sheathing his entire cock inside his brother.


"I'm all the way in!" Goku panted.


"I honestly thought it would feel much worse." Raditz huffed.


"It'll get better, trust me. I know how it feels."




"Of course Vegeta." Goku smiled, "who else?"


"Mmm, that's a hot picture. Seeing the two of ya fuck must be quite the sight."


"Now who's thinkin' about another Saiyan while we fuck?" Goku teased.


"Hey, it's different when I'm thinking about someone else." Raditz teased back.


Goku pulled out and thrust in sharply, making Raditz gasp.


"Do that again."


"This?" Goku asked, thrusting his hips again, hitting Raditz in all the right spots.


"YES, THAT!" Raditz moaned as Goku settled on a pace that was not too hard and not too slow. "YES!"


Pain started being replaced by pleasure as the two Saiyans fornicated on the ground. Moans and gasps could be heard a mile away on the mostly quiet planet.

Eventually, Goku increased the pace, feeling close to the edge. His tail kept working Raditz's cock as he bent over trying to reach his brother's mouth. Raditz got the idea and leaned forward to meet Goku's lips. They kissed passionately, tongues twirling with each other, teeth biting wet lips and nipping anywhere they could reach.


"Brother. I'm close." Raditz announced.


"Me too!" Goku sped up, reaching a hard pace that would soon tip the Saiyans over the edge.


"Kakaroooooooot!" Raditz spilled his seed over his abdomen and Goku's tail while his breeder reached a new type of orgasm that came in waves. Over and over, Raditz came and he shouted his ecstacy.


Goku gave a few more thrusts before he groaned and came inside the larger Saiyan.


"Raditz. Yer so- Good!" Goku collapsed on his brother's chest and panted. His cock slipped from Raditz's insides and continued dripping on his long hair.


Raditz hugged his brother close and started purring. Goku soon joined him with his own trilling pur. Both Saiyans were still high on endorphins when they heard footsteps coming their way.